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Evaluation of Family Planning Programs in Minahasa Regency

Abdul Rahman Dilapanga, Jeane Mantiri
The problem in this research is the Evaluation of Family Planning Programs in Minahasa Regency. The Family Planning Program is a national development program in the field of the population that contributes to the control of population growth through birth control and restrictions as well as improving...

Individual Approach in Improving the Compliance of the Learning Process of Children With Special Needs in Autism in SLB Asuhan Kasih, Kupang City

Abdul Syahril Muh, MBK Megawati
Children with autism have severe developmental disorders or neurobiological factors that are widespread and can occur in children in the first three years of life. An individual approach can be used by the teacher as a solution to improve the compliance of learning processes for students with autism...
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Management of Dislocation Injury Physiotherapy at PhysioSET Physiotherapy Clinic in Malang City

Anggi Afan Darmawan, Mulayani Surendra, Rias Gesang Kinanti, Slamet Raharjo
Physiotherapy is one way to deal with sports injuries in a more modern way. Injuries caused by sports one of which is a dislocation injury. This dislocation injury must immediately receive medical attention so that the joints return to their position, with comprehensive treatment and management to accelerate...

SWOT Analysis on Sony’s PlayStation Under COVID-19

Yannan Niu
Since the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic has been a global problem. Many industries have been severely affected by the pandemic. Depending on the company’s response and the strategy adopted by the entire industry, the impact of the epidemic on the industry can be negative or positive. It is...

Providing Conditions for Creative Personality Development in the Russian Federation

Elena Blagireva
The present article outlines the approaches to ensuing active engagement in the cultural life and harmonious personality development of people with disabilities as strategic resource for the socio-economic development of the country. The author emphasizes the role of society in accumulating cultural...

An Empirical Analysis of the Development Level of Rural Social Security in Sichuan Province

Ziwei Zheng, Shubin Jin
Driven by the poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategy, the development of rural social security in Sichuan Province has been improved in recent years. The purpose of this study is to find out how the level of rural social security development in Sichuan Province ranks nationally, and the...

Laboratory Information Management System Design for Food Practice Course Education

Wu Dan, Cheng Huan, Li Yang, Wu xiaoqin, Chen Shiguo, Chen Qihe, Liu Donghong
Laboratory is the most important components in university. Its modernization and informatization are the important construction contents for standardization. With the acceleration of teaching reform in universities, a consensus has been reached on laboratory opening and resource sharing. Therefore, an...
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Perception, Acceptance, and Hesitancy of the Public Regarding Covid-19 Vaccine and Immunization: A Literature Review

Hamdia Ahmed, Karim Aziz, Ahmed Ali
Background: Developing a vaccine against COVID-19 is widely regarded as a critical method for containing the pandemic. Public adoption, on the other hand, is contingent on one’s view’s to accept and perceptions about the vaccine. The aim of this literature review is to determine the factors that influence...

A Philosophical Orientation: Judges Decision for Good Faith Land Sale and Purchase Cases in Indonesia

Albertus Usada, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani, Lego Karjoko
This paper aims to find out the basic orientation of the judges in adjudicating good faith in land sale and purchase cases as a “ratio decidendi” in their decisions. The reason and consideration related to the context of the flow of legal discovery as a framework or paradigm of the Judges from the Judge’s...

Impact of Organizational Support and Job Characteristics Towards Engagement of Employee

A.Jalaludin Sayuti, Munparidi, L.Suhairi Hazizma, Alditia Detmuliati
Support of organization relate to perception of employees to which an organization benefit contribution link of concern for employee welfare. Engagement of employee is the degree of commitment and involvement of employees to the organization and its values. This study proposes a relationship between...
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Effect of Hydroxyapatite From Nile Tilapia (Oreochromisniloticus) Scale on Surface Hardness of Conventional and Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement (In Vitro Study)

