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Analysis on the Market Strategies of the Game Glory of Kings

Zongyu Huang
With the rapid development of electronic technology in China, the number of mobile phone users and the likeability of mobile games continue to increase. In the mobile game industry, in order to be among the best, the game producer will use some marketing strategy that helps them to attract more users...
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Analysis and Design of E-Shaped Dual-frequency Microstrip Antenna Based on CPSO Algorithm

Wei AO, Wan-Qin XIANG, Chun-Ming Chen, WEI TIAN, De-Bin ZHANG
In order to solve the problem of design and optimization for E-shaped patch microstrip antenna, chaotic particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm was proposed to assist the procedure. First, the E-shaped antenna’s model was created, and then, the parameters of this antenna were adjusted according...

How Does Authoritarian Leadership Influence Employees and Organisation?

Kexin Yi
Authoritarian leadership describes a model of management in which superiors hold absolute authority and demand obedience from their subordinates. There is a wide criticism of this leadership style due to its strict hierarchy and rules, but there is also positive research about authoritarian leadership....
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Design and Implementation of the Computer Monitoring and Management System for the Multi-mode Combination Timer Device

Pengfei Wu, Jianxun Li, Yujian Wang
The multi-mode combination timer device can receive the GPSGLONASS, No.1 BeiDou and loran-C at the same time. Since the multiple external frequency sources are introduced for the system, it is necessary to manage and monitor it. The wavelet decomposition atomic time algorithm is used to weight average...

Features of Financial Support of the Educational Process with the Use of E-Learning and Distance Learning Technologies

A Yu Valyavsky, M N Ivanov, N V Uchevatkina
The article presents an analysis of the regulatory framework for the financial activities of an educational organization and features when using e-learning and distance learning technologies. The use of information resources in the educational process is an essential component of any distance learning...

Go Back to Personal Experience: on the Self and the Other in the Dream of the Unified Field

Hanruo Wang
A renowned contemporary American poetess and Pulitzer Prize winner, Jorie Graham has received great attention and much research in contemporary times for her creative talent. This thesis will select the poem The Dream of the Unified Field, which has the same title as her Pulitzer Prize-winning poem collection...

Comparison of Different Asset Pricing Models Based on Alibaba and Tencent Stocks

Simin Lu, Xiaoyu Li, Yue Qi, Zhen Zheng
Determining the reasonable price for financial assets has always been hot topic in the field. In the search for the factors in the asset pricing, the prevailing methods are Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Fama-French factor (FF3F) method. In addition, Dividend Discount Model (DDM) method is also...
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The research of remote sensing image fusion technology

Bin Wang, Chao Wang
Remote sensing image fusion is an important branch in the field of image fusion. Remote sensing image fusion mainly researches how to use different aerial remote sensor to obtain relevant image information. In view of the present research status in this field and the full analysis of remote sensing image...

Study on the Spatial-Temporal Evolution Law of 4A and Above Tourist Attractions in Jiangsu Province

Jie Yu, Yujie Zhang, Wei Zhang, Xinyao Wang, Ziqiang Liu
The establishment of tourist attractions, especially high-grade tourist attractions, is very important for the development of tourism and the optimization of its structure. Taking 235 4A and above tourist attractions in Jiangsu Province as the research objects coupled with geospatial analysis method,...
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Modeling and Simulation on Temperature Control System of Farm Products Baking Equipment

Jun Liu, Zhenwei Jia, Rongxing Guo
In order to design a kind of temperature control system of the equipment used for baking farm products. The main function of the system is controlling the temperature in the baking room, ensuring it varies with the technological requirement. First, establish the system state equation based on the Fourier’s...

Professional Stress and Organizational Working Conditions of Space-Rocket Industry Employees as the Factors Determining Their Activities Productivity

S P Vashchuk, O A Sviderskiy, V V Rovenskay, I I Smyrnova
In the article the features of professional stress of space-rocket industry employees which is a current problem and a serious threat not only to do essential harm to their health but also to have a negative impact on productivity in the industry in general are considered. In the article the characteristics...

Exploring the Possibility to Feminize Four Macro-level International Relations Theories

Xianzheng Zhou
The traditional international relations theories such as realism, liberal institutionalism, world system theory, and Samuel Huntington’s theory of civilizational conflicts are all positive approaches because they strive to establish scientific models of how the international relations operate. However,...

