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Internet+ Thinking Innovation Path of Extracurricular Sports Activities in Colleges and Universities - Wuhan Business University as an Example

Di Zhang
In today's world of constantly developing technology, information technology has penetrated into all areas of society, and China has in fact entered the era of information technology. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly mentioned the great role of Internet+ in boosting different industries in recent...
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The Relationship Between Fasting Blood Sugar Levels and Waist Circumference with Cognitive Function in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

‘Ulayya Azzah Nadiroh, Sulistyani Sulistyani, Rizky Febrian, Oxa Aqilla Putri Suharyono
Diabetes mellitus is currently a major public health problem in the world. International Diabetes Federation (IDF) stated that in 2021 around 537 million people will suffer from diabetes, it is estimated that this will increase to 643 million in 2030 and 783 million in 2045. Impaired cognitive function...
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The Potential of Secondary Metabolites from Indonesian Weeds in Asthma Management

Lathifah Yuliana Hastuti, Dias Setyawan
Managing asthma with clinical drugs commonly has some adverse events and drug tolerance. Asthma management with minimal drug side effects is suitable for reducing asthma prevalence. Herbal medicine could apply to mild asthma or as an adjunct to standard asthma management. This study compares the chemical...

Citizens’ Participation in Developing Public Policy in Village Development Planning

Agung Setia Budi
This study aims to 1. Describe and explain the participation of citizens in developing public policies in the village of Suka Indah, Baros District, Serang Regency 2. Describe and explain the Village Development Planning Process in Suka Indah Village, Baros District, Serang Regency. This study is a qualitative...

Application of DCF Model in Enterprise Value Assessment

Jiaxing Han
With the capital market being increasingly open, people’s living standards are being improved day by day. A large amount of capital enters the market, and people’s cognition and demand for investment are becoming more and more urgent. In this context, choosing a scientific method of enterprise value...

Online Visual Merchandising Cues Impacting Consumer Pleasure and Arousal: An Empirical Study

Arunkumar Sivakumar, Sudarsan Jayasingh, Ernest Johnson
The visual merchandising is a crucial aspect of physical and online retail establishments, as it significantly impacts consumer behavior. In an online retail setting, visual merchandising takes the form of online visual merchandising cues (OVMC), such as product images, videos, product descriptions,...
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Construction of “Four in One” Online Course Teaching Quality Assurance Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Aiqin Wang, Qingyuan Yuan
This paper first analyzes the current situation of online courses by using descriptive statistical analysis method of SPSS statistical software, and points out the main problems existing in the guarantee of the teaching quality of online courses. Finally, using the analytic hierarchy process, this paper...

New Approaches to Supply Chain Resilience under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yirui Wu
The disruption of supply chain in the context of the pandemic has led to a turbulent business environment and has had a severe impact on global economic development. Companies make plans and react quickly in complex and challenging environments. This paper proposes a framework for supply chain disruption...
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The analytical solution of water surface line of constant inhomogeneous flow with rectangular section

Chao-xuan Huang, Zhen-wei Shen, Wei-jie Gong, Huan-huan Li, Jun-jie Li
This paper aims at the complicated flow pattern of non-pressure spillway tunnel during operation. Based on the reconstruction project of Qingshan Reservoir spillway tunnel, this paper makes a mathematical derivation of the calculation and analysis of the constant gradient flow surface line of rectangular...
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Study on the fusion degree of old and new asphalt based on rod-like thin layer chromatography

Junrui Huang, Zhaojie Zhang, Zhaodi Yuan, Huan Zhang, Xian Li
In order to quantify the fusion behavior of new and old asphalt during the hot recycling process, and to detect the degree of fusion of blended asphalt in different reclaimed asphalt pavement, this paper designs an experimental method to measure the fusion degree of new and old asphalt during the hot...
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Analysis of BM3D Denoising Techniques to Improvement of Thoracal MRI Image: Study on Low Field MRI

Fisnandya Meita Astari, Donny Kristanto Mulyantoro, Rini Indrati
MRI examination is one of the medical supports to assess the structure and anatomy of vertebrae thoracal. The modality that can be used is low field MRI. The disadvantages are produces low signals and noise. If the signal is low and the noise is high then the SNR value is low. The denoising technique...

