Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2017)

Recreational Sports Coaching of North Sumatera

Melfa Br Nababan, Rahma Dewi, Imran Akhmad
Corresponding Author
Melfa Br Nababan
Available Online October 2017.
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Coaching, Sports Recreational
Recreational sports is a physical activity done in leisure time to bring joy, recovery of physical and mental strength and preserve and enhance the cultural richness of the region so that through recreational sports can improve physical fitness, prioritize the values of pleasure or satisfaction, positive, healthy, without coercion. Exercising is the basic right of every human being regardless of race, religion, social class, and gender is called sport for all. Community activity and interest in sport recreation is increasing because recreation sport is carried out community based on cheap, easy, interesting, benefit, and missal principle. Therefore, it is necessary to promote recreational sports as an effort to cultivate and activate sports associations in the community, and to organize a tiered and sustainable recreational sports festival at the regional, national and international levels. FORMI is the parent organization of the sport to be a gathering place of the sport recreation organization that grows and develops in the community can foster the sports branches of recreation owned by the community in order to cultivate the community and socialize the sport. The development of recreational sports aims to explore, develop, preserve and utilize traditional recreational sport that grows and develops as a culture in society. Through recreational sports coaching can contribute to the improvement of cultural and sport recreational achievements at national and international level.
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