Proceedings of the 1st Brawijaya International Conference on Business and Law (BICoBL 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Adi Kusumaningrum, Airin Liemanto
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Penal Benefit-Based Construction System on Indonesian Environmental Criminal Law Settlement Policy According to Environmental Rule of Law Paradigm

Yazid Nurhuda
The environmental rule of law paradigm requires the existence of a special mechanism that involves all parties in realizing an integrated environmental law system which is not only aimed at enforcing legal certainty but also for realizing justice for all elements, both humans and the environment itself....
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Does Adapting the Business Environment Have a More Dominant Effect on Business Performance Than Optimizing Company’s Resources?: Strategies to Improve Business Performance

Saiful Hidayat, Margono Setiawan, Fatchur Rohman, Ananda Sabil Hussein
Purpose: This study aims to examine during the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the ISP Industry in Indonesia, what is the effect of adapting to changes in the business environment on business performance and the effect of optimizing company resources to business performance, and which ones have a more...
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Overcoming the Threat of Food Investigation and Acceleration of Post Pandemic Economic Recovery (Study on Policy of Indigenous Community Leaders in Tenganan Pegringsingan)

Moh. Fadli, Shinta Hadiyantina, Dewi Cahyandari, Airin Liemanto
The right to food is one of the most fundamental human rights, which has been guaranteed in international law and national law. Maintaining the fulfillment of the right to food is multidimensional and cross-sectoral. Therefore, a sound legal framework is needed to assign responsibilities to various parties...
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Legal Implications of Banking Dispute Settlement Regulations in Indonesia that Do Not Meet Principles of Legal Certainty After Covid-19

Catarina Manurung, Suhariningsih, Siti Hamidah, Hero Samudra
Trust is very expensive. The banking business is a trust business. If the public's trust in banking collapses, the bank will automatically go bankrupt. The poor condition of the banking system in Indonesia is caused by several factors: problematic credit distribution, moral hazard, excessive owner...
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Mapping Sustainability Reporting Disclosure Based on Determinants and Its Impact

Sofwan Farisyi, M. Al Musadieq, Hamidah Nayati Utami, Cacik Rut Damayanti
The purpose of this study is to cluster analyses on Disclosure of Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Values and looks at the characteristics of companies that are more concerned about environmental and social issues. This research was conducted using a quantitative approach. Relevant data were obtained...
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The Impact of Talent Management Practices on Non-talent Employees

Supi, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Astrid Puspaningrum
An exclusive talent management approach prioritizes the practices of differentiation among employees into talented and non-talented categories. In Empirical studies of talent management currently, no one has explicitly examined the reactions of non-talented employees. There is an issue of unfairness...
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The Effect of Trust in Suppliers on Loyalty is Influenced by Perceived Value in the Business-To-Business (B2B) Healthcare Industry

Aswindaru Rineggo, Ananda Sabil Hussein, Achmad Sudiro, Sunaryo
This study examines the strategic business-to-business (B2B) trust of customers in healthcare equipment suppliers. The study was prompted by the growing prominence of B2B products sold by global manufacturing companies to healthcare service providers through their suppliers. The stimulus-organism-response...
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Maintaining Global Economic Sustainability: Bankruptcy as Settlement Legal Remedies Accounts Receivable Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Idho Sedeur Nalle, Abdul Rachmad Boediono, Setyo Widagdo, Rika Dewantara
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused business actors to suffer losses and are unable to carry out their obligations to creditors. This condition was caused by deteriorating economic conditions, due to uncertainty. Many local and global companies have filed for bankruptcy, amidst the desire to maintain the...
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Corporate Debt Restructuring Impacted by the Pandemic Case Study: Indonesian Airline Company

Nasrullah, Sihabuddin, Reka Dewantara, Hanif Nur Widhiyanti
The Covid-19 pandemic has been a heavy blow to the business world, including companies engaged in the transportation sector, particularly air transportation. The biggest problem that is constraining is the declining ability of airline companies to maintain the smooth implementation of their obligations...
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Realizing Easy Business Through Individual Company Legal Entities Post Pandemic Era

Setijati Sekarasih, Abdul Rachmat Budiono, Sukarmi, Budi Santoso
With the promulgation of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Work Creation, State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia of 2020 Number 245, Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 6573 gave birth to regulations on individual companies. The existence of individual companies is...
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Liabilities of Corporates as Electronic System Providers for the Spread of Personal Data of Peer-to-Peer Lending-Based Application Fintech Users

Nurini Aprilianda, Mufatikhatul Farikhah, Ryan Ilham Fibriansyah
The popularity of peer-to-Peer Lending Financial Technology, or commonly known as online lending or loan, is growing in society especially during the pandemic. The improvement of online lending services has come as a business opportunity for most parties, affecting countless personal data collected by...
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Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining Activities

Alana Damaris, Bambang Supriyono, Siti Ragil Handayani, Cacik Rut Damayanti
This study aims to examine the problem mining sector in Indonesia in relation to CSR. There is a significant problem with the existence of abandoned mining areas in a degraded condition and detrimental to the social environment. This article tries to divide the stages of mining activities, related to...
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Application of Good Corporate Governance Principles in the Appointment of the Board of Commissioners in State-Owned Enterprises to Actualize Sustainable Development

