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Research on the Quality Assurance of Acrylic based on the Optical Coherence Tomography

Shenjia Zhang, Guozhong Liu
According to the problem that the quality assurance of acrylic is not reliable, we use the Michelson interferometer theory to build a Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography system composed by reference arm, sample arm and spectrometer. Obtaining the 2D and 3D pictures, then measuring the thickness...
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Research on Start-up Mark Mechanism and Intelligent Compensation

Qihong Zhou, Jianan Zhang, Qiong Shen, Guangfeng Chen
Start-up mark is an important factor leading to woven defects. The reasons of start-up marks were discussed. At present, cloth fell displacement is a main factor to produce start-up marks for a loom. The relationship between cloth fell displacement and its influence factors were studied. Intelligent...
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MPPT Control Method of PV Based on subregional variable duty cycle

Bing Li, Li Jun Zhong, Gang Wang, Xiaojian Tian
A new method is presented for variable duty cycle of photovoltaic subregional maximum power point tracking(MPPT).It has combined the advantages of the popular MPPT method ,In different areas of photovoltaic power generation using different duty cycle control method, Optimization of the target area using...
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Design on Textbook Subscription System Based on JavaEE

Jun Yang
With the continuous expansion of universities and increase of school scale, workload of textbook management staff in college become more and more heavy. Using the traditional manual record has been unable to meet the demand, this paper study the design of college textbook subscription system based on...
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Application of GM(1,1) Model Based on Residual Error Correction in Athletic Performance Prediction

Qing-bin Wang, Ling Jia
In allusion to such problems in the athletic performance prediction as “poor information”, “small sample” and “dynamics” difficult to solve through traditional statistical methods, the application of the grey model will more effectively and accurately solve the above problems. However, the application...
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Athletic Performance Prediction Model Design Based on Grey BP Neural Network

Ling Jia, Qing-bin Wang
The best annual performances of the world women’s pentathlons during 2005~2013 are statistically collected in this article, and the prediction of the best performance of the world women’s heptathlon in 2013 is taken as the research object. According to the best annual performances of the world women’s...
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Multi Data Fusion Model Based on Information Entropy in Sensor Network

Li-ming Zhao, He-ping Liu
Data fusion is one of the research hotspots in the field of wireless sensor network. In allusion to the problem of excessive energy consumption of existing fusion methods, a data fusion scheme with minimized energy consumption is proposed in this article on the basis of the compressed sensing theory....
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Distribution and divergent process of volatile phenols in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang, Fengyou Wang
Volatile phenols are a class of protoplasmic toxicants which have caused inevitable environmental problems in many sea areas. This paper analyzed the content, pollution level and distribution of volatile phenol in bottom waters Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October 1983. Results showed volatile...
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The influences of overland flow, stream flow and marine current on As contents in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
This paper analyzed the contents, distributions and pollution sources of As in Jiaozhou Bay waters in 1983. Results showed As contents ranged from 0.19-4.89 g L-1,in the whole year, and were lower than Class I for As (20.00 g L-1) in National Standard of China for Seawater Quality (GB3097-1997). There...
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Vertical distributions and seasonal variations of volatile phenols in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
We analyzed the spatial distributions and seasonal variations of volatile phenols in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October in 1983. Results showed that volatile phenols contents were changing by means of vertical water’s effect. Volatile phenols contents in surface waters were in...
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An Advanced Persistent Threats Awareness Technology Based on “Condensed matter”

Yutong Wang, Chaowen Chang, Zengbang Ma
Today, Advanced Persistent Threats have become typical network security threats. However, traditional methods of defense such as rule matching, virus database and vulnerabilities database can only reflect the characteristics of the known attacks. For the unknown APT attacks hidden inside the system,...
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A Security Policy Description Language for Distributed Policy Self-management

Zengbang Ma, Yingjie Yang, Yutong Wang
The existing security policy description languages can’t support distributed policy self-management and have some problems in the aspect of describing capability, extensibility, portability and other issues. Against these problems, this paper proposes a security policy description language SPDL for distributed...
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Optimal Research of Equipment Maintenance Interval Based on Monte-Carlo Simulation

Xianghui Meng, Shaohua Wang
The optimization of maintenance interval of new equipment by simulation is brought forward according to related maintenance requirement and reality. According to the features of equipment, the basic hypothesis that failure rate increase linearly, deteriorate coefficient is opted to adjust failure rate...
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Study of Vulnerability Parameters in a Class of Network

