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Efficiency Optimal of Inductive Power Transfer System using the Genetic Algorithms

Jikun Zhou, Rong Zhang, Yi Zhang
The Inductive power transfer (IPT) systems' efficiency is determined by kinds of parameters. Aim at maximum the power transfer efficiency for Inductive power transfer (IPT) system, the efficiency of four basic topology IPT systems is analyzed. Based on the analysis, genetic algorithms (GA) are used to...
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The Bloggers' Personality Traits Categorizing Algorithm Based on Text Features Analysis

Guohua Ou, Jingkai Li, Junjia Guo, Zhaoquan Cai, Mengping Lu
Nowadays, researches of blogs mining mainly concentrate on opinion mining, community mining, blogs recommendation system and so on, with little concentration on personalities mining. How to mine bloggers' personality accurately and effectively from the tremendous non-structural blog texts becomes a difficulty...

Inter-Religion Harmony

Aceng Kosasih
A lot of media, these days, broadcast some unrests and even conflicts between religious groups. The latest conflict between Muslims and Christians occurred in Tolikara, Papua on the day of Eid in 2015. The conflict caused a lot of injured, some even died. Several kiosks and worship places were burned....

Hedonic Shopping Motive As A Routinization Habit On The Consumer Purchase Decisions At Starbucks Coffee

Lia Yuldinawati, Adelia Ayuningsari
The growth of the middle class who have various lifestyles, one of them is consuming coffee in modern coffee shops. Coffee consumption in Indonesia since 2010 - 2014 had increased.The steady increase of the Indonesian people' s purchasing power has made Starbucks wants to keep increasing the numbers...

Study on the Factors Affecting the Environmental Behaviors of the Community Residents in Leisure Agriculture Tourism Destinations

Xiuzhi Lin, Xiujuan Huang
The environmental behaviors of the community residents, as the demonstrators, supervisors and beneficiaries of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations play an effect on the ecological environment of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations to a certain extent. In this study, the environmental...
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Transmission Performance of 433 Mhz Wireless Sensor Nodes in Through-the-Earth Communication

Xiaoqing Yu, Wenting Han, Zenglin Zhang
Wireless sensor nodes have the advantage of being low-cost easily deployed and of good mobility. However, the significantly high attenuation caused by soil is the main challenge for the communication of between the aboveground node and the underground node. In this paper, experimental measurements have...
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Study of gradation characteristicsbased on subgrade filling with weathered phyllite by cement

Wenjie Cen, Qingmeng Meng
This article is based on the practical engineering need of expressway .Study about the mechanical properties of phyllite filler, and then improve the property by using the cement. Testing the original rock phyllite minerals analysis experiment, uniaxial compressive strength test and physical parameters...
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Nonlinear analysis of BPSK optical phase locked loops using MATLAB and Simulink

Ziyang Chen, Yunpeng Hu, Lu Liu
Optical phase locked loops (OPLLs) plays a vital role in coherent detection of optical communication systems. To simplify the analysis of OPLLs with complex structure, two different. Simulink models are presented to have a vivid observation of nonlinear BPSK OPLLs. Simulation results show that both balanced...
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Process Analysis of Condition Based Maintenance for Equipment

Chunjian Wang, Hongjun Fan, Tiao Wang
For a long time, the instruction of navy equip.’s detections and maintenance is the traditional theories, and the plan servicing is the main instruction thought and organized form. But with the development of electrification and digitization, the traditional method may cause disrepair and excessive repair....

Educational Reform and Discussion about Course of Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

Le Gao
The teaching effect of Ideological and moral cultivation and the basic course of law has not been ideal. To enhance the teaching effect of the course and improve the teaching quality, teaching reform must be carried out. The reform can be carried out from the following aspects: Reform teaching mode,...
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Finger ECG De-noising Based on GA-wavelet Shrinkage

Shenshen Zou, Xiaohong Zhang
In view of the low signal to noise ration and the difficulty on de-noising for ECG signal collected under unconstrained environment, a GA(Generation Algorithm) based wavelet method of finger ECG de-noising is proposed after a systematic study of wavelet threshold de-noising and generation algorithm....

