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Evaluation of Risk Manageability of HEI

R Aetdinova, G Galiullina, G Solomonova
The article sets out to consider assessment of risk manageability in institutions of higher education. The study examines a classification of external and internal risks characteristics of the universities, the technology of expert assessment of risk manageability. The methodology of determining the...
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Data Mining Improves Pipeline Risk Assessment

Baoqin Wang, Xuyang Zhou, Wenjing Zhang
Accidents to pipelines have been recorded and they often result in catastrophic consequences for environment and society with a great deal of economic loss. Standard methods of evaluating pipeline risk have stressed index-based and conditional based data assessment processes. Data mining represents a...
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Study on the design of semiconducting anti icing RTV coatings

Fang Zhenyu, Wu Peiyun
At present, the application of transmission line insulator anti pollution flashover coating is mainly the room temperature vulcanized (Room Temperature Vulcanized, RTV) silicone rubber coating. Insulator coated with RTV paint, not only enhanced the hydrophobicity on the surface of the insulator, pollution...

RETRACTION: Constructing IPv6 with Small Local Network

Baoqin Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Xuyang Zhou
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...

Risk Assessment Methods of HEI

R Aetdinova, O Chorosova, I Maslova
This article sets out to discuss an analysis of different methods of assessing risks in relation to universities. The study focuses on a review of qualitative and quantitative methods of assessing risks, and an analysis has been made of the possibilities of using these methods for the purpose of assessing...
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Input features of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Peiyan Sun, Lian Ju, Qingyun Yu, Jing Cao
Based on investigation dada on Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, August and November 1981 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the content, surces and input feature of PHC. Results showed that the content of PHC in study area ranged from 0.011-0.889 mg.L-1, and the highest value in April, August...
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Research on Symbol Synchronization Algorithm of LTE System

Wenjing Zhang, Baoqin Wang, Xu Fang, Xuyang Zhou, Weichao Sha
This paper designs and realizes algorithm of symbol synchronization for LTE system. In order to validate the feasibility of symbol timing synchronization algorithm, a series of simulations are performed with LTE channel models and the simulation results are analyzed carefully. Simulation shows that this...

The Impact of Human Capital on the Efficiency of Technological Innovation Application

V S Zharov
A problem of giving a quantitative evaluation of how the human capital affects the level and dynamics of the innovation-driven technological development of economic production systems of various levels, including manufacturing enterprises, has not yet been expressly solved. This fact lowers the scientific...
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Research on Adaptive Triangular Irregular Network for Virtual Battlefield Terrain

Heng-heng JIANG, Xin-yu CHEN, Wen-jing ZHANG
Constructing virtual battlefield terrain is a very important subject in military simulation. In allusion to the shortcoming of actual triangulated irregular network, an adaptive triangular irregular network is proposed in this paper, and the 3D modeling of the battlefield terrain is built. Effectiveness...

The Status of the Russian Education System: The Modernization of Human Resource

O K Kudriashova, AV Mar’ina, G R Fakhretdinova, O Y Khanova
In this article, the authors are going to examine the contemporary status of human resources in Russia. The essential approaches to the education system’s quality will be analyzed. The main problems of the educational domain will be revealed, as well as the ways of its abolition and human resource development.
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Research on the vertical distribution of Cadmium in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Shengtao Chen, Baolei Li, Xiao Geng, Zijun Xu
Based on investigation dada on Cadmium (Cd) in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1982, this paper analyzed the vertical distribution and seasonal variation of Cd. Results showed that The contents of Cd ranged from 0.13-0.53 g.L-1, which were meeting Grade I (1.00 g.L-1) in National Sea Water Quality Standard...
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Research on real-time laser range finding system

Fangxiu JIA, Jiyan YU, Zhenliang DING, Feng YUAN
Phase-shift laser range finder, as a large-scale, high-precision measurement method, is widely used in industrial and military fields. The traditional laser range finder can not meet the need of real-time, high resolution measurement because of its low anti-jamming capability and time-consuming measurement....
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Distribution and homogeneity of petroleum hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Xiaoli Zhao, Jiaolian Luo
Based on investigation dada on petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, June, Juny and October 1982 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the content, distribution and seasonal variations of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents in April, June, July and October in surface waters ranged from 0.03-0.07 mg.L-1,...

