Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials, Environment, Biotechnology and Computer

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Study on Operation Proficiency of Surgery Robot User

Yan Zhou, Chunyang Wang, Lei Zhu
With the rapid technological development of surgery robots nowadays, however, there is not scientific assessment system to accurately and objectively study on operation proficiency of surgery robot user. A scientific and precise comprehensive assessment model is established on a scientific assessment...
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The design of detecting Aflatoxins based on continuous wave light source

Xuyang Zhao, Hao Yang, Guojin Shen, Yingjie Ding
the separation of elements is achieved by ultra performance liquid chromatography system for Aflatoxins, the use of a closed-loop feedback control system is to produce a stable continuous wave light source, fixed wavelength of 360nm illumination light source onto the separation of elements, resulting...
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A Dynamic Model of The Relationship Between Supply and Demand of European Refugees

Wei Jiang
we take Germany as an example to derive a dynamic model which describes the relation between supply and demand. Through the data we apply least square method to fit the demand changing over time, as well as single objective optimization and radiation network to acquire the mechanism of distribution and...
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Research on the Novel Phosphorus Flame Retardant Epoxy Resin Model and the Corresponding Flame Retardant Performance

Jitang Zhang, Jicai Liang, Wanxi Zhang
This paper conducts the research on the novel phosphorus flame retardant epoxy resin model and that the corresponding flame retardant performance. Research will be introduced to the phosphorous epoxy resin curing agent of the structure, synthesis of phosphorus curing agent, curing agent with flame retardant...
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Optimization for Smart Home Electricity Load Based on Real-time Pricing Environment

Tianqi Wu
In order to solve the smart home electricity load optimization problem, this paper firstly analyzes the situation of smart home optimization frame and estimates the smart home electricity load model. The electricity load optimization control model is established to achieve the aim of helping smart family...
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Atmospheric phase fluctuation effect on communication quality in space uplink optical communciation

Zhen Jia, Qian Wang
The BER performance with consideration of phase fluctuation effect in space optical communication is investigated. When the phase fluctuation effect is considered, BER definitely increase which leads to the worse communication quality. Based on numerical simulation, BER is sensitive to the higher level...
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Research on Stereo Matching Algorithm based on Snake Model and Epipolar Constraint

Xiaotong Hu, Shaoying Guo
To solve the problem that the traditional method can't perfectly achieve the feature detection of low-texture image in stereo matching, a three-dimensional measurement algorithm based on Snake Model and epipolar constraint is proposed in this paper. First, describe the edges of object image as a set...
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Smart Home Electricity Management and Control Based on Power-line Carrier Communication

Tianqi Wu
This paper designs smart home electricity management system based on power line carrier communication. Firstly, the paper makes the ARM Cortex-M3 as a central controller and ports the uC/OS-II operating system on the ARM, then designs Web Serve program to mornitor and control equipment remotely using...
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Study on the model of optimal refugee movement

Yinan Yang
We set up a refugee migration model based on the improved Network Maximum Flow algorithm. The model depends not only on factors affecting refugee migration movements we have determined, but also the attractiveness of the way countries of the selected route and the restriction of the land and ocean environment...
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Information Spreading Model Based on Worth Quantification Index

Xiao-Jian Lu
In this paper, two models, including the information value quantification model and the epidemic model, are built to explore how social information spreads and works, especially through the networks. The information value is quantitatively determined by means of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), based...
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A New Method of Measuring the Shadow Length

Chaowei Wang
In this paper, we mainly use the solar zenith angle, solar azimuth angle, the angle of the red and weft, the relationship between the date sequence number and some specific geometric relations. The formula is related to the concept of the degree of latitude and the time angle, which can be defined as...
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A Novel Ranking Model for Product Name Extraction

Ling Shen, Qingxi Peng, Nian Li
The Internet contains large amounts of information, which are valuable to the researchers. Since manual product name collection needs large human efforts and also time consuming, extracting keywords automatically become a hot topic. This paper addresses the issue of automatic extraction for agricultural...
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Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Problem Arranging Course

Chengyang Li
With the continuous development of higher education, reasonable distribution of teaching resources has become an urgent problem in time and space. This question is a typical college course arrangement.Arranging Course problem is NP-complete a multiple target multi portfolio. We use an improved hybrid...
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Study on Network Characteristics of Surface-to-air-missile Defence System