Influence of Communication and Motivation to Team Innovation

Lei Qian
Teamwork become a trend of an effective method to deal with one project because it could gather people from different fields and consolidate their power to solve one problem. But some teams are not effective and cannot generate innovative solutions and great outcome, which waste resources on minimizing...

Constructing the Meaning of Martial Arts Situationalization in the Context of Internet + Sports

Xiaofeng Wu, Qifeng Zhou
Using the literature method and comparative analysis method, we analyze the phenomenon of traditional martial arts from “competition” to “artistry” in the digital era, with the “immersion” of western technocratic ideas and sports development models. How China’s traditional martial arts have returned...
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Numerical Computation and Analysis of Heavy Medium Cyclone Turbulence Flow Field

Yuming Xia, Zhiqiang Xu, Yanan Tu
The theory, model and algorithm of three products heavy medium cyclone flow field were researched, and the heavy medium cyclone flow field was simulated. Through the researches, the numerical discrete algorithm of heavy medium cyclone flow field was deduced, the calculation algorithms of heavy medium...

Research on Data-Driven Precise Transformation Mechanism of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Colleges and Universities

Yinbo Ma
From a data-driven perspective, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities means the cross-link integration, dynamic adaptation, precise matching, and organization between the supply of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities...

An Analysis of the Machong Dragon Boat Movement under the Background of Cultural Confidence

Zhang Ming, Xie Dan
Culture is the soul of a nation. The glorious history and culture of our country have a long history and profound heritage. Dragon boat culture is a team project in my country’s traditional sports culture, and it can better reflect the collective cultural identity of “united and concerted”. This article...
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Based the Morphological Filtering BP Algorithm of SAR Image Recognition

Dingding Jiang, Derong Cai, Qiang Wei
SAR image recognition is an important content of of aviation image interpretation work. In this paper, the characteristics of SAR images a practical significance of morphological filtering neural network model and its adaptive BP learning algorithm. As can be seen through the experimental results, the...

The Competitions of China’s Internet Giants in Southeast Asia

Heran Yang
Under the background of the “spillover” of China’s comprehensive national strength, the Sino-US trade war, and the global economic recession caused by COVID-19, this study aims to analyze the e-commerce ecology in Southeast Asia by investigating the competitions between domestic, cross-border Internet...

ERP System as a Method of Effective Economic Management by the Example of the Russian Federation

R I Salimov, A A Trutneva, A P Snegurenko
Russian enterprises have installed systems or accounting modules of various systems that are not integrated among themselves, which cannot provide a complete picture of the financial condition of the enterprise. In this regard, the transition to an ERP system is of particular importance. The article...

Research on the Perfection of Juvenile Delinquency Community Correction System in China

Dian Jin
The youth community correction is in line with the conditions of community correction of juvenile criminal in community, by the judicial administrative organ and its dispatched institutions in the related departments and with the help of social forces, in the judgment or written order or decision within...
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The Security of E-commerce Data Transmission

Guofang Zhao, Zhanyou Yan
The amount of data transmission in Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is growing, and the security requirements are also increasing. During the data transmission , the data transmission module is divided into four parts, They are respectively: the Internal network, isolation module, firewall and the untrust...

Suggestions on Carbon Asset Management of Power Grid Company under Double Carbon Targets

Bingjie Li, Song Gao, Hu Li, Shiyu Meng, Zesen Li, Xiaotong He, Jian Tan, Shiyu Meng, Song Gao, Hu Li, Zesen Li
Under the dual carbon goal, power grid enterprises are facing new development opportunities. In view of the new business format generated by the dual carbon goal, it is necessary to carry out the research on the carbon asset management of power grid companies to support the business expansion of emerging...

The Method of the Money Making Mechanism of TikTok

Tianchen Liang
This paper investigated how TikTok, a short-video platform, can make money based on the perspective of economy and marketing. It has developed rapidly since 2016, and still impacts the market trend by its unique characters. The 4P strategy is used to analyze each product in the video application, and...

Urban Planning Project about HI-Tech Waterfront City

Chenwei Liu, Haonan Yan
The master plan is a dynamic long-term program that provides a conceptual layout to guide the city's future development from diverse aspects. Each urban designer plans out the general content of the corresponding area. The main aim of this article is to examine some of the urban planning theories...
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Nonlinear Analysis of Rotor-stator-bearing System Unsteady Oil Film Force

Guizhen Liu, Ying Yu, Bangchun Wen
According to the LaGrange energy equation, the establishment of the unsteady oil film force of the rotor - stator - bearing system dynamics model, the application of numerical method, the system with the speed change time domain waveforms, amplitude spectra and Axis Orbit, the results show that: the...

