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The Effect Of Transformational Leadership, Work Culture, Self Learning And Work Commitment Towards Teacher's Performance

Lisa Gracia Kailola
Teacher's performance plays a crucial role in achieving quality of education and good character of students. Low teacher's performance will decrease quality of graduates itself. Based on data in Depok City, West Java, teacher's performance is in the priority programs of government, and still need to...
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Implementation of MML tool engine based on MOC

Li Yan, Liping Wang
In this paper, based on the description of the abstract resource model, the unified description and modeling of MOC for configuration management are presented. Tool engine based on this unified resource model achieves the automation of construction for all MOC configuration file and the code, and further...
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The Application of Distributed Raptor Codes in Cooperative Transmission  System

Chao Wang, Xiaojie Qian
In order to reduce computational complexity and transmission delay in the cooperative transmission system based on digital fountain codes, the paper proposes the cooperative communication scheme based on a distributed Raptor codes . The throughput is treated as the parametric analysis of the system complexity...

Exploration of Teaching Concept Formation of Double-position Teachers

Junxia Chen
At present, China is accelerating application-oriented university construction. “double-position” teachers become important teaching resources. This paper describes daily teaching behavior of a “double-position” teacher from the perspective of educational narrative, explores the formation reasons and...
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Improved Particle Optimization Algorithm Solving Hadoop Task Scheduling Problem

Jun Xu, Yong Tang
Abstract—Cloud computing to provide service for the user group is huge, so the number of cloud computer’s tasks is enormous, the system handle large tasks all the time so that task scheduling is the key and difficult points in the cloud. This article make research on how to make full use of cloud resources...
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A comparative Study of the Liability of the Income Statement and the Liability of the Balance Sheet

Wang Jianbing, Wang Jun
On February 15, 2006, the ministry of finance issued new enterprise accounting standards system, including the accounting standards for enterprises - income tax ,which has clearly shown that we should apply the international balance sheet debt method to tax accounting. The view of assets and liability,...
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The Use of Mapping Knowledge Domains in Analyzing Subject's Research Overview and Hot Spots*

Yan Liu, Yingjuan Tang
This paper uses scientometrics method of knowledge mapping domains, on the basis of CAJD database, summarizes and analyses the discipline structure of "Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL)". It introduces the method of knowledge mapping analysis to the research area of Teaching Chinese as a Second...
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Face Joint Alignment Using Local Method

Gang Zhang, Tang Sikan, Lian Qiang Niu
It is an under-determined problem that local methods are used for face alignment of an image, although good results can be obtained by using an auxiliary model or a priori information. In comparison, joint alignment using multiple face images of the same person has more advantages. In this paper, the...

Identity, Language and Social Cohesion: Car Plate Number Preference Among Indonesian Diaspora

Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
Social identification and cohesion are deemed important, particularly among group-oriented ethnic minorities like Indonesians overseas. This identification can be, in some other ways, expressed by car license numbers, to show their social belonging and affiliation. This qualitative study explores how...
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On-siteTest Study On DefiningLoose Range Of Surrounding Rock Of High-way Tunnel With Multi-measuring Method

Pengfei Jiao, Shucai Li, Xinzhi Li
Determining surrounding rock loose circle of plastic surrounding rock stability evaluation was critical parameters for the rational, economic support designed to provide an effective basis. In this paper, relying on field engineering, integrated embeddedsurrounding rock pressure monitoring and deformation...

Analysis on the test results and the effect of autonomous learning in College English Network Course

Hongji Li
The establishment of any system has its principles, and the establishment of the training system of College Students' English autonomous learning ability must have the principle of the design. In the process of establishment of College Students' English autonomous learning ability cultivation system,...
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Design of Embedded Industrial robot based on PLC servo control

Yuhan Jie
In order to improve the automation degree of robot, design size of the robot is reduced, a new industrial robot has been designed using PLC, servo motor drive and servo motor as the core component, through the PLC programming and the Modbus communication. IPC and Delta PLC of this kind of robot uses...
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Reliability of Surface Electromagnetic Prospecting (SEP) system-A case study in Dongguashan copper mine

Da Lei, Xiaodong Luan, Wenwei Zhang, Yangtao Ou, Junjie Wu, Xinchun Wang, Yongbo Li
The Surface Electromagnetic Prospecting system developed by Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences was introduced through a CSAMT case study in Dongguashan copper mine in east of Tonglin, Anhui province. Strong electromagnetic noise generated by mineral industries and nearby...
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Effect of Moderate Altitude Exposure on Human Thermal Physiological Parameters and Heat Losses in different activities

Haiying Wang, Songtao Hu
The effect of moderate altitude on human thermal regulation and heat loss may influence human thermal sensation and comfort. This paper aims to clarify this effect and its impact on thermal sensation. Experiments were conducted in a decompression chamber where the air parameters were controllable. Barometric...

