Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Sensor Network and Computer Engineering

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The Discussion of Cross-platform Mobile Application Development Base on Phone Gap Method

LiMei Cui
With PhoneGap method, developers can use Web technical which correspond to the W3C standard developing native mobile application. According to call the API of PhoneGap, Web applications can communicate with the SDK API of the mobile platform which using by the developers, and then, they can use the native...
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Summary of Power Grid Research in Smart Home Environment

Xin Wang, Ziyao Zou, Yan Wu, Zhijun Gao, Xiaofu Ma
Our living and electricity system have been inseparable. Using the smart grid in the daily life is increasing the users' living quality and reducing the cost of electricity. This paper explains how to set the electronic facility according to different real-time pricing, and then it reaches an effect...
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Research and Implementation of Distributed Data Cache Based on JGroups Technology

Linliang Zhang, Pengcheng Yue, Zhaoxia Li, Huailiang Chen
Distributed Data Caching Technology plays an important role in the system architecture. It can reduce the load of database access layer and improve overall system performance. Because of the shortage in data redundancy backup and failure recovery of existing products in the distributed data cache, this...
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Fatigue Life Predictions of Notched Specimen for 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 Stainless Steel

Jingying Tan, Qizhou Wu, Ran Sun, Dan Jin
A series of low cycle fatigue tests under stress control were conducted for notched specimen of 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 stainless steel. The tensile test results show that the yield strength and tensile strength of the notched specimen are more than those of smooth specimen. The necking phenomena indicate that...
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Research and Application Progress of Social Media in China's Tourism

Chunyan Wang
The use of social media by modern tourists is increasing, especially in the aspect of information searching and decision-making about tourist destination. The tourist destination area carries on the traveling marketing and the visitor interaction by using the social media to promote the destination and...
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Computer Analysis on Network Space Characteristics of Economic Connection in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration

Duo Xu
Networking development of urban agglomeration is one of essential characteristics of the integrative growth in the Yangtze River Delta region. In this paper, social network analysis (SNA) and kernel density estimation are combined through computer gravity model and structural model of urban agglomeration's...
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The Design of Intelligent Logistics System Based on Internet of Things

Jianguo Xu
With the rapid development of Internet technology, as well as interoperability of RFID technology, the popularity of ZigBee technology, things and objects can be achieved, this article discusses the design of smart logistic system of things Based on A10 Andriod-based system platform. System hardware...
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Introduction to Information Transmission in a Neuron-Astrocyte

Jian Zhou, Ning Cai, Lingjin Kong
In this review, the dynamics for neuron, neuronal network is introduced, for example, the mode transition in electrical activity, functional role of autapse connection, bifurcation verification in biological experiments, interaction between neuron and astrocyte, noise effect, coherence resonance, pattern...
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The Design and Implementation of Subway Locomotive Fault Diagnosis System Based on Adaptive Particle Filter

Zhenhua Wang, Zhentao Liu, Linna Xu
Targeted at general testing process and index of multiple types of subway locomotive, combining the reality of subways in Dalian, this paper used adaptive particle filter and labview to design a multipaneled detection system for subway running.Actual survey shows that inner race fault and rolling bearing...
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Research and Implementation of Topic Search Engines System based on Medical Document Classification

Yanmei Hu
This paper studies and analyzes the principle, strategy, structure and working mode of "subject network search engines". A topic search engines system based on medical document classification is designed and implemented in Windows environment using C++. In this paper, the vector space model is used to...
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Comparative Study of Data Sharing Based on Network Collaborative Design

Dongfang Hu, Minlu He, Yan Zhao
The technology of collaborative design based on network has fully strengthened the cooperation ability among enterprises. However, the problem of heterogeneous data sharing among Different design software has been a bottleneck in the development of collaborative design. STEP/XML element mapping method...
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Design of the Position Controller for the Leaves of MLC Based on Anti-windup

Xin Zhang, Jianwu Dang, Yangping Wang
According to requirements of the leaves position precision control of multi-leaf collimator (MLC) in the process of radiotherapy, the structure and working principle of the multi-leaf collimator of conformal radiation therapy apparatus was described. The motor that drives the leaf of the MLC was taken...
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A Research on Integrated Supply Chain Management's Theory of Implementation and Its Application in the Construction Industry

Chenhua Cui
In order to understand profoundly and grasp connotation and essence of ISCM, and can cause it into the practice to bring the expected harvest and the benefit.This article using the system analysis, the content analysis, the theoretical analysis and the real diagnosis research unifies and so on the methods,...
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Research on Accessing Remotely Sensed Data Efficiently Stored in Oracle under Matlab Environment

Jing Dong
In order to realize sharing the spatial information, it's very important to manage, store and share remotely sensed data which is considered as an important spatial information resource. At present, there are few researches on how to manage the remotely sensed data stored in Oracle efficiently in Matlab...
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The Statistics in Daily Life

Liujia Li
Statistics can be encountered in the life and work of all kinds of digital integration and to analyze its characteristics by certain rules. Such as the business planning, asset evaluation, fixed assets, personnel statistics are using statistics form statistical investigation method achieve the purpose...
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The Empirical Research of Price Fluctuation Rules and Influence Factors with Fresh Produce Sequential Auction

Limei Cui
Research the law of price fluctuations under the fresh agricultural sequential auction based on the auction theory; use Kunming International Flower Auction Centre (KIFA) as an example for empirical analysis. After appoint the study object which is the rose of 80 cm length for the B level (network) named...
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Research and Design of CAE Technology Service Platform for Small Mechanical Manufacturing Enterprises

