Annual International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (AICOSH 2020)

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Into the Mind of Terrorist & Violent-Extremist: A Neuroscience Perspective & Review on Radicalization

Sabiqotul Husna
Neuroscience studies are currently drawing the baseline on neurobiological mechanism behind the mind of terrorist and violent-extremist through several interdisciplinary research. As the current state of terrorism and radicalization has been continuously studied in diverse fields such as Sociology, Political...
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Portrayal of Women in Khatt-e-Marmuz by Fehmida Riaz and Chahtain Kesi by Razia Butt

Zarnab Rana, Sarah Shahed
Women representation in Urdu fiction writing presents variety of women issues in Pakistan. These fiction writings are highly influenced by society, religion, patriarchy and culture. This research is conducted to highlight women portrayal by two female writers of Urdu. One is Fehmida Riaz and the other...
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Prayer and Self-Improvement After Hajj

The Muslim’s belief in the fulfillment of prayers that were offered in the holy land, the temple, and the great Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad became one of the factors that motivates Muslims to carry out the pilgrimage. This study aims to show the realization of the power of prayer for Muslims after...
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The Influence of Culture Capital and Work Ethics on Productive Behavior of New Business Candidates

Arfian, Anissa Lestari Kadiyono, Marina Sulastiana, Diana Harding
Indonesia will enter the demographic bonus in 2045, where entrepreneurial skills are needed to deal with the issue of demographic bonus. On the other side, the business competition is quite tight, so it is demanded to provide superior human resources in the business field. One effort is to increase the...
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Analysis of Media Influence in Structuring a Political Position

Jean Nsengiyumva, Lukas S Ispandriarno
This study is based on the analysis of results from 28 qualitative and 10 quantitative types of research which evocated issues related to the impact of media in the political field. This study tends to analyze the contribution of media in a political position. However, whatever the media content is (positive...
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Changes of Poor Family Behavior Through Family Development Session

Suradi, Nyi R Irmayani, Habibullah, Sugiyanto, Badrun Susantyo, Benecdiktus Mujiyadi, Togiaratua Nainggolan
Poverty reduction has become a priority for government of the Republic of Indonesia in the last decade. One among poverty reduction programs based on family called Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH). PKH is a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program for poor families. PKH has addressed to cut off poverty...
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Digital Monitoring Experience in Digital Media and the Internet

Annisa Reginasari, Tina Afiatin, Bhina Patria, Kokom Komariah
Nowadays, parents face the challenge related to social media use problems of their children, as the internet and related technology is more advance than previous days. Nevertheless, the young generation is enthusiastic about digital technology. The paradox of internet use in young and older generations...
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“Love in Tokyo” in the Perspective of Korean Drama Lovers of Santriwati

Rama Kertamukti
For Santriwati, a women student at traditional Islamic school, watching a romantic drama is prohibited. However, many of them find their way to watch it secretly to follow the phenomenal tv show, either drama from K-pop or J-pop that hits across the country. This research discusses how female students...
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Symbolic Interaction and Sexual Behavior of the Adolescents Experiencing Internet Pornographic Addiction

Rr. Setyawati, Nurul Hartini, Hamidah
One of the negative impacts of internet are the consumption of pornographic content that is increasing and far more open than before. The internet is considered a more comfortable place to search for sexual information. This study aims to describe the symbols of pornography and to find out the meaning...
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Gotong Royong as Social Practice of Winning Strategy at Kulon Progo’s Local Election in 2017

Wahyu Hidayat, RB. Soemanto, SN Supriyadi
This research aims to describe gotong-royong as a social practice of the winning strategy conducted by PDI Perjuangan in the Elections 2017 in Kulon Progo. Political parties have the issue of increasing political costs when facing the elections. In this case, the ideology of the party should be implemented...
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The Critical Discourse Analysis on Novel Sabtu Bersama Bapak by Adhitya Mulya

Bagus Ardiyansyah, Drajat Tri Kartono, Argyo Demartoto, A. A. Chintya Maharani Putri, Yeni Marcelawati
This article aims to discuss an interesting phenomenon described in literacy media, the parts of fathers or man’s image in the narrative or story of the novel Sabtu Bersama Bapak (Saturday Together with Father) by Adhitya Mulya. This article uses the critical discourse analysis method from Norman Fairclough,...
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The Development of Civilians Caring about AIDS

