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Determinants of the Intention of Social Aid Beneficiaries to Use Banking Self-Service Technology (SST)

Faizatul Hiqmah
Pages: 12 - 18
This study aims to examine the intention of social aid beneficiaries to use banking Self-Service Technology (SST). In general, the social aid beneficiaries have limitations in accessing banking technologies. Therefore, research on the determinants of the intention of social aid beneficiaries in using...

Learning Effectiveness of Equilibrium Concept of Objects Through the Walking Stability Bipedal Robots

Afrizal Mayub, Fahmizal
This research aims to; (1) Producing a Physics Learning Program Package Based on Center Feedback Simulation Push Bipedal Robot Stability Controller, (2) Describing the effectiveness of Physics Learning using a Physics Learning Program Based on Center Feedback Simulation Simulated Walking Bipedal Robot...

The Challenges That Indonesian Students Faced in Academic Writing: A Cross-Disciplinary Study of Academic Literacies

Muflihun, Citra Prasiska Puspita Tohamba
This study primarily aimed at investigating academic writing challenges that Indonesian postgraduate students faced at The Queen’s University of Belfast enrolling at academic year 2017/2018 across disciplines. Further, designed under descriptive qualitative study, twice narrative interviews conducted...
Proceedings Article

An Approach to Automated Extraction of Diagnostic Rules From the Text of Clinical Guidelines for Decision Support Systems

Ruslan Vafin, Rashit Nasyrov, Rustem Zulkarneev
Currently, there is a large amount of accumulated medical knowledge about various diseases, formalized in the form of clinical guidelines. For general practitioners, it is difficult to remember several dozen documents, due to information overloaded. To solve this problem, medical decision support systems...

Early Warning Index System and Method of Production and Operation Monitoring in Airlines

Nan Zhou, Weidong Zhang, Wei Li
In order to ensure the sustainable and stable development of the airline, according to the characteristics of the production and operation of the airline, an early warning index system for the production and operation monitoring of the airline is established. On this basis, a comprehensive evaluation...

K.H. Ahmad Hanafiah and His Intellectual Networks With Other Muslim Scholars in the Malay Islamic World

Wan Jamaluddin, Zughrofiyatun Najah, Imam Nafiudin
KH. Ahmad Hanafiah is recorded as one of the Indonesian Sufi martyrs during the war against the Dutch colonial army, in what is now the province of Lampung, Sumatera, in 1947. Yet, his role as a prominent ulama and Islamic thinker in Lampung is not widely known due to the scarcity of research and publication...

Flashbacks of Guidance and Counseling Services in Indonesia

Mellyn Yulia Ine Adesti, Nur Hidayah, Diniy Hidayatur Rahman
In this study aims to: (1) find out what the history of guidance counseling; (2) know how the history of counseling guidance; (3) find out how the development of counseling guidance in Indonesia; and (4) know the problems that exist in counseling guidance in Indonesia. This research uses the literacy...

Mobile Apps, Websites and Programs as a HR Specialist’s Toolkit in the Digital Economy

E.V. Dongauzer, E.O. Gasparovich
The article reveals topical issues of using information technologies in the tools of a specialist in the field of personnel management in the digital economy. The trends of the labor market in the digital economy that affect the formation of tools for an HR specialist during the implementation of digital...

Honest Character Based on Minangkabau Culture in Education

Jusmawati, Rusdinal, Eri Barlian
This research examines and reveals the honest character based on Minangkabau culture in education. Minangkabau has a philosophy of life that adheres to customs and religion, as expressed in the customary expression “Adat basandi syarak, syarak basandi Kitabullah, syarak mangato adat mamakai, alam takambang...

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Associated with COVID-19 in Pediatrics: A Case Report in Saudi Arabia

Rola A. Sleiman, Waleed A. Okash, Abdulaziz S. Alruwaili, Dareen A. Elkhateeb, Ammar Youcef, Reham Harb
Pages: 12 - 15
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) affects more adults than children worldwide, and infected children have low mortality rates; however, COVID-19 can be complicated by an inflammatory Kawasaki-like syndrome called multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 (MIS-C). We report a case of...

Remarks on the mass spectrum of two-dimensional Toda lattice of E8 type

Askold M. Perelomov
Pages: 12 - 16
A simple procedure for obtaining the mass spectrum of 2-dimensional Toda lattice of E8 type is given.

Self-Introspection in Teaching Students with Virtual Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic

A Qualitative Finding

Bagus Hary Prakoso, Zulmi Ramdani, Bilqisthi Rahmah
Pandemic COVID-19 has changed the learning process to become virtual. One consequence of these changes is related to online learning methods and schemes which in fact experience various technical and substantive constraints. The case study research design was carried out to strengthen the hypothesis...

