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Application of maximum likelihood classification Based on minimal risk in crop interpretation

Yubin Song, Xiufeng Yang, Yancang Wang, Zihui Zhao, Xuhong Ren, Longfang Duan
In crop interpretation by remote sensing, Gray distribution of crop is overlapped in some intervals. The non-target crops fall into the target crop, which would greatly increase the workload in post classification. To reduce these classification errors, and improve accuracy of clarification, maximum...
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Adaptive Scheduling Based CPU/IO in Storm

Xinli Zhang
Storm is a real-time streaming of Big data processing field tools. But the task of topology will even divided to the executors in worker node,which as default scheduler. It neither consider internal solt transmission delay time, nor consider transmission delay between nodes, but does not consider the...
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Online Traffic Congestion Prediction Based on Random Forest

Xiao Han, Yijie Shi
In recent years, distinction and prediction of urban traffic congestion has become an important part of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), hence attracting more and more attentions. Road congestion can be predicted by analyzing traffic flow data collected by various data acquisition equipment primarily....
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An Android Malware Detection Method Based on Feature Codes

Yiran Li, Zhengping Jin
The Linux-based android operation system is now exposed to high risks of security since the malware of smart phone explodes. For the purpose of effectively detecting the malware on the android platform, an android malware detection method based on feature codes is described in this paper. By using the...
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An Improved Graph-based Recommender System for Finding Novel Recommendations among Relevant Items

Ranran Liu, Zhengping Jin
Recommender system has been extensively studied to provide the most relevant data to users in this era of information explosion. Among all kinds of recommendation algorithms, collaborative filtering (CF) algorithm is one of the most famous ones because of its high accuracy and simple implementation....
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Modeling and Simulation of Large Synchronous Generator Excitation System with PSASP

Qiao Chen, Li Wan, Kunpeng Zhou, Kai Ding, Jun He, Yuchuan Hu
This article analyzes the different type of large synchronous generator excitation system and discussed the adaptability of the excitation system model of PSASP. A self-excitation model and a three machine excitation model is modeled and simulated, which proves the accuracy of PSASP model.
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The Research of Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning Algorithm based on Position Fingerprint

Yujie Liu, Meng Wu
To improve the positioning accuracy and robustness of indoor positioning technology, a fingerprint positioning method is proposed based on the Kalman filter and the probability weighted Bayes algorithm. Firstly, the optimal estimation of signal strength is calculated using the prediction and correction...
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Aqueous solution polymerization of acrylamide:a pilot-scale study

Haidi Cai, Fangyou Meng, Changhong Li, Feng Zhao
The polymerization of acrylamide was initiated by complex redox system in aqueous solution.Meanwhile, according to the best experimental craft,we conducted a pilot-scale polymerization of acrylamide.We studied the effects of different pilot experiment intrinsic viscosity of the polymer, dissolution time,...
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Synthesis and Study of ternary copolymerized cationic polyacrylamide

Haidi Cai, Fangyou Meng, Changhong Li, Feng Zhao
The ternary cation flocculant P(AM-DMDAAC-DMC) was synthesized by aqueous solution polymerization with raw materials of acrylamide(AM),and dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride(DMDAAC) and methacryloyloxyethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride(DMC) with the complex redox as initiator.Effects of cationic mononer...
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Evaluation Technology for Wind Power Access in Regional Power Grid Based on PSD-BPA

Jian Bai, Yin Huang, Youjun Wang
With the large-scale construction of wind farms, the access of the wind farms affects the voltage of regional power grid. Power grid data in the South China region is built on the PSD-BPA system, and the PSD-BPA data of the current region can be obtained from the superior power grid. According to the...
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A design of simple soldering machine

Yinhe Sheng, Kun Liu, Defu Shao, Xiaoming Feng
A type of soldering machine based on PIC-controlling is introduced in this paper, the high speed micro-controller unit (MCU) with kernel of 16F84A is adopted in PIC. The data is send to lower computer to control three axis motions by computer serial port, the process of automatic soldering is realized....
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Energy storage station and Distributed power Synergistic dispatching management system

Peng He, Kun Li
Based on power grid dispatching automation platform, Establishing distributed resources cooperative scheduling management system, including wind power, biomass power generation, photovoltaic power generation and energy storage electric vehicle charging stations. The use of intermittent, renewable energy...
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A Navigation Method for Land Vehicles Based on DR with Computer Vision Aided

Xingyu Li, Tingting Jiang, Zhenguo Yuan
Visual navigation methods become more and more hot issues for the vehicles. Computer vision has been applied to Dead Reckoning (DR) for land vehicles successfully. Based on the principle of DR, computer vision is used to calculate the azimuth information. And displacement information from camera could...
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The Research of NC Programming Method Based on DXF File

