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Research on Balance Measurement System Based on Embedded OMAP and Filtering Technology

Y. Jiao, G. F Chen, Y. J Wang
At present, Micro controller and peripheral devices concatenated balance measurement system, which is in low integration level and large measurement error, and have a lot of obstacles to implement intelligent milling on the high speed occasions. Firstly, this paper discussed the way to implement intelligence...
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A Queueing Analysis for Job Assignment on Two-Type Heterogeneous Supercomputer System

C.H Wang, Y.T Chen, C.C Hwang
This paper introduces a queueing analysis of a two-tier service supercomputer system, where one type of processors offers service with a finite waiting buffer and the other offers unlimited waiting buffer. From the managerial viewpoint of system, a two-tier queueing model is developed to investigate...
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Proving Authentication Property of Modified Needham-Schroeder Protocol with Logic of Events

M.H Xiao, C.Y Deng, C.L Ma, K. Zhu, D.L Cheng
Security protocols are the foundation of modern secure networked systems. Proving security properties of cryptographic protocols is a challenge problem. Model checking has proven useful for finding certain classes of errors in network security protocols, but it is based on bounded model or constraint...
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Analysis and Research of Several Problems of Bad Short Message Filtering System

W.F Du, G.X Chen
The spread of bad message seriously affects the social ethos and disrupt the normal life order of people. It has considerable practical value to research and develop the filtering technology of bad short message. Two problems in text classification are studied in this paper, which can be used in the...
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Research on Big Data Technology-Based Agricultural Information System

N.F Xie, X.F Zhang, W. Sun, X.N Hao
With the advent of the era of cloud, big data technologies have attracted more and more attention. In the agricultural domain scientists have encountered restrictions and obstacles in the data-extensive analysis domain such as meteorological data processing, bio-genome analysis, food security analysis,...
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An Evaluation of Third-Party Mobile Payment Usage Intention in China

X.M Lv, C.C Su, Z.Y Huang, T.K Gu
This paper analyses the current situation of Chinese mobile payment industry, and then discusses the win-win benefit mode that take third-party mobile payment companies as main body. Now, two kinds of payment processes––the web page payment and the APP payment is summarized, meanwhile, the paper explores...
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An Improved Designated Verifier Signature Schemes Using Bilinear Paring

Q.Z Yue, H. Shen, J.H Chen
In a designated verifier signature scheme, only the designated person can verify the validity of the signature. Due to such attribute, it could be used in many fields such as financial payment system, e-voting, and e-taxation. Recently, Lee et al. proposed an identity based signature scheme to overcome...
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Research on Secure Communication Mechanism of Traffic Recorder

L. Li, Y.F Zhu, R.N Xie, F.H Li
Through the research of the demand for secure communication between traffic recorder and data management platform, a three layer automobile remote diagnostics communication model which contains data aware, network access and application service is proposed, through special access gateway to add device...
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The Application of Rough Sets Theory in Video Information Processing and Analysis

X.W Li, Y.X Kang
Recent advances in technology have increased the availability of video information data, creating a strong requirement for high efficient systems to manage and process those larger materials. How to making efficient use of video information requires that data to be accessed in an intelligent and user-friendly...
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Vector Median Filters Based on Noise Detection for Color Images

J. Wang
A novel filtering method is proposed in this paper in order to improve sharpness and detail reserve ability of color image filter. Start with analyzing the correlation between neighboring pixels and the correlation between each image channel, the image is then processed with a preprocessing procedure....
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Research on Information Models and Modelling Methods of the New Generation of OSS for Data Management

Y. Lin, Y.B Wang, H. Zhang, J.H Yang
In order to build the information model of the new generation of Operation Support System (OSS), we firstly point out that OSS is currently entering the era of big data management, and the Telco Operators are now facing big challenges. We then summarize the difficulties to build the OSS unified information...
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A Polar Coding Scheme for Secure Data Transmission Based on 1D Chaotic-Map

T.H.M Soliman, F.F Yang, S. Ejaz
Combining both reliability and security in one block is very important in modern digital communications, each with a variety of sub-disciplines. In this paper, a new polar codes scheme for secure data transmission based on one dimensional chaotic map with a pre-shared secret initial condition is proposed....
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Mining Blocks' Association Rules for Disk Data Perfecting

L.Y Zhu, G.Q Xiao, J.W Liao
As the processor-I/O gap continues widening, the modern I/O-bound applications such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) often suffer from great latency of disk access. In this paper, we argue that the block association rule can be recognized as common semantic information embedded in disk I/O traces...
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A New Approach for Target Detection Performance Enhancement Under Clutter Effect