Tourism Infrastructure Construction Mode Optimization and Correlation Analysis of Related Industry Development

Ting Zhao
This research theoretically analyzes tourism infrastructure construction mode optimization and correlation analysis of general related industry development. With development of the tourism resources to the development of breadth and depth, the study of landscape protection and landscape planning gradually...
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Research on Software Composition Algorithm for Antenna Arraying Based on Data of Chang'e

Juan Gao, Fei Cai, Xiaojun Cao
Lunar exploration data of Chang'e-3 is collected using two measurement & control stations 60 kilometers apart. The data is synthesized by Sumple algorithm and simulation experiments are carried out using Matlab. The synthetic efficiency is higher than 90%, which verifies the applicability of the composition...
Proceedings Article

Study on Consolidation Calculation of the Concrete-cored Sand-gravel Piles Composite Foundation

Yunfei Guan, Yanwei Yang, Xiaomei Li, Wenxuan Li
The new style composite foundation is composed of the concrete-cored sand-gravel pile, the soil between piles and the cushion. According the work condition under the embankment, and considering the annular drainage section of sand-gravel columns composite foundation, the control equation and analytical...
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A Fixed-loaded Interface Component Mode Synthesis Method for Dynamic Analysis of a Folding Wing

Yingge Ni, Xiaopeng Wan, Meiying Zhao
A fixed-loaded interface component mode synthesis method is presented for carrying out a dynamic analysis for a folding wing. The present method has the advantages of the fixed interface method and loaded interface method, in which the effects of the elastic and inertia force at interfaces are included...
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PEG-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of VO2(A) nanowires with remarkable optical switching properties

Xiangli Liu, Weiming Xiong, Yue Zheng
High quality single crystalline VO2(A) nanowires were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method using oxalic acid as reducing agent and polyethylene glycol 6000 as surfactant. It was found that polyethylene glycol 6000 can effectively accelerate the transformation from V2O5 precursor to VO2(B), and...
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Agent-based Modeling and Simulation on the Electric Vehicle Travelling Ability in the Smart Grid

Yan Li, Peng Han, Jinkuan Wang, Xin Song
The massive adoption of the electric vehicles in the near future with the rapid development of the smart grid shall significantly affair the resident transportation worldwide, while the modeling and simulation are the key approaches in analyzing the effect of the electrification of the vehicles. This...
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Study on Huge Type of Invasive Pituitary Adenoma through Frontotemporal Orbital Zygomatic into The Applied Anatomy Study of the Road

Cailian Ruan, Tao Xue, Yuanyuan Xie
To explore the type giant invasive pituitary adenomas by frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the applied anatomy study of the road.Methods: 15 cases of pituitary adenomas in frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the anatomy of the application of the road.Put the 15 cases of skull in it for fixed and...

How to Build Guanxi Quality: An Empirical Investigation in China

Jia Shen, Xueling Lee
China is a guanxi-oriented nation. Compared to the Western relational marketing concept, Guanxi incorporates the notion of ganqing and renqing. Based on its unique cultural and institutional backgrounds, Chinese guanxi is a mixture of the affect and instrumentality. This article posits and examines a...

The application of hierarchical teaching mode in College English Teaching

Zhaoying Li
Prominent to students as the main body thought, respect for individual differences, adjust measures to local conditions, individualized teaching is the theoretical basis of hierarchical teaching; prior to the implementation of the hierarchical teaching must carefully analyze the implementation of environmental...
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Study of Debris Flow Mechanism in Tunnel Faults in Aqueous Environment

Suchao Xu, Shenshen Yu
In this paper, according to the debris flow problem in the region of karst through fault fracture zone, a test concerning the evolution of permeability for mud rock were carried out. Such conclusions were gained: initial deposition deformation and micro crack closing play a greater influence on the evolution...
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Research On Prosody Conversion of Affective Speech Based on LIBSVM and PAD Three Dimensional Emotion Model

Xiaoyong Lu, Tao Pan
This paper proposes a framework for prosody conversion of emotional speech based on LIBSVM support vector regression model and PAD three dimensional emotion model. We design an emotional speech corpus including 11 kinds of emotional utterances. Each utterance is labeled the emotional information with...
Proceedings Article

Adaptive Discussion Forum for Reduce Information Overload

Aleksandr Kozko, Andrei Melnikov
Nowadays an extremely large number of people is involved in the process of creating new information. This causes information overload, which reduces the effectiveness of traditional means of online interaction. We propose an approach that we hope will help to work with the increasing volumes of information....
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Spectrum Analysis of Anode Rod Current in 300kA Aluminum Reduction Cells Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform

Shuiping Zeng, RuiQiang Li
There are dozens of anodes work in aluminum electrolysis at the same time. Because of the particularity of anode work and the waving ability of the melt, different current flow through different anode. Spectral characteristics of the current signal are important parameters of internal status changes...
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Modelling for Forecasting of Pattern Recognition - Based on comparison and analysis be-tween U.S. stock Market and Chinese stock Markets

