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Factors Influencing the Use of Lecture Methods in Learning Activities: Teacher Perspective

Zakirman Zakirman, Lufri Lufri, Khairani Khairani
Science learning at the elementary school level in Pariaman is currently dominated by the use of lecture methods in delivering material. This study aims to determine the factors that influence the use of lecture methods in science learning in elementary schools. In order to obtain data, a questionnaire...

Non-Verbal Communication Behavior of Learners on Online-based Learning

Dila Umnia Soraya, Kartika Candra Kirana, Slamet Wibawanto, Heru Wahyu Herwanto, Chandra Wijaya Kristanto
In online-based learning, there is limited interaction between teachers and learners who do not meet directly. However non-verbal communication indicates the emotion that is often called as a driver of learning success. Therefore, in this study, we are encoding the non-verbal behavior of learners during...

Students Learning Difficulties and Saturation in Achieving Competency

Tetty Setiawaty, Gunadi Tjahjono
This study has the main purpose of describing the difficulty and saturation of student learning in achieving competency. The type of research used is quantitative, using quantitative and mean descriptive analysis. The results showed: 1) Student learning problems are grouped into three, which are: learning...

Increasing the Competence of Scientific Publications of Technology-based Primary School Teachers in Indonesia

Dihamri Dihamri, Haimah Haimah, Abditama Srifitriani
The purpose of the study is to increase the competencies of scientific teacher’s publication. Teachers are not hampered in promotion and other position. The method used to achieve the goal is Training for 36 hours. Face to face for 6 times of meetings, individual guidance by WhatssApp (WA) through chat...

Exploration and Practice of Laboratory Construction for the Major of Urban Rail Transportation

Yanrong Fu, Yadong Meng, Guangjian Zhang
With the rapid development of domestic urban rail transit and the increasing demand for the talents in this field, a new specialty of urban rail transportation is established in many colleges and universities in order to adapt to the social development. In view of the construction on the laboratory for...
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Improving Self esteem and Games Performances through Games based Learning in Physical Education Content Basketball at Secondary High School

Ahmad Hamidi, Sofyan Achmad Hanif, Mochamad Asmawi
The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the effect of games-based learning in physical education of Basketball game on junior high school students’ self esteem and skill play in class VII. This study uses quasi experiment with pretest-posttest without control group design which implemented...
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The Study of the Influence of Port Scale on Tugboat Configuration Based on System Simulation

Wenyuan Wang, Tianqi Zheng, Yun Peng
In the case of satisfactory waterway condition, the scale of the port area affects the tonnage and size of the vessels operated in the port directly, which leads to a higher demand on the tugboat configuration in the port. In this article, a simulation model of the operation system of ships entering...

Understanding Collaborations between Chinese and the U.S. Universities: The Development of a Typology

Hui Kang, Genshu Lu, Linda Serra Hagedorn
There has been a recent and rapid increase in the number and forms of educational collaborations between the U.S. and China in recent decades. Through the years these collaborations have evolved from the simplest forms of welcome of international students and faculty to complex agreements and even new...
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A Rapid Parametric Modeling Method of SWATH Based on Siemens NX Extended Development

Qu Yang, Guan Guan, Yan Lin, Lei Wang
A rapid parametric modeling method capable to automatically build and modify the form of SWATH based on Siemens NX extended development is described, aiming at solving the problem of long time consuming and low utilization of the traditional SWATH modeling method. The underwater hull and strut are parameterized...

Western Values in M. K. Gandhi’s Social Philosophy

Elena Bitinayte
The article deals with the Western values and ideas in M. K. Gandhi’s thought. Although he rejects technical progress and other external manifestations of modernization, his views in a great extent are consistent with the moral foundation of Modernity. First, it is expressed in the fact that he pays...

Analysis of Virtual Enterprise-based Education Pattern for University Students' Innovative Undertaking

Ping Zhang, Yinghong Zhang
Nowadays, the market competition is increasingly fierce, employers have gradually improved assessment criteria for talents, and college students expand constantly, so it is difficult for talents who just have graduated from university to find suitable jobs. In order to alleviate employment pressure on...

The Strategy of Internationalization of Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institution: A Case Study at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Ade Rusman, Hermin Endratno
This study sought to investigate the strategy of internationalization of Muhammadiyah higher education institutions at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to pursue the status of a world-class university. Qualitative method approach, empirical research was used to explore the internationalization...

