Proceedings of the Eleventh Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 2018)

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An Investigation of Approaches to Teaching Reading Used by a Teacher in a Junior High School in Bandung

Gita Rahmi
This qualitative descriptive designed study reports teacher’s approaches to teaching reading to seventh-graders in a junior high school in Bandung, West Java. The study is aimed at analyzing approaches used by the teacher in teaching reading. This study has been informed by theory of teaching reading,...
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Pragmatic as Learning Material in Identifying Authors Main Idea

Izhar Izhar, Sholikhin Sholikhin
Identifying main idea is kinds of cognitive knowledge in reading which is necessary in comprehending a text. However, students still got difficulties in comprehending and translating authors’ thought. In addition, the material provided has not fully helped them to easily identify the principal thoughts...
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Students’ Perspectives on Classroom Speaking Activity: The existing speaking activity and recommended classroom speaking activity

Khairunnisa Khairunnisa
As a foreign learners, Indonesian students tend to feel unwilling to produce the oral English language acquisition speaking because of plenty reasons. The common pop up reasons are English is hard to get, it is perplexing and they are incapable of being relax while doing speaking. Moreover, the speaking...
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The Complexity of Relative Clause’s Position in Fiction and Non-Fiction Text

Mirsa Umiyati
Although relative clauses (RC) has been investigated across dozen of studies, how to identify the position of relative pronoun (RP) in several sources when it is undergoes movement leaving an empty space, still very limited. Thus, this study focuses on describing 4 positions (subject of verb, object...
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Language Policy and Planning in Multilingual Countries: A case in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

Nia Roistika
The widely spread of English creates the shift and consequence to cope with the growth of development, globalized world, potential economic opportunity, and technological advancement. This paper tries to see between the language policies and planning in multilingual nations such as India, Pakistan, and...
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Interactive Metadiscourse in Finding and Discussion Section of Theses at English Department Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Syifa Fadhilah Hamid
Interactive metadiscourse is one of the sub categorizes of metadiscourse markers which refers to a feature used to construct and organize the information effectively in order to make coherent and convincing written text. Based on Hyland (2004), interactive metadiscourse consists of five categories, they...
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The Language-in-Education Policy in South Africa: A gap between policy and efficacy

Sidik Indra Nugraha
Language in education policy plays a significant role in teaching and learning language, and thus it has been a major issue of research in language in education policy. South Africa is one of the countries that has become a center of discussion in language in education policy issues for its unique multicultural...