Hong Bian, Haizheng Yu
A communication network can be modeled by a graph, whose vertices represent the nodes and edges represent the links between sites of the network. Therefore, various problems in networks can be studied by graph theoretical methods. The vertex integrity, the edge-integrity not only give the minimum cost...
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Study on Operation Risk Assessment of Electric Power Enterprise based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Fusen Zhong, Chuanliang Jia, Shiming Liu, Jiali Tan
Power Enterprise Operational risk is a major issue for the power companies. Based on the study of operational risk index system of domestic and international power companies, using the Delphi method to determine the power of operations risk assessment index, then using AHP and fuzzy set theory to determine...
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Algorithm on Top-k Keyword Search of Uncertain XML

Li-Yong Zhou, Xiao-Lin Zhang
Currently, the Top-k keyword search of uncertain XML returns only the top k probability value of the root node. We need further processing to constructed the sub-tree that it meet some certain conditions. To solve this problem, this paper defines a new Top-k query semantics SRRT-Top-k that based on the...
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A protocol anomaly detection method based on optimized hidden Markov model

Wei Qiu, Yingjie Yang, Yongwei Wang, Dexian Chang, Jiang Liu, Hao Hu
As to solve the issues of insufficient training data and initial parameters sensitive in existing protocol anomaly detection based on hidden Markov model, presenting a new protocol anomaly detection method based on improved genetic algorithm and hidden Markov model. First, the local competitive selection...
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Study on the Online Monitoring System and Fault Diagnosis Technology of Intelligent Circuit Breaker

Yi Li, Hao Jiang, Fugao Gong, Hengyi Xia
Intelligent circuit breaker is one of the most significant devices in the electric system, and its stability and reliability are quite significant for the operation of the power grid. An online monitoring and fault diagnosis system based on the vibration signal of virtual instrument technology is proposed...
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Study on Live Overhaul Robot Technology for Substation

Minghui Bao, Qian Wang, Rui Ran, Ting Cui, Gaolin Wu, Changping AN, Chao Chen
The automation and intelligence of the overhaul technology are related to the level of the whole substation automation and intelligence. Aiming at the problems of low automation level of substation high-voltage equipment overhaul, this paper mainly studies robot-based live overhaul technology. The design...
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The Combination of the Hilbert Transform and the Fourier Transform for Mechanical Vibration Signal Analysis

Xiao Wang, Yan Zhu, Bo Yu
In this paper we propose one method for mechanical vibration signal analysis. The given mechanical vibration signal is firstly decomposed into several intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) by the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method. The Hilbert transform of each IMF, calculated by a recently developed...
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An Event-Based Method of Construction of Cyberspace Models

Youjun Wang, Hongqi Zhang, Tianwei Che, Chuanfu Zhang, YunTian Zhao, Chao Yang
Cyberspace has become an important domain the same as the land, sea, air and space. Many cyberspace models were proposed to explain such a high coupled complex domain, but lack of practical method of construction these models make them hard to function. This paper proposes an event based method of construction...
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Parallel-Based Error Metric For Large-Scale Terrain Rendering Method

Zihou Ge, Xianyu Zhang
This paper presents a terrain rendering technique for large, textured terrain, which uses Parallel-based error metric. In a preprocess, the domain was first tiled and computed into a nested geometric space error map based on geographic theory, taking the advantage to save displaying memory with terrain...
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The Drawback of Image Resizing Based on Seam Carving

Zijuan Zhang
Lots of image resizing algorithms that based on seam carving belong to the discrete resizing methods. Seam-carving algorithms refer to delete or insert pixel lines in order to resize image’s size. Pixel lines horizontally or vertically pass through the whole image, deleting the pixel line to make the...
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Information system of the rare endangered plants in Poyang Lake watershed

Wenli He, XingZhao Dai, Xinghua Le, Yu Fang, Bangyou Yan, Haiou Bao
According to original environment destroy of the precious endangered plants, the information system need be built to monitor the endangered plants. Here, using C++, combined with Arcobject soft to establish the management platform system. The main design is data bank design and user interface design....
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Design and Implementation of Personalized Network Teaching Management System Based On the JSP