Argyo Demartoto, Siti Zunariyah, Sri Hilmi Pujihartati
Stigma and discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) make them lose job, social status, and family’s and community’s support. This paper aims to study the Civilians Caring about AIDS (CCA) developing process, their acceptance to PLWHAs and active participation in coping with HIV/AIDS...
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Investigating the Impact of Instagram on Women Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment

Ambar Sari Dewi
The advent of social media has created new ways to interact, participate, cooperate, and collaborate with various parties in daily life, including business. Such features are beneficial for SMEs with limited resources and capabilities, particularly women entrepreneurs. Literature have shown that using...
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Decision-Making Process to Be a Legislative Candidate for the First Time

Very Julianto, Muhammad Rapiq Hilal
This study aims to analyze the decision-making by legislative candidates for the first time. The method chosen is qualitative with a case study approach. The subjects in this study were 4 men and 1 woman. The results of this study indicate that at the stage of problem assessment there is one theme, namely...
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The Opportunities and Constraints of Providing Health and Social Security for Domestic Workers in Yogyakarta

Muryanti, Ekawati Sri Wahyuni
Domestic Helper or Domestic Workers (PRT) or Household Assistance (ART) are categorized as informal workers or non-wage workers who have several models of work, namely: fulltime and part time. Todays, domestic workers who are previously informal workers are changed to become formal workers, with the...
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The Art of Compromise of Indonesian Ahmadiyya Community in Yogyakarta

Mochamad Sodik, B.J. Sujibto
This paper aims to elaborate the process of negotiation and compromise of Indonesian Ahmadiyya Community (JAI) in Yogyakarta among other religious groups, which mostly threaten and even commit violence against it, and toward society in general. This social process maintained by JAI is to make space for...
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Blogger: New Media Relations Strategy in Corporate Communication

Farida Hariyati, Yulia Rahmawati
The presence of the internet that result to new media such as social media provides a new trend in conveying corporate’s messages to the audience. This new trend has brought a transformation in the context of corporate communication to create a new strategy by making bloggers as media partners for endorsement....
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Local Site Visits as Medium of Establishing Social Identity for Adolescents at State High School 1 Ulujami

Grita Diding Sugiarto, Dyah Kumalasari, Oktavia Prastyaningrum
SMA Negeri 1 Ulujami is one of the educational institutions in the Pemalang Regency that implements visiting the location as a means of learning social science, especially history. The visit was carried out at several accessible local sites in the Pemalang Regency namely the New Comal Sugar Site, the...
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Media Exposure as Political Participation Predictor of Young Voters in Presidential Election 2019

Muhammad Wahyu Kuncoro, Koentjoro, Arie Sujito
Citizen’s participation in elections is very important in democratic country. In general, this study examines the role of political information exposure from media and political efficacy to political participation of young people in the Indonesian presidential election in 2019. The data were collected...
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Reconsidering the Implementation of Participatory Action Research and Community Development Courses at Sociology Department

This paper aims to explore how the implementation of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Community Development subjects in 2019 at Sociology Department, UIN Sunan Kalijaga. This research uses qualitative approach. The data were collected from interview, documents, and focused group discussion. Data...
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Urgency of a Spiritual-Psychological Integrative Approach in Overcoming Covid-19 Pandemic

The world was shocked by the Corona virus outbreak that hit various countries, including Indonesia. The Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling reported that the total number of positive Indonesian citizens who contracted Covid-19 on April 24, 2020 was 8,211, with 1,002 recovered cases and...
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The Utilization of Google Classroom in Implementing Distance Learning in Islamic High School Al Azhar 9 of Yogyakarta During Covid-19 Pandemic

Rahmad Sugiarto, Aman
The current learning process has entered the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 where information technology plays an important role in the learning process. Nowadays almost all parts of the worlds are currently facing a covid-19 pandemic whose spread is truly massive and rapid. The impact of the Covid...
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Supporting Factors for Digital Village Sustainability in Dermaji Village, Banyumas Regency