Mohamad Fajri Mekka Putra, Sihabudin, Budi Santoso, Reka Dewantara
This perspective paper presents the existence of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) as business entities that have an important role in economic development in Indonesia related to the livelihood of many people, whose entire or most of the capital is owned by the state through direct investment originating...
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Apostille Convention: Notary Profession in Transnational Document Legalization

Ririn Rismawanti, Thohir Luth, Siti Hamidah, Rachmi Sulistyarini
Issuance of an apostille certificate is a convenience and shortens the bureaucratic path given to the public to legalize documents to be used in digital transnational activities. The problem is that the legalization of documents that are apostille does not cover the truth of the contents of the documents...
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Growing Behavioral Intentions for Muslim-Friendly Tourism in Indonesia: Does Muslim Tourism Attributes and Muslim Experiential Quality Matter?

Bethani Suryawardani, Noermijati, Ananda Sabil Hussein, Siti Aisjah
Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population (86.7%), but it lags behind even Muslim minority countries in Halal tourism. The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has 10 Halal Priority destinations in 2018, but domestic and foreign tourists are unaware. This study examined how Muslims’ perceptions of...
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Digital Military Leadership in Digital Transformation

Armanu, Ainur Rofiq, Ananda Sabil Hussein, Putu Dian Ekawati
The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 are digital transformation phenomena that collaborate with cyber technology and automation technology and have been adapted and adopted well. Organizations need to evolve adapting a changing environment. Organizations need technology that focused on results,...
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The Role of Leadership Style and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance with the Mediation Variables of Job Satisfaction and Moderation Variables of Organizational Support

Ifan Friarghi Sepdunha, Armanu Thoyib, Mugiono, Sunaryo
The National Police Education and Training Institute (Lemdiklat) is a supporting element for implementing education and development whose position is under the Head of the National Police. This study aims to determine the effect of leadership style and organizational culture on employee performance by...
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Impact of Organizational Learning on Nurse Performance with Organizational Commitment and Citizenship Behavior (OCB) as a Mediation Variable and in Leadership Moderation

Ryani Dhyan Parashakti, Achmad Sudiro, Sumiati, Mintarti Rahayu
The role of the hospital in supporting public health is very strategic because the hospital and the number of people in need are very disproportionate. This study aims to analyze the role of nurses in hospitals who currently handle individual participants and health insurance participants who are often...
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The Effect of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Performance and Financial Performance on Firm Value: Evidence from the Banking Sector in ASEAN

Mochamad Perdana, Ubud Salim, Kusuma Ratna, Ainur Rofiq
Company’s sustainability has recently become an important goal for stakeholders as it will support financial and operational sustainability of the company. Using the stakeholder theory, which stated that a company must maintain the balance and essential matters for all company’s stakeholders, this study...
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Management of Economic Problems in Indonesia Through the Eradication of Crime of Corruption by Implementing the Justice Collaborator System

Joko Cahyono, Herman Suryokumoro, Nurini Aprilianda, Setiawan Noerdajasakti
Setting the status of Justice collaborators in Indonesia in overcoming economic disturbances raises issues of pros and cons, especially regarding the benefits and consequences of being able to be used as a legal commodity, subjectivity in granting determinations and cons of legal politics. It is possible...
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Confiscation of Electronic Evidence Cyber Crime in Business and Law Collaboration After Pandemic Achieving Sustainable Legal Development

Idham Qrida Nusa, Bambang Sugiri, Yuliati Yuliati, Faizin Sulistio
This paper aims to find out how the confiscation of digital evidence in cybercrime cases from the perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic uses post-pandemic business and legal collaboration to encourage sustainable legal development. The analysis highlights how the use of cloud storage as a storage results...
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Systematic Literature Review: The Urgency and Effectiveness of Implementing Restorative Justice in the Settlement of Banking Crimes

Suleman Batubara, Bambang Sugiri, Sukarmi, Lucky Endrawati
Today, the application of information technology in banking transactions has changed the paradigm of bank transactions and services to its customers, from conventional to technology-based services and transactions. Along with that, the number and variety of banking crimes continues to grow and increase....
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The Protection of Nieuw Victoria Fort as a Historical Site in Accordance with the Cultural Heritage Law

Boy Iskandar, Abdul Madjid, Prija Djatmika, Faizin Sulistio
The protection of world cultural heritage in terms of international and national law case studies in Ambon City stand Indonesian military fort cavalery 5/Blc Kodam XVI/Pattimura that does not comply with Ambon City Regulation No, 24 of 2012. Formulation of the problem of this research is: how do legal...
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Strengthening of Bank Secrecy Regulations in Indonesia to Protect Customers’ Personal Data Post-covid-19 Pandemic

Erma Defiana Putriyanti, Abdul Rachmad Budiono, Sukarmi, Reka Dewantara
The global Covid-19 pandemic has increased banking activities, including in Indonesia. One of them is related to the use of digital banking services and electronic banking services in various bank customer transactions. The use of information technology in banking services increases the security risk...