Proceedings of the 2023 3rd International Conference on Financial Management and Economic Transition (FMET 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Vilas Gaikar, Min Hou, Yan Li, Yan Ke
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 3rd International Conference on Financial Management and Economic Transition (FMET 2023) during 18-20 August 2023 in Changsha, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Does artificial intelligence have the potential to improve total factor energy efficiency? — Empirical evidence from 30 Chinese provinces

Chenyang Li
As the level of AI technology improves, AI technology plays an important role in responding to energy. The article empirically investigates the impact of AI technology on total factor energy efficiency (TFEE) in China using provincial panel data from 2010 to 2019. The finding shows that artificial intelligence...
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The path selection of financial performance improvement of pharmaceutical companies under the perspective of social responsibility

─Research on linkage effect based on fsQCA method

Jiawen Zhang
This paper uses 47 Chinese listed pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in 2019–2021 as a research sample to explore the path selection of the multidimensional linkage effect of social responsibility on pharmaceutical companies to improve their financial performance based on stakeholder theory and using...
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A Study of Related Party Transactions, Operational Risks and Audit Fees from the Perspective of the Nature of Ownership

Xia Zhu, ZiHui Zhao
The related party transaction model may exacerbate the operational risk of listed companies in terms of bargaining power, conversion of related investment costs, etc., which in turn may affect audit fees. Studies have focused on the impact of related party transactions on audit behaviour, with little...
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The impact of diversification strategy on corporate financial performance

Yunnan Baiyao Diversification Case Study

Jing He
Using Yunnan Baiyao as a research case, this paper examines the impact of a firm’s diversification strategy on its financial performance after its implementation. By exploring the impact of the firm’s dynamic capabilities on the diversification strategy and analyzing the financial and non-financial factors...
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Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure of the Automobile Manufacturing Industry in China under the Background of “Dual Carbon”

Zheng Guan
The environmental problems caused by global climate change are becoming increasingly severe and have attracted worldwide attention. With the strengthening of environmental awareness in China, China has put forward the concept of “dual carbon (peaking carbon emissions and carbon neutrality)” and proposed...
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ESG and financial performance: a visual analysis based on bibliometrics

Chung-Lien Pan, Lanlin Ni, Shuyi Huang
The impact of ESG on Financial Performance is a topic of interest in sustainable finance today. However, our understanding of the relationship between ESG and FP remains fragmented. Using VOSviewer and bibliometrics, this study systematically reviews the four sections of major analysis annual trends,...
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Discussion on the Basic Theory, Compensation Standards, and Regulatory Progress of Ecological Compensation

Yongliang Xu
As an important means of promoting coordinated progress between ecological civilization construction and socio-economic development, ecological compensation can not only significantly improve the quality of the ecological environment to a certain extent, but also achieve sustainable socio-economic development....
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Theoretical Origins, Practical Experience, and Policy Recommendations of Watershed Ecological Compensation

Yongliang Xu
With the rapid development of the economy and society, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent. The establishment and improvement of watershed ecological compensation mechanisms are of significant importance in promoting integrated watershed management, enhancing watershed environmental...
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Research Status and Future Prospects of Watershed Ecological Compensation based on Ecological Civilization

Yongliang Xu
Watershed ecological compensation, as an important measure of ecological civilization construction, aims to promote ecological protection and restoration through economic means, in order to achieve coordinated development between economic development and ecological conservation. This paper provides an...
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A Study on Internet Chinese Companies’ Response to “The Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act”

--Taking Ctrip, Baidu and BILIBILI as Examples

Guowei Chen, Shulin Ruan, Xiaotong Wang
At the beginning of the 21st century, a large number of Chinese companies went public in the United States due to many advantages such as easier access to financing, better corporate governance structure, and different listing conditions. However, in January 2020, with the disclosure of a short-selling...
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Financial Management Challenges and Strategies for Public Hospitals in the Urban Medical Consortium Model

