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The Dilemma and Outlet for the Development of College Students Sport Association

Xin Li, Jingjing Guan
With the national emphasis on university sports, sports associations of university student are increasing. The university sports has played an increasingly important role in the enriching campus culture, promoting the healthy development of university students, creating a harmonious campus and cultivating...

Motivation And Entrepreneurs Training For Tinggi Raja Society Of Asahan Regency

Tengku Syarifah, Umar M. Maya Putra
This paper is a concept of management training in motivation and entrepreneurship in the Tinggi Raja Society of Asahan Regency. Through this program, it is expected that Tinggi Raja Society knows the importance of motivation and entrepreneurship in improving community empowerment. The method that will...
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Curriculum Evaluation of Internet of Vehicles Converted from Electronic Information Engineering

Qingyu Zou, Dejun Liu
Internet of vehicles is a new professional, involving real-time access to vehicle data, car road and shore information exchange, traffic data analysis and processing of key technologies and public transport information services, big data and cloud computing. In this paper, we analyze the curriculum structure...
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Parameter Identification of Fractional Order Nonlinear System Based on Haar Wavelet Operational Matrix

Yuanlu Li, Min Jiang, Jun Li
A parameter identification method for fractional order nonlinear systems was proposed. The basic idea is to use the Haar wavelets to represent the input and output signals, and then convert the nonlinear differential into a corresponding integral equation. As a result, the parameters of the nonlinear...

Innovation of Legal Education for College Students from the Cultural Perspective

Jue Wang
In order to resolve the realistic predicament of unbalanced content, non-interactive method of teaching and weakened consciousness in legal education of Chinese university students at present, with the analytical thinking that the culture is the carrier and the legal system is for application, this paper...

Economics as a Humanitarian Science "Economic Rhetoric" of McCloskey as a Case Study

Andrey Orekhov, Fakhraddin Akhmedov
This article is devoted to the understanding of an economic science known as "humanity". In an economic science, a problem of economic interpretation is rather significant: it investigates the importance of economic concepts and statements. The American economist D. McCloskey has criticized the modern...

Architecture of the South of Russia in the National Culture and the National Space

Andrey Bokov
The article analyzes the historical and cultural background of South Russia's special architectural and artistic image formation. Natural and climatic conditions of the southern Russian sub-region are unique and have identified its architecture and place in mind and culture. The South is a treasure,...
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Engineering and process design solutions for the vertical shaft completion

Weiguo Qiao, V.V. Pershin, E.G. Kassikhina, N.O. Butrim
The comprehensive approach including the combination of advanced and new technical solutions with the use of modern technology opportunities providing the real possibility to reduce the vertical shaft construction labour inputs, costs and time.
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Design and Realization of Electronics Password Security Locks

Caijie Luo, Mindan Bai
We give a detailed description of the design of a double 8-digit digitalization encrypted loek in the second part ofthe thesis The curl consists ofthree parts:keyboard interface module, control module and aisplay module The keyboard interface module includes the liming circuit,signal scan and read circuit,tremble...

Students' Mental Health Education Situation and Ways of implementation

Liu Xiuyan
The University should establish a mental health curriculum guide as the main channel for the school-based counseling center positions. Moreover, students are work force for the main routine psychological education and college students' psychological community mental health education is to supplement...
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Modification of Edon80 to Resist the Key Recovery Attack

Xiaomei Wang, Yunqing Xu
Edon80 is a hardware binary additive synchronous stream cipher submitted to the last phase of the eSTREAM project. The core of the cipher consists of quasigroup string e-transformations and it employs four quasigroups of order 4. The internal structure of Edon80 is highly pipelined, making it scalable...
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Research on Seismic Reliability Analysis of Urban Water Supply Network

Fengxia Cong, Ying Zhao
The system of urban water supply network is an important part of the lifeline engineering. In the earthquake, the water supply network suffers devastating damage, and that will cause serious casualties and national economic losses. Moreover, China's water supply systems mostly are not formal seismic...
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Effective Detuning of a Three-level Atom Interacted with the Laguerre-Gaussian Laser Beam

Yanli Wang, Zhengling Wang, Naifei Ren, Yaru Wang, Xinzhi Hu
We derive the general analytic expression of the effective detuning of the linearly polarized light field from the -configuration three-level atomic mode. The detuning amending term resulting from the three-level atomic mode is not related with the type of light field, which is determined by the two...
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Conceptual Design and Research on Automatic Feeding Device Based on Linear Servo Motor

Liang Han, Kaige Yan, Junjing Wang
The automatic feeding device occupies the irreplaceable position in the development of industrial automation. An automatic feeding device is often required to convey parts to complete a series of processes in a modern production line. But the traditional automatic feeding device has problems of large...