Research on the Influence of Information Technology Application on Education

Dan Li, Dong Wang
Technology and education are the two engines to promote the development and progress of human history. Technology is the core force to promote economic and social development, and education is the engine of human capital. Information technology is the key technology of the third industrial revolution....

Analysis of Labor Requirement Provision of Medical Record File Based on WISN to Effectivity of Medical Record Distribution Service to Polyclinic

M Dana Prihadi, Teguh Redy Senjaya, Laras Ayu Santika
Based on the preliminary study there are several problems related to the provision of medical record files (1) Polyclinics with different deviation chambers of the floor. (2) Tracer that sometimes errors. (3) The distribution officer concurrently serves as the officer providing medical record documents....

Research on the Influence of Network Consumption Based on Credit Platform on College Student’s Consumption Behavior

Weiwei Zhang, Zongzhi Shi
With the development of Internet consumption and the popularization of college students’ concept of credit consumption, Internet credit loan consumption has become a very common consumption mode among college students who accept new things quickly. This has become a phenomenon that cannot be ignored....

An analysis of Disney’s Cross-Cultural Communication

Taking Mulan Live-Action Film and Disney Theme Park in Hong Kong and Shanghai as Examples

Jiarong zhang
In the globalized and Internet era, the outstanding performance of entertainment giant Disney in the global market cannot be separated from its successful concept of cross-cultural communication. China has gradually become the largest overseas market for Disney. Based on cross-cultural communication...

Good Public Communications Are Key to the Success of Disaster Mitigation

Increasing Community Literation of Disaster Mitigation by Government Public Agency in Padang City

Rahmadhona Fitri Helmi, Nila Wahyuni, Yuliarti
Padang city is located in a disaster-prone area. The earthquake that hit the city of Padang on September 30, 2009, recorded 383 people who died due to the quake. Since then, the local government strives to reduce the death rate during a disaster by providing disaster information to the public. This study...
Proceedings Article

Effectiveness of BAP (6-Benzyl Amino Purine) for Buds Induction of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.)

Dedi Satriawan, Steffanie Nurliana, Tutik Pujiyanti
This research aims to determine the most effective of BAP concentration for bud’s induction of nutmeg. The nutmeg plants used are obtained from the village of TanjungAgung, Sukamerindu, Bengkulu. The research was conducted from November to December 2019, at the Biotechnology Laboratory, Department of...

Ensembled Deep Neural Network for Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection and Subtype Classification on Noncontrast CT Images

Yunan Wu, Mark P. Supanich, Jie Deng
Pages: 12 - 20
Rapid and accurate diagnosis of intracranial hemorrhage is clinically significant to ensure timely treatment. In this study, we developed an ensembled deep neural network for the detection and subtype classification of intracranial hemorrhage. The model consisted of two parallel network pathways, one...

New Stage of Cooperative Development of the Semiconductor Industry Between Guangdong and Taiwan

Zuzheng Zhan
This paper analyzes characteristics of the semiconductor industry of Guangdong and Taiwan, respectively, and the degree of cooperation between the two sides since China’s adoption of the reform and opening-up policy. Following that, this paper points out that the semiconductor industry of Guangdong and...

Research on Capital Structure of Listed Companies in the Growth Enterprise Market (GSM)

Yurong Gao
Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) enriches the structure of China’s capital market. As an important supplement to the main board market, it starts a new journey for the securities market. The discussion of the capital structure of China’s GEM listed companies is of great significance to improve the development...

Analysis on DingTalk’s Marketing Strategy

Yingtong Zhang
In 2020, the epidemic spread all around the world. When people stayed at home to isolate themselves, the workplace apps played an essential role for businesses and schools. DingTalk is one of the workplace apps which help people to work or study online. The theme of this paper is about DingTalk’s marketing...

A Comparative Study of Tibetan and English Taboo Culture

Chun Dai
Today, with the globalization of culture, the Tibetan people have more and more social contacts with the British and American people, especially in the cross-cultural communication, they often encounter a very sensitive issue, which is taboo. This paper introduces the language taboos, dietary taboos...
Proceedings Article

Association of Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma spp., Ureaplasma urealyticum and U. parvum with Human Papillomavirus in Patients with Cervical Cancer

A L Sahara, F Ibrahim, M N Massi, A Yasmon
Besides human papillomavirus (HPV), the cervical carcinogenesis is also affected by many risk factors including pathogenic bacteria such as Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), Mycoplasma spp. (MS), Ureaplasma urealyticum (UU), and U. parvum (UP) infections. Thus, we studied the bacterial infections for 68 patients...

Research on the Development of Community Elderly Care Centers with Government Support in the Context of Internet Big Data

Liyang Chen, Jun Liu, Xiaoning Zhu
The aging problem facing China is increasing, and with it comes the serious problem of elderly care. As an important way to solve the urban aging problem, community elderly care centers have become a model of elderly care vigorously implemented in many cities, and the government plays a crucial role...