Hong Zhou, Yu He, Yuxiang Jin
An essential aspect of stock trading is the accurate forecast of stock price. This enables buy and sell points to be determined, which facilities profitability whilst reducing potential loses. This paper proposes a "Two-stage pattern Strategy (TSPS)" as an effective and intuitive mechanism to identify...
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The effect and application of "false extreme" in electromagnetic frequency measurement

Guoqiang Xue, Shu Yan, Kang Chen, Weiying Chen
In frequency-domain sounding, "false extreme" phenomenon often appears in the apparent resistivity curve. Previous investigations focused on the subject without considering strata information containing in false Extreme. The use of false extreme effect is a new attempt to explain data. This paper analyzes...
Proceedings Article

Comprehensive Optimal Selection of Connection Mode for Distribution Network Based on FAHP

Jiacheng Li
An optimal distribution connection mode can be worked out by use of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) to comprehensively evaluate connection modes in security, reliability and economy performances. We give a detailed steps of FAHP algorithm, offering a new thought to evaluation of distribution...

Domestic Tourists' Mindset towards Responsible Tourism Management: A Case Study on Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Mohammad Amin
In spite of being a significant stakeholder in the sustainable and responsible tourism development and management process, worldwide only a few studies exclusively tried to find out tourists' attitudes towards them. Moreover, they are principally missing in case of developing and least developed countries...
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The Construction of Social Services of the Evaluation Index about the Colleges and Universities

Feng Lu, Yunlong Shang, Kangning Zheng
This article uses the balanced score card (BSC) and various analysis method construct the evaluation index system of social services.Based on the BSC to build model, using factor analysis, descriptive analysis, hierarchical analysis method, it is used in study of higher education school of social service...
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Experimental Study on Wave Overtopping Force before a Vertical Breakwater

Han Li, Jinsong Gui, Dongxu Wang
On the breast wall of a vertical breakwater, the measured wave forces have large deviations from the calculated values according to the current standard as a result of overtopping. In order to explore the reason of this deviation, the wave forces on vertical breast wall with overtopping have been measured...

The problems and countermeasures of the application of instructional design theory in teaching practice

Changping Wang, Chunbo Wei, Jianbo Wang, Pengxia Zhang
The author found that the problems of the application of instructional design theory in teaching practice as follows:(1)Instructional design theory guides the teaching practice operability weakly;(2)The theory of teaching design and the current teaching practice is very difficult to achieve the same...

The application research of the performance appraisal model of the teacher in independent college based on the detailed management

Yu Liao
With the gradual popularization of china's higher education , In recent years, The competition between various colleges and universities is becoming more and more fierce, the quality and brand become a magic weapon to win. there is a widespread quantification fuzzy problem in independent college in China...

The Relationship between Economic and Social Trust:Taking Four Counties (Districts) in Guangdong as examples

Yingying Han, Tingzhi Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Xiaojuan Xie
Four counties (districts) in Guangdong are the examples of the study. The study through reviewing literature, annual financial data, questionnaires and surveys reveals the relationship between economic development and social trust. Based on the study of the data, we found that the trust levels of the...

Research and Practice on Talent Training Model of Mechanical Applied Undergraduate

Le Wang, LiJun Zhong
From a macro point of view, the application type undergraduate programme of mechanical engineering is divided into two kinds, which belongs to the professional field of technology, mainly including the research on the theory of knowledge, the development of new products, mechanical design and manufacture,...
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Study on economic dispatching of wind power consumption considering dynamic game time-of-use price

Fang Xi, Yuan An, Qian Wei, Jiang Yao, Yuyao Wang
In the view of the anti-peaking characteristics of wind power, the electric power companies and the users were selected as the object to study and formulate reasonable demand side hourly price mechanism and the demand response model was established based on dynamic game time-of-use price. Proposed model...

The classification of urban systems: a review from monocentric to polycentric

Youyang You
A city could be defined either monocentric or polycentric, in the passage; a systematic review of the urban systems is developed. After defined the elements of disappearance of monocentric system, four types of polycentric system is classified. In conclusion, a city could be locally important or regionally...
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Research on Intelligent Rapid Design System of Sheet Metal Equipment

Yuan Zhengbo, Shi Hong, Zhong Liangwei
In view of the long development cycle and the heavy workload of sheet metal equipment development, the method of intelligent rapid design system that secondary development of sheet metal equipment is operated through 3D CAD software is proposed. This method constructs the expert design knowledge base...
Proceedings Article

The finite element analysis of vacuum leak detection container

Donghui Meng, Lichen Sun, Jinming Chen, Rongping Shao, Xinfa Yu, Xiaoyang Li, Haifeng Zhang, Yueshuai Zhao
According to the requirement of vacuum leak detection container for small satellite, a set of vacuum leak detection container is developed. This paper discuss the design of model and the finite element analysis of different models. Through calculating the variation of the displacement X, Y, Z of different...