Research on the Solutions to Cold-Start Problems

Yuehan Qin, Wuji Chang, Songtao Zhang, Yihuan Yan
The recommender system has seeped into each corner of the earth, but any recommender system has to experience the process of lacking data at the beginning. So, how to recommend things well in that condition becomes a cold start problem. The recommendation system cold start problem has always been a big...

A New Type of Professional Farmers’ Digital Literacy Ability Evaluation Algorithm Based on Two-Step Clustering

Feng Wu, Wenjing Liu, Zhixiong Liu, Jingwen Zeng
In order to solve the problem of evaluating the digital literacy ability of new professional farmers, the definition and classification of urban and rural new professional farmer groups are integrated with existing research, the evaluation index of digital literacy ability of new professional farmers...
Proceedings Article

Design of Rocket Stove with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation

Yotam Stefanditya, Felicia Maya Puspita Anastasya Kusbagyo, Agus Kurniawan, Bayu Prabandono
The rocket stove is a type of improved cooked stove that adopts an L-elbow/J-elbow shape. There are many rocket stoves on the market but the design itself only adapts in terms of shape without taking into account the design principles for wood-burning cook stoves. This study aims to analyze the design...

Need Analysis of Busybook Development on Social Studies Material for Elementary School

Adinda Tsalis Dyah, Yulia Maftuhah Hidayati
Backgrounds: This study aimed to describe the need analysis for busybook development on the content of social studies material on cultural diversity for fourth-grade elementary school. Methods: This study was qualitative. The subjects of this study were a teacher and 30 students of Muhammadiyah Elementary...

Human Resource Management Issues in Private Banking—Taking N Bank as an Example

Yuwen Qin
With the rapid development of China’s economy, the size of China’s high net worth population is large and maintaining high growth, and the total number of high net worth people continues to increase. Private banking has become an integral part of the banking business, and the main needs of HNWI wealth...
Proceedings Article

Waste to Wealth: Recycling Agricultural Wastes As Feed Additives

Lydia K. Olagunju, Peter A. Dele, Yasmine Shaw, Rosetta Brice, Oluteru E. Orimaye, Michael Wuaku, Uchenna Y. Anele
An important goal of feed additives in animal nutrition is to improve feed efficiency with a concomitant reduction in the cost of production and invariably increase animal protein. Previously, the use of antibiotics at sub therapeutic concentrations in livestock production was essential to improve digestibility...

The influence of international technology trade on enterprises' technological innovation ability

--Quantile regression based on the Shanghai Municipality data

Yingxiao Liu
With the rapid development of science and technology and the deepening of global economic integration, technology trade has gradually become an important factor affecting the ability of technological innovation. Therefore, this paper in Shanghai as an example, using the Shanghai -- 2019, 2010 panel data,...

Performance Assessment Used by Teacher in Students’ Writing Skill at Grade X Senior High School of Lingga Kepulauan Riau

Kh. Fitra Rakhmayani, Refnaldi
Performance assessment is one type of assessment which the students are required to demonstrate what they have mastered about specific skills and competencies by performing or producing something. The aims of this study to know the procedure used by teachers in using performance assessment students’...
Proceedings Article

An empirical study on the distribution of Tibetan monosyllabic monomorphemic words based on corpus

Dongzhi Tsering, Kunyu Qi, Cairang Yun
As the most basic constituent unit of language, monomorphemic words are of great relevance to the fields of natural language processing, language ontology research, and language application. This paper takes Tibetan monomorphemic words as the research object and uses the Tibetan lexical annotation corpus...

