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Typology of Conflict and Violence in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2017–2022

Mochamad Sodik, Muryanti, Agus Saputro, Tri Muryani, Qorir Yunia Sari
Yogyakarta is a city that is synonymous with peace; as the slogan Yogyakarta is comfortable, and almost no conflicts or violence appear. In the past five years, there have been nearly 35 violent incidents in Yogyakarta. This paper wants to describe the typology of conflicts and violence that occurred...

Family Food Security Through Yard Land Utilization Training in Bambanglipuro, Yogyakarta

Amanda Ridho Pratomo, Entoh Tohani
Food security is one of the determinants of the quality of life of human resources. Where indicators of food security are very vulnerable to poverty, malnutrition, security, and the national political situation. The assessment method used in analyzing the need for food security in Samen Hamlet uses SWOT...

Enforcement of OSH Regulations in Malaysia’s Manufacturing Sector: An Empirical Investigation

Jian Ai Yeow, Dennis W. K. Khong, Tee Suan Chin, Afandi Yusof
Workplace accidents and injuries especially manufacturing industries are in an alarming stage. Yearly, more than 2000 cases were reported to Department of Safety and Health in Malaysia. This study highlighted the needs of having enforcement of safety and health regulations in the manufacturing industry...

Utilization of Information Technology in Guidance and Counseling Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Beny Arifin Efendi, Muhammad Nur Wangid, Triyanto
This research will describe the use of information technology in Guidance and Counseling services during pandemic. The study method used was qualitative with a case study approach. Data were collected through the distribution of questionnaires to 25 junior high school Guidance and Counseling teachers...

An Indigenous Knowledge of Mongolians for Education and its Literature Review

Jadamba Badrakh, Tsogzolmaa Guruuchin
The root feature that distinguishes Mongolian traditional culture from other nations is our nomadic culture. The our research question is how they understood education and its quality?. The main objective of this study was clarify the indigenous knowledge for education and its quality. In this study,...

Elementary School Principal Participative Leadership: Coordination in Character Education Implementation

Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Zuraidah Abdullah, Cucun Sunaengsih
Coordination is one among the key measurements of participative leadership in character education. Coordination applied by heads in character education operation is realized during a number of forms, like delegating authorities, empowering all school parties, building cooperation with teachers and staff...
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Multi-criteria Decision-Making on Operational Risk in Banks

Vladimir Ristanović, Goranka Knežević
The frequency of application of different multi-criteria decision-making methods in business and financial problems is justified by the diversity and complexity of business decisions. The methods enable analysts and decision-makers to assess when making a decision. This research aims to present the contribution...

Towards Economic Innovation in New Normal Era: Triangle Perspective of Technology, Knowledge, and Artificial Intelligent

Khin Sandar Kyaw, Wittawat Didyasarin Sattayaraksa, Tharnpas Sattayaraksa, Praman Tepsongkroh, Chanwut Thongkamkaew
In the era of Covid pandemic, the big revolution of economic has emerged where the role of creation is viewed as the significant factor to survive and stand for all various types of business. As a consequence of emerging challenge in innovation-based economics, perspective of technology knowledge, and...

A Cotton Bud Coated with Chitosan/N-Carbon Dot Composite as SPE Sorbent for Extraction of Steroid Hormones from Fish Farm Water

Deki, Panote Thavarungkul, Proespichaya Kanatharana, Chongdee Thammakhet Buranachai
17-β Estradiol (E2), estrone (E1), and testosterone (T) are steroid hormones formed naturally by humans and animals or derived from synthetic sources. These steroid hormones are frequently used in aquaculture farms to increase production and treat diseases. However, there are concerns about the presence...

Scammers’ Identities as Represented in Emails to Indonesian Journal Editors

Deny Efita Nur Rakhmawati, Rohmani Nur Indah, Habiba Umami, Muzakki Afifuddin, Hujuala Rika Ayu
Numerous scam emails received by journal editors with various rhetorical techniques are considerable linguistic phenomena to examine. Certain rhetorical techniques provide information about the email senders’ identity and ideology. Thus, this study employs the transitivity system of Halliday’s Systemic...