Development of Control Technologies in the Corporate Procurement System

O Yu Kirillova, R M Halfin
The article considers the problem of increasing the efficiency of corporate procurement that based on the development of a methodology for their control. The authors propose to introduce preliminary estimate (budget) control, acting on the basis of unified estimate (budget) software, into the procurement...

Contemporary Theoretical Models of Portfolio Risk

Siwei Qiang, Mengyao Wang, Wenwen Wu
Portfolio theory has been widely studied by scholars all over the world since its inception. The analysis and diversification of portfolio risk based on theoretical analysis as well as calculation has been the main research object of many financiers and scientists; the modern portfolio theory they created...

Research on Accelerating the Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development of Geological Prospecting Entities

Lamei Li, Yuan Yao1, Hao Yan, Fangfang Liu, Lei Wang, Junjie Yi, Qinghua Yan
Currently, geological prospecting entities are facing varying situations. To seize the chances of development, these entities shall continuously enhance their scientific and technological innovation, so as to take the path of sustainable development. From the perspective of macro geological view, macro...

Obstacles and Countermeasures for the Development of Agricultural Electronic Commerce Under the Construction of New Countryside

Wanshan Han
The development of agricultural E-commerce is an essential task in the construction of a new countryside. It is not only conducive to improving the degree of agricultural industrialization and reducing the transaction costs of agricultural products, but also increasing farmers’ income and narrowing the...

Research on the Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture and Moral Education Elements into the Teaching Measures of Medical International Students

Yamei Lin, Yingbo Li
The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture contains the moral education elements of "benevolence and sincerity". This paper takes the international students of Chinese medicine as the research object, and mainly studies how to integrate the moral education elements of TCM culture into the...
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Design of Fault Diagnosis of Automobile Lights Based on CAN/LIN Bus

You Ren, Wei Sun
Based on the research of the CAN/LIN bus communication protocol, an automobile lamps diagnostic system based on the CAN/LIN bus is designed. After the completion of the software and hardware designs of CAN nodes, LIN nodes and CAN/LIN nodes, the faults of automobile lamps can be successfully diagnosed....

The Market Regulation System in China Under the New Political Context

Qiuyang Ma, Gao Zhang, Menghua Fan, Li Ma
The power system in China faces three new changes. The first one is the “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality” national strategy; the second one is to establish the new generation energy system where the green and clean generation will be used to support most of the demand. And the third change is a new...

To Own or Not to Own: Costs for Car Ownership in Sharing Economy

N Starodubets, V Derbeveva, V Koksharov
The article is devoted to issues related to comparing the costs of owning a car and using a taxi in sharing economy. The article provides a methodological approach related to the full accounting of costs and the calculation of costs per kilometre with the corresponding microeconomic model building. The...

Analysis of Bitcoin Development and Investment Value

Tianyu Li, Wanying Li, Siyi Li
Bitcoin started out as a cryptology group, and gradually gained the attention of an elite group of economists, programmers, and math enthusiasts outside of cryptography, eventually rising and falling as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, after the fermentation of the media has received widespread attention...
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A New Kind of Bi-Directional Three-Port DC-DC Converter for Vehicle

Yi Xie, Wenguang Luo
This paper presents the design of a new bi-directional DC-DC converter topology, which solves the problem that electric vehicle could not run consistently both in time and distance. This DC-DC converter topology has three ports, each of which can transmit electric power to another port independently,...

An Application of Prior Knowledge on Detection of Brain Tumors in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Images

Sicong Chen
Brain diseases, such as brain tumors, are essential problems in people’s health. As a result, brain tumor detection has become a demanding and challenging task. In this paper, an interpretable method is proposed to introduce the prior knowledge of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images to brain tumor...

Primary Source Analysis: The Constitution of Narbonne 1260

Guanjie Ding
After some reading and talking to people, I did have an answer that I’m satisfied with; clothing is something that people would commonly use to identify the state of mind and personality of an individual, also best reflects the spirit of a person. In Franciscan Order’s case my understanding is that,...

