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Design and Research of the Intelligent vehicle with Self-tracking and obstacle-avoidance

Qingquan Cui, Zhong Qin, Jing Ning
Intelligent mobile platform is as a mobile wheeled robot driven platform, which has important research significance for the research of mobile robot. In the paper, STC89C52 microcontroller is adopted as the main controller, and an intelligent mobile vehicle is designed combined with the photoelectric...
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Test Case Prioritization Based on Clustering Analysis

Yi-fan Xue, Yu-guang Mao
With regard to the existing test case priority algorithm rarely focusing on the static covering condition of test case and other design information, as well as the testing person need to online collect relevant information about each statement in the procedure, and a higher dependence on code information,...
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Internal Logic of Water Level and Shipping Logistics System based on System Dynamics

Ting Liu
Affected by the global climate change, storms, droughts and other extreme weather occur frequently in recent years. This extreme climate affects the Yangtze River a lot, leading to extreme water levels of Yangtze River occurrence frequently. Changes in extreme water level of the Yangtze River have a...
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Research on Zigbee Indoor Position Algorithm Based on Particle Filter

Wenhao Wu
In an indoor environment, such outdoor positioning technology as GPS may have the phenomena of weak signal strength and poor availability due to construction blocking. As a result, the application of Zigbee wireless sensor network becomes a hotspot of the indoor position research at present. Specifically,...
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Design of Digital Campus Network Portal Platform Based on Portal

Haiyun Xiang, Xiao Fu
The campus information portal based on Liferay is the entry point of the entire digital campus. It integrates the functions of the identity authentication and the user interface. The system can be integrated in the campus, so that users can easily publish and share information. Provides the service with...
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Use Case Set Optimization in Android Mobile Platform Considering Energy Consumption

Peixing Yang, Di Zhou
Along with the increasingly mature computer technology, various computer systems with complex structures and strong functions have been widely applied to such key safety fields as aerospace, communication & transportation, medical treatment & public health and nuclear power energy. In case of system...
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Research on Memory Leakage Monitoring Based on Android Mobile Platform

Di Zhou, Peixing Yang
An excellent Android application shall not only have perfect function, but also have good user experience. Actually, performance is an important factor influencing user experience. Memory leakage is a common performance problem in Android development, and DDMS with a good memory monitoring tool Heap...
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Automatic analysis technology for aviation equipment software requirements

Han-Qing Zhou, Hai-Feng Li, Yan-Bing Huang
Quality of software requirement is an important factor to safety of aviation equipment software. With the increase of software complexity, Artificial software requirement analysis is difficult to find requirement defect caused by multi state combination, multi fault concurrent, multi condition conflict...
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Research and Design for Intelligent Control Algorithm of the LF Furnace Electrode

You-jun Yue, Zhi-yong Sun
By the way of build a new model to intuitively response the temperature changes in the refining furnace, using the results of the temperature changes to control the output of the current, and achieve the purpose of accurate control and not waste resources. Combining temperature prediction with this model,...
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Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Jinzhou

Xiang He, Runlei Cai, XueJiao Feng, Fan Wang
The water polluters of Liao river basin in Jinzhou is elected preliminarily basing on the basin of the key water polluters of Jinzhou city, combining with the principle of polluters screening and the computing method of equal standard pollution load, optimizing and assessing the indexes which involves...
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Flotation Froth tracking and speed measurement based on features and spatial relationship

Guoying Zhang, Daihong Zhou, Beihua Feng, Wenlin Gong
The tracking and speed measurement of floatation froth is important for the control and optimization of floatation industry. A new tracking and speed measurement method based on features and spatial relationship is proposed in the paper. The salient bubble objects are extracted from frames, and they...
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Autonomy Evaluation Methods for the Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Jing Li, Zhenmin Tang, Yan Fang, Yefa Tan
With the wide application of the autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) in the military and civilian areas, the autonomy requirements such as autonomous self-awareness, self-planning and self-control are increasingly considered. The autonomy evaluation has been one of the key issues in the research of the...
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The application of k-means algorithm based on 2-SVM in Intrusion System

Shizhen Zhao, Qiang Yu, Yu Fu, Wei Song
After analyzing the superiority and the deficiency of K-means clustering algorithm, the author put forwards the IDS based on the 2-SVM, according to the research achievement on SVM in the field of IDS. The result shows that this algorithm can avoid the problem of decreasing detection rate by local optimum...
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Maritime wireless broadband communication system based on TVWS

