The International Technology Management Review

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2020
Research Article

1. Indonesia Tax Authority Measure on Facing the Challenge in Taxing Digital Economy

Maria R.U.D. Tambunan, Haula Rosdiana
Pages: 1 - 10
This article is intended to examine the challenges of taxing digital economy due to rapid development of technology in Indonesia. Those changes should be responded equally from the government perspective pertaining to the changes in tax regulation, structure/institutional of tax organization, human resources...
Research Article

2. Green Manufacturing Strategy of E-Commerce Express Packaging in China

Ching-Kuei Kao, Ming Sun, Zhi-Bin Tang, Ying-Ping Luo, Feng Zeng
Pages: 11 - 26
With the development of electronic business, the increase in express packages has caused innumerable express packaging wastes that lead to many problems, such as resource waste and environmental pollution. To achieve sustainable development, China should urgently develop green manufacturing of green...
Research Article

3. Implementing a Failure Learning Orientation

Grant Alexander Wilson, C. Brooke Dobni
Pages: 27 - 33
Based on interviews with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of large U.S. technology companies, this study explored senior management activities that help create a culture that learns from failure. Findings indicate that failure needs to be positively reframed, the process needs to be supported with resources,...
Research Article

4. Business Model Generation for Industry 4.0: A “Lean Startup” Approach

Stratos Baloutsos, Angeliki Karagiannaki, Ioannis Mourtos
Pages: 34 - 45
The emergence of the industrial internet of things that drives the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 (I4.0), is bringing to the forefront the question of how industrial actors can capture value using such technologies. To answer this question, this paper follows a multidisciplinary...
Research Article

5. Strategic Planning for Improving Nongreen Impact Factors of Traditional Coal Logistics in China

Ching-Kuei Kao, Chu-Mei Zhou, Chun-Cheng You, Dao-Lin Zheng, Dai-Rui Li, Qian Wan, Zi-Long Wang
Pages: 46 - 57
Based on the nongreen impact factors of coal logistics and traditional coal companies, this study aims to understand the role of such factors in coal supply, production, distribution, recycling, and waste logistics. Porter’s five forces model is used to analyze the potential competitors, peer competitors,...
Research Article

6. Exploring the Students’ Attitudes toward Internet Usage for Academic Excellence

Habibur Rahman
Pages: 58 - 63
The Internet is being widely used as an educational tool with numerous potentials. The students who use the Internet for academic purposes especially they can gain more knowledge and enhance cumulative grade point average. The aim of the study is to explore the students’ attitudes toward Internet usage...
Research Article

7. Sport Analytics: A Review

Nitin Singh
Pages: 64 - 69
This paper offers a systematic review of research in the emerging field of sport analytics, which is receiving increasing attention in practice and research circles. The purpose of this study is to understand the state of research on application of sport analytics and its emerging sub-fields in business....