Yan Zhao, Ning Wang, Guangjun He
Aiming at the poor reliability of targets destroy for single base surface-to-air-missile weapon system, and the existing shortcomings of anti-destroying ability for missile networking system, this paper research on system level surface-to-air-missile defense system network features. On the analysis of...
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A Study on Piezoelectric Ammunition based on Improved Single Neuron Adaptive PID Algorithm

Yuqing Lei, Bo Zhang
Piezoelectric ceramic as a driver is applied to the deflection of nose, which is a kind of frontier missile control mode. In order to improve the efficiency and reliability of deflection mechanism, a design scheme of the control mechanism that piezoelectric ceramic actuator combined with improved PID...
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Design and Development of a Monitoring System for Traffic Police Based on J2EE Technology

Xiaoxia Li
This article elaborates monitoring system features, development status and technical features systematically, analyzes the needs of traffic monitoring systems and design appropriate solutions. Technologies of this system is J2EE based Java and MVC. This system considers the performance of traffic monitoring...
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Degree of freedom analysis of hexapod wall-climbing robot

Chuntai Ye, Yinlong Yuan, Wei Wu
The knowledge of degree of freedom (referred as DOF) is indispensable before a parallel mechanism is designed, but the traditional Grubler-Kutzbach formula (referred as G-K formula) which is widely used is not appropriate for complicated mechanism, especially the hexapod robots. In order to derive the...
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Study on Fire Protection Design of Large Shopping Centers

Qian Zhang
Fires occurring in comparatively closed places like large shopping centers where evacuation is quite inconvenient make great loss, including casualties and destroys of materials. It not only makes people fall into panic, influencing their life, but results in a great economic loss. In the past few years,...
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4~6GHz 6-bit MMIC Digital Attenuator With Low Phase Shift

Zhengrong He, Jiang Deng
This paper presents the 4~6GHz 6-bit MMIC digital attenuator with low phase shift. Phase compensation techniques were used in the MMIC design to reduce the phase shift. This attenuator is fabricated with 0.25æm GaAs PHEMT process. Simulation results of the developed MMIC chips in the 4~6GHz show that...
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SAR Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing via Fractional Fourier Transform

Xiaolong Li, Yunqing Liu, Shuang Zhao, Wei Chu
To reduce the amount of measurements, compressive sensing (CS) has been introduced to synthetic aperture radar (SAR). In this paper a novel synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging algorithm based on compressive sensing (CS) is proposed. In the range plane, the echo signal is reconstructed in fractional...
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A New Vehicle License Plate Correction Method Based on Sobel Operator and Priori Knowledge

Yong Wang, Yantao Chen, Maoning Wang
The tilted visual angel of the camera determines that incline will inevitably occur in vehicle license plate (VLP) recognition system. This will bring about difficulties to the following character segmentation and character recognition. Traditional correction methods can receive high accuracy hardly...
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Simulation and contrast on three kinds of guidance law of guided bomb

Qing Zhang, Yongshan Liu
Firstly, guidance law is proposed in order to enhance the performance of the guided-bomb. Secondly, the gravity PN guidance law, bias proportional navigation guidance law with terminal impact angle constraint and sliding mode variable structure guidance law with terminal impact angular constraint are...
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Design of a Bidirectional Belt Conveyor for Boxcar

Dinghua Zhong, Kun Song, Kao Wang
Boxcar is an important means of transport in railway transportation, but its unique structure brings a lot of trouble for goods loading and unloading. It mainly depends on manual handling, while there has been no efficient mechanized method. In this paper, a bidirectional belt conveyor for boxcar is...
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A Lunar Terrain Auto Recognition Algorithm with Adaptive Threshold by Gushing and Immersion

Jiaheng Chen
As we know, the recognition of lunar terrain is the beginning of the lunar research. Therefore, an accurate and effective automatic recognition of lunar terrain is an integral part of lunar research. This paper has proposed an improved recognition algorithm for lunar terrain based on gushing and immersion....
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A Multi-grained Video Encryption Method Based on Spark

Yang Zhou, Yingye Cheng
Video encryption has the requirement of efficiency, security, discrete storage in cloud environment. In this paper, a method of multi-grained video encryption based on Spark framework is proposed. The design of distributed encryption framework and multi-grained encryption module are described. The distributed...
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The application of "Railway + Property" combined with "PPP" mode in Qingdao Metro Line 8