Research on the Network Platform Establishment of Scientific Archives Management

Deming Fan, Yang Zuo, Yuxin Tian
With the widespread use of computer and network technology, informatization has become an irresistible trend. There are some methods of updating the management of scientific archives in college, for purpose to improve the openness to scientific archives and promote information sharing, provide the roundly,...
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Axial Flow PAF Accident Analysis and Solutions of Thermal Power Unit

Jun Li, Weiwei Li
Surge is a frequent problem in large axial flow adjustable suction fan. Cause of surge as well as hazard to unit and production was introduced. Pointed out that thermal power after the denitration system transformation, due to changes in the resistance of air and gas systems, so that the whole system...
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Measurement of Drug-taking Compliance Based on RFID Technology

Zhaoxu Ren
A high level of non-compliance relating to taking of medication can lead to compromised health benefits and wasted money. Improving patient compliance has the potential for improving issues related to Cardiovascular Disorder (CVD) and many other diseases. This paper developed a prototype system for monitoring...

Study on Reform of Accounting Education Mode of Higher Vocational Schools Based on Training in High-caliber Professional Accountants

Shiye Yuan, Yi Lou
Along with the changes in global economic landscape and acceleration of knowledge update cycle, different disciplines become interrelated and economic entity is diversified. Accounting and social economy is closely connected, since accounting talents playing a vital role on healthy development of the...

Phenomenon behind why the high school graduates blindly choose a major: a qualitative research based on the 132 recollections of prose in choosing a major

Dai Xian, Xie Jinyu, Sung Liang-Yi
Choosing major results from College Entrance Examination is vital for high school graduates. It may not only affect the learning direction in subsequent four years but also affects their future career choices. But we found that students and parents are always perplexed, blind, or even follow the trend...
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An Experimental Study on the Capability test of a Gas leakage checker for Extinguishing Agent Vessels

JiHyun Kwark, SungHo Hong, MoonSoo Choi, DongSuk Kim, GoSeop Roh
In this study the capability test of newly developed gas leakage checkers for gaseous extinguishing systems was conducted. The leakage checker consists of valve body, slip nut, plunger and micro switch etc. Until now extinguishing agent leakage has been checked through direct measuring with a level gauge...
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The Research Progress on the Synthesis and Application of Microporous Coordination Polymers

Yan Qin, Yu Xiao, Pu Huang, Yun Zhu, Ming Yi
With the deepening of research, microporous coordination polymers, as a new type of molecule based materials, show potential application prospect. They have pore structure diversifications, high specific surface areas, unsaturated coordination sites and coordination mode diversifications, and their performance...
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Engine isolate mount elastomers

Peng Wang, Zhengtao Su, Liangqing Lai, Honggang Jiang, Jinghe Wang
Engine isolate mounts such as laminated high damping elastomeric bearings, commonly used in automotive and aerospace applications, provide a simple means of isolating the structure of car/aircraft from the engine motions. The key properties of the elastomer are dynamic modulus and damping. The effect...

Competitiveness Increase of the Russian Regions and the New Silk Way

Elena Blagireva
This article covers economic, industrial, and the social and cultural specifics of the transport, energy, and telecommunication infrastructure systems of different directions during the construction of the global economical circle called The New Silk Way. The issues of the creation of a wide-scale industry...