Qisheng Liu, Dechen Huang, Xueli Tai, Tao Han, Bingbing Yan
DXF format file is a standard format of the ASCII text file, the CAD graphic data is saved accurately. A method of NC program is proposed based on DXF file in this paper, the valid data is extracted from AutoCAD DXF document in the graphics file (including straight line, circle, circular, elliptic arc,...
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Simulation Of The PV Array Output Characteristic In Shading

Yuan Yao, Honglu Zhu, Xu Li, Qiao Sun, Ling Nie, Gang Zhao
PV nonlinear characteristics caused by complex external environment and the complexity of PV maximum power point locations distribution influence the design and optimization of photovoltaic maximum power tracking algorithm. Based on PV equivalent circuit model, unknown parameters of PV model are solved...
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Daily Solar Irradiance Fluctuation Assessment Method Based on Correlation Analysis

Honglu Zhu, Xu Li, Qiao Sun, Ling Nie, Jianxi Yao, Gang Zhao
A method to evaluate fluctuation characteristics of daily solar irradiance was introduced based on theoretical solar irradiance. Process feature of daily solar irradiance were analyzed. Observed daily solar irradiance of 10 days in Beijing was tested to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method. Result...
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Implementation of Computer Graphics Algorithm Platform Based on Autodesk Maya

Qi Zhang, Zhanpeng Huang
Building a visualization algorithm platform is the first step and very important part of computer graphics research. In this paper, we describe a new method to implement computer graphics algorithm based on Autodesk Maya. By creating the node is to be integrated directly into the Dependency Graph, we...
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Application of Negative Selection Theory in Intrusion Detection

Yunhui Xing, Zhaowen Lin, Yan Ma
Along with the rapid development of Internet, network security has become one of high-profile issues in the current life. In this paper, the problem of instruction detection based on artificial immune system model and the key technologies negative selection algorithm(NSA) are discussed in detail, by...
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Fault Detection for Network Control System with Multiple Packet Loss

Yuqing Li, Qun Zhang
The fault diagnosis problems for Networked control systems with multiple packet loss is studied. Residual model is designed to meet the minimum system implemented. By choosing the appropriate Lyapunov function, the sufficient conditions for the robust stochastic stability of the filter fault diagnosis...
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Intelligent bus temperature measurement system based on Zigbee networks

Gang Ma, WenGong Jiang
In order to avoid overheating due to bus power supply system that will cause major accidents, we need to monitor the temperature of high-voltage switch cabinet in the narrow space. This paper designs a wireless intelligent bus temperature measurement system based on Zigbee networks. The application of...
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Cycle Life Prediction for Rechargeable Battery based on Accelerated EODV Multi-phase Model: A Case on Nickel Hydrogen Battery

C.Y. Duan, Q.Z. HuangPeng, J.L. Zhou, G. Jin
In the health management of battery, cycle life prediction is an essential component. Before battery fail, the End-of-Discharge Voltage (EODV) reduce with the use. This paper proposed a multi-phase degradation model of EODV through failure mechanism analysis to evaluate the degree of degeneration of...
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Comprehensive Utilization And Development Trend Of Corn Straw

Mingfen Niu, Huan Liu, Mingmei Zhao, Wenjuan Liang
China's corn straw resources are very rich, the development of corn straw application technology industry has become a hot spot. In this paper, the present situation of comprehensive utilization of corn straw in China is summarized, including the utilization of corn straw as fertilizer, feed, raw material,...
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Rank Constraints on Joint Dictionary Learning for Image Recognition

Haohao Meng, Yufeng Chen
Sparse representation has been extensively applied to image recognition, while learning appropriate dictionaries for image content representation plays a critical role in it. An approach to simultaneously learn a common dictionary and multiple class-specific particular dictionaries achieves state-of-the-art...
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Study of Longkou Oil Shale Pyrolysis Behavior with Bitumen as the Intermediate

Jian Shi, Yue Ma, Jili Hou, Shuyuan Li, Jinsheng Teng
Oil shale as the petroleum alternative is widely distributed in China, the total oil shale resources and potential shale oil resources are estimated at 719.937 billion tons and 47.644 billion tons, respectively. Shale oil and gas can be obtained through the pyrolosis of the oil shale. In order to study...
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Comparison analysis of pollutant emissions factor for Lantan combustion instead of raw coal

Jili Hou, Wenzhi Shang, Junli Liu, Yue Ma, Jian Shi, Shuyuan Li, Jinsheng Teng
Volatiles, sulfur, nitrogen and other impurity atoms have released in the process of bituminous coal retorting and high-quality Lantan can be obtained. In order to investigate the feasibility of Lantan to combustion as a clean fuel instead of raw coal, this paper selects several representative coals...
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Digital Display Design of Ethnic Clothing of Nanling