Timely Financial and Economic Literacy for School Children as Basis for Economic Growth in Future

D Shvandar
High requirement for basic knowledge of entrepreneurial activity together with the need to complexly approach the process of development and implementation of measures in in educational institutions increases, it is becoming more acute to study complex techniques for financial and economic literacy implemented...
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Analysis on Children Custody Decision Making Model

Yi Gu, Guangming Zhang
Children custody disputes are complicated for many judges owing to so many dynamic factors should to be considered. This paper proposes a novel model for legal expert system Based on LVQ Neural Network. Firstly, all clauses and discretionary factors, extracted from theories and judicial practice, involved...
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Research of Intelligent Vehicle Internet of Things based on anti-worm Model

Yan Qi, Qianpeng Han, Yongdong Zhang
Intelligent transport system that based on Internet of Vehicles is regarded as effective measure to guarantee the safety of highway transport. Anti-worm model in vehicular IOT is constructed based on divide-and-conquer with velocity and the drive velocity of vehicle node as the conversion condition between...
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Vertical water body effect of benzene hexachloride

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Huozhong He, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu
Based on the analysis on the transfer process of benzene hexachloride (HCH), this paper proposed the theory of vertical water body effect, vertical water body cumulative effect, and vertical water body dilutive effect, including definition, main function, and concept model. Furthermore, this paper applied...

Modern Practices of Teaching Materials Development for Higher Polytechnic Education

Z Ivanova, S Shvedov
The article raises the question of the need to strengthen the polytechnical element in higher education and to combine knowledge and skills from natural, technical and social sciences. Today the training of new specialists requires a transition from traditional training materials to a new generation....
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Saliency-Based Adaptive Object Extraction for Color Underwater Images

Huibin Wang, Xin Dong, Jie Shen, Xuewen Wu, Zhe Chen
Because of the special optical underwater imaging environment, the contrast and quality of images are affected severely, causing it difficult to extract objects from underwater images. An adaptive underwater object extraction method based on the saliency maps is proposed in this paper. Firstly, preprocessing...
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Vertical distribution of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Youfu Wu, Huozhong He, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang
Based on investigation dada on Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, August and November 1981 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the vertical distribution of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents were increasing from April and reaching the peak in August, and were decreasing in November. The distribution...

Automation of Cost Evaluation Methods When Choosing a Commercial Web Resource Through the Example of Primorsky Krai

L V Mkhitaryan, G F Pavlenko, T N Popova, G P Ozerova
The paper discusses practical methods used to evaluate the technical and economic features of the software system design project: the COCOMO method, PERT method and the method of estimating labor costs based on the database dimension. These accurate methods ensure simplicity of calculation and can be...
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Research on Underwater Polarization Image Segmentation Inspired by Biological Optic Nerve

Huibin Wang, Yurong Wu, Jie Shen, Zhe Chen
Due to effects of the light by water and other particles, the quality of underwater image will degrade. The traditional underwater image segmentation methods based on intensity and spectrum have difficulty in determining boundary. Inspired by the visual system of mantis shrimps, this paper constructed...
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A Flight Evaluating System using Flight Gear

Huamin Zhang, Li Li
This paper describes a system for evaluating flight of fixed-wing aircraft. During the flight of an aircraft, flight parameters are obtained and transmitted to the ground station by means of wireless communication. These flight data are received by the ground station and are calculated so as to get the...

Biomathematical Culture and Peculiarities of Its Formation of Students of Biological Specialties

Yu S Kostrova
Despite the needs of the labor market in biologists who know mathematical methods at a high level, the current system of mathematical training of students of biological specialties does not meet these requirements. The article discusses the concept of biomathematical culture of the students as the main...
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Research on the Selection of 35kV STATCOM Power Device

Jun Liu, Yang Zhao, Gang Zhao, Hao Sun, Yunfeng Li
With increased smart upgrading and reconstruction of power grid in China, typical representative of the third generation dynamic reactive power compensation technology, i.e. STATCOM(SVG), has been used widely in power transmission and distribution network all over China with good economic and social...
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Study on Relay System Performance of Simulation Platform Based on LTE-A

Zhen Zhang, Huaidong Xu, Yan Gu, Chenming Li
Relay technology is an important technical means to achieve a smooth transition from Long Term Evolution (LTE) to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A). Theoretically, the addition of nodes will improve the performance of the system effectively. While the relay is active nodes, addition of nodes become a new source of...

