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Secure Sensor Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Neural Network

Ting Zhang, Jingsha He, Yang Zhang
Pages: 914 - 923
Localization of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is very important since it associates spatial context with the data collected by sensor nodes and used in applications. Rapid development of wireless sensor technologies and wide applications of wireless sensor networks have also made security...

Trusted Bytecode Virtual Machine Module: A Novel Method for Dynamic Remote Attestation in Cloud Computing

Songzhu Mei, Zhiying Wang, Yong Cheng, Jiangchun Ren, Jiangjiang Wu, Jie Zhou
Pages: 924 - 932
Cloud computing bring a tremendous complexity to information security. Remote attestation can be used to establish trust relationship in cloud. TBVMM is designed to extend the existing chain of trust into the software layers to support dynamic remote attestation for cloud computing. TBVMM uses Bayesian...

An Improved Population Migration Algorithm for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems

Qian Zhao, Xueying Liu, Shujun Wei
Pages: 933 - 941
The population migration algorithm is a very effective evolutionary algorithm for solving single-objective optimization problems, but very few applications are available for solving multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs). The current study proposes an improved population migration algorithm for...

An Access Control Method based on Scenario Trust

Shunan Ma, Jingsha He, Xunbo Shuai
Pages: 942 - 952
Access control is an important element in network security. Meanwhile, trust provides a new direction for access control in open network environments. Based on the dynamic nature of trust, we study the temporal and spatial characteristics in the security of society and propose the concept of scenario...

Scalable Content Authentication in H.264/SVC Videos Using Perceptual Hashing based on Dempster-Shafer theory

Ye Dengpan, Wei Zhuo, Ding Xuhua, RobertH. Deng
Pages: 953 - 963
The content authenticity of the multimedia delivery is important issue with rapid development and widely used of multimedia technology. Till now many authentication solutions had been proposed, such as cryptology and watermarking based methods. However, in latest heterogeneous network the video stream...

Model Update Particle Filter for Multiple Objects Detection and Tracking

Yunji Zhao, Hailong Pei
Pages: 964 - 974
Multiple objects tracking is a challenging task. This article presents an algorithm which can detect and track multiple objects, and update target model automatically. The contributions of this paper as follow: Firstly,we also use color histogram(CH) and histogram of orientated gradients(HOG) to represent...

Uncertainty Multi-source Information Fusion for Intelligent Flood Risk Analysis Based on Random Set Theory

Yajuan Xie, Shanzhen Yi, Zhongqian Tang, Dengpan Ye
Pages: 975 - 984
Information fusion has been a hot topic currently, how to make information fusion for intelligent decision is a challenge. Although the applications of random set theory attract many researchers, the probability function distribution is still imprecise. In this paper, we give a new definition of probability...