Yonghui Zhang, Zhenjia Chen, Fang Dong, Baodan Chen
TV White Spaces (hereinafter referred to as the "TVWS") is the radio spectrum has not been used, is assigned to using in broadcast television. TVWS has the advantages of high transmission distance, strong penetrating ability, not easy to be absorbed by water, large amount of transmission unit data, etc.,...
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Research of the Method for Position Detection of the Rotor in the Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Qiangqiang Lin, JianGuo Song, Jie Dai, PengTao Mou
The vector control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) needs detect the position of rotor. In this paper, the position sensor of IPMSM is rotating transformer and we designed the decoding circuit based on AU6802N1.At last, we measure the rotor position through the control system based...
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Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Improved Similarity Computing

Aili Liu, Baoan Li
At presently the most widely used algorithm is collaborative filtering in the Personalized Recommendation Systems for E-Commerce. Aiming at the problem that the recommendation is not accurate due to the data sparsity, a collaborative filtering algorithm based on user characteristics and item attributes...
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The application of Virtualization technology in Grid Computing

Cheng Zhang, Dan He, Jianlian Xiao, Yang Li
In this paper, the author discussed the current popular the grid computation technique and the virtualization technology, analyzed and concluded characteristic of two technologies. Then, VNET has been proposed, which can add the virtual machine to the network efficiently. It can dynamically modify its...
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Three-dimensional Model of Maritime Search

Chun Zhang, Cheng Wang
This paper establishes a three-dimensional maritime search and rescue plan by integrating a differential equation model, a global optimal model and an area partition algorithm. Based on the data of flight data and the loss time of communication for MAS MH370, we establish a differential equation model...
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Application of Atmosphere Precipitation Resources Distribution Remote Sensed by Ground-based GPS in the West of Taiwan Strait

Weihua Pan
In this work, the ground-based GPS data in the West of Taiwan Strait was used to remote sense atmospheric Precipitation Water Vapor (PWV) in Fujian, and dynamically analyzed the spatial pattern change characteristics of PWV, combined with meteorological data, in order to quantitatively analysis the relationship...
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Research on Key Technology for Processing Images from Infrared Trigger Cameras

Jian Li, Lei Zhang, BaoPing Yan
In recent years, infrared trigger cameras are widely employed in the fields of wildlife monitoring and protection as they can collect massive image data. It is of great realistic significance about how to conduct automatic processing of these image data and extract key information. This paper has a detailed...
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Design and Implementation of IaaS platform based on tool migration

Wei Ding
Based on cloud computing architecture and future network service resource architecture using the OpenStack open source framework, design an Service Innovation Platform which can manage development tools and application programming interface in many aspect. Maximum collecting the dispersed, isolated service...
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A New Interface Detection Method Based on Heat Transfer Rate of Oil and Water

Kuijiang Liu, Guoying Zhang, Wei Zhang, Jizhi Zhang
The detection of interface between water and oil is of great significance for the heavy oil exploitation. However, the existing detection techniques have some drawbacks, such as poor efficiency and low accuracy. A new interface detecting method based on the Heat Transfer Rate between oil and water is...
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A New Interface Detection Technology Based on Fusion Boundary Enhancement

Guoying Zhang, Daihong Zhou, Beihua Feng, Wenlin Gong
An interface detection method based on fusion boundary enhancement is proposed, and can be used to extract the oil water interface in the test tube accurately. Boundary extraction is carried out by using differential operators, morphological operations of image processing. The fusion of Sobel differential...
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A Keyword-based Similarity Content Search in Named Data Networking

Minbin Luo
Named Data Networking is a future Internet architecture which enables content retrieve and access by its name. Different from the current network, Named Data Networking is more like a distributed network. Nevertheless, users do not know name of the content. In this paper, we present a Keyword-based NDN...
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A Kind of De-noising and Segmentation Method for CAPTCHA with Colored Interference Lines

Wang Zhao, Zitong Cheng
The research of CAPTCHA recognition can discover the security vulnerabilities of CAPTCHA in time. It has great significance in improving the CAPTCHA design method and promoting the design level of CAPTCHA. Text-based CAPTCHA recognition mostly uses the method of characters segmentation and recognition....
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Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Rong Chen
Image processing is widely used in many fields,in image enhancement processing,traditional image enhancement method,such as histogram equalization, wavelet coefficient enhancement,and so on.Although these methods achieved good image enhancement performance,however,noise is amplified during image enhancement...
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Analysis and Simulation for State of Traffic Data based on VANET