Jia Zhao, Jianbo Wang, Yinghao Qin
The metro has the advantages of large capacity, velocity on time, safe and convenient, environmental protecting and energy saving. However, the government leading investment pattern has been unable to meet the needs of the expansion under the circumstances that metro had entered a rapid development period,...
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Location of Wrist Extension Movement in Smeg

Qi Wang
The extraction of pure sMEG signals is a bottleneck problem of functional electrical limb rehabilitation. Comparing human active wrist extensor muscle group and large intestine channel of hand yangming, we designed the experiment to search pure wrist extensor action site by using their conjunction points....
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Research on the impact factors of new energy automobile sales under the background of big data Era

Junting Wu, Yu Guo, Kewei Yang
At present, most research about the impact factor of new energy automobile sales is qualitative. There is controversy over different influence of each factor. To some extent hindered the market promotion of new energy automobile. This paper utilizes Internet search data to analyze the impact factors...
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Research on Photovoltaic Array's GMPPT Technology Based on Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Lian Huang, Pu Wang, Suliang Ma, Mingxuan Chen, Jianwen Wu
On the problem of Global maximum power point tracking (GMPPT) caused by partially shaded in photovoltaic system, many scholars' search methods are always judged by their ability of static search, and dynamic performances when irradiance suddenly changes. But these methods neglect the dynamic performance...
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On the generalized MSSOR method for augmented systems

XiaoJun Sun, YaQiang Wang
A generalized MSSOR method (GMSSOR) is presented for solving large sparse augmented linear systems by introducing a new parameter in MSSOR method, which is an extension of MSSOR method and SOR method. The convergence of GMSSOR method is studied and it is proved that the convergence rate of GMSSOR method...
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The Ulam stability of Jensen-Quartic functional equation

Aimin Song, Zhenhua Zhang
This article gives the definition of the Jensen-Quartic functional equation, obtain the general solution of the Jensen-Quartic functional equation. Research the realations between Jensen-Quartic and Cauchy-Quartic functional equation, and finally proved the Ulam stability of Jensen-Quartic on Banach...
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Effect of additives on electroless silver plating

Xu Wang, Cheng Zhang, Hongqiang Zhou
The effect of DL-Methionine (DM) on the electroless silver deposition was investigated. The deposition rate of electroless silver deposition was inhibited by an addition of DM. The effects of DM on the polarization curves were studied by LSV. Not only the anodic oxidation reaction but also cathodic reduction...
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Design and Implementation of Monitoring Control System Based on Internet of Things

Ziyan Zhong, Bo Zhang, Shuai Zhao
The article takes integrated visualization of IoT (Internet of Things) monitoring data and friendly user interaction as research objects, relying on the IoT platform aggregated by lightweight business, to research on how to turn the heterogeneous data collected from various sensors to synthetic situation...
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The most optimal device for removing space debris

Bin Ren
According to the data we have consulted, we can come to the conclusion that there are five kinds of commonly used methods to get rid of space junk, respectively Laser Removal Technology, Satellite Debris Collector, Space Garbage Truck, Suicide Satellite and Resistance-increase Device. Their respective...
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Statistical Analysis of Goal Shooting of Football in 2012 European Cup

Yanxia Cao
The literature, logical analysis, video clips, and mathematical statistics methods are used in this paper for statistics and analysis 2012 European Cup Final stage 31 games 73 goals. The results showed that: Scoring high frequency period is the 60mins; the best area of goal is the goal area and penalty...
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Optimal Sizing of Distributed Energy in AC/DC Hybrid Stand-alone Micro-grid Using Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Xingjie Liu, Zhe Du, Xiao Yan
In order to reduce investment and maintenance cost, the optimal sizing of distributed energy in AC/DC hybrid stand-alone micro-grid is studied in this paper. The optimization model is built and economics, power supply reliability and environmental protection are taken into account. By means of the modified...
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The Inhibition of Bolt Connection Slip and Experimental Research in The Power Transmission Tower

Mingming Li
In transmission towers,ordinary galvanized bolts are widely used to connect angles,the connection properties determine the slippage at the nodes.The node connections are assumed to be rigid or hinge in traditional analysis and design of transmission tower,which make the status different from the real...
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The Humanoid Biped Robot

Mingming Li
The development and application of industrial robots is the inevitable trend of the social development of science and technology in 21 century[1].This report mainly describes a new humanoid biped robot based on STM32 SCM and sensor system.It is characterized in that the structure is light through the...
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Research on Initial Restoration Effect of Vegetation Based on Deep-processing Material of Surface Resources on Expressway Slope