A. Almslmany, Q.S Cao, C.Y Wang
This paper discusses a new approach for target detection performance improvement in monostatic pulsed radar in presence of clutter based on Time Varying Gain Amplifier (TVGA). This new approach is used to compensate for power loss due to range in the received echo, which increases the input dynamic range...
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Short-Term Photovoltaic Output Forecasting with Weakly Related Meteorological Data

C.H Lin, Y. Xiao, J.G Chen, X.K Wen, C. Du
Photovoltaic (PV) output is influenced by many meteorological factors. The significant degree of meteorological data influences the accuracy of forecasting result. This paper proposed a short-term PV output forecasting method while the weather data and PV output data were weak correlated. By analyzing...
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A Framework for Product Lifecycle Knowledge Service

Z.Y Wu, L. Li, H.L Mao, Z.F Huang, H.Y Mao
As the rapid development of modern economy and information technology, the development trends of modern enterprises increasingly clear. Knowledge-based enterprise has become an inevitable choice to expand the use of its resources. In order to respond to the industrial trend towards knowledge service,...
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Research on Evaluation Model of The Urban Economy Based on Rough Set and Neural Network

L. Yan, L.P Zhang
For the shortage of the traditional evaluation methods of the urban economy, A new evaluation model proposed, establishing an index system of evaluation and decision table on city economy, and extracting important properties of input data from Rough Set and neural network, and evaluation indexes reduced...
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Realization of FPGA-Based Video Image Fusion Technology

C.P Duan, W. Liu, Y.H Chen, Q.S Xie, B. Yi, Y. Fang, X.D Song
In order to achieve multiple video images fusion processing, domestic and foreign technology commonly used DSP to achieve image fusion algorithm, limited to serial instruction execution speed, it was difficult to meet the requirements of modern high-speed digital signal processing. An digital image fusion...
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Comparison of Solution of A Class of Second Order Difference Equation

Y.Z Qin
Difference equations is a kind of powerful tool to investigate the rule of natural phenomena, such as, physical problems arising in a wide variety of applications. In this paper, we discuss the nodes of the solutions of a class of second order difference equation.
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Empirical Study on Reversible Lane in Beijing

X. Wang, Y.L Wang, M.C Zhang
Setting the reversible lane can make full use of the existing road resources and effectively relieve urban roads tidal traffic problems during peak hours. Analysis of characteristics of tidal traffic phenomena and causes. Elaborating the related concepts of reversible lane traffic organization and application...
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Improved DPA Attack Method on AES Encryption

S. Lan
Side-channel attack,which is a new technology in the field of cryptography, focus on the power-leak produced by password equipment,such as energyy, time, radiation.DPA (differential power analysis)attack as a method of sidechannel attack, its main method is comparing the peak of curve to determine the...
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Analysis of Signal Integrity on High Speed Signal Processing System of Vehicle-Mounted Video

X. Wang, J.S Tang
The integrity of vehicle mounted video signal refers to all problems caused by the interconnects which transmitted by high rate. However the work frequency of the vehicle electronics becomes higher and the edge of the signal becomes increasingly steep, a larger number of interconnects can not be used...
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A Review of a Text Classification Technique: K-Nearest Neighbor

R.S Zhou, Z.J Wang
In order to get effective information timely and accurately in masses of text, text classification techniques get extensive attention from many aspects. A lot of algorithms were proposed for text classification which made it easy to classify texts, such as Naïve Bayes, Rocchio, Decision Tree, Artificial...
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Analysis of the NETSCIENCE Social Network

X.B Li, V. Podpecan, N. Lavrac
This paper presents a basic analysis of the Net Science database together with a description of the techniques for social network analysis. The database was provided by M. Newman in May 2006 and contains a network of scientists who together co-authored the network theory and experiment. The analysis...
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Shape-Controlled Synthesis of CeO2 Nanotube Using P123 Triblock Copolymer and Its Application in Catalytic Ozonation

X.H Qiu, Q.Q Bi, X.J Li, Z.S Xiong
CeO2 nanotube with improved catalytic properties has been synthesized by a simple precipitation method using P123 triblock copolymer as surfactant. The prepared samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscopy and BET surface area analysis. The activity of the material in...
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Category Scores for Selecting the Most Desirable Options in a Learning Setting

S. Encheva
Learners’ preferences play significant role in effectiveness of a study process. Individual preferences and group preferences however may differ considerably. While data is collected from single users, general settings are usually made to serve groups of people. An approach for incorporating individual...
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An Approach for Multifaceted Mobile Nodes Sending Information to Manage the Network

