Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Energy Development and Environmental Protection (EDEP 2018)

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Numerical Simulation of Predicting Wear Sites Distributions of Inlet Impingement Plate and Shell Wall of Feedwater Heater

Xiao-Xin CHEN, Jian-Qun XU, Wei-Li JIANG
Based on the three-dimensional physical model of shell and tube heat exchanger, by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, the RANS k-Epsilon turbulent model and the Mixture model were adopted to simulate the flow properties and heat transfer in the shell side. And the reliability of the...
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Stably Photocatalytic Decomposition of Rhodamine-B by Samarium Doped ZrO2-ZnO Composite under Simulant Solar Light Irradiation

Lu QIU, Zheng-Ya GONG, Han-Liang LI, Feng OUYANG
The Sm-ZrO2-ZnO catalyst prepared by hydrothermal method is proved to be superior in stably photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine-B under simulant solar light irradiation. Sm doping improves the ultraviolet and visible light absorbance. Composition of ZnO with ZrO2 leads to enhancement of ultraviolet...
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A Coordinated Charging Strategy for Electric Vehicles Based on Hierarchical Optimization

Jin-Yong SHI, Hui-Min KE, Chong LI, Jun-Jun SHAO
There are many electric vehicles charging stations in distribution network.Uncoordinated charging electric vehicles load is large and changes quickily,it brings risk to the operation of power grid. If taking each station as an independent unit, which will reduce the practicability of the proposed strategy...
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Progress of straw ash high performance concrete admixture Application Research

Peng XU, Zheng-Jun WANG, Ying GONG
High performance concrete is widely used in research and Engineering, the research progress of high performance concrete admixture is very rapid. The straw ash base contains a large amount of silica, It has certain pozzolanic activity, It is an excellent material to replace some cement and reduce the...
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Analysis of Problems in Wind Power Generation Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jia-Jun ZHANG, Xin-Yan ZHANG, Liang GAO, Tao TONG
Wind energy is widely used as clean, renewable and mature new energy. However, the inhomogeneity and non-steady state of the operating environment of the wind turbine lead to the randomness of the load, which will cause the fluctuation of the voltage and frequency of the power grid, and affect the power...
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Pomelo Peel Biochar Design and the Adsorption and Photocatalytic Properties

Juan MU, Dong-Xu LIU, Yang BAI, Qian YAO, Fei QIAN, Fa-Nian SHI
In our work, pomelo peel was used as raw material and carbonized by hydrothermal treatment and calcination in air, respectively, to obtain the corresponding pomelo peel biochar. The effects of two different treatment conditions on the adsorption and photocatalysis performance of the product were investigated....
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Study on the Transfer and Connection System Design of Urban Rail Transit

Ze-Song WEI, Li ZHANG, Xi-Ran JI
The main research of this paper is that there are three modes between urban rail transit and other means of transportation.The paper combines a large amount of practical research and data to analyze at different levels:the first one is the transfer connection between urban rail transit and urban external...
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Study on the Effect of Load Imbalance on the Actual Operation of Ground Coupled Heat Pump

Yi MAN, Tian-Tian DU, Ze-Jiang WANG, Guo-Xin JIANG, Sheng-Yu SHI, Liang WANG
In the practical application of the ground coupled heat pump project, when the heat extracted from the soil does not match the heat released to the soil, it will cause the load imbalance and the change of soil temperature, which will lead to the gradual decrease of the operating efficiency of the heat...
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Research on Design and Simulation of Folded Baffle Solar Air Collector

Yi MAN, Guo-Xin JIANG, Tian-Tian DU, Liang WANG, Sheng-Yu SHI
In order to promote the outlet temperature and heat collection efficiency of solar air collector, this study puts forward a folded baffle solar air collector, which can improve the heat collection efficiency of the collector by enhancing the air turbulence inside the flow passage and increasing the heat...
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Design on Nocturnal Cooling Radiator for Cooling Provision

Sheng-Yu SHI, Yi MAN, Liang WANG, Ze-Jiang WANG, Tian-Tian DU, Guo-Xin JIANG
As a natural passive cooling technology, nocturnal radiator can reject heat into the sky by electromagnetic infrared radiator exchange. In order to take full use of nocturnal radiator for cooling provision at night, this paper put forward two types of novel nocturnal cooling radiators in panel structure...
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Numerical Study of Semicircular Endothermic Plate Solar Air Collector

