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Retrieval of wave information using nautical radar images based on the 2D CWT and 1D FFT algorithm

Feng-zhou Ju, Xiao-liang Chu, Jian Wang, Yan-zhen Gu
It is a useful way to gain ocean wave information using X-band nautical radar images. In this paper, an algorithm of 2-D CWT in spatial domain and 1-D FFT in time domain is presented for extracting the wave information. Firstly, the basic theory of 2-D continuous wavelet transform for space domain and...
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Ocean Wind Speed Retrieved from X-Band Radar Image

Meng Xu, Xiao-liang Chu, Jian Wang, Ye-hui Wang, Kai-jin Wei, Tao Zhou
A method for wind speed retrieval is developed by applying fitting techniques with the ratio of signal to noise. The method is applied to the wind speed retrieval from the nautical radar images. And we get a correlation coefficient of 0.88 and RMS error of 1.34m/s by comparing the data from the radar...
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Analysis on hydrophobic properties of proteins based on Giraph

Yongyu Fan, Ruoming He, Xuesong Wang
The previous experiments have shown that hydrophobic properties of 20 kinds of human’s amino acid are different. It was of great significance to study whether hydrophobicity of proteins had a role in the research of the intimate relationship of proteins. Besides, it is also very important to balance...
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The Quantum Teleportation Fidelity of the Squeezed Vacuum State

Zhuan Li, Chun-mei Liu, Jun-ling Wang, Min Zhang
We use two-mode squeezed vacuum state as a quantum channel to teleportate the quantum squeezed vacuum state and analyze the fidelity of the teleportation by the Wigner function. The result shows that the squeeze factor of the quantum squeezed vacuum state is smaller, the quantum features of the teleportation...
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A Hierarchical Context Organization of a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture for Block Ciphers

Jinjiang Yang, Peng Cao, Jianbing Hu, Le Chang
A Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture targeted on block cipher is designed in this paper, which can meet the needs of various cipher supporting in the security applications and enhance the performance of these ciphers. By analyzing the character of the execution and data structure of block ciphers,...
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Estimation of the Regional Impact of Water-flood Reservoir

Di Yu, ShengYao Song
Estimation of injection production relationship is discussed for multi-injectors and multi- producers of heterogeneous water-flood reservoir. The well pattern model is established and the definition of regional impact is proposed. In order to avoid the negative estimation parameter in the process of...
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Coupling Analysis on Multiple Interaction of English Mode and Information Technology

Jie Li
In regard of how to construct an open and efficient teacher education system to realize the teacher’s continuous professional development needs, this paper bases on the English major of Hebei University as study materials, to establish Hebei University, itself, multiple interaction on English education...
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Phase-Locked Loop Technology Research Based on Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter

Sui Zhang, Wei Su, Zhipeng Li, Junchao Xiong, Qing Sun
In photovoltaic grid-connected system, it is an essential link to inspect frequency, phase position and amplitude of network voltage accurately and rapidly. Using DSP inner capture unit, common timer and comparing element realizes signal capture on network voltage and photovoltaic power generation, so...
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Adaptive streaming media VOD system under the background of new media

Yunxiang Zhang, Yunpeng He, Shengcan Jin
In this thesis, the main part is the research on the Video-On-Demand. Using an adaptive streaming media transmission program, according to network conditions on the video-on-demand server control pro tournament at the same time adjust the client's cache, so that the client be able to smoothly carry out...
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The Study on Automatic Control Method of Power System Stability

Dongling Peng
In order to control system transient stability and improve TSCOPF’s computational efficiency, the paper, based on analyzing the existing problem of multiple faults’ transient stability constrained optimal power flow trace sensitivity, introduces strict judgment of transient stability in TSCOPF model...
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Discussion on Fuzzy Logic Operation of Impedance Control for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Yan Zhai, Xiaobo Guo
For the influence caused by illness condition of suffered limb on system stability when robot makes rehabilitation training on assisted suffered limb, on the basis of the traditional impedance control method, this paper puts forward one kind of impedance control method based on fuzzy neural network....
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Simulation and application of transformer with multi-magnetic circuits in the ship-breaker’s verifying equipment

Zongliang Wang, Junzhong Sun, Zhanlu Yang
According to the working characteristic of the transformer with multi-magnetic circuits, a simulation model of the transformer with multi-magnetic circuits is established , by using of simulation model and SD-3 type monitor in the ship-breaker’s verifying equipment, close making angle can be selected...
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Research on streaming media adaptive transmission control strategy