A Study of English Smart Education Promoting the Development of Learners' Metacognitive Strategies

Jie Xiao, Weimin Qi, Qun Hou
By combining the offline traditional teaching with online teaching using different network learning resources, this article is aimed to explore the combination of smart education and College English teaching under the background of the continuous development of Internet information technology. Then it...
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Research on Existential Problems Based on Drawer Principle

Wenrong Jiang
The principle of drawer, also known as the "pigeon (nest)" principle, is a common method for solving existential problems. It was first proposed by the German mathematician Dirichlet. Therefore, it is also known as the Dirichlet principle in mathematics. In this paper, the combination of algorithms and...
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A Cross Sectional Study: Metabolic Syndrome in Yogyakarta

Agil Dhiemitra Aulia Dewi, Silvi Lailatul Mahfida
Radiographer, in general, have a duty and responsibility to audit includes examining patients for radio diagnostic including nuclear medicine and ultrasonography (USG), radiation Metabolic syndrome (MetS) (at least 3 of the following: abdominal adiposity, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypertension,...
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Porcine-specific Primer based on Cytochrome B by Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Method for Identification in Raw Meat

Nina Salamah, Yuny Erwanto, Sudibyo Martono, Abdul Rohman
Pork is a type of meat that is often used for counterfeiting products with a composition of beef. This counterfeiting can provide large profits to producers, given the price of pork is far below the price of beef. So we need specific methods to ensure the halal product. The purpose of this study was...

Zakat Effects on Mustahiq Happiness

Pribawa Pantas
This study aims to determine the effect of empowerment of zakat to happiness mustahiq on Lazis Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Analysis of the data using data analysis techniques Weighted Least Squares (WLS). The results of this study indicate that the variable utilization of Zakat funds proved to have a positive...

The Validation of Digital Learning Materials Using Edmodo for Elementary School

Fetri Yeni J., Eldarni, Ulfia Rahmi
This research aims to validate the learning materials of a digital classroom for fourth-grade students in elementary schools. The product development is based on the encouragement of learning innovation in elementary schools to fulfill students’ needs. Therefore, digital teaching materials known as Edmodo...

The influence and risk of education platform on middle school students' Education under the background of "Internet +"

Yu-xin Xia, Zhi-chen Li
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the development of online education platform in China has made certain achievements. This document mainly analyzes the impact of online education platform on middle school students' education and the existing risks. The paper collects the feedback of...
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Modeling of ERP Practical Skills Online Intelligent Assessment System

Ruohui Wang, Jimei Li
In recent years, the ERP practical skills have been developed rapidly worldwide in terms of teaching, testing, competing and training. However, there are still some deficiencies in the existing automatic assessment system. According to the characteristics of ERP system, this paper designs the overall...

The Integrity of Public Accountant has Implications for Detecting Fraud in Conducting an Audit

Ely Suhayati
This study has a purpose to find out how much the integrity of a public accountant has implications for detecting fraud in conducting an audit. It used Structural Equation Modeling as the research method with 30 Public Accountants from 10 Public Accounting Firms in Bandung City as the respondents. The...

The Correlation between Body Mass Index, Abdominal Circumference, and Hip Circumference on Cardiorespiratory Endurance using the Rockport Method

Prijo Sudibjo, Cerika Rismayanthi, Krisnanda Dwi Apriyanto
Obesity or being overweight is a factor in health that greatly lowers one's confidence. A lot of prevailing causes of death has been linked to obesity. The Body mass index (BMI), abdominal circumference, and hip circumference are anthropometric indicators commonly used to measure fat tissues in the body....

Exploration and Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum System in Civil Engineering Specialty

Min Ji, Bolin Jiang, Shuzhen Chen
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a systematic project. The key to promoting the development of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education is to build a reasonable curriculum of innovation and entrepreneurship education. In particular, the curriculum system suitable for professional...
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Prototype of Voice Commanded University Executive Business Intelligence Assistant (BELA)

Mohamad Irwan Afandi, Eka Dyar Wahyuni
Higher education institutions have already started implementing business intelligence application in order to support university executives to make better decisions. Normally, an application is operated using a mouse, keyboard, or touch-screen device which in some cases is not suitable for the users....

Prediction of Disease-Resistant Gene in Rice Based on Support Vector Machine and Fuzzy Kernel C-Means

Glori Stephani Saragih
Rice production in Indonesia is important especially for national economy. Rice is the staple food for Indonesian, so Indonesia is the biggest rice consumers in the world, averaging more than 200 kilograms per head each year. Therefore, Indonesia needs to be aware of rice production systems because there...