Research on Predicament of Developing Green Job and Countermeasure

Zhiyong Zhang, Linlang Liao
At present, the serious energy consumption, environmental degradation and economic crisis result in the weak employment in traditional industries. The large-scale industrialization, city and countryside integration and the rapid development of economy give rise to desperate shortage of natural resources,...

Condition and Shaping of Student Personality in Educational Process Through Transpersonal Psychology Perspective

Alfaiz Alfaiz, Ryan Hidayat Rafiola, Rezki Hariko, Zulfikar Zulfikar
This article was the latest research in 2015 that collaborative with my colleague about student personality in educational process using perspective of psychoanalysis consist of id, ego and super ego and will discuss with my research in 2016 selftranspersonal psychology perspective. This research was...

Textual Enhancement-Based Grammar Instructional Design for English Students

Veni ROZA, Hermawati SYARIF, Desmawati RADJAB, M. ZAIM
The article was derived from an author's dissertation which was supervised by three promoters. Theresearch was designed to answer students' need in the field that they need current grammar teaching model which demands students to get involved actively in the learning process by noticing and discovering...
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Experimental study on dynamic characteristics of foundation for large turbine-generator set

Bing Lu, Tiejun Qu
Based on a large turbine-generator foundation in the actual project, dynamic characteristics of 1:10 model of this foundation are obtained from modal analysis of the random excitation method. Natural frequency,mode shapes and damping ratio of the structure are acquired. The results of basic vibrating...

The Trend of Opposition Political Parties in Sustaining Democracy: A Comparative Study of Nigeria and Malaysia

Sakariyau Rauf Tunde, Ainis Azreen, Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani, Ummu Atiyah Ahmad Zakuan
Democratisation wave is a global phenomenon that cuts across countries within the international system. Democracy has become an acceptable system of government which is believed to be the hope of the people. Nevertheless, the relevance of political parties in any democratic arrangement cannot be over-emphasised....
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Study on Control System of Continuous Wave Mud Pulser

Xianfeng Gong, Kai Chen
In order to transmit the parameters of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) to the ground rapidly and effectively , a high speed continuous wave mud pulser has been developed.In this paper,the author introduces the overall scheme of the control system,including the position servo control of the Permanent...

Analysis on Innovation of Economics and Management Laboratory

Yong-Jun Zhou
Economic and management specialized laboratory construction for teaching effectiveness, promoting students ' all-round development plays an important role and significance of requiring colleges and universities to strengthen focus on economic management laboratory construction.ÿBut on the current situation...

Value Perplexities between Education and Money: The Phenomenon of Failing Students within Rural Areas in East Java

Agung Winarno
This study aims at unraveling the phenomenon of failing students and developing an entrepreneurship education pertinent to the potency and experiences of the targeted failing students. This study used descriptive qualitative approach and education development design targeted the failing students who...

A Study on the Influence of Curriculum Setting on Employment in Career Technical College

Xiaodong Zhu, Caiyao Cao
Vocational skills courses have a significant impact on the employment rate and income of graduates. By comparison, it can be found that vocational skills courses can make graduates get higher returns than academic ones. Students should be able to get a better job when they graduate, they should receive...
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Research and Implementation of Data Synchronization for Wireless Data Acquisition System

Tao Huang
A wireless data acquisition system will continue to carry out data collection, which will face the problem of data redundancy. Therefore, how to manage the database is particularly important. This paper mainly studies and designs the database synchronization module of the wireless data acquisition system....

Prediction of Lighweight Concrete Panel Homogeneity by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)

Agus Santoso, Slamet Widodo, Faqih Ma'arif
Lightweight concrete is defined as concrete having a specific gravity ranging from 600-1600 kg/m3, the specific gravity of this concrete is lower than normal concrete. In this paper, the homogeneity of lightweight concrete panel wall is evaluated using the non-destructive – ultrasonic pulse velocity...
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The Design and Realization of a Rotary Inverted Pendulum Based on Efficient Control

Zhi-Yu ZHAO, Gang DU, Yun-Tao GOU, Jun LI
Abstract: In this paper, a single-stage rotary inverted pendulum system is set up by using rotary encoder, servo motor and some mechanical structures. Lagrange equation is used to build up the mathematic model of single-stage rotary inverted pendulum. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and fuzzy control...