Lingli Zhu, Guofang Kuang
In view of the small machinery manufacturing enterprise's characteristic and the actual demand in CAE by study of CAE secondary development language APDL, the effective integration of CAD and CAE, and the expert system is introduced to the results of CAE analysis processing. The CAE public service platform...
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Research on the Wireless Sensor Network Routing Model Based on Fluid Mechanics

Ming Li, Huanyan Qian, Jiang Xu
A fluid is divided into the viscous fluid and the non-viscous fluid. In the fluid mechanics, elemental volumes of fluid move in a flow line with frictional resistance among them. It is similar to the process in a wireless sensor network in which data packets, starting from the source node, are forwarded...
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Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Social Network Information Flow Model

Mingwei Sun, Qiang Liu, Enyang Gao
In order to improve the accuracy of personalized recommendation technology, the state space of multidimensional semi markov process definition "empty state " has been extended to multidimensional markov process, combining with the social network analysis theory and social network information flow model....
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Experimental Study on the Detection of Tropical Fruit Quality Based on Gas Identification Technology

Yufei Wang, Wanzhen Zhang, Kun Zhang
The gas identification technique based on, real-time monitoring of electronic nose detection technology as the main research method, main products for Hainan tropical agricultural products, tropical fruits in storage and transportation of quality change for the purpose, to select the object, by electronic...
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Prediction of SO2 Concentration Based on Fuzzy Time Series and Support Vector Machine

Linliang Zhang, Zhaoxia Li, Yuejun Ma, Pengcheng Yue
The existing prediction methods for SO2 concentration mainly have the disadvantages such as no unified sources and influences, sensitive to small sample, easy to fall into local optimum etc. In order to solve these problems, a method for SO2 concentration prediction is proposed, based on fuzzy time series...
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Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of Notched Specimen for 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 Stainless Steel

Jingying Tan, Qizhou Wu, Ran Sun, Dan Jin
A series of low cycle fatigue tests under stress control were conducted for the smooth and notched specimen of 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 stainless steel. The ratio of fatigue strength of smooth specimen to notched specimen decreases with decrease in fatigue life. The notched effect is more significant at lower...
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Research on Parameter Optimization Algorithms of Numerical Control Machining Process for Complex Curved Surface

Mei Tian
Through the establishment the parameters optimization model of milling machine, the optimal solution of the cutting parameters for complex surface is obtained by using some optimization algorithms for parameter optimization. Based on analyzing the main factors influencing on the milling process, the...
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Supply Chain Simulation with Switching Adaptive Model Predictive Control Methodology

Chunling Liu, Jizi Li, Junfeng Wang, Yangjie Tian
An adaptive multiple model predictive control (MMPC) method for an uncertain input-constrained neutrally stable supply chains system with control-relevant switching is presented. By employing an input-to-state stabilising MPC as the multi-controller, switching adaptive MMPC is proposed for the system....
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Method of determining relevance of changing processes of condition building parameters

Andrey Volkov, Pavel Chelyshkov, Artem Sedov, Denis Lysenko, Anna Doroshenko
In the modern world it is increasingly referred to the concept of intelligent building. Intelligent building referred to above all energy-efficient building, using alternative energy sources, as well as equipped with modern energy efficient technologies that reduce the energy consumption of the building...
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Regional Migration Differences and Economic Growth: Panel Data and Evidence in Western Region of China

Haiying Ma
Using data from several Chinese censuses, surveys and yearbooks, we provide a new perspective for the study of rural-urban migration, regional differences and economic growth of Gansu in China for 1990 to 2000. We find that economic conditions impact strongly on the growth relationship at provincial...
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Study on the Mechanism of Financial Support for the Urbanization in Guizhou Province

Chenggang Li, Xiaoliang Liu, Mingguo Zhang, Lingyun Luo, Yandan Xue
Studying on the mechanism of financial support for the urbanization of Guizhou Province is conducive to improve the urbanization level in Guizhou Province. This paper uses multivariate regression model, empirically analyze of the mechanism of the financial support for the urbanization in Guizhou Province....
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BIM-technologies for Buildings Operation. Experiment in MGSU

Andrey Volkov, Pavel Chelyshkov, Artem Sedov, Anna Doroshenko, Denis Lysenko
This article describes the approach of experts of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) to the construction of modern operating systems in buildings using BIM-technology. This article was performed within the Russian State task.
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Research on Adaptive Control System of Robot Arm with Six Degrees of Freedom

Changgeng Yu, Sunyun Li
This paper aims to exploit the adaptive control robot arm with six degrees of freedom, an adaptive fuzzy control system was established. a fuzzy controller, the robot arm trajectory planning and the D-H algorithm were studied based on the fuzzy controller. Firstly, fuzzy controller and control rules...
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The Feeding Rate Optimization Based on Differential Evolution Algorithm

Hua Meng, Liting Han, Xiaohong Zheng
Bacteria concentration is one of the important parameters throughout the fermentation process, and in the whole process of fermentation it is an important basis for judging the feeding. Bacteria concentration in the end is the important factor that affects product concentration, so the appropriate bacteria...
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Multi-objective Model Selection for Extreme Learning Machine

Liyun Wang, Zhenshen Zhu, Bin Sun
Recently, Extreme Learning Machines(ELMs) have get successful application in the fields of classification and regression. However, the generalization performance of ELM will be decreased if there exits non-optimal input weights and hidden biases. To solve this problem, this paper introduced a new model...