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Cultural Innovation: Localization and Internationalization of China’s Higher Education

Dengchao Zhou
The chief aim of the paper is to study the major function of higher education in cultural innovation through an analysis of how China’s higher education nationalizes and internationalizes and draws challenges for cultural innovation. The starting points are an original contribution to the understanding...
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New Proportional Integral Controller for Nth Order Transfer Function Model

Choon Lih Hoo, Chung Chin Yau Edwin, Mohamed Haris Sallehuddin, Nik Mohamed Nik Abdullah
The windup phenomenon in control has results in performance degradation or even system instability. The existing methods manipulate the integral control in their own respective way when saturation occurred in order to bring the system back into the linear region. The proposed new proportional integral...
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Research on Online Control for Product Development Process

X.Y. Li
for implementing the online control of product development process in Micro-Plant, an integration control platform is proposed based on web service technology. Professional software such as G2, GAMS, Matlab, are wrapped as web services based on multi-agent technology, and the web service named Data_Service...
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Role of Education of People in Charge of Facilities Producing Pastry in Avoiding the Use of Food Colors

Fereshteh Farzianpour, Shayan Hosseini, Shadi Hosseini, Seyed Shahab Hosseini
Training of foodstuff producers as a group effective on the quality of food materials is an important factor in achievement of food safety. This was an analytical interven-tional study, which was performed in a cross-sectional manner in 10 months. The target population consist-ed of 180 individuals in...
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The Influence of Motivation on Ego Depletion in College Athletes

Lihong Sun
The negative effects of ego-depletion may cause the reduction of effort and performance of consecutive task, it’s important for college student to develop coping method to counteract ego-depletion and minimize the negative effects. Present research, based on former research, investigate the influence...
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Grotesque and Gaudy World of Music, Indispensable Narrative Pen- Study on The Narrative Strategy of Modern Chinese Pop Songs’ Lyrics

Chunjing Zhang
Since the 1990s, the creation of pop songs’ lyrics has undergone a lot of changes, transforming from the past emphasis on inner expression to frequent use of narration. Thus, the grotesque and gaudy world of music, concentrating on creators ’narrative pen, unfolds vividly. Some important narrative strategy...
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Data Mining in Cloud Computing

Xia Geng, Zhi Yang
Mining is a process of extracting potentially useful information from raw Data, so as to improve the quality of the information service. With the rapid development of the Internet, the size of the data has increased from KB level to TB even PB level; The object of data mining is also more and more complicated,...
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Multivalued Fuzzy Logics: A Sensitive Analysis

Pablo Michel Marin Ortega, Rafael Espín Andrade, Jorge Marx Gómez
The main goal of this research is develop a sensitive analysis (SA) among some fuzzy operators, to ask the question: which is the most robustness fuzzy operators The fuzzy operators consider in this study are: Zadeh operators, Probabilistic operators and finally the compensatory fuzzy logic operators:...
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Artwork E-Marketing---- New Paradigm of the Artwork Marketing in New Media Era

Yanli Li
As a new research perspective and method in the field of art marketing, artwork E-marketing is dramatically changing the forefront of theoretical research. Focused on the research of artwork E-marketing, with the new media era as the research background, starting from the essence of marketing, the evolution...
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A QoS-based service composition optimization method

Wang Xiaolong, Zou Peng, He Jun, Wang Peng, Chen Liang
With the development of web services technology, service composition gradually call people's attention, and how to improve the efficiency of Web service composition is the focus of research. In this paper, in order to improve the QoS (i.e., Quality of Service) of composition service, first of all using...
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The Influence of Financial Information of Charity Foundations on Donations: An Empirical Test

Xiaoxia Xie, Yonghong Ding
Public officials have recently sought increased regulations of financial disclosure of charitable organizations as a means of improving charity transparency .One subject of this study is to examine whether it exists some important financial information affecting donations to charitable foundations. Further,...
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Blind Identification and Digital Calibration of Volterra Model Based on Least Mean Square Method

Peng Liang, Haihua Deng, Ming Chen
Nonlinear distortions and memory effect of broadband receiver’s front-end are canceled out simultaneously using a digital post-calibration technique based on Volterra model. This paper develops a least mean squared blind identification criterion for the measurement of the model parameters without prior...
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Architectures of Delay Line ADC and Delay Cells for Digital DC-DC Converters