C.J Miao, H.C Zhou, H.K Zhang, W. Su
In traditional host-based mobility management such as MIPv6, mobility node manages the mobility by BU/BA (Binding Update/Binding Acknowledgement). With the development of the mobile network, network-based mobility management such as PMIPv6 is proposed which has been proved more superiority that the host-based...
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The Risk Assessment Model of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Science and Technology Based On Boosting

X.F Lei, Z. Wang, Y.T Li
Break the financing-difficulties has always been the key to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology(SMES), so the construction of a targeted credit evaluation model is of great significance to provide data support of financing. The paper proposed a credit evaluation...
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Study of Breast Tissues Dielectric Properties in UWB Range for Microwave Breast Cancer Imaging

M.H Bah, J.S Hong, D.A Jamro
In this manuscript, we study about dielectric properties of major tissues in the breast within the UWB allocated frequency band. Some tissues mimicking phantoms have been designed and measured using slub-line tool system. The results obtained show good representation for both normal and malignant breast...
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Research on Dynamic Pricing and Ordering Policy of Fresh Agriculture Product Considering Consumers’ Perceived Quality

K. Nie, D.F Xie, W. Li
In this article, we first formulated the demand function of price and quality. Then we analyzed the order quantity and the pricing decision under the single price markdown condition and the multiple price markdown condition respectively. We find that under the single price markdown condition and the...
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Finite-Time Synchronization of Chaos Gyros via Terminal Sliding Mode Control

R.P Xu, C.C Gao, M.M Gao
The problem of finite-time synchronization between two chaotic gyros with uncertain and disturbances is investigated. On the basis of a double power reaching law, a nonsingular terminal sliding mode control algorithm was proposed to restrain chattering and improve convergence speed of terminal mode control....
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IDFT: An Intermediate Node Based Deterministic Fault Tolerant Routing in 2D Mesh

C.X Yang, X.T Ding, X.W Ren, P.J Ren
In order to alleviate the problem raised in Gomez's method[1], where messages with different source-destination pairs have great probability choosing the overlapped paths therefore, new transmission bottleneck might be generated nearby, we present an intermediate node based deterministic fault-tolerant...
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Providing Support for Today’s Decision Making Processes

S. Encheva
Current decision making processes often involve uncertain information obtained from a number of sources. In addition the available data might be incomplete and/or collected at different time periods, i.e. its significance might require adjustments. In many cases experiments cannot be repeated and conclusions...
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Network Assembled Structures from a Series of Macromolecular Surfactants

X.M Zhong, W.M Yao, J.Y Chen, Y.H Lai, X.S Lin, L.J Kong, X. Wu
Network assembled structures from a series of macromolecular surfactants were prepared on glass surfaces. When the content of the hydrophobic side-chains was increased from 10 to 90 mol%, the solutions exhibited a lower surface tension. In addition, these solutions ultimately formed thinner and more...
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The Constructions of DNA Codes from Linear Self-Dual Codes over Z4

B. Feng, S.S Bai, B.Y Chen, X.N Zhou
It is possible to construct DNA codes from classical linear codes. However, it is difficult to determine the GC weight enumerator. In this paper, we use the -linear self-dual codes to construct DNA codes. have some good properties, so DNA codes can be easily constructed. Moreover, GC weight enumerator...
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A Composite Control Strategy for an Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle with Wing-Rudder Deflection

Y.H Fan, P.P Yan, Y.F Yu, X. Li
The scramjet performance of air-breathing hypersonic vehicle is highly correlated with flight height, Mach and angle of attack (AOA). The violent disturbance of the AOA can cause the engine power off. Consequently, the maneuverability of hypersonic vehicle is strictly limited in the cruising period....
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The Study of Real-Time Industrial Ethernet Power link Medium Redundancy

J.J Wang, M.Q Duan, Z.F Liu
This paper analyses the medium redundancy technology in the Industrial Ethernet POWERLINK network. Ethernet data before heading to Media Access Controller, in order to achieve the medium redundancy, we design a Link Selector functional block, it can put three physical networks of the best quality network...
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Research on Obstacle Avoidance of Fire-Fighting Robot Based On Fuzzy Control

Y.C Lei, X.J Zhu, C.R Tai
Fire-fighting robot can instead of humans in the event of a fire extinguishing task. An obstacle avoidance strategy based on fuzzy control is presented in this paper. The method doesn't have to determine the motion model of fire-fighting robot accurately. Robot can detect obstacles by using infrared...
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Research of an Improved RFID Authentication Protocol