Liang WANG, Yi MAN, Sheng-Yu SHI, Guo-Xin JIANG, Tian-Tian DU
In view of the low heat collector efficiency of the solar air collector, a semicircular endothermic plate air collector is proposed to enhance the turbulence intensity between the air and the endothermic plate to improve the collector efficiency of the collector. The results show that the upper and lower...
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The Influence of Different Arrangements of Steam Cooler on Steam Turbine Thermal Efficiency

Yuan-Shu ZHANG, Sha LIU
For a reheat-regenerative cycle steam turbine, the increased superheat of extraction steam after reheating causes the regenerative effect to weaken. Steam cooler can make rational use of the superheat of the extraction steam to improve the thermal efficiency of steam turbine. Based on the heat balance...
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Science and Technology Innovation Promotes the Development of City-Industry Integration in Resource-based Cities: a Logical Framework

Xiao-Jun WANG, Qiang ZHU
Single industrial structure and lagged urban construction have severely restricted the development of city-industry integration and new urbanization in resource-based cities. Promoting the city-industry integration with science and technology innovation has become an important path for resource-based...
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Experimental Study on Performance Parameters of Semiconductor Refrigeration Garment for Different Working Conditions

Li-Feng REN, Li MA, Chang-Chun LIU, Xi-Mei DING
Hot and humid environments are ubiquitous in some special workplaces, such as deep mines, aviations, and military territories. High–temperature radiation is a serious threat to the health of high temperature operation personnel. Exposed to high temperatures for a long time will inevitably lead to dehydrations,...
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Overview of Research Relevant to Modern Energy System

Qiang CAI
It is a significant topic of the development of Chinese macro economy in medium and long term to build high-efficiency modern energy system and balance the relation between ecological environmental protection and development of economic society. Based on the theory of sustainable development, the domestic...
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Modeling and Analysis of an Up-conversion Electret Electrostatic Energy Harvester

Shao-Hua NIU, Shi-Qiao GAO, Chun-Hui GAO
In order to reduce the environmental sensitive frequency of electret-based vibration electrostatic energy harvester (E-VEH), an up-conversion structure is designed. This harvester is a double cantilever structure includes a low frequency beam and high frequency beam. Electret is bounded to the high frequency...
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Experimental Study on the Performance of Wind Stirring System with Different Working Fluids

Kang YANG, Xian-Peng SUN, Yu GUO, Sheng-Shan BI, Xin-Yang QIU
In this work, a stirring and heating test system was built. An experiments at different rotational speeds within 1 h has been done for three working fluids: water, 46 # hydraulic oil and saturated NaCl. Under the ideal state without considering the energy loss, the results show that the temperature rise...
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The Integrated Design of Photovoltaic Power Generation and Clean Heating

Chen-Xiao MA, Fan XIAO, Shi-Lin SUN
With the rapid development of clean energy substitution, problems such as the difficulty of pv absorption, the large investment in clean heating power grid transformation and the utilization rate of equipment appear. In this paper, the design of photovoltaic and clean heating, and the design of the integrated solution, and by providing the power of the solar power plant in the surrounding areas, is to maximize the use of clean energy, minimize the power grid investment, and minimize the impact of the power grid. After...
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Preparation of WO3 Nano-material Negative Electrode for Asymmetric Supercapacitor

Wei XU, Gui XU, Deng-Liang WANG, Jin-Tian LIN, Yu BAI, Li-Te ZHAO, Jing-Quan MO, Dong-Hua FAN
Tungsten oxide nanomaterials were deposited on flexible conductive carbon fiber sheets by a simple thermal evaporation method and compared with conventional hydrothermal tungsten oxide nanomaterials. The morphology and composition of the product were characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron...
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Stirling Cycle Solar Power System Design and Simulation

Quan-Run DONG, Yong-Qiang SHI
A Stirling cycle solar wind combined power generation system was designed, and a theoretical analysis model of the power and efficiency for each subsystem of the system was theoretically constructed. Firstly, the Stirling machine and the solar cooker are used to focus on the solar energy. The vertical...
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The Effect of Clean Energy Power Generation on Economic Growth in China: A Perspective Based on Econometric Methods

Xuan LI, Huan-Fang TIAN
To study the impacts of clean energy industry development on economic growth, we have established an econometric model based on the Cobb-Douglas production function. The methods mainly include the cointegration test, vector auto regression model (VAR), vector error correction model (VECM), Granger causality...
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Study on Leakage and Diffusion Law of “Large Breathing” Loss of Gasoline Storage Tank Based on PHAST