Chuang Wang, Zunchao Li, Yuanfa Wang, Zhicong Miao
A survey and classification of architectures is presented in this paper for delay line ADC and its delay cells targeting digital control of DC-DC converters. Previously presented designs are identified as particular cases of the proposed classification. In order to optimize occupied area and power consumption,...
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Double digital watermarking algorithm based on SVD - DFT technologies

Shao-hua Zheng, Cai Yun Xu, Xiao-gen Pei
In view of the current most based on Fourier transform domain method, its resist geometric attacks performance is very good, the embedded information is also big, but there are shearing attack ability is bad problems, and put forward a kind of based on singular value decomposition and discrete Fourier...
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Methodological assumptions made in research into the benefits of ecosystem services in protected areas in the suburbs of Wroc aw, Poland

Beata Raszka, Kalbarczyk Eliza
This paper presents the methodological assumptions made in research into ecosystem services in communes near the city of Wroc aw which lie within the protected areas of landscape parks and are subject to suburbanization. These ecosystem services were categorized as follows: services to humans (pati),...
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The Research on Core Competence of Furniture Company

Liwen Liu
Chinese furniture industry has beco- me the world's furniture manufacturing center after a rapid period of development in the past 25 years. China also has become the world's largest furniture pr- oduction and export country. However, most of the furniture enterprise haven’t strong competitiveness. How...
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A Novel Algorithm for Duplication-Loss Problem Based on NNI Local Search

Hui Wang, Daming Zhu
The duplication-loss problem is to infer a species supertree from a collection of gene trees that are confounded by complex histories of gene duplication and loss events. The decision variant of this problem is NP-complete. The utility of this NP-hard problem for large-scale phylogenetic analyses has...
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Systemic Risks and Resilience of Global Financial Networks

Akira Namatame, Kiyotaka Ide
The current financial crisis has triggered research interests on financial networks, since the linkages created by liabilities among banks and other financial institutions play a crucial role, but they are poorly understood. Understanding the structures of financial networks holds the key to understanding...
Proceedings Article

Aviation Wiring Networks Fault Modeling and Simulation Based on Reflectometry

Xudong Shi, Chengzong Liu, Yulei Xu, Zhangang Yang
This paper presents a method to model and simulate the aviation branched wiring networks. According to the characteristics of the wiring networks faults, establishing a mathematical model of the branched wiring networks faults based on the reflectometry. Simulation reveals the propagation of high-frequency...
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Evaluation of GanNan’s Economic Development Efficiency based on DEA Method

Luning Ruan, Zande Yu
This paper, based on the DEA theory of C2R model and BC2 model, measures the total efficiency, pure technical efficiency, scale efficiency and it's stage of return to scale in eighteen counties of Gannan from 2007 to 2011. Then analyzing the input redundancy and output deficiency. Through empirical study,...
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Design of 5.83GHz Microstrip Antenna Used in the OBU

Cheng-xiang Yang, Xiao-han Guan
The electronic toll collection system is an important part of the intelligent transportation system. The microstrip antenna is the bridge between the OBU and RSU when they exchange information. This paper introduces the microstrip antenna’s theory and simulation. The microstrip antenna’s structure is...
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Development of the Vocational Colleges in the Construction of Service Education System

Weiping Zhou, Guocan Ren, Sufang Yuan
From the orientation and participation of the vocational colleges in the construction of the service education system, the author analyzes how the colleges should participate in the service of the local economic development, points out the bottleneck which blocks the way of vocational colleges participation...
Proceedings Article

A Study on Visual Representation of Medical Family Tree Using Genograms

Siti Fatimah Bokhare, Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon, Abdullah Zawawi Talib
A genogram is a graphical representation of medical conditions including informa-tion on age and cause of death of family members that can be used especially to access disease risk. The main purpose of this paper is to present the outcome of a preliminary study done regarding access-ing the current use...
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Improvement of visual stability by adjusting initial map of SOM and using hierarchical clustering

Tsutomu Miyoshi, Shinji Momoi
SOM learning is influenced by the se-quence of learning data and the initial feature map. In conventional method, ini-tial value of feature map has set at ran-dom, so a different mapping appears even by same input data, so different impres-sions could be increased to the same data in different diagnosis....
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Comparative Study of Higher Vocational Teachers' Training to Promote Professional and Curriculum Characteristic Integration between Regions

Xuejun Liu, Yinglan Teng
In order to enhance the overall competitiveness and gain social acceptance, teacher training and the corresponding characteristic specialties and courses integration is an important way for higher vocational colleges. Researching developed and undeveloped region in China for higher vocational colleges...
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Research on the resource utilization of the sewage sludge in silicate industry