Zilong Cao, Shuxue Chen
With deep-processing material of surface resources as soil substrate, the experiment of soil spray sowing was carried out on expressway slope. The results show that taking surface soil of fine particles and compost product of surface organic plant residue as the main soil substrate for slope soil spray-sowing...
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Development of a geographical exploration technique for detecting obstacles of trenchless engineering

Yun Feng Guo
This paper develops a geographical exploration technique for detecting obstacles of trenchless engineering by integrating cross-hole seismic tomography and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technique. Firstly, several small-diameter holes along underground engineering are drilled, and Polyethylene...
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Comparison and analysis of Microblog and WeChat based on information spreading models

Juanjuan He, Tao Wang
The important difference of Microblog network and WeChat network is network centralization. Microblog is a platform which pay attention to very important users, but WeChat is a decentralized network. Based on this point, we firstly build a model called information spreading model to simulate information...
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Research on Error Estimation and Continuous Runge-Kutta Algorithm for Real-time Simulation

Zhen-quan Huang, Er-ke Tong, Zhiqiang Yang
In order to evaluate the error of the Runge-Kutta (RK) algorithm used in real-time simulation and apply it to real-time simulation problems with dense output, based on the ODE45 with maximum stability region and least truncation error, this paper adopts a variable step-size strategies and derives a relative...
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Production technology and application of thin film materials in micro fabrication

Xiaoming Hu
This paper introduces the film material in micro manufacturing in general, it is covered in a wafer. Then, it focuses on the production process of the thin film, mainly has the PVD method, which is formed by the physical method; the other is VCD, that is the chemical method to produce the film. Finally,...
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Modern Electronic Warfare Signal Processing Based on Analog-to-Information Conversion

Wenzhe Wang, Hua Wu, Jiyuan He
Many problems in radar signal processing involve radio frequency (RF) signals of very high bandwidth. This presents a serious challenge to systems that might attempt to sample these signals by the Shannon/Nyquist sampling theorem. However, the information level of the signal is often far lower than the...
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Study on the Pretreatment of Poly (ether ether ketone) by Wet Chemistry and Its Effect on the Surface Morphology

Tong Zhai, Lizhi Di, De'an Yang
Poly (ether ether ketone) was pretreated by wet chemistry and different surface morphology was obtained. In swelling treatment, with the increase of sulfuric acid concentration, the holes on surface changed from isolated structure to interpenetrated structure, the number and density of the holes increased,...
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Detection of 10 kind of pesticides multi-residue in fruits and vegetables by LC-MS/MS

Weiming Tang, Shuxiang Sun, Minghong Jia, Huijun Liu, Tiwen Li, Xiaohong Yang, Mengqi Zhang
This paper established a multi-residue detection method of amides, neonicotinoids, triazoles, heterocyclic, and other pesticides in fruits and vegetables samples by liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry. Using QuEChERS as sample pretreatment method, then extracted by acetonitrile, cleaned...
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Research on Precision Control of Electron Beam Rapid Prototyping

Jinpeng Zhu, Shouqi Wei, Weipeng Yin, Xuejiao Li
Electron beam rapid prototyping has the advantages of high efficiency, various processing materials, non-pollution and flexible control, and it is the main trend of mental materials rapid prototyping. However, as electron beam rapid prototyping technology starts lately and develops poorly, some problems,...
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A Trust Valuation Model Based on Game Theory in Social Network

Xianqin Li, Suming Li
In order to solve malicious evaluation problems in evaluation model, this paper proposes an improved evaluation model with feed incentive based on game theory. The model introduces user's authority into the recommendation system based on content, which can adjust feedback function dynamically accompany...
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The Design of multi-purpose industrial timer warning system

Ying Wang, Yang yang Xu
This paper mainly designs a multi-purpose industrial timer that based on STC89C51.The multi-purpose industrial timer uses the calendar chip DS1302, LCD TS1620, buzzers and other devices. The design uses a C language programming, including liquid crystal display program, calendar program, key scanner....
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Efficiency Evaluation Research of Missile Weapon System Based on the ADC - Model

Wei Xia, Xinxue Liu, Shaofei Meng, Jinlong Fan
In order to improve the whole effectiveness evaluation of the missile weapon system with stage character of flight course, put forwards the ADC system effectiveness evaluation method by stage, and improved the ADC model by using coefficient of operators' level of missile weapon system (K) and battlefield...
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A Model to Evaluate the Safeness of My City