Hai-Juan PAN, Jun-Bo ZHOU, Liang-Chao CHEN, Jian-Feng YANG, Xin-Yuan LU
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from breathing loss of storage tanks account for more than 50% in chemical enterprises, so it is necessary to study the leakage and diffusion law of breathing loss in tank areas. In this paper, the empirical formula of China Petrochemical system was used to calculate...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures in Beijing Wind Energy Power Generation Connected to Grid

Yi-Ming JIANG, Xiao-Hong ZHANG, Si-Wen HU, Yan-Ling LI
In this paper, the problems in the Beijing wind power Generation connected to grid are studied, and the interaction between wind power and power grid are further studied after the large-scale wind power is integrated into the power grid. This paper briefly analyzes the problems between wind power system...
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Comparison of the Sustainable Development of Clothing Industry at Home and Abroad

Lei YAO, Zhi-Ying WANG
China suffers about 70,000 tons of textile wastes every day and 2.5 billion tons of wastewater every year. As of 2050, the carbon emission each year of the clothing industry will account for a quarter of that around the globe. However, it is an inevitable trend for the clothing industry to gradually...
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Temporal and Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Water Quality in Hongya Section of the Qingyi River

Xiao-Hui XIE, Yu-Lan LUO, Qian-Ying DU, Ying LIU
Eleven parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), permanganate index (CODMn), ammonia nitrogen(NH3-N), total phosphorus (TP), total nitrogen (TN), fluoride(F-, cadmium (Cd), lead(Pb), petroleum and fecal coliform were selected to analyze the main pollution factors and the temporal and spatial distribution...
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Urban Water Absorbance to Predict Chlorophyll a and Turbidity

Ya-Nan CAO, Xiu-Hua LI, Shao-Dui MA, Jiao-Yan AI, Hong-Xiang ZHU
This study aimed to use water absorbance in the range of 200-900 nm to predict the turbidity and chlorophyll a concentration (Chl-a) in urban water. Six kinds of water samples were artificially prepared in this study: spirulina samples (S), chlorella vulgaris samples (C), turbidity samples (T), mixed...
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The Cause and Treatment of Atmospheric Pollution

Wen-Xing ZHANG, Ping DONG, Li-Min DONG
Environmental policy reform is still in a period of rapid advancement. This article takes Hubei Province as an example, according to the conditions of the province's percentage of fine weather, from the perspectives of GDP, population, exhaust emissions, number of environmental protection agencies, etc.,and...
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The Influence of Crew's Psychological Factors on Ship Safety

Ang-Jun TANG, Hong-Cang DONG, Wan-Zheng AI
The mental health of seafarers has an important influence on the safety of ships. Eliminating and controlling the bad psychological factors of seafarers is of great significance to the safety of navigation. In order to reduce the occurrence of marine accidents, create a safe and harmonious nautical atmosphere...
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Application Analysis on Information Promotion System of Hollow Village Renovation in Hilly Area

This is complex topography, fragile ecosystems and difficult to land remediation in hilly hollow village. In this paper, mainly through the establishment and analysis of the information promotion system of hollow village remediation in hilly areas to illustrate the four technologies integration of hilly...
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The Enlightenment of Foreign Initial Carbon Emission Quota Allocation Methods to China

Tao-Rong GONG, De-Zhi LI, Yu-Ting LIU, Ming-Yu DONG, Kun SHI, Fan-Peng BU
Environmental protection has always been the focus of our policy. Reducing carbon emissions has already been a common view among countries. China has also launched pilot projects in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. The implementation of carbon emissions trading mechanism needs to consider many factors....
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Characteristics of Chlorine Emission during Rice Husk Combustion

Rong CHEN, Yan-Yu GAO, Tian-Shun ZHANG, Jia-Xin ZHENG, Yu AI, Yue RAO, Shao-Jie ZHANG
The erosion of heating surfaces due to chloride release from direct rice husk combustion was investigated. Relationships between chloride release from rice-husk combustion and different influence factors were studied, and chloride release models were established. A gas-state chloride absorption testing...
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An Empirical Study on Financial Support for Hunan's Agricultural Industrialization

Song-Qing LI, Yi-Xiao JIANG
This paper based on factor analysis, found that the total power of agricultural machinery is the main factor affecting the development of agricultural industrialization. Different stages of agricultural industrialization in Hunan are inconsistent. In order to promote the development of agricultural industrialization,...
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Research of Dust Transport rule of Large Difference Chute Based on FLUENT