Integrating Collaborative Learning into Semantic Mapping Strategy to Boost Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Achievement

Welly Ardiansyah, Iskandar Rosyidin, Nurul Aryanti, Ahmad Leo Faragusta
The study compared students’ reading comprehension and English vocabulary before and after instruction using two different instructional strategies: the original semantic mapping strategy and the semantic mapping strategy in conjunction with collaborative learning. The study involved two groups, one...
Proceedings Article

Efficient Estimation of Upper Bounds on Arbitrage Values for Energy Storage Devices

Robert J. Barthorpe
Achieving flexibility through energy storage will be a key element in the transition to a low carbon energy grid. Decision making around investment in energy storage assets is a challenging task, and is typically reliant upon evaluating the expected performance of the planned asset on the basis of a...

Minangkabau’s Women in Kaba Sabai Nan Aluih: Ragam Orang

Aimifrina Aimifrina, Tammasse Tammasse
The purpose of this study is to explain Minangkabau’s women in Kaba Sabai Nan Aluih seen from ragam orang in Minangkabau culture. Ragam orang is a personal human judgment that departs from the teachings of Minangkabau philosophy. There are four categories of ragam orang which are orang, takah orang,...
Conference Abstract


Henrique Muela, Valéria Costa-Hong, Michel Machado, Natalia Moraes, Claudia Memoria, Monica Yasuda, Ricardo Nogueira, Ayrton Massaro, Edson Shu, Ricardo Nitrini, Luiz Bortolotto*
Pages: 12 - 12
Background: Cognitive impairment and elevated arterial stiffness are described in patients with arterial hypertension (AH), but its correlations are not well studied. Objectives: To study the cognitive function at different domains and arterial properties in patients with AH stage 1 to 3 compared to...
Proceedings Article

Development of Ketorolac Analysis in Water Samples using Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography

Dadan Hermawan, Cacu Cacu, Amin Fatoni, Suwandri, Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim, Hassan Y Aboul-Enein
Quantitative determination of ketorolac, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in water samples was reported using the micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) method. The on-line preconcentration technique at MEKC was then investigated to increase the detection sensitivity of ketorolac....
Conference Abstract


Hasan Obeid*, Hakim Khettab, Magid Hallab, Pierre Boutouyrie, Stéphane Laurent
Pages: 12 - 12
Objective: Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) can be measured between different sites. Here we used two different aspects to assess the PWV; the standard method Carotid-Femoral (CF) Sphygmocor (AtCorMedical – Australia) and the pOpmetre ® (Axelife SAS – France) which uses the Finger to Toe (FT) signals. The aim...
Proceedings Article

Analysis of Battery Storage Usage of Heuristic Energy Flow Controllers

Kathrin Kefer, Patrick Kefer, Markus Stöger, Bernd Hofer, Michael Affenzeller, Stephan Winkler
Due to the increasing usage of renewable energy sources like photovoltaic (PV) systems in the private sector and their fluctuations in production, energy management systems (EMS) are becoming more and more important. As such system use the produced energy as efficiently as possible, they also have an...

Towards a Knowledge Sharing Model for Small Businesses

Jun Xu, Mohammed Quaddus, Xiangzhu Gao
Pages: 12 - 26
Small businesses contribute significantly in economy. However, a significant number of small businesses fail in five to ten years. Can knowledge sharing in these businesses make a difference? Research has found that knowledge sharing enhances organisational competitiveness and growth in medium and large...

Variable-poled Tracking Control of a Two-wheeled Mobile Robot Using Differential Flatness

Liming Chen, Yingmin Jia
Pages: 12 - 16
This paper investigates the tracking control of a two-wheeled mobile robot in both kinematic and dynamic models. Differential flatness and PD-spectral theory are used for controller design. Based on differential flatness, the original system is transformed via a state prolongation and a state transformation...

Wireless Extension Mechanism and Logic Design for FPGA-based Ethernet Powerlink Node

Kailong Zhang, Panfei Zuo, Liang Hu, Xiao Wu, Kejian Miao
Pages: 12 - 21
Real-time networks, such as industrial network, field bus and so on, have been becoming one vital component to develop large-scale and cooperative embedded systems. As one important branch, the wireless mode of realtime networks also raises more and more attentions in recent years since its conveniences...