Study on Strengthening Mechanism and Application Performance of the High Toughness 2 GPa Hot Forming Steel

B. Chen, Z. W. Liang, S. C. Yin, L. P. Liu, J. G. Zhang, C. Y. Zhai, T. Liu
The high toughness 2 GPa hot forming steel of Tangsteel achieved the strength of 2 GPa after hot stamping through the composite strengthening mechanism of composition design, martensitic strengthening, fine grain strengthening and precipitation strengthening. The carbon content in martensite was reduced...
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Novel Approach for Particle Size Distribution Analysis. Applied Case to Rockfills and Waste Dumps Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Marco Arrieta
This paper describes the workflow and results for Particle Size Distribution (PSD) analysis using UAV photogrammetry for waste rockfill materials. A methodology for digital detection and statistical measurement of PSD derived from UAV-SfM photogrammetry is presented. The comparative results between field...
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Analysis of the Characteristics of Palm Oil Trunk Waste as Co-firing Fuel for Power Plant

Ade Sana Ruhiyat, Adi Prismantoko, Hanafi Prida Putra, Nimas Mayang Sabrina Sunyoto, Moch Zulfikar Eka Prayoga, Bambang Arip Dwiantoro, Hariana
Indonesia palm oil plantations have an area 15.08 million hectares in 2021 which provide huge potential of biomass from replanting waste including palm oil trunks. This study aims to determine the characteristics of palm oil trunks and its potential for co-firing fuel with coal in power plant. The palm...
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Factors Influencing Nutritional Practice of Mothers with Stunted Children

Apriyani Puji Hastuti, Tintin Sukartini, Yuni Sufyanti Arief, Nursalam Nursalam, Indari, Dina Nurpita Suprawoto
Background: The role of feeding in the first two years of life is closely related to the mother’s ability to fulfill nutrition. During this age, there is a risk of nutritional problems due to transition/weaning and infant feeding practices, particularly in terms of food variety, quality of diet, availability...

Surabaya Government Communication Pattern in Fulfilling Green Open Space in the Perspective of Power Relations

Lusi Andriyani, Evi Satispi
Green Open Space (RTH) is green areas in the form of city parks, urban forests, green lanes on the edge or in the middle of the road, along the riverbank or the edge of the train line, the yard of each building of all functions included in the Building Boundary Line. And Basic Coefficients. The policy...

Making Meaning in Life: A Thematic Review of Successful Experimental Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Interventions

Michael F. Steger
This review sought to identify thematic elements of causal interventions that significantly increase people’s reports of meaning in life. The author draws on existing reviews and meta-analyses of clinical interventions, as well as additional review of other research methods from which causality may be...

Deixis Analysis in Conversation Between President Joko Widodo and Nadiem Makarim on Presidential Secretariat Youtube Channel

Aditya Rachman, Diantri Seprina Putri, Hanifah Yulia Sari, Siti Ainim Liusti
A conversation between President Joko Widodo and his minister had never been witnessed before. However, during this Covid-19 pandemic, their conversation became something possible to be watched through the Presidential Secretariat's YouTube channel. The conversation can be analyzed through a pragmatic...
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Innovation of Car Seat Measurement Device

Vitezslav Fliegel, Petr Lepsik, Rudolf Martonka
The car seat is tested in the conditions of real car operation, ie under the conditions of multi-axis loading. We will examine all the possible parameters and maybe find some objective conclusions for the car seat design. The content of this article is the innovation of car seat measurement device in...
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Correlation Between Age, Gender, and Fasting Blood Sugar Levels with Peripheral Artery Disease Incidence in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Oxa Aqilla Putri Suharyono, Iin Novita Nurhayati Mahmuda, Rizky Febrian, ‘Ulayya Azzah Nadiroh
Diabetes mellitus is currently a major public health issue worldwide. The global prevalence of diabetes mellitus in 2019 was estimated at 9.3% and will increase to 10.9% in 2040. Peripheral arterial disease is an important complication of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus patients with peripheral...