Lan JIA, Dong-Xing WANG, Chang-Wu YU, Bing LIANG
To achieve the green backfill of an abandoned open pit mine with a large difference chute process system, Fushun West open pit mine is used as the research subject. Based on the theory of gas-solid two-phase flow and the characteristics of large difference chutes, FLUENT numerical simulation software...
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Vicia Villosa Root Exudates Improve the Mobilization of Available P, K, Zn and Fe in Three Types of Purple Soil

Yang LIU, Xiang-Yin XI, Xiu-Fen HUANG, Shang-Peng YUAN, Sai-Nan GENG
Root exudates play a major role in the mobilization of sparingly soluble nutrients in the rhizosphere. Purple soils have poor fertility as a result of soil erosion and certain soil characteristics. In this study, we examined how root exudates of hairy vetch (Vicia villosa) affected soil-available nutrients...
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Analysis of Xi Jinping's Multidimensional Ecological View

Jia-Lin LIU, Yi-Fei MA
In order to explore the profound significance of Xi Jinping’s ecological thoughts, the article takes Xi Jinping’s ecological thoughts as the research object, uses literature analysis, comparative analysis and other methods to find origins from Chinese traditional ecological thoughts, Marxist ecological...
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Study on the Function Pathway of the Agricultural Eco-capital Operation to Poverty Alleviation in Hubei Enshi

Yi-Fei MA
It is a hard task that the alleviating poverty work should be finished with good quality on time during the new process of ecological civilization in China. To achieve this goal, the method of agricultural ecological capital operation can be an effective way, as it can use regional ecological resources...
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Study on the Spatial Characteristics of Landscape Services in Nature Reserve Based on Participatory Geographic Information System———A Case Study of Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

Zhen-Hua BING, Ya-Wen WANG
This paper comprehensively adopted the Geographic Information System (GIS) and Participatory Geographical Information System (PGIS) technologies to construct the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve's landscape service index system and analyzed the landscape service spatial characteristics. The results show that...
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Numerical Simulation of Marine Desulfurization Tower based on Cyclone Reaction

Mi ZHOU, Zhao-Yuan FENG, Zi-Yang MA, Jiang LU, Jun-Xia LI, Ning CHEN
The desulfurization tower is the main equipment in flue gas desulfurization system for ship. The traditional spray scrubber tower has the disadvantages of large volume, high energy consumption, difficult installation etc. This paper presents a new desulfurization tower by cyclone principle, and using...
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Separation of Glycyrrhizic Acid Using Smart Polymer Based Aqueous Two-Phase Systems

Jiang WU
In this paper, glycyrrhizic acid was separated using ethylene oxide / propylene oxide copolymer (EO60PO40) and K2HPO4 aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS). The influence of the content of EO60PO40 and K2HPO4 and temperature was studied. The results showed that the optimal separation conditions were: 30%...
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Study on Efficiency of Resources Invested in Environmental Protection for Thermal Power Plants Based on Accounting Data

En-Zhu LI, Yu-Jie XUE, Guan-Nan LI
There are many environmental pollution factors with producing electric energy in thermal power plants. Environmental protection is a prerequisite for the whole production, large quantities of resources should be invested into environmental protection for preventing environmental-pollution accidents....
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Movement Behavior of Oil Drops and Demulsification of Oil-in-water(O/W) Emulsion under Direct Current Pulsed Electric Field

Bo-Ping REN, Yong KANG
The electric demulsification of oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion was investigated under the application of direct current pulsed electric field (DCPEF). The oil droplet movement behavior was observed by CCD camera and image acquisition and analysis system. And it was found that the DCPEF had an effect on...
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Effect of Fe(III) Speciation in the Polymeric Ferric Sulfate on the Treatment Performance of Surface Water Contaminated Slightly

Dan LI, Yong KANG
Fe-Ferron method was used to investigate the role of Fe(Ⅲ) speciation in the polyferric sulfate (PFS) during the process of coagulation–flocculation with surface water. The Feb components are dominant with a broad pH variation during the coagulation. The humic acid (HA) removal is found directly related...
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Analysis on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal of Sand Stone Dam in River

