Proceedings of the 2023 International Conference on Finance, Trade and Business Management (FTBM 2023)

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Amalendu Bhunia, Rubi Binti Ahmad, Yifeng Zhu
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Pricing Strategy for Fashion Retailers Considering Anticipated Regret

Yongfang Mao
Under the multi-brand and fast-paced marketing, consumers' purchase decision is deeply affected by the regret of high price and shortage of stock, for this reason, many scholars propose to alleviate the impact of high price regret on strategic consumers by reducing the magnitude or possibility of...
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Promoting Common Prosperity through Digital Finance: Analysis based on the Zhejiang's Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone

Qinyi Yu, Jiale Chen
This article explores the role of digital finance in promoting common prosperity, using Zhejiang Province as a case study. Through factor analysis and logistic regression studies on the data, it is found that improving the convenience of daily life significantly influences residents' satisfaction...
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Financial Crises and Inequality: Exploring the Relationship between Delinquency and Greater Polarization

Jiaxuan Lan, Jiewen Lei
High inflation, rising concerns around cost of living, the topic of finance and its related crises has seemingly been on the rise in the last few decades. Through understanding how financial/banking crises can be linked to inequality, it can be perceived as to whether inequality is simply inevitable...
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A Study on the Evolutionary Game of Digital Collaborative Innovation Between Industry, Academia and Research in Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprises

Yuxin Gong
Small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, as the main body of China's manufacturing industry, bear the important task of building a manufacturing power, network power, its sustained and rapid development can not be separated from the scientific innovation model, combined with today's...
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Shadow Banking: The Emergence, Development, and Regulation

Longsheng Chen
Since the 1980s, shadow banking has emerged and rapidly developed due to the rapid progress in financial liberalization and innovation in financial instruments, thereby fostering the prosperity of the global financial market. This study begins by examining the emergence and development of the shadow...
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Analysis of ND Group’s Care Robot Development and Positioning - Current State and Future Prospects

Zien Sheng
This comprehensive analysis explores ND Group's groundbreaking venture into elderly care through the development of Care Robots, addressing internal dynamics, external market factors, and unique value propositions. Internally, ND Grou’'s Care Robot 3.0 offers a transformative advantage by reducing...
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The Impact of Tax Treaties on China’s Outward Direct Investment ——Empirical Analysis Based on “the Belt and Road” Countries

Qiong Zhang, Kexin Zhang
“the Belt and Road” Initiative has been in development for ten years, with the tax treaties service, China's outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) has steadily increased, and the role of tax treaties in it has received international attention. This paper conducts an empirical analysis based on...
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Holding cash for the better decision? A comparison study of the liquidity management between China and US mutual funds

You Zhou
This paper comparatively studies the different implications of the fund cash holding for fund strategies, flows and performance between China and the US. I use the R-square decomposition technique to examine the determinants of cash holdings. I find that funds in China show more concerns on the non-risk...
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Digital financial inclusion for economic growth

Kuian Chen
The digital and inclusive advantages of digital inclusive finance, an emerging business, have contributed to high-quality economic growth, and energy transition has led a vital role in this process, but few articles have examined the association among digital financial inclusion, energy transition and...
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A Study on the Impact of ESG Performance on Financing Ability of Tourism Listed Companies

Yuchun Zhou
Based on the financial data of 25 Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed tourism companies from 2014–2021, this paper empirically examines the impact of ESG performance on corporate financing ability. The study shows that: (1) the ESG performance of China’s listed tourism companies significantly and positively...
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Starbucks’ Social Media Strategy: Success, Engagement, and Future Recommendations

Kaijie Xu
Starbucks effectively utilizes social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram for digital marketing. This study delves into Starbucks’ strategies on these platforms, highlighting their interactive content, user engagement, and successful campaigns like “Take out your garden.” The brand's approach...
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Sustainable Investment in the United States: Today and Future

Pengqi Zhao
Global warming has become a severe issue that threatens the human’s lives. Gun control, corruption, and social mobility are also severe issues in the US. Sustainable investment directs investment capital to enterprises that not just pursue the highest profit but also want to make positive environmental...
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Financial Infrastructure and Corporate Governance in South Korea: An In-depth Analysis and Current Economic Trends