Chunran Zou, Zehan Chen, Weihua Ma, Yanlin Liu
Because of fast moving of VANETs node and dynamic topology structure, the traditional wireless self-organized routing protocol is difficult to be directly applied in VANETs. Therefore, the routing protocol of hybrid traffic information perception is proposed. Through the collection of real-time traffic...
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A Personalized Collaborative Recommendation Algorithm Based on Hybrid Information

Dejia Zhang
Personalized recommendation systems can help people to find interesting things and they are widely used with the development of electronic commerce. Many recommendation systems employ the collaborative filtering technology, which has been proved to be one of the most successful techniques in recommender...
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Software Adaptive Mechanism Based on Software Architecture in Software Running Time

Haiyun Xiang, Xiao Fu, Xu Li
In the Internet environment, software gradually moves from closed, static and controllable status towards open, dynamic and unpredictable state. How to propose suitable software theory for such adaptive software has become the challenging issue facing the computer science and technology. Applicable formal...
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D Design and Implementation of Limestone Activity Real-time Detection System Based on Qt /Qwt

Hao Xu, Pingping Shan, Ke Chen, Zheng Zhang
The limestone Detection System is developed by Qt assisted by Qwt and Modbus protocol based on Linux platform. The system can detect activity of limestone and PH value in real-time. This article begins with a brief description of the background and the functional requirements of the system, given the...
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Test case prioritization based on clustering analysis

Yifan Xue, Yuguang Mao
With regard to the existing test case priority algorithm rarely focusing on the static covering condition of test case and other design information, as well as the testing person need to online collect relevant information about each statement in the procedure, and a higher dependence on code information,...
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Design and Implementation of Scenic Area Information Service System based on Semantic IoT

Hai-Chao Yang, Rui Guo, Jun Li
Aiming at characteristics of wisdom scenic, based on semantics Internet of things technology, we have realized a kind of scenic intelligent information service system which integrates various functions including scenic guide, environmental information perception, etc in one, designed system architecture...
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Design and Implementation of Supermarket Management System

Yongchang Ren, MengYao Chen
This supermarket management system has realized the transmission and control of large goods, so as to facilitate the management and decision of sales, and reduce a big burden for supermarkets and supermarket managers. It also can help to improve the work efficiency of supermarket. Its requirements is...
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Construction of SSI Framework Based on MVC Software Design Model

Yongchang Ren, Yongzhe Ma
Good development framework can improve quality of software development. This paper makes research based on the MVC software design model, after thorough analysis of the current mainstream of three technical framework, combining with their characteristics and advantages to construct SSI fusion framework...
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Double Closed-loop Control System Design of PMSM Based on DSP

PengTao Mou, JianGuo Song, Qiang Song
In this paper, the vector control theory of PMSM is studied, and the double closed-loop control system of PMSM is designed. By analyzing the mathematical model of PMSM, vector control principle and control strategy based on vector control, the control strategy and realization method of this paper are...
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Moving vehicle target tracking based on improved Mean shift algorithm

Fei Lei, Xiaoqiong Meng
This article proposes a tracking algorithm based on mean shift and particle filter according to the characteristics of moving vehicles. Firstly, the algorithms establish auto target motion model that the core is RGB color histogram. Secondly, using the Bhattacharyya distance measures similarity of particle...
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Friction and wear behaviour of Scapharca subcrenata under sliding contact conditions as a function of sliding speed and loading level

You Lv, Xiu Fang Zhang, Wen Cui Xiu, Li Qun Lei, Li Na Sun
This paper investigates the microstructure and friction-wear behaviour of Scapharca subcrenata in order to obtain useful information regarding the tribological properties of composite materials. The experimental results have showed that the relationship between the friction rate and surface roughness...
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of Argopecten irradians

You Lv, Li Qun Lei, Li Na Sun, Xiu Fang Zhang, Wen Cui Xiu
This paper investigated the microstructure and composition of Argopecten irradians through X-ray diffraction (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) and energy spectrometer (EDS), and measured the hardness and tribological properties of Argopecten irradians using nanoindentation and...
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Numerical Characteristics of Friction Stir Spot Welds