Hong-Cui WANG, Dao-Tan WANG, Zhu BAO, Xu-Shen ZHOU
The water quality of Panjiakou Reservoir is greatly affected by the upstream water quality. A large number of waste water containing nitrogen and phosphorus enter the Panjiakou Reservoir through the main stream of Luanhe River, resulting in the increasing eutrophication.Four sand and stone filter dams...
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Risk Analysis for Dangerous Chemicals Highway Transportation Based On Adjoint Method

Jing LI, Long ZHOU, Feng LIU, Shun-Xiang HUANG, Zhu-Lei ZHOU
It is key to assess quantitatively the transportation risks of hazardous materials for optimal route. It’s difficult to analyze efficiently transportation risk involved the factors such as meteorological conditions, the underlying properties and sensitivity to harm. So the adjoint method is used to analyze...
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Inversion of Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Tropical Islands in China: a Case Study of Wuzhizhou Island

Feng-Xia WANG, Hui-Hui YAN
Inversion of water components concentration of inland water body was hotspot and difficulty problem in water quality remote sensing. Based on the measured data of the concentrations of Chlorophyll-a in tropical islands waters area of China and the recent synchronous remote sensing image data, the inversion...
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Inversion and Evolution of Suspended Substance Concentration in Wuzhizhou Island Waters

Feng-Xia WANG, Hui-Hui YAN
Suspended matter is an important indicator of water environment monitoring. As a model of tropical tourist island in China, the content of the suspended substance influences the development of marine tourism. In order to understand the distribution of suspended matter concentration in Wuzhizhou Island,...
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Experimental Study on the Influence of Spur Dikes Spacing on Local Scouring

Jian NING, Guo-Dong LI, Shan-Shan LI
Spur dikes spacing is an important consideration for spur dike of channel layout. It is of important engineering significance to reasonably determine the spacing of the spur dikes. It is found that the maximum scour depth of each spur dike is at the spur dike head. The scour depth of the first dam is...
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Research on the Thermal Environment of a Traditional Folk House in the South of Hunan Province in the Summer

Ming-Jing XIE, Hao WANG
We conducted a summer thermal environment test on a traditional folk house and a modern folk house in Banliang Village, south of Hunan. The result shows that the indoor temperature of the traditional folk house is 3℃ lower than that of the modern folk house. The temperature of the outdoor spaces, transitional...
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Influence of Dissolved Gas Pressure and Release Angle on the Microbubble Diameter in Single Component Gas-dissolving Method

The diameters of the microbubbles, which generate through gas-dissolving method, are determined by the factors such as gas components, structure of the releasers, dissolved gas pressures, and release angles, etc. The change tendencies of the diameters of the microbubbles with the dissolved gas pressures...
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Annual Cycle of Heat and CO2 Fluxes Over an Artificial Rice Wetland in the Liaohe Delta of China

Xiao-Lan LI, Qing-Yu JIA, Jing-Miao LIU, Rong-Ping LI, Yan-Bing XIE, Guo-Fei LIU
Seasonal variations in sensible heat flux (Hs), latent heat flux (LE), and carbon dioxide flux (Fc) during 2005 over an artificial rice wetland in the Liaohe Delta, Northeast China, were investigated using the eddy covariance (EC) technique. The results show that Hs is relatively larger (>200 W m–2)...
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Electrochemical Performances of Recycled AZ31 Magnesium Alloy in NaCl Solution

He-Chao LI, Xiang-Rong ZHU, Wen-Xuan TANG, Dong-Yun MA, Jin-Ming WANG, Ya ZHANG, Qiu-Rong CHEN
Recycled as-cast magnesium alloys were prepared by smelting method according to the nominal composition of AZ31 magnesium alloys. The structure and electrochemical properties of the recycled alloys were characterized and compared to those of the commercial as-cast AZ31 magnesium alloys. X-ray diffractometry...
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Assessing the Regional Imbalance between Environment and Economic Development within China

Xin LI, Yang GUAN
This paper systematically analyzed the imbalance between economic development and ecological environmental protection in provinces of China. A coordination degree evaluation method based on comprehensive economic index and comprehensive environmental index has been established and used to assess the...
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Study on the Application of Banana Stems and Leaves in Pleurotus Ostreatus Production

Jin-Song YANG, Hai-Yang GUO, Xue-Li JU, Hai-Sheng TAN
In this experiment, banana stems and leaves were used as the main raw materials to culture Pleurotus ostreatus, and the effects of different ratio of banana stems and leaves, bran and Tenebrio molitor feces on mycelial growth and protein content of Pleurotus ostreatus were discussed. The results showed...
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Investigation on People’s Awareness of Kitchen Waste Related Issues in Hangzhou, China

