Proceedings of the Brawijaya International Conference on Business, Administration, Taxation, and Tourism (BICBATT 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the Brawijaya International Conference on Business, Administration, Taxation, and Tourism (BICBATT 2022)
Date: 25-26 October 2022
Location: Malang, Indonesia (Hybrid)

“Resilient Ecosystems & Post-Pandemic Continuity by Improving Governance, Addressing Digitalization Challenges and Aiming Business Sustainability”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital developments encouraged people to innovate with information technology, namely the growth of the digital economy, the growth of ecommerce, financial technology, crowdfunding, and QRIS. In addition, the government of Indonesia also provides credit relaxation for large industries and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises affected by COVID-19, such as hotel industry, tourism, transportation, and related industries. Likewise, the community is very concerned about helping others, working together in the form of citizen contributions, sharing basic needs, and Islamic Social Finance to help people affected by COVID-19. Even millennial groups also provide assistance through “crowdfunding” its particular platform. This fact also represents resilient ecosystems and post-pandemic continuity by improving governance, addressing digitalization challenges, and aiming for business sustainability, with five different scopes, including Strategy and Challenges in Strengthening the Indonesian Business Administration Sector, The Evolution and Tax Compliance in the Digital Era, Frugal Innovation in Business Sustainability Development, Crisis Planning, and Tourism Industry Preparedness, and The Development of Online to Offline (O2O) Commerce for Global Markets.

This international conference was attended by more than 300 participants and attracted 70 writers from seven countries (Indonesia, the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Libya) and various regions in Indonesia. After going through several review processes, 30 articles were received with the “revision required” status. However, only 20 articles were successfully revised and submitted for publication in this proceedings. This process involved eleven reviewers who reviewed all articles using the blind review method without exception. This International Seminar and Conference has been running smoothly and successfully. Therefore, we thank our speakers, Dr. Eryadi Masli (Swinburn University of Technology, Australia), Assoc Prof. Dr. Mohd Rizal Palil (National University of Malaysia), Ignatius P. Cahyanto, Ph.D., CHE. (University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA), Prof. Ping-Yu Shu (National Central University, Taiwan, R.O.C), and Andriani Kusumawati, S.Sos., M.Sc., DBA. (Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia) for your excellent academic speech and answers to questions during this seminar. We also thank Assoc. Prof. Drs. Andy Fefta Wijaya, MDA., Ph.D. as the dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia, along with all the moderators, presenters, and participants of the BICBATT 2022. Finally, we thank the Steering Committee, Organizing Committee, International Advisory Board members, Scientific Committee, speakers, and participants who gave their best for the conference’s success.

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Ari Darmawan
Agung Nugroho Luthfi Imam Fahrudi
Anni Rahimah