W.J Yu, Z.Y Tu, Y.W Zhang
As a new automatic diagnosis technology, RFID is gradually widely used. But the characteristics of the RFID system and the limitations of RFID equipment have brought many security problems. For these problems, this paper discusses and explains system composition and security problems of RFID, analyzes...
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A Lightweight Encoding Mechanism for Encrypted User Notification on Mobile Device in Power Grid System

T. Zhang, Y.C Jin, Z.X Sun
As a large amount of users are now using the short message service (SMS) for communication, the demand for security is growing much stronger than ever before. User notification encrypted with traditional encrypt mechanism can be transported via SMS only if the encrypted message is encoded into text form....
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New Evaluation Model on Web Site Credibility

Y.Y Ma, F. Chen, Z.X Sun
In view of the existing web site credibility evaluation models failing to comprehensively consider the multiple attributes of trust,after learning the D - S evidence theory and fuzzy theory,a new web site credibility evaluation model is put forward in which the trust value is divided into historical...
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Research on Intelligent Energy Efficiency Management System Based on CBR/MAS

K.Y Xu, D.W Zhou, Y.Q Chen, W.B Lu
Energy efficiency management system (EEMS) provides effective energy saving measures and high quality energy conservation services; it will achieve the goal of energy conservation through system integration, concordance and optimization to the existing energy, which is particularly important in today's...
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Design and Implementation of the Fuze Circuit Board Tester

Y. Zhang, B. Qiao, L.G Chen
The system’s objectives and tasks were clear by analyzing the system requirements. The front-end system was based on DSP (digital signal processor) and FPGA (field programmable gate array). It designed system communication protocolto control the testing process data switching. The PC software realized...
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Pervasive Marketing Intelligence

T Guarda, M. F Santos, F. M Pinto
In the absence of sufficient and useful literature in the area of Marketing Intelligence Systems (MKTi), this study seeks to propose and infers aMKTi conceptual framework, through consensus, of a group of information systems (IS) and Marketing system experts. This research assumes that expert opinion...
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The Binding Operation for Mobile IPv6

R.X Li, D.F Wang
Mobile IPv6 is nearly associated with binding update, binding acknowledgement and binding request. With binding update, the mobile nodes get in touch with the home agent or communication fellow. In this paper, the binding operation of IPv6 mobile nodeswas studied; the packet which supports mobile features...
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Research of Guangdong and Macao Tourism Cooperation Condition based on DEFCA

J.H Xiao, S.Y Luo, Y. Yue
With combination of Guangdong and Macao tourism cooperation reality, the evaluation system of tourism coop-eration conditions between the 21 prefecture-level cities of Guangdong province and Macao will be established. In allusion to the insufficiency that it is difficult for fuzzy comprehensive evaluation...
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Study on the Simulation of Hot Event’s Propagation Based on Ant Colony Algorithm in Social Networks

D.C Qu, H. Xie, H.X Lian, J. Bai, S.L Guo
Given that there is not much research on the propagation mechanism of hot event in the social networks environment at the macro level at present, this paper proposes an optimizing model of propagation to maximize the influence of hot event in networks in a short time. Combining the three characteristics...
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Simulation of PLCC Routing Algorithm using OPNET Modeler

J.C Chen, R.Q Yan, Y.N Zhang, Y.H Zhao
Today, the power line carrier communication (PLCC) technology has become a research focus in the field of communication. It is important to study on the PLCC routing algorithms, since the power line carrier channel has the characteristics of high time-variation, high noise and high attenuation. The PLCC...
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Enhanced Indoor Navigation Using Fusion of IMU and RGB-D Camera

W.N Chai, C. Chen, E. Edwan
Accurate indoor navigation, especially precise attitude estimation is a challenge topic. Unlike the rate gyroscope in an IMU, the camera based visual-gyro does not suffer from drift errors. In order to overcome the drawbacks of the standalone systems, an INS/visual-gyro integration using direction cosine...
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Explore on Illuminance Control of Daylight Perceptive Lighting by Fuzzy Logic

Y.M Gao, X. Guo, Y.D Lin, F. Cao, G.Y Cao, J.J Yu, N.Y Zou, H.Y Zhang
Basic concept of daylight perceptive lighting is that intensity of lamps are adjusted opposite to the trend of sun light intensity, so that constant illuminance on work surface is kept. The classic and compact arrangement of daylight perceptive lighting system were discussed, the compact was recommended...
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A Study and Construction of Multi-level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation System of Course

L. Tan, T.Q Jiang, J.P Hu, J.J Lian, L.L. Shang
At present, the course quality evaluation method is unitary with a strong subjective character. What is more, the factors are incomprehensive in the evaluation index system. In order to solve the problems, this paper is involved in establishment of a comparatively complete quality evaluation system of...
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A Comparison of Effective Discretization Schemes for The Double Heston Model in Financial Industry