A DC programming approach for feature selection in the Minimax Probability Machine

Liming Yang, Ribo Ju
Pages: 12 - 24
This paper presents a new feature selection framework based on the -norm, in which data are summarized by their moments of the class conditional densities. However, discontinuity of the -norm makes it difficult to find the optimal solution. We apply a proper approximation of the -norm and a bound on...

The Cauchy Problem for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation on a Compact Manifold

Nicolas Burq, Patrick Gérard, Nikolay Tzvetkov
Pages: 12 - 27
We discuss the wellposedness theory of the Cauchy problem for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation on compact Riemannian manifolds. New dispersive estimates on the linear Schrödinger group are used to get global existence in the energy space on arbirary surfaces and three-dimensional manifolds, generalizing...

Proper-Time Relativistic Dynamics and the Fushchych-Shtelen Transformation

Tepper L. Gill, James Lindesay, M.F. Mahmood, W.W. Zachary
Pages: 12 - 27
We report on a new formulation of classical relativistic Hamiltonian mechanics which is based on a proper-time implementation of special relativity using a transformation from observer proper-time, which is not invariant, to system proper-time which is a canonical contact transformation on extended phase-space....

Experimental Comparison of Iterative Versus Evolutionary Crisp and Rough Clustering

Pawan Lingras, Manish Joshi
Pages: 12 - 28
Researchers have proposed several Genetic Algorithm (GA) based crisp clustering algorithms. Rough clustering based on Genetic Algorithms, Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps, K-means algorithm are also reported in literature. Recently, researchers have combined GAs with iterative rough clustering algorithms...

Modelling of Supply Chains is the Way Forward

Maame Ama Aidoo-Sam, Keith Sloan
Pages: 12 - 21
To demonstrate that modeling of the supply network can be a useful tool for managers.

Recent Research Areas and Grand Challenges in Electronic Medical Record: A Literature Survey Approach

Mohammadreza Najaftorkaman, Amir Hossein Ghapanchi, Amir Talaei-Khoei, Pradeep Ray
Pages: 12 - 21
This study undertook a literature survey to provide a taxonomy that represents research areas of Electronic Medical Record (EMR). We identified the following areas of research and classified them into eight main categories: design and implementation, evaluation, adoption, impacts, medical research, integration,...
Proceedings Article

Manufacturing Process Development of Health Supplement Containing Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Extract

Diah Indriani Widiputri, Quincy Juventinus, Silvya Yusri, Febbyandi Isnanda Pandiangan, Jimmy
Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), WH, is an aquatic plant that usually lives on the surface of lakes, marshes or rivers and often considered to be a weed that brings many negative impacts for the aquatic ecosystem. Previous research has proven the presence of antioxidant activity in the extract...

Quality of Financial Reporting and Impact of GGG Implementation: Study on Local Government in Indonesia

Nelly Masnila, Firmansyah Firmansyah, Jovan Febriantoko, Riana Mayasari, Jamaliah Said
This study relates to good governance determinants to discover the relationship and impact of good government governance on the quality of financial reporting in the Indonesian capital. Independent variables such as legal culture, transparency, equality, accountability, and the Human Development Index...
Proceedings Article

The Effect of Apple Guava Juice on Macrophages Level in Mice Wound on Fifth Day

Agustika Antoni, Nicen Suherlin, Sri Oktarina
The body’s immune system can affect the wound healing process. In improving the body’s immune system, anti- oxidants as pro-anti-inflammatory is important. Delay wound healing may be due to the length of the inflammatory phase. Guava juice contains a lot of chemical compositions such as lycopene, ascorbic...