Yunxiang Zhang, Yunpeng He, Chuanhui Li, Jinxia Huang
This paper first introduces the basic principle of the streaming media adaptive transmission, explains the flow of two inseparable part media adaptive transmission technique in adaptive coding: streaming media and streaming media adaptive transmission control strategy, and analyzes the current several...
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The Population Predicting Based on the Curve Fitting Least Square Method

Lili He, Zhao Jin
In various scientific experiments, experimenter always get some discrete data, to estimate the function with the original rules from these data, interpolation is a method for dealing with this kind of problem.But when the discrete data is too much,it can be caused serious distortion which is called Runge...
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The virtual harvesting prototype design of Long-roots herbal and the motion simulation of key components

Jin Xia Huang, Yong Hong Yu, Yi Yuan Ge, Yun Xiang Zhang
Design process of long roots Chinese herbal medicine harvester is analyzed,3D solid modeling based on Pro/E for the herbal medicine harvester is made.Virtual assembly for harvest using Pro/E assembly module,also with movement simulation and analysis for it’s key components is made in this paper. All...
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Coal Conveying Fault Diagnosis Design of Coal mining machine Based On Software Control

Jingyuan Gao
The coal conveying system is the most important composition unit of continuous mining machine, the performance of coal conveying system plays a decisive role in production efficiency, this equipment is easy to cause the fault, in this paper, the faults often appeared in this equipment and the fault reasons...
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Apriori Algorithm Optimization Study Based on MapReduce

Chunqing Li
To solve the deficiency of algorithm distributed association rules based on MapReduce, this paper introduces global pruning strategy to increase algorithm efficiency, adopts frequent matrix storage to reduce the consumption of internal storage, and puts forward MFMDAP of frequent matrix storage of MapReduce...
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Effects of Flow Parameters on the Stability of Conical Liquid Sheets

Qingfei Fu, Minglong Du
Linear instability theory can evaluate the beginnings of instability in a liquid sheet. It provides a good starting point for predicting unstable, wave-type behavior in a liquid sheet with disturbances. An existing linear instability analysis method was used to investigate the breakup of a conical sheet...
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Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Air Flapper Valve Used for the Pulse Combustor

Zhiren Yin, Lijun Yang
The basic process of air flapper valve was analyzed and the mass flow rate model of air flapper valve was established. The loss of flow through the air valve was considered. The opening process of the flapper was modeled with a non-viscous model, and the closing process was modeled with a viscous one....
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A Circuit Design of High-precision Channel Equalizer for WSN-OFDM System

Xiao Qu, Jincheng Xi, Xinning Liu, Jun Yang
Channel equalizer is a key component of WSN-OFDM (Wireless Sensor Networks Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) system. Traditional equalizer is mostly designed with LS algorithm, which comes with low precision in channel estimation. The previous LMMSE algorithm could reach a high accuracy, but...
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Study on Trust Model of Internetware System

Tao He, Yong Wei, Huazhong Li, Lina Fang, Shouxiang Xu, Defen Zhang, Junqiang Liu
We take the overall architecture of internetware on-line evolution model as basic, and study on trust metric model of the software in internetware system. In view of the not accurate results from the rough and existing trust metric model granularity, this paper proposed a multi service and hierarchical...
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Simulation Analysis on Determination Technology of Catalytic Discoloring Spectrophotometry of Photometric of Trace Selenium in Marine Organisms by Catalytic Discoloring

Weiran Tao
As the improvement of people's living standard, the content of trace elements in food more and more attract the attention from people. In this paper, I integrate all the analysis situation from Catalytic Kinetic Spectrophotometry to trace elements in the food over the past ten years. Through the NH3-NH4Cl,...
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Properties and Thermal Decomposition of SBS Flame Retarded with Phosphorus- and Nitrogen- Containing Flame Retardants

Yiren Huang, Zhengzhou Wang
Flame retardant and mechanical properties of ammonium polyphosphate (APP), melamine phosphate (MP) and their combination with dipentaerythritol (DPER) in styrene-butadiene-styrene rubber (SBS) were studied. The results indicate that MP is more effective in raising limiting oxygen index (LOI) in SBS than...
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Construction of evaluation system based on Collaborative Innovation Perspective on the function national of high-tech zones