Xiao-Lu XU, De-Yong ZHANG, Xiu-Ying SHEN
In order to analyze the common people's understanding and altitude about kitchen waste related issues, 4 questionnaires with totally 55 questions were designed and investigated in Hangzhou during 2014 to 2016. Fourteen core questions summarized from the questionnaires, as well as the corresponding responsions...
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Research on Mechanism of Distribution Line Failure Caused By Violent Typhoon

De-Hua CAI, Jian-Wei WU, Jian-Feng WEN, Xue-Jiao HAN
Distribution line failure caused by violent typhoon is studied in the paper. Violent typhoon is always accompanied by wind, rain as well as even thunder and lightning. Distribution line failure is sorted in the paper. Distribution line failures are divided into two major categories of electrical failure...
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Study on Pilot-scale Experiment of Electro-catalytic Oxidation in the Deep Treatment of Coking Wastewater

Xiang-Ji WANG, Jun-Bo ZHOU, Ai-Jun ZHANG, Chao WANG, Dong XIAO, Zhi-Na JIN, Yuan MIAO, Tong-Tong ZHI
To investigate the reduction of the COD of coking wastewater by electro-catalytic oxidation, the electro-catalytic oxidation pilot-scale experiment was carried out using the coking wastewater treated by A2/O and the coking wastewater treated by A2/O and fenton oxidation. And the modified electrode material...
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Microbial Diversity Responded to Application of Nitrification Inhibitor in Greenhouse Cucumber Soil for Three Years

Ling WANG, Bo-Wen LI, Meng-Chao LIU, Guo-Yin ZHANG, Shi-You SUN, Ou-Ya ZHAO
[Purpose] The Nitrification inhibitor plays a significant role in mitigation of climate change, leaching of nitrate nitrogen and improvement of agricultural productivity and quality in greenhouses. Here we show a strong correlation between soil microbes and cucumber root systems according to our observation...
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Research on the Development Status and Strategy on Sustainable Fashion of Fast Fashion Brands

With the acceleration of people’s pace of life and the rapid development of economy, fast fashion brands swiftly attracts people’s attention with low price, multiple styles and small quantity, fully satisfying consumer demands. But as the increasing deterioration of mankind’s living environment, especially...
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Extraction of the Active Constituents of Maca by O-PD/β-CD/Ag-MWNTs Modified Electrode

Xuan-Di ZHANG, Shu-Juan ZHANG, Hui-Yuan ZOU, Gui-Jun SHEN
The electrochemical behavior of Maca adenine on the modified electrode of o-phenylenediamine/β-cyclodextrin/Ag-carbon nanotube was studied by cyclic voltammetry. The results show that the electrode modified by 7mg of carbon nanotubes is the best when the concentration of silver ions is 0.1mg/ml. The...
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Microstructure and Luminescence Properties of Eu3+-doped BiPO4 Phosphors by Hydrothermal Synthesis Method

Shu-Qing YAN, Shan-Shan MA, Cong-Guo LONG, Rui ZHENG
In this paper, the hydrothermal method was used to synthesis the Eu3+ ions activated BiPO4 powders. The characteristic of the BiPO4:xEu3+ samples were analyzed with different testing methods. XRD results show that Eu3+-doped BiPO4 samples presented a hexagonal structure, and with the increasing of Eu3+...
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The Effect on B2O3 Replacing CaF2 of High Ti-bearing Blast Furnace Slag

Yin-He LIN, Ya-Ling FU, Xin-Yu FAN, Li-Qiang ZHANG, Xiao-Li HUANG, He YUAN
For improving the low flowability, promoting the separation between high Ti-bearing blast furnace slag and hot metal, and replacing CaF2 which would pollute the environment, the influence of B2O3 and CaF2 on apparent viscosity were investigated from 1340°C to 1475°C by SEM, viscometer, et al. The results...
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Composition of the "Organic Matter- clay Mineral" Aggregates and Occurrence of Shale Gas on the Lower Cambrian Black Shale in Guizhou, China

Rui-Yong MAO, Jie ZHANG, Jin-Guo GE, Sha WANG
Analyses by X ray diffraction analysis (XRD) indicate that the main mineral composition of the Lower Cambrian black shale in Guizhou is quartz, clay minerals, albite, dolomite and pyrite, the clay minerals are mainly composed of illite. The characteristics of organic carbon in the black shale are discussed....
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Study on the Self-Sufficiency of Chromite Resources of China in the Next 15 Years