Research on Transformation Strategy of Enterprise Human Resource Management in Big Data Era

Ke Zhang, Pei Xu
With the continuous innovation of modern computer science and technology and communication technology, human society has gradually shifted from the traditional industrial era to the information age and the era of big data. The arrival of the big data era brings more opportunities and challenges to the...

A Study on the Schooling and Cultural Identity of Cross-border Ethnics in Yunnan

Gu He
There are several key problems for the schooling and cultural identity of cross-border ethnics in Yunnan: school, family and community; schooling settings; social-economic development. It should establish a social mechanism to develop schooling and culture; plan schooling and cultural development; strengthening...

The Degrading Value-based Orientations of the Linguistic Personality in the Infomedia of the Contemporary Internet Public Communication.doc

E.V. Shirina, G.I. Myasischev
Scientific understanding of the problem of the formation of personality passes several stages from the perception of the individual as a passive subject of the process of socialization to the selection of him as an active actor in his own internal development of the individual and the society. The purpose...

Best Practices for Social Media Governance and Strategy at the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

James Christopher Cullin
The purpose of this research project is to identify best practices for a cross-institutional social media framework for the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada. Many individual schools, divisions and departments within the college actively deploy social media,...
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The Relation Of Peer Group With The Self-Concept Of Teenagers On Sexual Behavior

Delfriana Ayu A., Dinda Aljarina, Prodalima Sinulingga
Unhealthy sexual behavior among the teenagers, especially in those who are still single, tends to be increasing. Self-concept has influence on the behavior of the teenagers in which the teenagers will behave in accordance with the self-concept they own. The factor that can influence the forming of the...

The Importance of Early Childhood Mental Health as The Basis of Children's Development

Astri Nur Latifah
Mental health have role as an important element in the individualhealth, this thing that has been in the spotlight in recent years. This had an impact on the community to understand the importance of well-being and mental health at every level of relations (individual, family, community). Therefore this...
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The Relationship of Dental Perception and Orthodontic Treatment Need Based on Dental Aesthetic Index of SMA Negeri 15 Medan Student

Agnese Putri Pratiwi, Mimi Marina Lubis
Malocclusion is a form of occlusion that is irrelevant to the acceptable normal standard form of occlusion. Dental Aesthetic Index (DAI) is a malocclusion index that has been accepted and used by WHO as a simple and valid method. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship of dental perception...

Current Situation and Development Prospect of French Economic Reform

Lu Chen
Since the debt crisis in Europe, the French economy remains in the doldrums, and it has not yet appeared any hopeful sign of recovery. France is considered as the second-largest economy in Europe, with the label "European sick man", even "French recession" is rampant. For the French government, the introduction...

Problem-Solving Laboratory-Based Course Development to Improve Mental Model and Mental-Modeling Ability

Supriyatman, Andi Suhandi, Dadi Rusdiana, A. Samsudin, F. C. Wibowo
One of the factors that cause a low level of the mental model (MM) and mental-modeling ability (MMA) of students who are physics teacher candidates in one of the LPTK in Palu-Indonesia is the traditional course program. The students are unable to use their knowledge to solve the problems. Therefore,...
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Research on Lash-up Maintenance Technology of Engineering Equipment

Ming Zhang, Zhongfeng Shi, Chunyu Dou, Tao Fan
Abstract The theory frame of lash-up maintenance technology of engineering equipment is brought forward from the point of view of lash-up maintenance theory, which include fault diagnosis and survey technology, damnification evaluation theory, damnification repair technology, lash-up maintenance effect...
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Application of Fusioncharts in Web System

Ting Zhang
This This paper mainly introduces Flash report components Fusioncharts of functions and basic usage, emphatically describes how Java Web development system provided by the use of dynamic data-driven Fusioncharts icon-based, and through examples to achieve Fusioncharts Web system.
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A Service-oriented Resource Monitoring Architecture in a Distributed Environment

Ping Zhang, Hui Xu
This paper analyzes two common resource monitoring architectures, GMA and MDS, in distributed environment. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of both two architectures, a service-oriented resource monitoring architecture (RMA) was proposed, which can be seen as a GMA mode monitoring system constructed...

Teaching Science to University Students with Visual Impairment

Asri Wijiastuti, Siti Masitoh, Sri Joeda Andajani, Sujarwanto, Maria Veronika Roesminingsih
The research aims to describe the implementation of measurement experiment student worksheet for a student with visual impairment based on braille code, adapting cylinders, adapting instruction, and adapting environment learning. The research design was a descriptive case study. The study conducted on...
Conference Abstract


Jeremy Lagrange*, Sabine Kossmann, Moritz Ehlken, Brett Monia, Wolfram Ruf, Philip Wenzel
Pages: 4 - 5
Background: Interactions of platelets, leukocytes and the vessel wall play pivotal roles in activating coagulation and precipitating thrombosis. High levels of angiotensin II (ATII) cause arterial hypertension by a complex inflammatory pathway requiring leukocyte recruitment and reactive oxygen species...