Wei Wang, Shan Xiong, Yong Zhang
Dynamic reasonable and objective evaluation for the development status of high-tech zone will grasp the development trend of high-tech zone accurately and have a very positive effect on promoting adjustment policies. Through the use of AHP, building a high-tech zone evaluation system from the perspective...
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Multi-Attribute Three-Stage Procurement Model for Equipment Vendor Selection Decisions

Shao-gan Shu, Xiao-song LI
Equipment procurement had the characteristics of long life cycle, high cost and high technical requirements and the budget may change. So the problem of how to select equipment vendors under the condition comes on. To improve the efficiency and reducing risk, a model of equipment vendor selections under...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of supply logistics collaboration based on Supply-Hub

Jun Zou
At present, theoretical studies on collaboration evaluation of supply logistics based on Supply-Chain were very few, while almost no researches were on its index system. The paper took supply logistics system based on Supply-Hub as research object, built up a framework of performance evaluation system,...
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Design method of campus network structure robustness

Lin Zhu
the traditional design of campus network adopts BP neural network to build the model for evaluating network information of network model, since the information exchange reflected in campus network is between individual and individual, randomness and model property factors of network information are prominent,...
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Optimization for massive data query method in database

Xiao dong Xie, Jinping Zou, Xi Huang
The massive data query methods in database is studied to improve accuracy of query. In the process of data querying in the database, once the data volume is overflow and thetype of data becomes complex, the query requires a lot of restrictions, resulting in time-consuming and low query accuracy rate...
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Simulation analysis on evaluation model for the rationality of college budget expenditure performance

Hongwang Li
During rationality evaluation process for college budget expenditure performance, when traditional algorithm is adopted to evaluate, the accuracy and practicability of expenditure cannot be considered at the same time, thus, assessment results have poor accuracy. For this, a rationality evaluation method...
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Research on data mining methods of potential risk for large cloud computing network

Chen Wang
During the study process of mining methods for data of potential risk in large cloud computing network, when mining data of risk with traditional methods, principal element features and context features of data have significant fluctuations, which results in inaccurate data mining results. For this,...
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SAW Sensor Technology and Its implementation and application in Electric Power Temperature Measurement

Weihai Song, Jie Tong, Dongfang Wang
This article firstly has an overview of Surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor technology, including its history, principle, compare of resonate type and delay-line type. SAW technology is also compared with other temperature sensor technologies. To meet the temperature detecting requirement, we have developed...
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Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency and Wall Heat Preservation

Zhaoxia Han
Rapid development of economy speeds up the pace of China's urbanization. The gradual increasing of structures increases energy consumption. In order to adapt to the development of our country's economic society, the attention to environment protection is strengthened in our country. The energy consumption...
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Design and Research on Examination Performance Assessment System for College Student Course

Shuwen Chen
In the process of designing college student course examination performance assessment system, with the current algorithm to design examination performance assessment system, only based on the theoretical view to assess the quality of qualitative course examination scores, results in the passive situation...
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Mobile terminal 3D image reconstruction program development based on Android

Qinhua Lin
During the study process of mobile terminal three-dimensional reconstruction program development based on Android, due to the adoption of the current algorithm for 3D image reconstruction program development, the definition of established model is low, leading to the problem of poor fidelity for 3D image...
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Implementation of UCDOS Font Interface Based on QT

Jian Huang, Qian Zhao, GuoMing Li
After analyzing the interface work principle of the lattice font supported by QT and UCDOS font feature,It is found that the open source QT is lack of the lattice font more than 16*16 size. For this shortcoming, the UCDOS font is combined with the QT seamlessly. Thus, the QT can use any font in the UCDOS...
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Electricity communication transmission network risk calculation model design and management system achievement

Hailong Xiao, Chunyu Liu, Yongsheng Zhang
Electricity communication transmission network is the key support network of the power grid. Its security has direct significance to the stable operation of the power system. The article brings out a re-definition of risk. According to the threat of natural disasters, equipment and human resources in...
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The motion simulation of three-DOF parallel manipulator based on VBAI and MATLAB

Zhuo Zhen, Chaoying Liu, Xueling Song
In order to truly reflect the object situation of catch and place of the three-DOF parallel manipulator based on machine vision, and on the basis of the modeling of the trajectory and mechanical structure, this paper mainly focuses on the analysis on the manipulator system by using the co-simulation...
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The Electric Power Communication Transmission Network Risk Assessment Index System Research Based on AHP