Luonan Qiu
We develop a model to analyze the data and then create a safety rating to specify a measure of how safe My City is. The goal is to use safety rating so as to evaluate the safeness of My City. Using historical data from the police reports in My City, we capture the essential elements of urban public safety,...
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Design of Electronic Compass

Biqing Li, Wenya Lai, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
The design is comprised of single-chip computer module, liquid crystal display module, sensor module, clock chip module and speech chip module. Magnetoresistive sensor is responsible for collection of magnetic field strength in specific direction, while clock chip is for calculation of data such as time...
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Realization Of Vision Acquisition Module Based On STM32+OV7670 For Tunnel Robot

Wei Song, Xiaolong Zhou, Xin Wan, Xinping Li
urban power conveying at present most of the use of underground channel and tunnel laying cable transmission, in order to ensure the power transmission of real-time, stability and continuity, we developed a robot tunnel for real-time monitoring of cable tunnel. This paper introduces a hardware solution...
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A Personalized Recommendation Model Based on Users' Information Behavior

Suming Li, Xianqin Li
By collecting and analyzing the users' information behavior, the users' real interest can be obtained, and the recommendation of users' need can be generated. This paper explores the basic concept and the related technology of personalized recommendation. On that basis, this paper proposes a personalized...
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Motivation Factors Analysis and Policy Research of Deep Learning

Liyao Bu
This article uses Interpretative Structural Modeling Method(ISM) to build deep learning promotion structure diagram of the influence factors, then uses Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) to determine the relative importance of various factors, according to the evaluation results it is concluded that the...
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Application of Gaussian Mixture Model in Identification of Oil Spill on Sea

Weiwei Jin, Yupeng Zhao, Wei An, Jianwei Li
Aiming at the phenomena of evaporating, emitting, dripping or leaking of offshore oil platform, optical image acquisition device is used to carry out continuous unattended monitoring and effective oil spill identification algorithm is utilized to monitor and identify offshore oil spill. This paper focuses...
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The Time Overhead Inside the Data Sync Procedure of Personal Cloud Storage Service

Haihua Zhong
In recent years, Personal Cloud Storage(PCS) Service like Dropbox has achieved a great business success and has attracted a large interest from academia. However, considering the security of users' data, the PCS applications communicate with their servers by HTTPS protocol, which makes it hard for researchers...
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The Design of Color QR Code With Logo

Dong Li, Boliang Zhang, Hongan Xie
Accommodate the problem of the amount of information for the general black and white two-dimensional bar code is relatively small,and the appearance is monotonous, we propose a color two-dimensional QR barcode with logo. This kind of color QR code achieve the purpose of improving bar code to accommodate...
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Differential fault analysis about feistel block cipher

Boliang Zhang, Dong Li
Light-weight block cipher is the protection of RDIF label and smart card in communication of Internet of things.It's safty is very important..The article analyzes the fault propagation of the traditional light-weight block cipher with feistel structure and proposing a deep differential fault analysis...
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Improvement of Traditional Model of Infectious Diseases

Lingzhi Fu
This paper is to speculate the drug demand of each region and assist to plan a reasonable number through analyzing variations of weekly infected people, which is based on epidemic model and multi-objective optimization theory. Unlike traditional SIR model,I consider the patients under incubation period...
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The System of Intelligent Switch Based on WiFi

Lingzhi Fu
This paper describes the development of the smart home intelligent switch system and the necessity and convenience of the office,The intelligent switch can be connected to WiFi network to control appliances through mobile APP, what get people generally favored is its small size, convenient operation,...
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Sun shadow Location

Haochen Huang
This paper studies the changes of different time, place, rod length and shadow length. Use of existing video data, using mathematical vectors, linear programming, dichotomy, multi-stage euqal exhaustive and other methods, according to the laws and geographic relationship to establish true solar time...
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Research on The Step Form Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique of Cascaded H Bridge Converter

Ling Wang, Zhenyuan Qin, Bin Zhang
In this paper, a simple and accurate empirical formula is adopted to establish an improved initial value setting model , and a relatively complete initial value setting method is obtained.We use a test search model with equal step size to determine the modulation ratio amplitude range m that has a solution...
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Study on performance and flow field simulation of a new type precipitator