Research review on definition and support of small and medium-sized enterprises

Dongping Yu, Xiangxue Lu, Lifeng Wang, Guifeng Song
In the background of "One Belt and One Road" and "the setting up of the investment bank "will largely promote the development of small and medium-size enterprises in these areas. Small and medium-size enterprises support is a hot topic in the research field in recent years. Based on analysis of existing...
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Porous polydopamine and para-aminobenzoic acid complex membrane formed by electrochemical codeposition/degradation

Hongfei Shao, Huaixiang Li, Wei He
Electropolymerization is a useful method to modify electrode for improving selectivity, sensitivity and strong adherence to electrode surface. In this paper, we prepared polydopamine (PDA), poly-para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and PDA/PABA composite membrane on a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) using cyclic...
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Research on Smart Development in Urban Central Axis Area Based on Morphological Typology Method and Environmental Synergy Concept -- A Case Study of TIT Creative Park in Guangzhou

Minzhi Li, Lu Wang
This research is mainly built upon the work of 2014 Watersheds PhD Winter School, which is organized by South China University of Technology in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino. The Winter School focuses on the professional and practical issues of urban design, specifically, the urban transformation...

Creating a Trusted Public Organization -- Organizational Trust Analysis in Implementation Network of the Education Quality Assurance Policy in Indonesia

Prof. Alwi, Mashuri H. Tahili
The main purpose of this research is to analyze the perspective of organizational trust in the implementation network of education quality assurance policy in Indonesia. The results showed that organizational trust has not been a key driver to achieve the effectiveness of the implementation of education...
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EEG Recognition of Motor Imagery Based on EWT in Driving Assistance

Wei Shan, Yuwen Wang, Qun He, Ping Xie
Electroencephalogram (EEG) feature extraction is one of the key techniques for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in driving assistance. In this paper, empirical wavelet transform (EWT) is introduced for EEG feature extraction, and then a new EEG recognition method based on EWT is proposed. In the proposed...
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AMT Fault Information System Based on CAN Bus Gateway

Xianqiang Liu, Haiou Liu
AMT fault information system based on CAN bus power gateway is designed for the requirements of fault diagnosis in AMT system of vehicle. The functional intergration of data communication in gateway and management of AMT fault data are realized by adding chips of Flash, EEPROM, DS1302, etc. based on...
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Study on Construction of Embedded Bolt Sleeve’s Precision in Massive Concrete

Chongge Wang, Jiachuan Liu
In recent years, with the coal mine construction expanded, the hoisting ability has had corresponding increase and the requirement for the quality of equipment foundation has become increasingly high; especially the requirement for embedded casing’s positional accuracy in the massive concrete is demanding,...

Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Micro-credit

Deng-lu He
Micro-credit pushed by the rural financial institutions play a significant role in supporting the economic development and solving the three issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers. Pointing at the outstanding issues current micro-credit confront such as the inability to meet the strong...

Analysis of Business English Professional with the Combination of Training Mode

Li Xuejing, Liu Yunman
The Business English majors are starting to exist as an independent discipline, it develops business English training model to meet the requirements of social development that is very important. Based on the needs, the analysis of business English talent Xingtai research and training objectives for the...

Literature Review on Corporate Social Responsibility

Rong-Jia Su, Xiao-Wen Jie
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has aroused increasing interests from academic field and corporations. While pursuing profits, corporations should also fulfill social responsibilities to advance social well-being, which can in turn contribute to the success of business. The purpose of this study...

The Application of Real Option Method for Investment Decision of Real Estate Project

Zhen Wang
With accelerated marketization process of the real estate, its effect in stimulating and stabilizing the market economy becomes more and more large. Because market development of the real estate is less well-developed, investment manias of real estate prick up the risk of investment. Therefore, the use...