Kaijie Xu
This comprehensive report delves into the multifaceted financial landscape of South Korea, highlighting its various financial institutions, stock exchange functions, central bank roles, and the influence of governmental bodies on corporate governance. The analysis emphasizes the differentiation and unique...
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The Impact of Digital Finance on the Export Technological Complexity --An Empirical Analysis Based on the Data of Cities in China

Chen Jiaxuan
This study investigates the effect of digital finance on export technological complexity using the merged data of 288 Chinese cities. After calculating the export technological complexity of each cities, the study introduces infrastructure development as a mediating variable to test the theoretical mechanism....
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The Challenge and Opportunity of Digital Currency Development to International Financial Stability

Xinhao Zheng
With the rapid rise of digital currencies, the international financial system is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This article aims to explore the impact of digital currency development on international financial stability, deeply analyze the multifaceted challenges brought by digital...
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Research on Consumer Credit Rating Model

Xinyu Wu, Jielin Shang
With the rapid growth of online consumer credit products in commercial activities, banks and financial institutions widely employ credit scoring models to assess customers, implementing varying credit limits and policies for different customer tiers in order to mitigate the risk associated with individual...
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Optimization of Sales Channels in Poultry Industry

Su Hao
Poultry farming industry is one of the main economic factors affecting farmers, but today most of the poultry industry supply chain is still in the traditional mode, through the agricultural super docking, online sales, the application of blockchain technology, and the development of rural tourism will...
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Governance of Illegal Fundraising Crimes in the Era of Blockchain: A Focus on Characteristics of New Illicit Fundraising

Haixiang Yuan
With the rapid development of blockchain technology, new forms of illegal fundraising crimes are exhibiting distinct characteristics from traditional illicit fundraising practices. This paper takes the typical features of new illicit fundraising in the era of blockchain as a starting point and delves...
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The Impact of Financial Technology Development on Money Laundering Risks

Yifan Wang
The rapid advancement of financial technology has introduced increased complexity into the global landscape of anti-money laundering. This study seeks to examine the influence of a country’s financial technology development on money laundering risks, and whether such impact varies between developing...
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Research on the Causes and Suggestions of Silicon Valley Bank's Bankruptcy Based on the Dual Perspective of the Information Age, Interest Rate Impact

Jiayi Lu
The bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank can be said to be a very representative financial event recently. Now that Silicon Valley Bank, signatory banks and Credit Suisse have all gone bankrupt, only by studying the real reasons behind Silicon Valley Bank can we better formulate policies and optimize the...
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A Study on the Effect of Emotional Exhaustion on Service Initiative Behavior of Hotel Front-line Employees--The moderating effect of Organizational Identity

Yuhang Wang
The purpose of this study was to explore the influence of emotional exhaustion on service initiative behavior of hotel front-line employees, and further consider the moderating role of organizational identity. Data on emotional exhaustion, service initiative, and organizational identity were collected...
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Auditing and Assurance: Ensuring Financial Integrity and Transparency

Yin Ding
This paper explores the crucial role of auditing and assurance in ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and transparency of financial information in organizations. Auditing and assurance are fundamental processes that help maintain the trust of stakeholders, provide insights for management decisions, and...
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A Brief Analysis of Street-Stall Economy

Jinze Liu
In recent years, China's urban landscape has undergone a significant transformation, characterized by the rapid and robust development of its cities. Amidst this urban evolution, a distinctive economic phenomenon has quietly emerged: the Street-stall economy. This term refers to a unique form of...
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SWOT-based Analysis of Digital Inclusive Finance in Guangdong Province

Tianyao Han
Digital financial inclusion has been added as part of China's financial structure with the goal of developing China's modern financial system. Guangdong Province is also responding positively to the healthy development of digital financial inclusion based on China's Internet development...
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Comparison of Nuclear Power Industry Between China and the United States

Fangyu Liu, Liangkun Wei, Yue Pan, Xinyu Wang
Under of the global trend towards achieving net zero emissions, nuclear power emerges as a key clean energy source, playing an important role in the energy transition. As the world's two largest economic entities, China and the United States are leading the charge in global nuclear power development...
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Trading Method of Electricity Spot Market Under High Penetration Ratio of New Energy