Shiyong Zheng, Weili Guan, Biqing Li
This paper conducts a research about digital display of “ Nanling minority costumes” of Hezhou University Museum. Sufficient basis for the work in the feasibility study and needs analysis, a digital display design is proposed. This design refers to clothing patterns design process, user interface design...
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Study on Thrust Hydraulic System of TBM Based on AMESim & MATLAB/Simulink Interface

Xiangdong Gao, Jianxi Yang, Kui Chen
The choice of fuzzy rules and membership function of fuzzy self-adjusting PID controller of tunneling boring machine (TBM)’s thrust hydraulic system exists the defect of subjectivity to a great extent. The genetic algorithm (GA) was adopted to optimize fuzzy rules and parameters of membership function...
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A software for optimizing the thermal power plant operation under environmental Constraints

Chunxiu Zhang
On the basis of the historical data of unit operation, consider the environmental cost, and KWH cost into the evaluation system, in order to developing guiding optimal operation of the thermal power units to run the software optimization . Through correlation analysis of the unit operation parameters,...
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A Hierarchical Resource Allocation Algorithm for Satellite Networks Based on MF-TDMA

Huijun Feng, Yuanan Liu, Hefei Hu, Dongming Yuan, Jing Ran
Satellite communication networks would become one of the most prevalent communication system for the increasing demand for high-speed multimedia services and the underutilization of scarce satellite spectral resource. Considering resource optimization under multi-priority services and various link states...
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Research on the influence of steel slag powder, slag power, and fly ash on the performance of concrete

Kaiqiang Song, FuTian Liu
In this paper, steel slag powder, slag powder and fly ash mixed with different proportions, equivalent replacement of cement, as concrete admixture, study the effect of the admixture on the performance and mechanical properties of concrete, and through the XRD, SEM, differential thermal and other micro...
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Synthesis and photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+ doped Bi4Si3O12 red emitting phosphor

Gonggong Lu, Kehui Qiu, Yunlei Bu, Xilu Hou, Xiqiang Yuan
Eu3+ doped bismuth silicate phosphors, Bi4Si3O12:xEu3+ (0.01 x 0.08) were prepared via sol-gel route. XRD results show the phase of the synthesized phosphors calcinated at 650 is isostructural with Bi4Si3O12. Under the excitation of 261nm and 393nm, there are some sharp emission peaks of Eu3+ ions centered...
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Research of method for detection of rail fastener defects based on machine vision

Zhenzhen Wang, Siming Wang
The detection of rail fastener defects is the key to ensure the running safety of high-speed trains. Traditional method is usually be detected rely on train workers who walk along railway lines to find out the potential risks. The method by artificial maintenance is slowly, costly, and dangerous. As...
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Six-legged Walking Robot’s Gait Planning and Kinematics Analysis under the Environment of Concave Ground

Yangyang Fan, Yunwei Zhang, Yong Yu, Ling Chen, Xiangyi Zeng, Shuang Gou
Legged robot has advantages with high degree of freedom, flexibility and strong adaptability to the ground. So this paper presents a posture in concave ground environment of a leg organization of a six-legged robot and proposes a gait planning of six-legged robot, which ensure it to move smoothly and...
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Study on Influence of Excitation System Parameters on Transient Characteristics of Power Units

Qiao Chen, Jun He, Wentao Huang, Xin Shu, Wan Li
The engine excitation control system has significant effect on the static stability, dynamic stability and transient stability of the power system. In power system stability calculation, the model and parameters are used to correct the excitation system. Excitation system parameters are numerous, such...
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Research and Experiment on Field Warning Device of Non-contact Type

Songnong Li, Qiang Zhou, Xingzhe Hou
In order to better understand the power frequency electric field around the transmission lines and device, this study introduces the mathematical measuring principle of one-dimensional spherical sensor for electric field, analysis the theoretical feasibility whether the ball-type sensors could be replaced...
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Fe2O3 Nanorods Grown on Reduced Graphite Oxide for the Anode of Lithium Ion battery

Jinlong Zuo, Ruifeng E, Junsheng Li, Zhi Xia, Xuewei Wang, Xinguo Yang
Fe2O3 nanorods grown on reduced graphite oxide RGO was synthesized via a facile hydrothermal method followed by a heat-treatment process. The Fe2O3 nanorods grown on the RGO has a average diameter of 40 nm, which is smaller than the pure Fe2O3 nanorod. Investigated as an anode material for Li-ion batteries,...
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Preparation of ZnO photocatalysts and study on photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic wastewater