Designing Open-list Proportional Representation System in Indonesia’s Legislative Election during the Global Pandemic Era

Ridho Al-Hamdi, Sakir Sakir, Tanto Lailam, M. Edward Trias Pahlevi
This article evaluates the application of Open-list Proportional Representation (Open-list PR) system in Indonesia’s legislative election, and, in turn, proposes the modified design to be applied in further legislative elections, mainly in the global pandemic era. Methodologically, it is qualitative...

Exploring English Vocational High School Teachers’ Critical Incidents: A Case Study

Asih Santihastuti, Utami Widiati, Yazid Basthomi, Utari Praba Astuti
This study aims at identifying and exploring the critical incidents (CI) experienced by English vocational high school teachers. Their particular tasks, such as creating learning opportunities and resources that must meet the students’ specific needs, bring them some challenges and difficulties. Despite...

Factors Influencing Earnings Management Practices

Ignasia Ruvina Lidsa, Julisar Julisar
The purpose of this study was to obtain empirical evidence about the factors influencing earnings management practices. Quantitative method was used to conduct this study by using purposive sampling method. After selecting the company, there were 38 manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock...
Conference Abstract


Pedro Forcada*, Carlos Castellaro, Jorge Chiabaut, Sergio Gonzalez, Carol Kotliar, Sebastian Obregon
Pages: 12 - 13
Introduction: Metabolic Syndrome (MS), is postulated as intermediate stage in the way to overt DBT, and probably the degree of vascular compromise in this stage could explain the higher proportion of CV complications in diabetics. If so, it should deserve an intensive prevention in MS to reduce DBT complications. Objective:...

Availability and Utilization Analysis Learning Media at Inclusive Schools in Malang City

Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Mohammad Efendi, Abdul Huda, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin
The research aims to; know the teacher’s opinion in selecting media and analysing availability, utilization, and constraints learning Media. This study uses qualitative research methods with the type of study case. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation. The data...
Proceedings Article

Bayesian Competing Risk Model for Medical Data

Nadya Devana, Sarini Abdullah
Problems considering group assignment is often found in health area, where the groups represent whether a patient will be recovered or not, at high risk of relapse or not, and many other. While the occurrence of these events could be modelled using classification methods, more insights on the time of...
Proceedings Article

Knowledge and Attitudes of Mothers on the Behavior of Wearing Masks to Children Towards COVID -19 Prevention in Meri Mojokerto East Java

Asih Media Yuniarti, Dwi Helynarti Syurandhari, Mukhammad Himawan Saputra, Rian Fitroh Huda
Coronaviruses are part of the virus family that causes illnesses ranging from the flu to more severe illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. COVID-19 is a new type of disease that was discovered in 2019 and has never been identified as affecting humans...
Conference Abstract


Marta Rojek, Marek Rajzer*, Danuta Czarnecka
Pages: 12 - 12
Aim: Investigation of relationship between arterial stiffness indices and LAVI in hypertensive and normotensive subjects. Material and methods: Patients were recruited among Morawica town inhabitants. Study group (AH) consisted of 41 untreated hypertensives (20 men). Control group (NonAH)consisted of...

Preparing Guest Room for Tourists in Sidetapa Village, Buleleng, Bali

Ni Made Ary Widiastini, Putu Indah Rahmawati, Made Aristia Prayudi, I Gede Rasben Dantes, Putu Andi Wirasetia
The availability of clean rooms accompanied by adequate equipment is a necessity for every tourist destination, including in tourist villages. Understanding the needs of tourists for the availability of these rooms, in the partner village assistance program, two unused rooms are assisted for the repair...

Developing Sign Language Digital Dictionary “Kolok-Indonesian-English” Through Smart Kolok Application as a Media for Learning and Preserving a Natural Sign Language in Bengkala Village

Ni Putu Ayu Pirdayanti, Ni Ketut Anggriani, Komang Jepri Kusuma Jaya, I Wayan Pardi
Kolok Bengkala language is used by dumb and deaf people in Bengkala to communicate with each other or with normal people in general. Sign language that prioritizes nonverbal aspects will take a long time to learn if using conventional learning methods such as reading books or just looking at explanatory...

Project Based Learning (PjBL) for Vocational High School Teacher Candidates

Andri Setiyawan, Angga Septiyanto, Ayub Budhi Anggoro, Sarwi Asri
Vocational education prepares graduates who are ready to work in the industry. Unnes Mechanical Engineering Education recruits prospective vocational teachers who will later teach in schools. Prospective vocational teachers must be equipped with soft skills and hard skills to become vocational teachers...

Thoughts on the Construction of Ecological Corridor of Tourism Highway

Weigang Wang
Combined with the construction requirements of domestic tourist highways under the new situation, this paper analyzes the functional significance, construction principles, construction difficulties, etc. of ecological corridor construction, and puts forward the construction prospect of tourist highway...