Guang-Yu JIANG
In this paper, based on the DCF cash flow discount valuation model, and partly using the geological analogy method, we analyse the availability of chromite mineral in China by the provinces and deposits. We eventually calculated the availability data of chromite ore in China at different levels of internal...
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Crusher Shifting Space Optimization in Horizontal Surface Mines

Shu-Zhao CHEN, Qing-Xiang CAI, Chao-Gang PAN, Yan-Long CHEN
The reasonable crusher shifting space should ensure that the comprehensive production cost of the open pit is the lowest. Factors affecting crusher shifting space were analyzed and economic indexes, system links composing and disposal scheme were put forward dealing with semi-continuous system management....
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Study on the Minimum Safety Thickness of Goaf Overlying Strata based on UDEC in Baorixile Surface Coal Mine

Xing-Jun JU, Tao SHANG, Shu-Zhao CHEN, Meng YANG, Wen-Bin ZHU
The determination of safety thickness of overlying strata is the prerequisite for the treatment of mined out areas. Taking the mudstone of the Cenozoic Pleistocene as the upper bound of the model and the 1# coal seam floor as the lower bound, the stress and strain of overlying strata under goaf span...
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Business Component Identification Method Based on Semantic Similarity and the Cluster Algorithm

Li-Yan CHEN, Long TAN, Jun LU
Component identification is a key problem in software reuse. In order to obtain a set of business components (BCs) with high reuse value and good reuse performance to support reuse, a BC design method based on the cluster algorithm was proposed. Through analyzing existing business models, element composite...
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Research on the Remanufacturing Based on Ultrasonic Mechanical Aluminizing and Micro Arc Oxidation

Zong-Wei NIU, Li LI, Guang-Ming ZHENG, Xiu-Ting WEI, Zhi-Yong LI
In this research alumina ceramic layer on the surface of workpiece was obtained using ultrasonic mechanical aluminizing and micro arc oxidation to realize remanufacturing. Aluminum layer was gotten on the surface workpiece using ultrasonic mechanical aluminizing method. The theory of ultrasonic mechanical...
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Coal Seam Roof Crack Evolution Simulation and Gas Drainage Engineering Practice

Sheng-Zhou LI, Ze-Fang SONG, Jun LIU
After coal mining, rock movement, fracture and stress redistribution of roof and floor surrounding rock are caused and mining-induced fracture field is formed. The fractured zone formed in overlying strata is an important channel and space for gas discharge and storage. The efficient gas drainage can...
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Research and Application of VOCs Treatment in Petroleum Refinery Industry Based on LDAR

Liang-Chao CHEN, Jian-Feng YANG, Xin-Yuan LU
To combat air pollution and safety hazards caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of dynamic and static sealing point of equipment in petroleum refinery industry. This paper, firstly, builds the five-part procedures based on leak detection and repair (LDAR) for VOCs treatment and assessment, which...
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Key Reform Task Identification Model for State-owned Large-scale Power Grid Enterprise in China

Song XUE, Xiao-Bin LIN, Fan ZHANG, Jian-Hui LIAO, Ze-Chen WU, Li MA, Yuan HU
In view of reform tasks that state-owned large-scale power grid enterprises need to implement in aspects of state-owned assets and enterprises reform, power system reform and enterprise internal management reform, a key task identification model covering continuity degree of influence, national requirement...
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New Test Method for HTHP Filtration of Drilling Fluid

Jian-Gang ZHAO, Kai SHI, Mei-Nan LI, Kai ZHAO, Qi WANG, Peng SUN, Yun-Bo XU, Xue-Zhu WANG, Wei LI, Xiao-Yi ZHANG
This paper introduces the working principle, main technical parameters and main advantages of Fann Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPA) and Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA), a new type of high temperature and high pressure filtration plugging test instruments, which are popular at present....
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Nitrate Pollution Distribution and Source Identification in an Alluvial Aquifer

Lin LIN, Qing-Wei BU, Yan-Yan LI, Jian LIU, Yi TANG, Mei-Hua SONG
Characteristics and spatial distribution of nitrate concentration and its isotopic composition were used for identifying pollution mechanisms and sources in groundwater. An aquifer downstream of Dagu River in Jiaozhou city was taken as an example which was seriously contaminated with nitrates. The results...