Guangyu Wang, Jing Zhang, Dan Han
Along with the development of information technology, the network education is rising and the online courses are innovating. But the information of network resources is so huge, that it is too difficult to distinguish between good and bad. The students spend a lot of time to find the information they...
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An Eliminating Brightness Differences Algorithm for Lunar Surface Image

Ying Hou, Guicai Wang
For solving effect and real-time performance problems of lunar surface image, the paper proposed an eliminating brightness differences algorithm of lunar surface image by correlation of color components fitting gray level map function. Feature points were obtained by matching in process image, which...
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A rapid identification method of change-point based on field data

Hualin Xu, Yirui Chen
The repairable system is influenced not only by the depth and breadth of repair, but also by operating conditions, work intensity, mode of operation and many other factors. The failure strength of the system will change once the maintenance effect is significant. And the segmented point process model...
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Design and Implementation of intrusion detection punctual response system

Yafang Lou, Dongna Zhang, Zhe Lv
With the rapid development of IT technology and Internet, Network security has become an unavoidable issue, the pure firewall strategy can't satisfy the need of safe and highly sensitive departments. The network defense must adopt a deep, various means, intrusion response technology research has become...
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Aeroelastic Stability Analysis of Compressor Blades in High-low Altitude

Xiang Zhang, Yuchun Chen, Xiuquan Huang
Fluid-structure coupled methodhas beenapplied to research the aeroelastic stability of compressor blades, and the effects of high-low altitude on blade flutter characteristics are investigated through comparison. Results show that, thesefrequenciescorresponding to displacement, elastic strain of blade...
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Development of Dismantling Tools for LW9-72.5 Circuit Breaker Closing Spring

Yuanda Zhu, Su Zhang, Ming Zhu, Shaohong Zhu, Tiejun Gao
The installation tool for SF6 circuit breaker closing spring is characterized by: diameter of the annular outer end cap is larger than that of the concentrically arranged annular inner end caps; there are multiple circumferentially evenly arranged support rods fixed between them; there are also many...
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Research, Development and Application of the Training Device for Trouble Shooting of Secondary Circuit of Operating Mechanism

Su Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Jun Ge, Wanyi Zheng, Jia Shan
Fault simulation is an important part of power system dynamic simulation, fault models in fully dynamic simulation software of power system simulates all kinds of symmetric and asymmetric complex faults by fault branch admittance matrix. Handling multiple faults and random faults by admittance matrix...
Proceedings Article

Study and Application of Cable Modeling Tools

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Lixia Wang, Zhen Zhang, DaHai Xu
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the continuous advancement of industrial technology, more and more CNC bending machines have been applied in modern production and the development has become more mature. This paper introduces briefly a cable bending tool with the following...
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Development of Multi-functional Electronic Power Assisting Device of Substation Equipment

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Ze Yang, Wei Wang, Xin Jin
The direct-current motor has been widely used in the modern electronic products, such as automatic control system, electronic equipment, home appliances, and electronic toys. The tape recorder, record player, recorder, and computer cannot work without the direct-current motor. So the control of the direct-current...
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Development and Application of the Special Tools for the Cleaning of Screw Fittings

Su Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Dongxu Dai, Wanyi Zheng, Zhe Han
The isolating switch is a device of isolating voltage in order to ensure the safety of the maintenance work of high voltage apparatus and equipment. It is installed by bolts on the mounting rack of electric equipment. The isolating switch is exposed outdoors and always affected by wind, rain, dust and...
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Development of the Special Tools for On-load Tap-changer Suspended Core

Yuanda Zhu, Su Zhang, Qishu Tang, Jia Shan, Zhen Zhang
In today's transmission and distribution system, large transformers are widely equipped with on-load tap changer (hereinafter referred to as OLTC) to ensure the voltage quality of the system and users. Due to the complex mechanical structure and high operation frequency, there are often abnormal situations...
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Development of Digital Real-time Remote Training Demonstration Device

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Hengfu Zhan, Shaohong Zhu, Tiejun Gao
Real-time display system for remote training consists of video recorder with wireless transmission module, relay router, display terminal and video recorder carrier with multiple wireless transmission modules. The display terminal includes projector, desktop, tablet computer or smart phones. The video...
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Study and Application of 220kV Substation Relay Protection Training System