Junyi Yin
We design a new type of composite precipitator model which is an organic combination of the mechanism of the Electrostatic precipitator of Tubular Electrostatic Precipitator, the Centrifugal dedusting of Cyclone type ESP, and cleaning water film. We use the outer cylinder of cyclone precipitator as the...
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The application of natural dyes in Dye-sensitized solar cells

Junyi Yin
Dye sensitizer is an important factor to the performance of dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC). This article simply reviews the development of dye-sensitized solar cells and the disadvantages of it at present, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages and its potential development of the natural dyes as...
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The research on best strategy of adding hot water

Xing Lei
In this paper we select a set of parameters to analyst the warming and cooling progress of the water in the bathtub and view the moment of adding hot water as the main standard for our evaluation. Based on Law of conservation of energy and Newton's law of cooling, the temperature model was established....
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Biomechanics Analysis of Side Header in Soccer Players

Fuming Gu
The paper analyzed the side header in soccer using kinetics The finding indicated that (1) when header, the involved segments deserve keep closer to the notary axis in compliance with the moment of momentum, in this way the players can finish the header better; and (2) during side header with both feet...
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Electronic and elastic properties of TixZr1-xN*

Bin Wang, Zengbao Wang, Wei Song
The lattice parameter, elastic modulus, elastic constants and electronic structure of TixZr1-xN(x=0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) were studied with first-principle pseudopotential plane-waves method. The lattice parameters of TixZr1-xN increase with Zr atoms increasing. Bulk modulus B, shear modulus G and Young's...
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A new unsymmetrical dithienylethene contains a protecting aldehyde group

ShuYing Li, RuiMin Lu, DaoBin Zhang, Shouzhi Pu
A novel unsymmetrical isomeric photochromic dithienylethene, 1-(2-methyl-5-phenyl-3-thienyl)-2-{[2-methyl-5-(3-1,3-dioxolane-4-methoxyl)phenyl]-3-thienyl]}perfluorocyclopentene (1o), was designed and synthesized. The photochromic and fluorescent properties of 1o were also studied. It is demonstrated...
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Technology innovation evaluation model based on factor analysis

Lin Feng
According to the bad effect of the existing evaluation model of technology innovation in practical application, an evaluation model of enterprise technology innovation is proposed based on factor analysis. On the basis of the elements in input-output process, the multi-index comprehensive evaluation...
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Solutions for fractional boundary value problem with sign-changing Green's function

F.J. An, X.K. Zhao
In this paper, we study the solutions for the fractional boundary value problem (1), where is a real number. Define a new cone to solve the difficulty. And investigate solutions for the problem (1) with a sign-changing Green's function. And will re-search the sign-changing solutions.
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Study on Var coordinated control strategy of DFIG

Lei Wang, Shuyong Liu, Lixia Liu, Jian Mu
The paper has built a wind farm ground on Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). It proposed a novel strategy of DFIG, which can be as active power source to supply active power to network, and as reactive power source to provide Var compensation (reactive power absorbed or generated) or stabilize voltage,...
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Generic Object Regions Matching Based VLAD Model for Image Retrieval

Hongyan Zhai
In the popularly used BoVW and VLAD models for image retrieval, feature extraction is easily affected by the color and textures of images. Also, the clustering results of K-means algorithm used in these two models is usually affected by the initial cluster centroids. In order to solve these problems,...
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Synthesis and Photochromism studies of 1,2-bis-[2-methyl-5-(9,9-diethyl-5H-fluorene)-3-thienyl] perfluorocyclopentene

Zhihui Zhang, Peng Liu, Hongliang Liu, Shouzhi Pu
A novel photochromic diarylethene which called 1,2-bis-[2-methyl-5-(9,9-diethyl-5H-fluorene)-3-thienyl]perfluorocyclopentene was designed and constructed successfully. In the meantime, its photochromism and fluorescent properties have been discussed systematically. This compound exhibited excellent photochromism,...
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Controlled Helicity of the Dumbbell-shaped Supramolecular Assembly Triggered by Temperature

Shen Chen
We have demonstrated that self-assembled nanofibers can convert into a chiral state influnenced by external stimuli. This helicity convertion of the nonchiral assembly realizes in a reversible way on heating. Notably, this reversible nonchiral-chiral switching is accompanied by a transition between extended...
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An Improved Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm

Liyong Wan, Lei Xia
With the inflationary development of data sizes, the traditional recommendation system the recommendation efficiency of the recommendation system encounters a great challenge. This paper proposes an improved collaborative filtering algorithm. The algorithm firstly implements the clustering operation...
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Photochromism of a new symmetrical diarylethene with a trimethylsilylacetylene unit

Xiaoxia Zhang, Renjie Wang, Shouzhi Pu
A new symmetrical photochromic diarylethene 1,2-bis(2-menthyl-5-(trimethylsilylacetylene)-3-thienyl)perfluorocyclopentene (1o) based on a dithiophene structure has been constructred, and the photochromic and fluorescent properties of 1 were investigated. The results indicated diarylethene 1o showed good...
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The Parameter Analysis System of CAN Bus for Electric Vehicle Based on LabVIEW

Tianjun Zhu, Zhicheng Wei, Yang Wu, Ruo-yu Zhao
In order to get a real-time, comprehensive and convenient monitoring of the state parameters of the electric vehicle, this paper develops a CAN bus parameters analysis system based on LabVIEW. The system, consisting of P-CAN and PC host computer software, is able to collect CAN message which simultaneously...
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Co-simulation of Magnetic Bearing System based on Adams and MATLAB

Sijia Liu, Jingbo Shi
In this paper, a general mathematical model is shown through the mathematical analysis of the magnetic bearing. The linear expression of relationship between the electromagnetic force, the deviation of the displacement and control current of is provided by the finite element analysis, with Maxwell 3D....
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Research on hydraulic system of hydraulic elevator

Rongping Xue, He Wang, Zhenyu Xie, Deping Chen, Ting Cao, Hao Zou
The purpose of this study is to provide an improved design for the hydraulic system of a certain type of hydraulic elevator in the elevator test. This paper is mainly through the speed feedback control scheme to achieve real-time speed correction, adopted the speed bidirectional detection method to establish...
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The Optimization of The Search Scheme by the Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Guangshuo Niu
Since the airplane is invented by Wright Brothers, it has greatly improved people's traffic efficiency and produced large quantity of fortunes. We built a model to draw a sensible searching scheme. The major assumptions are: 1) the wind and the ocean current are only related to the geography location...
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Control Technology for the VOCs

Chuhong Zhan
Based on extensive usage of the smoke exhaust ventilator, this paper develops a processing technology of VOCs (volatile organic compound) by photo-catalytic-oxidation technology. This method couples with the existing the smoke exhaust ventilator technology to control the cooking fume emission ---VOCs.
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Effect of SO32- on wet flue gas desulfurization technology

Xiaoyu Weng
From the point of view of sustainable development, wastewater zero discharge is undoubtedly one of the best measures. Saline wastewater reuse domestic power plant desulfurization system research is very few. This paper analyzes the effects of high concentration of SO32- on wet flue gas desulfurization...
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Processing Technology of Massive Human Health Data Based on Hadoop

Miao Liu, Junsheng Yu, Zhijiao Chen, Jinglin Guo, Jun Zhao
With the development of science and medical industry, people pay more and more attention to their health status. And massive human health data are generated in this process. As an important component of the cloud computing technology, the open source framework Hadoop provides us with a platform for storing...
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Research On Association Rules Mining Base On Positive and Negative Items of FP-tree

Chunwei Chen, Dandong Wang
This paper analyzes the two kinds of classic traditional association rules algorithm Apriori and FP - tree which those are advantages and disadvantages .In order to solve the Apriori algorithm for mining association rules requiring multiple scanning database and generate a large number of candidate frequent...
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Deployment Strategy of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Pei Jiang, Li Dong, Xueliang Pang
For wireless sensor network (WSN), the first step is to deploy sensor nodes effectively into the target area. In fact, node deployment will greatly influence the lifetime and performance of WSN system. In this paper, we summarized the evolution of sensing models frequently used. Some main models' property...
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Research on energy loss of MPPT and its improvement

XuYang Zhang, HuaGuang Zhang, PengQiao Zhang, YangYang Wang, BingQing Li, Xu Sun
Output power of photovoltaic cells is greatly related with light intensity and temperature, in order to achieve maximum output power, it is necessary to implement maximum power point tracking (MPPT).This paper analyses misjudgments, oscillations and energy loss during MPPT by fractional Open-Circuit...
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Research on portable multi function dynamic human body balance detecting instrument

