Proceedings of the 5th Asian Education Symposium 2020 (AES 2020)

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Should I Quit? Understanding Job Stress and Coping Strategies Among Hospitality Students During on the Job Training Program

Nana Trianasari, Putu Indah Rahmawati
One of the important components of vocational education curriculum is the “on the job training program” which provides both opportunities and challenges for students in a workplace-based setting. Through this program, hospitality students experience and become part of hotel’s daily operations which thus...
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Design and Curriculum Implementation Based on Malay Culture in Islamic University

This article aimed to analyze the process of developing a curriculum based on Malay culture at the Raden Fatah State Islamic University (UIN), Palembang. Malay culture as a value base for academic development, attitudes and skills of students was seen as the responsibility of the university for the process...
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Development of Interactive Multimedia to Improve Student’s Understanding on Carbonyl Compounds Reaction Mechanism Concept

Ii Ishak Fauzi, Neneng Windayani, Citra Deliana Dewi Sundari
Student’s understanding of the mechanism reaction of carbonyl compounds needs to be developed using interactive multimedia. Thus, the research was carried out using a Design-Based Research (DBR) method. This research phase consists of analysis, design, and development stages. Overall validation test...
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The Inventory of Medicinal Plants Used by Kasepuhan Cibedug Banten as Encyclopedia-Based Learning Material

Surti Kurniasih, Dina Dyah Saputri, Ninawati Dewi
Medicinal plants are natural ingredients that have been traditionally used for treatment based on experience. The aims of this study were to know the species and the parts of medicinal plants, as well as to understand how to obtain the medicinal plants and the processing technique of the medicinal plants....
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Proto Language and Education of Duano Ethnic at Sabak Regency

Diana Rozelin, Mailinar, Ulfatmi Azlan, Louisiana Muliawati
The position of Duano Isolect included to endangered language showed a shift in vocabulary. Innovations were found at young generation and relics at the older generation. This problem resulted that Duano isolect is being the second language under Malay language. The purposes of the research were to find...
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Character Education Through JEMOYA Cycle Based on the Orientation of Tri Hita Karana Philosophy in Elementary School

Ida Bagus Putu Arnyana, Ida Ayu Made Istri Utami
This study aims to develop the systematic character education for elementary schools, through JEMOYA cycle based on the orientation of Tri Hita Karana philosophy. The cycle consists of explaining, modeling, and cultivation activities. The explaining activity was administered to students, followed by...
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Relationship Between Lecturer Competency and Student Achievement Mediated by Student Satisfaction on Learning Process

Herdiyana, Rita Istiana
One indicator of the success of a college is the quality of students. One of the qualities of students can be seen from the achievement of learning achieved. Student learning achievement will be excellent if students are satisfied with the learning process that is followed. One component that can provide...
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Parenting Style During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Experience of Working Mothers

Mirna Purnama Ningsih
Parenting will affect the child’s development, especially during the covid-19 pandemic, because parents have flexible time in parenting their children at home. This paper explores working mothers’ experiences of developing children vocation and interest. This was a qualitative study employing a phenomenological...
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Flipped Learning for 21st Century Competence Development

The Systematic Literature Review

Ketut Agustini, Ni Wayan Eka Pratiwi, I Nengah Eka Mertayasa, Dessy Seri Wahyuni, Nyoman Karina Wedanthi
This paper aims to analyses the flipped learning researches using the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) to finds its correlation to 21st century competence development according to twenty articles which reported about flipped learning from 2015 to 2018. The SLR was applied to examine the impacts of...
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Identifying the Implementation of Hindu Cultural Values (Asta Brata)-Based Leadership Style as Used by Principals of Public Junior High Schools in Tabanan Regency

I Nyoman Natajaya
This study aimed at finding out the implementation of Hindu cultural values (Asta Brata)-based leadership style as used by principals of public junior high schools in Tabanan regency. This study used a descriptive research design and was ex-post facto in its nature. The population of the schools in this...
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The Implementation of Multicultural Education at Senior High Schools

A Case Study

Nyayu Khodijah, Sukirman, Amalia Hasanah
This research aims to get the complete understanding and comprehensive data about the implementation of multicultural education at one of senior high schools in Palembang. The data were collected by observing, interviewing, and documenting. The data analysis used was descriptive qualitative analysis....