Chunyu Liu, Jinyu Luo, Yongsheng Zhang, Jie Zhang
By studying the SDH equipment of EPCTN, and the principles and methods of building the index system, combining with the actual situation of electric power communication operation, this paper establishes the index system of EPCTN risk assessment which includes target layer, rule layer, and index layer....
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2-D DOA Estimation for Acoustic Vector Sensor Array Based on Greedy Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm

Jie Hu, Wei Li, Shaojun Zuo
This paper presents an approach for the estimation of two-directional (2D)direction-of-arrival (DOA) using Acoustic Vector Sensor array based on greedy block coordinate descent(GBCD) algorithm, which can achieve faster convergence rate and better estimation accuracy. Moreover, a weighted form of block...
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Structure Analysis of Transmitter Coil in Electromagnetic Launch Interceptors

Liangming Zhu, Yanjie Cao, Weibo Li
This paper introduces the composition and working principle of, electromagnetic emission interceptors, establishes the three-dimensional model of transmitter coil, analyzes magnetic - structure coupling of the transmitter coil, gives the transmitter coil magnetic field and stress field distribution and...
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A Novel Personalized Recommendation Method in E-business Based on Kansei Image

Guangqian Zhang, Enshui Yu
Personalized recommendation technique is an important technology to solve information overloaded in e-commerce. But recently new commodities are emerging constantly, so it is required to recommend commodities that consumers aren’t familiar with but interested in. Consequently our study proposes a method...
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A Generalized Weighted Closed Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm with Item Interval

Haitao Lu, Shuo Li
The algorithm of this paper inserts pseudo items which are converted from item interval to obtain equal extended sequence database; it defines item-interval constraints, which are relative to the item weight, to prune the mining patterns. Through doing this, the algorithm avoids mining the patterns which...
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Relations between the solutions to matrix equations AXA=B and CYC=D

Jing Wang
In this paper, we present some results on the relations between the solutions to matrix equations AXA=B and CYC=D, where B and D are Hermitian matrices.
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A CM-based model for 802.11 networks security policies enforcement

Karl Mabiala Dondia, Jing Ma, Feng Tao
In recent years, networks based on the 802.11 standards have gained a prolific deployment. The reason for this massive acceptance of the technology by both home users and corporations is due to the “plug-and-play” nature of the technology and the mobility. The lack of physical containment due to the...
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Solutions for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations with integral boundary conditions

Yunhong Li
In this paper, we investigate a coupled system with integral boundary conditions of nonlinear fractional differential equations. Using Leggett-Williams theorem, the existence of solutions is obtained. An example is given to illustrate our result.
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Discovery Algorithm for Network Topology Based on SNMP

Yun-ting Zhou, Mao-lin Deng, Feng-zhu Ji, Xiao-gang He, Qi-jie Tang
Since computer network has become the basis of the information society, network topology has also become an important part of network management. The theory foundation of the network topology algorithm based on SNMP has been introduced in this paper, and the algorithms of network topology discovery based...
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Network Security Situation Assessment Based on FAHP

Feng-zhu Ji, Yun-ting Zhou, Qi-jie Tang, Fang-xiang Hu, Shao-feng Ma
In order to solve the problem of methodology subjectivity, long modeling time and low classification accuracy in the information security risk assessment, a network security situation assessment model based on FAHP has been proposed in this paper. Via building a network security index system, using the...
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A Label Extended Semi-supervised Learning Method for Drug-target Interaction Prediction

Jie Zhao, Zhi Cao
Computational methods for predicting the new drug-target interactions are more efficient that those experimental methods. Many machine learning based methods have been proposed but most of them suffer from false negative problem. In this paper we extend the original label matrix and adopt weighted lose...
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Cluster lag synchronization of complex networks with nonidentical dynamical nodes via Adaptive control

Shuguo Wang, Haitao Cao
In this paper, synchronization analysis is investigated for an complex networks with time delay. It is assumed the nodes in the network to be nonidentical. In order to achieve cluster synchronization, this paper uses an adaptive controller on each node, by utilizing the Lyapunov stability theory, a new...
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Assessment and prediction system of sustainable development

Yixuan Han
In this paper, an effective model is constructed to discuss the sustainability of a country. We define Coordination Coefficient (CC) to measure the sustainability of a country or a policy and use the value of CC to define how and when a country is sustainable or unsustainable. To consider all the possible...