Ali Rokhman
Dermaji is one of the villages in Indonesia that has been categorized as a digital village. The village, which is part of the Lumbir Subdistrict, Banyumas Regency, has received various awards in the use of digital technologis, including in 2018 having been named as Informative Village by Central Java...
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The Role of Young Farmer Horticulture Group on Improving Entrepreneur Behavior in the Special Region of Yogyakarta Indonesia

Siti Nurlaela, Sunarru Samsi Hariadi, Alia Bihrajihant Raya
Entrepreneurial behavior is the key factor in the success of an agricultural business. Young farmers are expected to be able to apply entrepreneurial behavior, but most are still subsistent. Through the role of young farmers groups, it is expected that entrepreneurial behavior can be formed so that it...
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Revisiting Social Movement in Organic Agriculture Community in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Stefanus Nindito, Kristian Tamtomo
Organic agriculture in Indonesia originally started with various civil society groups and social movements that practiced alternative agriculture methods that were different from conventional agriculture. Over time, organic agriculture in Indonesia continued to develop until it became a way of agriculture...
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The Influence of Staff Competency of Integrated Service in Handling of Poverty

Hari Harjanto Setiawan, Setyo Sumarno, Ruaida Murni, Alit Kurniasari, Husmiati Yusuf, Aulia Rahman
Law No. 11/2009 has stated that the implementation of social welfare carried out by the central and regional government and the community must be directed, sustainable and integrated. The government made a breakthrough in the form of an integrated service and referral system as one of the important instruments...
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Discourse of Negative Content in Indonesia News Media

Catur Nugroho, Rana Akbari Fitriawan
Communication technology revolution gives pressure to old media to make adaptation with the latest fast change. News is recently not under the domination of media as news producers because public themselves have been capable and acceptable as news producers. It results in revolutionary change in media...
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Marketing Communication of Parkour Sport

Fatmawati Moekahar, Yudi Daherman
Parkour is a relatively new type of sport. The person who does this sport is called a practitioner. In Indonesia, this sport still does not have a formal organization like other sports yet. Even many people still do not know this sport. Therefore, Parkour needs form of marketing communication to be better...
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Why do People in Bali Meet Traditional Healer?

Ni Made Swasti Wulanyani, Kadek Meri Wahyuni, Made Padma Dewi Bajirani, Aria Saloka Immanuel
The Balinese have a unique belief in daily life including their behavior to seek various kind of health care either to professionals (medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) or traditional healer (balian). Balian represents a person who is considered to have the power to heal illness. Balinese...
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Life Story of Persons With Paraplegia in Achieving Post-Earthquake Resilience in the Bantul District

Astri Hanjarwati, Muh Aris Marfai, M Pramono Hadi, R Rijanta
The purpose of this study is to reveal the life journey of people with parapelgia in achieving resilience as a new diffable due to the earthquake disaster. This research is a narrative qualitative study by conducting in-depth interviews with 10 people with paraplegia victims of the Bantul earthquake....
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The Roles of Spiritual Intelligence and Social Comparison Over Career Anxiety of Final Year Students

Yusuf Hamdani, Lisnawati, Fitriana Widyastuti
One of students experiences in adjustment problems is vocational adjustment. Failure in this adjustment causes career anxiety experience. This research focused on examining the role of spiritual intelligence and social comparison to the career anxiety in final year students. Quantitative method was used...
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Overviewing Hardiness Toward Self-Employed People With Diffabilities in Yogyakarta

Abdu Alifah, Mayreyna Nurwardani
Hardiness is a character that influences on how self-employed diffables view their stress and determine an effective response. This study aimed to explore the hardiness of self-employed diffables in Yogyakarta with phenomenological method that used an interview, observation and documentation in collecting...
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The Religiosity Dimension and Resilience of Teachers of Students with Dissabilities at Special Schools in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Halimatus Sakdiyah, Erika Setyanti Kusumaputri
This study aims to examine the contributions of seven religiosity dimensions toward the resilience of disability teachers at SLB in Sleman, Yogyakarta. This research uses quantitative method for analyzing the data. In collecting data, Resilience and Religiosity Scale is used as the instrument. The subjects...
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The Creative Process of Indonesian Muslim Novelists