Y.F Sun, L.T Ding, C.Y Liu, G.Y Zhang
This article applies four popular discretization schemes, i.e. Andersen’s quadratic exponential (QE) scheme, Zhu’s scheme, semi-analytical (SA) scheme, and Alfonsi’s second-order scheme, to numerically simulate the double Heston stochastic volatility model. We compare the quality of these schemes in...
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Application of An Improved Grey Neural Network in Grain Yield Prediction

H. Lv, T. Lei, X. L Huang, Y. K Zhang
Grain yield presents a complex nonlinear relationship with variables, and takes on randomness and mutability. It is hard to describe the prediction model with traditional linear model. Grey model can be used to process samples with great stochastic volatility. In this paper, we propose to use the grey...
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Research on Structure understanding of Complex-Table in Form Applications

X.C Wang, H Ma, D.M Liang, Z. Du
Form application is an important means in modern enterprise management, and its user interfaces pursue paper effect more and more. Complex-table is a common expressive way in Chinese forms. In the existing form applications development tools, complex-table can only be implemented by directly coding instead...
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LS Algorithm for Semi-online Scheduling Jobs with Nondecreasing Release Times and Nondecreasing Processing Times

F. Tang, J. Nie
In this paper, semi-online scheduling jobs with non-decreasing release times and non-increasing processing times on m identical parallel machines is considered. The aim is to minimize the last completion time of all machines. It is proved that, for any m identical parallel machines, 3/2-1/2m is an upper...
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Comparative Study on Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods of Photovoltaic Cells

A.Q Zhang, H. Liu, Y. Song, M. Dai
In this paper, different methods were used to track the maximum power point of output power of photovoltaic cells (PV) by MATLAB/Simulink. First of all, the PV and Boost circuit models were built. The output change of voltage and current could be detected when light intensity was changed. Secondly, four...
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Multiplex Communication in 2D Mesh Neural Network

T. Kamimura, Y. Yagi, S. Tamura, Y.W Chen
We have already analyzed and reported on multiplex communication in neural network. However, these are composed and designed so as to force the network communicate with multiplexed manner using “code” or “temporal sequence.” That is, the network has a main loop and some coding/decoding circuits, and...
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A Non-parametric Probabilistic Model for Hepatic Tumor Detection

Y. Konno, X.H Han, Y.W Chen, X. Wei
Automatic hepatic tumor enhancement and detection in CT volume data is an important preprocessing step in computer-aided diagnosis of liver tumor. In this paper, we proposed a novel non-parametric probabilistic model for automatic tumor detection. Compared with conventional method such as Gaussian mixture...
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Automatic Segmentation of Spleen based on Anatomical Model and Template Matching

C.H Dong, X.H Han, T. Tateyama, Y.W Chen, A.H Foruzan
Probabilistic atlases based on human anatomy structure have been widely used for organ segmentation, which is used as a prior probability in a Bayes framework. The challenge is how to register the probabilistic atlas to the patient volume. Taking these into consideration, we propose a template matching...
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IOSS Control for A Class of Switched Hopfield Neural Networks with Disturbance Input

C.K Ahn
This paper is concerned with the input-output-to-state stable (IOSS) controller design for switched Hopfield neural networks with disturbance input. We propose a new set of linear matrix inequality (LMI) conditions to ascertain that switched Hopfield neural networks are IOSS based on a quadratic positive...
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Equalizer Design Based on ATSC-M/H Protocol

T. Xu, Z.H Hu, Z.F Wang, H.H Song
This paper analyzes the channel model under mobile reception state firstly, then study the self-correlation characteristic of ATSC-Mobile DTV training sequence. According with the mobile channel characteristic and self-correlation of training sequence, proposed a parallel channel estimation algorithm...
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Study on Restricting Factors about Production Scale based on Grey Correlation Degree in Wulongquan Mine

D. Yin, L.H Ke
According to the actual demand of enlarging production scale and the present production condition in wulongquan mine, the production costs is stubbornly high and becomes a key factor of restricting production scale. In order to find out the restricting factors of production scale, grey slope correlation...
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Industrial Simulation of Metallurgical Logistics

K. Aksyonov, E. Bykov, O. Aksyonova, N. Goncharova, A. Nevolina
The paper focuses on discussion on the method of integration of simulation models used within the enterprise information system. The integration problem is presented on one sample class of models – the real time models that are used in control, diagnostics and decision making processes. The suggested...
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Decision Support for Gasoline Tanker Logistics with BPsim.DSS