Astrid Yudhit, Kholidina Harahap, Sabrina Chairunnisa Nasution
Surface hardness of restoration materials affected its wear resistance and longevity. The addition of hydroxyapatite could improve mechanical properties of restoration material. Hydroxyapatite can be synthesized from fish scales for it contain calcium carbonate. The aim of this study was to evaluate...
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Use of Pressurized Oxidation of Cu2O as a Means of Improving the Performance of Redox Based Thermochemical Energy Storage Systems

Sike Wu, Cheng Zhou, Behdad Moghtaderi
CuO/Cu2O is a promising redox pair for thermochemical energy storage. This is primarily because of its suitable reaction temperature, high reaction enthalpy, high oxygen-carrying capacity, wide availability, and competitive cost. In this study, the influence of pressurized oxidation on a pure CuO/Cu2O-based...

Migration and Adaptation of the Loksado Dayak Tribe (Historical Study of Dayak Loksado Community in Pelantingan Village)

Heri Susanto, Helmi Akmal, Fathurrahman
Migration that occurs in the Loksado Dayak community is a process of gradual migration that has occurred for more than a decade. The Loksado Dayak tribe lives by relying on forest products, the main forest products of which the Dayak people sell are rice, cinnamon, rubber, and candlenut. Historically,...

Analysis on CAPM and Sharpe Ratio in Market Investment

Zhou Yang
Market investment is always a popular method to make a profit. With different investment means, there are tens of thousands of portfolios in the market for investors to choose and combine. In order to maximize profit and minimize risk, some evaluation must be done to those portfolios. Many capital asset...

A Critical Policy Analysis of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Indonesia

Desvi Wahyuni, Rudiyanto
Education is a basic right of citizens that shall be fulfilled by the state. Thus, as the embodiment of the fulfilment of the citizens’ rights, the state creates policies that are applicable to all components of the society regarding education. For early childhood education (ECE), in particular, the...

An Empirical Analysis of Regional Economic Development Level in Fujian Province Based on PCA

Wangzi Xu
Fujian, a coastal province which lies in southeast China, has already become the indispensable part of the economic boost of China due to its high-quality development of the market economy. However, differences still exist in the aspect of regional economic growth. According to this assumption, this...

How Store Image Affect Satisfaction and Loyalty

A Structural Model for Traditional Market

Moh Farid Najib
The quality of traditional market services is less competitive when compared to modern markets. The condition occurs because traditional retail is perceived as a slum, chaotic, muddy, dirty, and lack of facilities such as limited parking area, smelly and dirty trash cans, hallways, narrow and so on Store...

The Effectiveness of Iron Tablets Consumption in Pregnant Women to Ferritin Levels in Ilir Timur I Palembang

Romlah, Anjelina Puspita Sari
Since pregnant women who lack iron can cause iron deficiency anemia, this incidence must be prevented seriously. Based on the WHO data, the total population of anemia worldwide was 83.2% of 114 countries, while for Southeast Asia, it was 97.8%. Anemia in pregnant women in Indonesia ranked fourth with...

The Research on the Dependence of State Exam Results on Contextual Data of the Districts of Voronezh Oblast

Ruslan Chudinsky, Alexander Volodin, Anatoliy Bykanov, Vasily Malev
The research in the field of education quality indicates that contextual data, e.g. family factors, its socio-economic status, the academic resources of the family, the teaching staff, etc. have an impact on school students’ academic achievements. The present article focuses on studying the dependence...
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Research on Optimal Decision of Open-Ended Fund Investment Based on Mathematical Model

Luling Duan, Zhiheng Lin
Adopting the idea of mathematical modelling, this paper studies four problems of open-end fund investment. For problem one and problem two, (0-1) programming model was used to find the maximum profit under certain investment fund conditions. For problem three, after increasing the factors of investment...