A Synchronization Concept of Vocational Education in Indonesia

Agung Premono, Tuti Iriani, Riyadi Riyadi, Daryanto Daryanto
Vocational education in Indonesia has been implemented in three different levels of education: higher education, secondary education, and non-formal education. However, vocational education implementation of these levels seems not related to each other. This study is carried out to create a synchronization...
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Wireless Transmission Based on GPRS Used in Cable On-line Monitoring System

Li Zhou, Yunlong Sun, Jie Chen, Huan Zheng
With the Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) power cables increasingly widely used in urban power transmission and distribution network, the reliable operation of XLPE insulated power cable line is becoming more and more important for economic and social development. [1] And there is a need to ensure the...
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Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and China’s Technology Strategy

Yan Li, Yi Sui, Qing-bo Huang
Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights(TRIPs) is the first to use the name of international laws to require the WTO members to supply the effective procedures of the intellectual property rights. This throws great challenges towards its protection, technology exploration,...
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Research of the Relationship Between Content and Ratio of Nitrogenous, Phosphate, Potash Fertilizer in Flue Cured Tobacco and Incidence of Tobacco Vein Spot Disease

YingXia Guang
With time developing, tobacco vein spot disease is a very common and serious infectious disease in tobacco plants, and is one of the most serious diseases of tobacco in the world. Tobacco vein spot disease is becoming more and more epidemic outbreak around the world and has already attracted extensive...

Transformation from Academic Majors to the Application-Oriented Ones in Key Universities

Dongchuan Lin, Jing Gao, Yongbing Li, Shanxiang Liang
In recent years the government has made efforts to reform education and issued a series of policy documents about the transformation of colleges and universities. In the process of educational reform, a key university should take the initiative to play the comprehensive advantages of disciplines and...
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Effect of Shed Configuration on AC Flashover Performance of Polluted Porcelain Insulators

Yawei Li, Xinghai Zhang, Xiaolei Yang, Huan Bai, Lei Sun
The flashover of polluted insulator is one of the serious problems which should be taken into account in the design and coordination of high voltage insulation. In order to clarify the influence of umbrella shape configurations on the pollution flashover characteristics of AC suspension porcelain insulators,...
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Speed Identification Based on Surveillance Video in Traffic Accidents

Shuquan Xu, Shengwen Yang, Chaozhou Chen, Guofang Wu
Traditional analytical methods on the velocity in traffic accident are summarized, and the use of reference object in vehicle-mounted surveillance video data identifying the velocity in traffic accidents was introduced. A collision between a bus and an electric bicycle which caused injuries was taken...

The significance of network literature in China and its value bearing

BinYing Wu, JingHui Wu
With the development of the times, the development of the society is obviously accelerated. Network literature has also been influenced, which is more unique, showing a more innovative development trend. At the same time, the network literature also presents some development problems, this paper makes...
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The Bus Line Supporting System Based On Learning Neural Network Model Applied In GIS

Jun Song, Shengwei Quan
With the rapid increase of urban population and rapidly widening scope of the city, the newly built residential areas emerging or leading to the existing bus lines could not meet the needs of the people’s activities. The phenomenon of the traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious. [1] According...
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3D-Numerical simulation of a mine using cohesion-softening, friction-softening and hardening behavior

P.K. Rajmeny, PK Jain, Vakili Abouzar
Numerical modeling is a potent tool to evaluate stability and to assist in long term planning of a mine along with predictive modeling of planned mining situations. However, selection of proper input properties regarding the rock mass still intrigues the Rock Mechanics community. A well-documented case...
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Research on moving target tracking technology based on complex background

Xintao Huang, Jun Yang, Mengjiao Wu, Can Zhao
With the needs of social development, video tracking based on the algorithm has gradually been in a hot research in the software.CamShift algorithm is a real-time tracking algorithm, using color histogram model get each image frame color projection, and according to previous frame tracking results to...
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The Modified Model of Q-learning Search Strategy Based on LDA-DBN

Shihao Zhu, Guangfeng Zhang, Dongfan Zhao
The network in web has the characteristic of information roughness. Focused crawling is able to grab the information selectively when topic relate to web page. In this paper, utilizing the characteristics of Gibbs using in DBN and LDA, in the sliding window containing the URL link to semantic recognition,...