Jinlong Zuo, Xue Li, Wei Jiang, Xinguo Yang, Xuewei Wang
Nano ZnO/graphene composites were prepared by the oxidation of graphite and nano ZnO as the precursors under the condition of water temperature at 120 . The photocatalytic activity of the composite was detected to treat simulated antibiotic wastewater by using the solution of tetracycline hydrochloride...
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Present Situation and Improved Measures of Medical Equipment

Hongjie Gao
With the rapid development of medical and health undertakings in China, the requirement of the qualified medical service system was increasing, more and more medical had introduced the advanced medical equipment, the introduction of a large number of equipment to make the medical equipment maintenance...
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Observation and nursing countermeasures of the upper gastrointestinal bleeding patients

RL Cheng
the upper gastrointestinal bleeding in medical emergency is common in surgery, patients with critical illness, the short time may be life-threatening, nursing staff in addition to actively assist doctors do all kinds of rescue, hemostatic measures should strengthen close observation of the illness, completes...
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Breast Biopsy pathological technique and diagnostic application

Yanli LV
The diagnosis of breast disease in Europe and other advanced western developed countries were mainly the biopsy technique, which included fine-needle aspiration biopsy for cytological diagnosis and core needle biopsy for histological diagnosis. This two methods could figure out the basic pathological...
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Research of Greenhouse Control System Based on Fuzzy Math

Lei Xiao, Li Li, Xiaolong Wu
Advanced greenhouse technology determines the pace of development in agriculture. However, because of differences in the region, our country is still a higher operating cost in the agriculture field, personnel technical ability is not higher factors and the popularity of intelligent greenhouse is not...
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Pyrolysis behavior and micromorphology investigation on aluminum based solid-liquid compound fuel

Xinghua Liu, Hua Yan, Yongfeng Luo, Daxi Wang, Shuyuan Li, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Liu, Yi Zhao
The compatibility, stability and the pyrolysis behavior of aluminum based solid-liquid compound fuel were systematically investigated by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The compound fuel lost its 30% weight before the temperature rose to 150 . AP decomposed at 210 and lead to 50% weight loss. The reaction...
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SCM instance computer disruptions concept Lecture Application

KunLiang Xu, YanLin Tao
In this paper, the microcontroller interrupt control technology, designed a simple microcontroller to control the LED lights off simulation system, the system was applied to the lectures can be intuitive so that students understand the process of computer disruptions, achieve a multiplier effect of teaching.
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Drug Distribution Analysis of Controlling the Ebola Epidemic Based on the Intelligent Systems

Ning Han
This paper mainly analyzes how to ease the Ebola epidemic and develops a drug distribution program, including the transportation destinations of drugs and other circumstance. On the basis of possessing the drugs, we need to build a realistic, sensible, and useful method in the prevention and control...
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Children's Playground oxygen concentration detection Display System Design and Simulation

KunLiang Xu, ChangQin Du, YanLin Tao
Taking the current children's playground built indoors, most exist on the background of insufficient ventilation, C51 series AT89C51 single-chip design based on a playground detected oxygen concentration display system that can help managers make timely ventilation and ventilation to ensure indoor air...
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Research on the measurement of static friction force of bamboo root soil

Ling Chen, Yunwei Zhang, Dalong Wang, Yong Yu, Xiangyi Zeng, Yangyang Fan, Zhan Wu
Root soil maximum static friction play as an important parameter to measure the effect of soil reinforcement.Accurate measurement of it has the higher application value and research significance. this paper takes the bamboo root bamboo developed as the researching object ,and uses a self-made device...
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Chinese Spam Filter under Adversarial Impact

Yaqing Zhao, Yan Xu, Xiaodan Zhao
Machining learning techniques have achieved great success in anti-spam area. But because of the limitations of these techniques, classifiers derived from them often get attacked by spam senders thus posing a threat to the whole Spam filtering system. This article briefly describes the type of attacks...
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Preliminary study of the thermoelectric power generation theory

Bin Wang
Thermoelectric power generation technology has many advantages, no medium leakage, no wear, no noise, small size, light weight, convenient movement and high reliability. It is also not limited by temperature, so it shows great superiority in the recovery of low grade heat source utilization. This paper...
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Stress Response Analysis of Metallic Thin-walled Stiffened Structure under Thermo-acoustic Loadings

Yundong Sha, Xiaoning Tang, Jian Wang, Jinzhuo Jiang, Fengtong Zhao
For the realization of the aircraft to reduce weight and improve efficiency, thin-walled structure is widely used in aerospace vehicle. Thin-walled structure under the extremely harsh environment- high temperature and high acoustic loading- can cause strong nonlinear large deflection vibration characteristics,...
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The Expression and Significance of Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
NGF and its receptor are expressed in multiple nervous system and tumor of the non-nervous system, which also participate in tumor proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and other biological behaviors. In this paper, it takes the interpretation of nerve growth factor (NGF) as the breakthrough...