Jieliang Chen, Weiwei Ding, Zhen Deng, Jinjian Zhang, Penglai Zhu
With modulus (KH = 0.89, SM = 2.42, IM = 1.70), substituting the sludge for the shale in the calculation of the cement burden, we studied the influence of different amount of sludge on the cement raw meal sintering, mineral composition, compression strength and the leaching value of heavy metal element....
Proceedings Article

Hidden Markov Model for Predicting the Turning Points of GDP Fluctuation

Cuiping Leng, Shuangcheng Wang
At present, the methods of predicting the turning points of GDP fluctuation is difficult to choose suitable influence indexes, and emphasize static function dependency or dynamic propagation of time series so that the static and dynamic information can not be consistently combined. In this paper, hidden...
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Educational Reform of Aerobics Course in Sports Colleges and Universities

Hehua Ao
In view of the Aerobics in sports colleges and Universities knowledge skills and practical education emphasizes only materialized, learning, and into the present situation, the concept of educating people neglect of teaching, research thinks, the value of rational Aerobics tool rationality and education....
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Study on the Mechanism of Upgrading the Quality of Personnel Training in Universities of Finance and Economics

Hongxing Ma, Yamei Guan
The "Big Finance" educational idea was proposed to adapt to the new educational environment and educational background of the new period. Its starting point was to broader perspectives. In this essay, analysis the problems of active quality guarantee system, based on the reference of American’s education...
Proceedings Article

Optimization of Bi-level Distribution Network System Based Fuzzy Multi-objective Decision-making Model Analysis

Li Sha, Liao Zhi-Gao, Huang Jie-Hong, Huang Nai-Chuan
We research a bi-level distribution network system consisted by a manufacturer, and several distribution centers and distribution points of the distribution system, taking into account transportation costs, and the cost of goods, inventory costs, optimize the distribution network, has established a relatively...

A Comparative Analysis on Carbon Emission Effect of Trade in Eastern, Middle and Western Regions in China

Zusha Gu, Juan Li
Using the annual statistics from 1990 to 2010, this paper applies the panel model to verify the effect of trade openness on carbon emission in the three regions. The study shows: considering the average personal income and the policy effect, in Eastern China, both foreign trade dependency and FDI dependency...
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Genetic Based Time Synchronization Optimize Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Chang Chen, Dongxiao Wang, Liangang Xiao
Time synchronization provides uniform timescale for distributed sensor networks. In this paper a genetic based time synchronization optimize algorithm is proposed. It first generated the nondeterministic transmitting delay and then adopted the genetic algorithm to simulating these delays. Minimal linear...

OSN transmission equipment applies in the Metropolitan Area transmission network and the optimizing with the network

Shuyan Wang, Xiaohui Li
Along with the high speed development of contemporary correspondence industry , the development of the transmission network as partial strut communication network is progressively developped. The SDH transmission facility also unceasingly is weeding through the old to bring forth the new, equipment function...

Access and Expansion of Educational Opportunity in India With Reference to Higher Education

Abhai Maurya
Access, or rather non-access to higher education in India has been prevailing in many forms. The Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) to HE in India has not even reached 15% of the population by 2010. The University Grants Commission of India, which is responsible for the growth or non-growth of Higher education...
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A Scalable Proximity Measure for Link Prediction via Low-rank Matrix Estimation

Liu Ye, Wang Zhisheng, Yin Jian, Pan Yan
Recent years, the link prediction problem in social network and other complex networks become a popular research field. One of the most significant task in link prediction is to design the proximity measure to calculate the similarities of the nodes in the network. The potential structure of the networks...
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Research on the Detection and Tracking of Hot Event in Microblogs Based on the Analysis of Mood Features

Gaofeng Huang, Xueguang Zhou
With the widespread application of microblog, it has become a platform for people to publish their interest topics, to express personal feelings, to participate in a centralized discussion. Aiming at the tracking problem of hot events in microblogs, this paper proposes a new tracking method of hot events...