Xiaobo Ling, Shengqi Cai, Gongchang Zhou, Yangsheng Sun, Ming Chen, Erxi Wang, Qiyi Lu
In this paper, the spot trading of electric power with high penetration ratio of new energy is taken as the research object, and all parties involved in the spot trading of electric power are investigated to form an electric energy trading chain. The decentralized blockchain technology is adopted to...
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Research on creating a new pattern of rural inclusive finance development --Take Beijing as an example

Yuan Gao
With the promotion and development of rural revitalization strategy, research on the development of rural inclusive finance has gradually begun. By analyzing the development status of rural inclusive finance in Beijing, this paper further explores the existing problems in the development of rural inclusive...
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Quantitative Stock Selection Based on Artificial Intelligence

Yihong Li, Feiran Wang
Artificial intelligence has emerged as a prominent catalyst for technological advancements in recent years. As a cross-disciplinary domain encompassing computational mathematics, statistics, and informatics, artificial intelligence holds significant potential for applications in financial trading and...
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Venture Capital and First-Month IPO Underpricing Rate: An Empirical Study Based on the Up and Down Limits of China GEM

Xuwei Jiang
Under the limit of upward and downward movement, the closing price of IPO on the first day often fails to reflect the real price of IPO companies, while VC can have an impact on the pricing of IPO companies by alleviating the asymmetry of market information; this paper, in the background of China's...
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Analysis of the Multi-dimensional Marketing Strategies of Luxury Brands A Case Study of CELINE

Yang Yuxin
With the development of China’s social economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, luxury goods have played an increasingly important role in people’s lives and have become an indispensable part of life. However, with the deepening of social and economic development and the changing...
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Study on Ship Registration Mechanism of Attracting Chinese- Funded Foreign Ships to Hainan Free Trade Port ---Big data analysis based on nationality of Chinese-funded ships

Wei Aimin, Wang Hui, Li Donglou
Based on the analysis of big data on international Chinese-funded ship registration, this article finds that the proportion of Chinese-funded ships registering under convenient flags has been increasing year by year. This is highly detrimental to the concentration of shipping factors and the development...
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On the Impact of Big Data on Management Accounting

Fengrui Liu
This paper discusses the impact of Big data on management accounting. With the rapid development of information technology and the continuous enhancement of data storage capacity, Big data has become an indispensable part of enterprise management. In the field of management accounting, the application...
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An Empirical Test of Momentum Effect on the Chinese Market during COVID period

Kaiwen Wu
Our research analyzes momentum effects in the Chinese stock market during the COVID period from 2020 to 2023. We studied over 5000 Chinese A-share stocks categorized into 306 industry sectors to identify momentum and reversal effects in both individual stocks and industries. Our primary research follows...
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Influencer marketing: affiliation, credibility and brand control

Narong Li
The use of social media, such as Instagram to market and sell products and services is growing. Businesses can communicate with consumers more openly and interactively when they use social media influencers. Currently, an increasing number of influencers are purchasing fake followers to boost their traffic...
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Analysis of on-time arrival prediction and influencing factors of logistics trucks

Xi Xi
The present study focuses on the 2020 truck transportation data in India, conducting preprocessing operations on the data to construct variables such as driver experience, latitude and longitude, and seasonal time. By building a logistic regression model based on the influencing factors, this study explores...
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The Impact of Agricultural Products (Soybean and Dairy Products) Trade Liberalization on China's Agricultural Development

Hao Hu
The impact of trade liberalization of agricultural products (soybean and dairy products) on China's agricultural development is a topic of great concern. The implementation of liberalized trade policies will have important impacts on China's agricultural sector. As important agricultural imports...
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How big data of financial technology affect China’s financial market over the past 20 years

Ruiyu Tang
During the past 20 years, financial technology especially big data financing is developed rapidly. Compared to the world, China is caching the speed of financial development with its whole potential. Financial technology especially big data has been used in various parts of the economy like decision...
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Investigation of the Current Situation and Trends in Agricultural Product E-commerce in China