Developing Parenting Programs for Young Mothers as Preventive Stunting Efforts in Bangkalan, Madura

Eka Oktavianingsih, Siti Fadjryana Fitroh
The problem of stunting in children currently becomes a hot issue in Madura. It could be occured because many young mothers still do not realize the importance of nutrients in food and they consume foods that are just filling. This study aims to: (1) conduct preliminary studies and find the needs from...

Offshoring of Business Services as a Modern Business Model for Hotel Companies Operating in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Małgorzata Sztorc
The aim of this paper is to identify categories and forms of offshoring of business services (OBS) as well as factors influencing the choice of business model (BM) determining the way of running hotel chains from the perspective of knowledge-based economy. Due to the specific purpose, a survey was conducted...

Exploring the Implementation of Automatic Text Summarization in Online Learning Setting

Agus Wedi, Saida Ulfa, Ashar Pakkawaru, Rex Bringula
Automatic text summatization is a technique of text mining which is a field of natural language processing. It summarizes a long text file or document automatically into several sentences without losing its essence. The use of automatic text summarization in the online learning context has not been widely...

Digital Transformation of the Russian Banking Sector in Terms of Pandemic

Natalya Bykanova, Daria Gordya, Tatiana Ten
The article discusses the issues of development and implementation of digital technologies in the banking sector in the context of a pandemic. The concepts of “digitalization” and “digital transformation”, which underlie the transformation processes of banking activity, are defined. The authors have...

Disaster Information Literacy During Covid-19 Pandemic at a Christian School in Disaster-Prone Area

Petrus Ana Andung, Leonard Lobo, Silvania S. E Mandaru
East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province in Indonesia, is susceptible to the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, drought, whirlwinds, and fires. This means that all districts in the province are categorized as a disaster-prone area. The results of the preliminary study...

The Pandemic and the Notion of Duties and Responsibilities Under Human Rights

Farid Sufian Shuaib
During the current COVID-19 pandemic, State authorities prescribe public health measures to reduce the risk or the rate of infection in the community. Such measures impose restrictions on the freedom of movement and how the public conduct their business such as the lock down order, physical distancing,...

Impulsive Buying, Post-purchase Regret, and Credit Card

L. Verina Halim Secapramana, Gracia Jason Magdalena, Listyo Yuwanto
Impulsive buying is an unplanned purchase and is coloured by a strong urge that is difficult to resist buying suddenly. It is usually triggered by external conditions when dealing with products, accompanied by the arising of pleasant and passionate feelings with the consequences of anxiety, regret, and...

Focusing on Ability Training of 3D Measuring and Modeling Experiment Teaching Reformation for Engineering Equipment

Weijun Chu, Xiaohui He
In the light of 3D measuring and modeling experiment teaching reformation for engineering equipment in our school, this paper puts forward that the experimental teaching reform needs to project quality and skill training as the foundation, combined with the characteristic of use and maintenance of engineering...

The Importance of Health Education and Environmental Hygiene Practices in Overcoming Children Diarrhea: What Does Healthcare Professionals Need to Know?

Chairun Nasirin
Health services are essential in improving the quality of children’s health during the growth period, where the child always interacts with the environment so that there is exposure to either virus or bacterial diseases that can cause diarrhea. Meanwhile, health problems in the child are indeed not separate...

The Use of Technology According to Christian Faith in The Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Fransiskus Irwan Widjaja, Fredik Melkias Boiliu
This paper attempts to include the use of technology according to the Christian faith in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, which is directly proportional to the growth and the level of human needs for survival. Also, the rapid advancements observed at this time are in the aspect of information and...

Implementation Model of Zonation System Policy in Admission of New Junior High Schools Students in Bandung Regency

Koko Enang, Bambang Heru Purwanto, Rully Indrawan
Inequality in education quality still transpires in several regions in Indonesia, one of them is in Bandung Regency where the obvious rift in the quality of education remains. One intention to reform and equalize the quality of education is the implementation of the zoning system to the proceeding of...
Proceedings Article

The Correlation Between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Belly Circumference and Hypertension Occurence on Elderly in Tulungagung, Indonesia

Devi Wulandari, Hartati Eko Wardani, Rara Warih Gayatri
Hypertension causes the highest death in Indonesia namely in the amount of 37%. The highest category suffers from hypertension in Indonesia is at age 65-75 years old namely 26,7% - 27,9%. Hypertension is the increase of systolic blood pressure more than 140 mmHg and diastolic pressure more than 90 mmHg...