The Content Classification via Bayesian Model in Meteorological Teaching

Guanlei Xu, Limin Shao, Yonglu Liu, Fengwang Lang
In meteorological teaching, in order to improve the teaching efficiency, the content classification is of much signification. After content classification, the teachers can give the detailed and better teaching plans to the students. On the other hand, these classified content can be employed for the...
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Study on joint formation evolution in laser microwelding of Pt-10%Ir and 316 LVM SS crossed wiresCrossed wire, Laser microwelding, Simulation, Joint formation

Jinrong Mao, Yongde Huang, Peng He
In order to identify the evolution of joint formation about crossed wires of Pt-10% Ir to 316 LVM SS in laser microwelding, the experimental and computational study was carried out. The results showed that, with the increase of peak power of laser microwelding, the laser joint evolution of the crossed-wires...

The Mixing Degree of Mixed Ownership Enterprises and the Innovation of Corporate Governance

Ying Chen
This article selected 1000 mixed ownership enterprises as samples from Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Market in 2015. To the mixed ownership of the enterprise mixed degree as the standard, classification of the nature of the first major shareholders of the 1000 listing Corporation. The governance problems...

Human Capital Investment and the Middle-income Trap International Experience and Facts of China

Jun Feng
As the "Lewis turning point" occurred and the demographic dividend disappeared, China is facing the risk of falling into the middle-income trap. Both theory and international experience show that human capital investment is the key to avoiding the middle income trap. However, human capital accumulation...
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Thermodynamic performance analysis of a CCHPsystem fueled by coke oven gas

H.B. Zhao, T. Jiang, W. Yang, Q. Yang
Inspiring from the idea of distributed energy utilization, using coke oven gas fed a combined cooling heating and power integrated system and aided by FORTRAN software to programand calculate the research system. The article concludes the influence of pressure and temperature ratios as well as the contents...
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High Accuracy Tracking with an Active Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

W. Fu, L. Gao
Traditional PTZ tracking system focus on tracking algorithm, but PTZ camera control is not taken seriously and the control method has the large deviations. The algorithm for PTZ camera control is defined according to the target position which is achieved by the tracking algorithm in the image, calculates...
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A tour on big data classification: Selected Computational Intelligence approaches

Francisco Herrera
In this age, big data applications are increasingly becoming the main focus of attention because of the enormous increment of data generation and storage that has taken place in the last years, in science, business, . . . This situation becomes a challenge when huge amounts of data are processed to extract...
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Uncertain Program Based Unit Commitment Model for Power Grid Including Wind Farms

Siqing Sheng, Li Zhang
Taking the multiple uncertainties commonly existing in electrical power networks including wind farms into consideration, this paper introduces the uncertain programming theory to convert the uncertainties of wind power and load to those of their forecast errors. Making utilization of fuzzy variable...

Feminism Analysis on Dewi Ria Utari’s “Topeng Nalar” Short Story

Andhika Dyah Puspitasari, Else Liliani
This research aims to describe the text dimension, discourse practice, and sociocultural practice in Dewi Ria Utari’s short story “Topeng Nalar”. Feminism theory is applied along with qualitative descriptive method with Fairclough’s model. The results show that: (1) text dimension, the short story “Topeng...

Discrete Differential Evolution Algorithm with the Fuzzy Machine Selection for Solving the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Ajchara Phu-ang
Pages: 11 - 19
The objective of the research is to solve the flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP). In this paper, the new algorithm is proposed mainly based on discrete concepts of the differential evolution (DE) algorithm with the new idea called the fuzzy machine selection approach. In the first step, the...

Indonesian Hajj Cohorts and Mortality in Saudi Arabia from 2004 to 2011

Masdalina Pane, Fiona Yin Mei Kong, Tri Bayu Purnama, Kathryn Glass, Sholah Imari, Gina Samaan, Hitoshi Oshitani
Pages: 11 - 18
The Hajj is an annual pilgrimage that 1–2 million Muslims undertake in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), which is the largest mass gathering event in the world, as the world’s most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia holds the largest visa quota for the Hajj. All Hajj pilgrims under the quota system are...

Study on the Changes of Industrial Structure in Sichuan Province before and after the “5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake”

Dongdong Zhu, Xianhua Wu, Peipei Xue
Pages: 11 - 19
On the 10th anniversary of the “5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake” disaster, what changes have occurred in the industrial structure of Sichuan Province? It is an important topic for government, industry and the public. This paper analyzed the impact of Wenchuan earthquake on various industries in Sichuan Province...