Ting Yuan, He Zhang, Shusen Liu
With the large-scale application of power electronics technology and computer technology in grid operation, automation level of the grid production and operation maintenance in China is increasingly higher, which also proposes higher requirements on the professional theory and skills of frontline staff...
Proceedings Article

The Development and Application of Power System Relay Protection Technology

He Zhang, Lin Sun, Jing Zhang, Deguo Zheng, Liang Wang, Xiaoyu Weng, Jun Jiang
This article mainly tells the development of power system relay protection technology, application status and application prospect in the future, and for the relay protection device equipment type selection, function analysis, this paper introduces the current mainstream of relay protection technology,...
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Study on the application of the integrated protection and control device for 220kV intelligent substation

Ting Yuan
Power system is a complex and huge network composed by power generation, transmission, substation and distribution, of which substation is an important part. In this aspect, the intelligent degree of substation is especially important. The 220kV substation of high intelligent degree is built in Hejia,...
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Design and implementation of participating teaching quality information feedback system

Qingru Sui
With the reform and development of teaching, teaching quality has become the main focus of the various colleges and universities teaching problems. To improve the teaching quality of teachers, improve the teaching ways and methods, this paper studied, by means of participating in teachers' information...
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Aggregation and divergent process of As in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Xiaoli Zhao, Yunjie Wu
This paper analyzed the content and distribution of Arsenic (As) in bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October 1983. Results showed As contents ranged from 0.15-2.30 g L-1 in bottom waters in the whole year, and were more lower than Class I for As (20.00 g L-1) in National...
Proceedings Article

The impact of marine current to Cu contents in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Mingzhong Long, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Cu contents in different seasons in 1983 in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the contents, pollution level and distributions of Cu. Results showed that Cu contents in May, September and October were 2.47-20.60 g L-1, 0.86-4.86 g L-1 and 0.77-3.00 g L-1, respectively....
Proceedings Article

The influences of pollution sources on the vertical distributions of As in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on As in surface and bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983, this paper analyzed the seasonal variations, vertical variations and horizontal distributions of As. Results showed that As contents in surface waters in different seasons were in order of summer...
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Discussion on Strengthening Information Technology and Basic Education In-depth Integration Method

Shuping Li
Information technology penetrates into education field continuously with development of information technology. Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in education. Information technology has changed traditional mode of education, and created a brand-new learning environment...
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Implementation of effective Methods of Modeling Tools in technical Education

Sedivy Josef
Development didactics engineering subjects based on the results and conclusions research studies focused on the use of didactic potential of the technology deployed in industrial environments. The possibility of good careers in the field of construction and technical preparation of engineering companies...
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Research on Land Utilization Based on DEA-BP Neural Network Model

Bihe Fang, Tingyi Zhao
This paper comes up with a DEA-BP Neural Network Model which demands little on the input data and owns a good ability to foresight. The writer use the data from Project named The Evaluation on Development Land Utilization to test DEA-BP Neural Network Mode. The result indicates that the model performs...
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Research on the ontology-based collaborative description model of IoT resources

Jiaqi Dong, Zhiping Zhou
Researches of collaboration of the internet of things (IoT) resources so far have been limited to a certain aspect. This paper describes the features of similar IoT resources and relationships of different IoT resources to reflect synchronous and sequential relations of the collaborative system. An ontology...
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Research of decisional behavior on miners’ emergency response based on ERPs

Hongxia Li, Yongbin Fan, Lin Shi
This study using the event related potential (ERP) experiment means, researches the coal mine production emergency scenario miners in emergency response electrical experiments, and designs experiment of miners’ emergency information decision response. According to possible accidents and disasters in...
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A market comparison method evaluation model based on set pair analysis

Xiuli Wang, Jun Lei, Jie Bai, Hengkai Li
Appraisal model of estate market comparison approach existed uncertain problem, so a new appraisal model integration of GIS and set pair analysis was built. Firstly, using the GIS spatial analysis method quantified the real estate price impact factors. Then, its weights were calculated by entropy weight...
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A parallel algorithm of non-linear high-order boundary condition problem using form initial condition problem

Zhao Chen, Shesheng Zhang, Yuguang Li
The non-linear high-order boundary condition problem is transformed into form initial condition problem with few parameters, and the steps of calculating the non-linear parameter is constructed. The boundary condition problem is solved using parallel computer. Comparing with the result of boundary condition...