K. Aksyonov, E. Bykov, O. Aksyonova, N. Goncharova, A. Nevolina
The paper describes deployment experience of a decision support system for planning fuel supplies within a network of gas stations, which is based on simulation, multi-agent and expert modeling. Authors focus on various methods used in decision support system BPsim.DSS. Mainly the system is used by logistical...
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Calculation Techniques of two-dimensional residual stress field for mechanical engineering application

S. Liu, Q.X Pan, C.G Xu, D.G Xiao
Residual stress takes a great effect on security and service life of components on manufacturing in industry, it occurred interior and exterior of material, such as destructive, consuming time, inaccuracy. The traditional residual stress measurement methods can not afford the demands of safty monitor...
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Modelling of Theoretical Surface Roughness for Two-Dimensional Vibration-Assisted Machining

Y. Gao, R.L Sun
Vibration-assisted machining (VAM) has been proposed for tens of years and attracts a lot of attentions due to its unique advantages on improving the machining quality of a range of materials, especially intractable materials like titanium and nickel alloys. VAM combines conventional machining (CM) with...
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Research on PMSM Demagnetized by Three Phase Symmetrical Short Circuit

S. Huang, X.P Yan, C. Zeng, Y.M Yang
The partial demagnetization of surface-mounted permanent magnets of PMSM in the three phase symmetrical short circuit of different temperature is analyzed by the finite element method. Then, rules of the back EMF and flux change in different extent of demagnetization are summarized. Finally, the operation...
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Design of the Second-Order Voltage-Controlled Multifunctional Filter

M.H Fan, W.Z Zhang, S.Q Ma, W.B Liu
This paper proposes a method that analog multiplier and current feedback operational amplifier have been used to form second-order voltage-controlled multifunctional filter. The designed circuit has been achieved theoretical analysis, PSPICE simulation and actual measurement. It can simultaneously realize...
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The Concept of Creating the Universal Life-Saver with Rotary-Screw Mover

A. Koshurina, M. Krasheninnikov, V. Shapkin, R. Dorofeev, V. Obrezkova
At the present time there is active development of oil and gas fields located offshore in the northern seas. Mineral resources are mined in severe natural and climatic conditions. These conditions complicate platforms’ accordance to high safety requirements to various industrial processes. Moreover,...
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Mechanical Properties and Gradient Effects of Carbon Nanotube as Polymer Nanocomposites

N. Abu-Hamdeh, K. Alnefaie
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were fabricated using low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) and then embedded in epoxy polymer at several weight ratios; 0, 0.75, 1.5, and 3 (wt %) for tensile testing and Young’s modulus determination using intron machine. Tensile strength and Young’s modulus of the...
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Analysis on Several Typical Fault of Medical Linear Accelerator

L. Guo, S.G. Zhang, Y. Sui
For many advantages, the medical linear accelerator has become an indispensable part in modern medical devices. However, due to the enormous system and a number of parts involved, the requirements to fault analysis and maintenance of medical accelerator is much higher. This paper introduces fault reasons,...
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Integrating Desktop Factory into Manufacturing Cloud: A Conceptual Model

L.J Yao, Y.L Wang, Y.S Kong, X.J Cheng, L. Ren
The desktop factories are playing increasingly significant roles in supporting on-demand manufacturing of customized products. However, most of the current desktop factories are running like isolated islands, making it difficult to integrate them into process lines to meet individualized needs. Cloud...
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Characteristics of the Permian Reservoirs From Taiyuan Formation in Shenmu Gas Field

C.J Wang, Q. Che
The petrographic, physical and pore throat characteristics and heterogeneity of the reservoirs from the Taiyuan Formation in the Shenmu gas field, comprehensive application mainly on core observation, cast section, scanning electronic microscope, grain-size analysis and mercury-injection curves. There...
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Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on the AIC

G.Y Chen, H.Y Xie, N.N Liu, D.Q Liang
Clustering-based segmentation algorithm is one of the common methods in image segmentation. However, how to avoid the influence of the initialization and the singular value is a problem we have to face. For overcoming this problem, we proposed a new image segmentation technology which is based on the...
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Image and Video Restoration with TV/L2-Norm Constraint

Y. Nojima, Y.W Chen, X.H Han
There is a high demand for generating high-quality video and images, which are used for the wide range of applications, such as biometric authentication, medical imaging, and so on. In this paper, we present a video restoration method for generating a high-quality video from a deteriorated or blurred...
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Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Liver Cirrhosis Based on Multiple Statistical Shape Models