Business Strategy of Fisherman’s Equipment in Wakatobi District

La Hasimu, Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto
The purpose of this study is to create a Business Strategy Of Fishermans Equipment in Wakatobi District. SWOT identification is carried out to identify internal and external factors. TOWS Matrix was used to design strategies based on internal and external factors. The result of the research is a focused...

Socio-Psychological Health of the Subjects of the Educational Process in the Municipalities of the Altai Republic

G Lizunova, I Taskina, N Dolgova
The article is devoted to the populations’ socio-psychological health as one of the important and relevant issues in the Siberian Federal District of Russia. This problem is discussed both at the state and regional levels, with a particular focus on the Altai Republic. Indicators reflecting the population’s...

“Nurses and Midwives: Clean Care Is in Your Hands”: The May 5, 2020, World Health Organization SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign☆

Alexandra Peters, Nasim Lotfinejad, Chloé Guitart, Alice Simniceanu, Maria Clara Padoveze, Tcheun Borzykowski, Benedetta Allegranzi, Didier Pittet
Pages: 4 - 5

Growth Hormone Therapy for Paediatric Growth Disorders: The Past, Present, and Future

Martin O. Savage, Abdullah Alherbish
Pages: 4 - 9
Abnormal pituitary function was linked to excessive height and acromegaly in the late 19th century. Harvey Cushing proposed a pituitary substance that regulated human linear growth. Chemical characterization of the Growth Hormone (GH) molecule by Li led to a demonstration of its species specificity with...

Analysis on the Training Mode of Finance Major in Applied Universities from the Perspective of Production

Heng Wang
Industry-university-research cooperation education is an important way to cultivate application-oriented undergraduate talents, which is of great significance to the cultivation of students’ practical ability, application ability, innovation ability and comprehensive quality.However, from the current...

Off Season Planting System as Supply Function in Chili Pepper Availability (An Analysis of Rational Expectation Model in Red Curly Chili Pepper Farming (Capsicum Annum L) in Cikajang, Garut Regency)

Dety Sukmawati, Euis Dasipah
Chili pepper is one of national leading commodities and has a high economic value. One of the factors causing the balance is unplanned and uncoordinated pattern of production and cropping pattern between each district of chili pepper production center resulting the fluctuative income. These research...

Effectiveness of Using Google Forms in the Problem Based Learning Model to Increase the Critical Thinking Ability of High School Students

Erni Endah Sari, Usman, Abdul Hakim
This study aims to examine the effectiveness of using Google Forms in the Problem Based Learning (PBL) model to improve the critical thinking skills of high school students. The research method used experimental research through the nonequivalent control group. The experiments used in this study were...

Research on the Methods of Integration Ideological and Political Education Into Physical Education Curriculum in Higher Vocational Colleges

Linfei Qiu, Guocan Ren
Ideological and political education is the core course in our education system. The integration of ideological and political education into the physical education curriculum is a powerful measure to further improve students’ ideological and political consciousness, enhance students’ professional quality,...
Proceedings Article

Strategies to Increase the Selling Price of Coffee Through Product Diversification

Rina Indrayani, Ragil Pardiyono
Srikandi village is one of the coffee-producing villages in Pangalengan West Java. Most of the population are farmers. During this time the resulting coffee still has a selling price that is not optimal, so this research aims to create a marketing strategy to increase the selling price of coffee. With...

Implementation of the Physical Education, Sport and Health Learning Process Based on the 2013 Curriculum in Elementary Schools of Padang

Putri Annisa Ibnus, M Madri
The purpose of this study is to find out how physical education, sports and health teachers in the Public Elementary Schools in Pauh District, Padang City in planning, implementing and evaluating learning activities according to the 2013 curriculum. This research is qualitative. The population of this...

The Upper Bound of Metric Dimension of Bridge Graphs

Amrullah Amrullah, Baidowi Baidowi, Syahrul Azmi, Nani Kurniati, Turmuzi Turmuzi
The metric dimension is one of the problems in graph theory which is interesting to study until now. The metric dimension has many applications such as image processing. However, not all graphs have been obtained for the metric dimensions such as a bridge graph. A bridge graph is a graph obtained from...