Financial Distress, Fraud Reasons, and Fraudulent Financial Reporting Indication

Arja Sadjiarto, Enrico Jonathan, Peter Joseph Santoso
The aim of this research is to observe the financial distress and fraud reasons towards the indication of fraudulent financial reporting during the 2018–2020 period, that is before and during the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fraud reasons consist of pressure, opportunity, rationalization, competence...

The Causality Relationship Between Financial Constructs with State Space Model

Rialdi Azhar, Sri Suningsih, Widya Rizki Eka Putri, Ahmad Efendi Business
One solution of the state-space model is to see the causal relationship between one and more variables. This model can be used as a statistical basis for modeling movements, for example, carbon variables and other variables that may be related in the form of financial construction. Research looking for...
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Dominating Sets in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Yegnanarayanan Venkataraman, T. Kalaiselvi, Jeyaraj Jane Rubel Angelina, Subhashini Sottallu Janakiram
Protein-Protein interactions (PPIs) are vital for explaining the structural and functional architecture of the cell. To have a wider comprehension of the mechanisms, finding driver proteins that are vital for the control of the said network is a pertinent task in systems biology. Lately, it has become...
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Ellipse’s Versiera – Structure and Kinematics of the Generator Mechanism

Alina Duta, Iulian Popescu, Ludmila Sass, Mirela Cherciu, Ionut-Daniel Geonea
The structural and kinematic analyses of a mechanism presented in the specialty literature are performed. The mechanism is used to plot versiera of ellipses and ellipses. We wrote the equations for calculating the positions of the points necessary to realize the geometric model in the ADAMS® program...
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A Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: The Analysis of Indonesian Agricultural Startups Development Strategy

Iwan Hermawan, Rafika Sari, Yuni Sudarwati, Izzaty, Dewi Wuryandani
The abundant agricultural resources and the vast market does not make agricultural startups develop more massively than nonagricultural startups. At the same time, the role of agricultural’s startups as an enabler of agricultural’s technology (agri-tech) is crucial to improve food accessibility and even...

Identifying Weaknesses in Internal Control System: A Case Study of a High School in Tulangan, Indonesia

Duwi Rahayu, Ririn Silvia Agustin, Leriza Desitama Anggraini
This study aimed to investigate the implementation of an accounting information system for cash receipts and expenditures at SMA Muhammadiyah 3 Tulangan, with the goal of improving internal control. The researchers used a descriptive qualitative research method with primary and secondary data sources,...

Problems of Managerial Competencies in the Field of Higher Education, Taking into Account Modern Transformational Trends

P. S. Avetisyan, N. M. Gevorgyan, M. R. Tadevosyan
The article is devoted to a topic that is very important for the post-Soviet countries nowadays, and which is related both to the development of intellectual human capital and to the need to transform higher education. The article, based on the research of current trends, examines the competencies needed...
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Improvement of Local Purple Corn (zea mays) Variety with Multigamma Irradiation (Nuclear) Techniques Yielding Superior Generation

Bartholomeus Pasangka, P. Irvandi Gorby
This study aimed to use multigamma irradiation techniques (nuclear) to improve indigenous purple corn to produce better generation types that can withstand drought, harsh climates, pests and diseases, and high yields. Observation, sampling, irradiation, careful selection, purification, and interpretation...
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Radiation Dose Analysis in the Cervix Area by Cobalt-60 Irradiation Using the Monte Carlo Method

Swastya Rahastama, Menasita Mayantasari, Tania Wulandari, Rajendra Salim
The scattering of radiation rays from Co-60 affects the absorbed dose received by cancer cells and healthy organs. Herein, we tried to investigate the distribution of absorbed dose with skin-to-source distance (SSD) variations inside the cervix area due to irradiation of Co-60 from different locations....

The Influence of Good Corporate Governance through the Gender Diversity on Firm Performance

Novi Dwi Riyanti, Werner R. Murhadi, Mudji Utami
The objective of this study is to look at how board size, board gender diversity, independent commissioners, leverage, and firm size affect firm performance in manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange and the Philippines Stock Exchange. This study used a quantitative approach with two least...