M. Uetani, T. Tateyama, S. Kohara, X.H Han, Y.W Chen, S. Kanasaki, A Furukawa, X Wei
In the fields of medical image analysis and computational anatomy, statistical shape models (SSMs) are usually used for organ segmentation; SSMs are statistically constructed from a population of organs. In this paper, we focus on the application of SSMs for the computer-aided diagnosis of cirrhotic...
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Evaluation of Facial Paralysis Degrees Using Multi-Resolution Analysis

T.H Ngo, Y.W Chen, M. Seo, N. Matsushiro
Facial paralysis is a common clinical condition occurring in the rate 20 to 25 patients per 100,000 people per year. An objective quantitative tool to support medical diagnostics is necessary. This paper proposes a robust method that decomposes the images into multi frequencies-space domain, and then...
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A PCA Based Approach for Quantitative Analysis of Shiny Skin

T. Naoki, Y.W Chen, M. Seo, T. Igarashi
We propose shiny analysis framework accompanied with makeup deterioration using normalized facial images(MaVIC and the corresponding makeup-deteriorated data sets). These images are analyzed and reconstructed based on principal component analysis(PCA) and then the differential ones between the reconstruction...
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Adaptive Blurring Estimation for Learning-Based Super Resolution

Y.W Chen, K. Taniguchi, X.H Han
In this paper, we address the problem of generating high-resolution (HR) image from a single low-resolution (LR) image, which is called image super-resolution (SR). Recently learning-based SR with sparse coding (SC), locality-constraint linear coding (LLC) and so on has been explored, and achieve acceptable...
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Research the Algorithm of Image Classification Based on Gaussian Mixture Model

Z. Meng, G.Q Yao
Remote sensing image is according to a certain proportion of objective record and reflect electromagnetic radiation of earth surface intensity information, is a form of expression we obtain the remote sensing information. With the development of remote sensing technology, remote sensing image classification...
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Saliency Detection Integrated with Depth Information

R.D Tang, C.R Yu, S.H Qian, W.Y Yu
Most bottom-up saliency detection methods only perform outstandingly on simple image but when operating on complex one, results are not satisfactory. In a complex scene image, more image features demand being taking into consideration, the most important one of which is the spatial relation of different...
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Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Non-Subsampled Contourlet Transform and Bilateral Filtering

C.J Li, H.X Yang, Y.Y Cai, B. Song
In order to remove the image noise more effectively?an image denoising algorithm based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and bilateral filtering in the spatial domain is proposed. The noisy image is first decomposed into multi-scale and multi-directional subbands by NSCT, and direction subbands...
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A Memristor-Crossbar/CMOS Integrated Network for Pattern Classification and Recognition

L. Zhang, Z.J Chang
A novel circuit model based on a trainable memristor-crossbar network integrated with a CMOS circuit for pattern classification and recognition is proposed and analyzed in this paper. The configurable memristors along each column wires of the crossbar are trained by a standard pattern input from the...
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State Estimation for Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Unknown Input Using Nonparametric Technique

V. Smagin, G. Koshkin, V. Udod
The paper addressed the filtering problems with using nonparametric algorithms for discrete linear systems with the known control input, unknown input and parameters. The designed algorithms are based on combining the Kalman filter and nonparametric estimator. Examples are given to illustrate the usefulness...
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The Distinction and Controversy of Digital Currency in China

G. Zhu, X. J Wei
This paper pointed out the main difference between digital currency and the other two currencies, by clarifying and comparing the concepts of electronic money, virtual currency and digital currency. Starting from the basic characteristics of digital currency, two controversial issues were reviewed and...
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A New Approach for Recognition and Position of Traffic Lights

C.Y Shen, L. Zhou, Z.W Teng, J.X Wang
A kind of traffic lights automatic recognition and position approach which combines color filtering and flood-fill algorithm is discussed in this paper. This approach firstly conducts color analysis in the subspace of hue and brightness of HSV color space model. Then, it processes to filter traffic lights...
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Analysis of Crown Inclination and Influencing Factors of Cunninghamia Lanceolata in Huangfengqiao, Hunan Province

Y.C Zhang, H.Q Zhang, Y.F Chen
Research object was middle-aged plantation of Cunninghamia Lanceolata in Huangfengqiao national forest farm, You county, Hunan Province. Ratio of crown inclination(RCI) was set up as a index to signify crown inclination in research. Ratio of crown inclination in east, west, south and north were calculated...
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Research for Adaptive Control of the Pipes Conveying Fluid