Lei Yang, Yujing Yuan, Qinyan Tang, Hao Wang, Zhen Wang
Agricultural e-commerce will become an important force propelling the "digital business of agriculture" as a crucial hand in China's rural revitalization. This paper focuses on the current situation and mode of development of China's agricultural e-commerce, and it is intended to...
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Enterprise financial management innovation in digital transformation

Yingxin Qu
With the rapid development of information technology and the trend of digital transformation, the financial management of enterprises will also face new opportunities and challenges. This paper discusses the necessity of enterprise financial management innovation under the digital transformation, and...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors Introduction and Path of Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Sihan Zuo
With the arrival of the digital economy era, the real economy of our country tends more and more to the digital and intelligent development, the deep integration of the real economy and digital economy has become a general trend. Small and medium-sized enterprises as an important part of the economy,...
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Investigating the Correlation between Fluctuations in the U.S. Stock Industry Index and U.S. Import-Export Volume Fluctuations using the Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Method

Ziyue Xu
Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and the global economic turmoil, the total amount of US imports and exports and the various indexes of US stocks have fluctuated greatly in recent years. As one of the largest economies in the world, the fluctuation of the economic situation of the United States shows...
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Influence Mechanism of Contagion Effect of Asset Price Bubble between Markets—Take the Real Estate Market and the Stock Market, for Example

Wu Jiadong
With the strengthening of macroeconomic regulation in the real estate market and the stock market being at a historically low valuation, there is an urgent need to study the mechanism of bubble contagion effects between the two markets. This study primarily measures the asset price bubbles in the real...
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Risk Management in P2P Lending Markets

Jialun Lyu
P2P lending has garnered considerable attention and utilization owing to its minimal entry barriers, reduced expenses, and enhanced efficiency compared to conventional financial institutions. However, alongside its popularity, P2P lending markets also encounter risks, with personal credit risk emerging...
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Sales Prediction of Walmart Based on Regression Models

Jiayuan Zhang
In recent years, sales prediction remains a hot and interesting issues in fast sales industry. This study offers a deep dive into Walmart’s sales prediction based on regression models, mainly focused on multiple linear regression models. The paper starts with a brief introduction to Walmart’s history...
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Financial and Competitor Analysis of Esteé Lauder Companies Inc. in the Global Makeup Market

Huitong Zhang
Navigating the intricate labyrinth of the global cosmetics industry, Esteé Lauder stands as a paragon of financial resilience, strategic adaptability, and market dominance. This study embarks on a comprehensive dissection of Esteé Lauder’s financial performance, highlighting its robust revenue streams,...
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Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Bigdata Insights

Huangyi Qiu, Yuhang Shan, Runlei Song
The importance of consumer behavior research in big data analytics is becoming increasingly prominent. By analyzing big data on consumer preferences, changing demands, behavioral patterns, and trends, businesses can make more accurate decisions, optimize product design and marketing strategies, and enhance...
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Stock Price Prediction Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model

Runqing Hu
In the modern society, the rise and fall of stocks price have become the most discussed topic among people. It is difficult to make precise stock buying and selling decisions based on personal experience in current stock market. Statistics and programming can effectively solve this problem. In machine...
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Supply Chain Management Analysis of Sport Obermeyer

Yiran Dong, Zhaohua Su, Yutong Wan, Xiaole Yu
Sport Obermeyer, an Aspen-based skiwear manufacturer, operates in an intricate global supply chain, facing unique challenges associated with forecasting demand and managing inventory. Navigating the sportswear market, which is marked by rapid trend changes and seasonal fluctuations, adds an additional...
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Blockchain Technology: Applications, Opportunities, Challenges, and Countermeasures

Keyi Zhu
Blockchain technology evolved beyond cryptocurrency due to technological advancements. It’s a secure decentralized ledger system that uses cryptography and smart contracts to record tamper-proof transactions, offering an efficient way to manage data in various industries. Supply chain management, finance,...
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Analysis of the Necessity and Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Liquor Industry

Siwei Song
In recent years, China's digital economy has developed rapidly. As a traditional manufacturing industry supported by the real economy, the transformation of the liquor industry into a digital economy is not only necessary for the economic situation, but also an inevitable trend for the development...
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The Application of Blockchain Technology in E-CNY in China