Tax Knowledge, Not Motivation, Determines Compliance: Study of Women-Owned Batik SMEs

Indra Kusumawardhani, Afni Sirait, Sri Luna Murdianingrum
This study focuses on the individual predispositions of women entrepreneurs in the weaving and batik sector and their impact on business management. The research also examines the influence of tax regulations and tax knowledge on taxpayer compliance, specifically in relation to the Harmonization of Tax...

Academic Digital Genre: Schematic Structure of Online Lecture Interaction in English Language Classrooms in Indonesia and Malaysia

Akhyar Rido, Heri Kuswoyo, Putu Nur Ayomi
Digitalization in the education sector has been massive, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made the digital genre becomes a new norm in academic discourse in higher education institutions. The aim of this study is to shed some light on how online English language lectures...

The Relationship of Green Accounting on Financial Performance with Environmental Performance as a Mediation Variable

Wulan Rezky Amalya, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Alphasyah Lazuardy Sidarta
The objective of the study is to examine the mediation of environmental performance on the relationship between green accounting and financial performance. The population in this study is 3 selected industrial sectors which are basic and chemical industries, various garment textile industries, and pharmaceutical...

“Archivum Est Potentia” UPT Archives Lampung University: Implementation of Archives as a Source of Information and Collective Memory Lampung University

Purwanto Putra, Arnila Purnamayanti, Eri Maryani
The issue of organizing university archives continues to be in the spotlight. In general, what often happens is that the organization of university archives is still not running optimally. One of the causes is the lack of understanding of policy makers and the magnitude of the tasks carried out by higher...

Analysis of Collaborative Governance in Tourism Based on Coastal Community Empowerment in Indonesia

Mahadiansar Mahadiansar, Alfiandri Alfiandri, Muhammad Syuzairi
Tourism based on empowering coastal communities in Indonesia can be a solution for developing the local economy. The collaborative governance process is a new approach in tourism management that emphasizes active community participation in decision-making, planning, and evaluating policies in the tourism...

Challenging in Using Whole Language Approach and Brain based Learning to Develop English Communication Skills in Thailand 4.0

Metta Sanmanit, Jirutthitikan Pimvichai
Using Whole Language Approach and Brain based Learning to Develop English Communication Skills in Thailand 4.0 Learning proposed as a way to solve the problems of students to study English more effective by focusing on self - learning, individual differences and brain development. This article aims to...

Development of Creative-Reading Skill Assessment Instruments for Indonesian Language Learning in Elementary Schools

Teuku Alamsyah, Rostina Taib, Muhammad Iqbal
This study aims to examine the needs of elementary school teachers related to creative reading assessment instruments, develop related instruments, and conduct trials of the developed instruments. The research and development method of the Dick & Carey model was chosen for the instrument design and...

Factors that Affect Community in Contributing to Cash Waqf for Economic Development: A Structured Review

Nurnazifa Gzahli, Hasyeilla Abd Mutalib, Afiffudin Mohammed Noor
Considering the importance of cash waqf in developing waqf institutions and enhancing the socioeconomic of the ummah. Cash waqf is seen also as alternative sustainable finance in economic development. It is easier for the community to do waqf even if they don’t have land because cash waqf can be done...

Edulogistics Hub: Outstanding Logistics Study Center for the Future

Bambang Darmawan, Aim Abdulkarim, Vina Dwiyanti, Hanissa Okitasari
Vocational education as a workforce maker who is ready to work directly in Industry and the World of Work must be able to answer the challenges of the industrial 4.0 era and support Making Indonesia 4.0 proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. The teaching and learning process in vocational...
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Assessment of Pillar and Interburden Stability in Ultra-Close Multiple-Seam Mining Using Finite Element Modeling

S. E. Phillipson
Our primary evaluation tool for coal pillar designs is the Analysis of Coal Pillar Stability (ACPS) program, which is based on an empirical database of case histories. We apply the Rocscience RS2 two-dimensional finite-element modeling program to ultra-close multiple-seam scenarios to enhance existing...
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Keynote Presentation: Environmental Justice, Equity, and Cumulative Impact Assessment in Urban and Rural Settings

Andrew M. Geller
EPA has committed, through its Equity Action Plan, to address equity and environmental justice goals by addressing the cumulative impacts of chemical and non-chemical stressors in its programs and activities. This presentation describes actions taken and planned to address environmental and climate justice...