B. Chen, Y.Y Huang, Z.J Yin
Pipes with supported ends conveying pulsating fluid may lose the dynamic stability due to parametric instability, therefore the piezoelectric actuators are taken as the control actuators here for controlling vibration of pipeline. First, the controlled mathematical models of pipes conveying fluid were...
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A New Method for Estimating Inverse Data from Destructive Regular Storage Life Test

H. Wang, X.B Ma
In the destructive regular storage life test of products, there is "inverse" data sometimes, resulting in inaccurate estimates of its reliability index. Based on the theory of isotonic regression and minimum chi-square estimation, we proposed a new method for processing "inverse" data. First, alter the...
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The Monitoring System Design of the Traction Transformer Power Loss

H.G Lai, X.J Zhu
The train mixed operation on the electrified railway road network of general speed, resulting in frequent action of overload protection of substation traction transformer. This paper designed the engineering framework under the traction transformer power loss of economic operation, by means of the configuration...
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Fire and Smoke Identification Algorithms based on Attention Mechanism

T. Luo, N.F Xiao
This paper presents several fire and smoke identification algorithms based on attention mechanism, the proposed algorithms add the attention mechanism into traditional algorithms for the fire and smoke identification, which can get the possible regions of fire and smoke quickly by saliency images, and...
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Control of Maglev Trains Moving on Bridges During Foundation Settlements

S.H Ju, C.C Leong, Y.S Ho
This paper investigates the control and safety of a series of maglev trains moving on multi-span simply supported bridges with the foundation settlements. To control the dynamic response of the maglev trains, a PI (proportional-integral) controller with constant tuning gains is applied. The finite element...
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Fuzzy Integral-based Neural Network Ensemble for Facial Expression Recognition

Z.Y Wang, N.F Xiao
Neural network is widely used in pattern classification. But an unavoidable fact is that many complex problems cannot get ideal correct rate of classification with a single neural network. Neural network ensembles provides a serial of theories and methods to simply ensemble outputs of some low performance...
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Advanced Wavelet-Based Multilevel Discrete-Continual Finite Element Method for Three-Dimensional Local Structural Analysis

P.A Akimov, M.L Mozgaleva, M. Aslami, O.A Negrozov
This paper is devoted to advanced wavelet-based discrete-continual finite element method of local structural analysis. Structures with regular (in particular, constant or piecewise constant) physical and geometrical parameters along so-called “basic” direction are under consideration. High-accuracy solution...
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Dynamic Model of Paclitaxel Biosynthesis Suggests That the Key Enzyme Is Taxadiene 5alpha-Hydroxylase in Taxuschinensis Cell Suspension Culture

S.S Zhu, Z.Q Miao
Taxus suspension cell cultures are a sustainable source of paclitaxel. In this study, transcript profiles of T.chinensis cells were analysed systematically by RT-qPCR to investigate the transcriptional dynamics of Taxus cell during cultures. Correlation between the expression levels of genes involved...
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A Transfer Matrix Method for Horizontal Seismic Analysis of Tube-in-Tube Structure

S.Y Zhang, C.H Zhao
In order to provide a new approximated method for the preliminary design, tub-in-tube structure is simplified as a double cantilever beam system with compatible horizontal displacement at each floor along one of orthogonal direction of structure. According to the linear elastic assumption, the fluctuation...
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Research on Predicting Slack Flow of Oil Pipelines in Undulated Areas with Large Fall

J.N Zhang, H. Lan, J.J Li
Pipelines in more undulated areas are likely to have crossing points in pipeline transportation as oil throughput varies. This is to say that the potential energy of oils, from the peak to the terminal, is possibly higher than energy required for overcoming friction factor in oil movement, thus producing...
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Research on the Replacement of Coal by Electricity in East China

D.X Jia, B.G Shan
Large quantity of coal has been burned directly in East China for a long time, which is one of the main reasons for environmental pollution. Taking the minimal total cost per year as objective, and the national reduction of coal burned directly and the manufacturing capability of main coal replacement...
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The Mix Integer Programming Model for Torpedo Car Scheduling in Iron and Steel Industry

Y.Y Liu, G.S Wang
The scheduling for molten iron logistic optimization is to determine the distribution of molten iron from iron-making stage to steelmaking stage, the transportation routes of torpedo cars and locomotives such that the molten iron from blast furnaces can be delivered to the steelmaking shops on schedule...
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Characterization of Cracks in Beams in Noisy Conditions Using Natural Frequencies

Z. Zhang, M.S Cao
Natural frequency is the most representative damage feature in the field of structural damage detection. Nevertheless, the functionality of natural frequency to portray damage in noise conditions has not been clarified systematically. With this concern, this study investigates the performance of natural...