Proposals for Carbon Reduction Measures for Industrial Enterprises under the Dual Carbon Targets

Qiang Wu, Jian Tan, Song Gao, Zesen Li, Shiyu Meng, Xiaotong He
The global warming situation is serious, and the world’s awareness of climate change issues is deepening. According to the China Carbon Neutrality Study by 2060, the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization (G-2060) has reduced the number of tons from 10.9 billion tons in 2028 to 1.38...
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The Application of Tolerant Rough Set Neural Network to Fighter Fault Diagnosis

Guoqiang Sun, Hongli Wang, Jun Tao, Xubing Li
Conventional rough set theory is based on indiscernibility relation, which lacks the adaptive ability to data noise or data missing. Furthermore, it may present qualitatively whether or not the faults exist, but it can’t compute accurately the value of the faults. Though the neural network has ability...

The Features of Legal Social and Economic Relations Workers Regulation with HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation

E S Shukaeva
In to article features of the persons infected with HIV legal labor status analyzed. It is established that the Russian labor and social law does not allocate workers today – HIV infection carriers with special legal status, regulating the questions connected with identification or presence of a disease...

Trend of Fiscal Expenditure’s Economic Effect

Experience from China

Qing Yang, Chunhui Yuan
Based on the panel data of Chinese mainland’s 31 province from 1978 to 2020, this paper studies the economic effects of government fiscal expenditure. The results show that: first, fiscal expenditure crowds out consumption, promotes investment and growth. Second, with the continuous increase of fiscal...
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Study on the adiabatic temperature of Al-Ti-C grain refiner synthesized by SHS technique

Y L Li, T G Zhou
SHS technique and conventional melting and casting technology were combined and used for the preparation of Al-Ti-C grain refiner alloy. Experimental results show that when SHS reaction occurs to the Al, Ti and C powder reactant in Al melt and the composition proportion factor, n , is between 4 and 10,...

How do Chinese Industry Climb up in the Global Value Chain?

Haiyan ZHOU
Under the new trend of the global competition focusing on value and efficiency, the key to maintain the comparative advantage is to gain competitiveness in the higher value chain. In front of the “re-industrialization” wave of the developed countries such as the US, and many challenges such as the loss...

The Effect of Psychological Safety on Innovation Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Jiamin Zhu, Hongjiang Lv, Yan Feng
This meta-analysis examines the relationship between psychological safety and innovation behavior and explores potential moderators that may moderate the relationship: cultural context and team type. A total of 94 independent samples of 85 articles meet the inclusion criteria (N=19180) through literature...

Premarital Sexuality, Gender Relations and Unplanned Pregnancies in Sexual Double Standards

Jiayi Guo
Boys and men are believed to be praised and positively attributed by others for illegitimate sexual encounters, while girls and women are seen to be demeaning and stigmatized for similar behavior. In other words, men are rewarded for sexual activity, and women are devalued for the same activity. Sexual...
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Feature Extraction Method for Wheat Diseases Based on Multi-fractal Spectrum

Feiyun Zhang
Wheat diseases image noise was effectively removed using lifting scheme multi-wavelet transform and multi-fractal analysis, and then it used multi-fractal theory to segment diseases image and extract eight multi-fractal spectrum values as wheat shape feature of diseases. Experiments showed that the shape...

Analysis of Business Opportunities on Launching Anti-cafés in the Service Market in the Sphere of Organization of Cultural Activities for the Residents of Metropolis

O V Astafeva, I A Osipova, E A Tyurina
Nowadays the service market in the sphere of the cultural leisure of the population is filled with various organizations and enterprises. However, the changes in consumer preferences lead to the need of search for a new type of pastime and entertainment organization. In the light of these events anti-cafés...

Application of Game Theory in a Social Experiment Based on Hawk-Dove Model

Ruchu Yang
Based on the Hawk-dove model, the game was designed to examine people’s decision-making strategy factors. By analyzing vast scale of data from 8 games, which were conducted among high school students and college students, our assumptions were disproved that people with additional information and a chance...

Research on Product Innovation of Tourism Enterprises under the Background of Aging

Based on Experimental Analysis

Shanshan Ma, Kexin Cai, Changjiang Tao
How to adapt to the development status of an aging population, develop innovative tourism products and improve the tourism experience of elderly tourists have become an important issue for tourism enterprises to be solved. Based on this, this paper constructs a structural equation model to explore the...