The Negative Impact of Instagram on Generation Z from the Perspective of Islamic Psychology

Putri Komala Sari, Muhammad Nur Rochim Maksum, Hafidz
Social media has become an inseparable part of the identity of Generation Z. One of the predominant social media platforms favored by this generation is Instagram. Instagram is utilized as a means of communication, interaction, development, and obtaining various informational materials. In this modern...

Teaching L2 via online classrooms with Comprehensible Input (CI)

Dewi Andriani
Applying Comprehensible Input (CI) to teaching a second language is widespread among second language teachers, especially those adopting TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story Telling). Historically, CI was introduced by Krashen through his monitor model, which has been criticised by many...
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Allergic Rhinitis from Disease Discovery to Patient Management

Teti Madiadipoera, Refika Padmis Sunaryo
Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a clinically defined disorder of the nose characterized by symptoms triggered by allergen exposure, leading to an IgE-mediated inflammation. It is a global health problem affecting up to 50% of the world's population, with symptoms extending beyond nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea,...

An Analysis of Interpersonal Meaning and Translation Quality in Short Story Entitled Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp by Andrew Lang

Anggara Dina Meilany, Raden Arief Nugroho
This paper discusses a short story translation entitled Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp on the Tales from The Arabian Nights Novel by Andrew Lang into Indonesian translated by Titik Andarwati. This study aims to identify the category of mood, the translation techniques, and the quality of translation...
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Unsupervised Context Distillation from Weakly Supervised Data to Augment Video Question Answering

Paul Gaynor
Anomaly detection by tracking if the context of a video stream has changed could be useful, but supervised training to classify video context can be cumbersome and error prone. Instead, we apply a cascade of clustering techniques that operate on a weakly supervised video data lake to extract a context...
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Comparison of Fuzzy Time Series and Fuzzy Time Series-Particle Swarm Optimization Methods in Predicting Bank BCA Share Price

Prizka Rismawati Arum, Kintoko, Nur Huriyatullah Rona Nabila, Eko Andy Purnomo
Investment is an investment activity that aims to enable investors or capital owners to benefit from the results of the investment or investment made. One of the profitabel investments is stock investment. PT Bank Central Asia (BBCA) is a private company engaged in banking finance. The Fuzzy Time Series...

The Influence of Interest Rate, Inflation, and Exchange Rate on Stock Price Return of Companies Listed in the KOMPAS 100 Index

Anak Agung Alit Tri Putra, I Ketut Darma, I Gusti Lanang Putu Tantra
This research was conducted based on the fluctuation of the KOMPAS100 index from 2015 to 2021. The research was done to know the influence of interest rate, inflation, and the Indonesian Rupiah exchange rate against the US Dollar on the stock price return of companies listed in the KOMPAS100 index within...

Factors Affecting Non-performing Loans at PT BPR Pijer Podi Kekelengen

Tenny Sitepu, Isfenti Sadalia, Iskandar Muda
PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Pijer Podi Kekelengen serves the community through the banking intermediation function. This bank receives funds from the public in form of deposits and re-disburses them in the form of credit. Credit given to the public has a risk in returning installments to the bank. Banks...
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The Hilbert–Mumford criterion for representations of network quivers

Marco A. Armenta, Alexander H. W. Schmitt
We give an alternative proof of the characterization of the semistable and the stable framed representations of a network quiver. This is a basic result for understanding the moduli spaces of neural networks which have been recently introduced.

Challenges for SMEs During the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Importance of Innovation and Digitalization

Dekeng Setyo Budiarto, Adi Prasetyo, Gulam Hazmin
Even though SMEs have significantly contributed to economic growth, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses in this sector failing. Therefore, the right strategy is needed so that they can deal with environmental changes. This research will test whether digitalization and innovation significantly...