Yi Xiong
We designed a balance measure system, which is made up of the test platform and the handhold device. It can measure the movement of the tester's barycenter, and display the track of the barycenter on the screen, then the system can estimate the tester's balance ability based on the track. This system...
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Research and design of a simple test instrument for electronic components

Ya-ping Tang
RLC components or transistor is identified first. Then through the oscillation circuit turn resistance's, inductance's, capacitance's value into a frequency value by the microprocessor LM3S811 accurately. The transistor is measured by the A/D that can get its parameters.
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Owe Period Fast North-Seeking Method Based On Interpolation

Shuai Li, Qiyuan Zhong, Li Zhang, Shengyong Sun
In order to make rationally use of the original data and improve the data fitting precision of the sine waveform, the owe period fast North-Seeking method of the polynomial interpolation is based on the least square method. According to the character of the large deflection north point data, the polynomial...
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Design of Medical Assistant Robot

Min Ding
Research on medical assistant robot makes Biomedical Engineering Experiment get rid of the dependence on training special operations personnel to complete a high efficiency, high success rate and high difficulty of the operation. It could be a revolutionary change in the means of biomedical engineering...
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A Novel Hotel Recommendation Model

Qingxi Peng, Ling Shen
With the development of Internet, a large amount of users purchase product, book hotels, buy goods from the web. They also share their experiences on the web. Other users can read the reviews or rating scores to choose the products or services. The user is difficult to read the information, since the...
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A nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization Technique for Recommendation in Microblog

Guoying Zhang, Guanghui Cai, Hao Wu, Shuwen Zheng
Nowadays, more and more users share news and information in micro-blogging communities such as Twitter, Tumblr or Plurk. With the increasing number of registered users in this kind of sites, finding relevant and reliable sources of information becomes essential. For recommending sufficient information...
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The model of the influence for the public interests based on Markov chain

Xiaojian Lu
In this paper, the Markov model is built to explore how social information spreads and works, especially through the networks. the note distance calculation model based on Cluster analysis is proposed to determine the factors affecting public interest and opinions. We divide people in a region into three...
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Research Status and Prospect of Remote Intelligent Monitoring System for Engineering Blasting Vibrarion

Mingshou Zhong, Quanmin Xie, Ying Liu, Jianyu Wu, Haoquan Liu
With the development of digital blasting, research work of digital blasting vibration measurement in recent years has become a hotspot in the field of engineering blasting. Research progress in hazard remote monitoring technology and platform of domestic engineering vibration of blasting vibration were...
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Design of Supermarket Shopping Guide System

Yirui Yang
As the economy develops, the scale of the supermarket is getting bigger and bigger. There is an increasing shift from convenience store to one-stop shop. So, how to find the goods you want rapidly, accurately and efficiently has become an urgent problem. To solve the problem, we have designed a kind...
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Research on new photovoltaic grid connection device based on Freescale Carle MK60FN1M0 processor and Multi-mode wireless communication technology

Leyi Ge, Zuqiang Deng, Jian Zhuang
Design a new photovoltaic grid connection device based on Freescale MK60FN1M0 processor and Multi-mode wireless communication technology. In terms of Modbus protocol, MK60FN1M0 communicates with photovoltaic inverter, the device acquires measurement data such as: DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, AC...
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Research on the Pattern Recognition Method of Slurry Pipeline Safety Status

Chengjiang Zhou, Jiande Wu, Jingzong Yang
For the non-linear relationships of main influence factors of slurry pipeline safety status and the confusable problem of slurry pipeline safety status, this paper used the cross validation method to select the optimum parameters of the kernel function and combined the support vector machine to diagnose...
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The Impact Analysis of the Distributed Generation Outage Loss to Customers Based on the Probabilistic Production Simulation

Zhengdong Du, Dunnan Liu, Yuhang Ying, Dan Yu, Hua Weng
With the growing shortage of energy, the requirement of environmental protection is constantly improving, and distributed generation is increasing in the grid. The increase of permeability of distributed power will affect the electricity reliability, which affects customer outage costs. This paper introduces...
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Fabrication of a coupler waveguide cavity based on large-scale sacrificial layer technology

Xueli Nan, Binzhen Zhang, Xing Yang, Jianli Cui, Shaolei Ge
To solve the difficult problem for the removal of large size sacrificial layers when preparing a terahertz coupler, a new approach is proposed using poly two methyl silicone as a sacrificial layer. Due to its hydrophobicity and high elasticity, cross-linked polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) can be gently withdrawn...