Methods for Assessing the Tourist and Recreational Potential of the Territory

E O Ushakova, M Y Tsoy
Regional socioeconomic planning requires assessing the local resource potential from the economic standpoint. The assessment must cover the tourism opportunities the region has, as domestic and inbound tourism is a national priority. This makes relevant any effort to improve the methodology for assessing...
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A binocular vision system for underwater target detection

Jie Shen, Hongye Sun, Huibin Wang, Zhe Chen, Yi Wei
For the underwater target detecting task, a binocular vision system specialized to the underwater optical environment is proposed. The hardware platform is comprised of a image acquising unit, a image processing unit and a upper computer. Accordingly, the loaded software system is operated for the camera...
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Research On the Application of Chain STATCOM Redundancy Technologies in Power Grid

Songshan Hui, Guangming Yu, Shuo Yang, Zhan Zhang, Jun Ma
Compared with traditional reactive compensation equipment, STATCOM features complicated structure and numerous components. And STATCOM utilizes multiple redundancy technologies to meet long-term stable operation requirements of power system for the equipments in the substation. This paper introduces...
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The Boundary Element Method of Testing Wood Moisture Content Problem in The Heterogeneous and Asymmetric Case

Cui Guo, Yuesheng Luo, Bin Ge, Shaogang Liu
In this paper, we discussed this engineering problem that used planar capacitance sensor measuring lumber moisture content. And a new mathematical model was introduced which could set up the relationship between the distribution of dielectric constant and planar capacitance sensor in the heterogeneous...

Functional / Process Simulation of the Risk Analysis Procedure with IT Support

D I Panyukov, E V Panyukova
The article contains results of the functional/process simulation of the risk analysis procedure based on the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) methods. The authors reviewed the primary literature sources on this issue and decided that it was necessary to simulate this procedure in two notations...
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Performance Research on Anti-noise AM Spot Jamming of PRBC-SFM Combined Fuze

Gongke Li, Shuaitian He, Youchao Tu
This paper gives the research on the anti-noise AM spot jamming performance of pseudo-random binary code phase modulation and sine FM combined fuze based on the criterion of signal to jamming ratio gain. First, the overall signal to jamming ratio gain of its receiver is reduced in detail under the noise...
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Research On the Application of Static Var Compensator in Fushun Power Grid

Yujie Pei, Liang Cao, Qingyan Meng, Guang Tong, Yaoding Gu, Yubin Dong, Wenjing Mu
in recent two years, electrical load in Fushun District increases continuously, and the impact and harmonic pollution on the power grid rises continuously, voltage quality problem becomes aggravated. Through multi-disciplinary analysis and demonstration, Fushun Power Supply Company installed SVC/SVG...

The Strategy of Sustainable Development of Urban Transport

I V Spirin, O Yu Matantseva, Yu M Grishaeva
In the modern economy, the actual purpose of business (profit) came into conflict with the social and environmental results of production activities. The internationally recognized concept of sustainable development provides a comprehensive solution to economic, social, environmental and other problems...
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Neural Network Application for Netted Radar Information Processing Systems

Jian Hu, Fanjun Hu
This paper discusses the neural network application for the information processing in the netted radar tracking systems compared with the problems of the conventional radar information processing. And then test the neural network using simulation method. The simulation result shows that the neural network...
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Research and Analysis On the Electromagnetic Interference Characteristic of SVG Power Module

Chengchang Liu, Ye Lu, Xin Yu, Xiaolin Deng, Jun Zhang, Guangming Yu
SVG is the third generation static var compensator that performs reactive power regulation by sending out capacitive or inductive current. Since numerous high power electronic components (GTO, IGBT) and PWM technology are used, the intensity and type of electromagnetic interference generated by frequent...
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Video Watermarking Scheme against Geometrical Distortions

Shanshan Hu, Fang Liu
A new video watermarking scheme against geometric distortions is proposed, which is most suitable for DCT-encoded compressed video, like MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, etc. To lower the computational cost, 2-D DFT coefficients are constructed directly from the block DCTs by exploiting a fast inter-transformation....