Research on the Development and Influencing Factors of Sports Network Education and Training

Shijun Fan, Ruilin Xu
Network education training is the result of the development of educational innovation in the times, based on the internet information technology, network platform as the carrier, breaking the limitations of time and space, to provide learners with more flexible learning methods, so as to meet the learning...

A Comparative Study of Textual Functions in Chinese and Uygur Parentheses

Chunrong Chen
Parenthesis is an additional element independent of the core sentence structure, which is a very common linguistic phenomenon in Uyghur and Chinese. It not only has various forms, rich semantics, but also has important communicative functions. They make the discourse vivid, rich, fluent, with a strong...

Impact of JD-R Model on Psychological Well-Being of Gig Workers

Lee Siew Woon, Cheah Chew Sze, Cheah Yeh Ying, Afandi Yusof
In the digital era, the gig economy has recently emerged as a key theme independent review of current work patterns. There is a variety of jobs in Malaysia’s gig economy and the number of gig workers keeps increasing. Gig workers are facing many challenges. However, there is only a little research on...

Brand Strategy “Simpul Talenta” Surakarta in Improving: Marketing in The Youth Environment

Ridha Maharani, Andre N. Rahmanto, M. I. Naini Albert
Knowledge and technology that are developing rapidly have become the government’s attention in all aspects, one of which is overcoming the unemployment problem. The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) launched the Talent Hub program for young people. Simpul Talenta has been present in several cities in Indonesia,...
Proceedings Article

Effects of Concentration and Soaking Duration of Shallot Extract on Yield and Growth of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)

Sipa Nurul Laely, Hanny Hidayati Nafi’ah, Siti Syarah Maesyaroh, Jajang Supriatna
Sweet potato is an important agricultural commodity in Indonesia and it is the source of carbohydrates after rice. However, the quality and quantity of sweet potatoes produced decreased and did not fulfill the demand. Provision of growth regulators is one of the efforts to increase the growth of sweet...

Implementation of Multicultural Education in History Learning in Keritang High School of Riau

Yulius Carles, Ajat Sudrajat
Education aims to prepare students to become a generation that has insight, knowledge, attitudes and actions in the life of the nation and state that pays attention to cultural backgrounds. One component in education is the teaching and learning process (learning). Multicultural education can be implemented...

Economic Literacy and Pocket Money Predict Students’ Interest to Make an Investment

Titik Ulfatun, Bambang Dwi Atmojo
Along with the development of economics, it can be seen that the young generation has a big interest in investing, including students in universities. This study aims to examine how well economic literacy as reported by students and their pocket money predicts students’ interest to invest. A quantitative...

Existential-Personalist Understanding of the Philosophy of History

Sergei Nizhnikov, Argen Kadyrov
The article is devoted to the analyses of theoretical models of historical development, evaluation of them and coming to the best one. Thus the authors generalize, summarize and mark out six of them: 1) Cyclical (the old one: Herodotus, Aristotle, etc.), 2) Eschatological (A. Augustine), 3) Progressive...

A Study on the Impact of Green Innovation of Listed Companies on Debt Maturity Structure

Jianjun Li, Zijian Lin
The paper tests the impact of green innovation of listed companies on the debt maturity structure, and examines the adjustment effect of debt scale and the heterogeneity of property rights by taking the sample of the listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2010 to 2019. The findings...

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Model for the Environment at Oil and Gas Companies in North Kalimantan

Sri Purwanti, Oekan S. Abdoellah, Chay Asdak, M. Fani Cahyandito
This study aims to identify and analyze the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and to formulate environmental reporting models for oil and gas companies in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan Province. The research approach used is descriptive qualitative, data collection is done by literature...

Social Alienation of Thinking Narrowness

Dominance Power Relations and Hegemony of Historical Learning as Social Studies Learning Resources

Agus Suprijono, Riyadi Riyadi, Wisnu Wisnu, Nuansa Bayu Segara, Chrisnawanto Nugroho
The purpose of the study was to analyze the meaninglessness of learning history in students. The meaninglessness of learning is a form of social alienation. The process of achieving research objectives begins with data collection through in-depth interviews and observation techniques. Interviews were...

The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Geography Teaching

Tao Niu, Zhiping Li, Meiyin Huang, Li Yuan
Virtual reality technology can help students enter the virtual teaching scene, satisfy students’ multi-sensory experience teaching, and promote the effective occurrence of teaching. Simulation technology can create realistic virtual scenes, which provides the possibility of virtual visualization for...

Portfolio Optimization with Fama-French Model

Haohua Yang
This paper explores the method of using Fama-French Three Factor Model and mean variance analysis to optimize portfolios, reaching more accurate predictions, and achieving maximum return and minimum risk. Using historical data of stocks from different industries, three factors from the Fama-French database...