Video as a Learning Media Saxophone Alto Basic Levels

Agung Prabowo, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Multimedia learning is essential in the world of modern education, with the development of learning technology it can be done anytime and anywhere. The trend of learning using audio video media is the most common choice in this modern world. Students do independent learning, so they have flexible time...
Proceedings Article

From Invasive to Creative: Transforming Salvinia molesta in Taman Botani Sri Medan into Cosmeceutical Solid Soap

Nurul Syamimi Muzaini, Furzani Pa’ee
Salvinia molesta is invasive species and is also known as the worst weed that invaded Malaysia’s native wide range of aquatic ecosystem. This study was conducted to identify the potential metabolites Salvinia molesta invasive plant species from family Salviniaceae in Taman Botani Sri Medan, Batu Pahat,...

Analyzing Physical Distancing at Workspace: Study Case Office PT. Energi Guna Raharja

Almira Maritza, Gisella Christina, Michelle Monica, Oktavianus Nangoy, Greysia Susilo
Pandemic era had great impact on human’s entire life. One of most inflicted was working process. When pandemic strikes, most people forced to work from home. Indonesian government then introduced New Normal scheme, where workers allowed to work at office with special requirements implied – health protocols...
Proceedings Article

The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Comorbidity in COVID-19 at West Nusa Tenggara General Hospital from March to December 2020

Yusra Pintaningrum, Imam Fadhullah Pratama
The SARS-CoV-2 virus as the cause of COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic since March 2020. The clinical signs of COVID-19 are heterogeneous, such as 20–51% of patients were accounted have at least one comorbidity, with diabetes melitus (10–20%), hypertension (10–15%) and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular...

Classification Content in Indonesian Website Da’wah using Text Mining for Detecting Islamic Radical Understanding

Nahed Nuwairah, Munsyi Munsyi
The Islamic radical content in procedural meaning is content that has provoked the violence, spread the hatred and against nationalism through Islamic da’wah in Indonesian website. The radical definition for each country is different, especially in Indonesia. Radical content is identical with provocation...

Indonesian Plywood Export Competitiveness in Global Market

Leo R E Malau, Tri Yulni, Nur A Ulya, Primawati Y Fauziah, Yunida S Lubis
Since the 1980s Indonesia and Malaysia have been the world main exporters of plywood with a dominant market share. However, in 2002 Indonesia plywood exports decreased. Even since 2007, the total exports of Indonesia and Malaysia have decreased significantly, and the position was replaced by China as...
Proceedings Article

Superluminal Transmission of the Information and Its Applications in Communications and Computer

Zi-hua Zhang, Hua-an Zhang
We have proved the superluminal transmission of information is certainly possible in the theory and computer simulation, Meanwhile this paper discussed the contradiction between Special Relativity and superluminal phenomena from three aspects: 1, epistemology; 2, the defects of SR and 3, the special...
Proceedings Article

Functional Modeling of Monitoring & Diagnosis System Based on Multi-Agents

Bing Xu, Hongli Wang, Xuedong Xue
Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis is the development trend of diagnosing failures in modern times. This article contrives a method for functional modeling of monitoring and diagnosis system based on multi-agents in the conception of modularization, and expounds the internal configuration of each functional...
Proceedings Article

Radiofrequency Signal in the Radiofrequency Ablation System

Ruirui Wang, Qun Nan, Zhen Tian, Xiaohui Nie, Tong Dong
. Radiofrequency ablation technique is one of the tumor hyperthermia methods and has been widely used in clinical treatment because of its small traumatic, better curative effect and others advantages. Recently, the common automatic control of radiofrequency ablation system is temperature control model...
Proceedings Article

A Data Analysis Approach for Diagnosing Malfunctioning in Domestic Space Heating

Seyed Amin Tabatabaei
Around one third of worldwide energy usage is for the residential section and 60% of the energy consumption in this domestic area is for space heating. Therefore, monitoring and controlling this part of energy usage can have a major effect on the overall energy consumption and also on the emission of...
Proceedings Article

Roadway Support Optimization by Improved BP Neural Network and Numerical Simulation

Wang Jun, Tan Yunliang
Based on the analysis of the influence factors of the stability of roadway, we firstly collected the roadway support parameters of some roadways with good supporting effect and used them as the training samples of BP neural network. Then, we simulated the deformations of the forecasting samples and compared...