Haomin Feng
Following the development of modern information and computer technology, different countries and industries are looking for innovative and groundbreaking technical breakthroughs. As a big country in the world, China is trying to use blockchain technology to revolutionize currency policy. This article...
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Digital Transformation: Organizational Change of Bank of Communications

Zhangbiao Wang
This study explores the impact of digital transformation on the performance and operation of Bank of Communications, one of the largest commercial banks in China. This report proposes a comprehensive model, deploying secondary data for empirical examination, to understand the effects of key digital transformation...
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Behavior Analysis Based on Bigdata: Evidence from Live Streaming and College Students' Online Purchase Behavior

Fangyu Zhu
Contemporarily, bigdata technique has been widely implemented in various fields. Based on the background of bigdata, this study briefly describes the application and commonly used models of big data analysis in consumer behavior. With the help of the TAM model and the SOR model, the situations for using...
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Analysis of the Contagion of Financial Risks in Complex Financial Networks

Min Liu, Rongrong Xu
Analysis for the area of complex networks and their applications to economics and finance is an important area of current research in finance. This paper carries out mathematical modelling of the financial system, aiming to study the contagion process of financial risk and to investigate the contagion...
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The Influence of Capital Flows on Stock Price Fluctuations

Jimin Cai
In the stock market, the capital flow index, as a measure and measurement tool, is a common reference index for stock investors in the process of investment. On the one hand, it can provide technical advice for stock investors to make investment decisions. On the other hand, it can provide theoretical...
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An Analysis of Topical Issue in Today’s Financial Markets

Ning Wang
This report delves into a contemporary concern within the financial market, namely, the challenges faced by dealers, also known as market makers, in today’s financial landscape. The primary objective of this report is to critically examine the value that dealers bring to the market and their true capacity...
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Valuating Cryptocurrency Assets using Linear Regression, HRL, and LSTM: Machine Learning Evidence

Haixin Shen
Since cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity as a form of investment, many researchers and investors are now interested in making predictions about their future value. This article seeks to explore and analyze three machine learning models for predicting bitcoin prices, i.e., linear regression, hierarchical...
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An Empirical Research of Seasonality in Chinese Stock Markets

Jiaxi Sun
Due to the expansion of the Chinese financial market, the characteristics and influencing factors of the Chinese stock market, including seasonality, have received increasing attention from researchers. This article covers the researchers’ use of several techniques to examine the stock market’s seasonality...
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The applicability and rationality of “credit score based on digital footprint”

Qianhui Yang
Because of the application of the internet and the strong penetration of mobile phone usage, financial institutions realize that credit scores can be performed based on the access records of each user, that is, digital footprints. This approach can not only predict consumer default but also make it easier...
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The Impact of Political Orientation on Investment Risk Appetite: Evidence from a US P2P Platform

Baoxaing Xu
This study utilizes the loan data from Prosper Company between 2005 and 2008, consisting of 575,011 records, to investigate the influence of political preferences on lenders' risk-taking behavior. The political leaning of each lender is measured by the percentage of Republican legislators in their...
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The Impact of Online Comments on Other Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Yupeng Cheng, Beier Huang, Jingrong Zhong
With the development of the Internet, electronic shopping has been more and more popular in modern society. Online comments of consumers who purchase goods through e-commerce websites and other shopping websites often influence other consumers’ purchasing decisions, behaviors, evaluation of products...
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B2B Service Branding Value in SME Clusters

Chuxian Tan
This article delves into the dynamic realm of service branding within Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) clusters, focusing on Business-to-Business (B2B) interactions. The term “service branding” is introduced as a process that enhances the brand value of SMEs operating within these clusters. This...
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Identification and Case Analysis of Credit Card Personal Cash out Based on Time Series

Zhang Liwen, Zhang Jingwen, Yuan Ye, Liu Jiaqi
This paper analyzes the basic situation of credit card cash out and the new way of personal credit card cash out, and proposed a new identification method of the cash out by the model of capital occupancy efficiency through analyzing the time series of the daily total consumption amount. The case is...