Game Analysis of the Internal Control Information Disclosure of Listed Companies Based on Incomplete Information

Xiu-Qing Zang, Ting-Ting Han, Juan Lv
The laws and regulations issued by our government, to a certain extent, ensure the authenticity and completeness of the internal control information of listed companies. And promote the listed companies developing and implementing a sound and effective internal control system, thus avoiding the occurrence...
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Strengthen the Connotation Construction of Education and Teaching for Training High Quality Vocational Talents

Kaihua Guo
The main task of higher vocational education is to train the high-skilled talent persons for the enterprise, and not only to assist the students getting jobs. But graduatea employment rate is the most important evaluation index for a higher vocational college in China. This has caused that practice courses...
Proceedings Article

A Research on Dynamic Forms Verification Technology Based on PHP + Ajax

Shengju Yang
It is necessary to verify the input data to ensure the safety of high-quality software applications. The traditional WEB forms Verification under B/S model is characterized by the problems of restrictions by HTTP, refreshment of entire pages, long-time waiting of users, etc. In order to solve these problems,...

Demystifying the Relationship between Decentralization and Villagers’ Welfare

Khairu Roojiqien Sobandi
Theoretically, political decentralization aims at creating prosperity for society, however it was not the case in Indonesia because the creation of autonomous regions with its authorities are unable to strengthen grassroots people, to understand and coping their problems through bottom-up planning. It...
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Citizen observatories of water: Social innovation via eParticipation

Uta Wehn, Jaap Evers
We live in the age of Big Data, yet many areas of environmental management are still suffering from a lack of relevant data, information and knowledge that impedes sound decision making. A highly relevant phenomenon is therefore the so-called citizen observatories whereby the observations of ordinary...
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Information and Communication Technologies in Philology Education in Russia

Tatiana Arkadjevna Zolotova
The article considers the main forms of ICT (information and communication technologies) used in Philology education in Russia and presents the experience of development and use of traditional (folklore) culture database as a virtual excursion with game elements in the process of education of Bachelors...
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Procedural Similarity and Its Effect on Transfer

Huda Saifaddin
Analogical problem solving involves transferring information from a particular domain (i.e., the analogue or source) to another (i.e., the target). The success of any transfer process depends on the modality of representation (verbal or pictorial) and the level of abstraction or similarity shared between...
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The Resolution on Dead-Lock Problem in Message Driven Model

Ling Tang
This article introduces a new model named Message Driven Model (MDM) .It is a widely used architecture model to construct loosely coupled system Inappropriate acquiring and releasing locks among concurrent procedures always lead to dead-lock problems. So the dead-lock problem caused by inappropriate...

Interpretation of Chinese Ming and Qing fiction Narrative Pattern Analysis

Bai Wenyong
China's social structure and cultural shape mold the narrative mode and narrative perspective of ancient Chinese novels. Chinese social structure of the family as the basic unit of society constituted the history of Chinese literature especially the family and clan -based Ming creative form of fiction...
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The analysis of Henan hot spring tourism resources development of Lushan Mountain

Zhi-Hui Li
In this paper, now hot spring tourism resources development in Henan Lushan Mountain analysis of existing problems, and puts forward the Countermeasures of developing hot spring tourism resources in line with Lushan Mountain economic development, the results of this study can help Lushan Mountain county...

Reflection on the Assessment of a Math Problem in a China Elementary School

An-ning Chen
The assessment of a math problem in a China elementary school manifests that the math teacher is now still keeping to the obsolete notion of school education, attaching more significance to the result instead of the process of classroom instruction and adhering more importance to the standardized criteria...
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Effect of Single Sio2 Layer Incorporation on Electrical Performances of Metal-insulator-metal Capacitors with Al2O3-Hfo2-Al2O3 Dielectrics

Li-Feng Zhang, Sai-Sheng Xu
The metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors with Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHA) and Al2O3/HfO2/SiO2/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHSHA) dielectric structure using atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique have been fabricated. It is demonstrated that the dielectric loss at higher applied frequency and quadratic VCC in high- MIM...

Relationship between Tourist Attractions and the Baidu Index: A Case Study of National 5A Scenic Spots of Xi'an City During National Day Holiday

Kewei Lei, Xiaohui Wang, Xiaoning Dou
During Chinese National Day holiday, lots of tourists visit well-known scenic spots leading to heavy overcrowding problems. Consequently, the accurately prediction of tourist numbers for certain small regions/scenic spots within few days is important for tourist attractions management and planning. Most...
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Determination of the Scenarios for the Future of Materials Technology

Astelio Silvera Sarmiento, Luis Fernando Garcés Giraldo, Jovany Sepúlveda-Aguirre
Introduction. In the world the prospective studies have been taking great acceptance, especially in developing countries, as they allow the prioritization and targeting of efforts in research on a specific topic. Objective. Contrast the positions of the key members of 2 Colombian universities about the...