Mingzhu Wu
Public hospitals in the urban medical consortium model face various financial management challenges, including fund liquidity management, income distribution and accounting, performance assessment and incentives, resource sharing and risk allocation, and financial transparency and supervision. To address...
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Dual Holding, Corporate Tax Avoidance, and Mediation Role of Corporate Governance

Zezhong Meng
This paper investigates the relationship between dual-holding firms and corporate tax avoidance practices. Dual holding is defined as a situation where at least one financial institution holds both debt and equity in a company simultaneously. I find that dual holding firms significantly increase corporate...
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Digital Economy Promotes the Upgrading of The Manufacturing Industry: Influence Path and Empirical Analysis Based on Provinces in China

Xuanyang Zhang
This paper conducts empirical research by utilizing panel data from 30 provinces in China spanning the years 2011 to 2020. The primary objective is to examine the impact of the digital economy on the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. To achieve this, the study employs fixed effect models for rigorous...
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Business Model Innovation for Electric Energy Substitution: The Case of Electric Vehicles

Kailiang Ge, Tao Zeng, Leijie He
With the increasing energy shortage and environmental pollution problems, electric energy substitution has become one of the important ways to solve energy problems and reduce pollution emissions. As a representative electric energy substitution project, the innovation of its business model is crucial...
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Digital printing helps printers to transform and develop - a study of 8 printers around Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei

Yuyang Liu, Fuli Li, Delong Zhao, Junru Tao
In the context of the increasingly widespread application of the Internet, the pressure faced by the traditional newspaper printing industry has reached an unprecedented height, this paper through online questionnaires and offline surveys, to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei neighborhood of the eight printers as...
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A Study of the Trend of Manufacturing Enterprises Moving to Southeast Asia

Fangyang Chen
As technology continues to evolve, the world’s manufacturing firms are moving to Southeast Asia for lower labor, materials, and taxes. Whether and how to shift to Southeast Asia is the research direction of this paper for small manufacturing firms that are large in volume and broad in scope. So what...
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The impact of population aging on economic growth

Qianhui You
The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of population aging on economic growth rate and whether the impact is through. The transmission is carried out by the way that affects the consumption level of residents and the consumption expenditure of the government. Based on the econometrics...
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A Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation System for Performance Appraisal Based on Clustering Algorithm

Kai Zhang
In response to the traditional performance evaluation methods that require a large amount of manpower and material resources to be uniformly allocated, and the storage methods of input data are not unified, resulting in low evaluation efficiency and accuracy, a performance evaluation fuzzy comprehensive...
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Corporate Earnings News and Firm-Level Investor Sentiment

--Empirical analysis of China’s financial markets

Congrui Liu, Muzhi Ji, Li Mo, Zekun Chen
Corporate earnings announcements are usually regarded as important corporate news, which is related to investor sentiment. In the past, research on earnings news was limited to the earnings news itself, but did not study the relationship between returns and investor sentiment. The objective of the study...
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Early Warning Research on Financial Risk of Transportation Enterprises Based on Logistic Regression Analysis

Yueshan Han
In the of development, transport companies can be poorly operated thus resulting in sustained losses. To address such a situation, this paper adopts the data of listed companies in Luxembourg-Shenzhen transport from 2010 to 2022 as a sample, and applies factor analysis to screen out four principal component...
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Building a New System of Accounting Professional Ethics Standards

Fengrui Liu
This article aims to explore the necessity and feasibility of constructing a new system of accounting professional ethics standards. With the continuous development of the global economy, the importance of the accounting profession has become increasingly prominent, and misconduct such as accounting...
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Research on Enterprise Income Tax Planning of H High-Tech Company

Xiaoxuan Guo
Tax planning is to make reasonable planning for all business activities of enterprises under the precondition of following the tax laws to promote the comprehensive value of enterprises to flourish. High-tech enterprises are an important driving force for social and economic development[1]. Facing the...
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A Study on the Impact of Digital Inclusive Finance on the Rural-Urban Income Gap in Shandong Province

