Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Reform and Modern Management

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A New Similarity Measurement Formula between Vague Sets

Jun Jiang, Huijian Zhang, Jia Fang, Hongxu Wang, Jianchun Guo
Vague sets can denote and solve more complicated fuzzy and indefinite information. Similarity measure is an important, effective and widely used method on data processing and analysis. Based on the concept of Vague sets and the theory of conversion from single data to Vague data, this research put forward...
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A Basic Application of Mathematical Tool to Market Prices

Lijiang Zeng
In the real life, the financial market plays important roll to our all kinds of business. And the market prices can cause very great social problems. So, it has important significance to research the markets prices, in this paper, we show that use mathematics as tools to research the markets prices,...
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Location Lookup Framework using Seamless LBS Technology

Nanju Kim, Euiin Choi
Recent various crimes and lost stuff and the like are recognized as a social problem. And users may be the subject of such crimes. To address this, the demand about location information transmission is a situation that is increasing. Therefore various institutions are providing location information service...
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Model Systems and Models of Public Relations

Matus Straciak, Ivana Butoracová Sindleryová
Common practise claimed, that there should be stated certain models in outline for relations with public. The most important need is anchorage of united and strategic form of public relations, which will be integrated into the complex marketing communication of an organization. This need is reflected...
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A Model for Location of Fresh Agricultural Products Logistics Center Based on Customer Satisfaction

Xin Zhu, Tengfei Zhang
Along with the importance of logistics industry, the location of fresh agricultural products has important significance. In view of the easy loss characteristics of fresh agricultural, and measure the level of service with customer satisfaction of time. Considering the total cost of logistics and customer...