Honggang Yang, Haijun Yang, Xin Zhao
As a solid state joining process, friction stir spot welding (FSSW) has a strong potential to be applied in the aerospace and automotive industries. Mechanical property of the FSSW joint takes important influence on connection performance. In the present paper, numerical simulation model of mechanical...
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The mechanical performance analysis of double-layered high-strength stirrup confined concrete columns of different cross-section

Xiurong Yang, Cheng Fan
In order to study the mechanical performance analysis of double-layered high-strength stirrup confined concrete columns of different cross-section, using ABAQUS of finite element software for numerical simulation and experimentally comparison methods to analyze different stirrup characteristic value...
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Shellac nanofibers prepared using a modified coaxial electrospinning with a Triton X-100 solution as the sheath fluid

Yong-Hui Wu, Chen Yang, Sheng-You Lu, Shi-Cheng Jia, Chuang-Jian Li, Deng-Guang Yu
The present study reports that a modified coaxial electrospinning process, which was successfully carried out to control the diameters of shellac fibers. With a Triton-X100 in ethanol as sheath working solution and shellac ethanol solution as a core electrospinnable fluid, the coaxial electrospinning...
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The Modal Characteristics of Circular Vibrating Screen and Kinematics Analysis

Yijun Zhou, Xiaodong Zheng, Lei Zhang
The virtual prototype of circular vibrating screen was Established, and the overall structure and working principle of the device were described in detail.The natural frequency of circular vibrating screen was obtained by using finite element analysis software ANSYS to modal analysis,which can provide...
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The Ultra-hard Honing Oilstones

Z.C. Zhou, J. Du, Y.K. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, S.Y. Gu
Physical, chemical and mechanical properties of some abrasives such as diamond, CBN are described in this paper. The preparation and application of ultra-hard oilstones such as diamond and CBN are also discussed. They are widely applied in honing and promote great development of honing technology. However,...
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Research on Multifunctional Float-assisting, Bulletproof, Puncture-proof Composite Clothes

Xiang-hui Meng, De-de Dai, Liang Guo
A soft bulletproof layer is made by utilization of the newest domestic Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, and by composing float-assisting and puncture-proof functions, multifunctional float-assisting, bulletproof, puncture-proof composite clothes is developed, according to the current flaws...
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Research on Properties of Polymethyl Methacrylate Colored Non-slip Surface Coating

Yongqiang Zhong
Colored non-slip surface coating has an important role in the prevention of traffic accidents and obtains more and more attention and application. This paper based on chemical reaction principle of poly methyl methacrylate with a curing agent to produce a fast secondary crosslinking reaction coating...
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Simulation Research For Air Power Drive System Based on PI Control

Fu Qiang, Mianhong Cheng
It established APD(Air power drive) starting drive dynamics model. The APD system is put forwarded to improve the vehicle starting drive efficiency. We analyzes the APD working principle, adds a air power and researches for the basic simulation of control model with slip-rate based on PI control theory....
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The System of Cutting and Stacking of Casting Sprue Clay Pipe Based on PLC

Chaojun Wang, Jun Yao, Ran Tao, Bing Li, Yulan Wei
Aiming at the issues that the big intensity of labor, large number of workers, low product efficiency and the quality refractory in the fire-proof material production enterprise in casting sprue clay pipe production pipe molding process in subsequent processing. A system of cutting and stacking of casting...
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Two Kinds of Neural Network Fusion of Aero-engine Rotor Vibration Signal Fault Diagnosis

Feng Ding, Zhaoyang Wang, Fengwei Qin
In order to improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis, this paper puts forward a method of wavelet packet combining neural network fusion. By wavelet packet decomposition and reconstruction of normal and fault vibration signals of aero-engine rotor, the feature vector from the vibration signal can be extracted....
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The physical property of epoxy/graphene nanoplatelets composites prepared by ball milling

Danqing Chen, Jie Yan
Epoxy/graphene nanoplatelets(EP/GNs) composite was prepared by ball milling(BM), using diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A(DGEBA)as matrix, Diethyltoluene diamine(DETDA) as curing agent, GNs as thermal conductive filler. The mechanisms and influence of different BM time to exfoliate layered GNs and compound...
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Cleaning of mildew on the optical lens with an economical and ordinary Diode laser

Xinji Gan
Laser cleaning of the mildew on the optics lens with economical and ordinary Diode laser has been studied in this paper Mucor and Penicillium are the simples tested in the experiments. The mechanism of laser cleaning them is thermal effect through the interacting of photon and mildew It is demonstrated...