Development of the Foreign Economic Ties and International Relations in the Region: Case of the Sverdlovsk Region

A S Nikitina, A V Ruchkin, N N Startseva, O M Trofimov, N K Shemetova
This article analyzes the current problems and promising directions of development in the field of foreign economic relations and international cooperation of the Sverdlovsk region. As a result of the analysis of normative legal acts, statistical analysis of data from open sources on the activities of...
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Design of Terahertz-Wave Transmission Imaging System

Jie Pei, Gang Chen
An imaging system based on the transmission and reflection modes in the terahertz (THz) region is developed by using a backward-wave oscillator (BWO) as source, a Golay-Cell as detector, and an oscilloscope as data acquisition unit. The system software based on the oscilloscope is designed to control...
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Research and Analysis of Electromagnetic Noise of Outdoor SVG Power Unit

Xiaobo Jiang, Fengli Han, Tao Liu
Outdoor SVG (container-type) is especially suitable for limited space, such as old substations. The limited space of the entire device, and electromagnetic noise inside, especially that of the power chamber which is far higher than ordinary SVG. In the final analysis, the study on the law of change of...

Developing the Expert System for Assessing the Resilience to Crisis of Enterprises with Weak Dynamics

A V Sedelnikov, E S Khnyryova
In the last decade there has been considerable interest in the problem of enterprises crisis resolution. It is related to the fact that a number of economic crises hit many countries. This paper presents a new approach to assess the resilience to crisis of enterprises. For this purpose, we propose to...
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Automatic Diagnosis for Composite Web Service in Cloud Computing

Zhichun Jia, Rong Chen, Junjie Xu
Cloud computing is becoming a popular and important platform for web service applications. With the advent of more and more service resources in cloud, it is a crucial challenge to build an effective diagnostic mechanism. To improve the diagnosis capability for composite web service, we propose an automatic...

Territory Branding Modelling: Problems and Solutions

T G Butova, E B Bukharova, S L Ulina, E Y Yakovleva, V N Morgun
The evergrowing competition of countries, regions, cities and the increasing demands of the population for the quality of the surrounding environment called for the creation and maintenance of positive image and reputation, the main constituent of which is the branding of territories. Effective use of...
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Exact Traveling Wave Solutions and Simulation For A Class Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Yan ping Ran
In the different subsets of 4-parameters space , we obtain the exact traveling wave solutions of a class nonlinear partial differential equations which are closely related to the periodic wave solutions of (3+1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equations, generated by the Jaulent-Miodek hierarchy. These...
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CACOnt: A Ontology-Based Model for Context Modeling and Reasoning

Nan Xu, Weishi Zhang, Huadong Yang, Xiuguo Zhang, Xing Xing
In this paper, we present a general and extensible context-aware computing ontology (CACOnt) for modeling context and providing inference mechanisms. CACOnt provides not only the generic context ontologies for capturing basic concepts about context, but also the extensibility for adding domain-specific...
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Research on Multicast Routing Algorithm for P2P Overlay Network

Liangbin Chen, Qiang Li, Xiang Feng
Multicast routing is a critical problem in the P2P network. The main task for multicast routing is to establish a multicast tree with good performance, to satisfy the various qualities of service requirements, such as improving the streaming media service quality, and the utilization rate of cyber source....

The Competitiveness of the Amur Region in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies

A V Vasilyeva
Article is devoted to a research of competitiveness of the Amur region in the field of use of information and communication technologies in the organizations. Interregional comparisons of use of ICT in the regions entering the Far Eastern Federal District are presented in article. Comparison of regions...
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Dynamic Behavior of Traveling Wave Solutions for a class of nonlinear partial differential equations

Ruo Feng Zhang
Applying bifurcation method, some new exact traveling wave solutions of a class nonlinear partial differential equations generated by the Jaulent-Miodek hierarchy models are obtained, which corresponding to the kink wave, anti-kink wave solutions of its traveling wave system.
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A Refined Concentric Anchor-Beacons Location Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Received Signal Strength Indicator

Kun Zhang, Can Zhang, He Chen, Xiaohu Yin
As the development of technology, the wireless sensor networks (WSN) have a wide spread usage. And people pay more attention on the localization algorithm, as the key technology of WSN, there have been many method of self-localization. The concentric anchor-beacons (CAB) location algorithm is one of...
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Controller Design for ISG Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on SAE J1939 Protocol

Yongzhong Li, Xinjie Ji
During the design of IVECO ISG hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), the ISG electrical propelling system was inserted into the Duling IVECO vehicle. Thus the controller of ISG electrical propelling system constructed the distributed control system with the other controller. However, field bus is one of key...