Rongqian Yao
Shandong Province is a large agricultural and population province, with a large urban-rural income gap and an obvious urban-rural dualistic structure, and suppressing the urban-rural income gap is a prerequisite for achieving rural revitalisation in Shandong Province. The study shows that the development...
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A study on the Efficiency of Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation and the Influence Factors Based on the Two-stage SBM-DDF Model

Tian Tian, Li Li
Dividing enterprise S&T innovation activities into stage of R&D and technology transformation (TT), uses SBM-DDF model to measure and analyze the S&T innovation efficiency of enterprises in R&D and TT stage in 30 provinces and cities in China from 2010 to 2020, and finally uses Tobit...
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Study on International Marketing Strategy for Gree Air Conditioning in Africa

Ziheng Zhang
With the continuous improvement of high-quality development requirements in the new era, there is a triple pressure in the domestic market: supply shock, demand contraction and weakening expectations. The competition in the domestic market is becoming increasingly compact, and the pace of the “Red Sea”...
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Internal control and stock price crash risk: from the perspective of major shareholders’ shareholding

Ziyu Han
Taking the listed enterprises in China from 2013 to 2021 as the research object, based on the mediating effect of the shareholding of major shareholders, the study is about the influence mechanism of internal control quality on the risk of corporate stock price crashes. the article talks about the influence...
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Multidimensional Comparison Method for Overseas Asset Operations of Power Grid Enterprises

Liyu Xia, Lanjun Xu, Xin Li, Wan He, Dongfang Zhang
As a new force and vanguard of China’s “going global” strategy, power grid enterprises need to attach great importance to international business development, continuously improve their overseas asset operation capabilities and risk prevention capabilities. Solve the problems of insufficient application...
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The impact of Enterprise Digital Transformation on Accounting Conservatism

Xinbo Ni
Accounting conservatism has exerted a significant impact on financial reporting and accounting practices for an extended period. Through the utilization of modern information technology for digital transformation, enterprises can propel the digitization of accounting, consequently enhancing the quality...
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Impact of Enterprise Digital Transformation on the Quality of Information Disclosure: A Research Study

Huiwen Gao
Does digital transformation provide enterprises with a new impetus for development, and can it subsequently enhance the quality of their information disclosure? This article is grounded in data spanning the national A-share market between 2014 and 2020. It employs Python for extracting digital transformation...
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Research on the Impact and Mechanism of Ningxia’s Digital Economy Development on Environmental Pollution

Yinlong Ma, Senquan Kong
With the digital economy’s recent rapid expansion, it has steadily merged into a variety of areas, including business production, government governance, and resident life, and social and economic development has seen significant changes. In this context, based on the data of five cities in Ningxia from...
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Tax Accounting: Minimizing Tax Burden within Legal and Tax Framework

Yin Ding
Tax accounting is a critical aspect of financial management that focuses on optimizing an entity’s financial operations within the boundaries of legal and tax regulations. This article explores the key principles, strategies, and challenges of tax accounting, aiming to highlight how organizations can...
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Top-level Design of Project Funding Management for Geological Survey Industry Institutions

Xinyi Zhao
This article examines the pivotal components of the top-level design for project funding management within geological survey industry institutions. It places particular emphasis on delineating the objectives and principles of project funding management, budget formulation and administration, fund application...
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Equity Incentives, Audit Opinions, and Annual Report’s tone: An Analysis Based on Text Information

Peiya Hu, Xiaoqian Huang, Yiwen Xiang
This paper takes the listed companies in 2011-2021 as the initial sample to study the impact of equity incentive on the annual report’s tone, and uses the management expense rate and audit opinion as moderating variables to study the role of equity incentive in the annual report’s tone. Research has...
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Government Power in Escaping the Resource Curse and Maximizing Foreign Aid: A Comparative Study of Botswana and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Keru Zhu
The economic development trajectories of Botswana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) reveal the intricate interplay between natural resource endowments and foreign aid. While Botswana has effectively utilized its natural resource endowment and foreign aid based on a stable political environment...