Cultivation of Ethical Tolerance as a Moderate Islamic Education Paradigm at Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia

Badarussyamsi, Ermawati, Abdul Latif
This research aims to study the practice of religious tolerance cultivation in Islamic educational institutions. Four major Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia were selected as model schools having implemented tolerance in various areas of student life. The strategies for ethical tolerance cultivation...

Bibliometric Analysis on the Concept of Managing and Integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the MSMEs (Macro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Sector

Muhammad Bahit, Monika Handayani, Rudy Haryanto
This study presents a Bibliometric Analysis study on the concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management and integration in the MSMEs (Macro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector and aims to analyze how ERP implementation in managing transactions and business planning is integrated in real time,...
Proceedings Article

Temperature Optimization and Inhibition Test of Lactobacillus acidophilus Bacteriocin Against Salmonella typhi Bacteria

Siska Telly Pratiwi, Muhammad Bagas Aditya, Endah Hamidah Abbas
Typhoid fever is an infection of the digestive tract caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria. One of the Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in the digestive tract is Lactobacillus acidophilus which has bacteriocins to protect the digestive tract. Bacteriocin is an antimicrobial protein compound that is bactericidal...
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Antibacterial Effectiveness of Purple Yam (Dioscorea alata L) Sap Extract in Inhibiting the Growth of Staphylococcus aureus & Escherichia coli

A Nurfitriani, M Mahendradatta, A Laga, Zainal
Purple yam sap extracts have secondary metabolite components which can be utilized as an antibacterial property. Secondary metabolite compounds found from the result of the preliminary study include saponins, tannins, flavonoids, phenols, alkaloids, and triterpenoids. The aim of this study was to analyze...

Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in the Context of Symbolism

Andrey Konovalov, Liudmila Mikheeva, Yulia Gushchina
The present article focuses on the artistic culture of the Silver Age and the remarkable creative atmosphere of Russia at the turn of the 20th century characterized by the synthesis of arts: drama, opera, ballet, and scenography. A key figure of the period was Sergei Diaghilev, the editor and publisher...
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The Relationship Between the Level of Parental Knowledge About Covid-19 and the Application of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior in Early Childhood During The Pandemic

Afrah Diba Faisal, Ira Suryanis
The increasing number of Covid-19 cases in children in Indonesia has caused parents to make more efforts to protect their children. Parents’ knowledge is the domain in the formation of Covid-19 prevention behavior by implementing clean and healthy living behaviors in children. This study aims to determine...

Counseling Based on Andragogy Via WhatsApp to Reduce Students’ Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic

Adnan Fadkhurosi, Rosita Endang Kusmaryani
This study is an analysis of andragogy-based counseling via WhatsApp to reduce anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of this study is to analyze the implications of andragogy-based counseling via WhatsApp to reduce anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study uses a qualitative approach which...
Conference Abstract


Berend Westerhof*, Thomas Weber, Siegfried Wassertheurer, Bernhard Hametner, Nico Westerhof
Pages: 5 - 6
Recently Weber et al. invasively obtained aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) as a function of age. [1] Systolic and diastolic aortic pressure were determined as well. PWV can be used to derive total arterial compliance, Ctot, as Ctot=k/PWV2. With Ctot and Stroke Volume (SV), aortic Pulse Pressure (PP)...
Conference Abstract


Nina Rol*, Esther Timmer, Theo Faes, Harm Jan Bogaard, Anton Vonk Noordegraaf, Katrien Grünberg, Nico Westerhof
Pages: 5 - 5
Rationale: In severe idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension, iPAH, pulmonary vascular resistance is increased due to remodeling of the small (resistance) arteries. Most information on arterial remodeling is limited to assessments of averaged increases in wall thickness. Quantitative information on...