R Rachmy Diana, Fuad Nashori, H. Adam Anshori
The aim of this research is to explore the creative process of Indonesian Muslim novelists. The method used in this research is qualitative method; specifically, in this context is descriptive-explorative method. The questions asked to the research participants were conducted by using in-depth interview....
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The Relation of Perceived Family Distress to Forgiveness, Hope, and Life Satisfaction Among Indonesian Vocational High School Students

Amalia Rahmandani, Yohanis Franz La Kahija, Hastaning Sakti, Lusi Nur Ardhiani
Forgiveness, hope, and satisfaction with life are areas of study in positive psychology, as well as the determinants of mental health in adolescents with family distress experiences. This study aims to investigate the relation of perceived family distress to forgiveness, hope, and satisfaction with life...
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Preventing Children Violence by Writing Child-Friendly News

Sri Mustika, Rita Pranawati
Many cases of children violence in Indonesia have encouraged mass media, especially online media, to aggressively report on these cases. Indonesia Press Council has released Child-Friendly News Guidelines in Reporting of Child’s Violence to protect children. This study examined the implementation of...
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Social Role and Gender Equality in the Gender Mainstreaming Era: The Meaning of Subjectivity Study of Female Students Perception in Jakarta State University

Wuri Handayani
It is necessary to vary the meaning and extension of the legitimacy of the concept of traditional gender roles in gender discourse as the essence of gender equality. Gender equality that has been pursued through programs to empower women with the main aspects of economic income (in addition to education,...
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The Dynamics of Family Psychological Strength in Wives Whose Husbands Have Affairs

Farah Suhailah, Tina Afiatin
Infidelity is a phenomenon that threatens family integrity because it takes a toll on commitment in the family which can lead to divorce. Nevertheless, some affected families choose to maintain the integrity of the family although the household was overwhelmed by the affair. This study aimed to explain...
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Social Relations of Working Mothers in The WorkFamily Conflict Within Indigenous Psychology Approaches

Triana Noor Edwina Dewayani Soeharto, Muhammad Wahyu Kuncoro, Sowanya Ardi Prahara
This study aims to explore social relations in the family from the perspective of working mothers who experience work-family conflict based on an indigenous psychology approach. This research was conducted in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The characteristics of the research subjects are wives who...
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Forgiveness, Hope, and Satisfaction With Life Among Senior High School Students Viewed From Family-related Characteristics in Indonesia

Amalia Rahmandani, Yohanis Franz La Kahija
This study aims to determine the differences in forgiveness, hope, and satisfaction with life based on family- related characteristics, namely birth order, the total number of siblings, parents’ marriage status, housemate, parents’ age category, parents’ occupation nature, and parents’ education, aside...
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Multiculturalism of Kyai in Pesantren Sunni Darussalam, Yogyakarta

Multiculturalism is an issue that is always actual and interesting. It is seen as actual because it involves the diversity that will always exist in the reality of human life. And it is also considered interesting because some conflicts that occurred in social life are the result of an effort to disclaim...
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Aqidah and Psychological Well-Being

Aidha Rohmiyatun, Zidni Immawan Muslimin
This study aims to determine the relationship between aqidah (religious belief) and psychological well-being of Muslim students. The sample in this study are 209 Muslim students in Yogyakarta by quota sampling technic. The method of data collection in this study used aqidah scale and scale of psychological...
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Academic Integrity and Religiosity

Hana Lailia Saadah, Lisnawati, Kartika
Academic integrity gives important contribution in developing high quality of education. One of important factors that contribute to academic integrity is religion, with religiosity as the expression of religion implementation. This present research focused on examining correlation between religiosity...
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Self-Acceptance from Aqidah and Gender Perspectives

Vina Akmala Ilma, Zidni Immawan Muslimin
This research seeks to determine the relationships between aqidah and self-acceptance, as well as the gender differences in self-acceptance. This research is a quantitative study, using quota sampling as a sampling technique. This study involved 215 students that were spreading in several universities...
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The Dynamics of Religiosity Conversion from Followers of Instagram Accounts @beraniberhijrah

Putri Pamungkas Cahyaneng Tyas, Ismatul Izzah
This paper attempts to discuss the process and dynamics of religiosity conversion from followers of Instagram accounts @beraniberhijrah. Nowadays, many social media platform and accounts in Indonesia are currently using religious background as their attraction to get more followers. One of them is @beraniberhijrah...