Poverty in Indonesia

This type of qualitative research uses a phenomenological approach, while the results show that the poverty rate continues to increase every month and every year, this indicates that the problem of poverty is a very important problem to find a solution, the impact of poverty has an impact on all social,...
Proceedings Article

COVID-19 Clusters in Malaysia

A Descriptive Analysis

Zawiah Mansor, Siti Aisah Mokhtar
Understanding COVID 19 cluster infection is vital as it evaluates the current situation and serves as the basis of further action in control and prevention strategies. We aim to describe the characteristics of COVID-19 clusters in Malaysia based on location, types, positive percentage, and case fatality...
Conference Abstract


Matthew Armstrong*, Cat Singh, Laura Watkeys, Linnet Thekkemuriyil, Jordan Tucker, Zoe Marshall, Richard Webb, Barry McDonnell
Pages: 5 - 5
Background: Augmentation Index (AIx) is considered a sensitive marker of arterial stiffness in young individuals. Increased levels of inflammatory markers such as interleukin-6 (IL-6) are associated with increased levels of arterial stiffness in older and diseased populations. However, little is known...

Technology Acceptance Model Approach to Analysing the Use of Fintech in MSME Transactions in Buleleng

I Putu Julianto, Nyoman Suadnyana Pasek, I Gd. Nandra Hary Wiguna
The use of technology should be a strategy for MSME to run their business. Supported by various regulations and facilities by the government and the private sector, MSME actors should be able to make the best use of technology according to their business needs. Fintech is a financial service that can...

Release Profile of Betanin from Chitosan Microparticle Containing Beetroot (Beta vulgaris Linn) Extract

Anita Sukmawati, Isna V. Risdiyanti, Clara C. Marthadilla
Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) was formulated into Microparticles (MP) to maintain its antioxidant stability and control the release of active substances for longer use. Chitosan was used as a matrix to encapsulate beetroot extract. This study aims to determine the effect of chitosan concentration on drug...

Improving the Competence of Solo Bridal Paes Using Latino as a Learning Media in Javanese Bridal Makeup Course

Ade Novi Nurul Ihsani, Maria Krisnawati, Delta Apriyani
Latino is one of the learning media in solo bridal makeup courses. Latino can be used as a tool for making solo bridal paes. This study aims to see the effectiveness of latino as a learning medium for solo bridal makeup when compared to the learning media that has been used in the Beauty Education Study...

Digital Promotion of Watu Gambir Tourism Village Towards Smart Village Destination in Karanganyar Regency

Hartatik, Nurul Firdaus, Abdul Aziz, Berliana Kusuma Riasti
Indonesia is one of the countries with incredible tourism potential. Spread from east to west, there are many popular tourist attractions in the country. Regional tourism in Indonesia is also not only known by the locals, but also attracts foreign tourists. However, the tourism promotion strategy in...

Economic Analysis of Agroforestry Applications by Dryland Forest Farmer Group in Pelambik Village, Central Lombok District, Indonesia

Nita Eriesta, Taslim Sjah, Muhamad Husni Idris
Agroforestry is one of the potential land rehabilitation techniques to provide forest ecosystem services which is needed by people. This study aims to analyze the economic value of agroforestry system as one of rehabilitation plan establishment inputs of degraded forest and dry land in Pelambik Village,...

China’s Digital Creative Multimedia Industry Development and Sustainable Development Innovation Direction

ShengXuan Zhang, Zainudin Siran, Mohd Hafizuddin Mohd Yusof
The digital creative multimedia industry, which invests in science, technology, culture and arts, and influences culture with economic value, is the sum total of creative content industry and creative manufacturing industry, which use digital technology. China was listed as a new strategic industry for...