Modern Paradigms in Education under Social and Cultural Challenges

Maksim Kochetkov
This paper will study the social and cultural changes in the society which could demand the adequate transformations of the higher school. There are justified main characteristics of the spiritual and creative paradigm suggested for all the levels of education. By doing so, there are proven statements...
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Generalized Nonlinear Vector Variational-like Inequalitie with set-valued mappings

Aihua Wang, Di Wu, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we introduce and study a class of generalized nonlinear vector variational-like inequalities. By utilizing maximal element theorem, we prove the existence of its solutions in the setting of locally convex topological vector space under certain conditions.

Research on the application of network public opinion in government crisis management

Zhigang Li, Hongqi Chen
In today's society with the rapid development of network information, network public opinion development plays a more and more important role in crisis events, in the government crisis management also gradually learn to use the public opinion of network to carry on the control and treatment. But now...
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Nonlinear Calibration of Thermocouple Sensor Based on Least Squares Support Vector Regression

Shengbo Zhang, Qingling Dai
Calibration is an important operation in the instrumentation industry for determining the relationship between the output(s) (or response) of a measuring instrument and the value of the input(s). This paper proposes a nonlinear calibration method based on least squares support vector regression (LS-SVR)...
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Obtain Employment Oriented Personnel Training Program of Engineering Class Specialty

Shuxia Gao, Deyi Wang, Peng Zhang, Xianjun Guo, Xiaolong Zhang
With the development of environmental protection industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is a growing demand for professionals in the aspects of environmental protection equipment engineering. On the same time, the profession in our country is just began and many questions...
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Quantitative Structure-Toxicity Relationship for Predicting Acute Toxicity of Phenols

Zhi-Xiang Zhou, Meng-Nan Qin, Yang-Hua Liu, Xiao-Long Zhang, Han-Dong Li
Phenols represent one of the most important classes of environmental chemicals. Most of them may cause serious public health and environmental problems. The present work is to develop an effective QSTR model for acute toxicity, a toxicological endpoint of Phenols. We calculated various descriptors and...

Research on the cooperation mechanism between higher vocational education and enterprise

Xiao Hui Luo
The significance of the implementation of the existing mode of school enterprise cooperation, and insufficient analysis, pointed out the challenges in school enterprise cooperation problems, and then puts forward the solving method of school enterprise cooperation problems: through the establishment...
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Normalizing Chinese Address for Internet Applications

Xiaolin Li, Shuang Huang, Tao Lu, Deng Chen
Many Internet applications take addresses as input. However, addresses on the Internet are always non-normalized, which cannot be used directly. In this paper, we propose an Administrative Divisions Extracting Algorithm to normalize Chinese addresses on the Internet. Our approach proceeds as follows:...
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Analysis of SEIMENS Class F Gas Turbine Protection System

Lei Shi, Dayu Chen, Tongyue Qi
Gas Turbine engine is the world's most advanced large equipment, at the same time maintain a very high price. It is the final front of the protection, thus it is very important. JingNenggaoan gas heating pant use Seimens SGT5-4000F gas turbine. As a typical model of Level F gas turbine, continued with...
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Evaluation Model of Urban Land Use Efficiency Based on Super-Efficiency-DEA

Yingying Qiu, Jia Sheng, Xiaoyu He
With the accelerating of urbanization in China, the urban land use efficiency has relationship to allocation of resources, and has influence on the quality of human life and sustainable development. Aiming at the shortage that traditional DEA model can't make further evaluation on effective Decision...
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Fate of nonylphenol compounds in the treatment of simulated denim wastewater

Zijian Zhou, Zhencheng Xu, Qingwei Guo, Kai Cui
Two denim wastewater treatment processes are investigated for their efficiencies to remove the surfactant, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEOs). It is found that the acrid environment of the simulated denim wastewater shows no influence on the removal of NPEOs. After treatment through hydrolysis anaerobic...

Meassuring of Teacher Asset Value

Asep Sunandar, Djum-Djum Noor Benti, R. Bambang Sumarsono
School asset management is effort to maximizing function of schools asset based effective and efficient principle. Teacher is one of the school's assets, whose value is likely to increase or even decrease. This study aims to describe assets management pro
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Dispatching Rules with Cycle Time Prediction for Semiconductor Manufactury

Yin-Dong Wei, Qi-Di Wu, Li Li
Semiconductor manufacturing system is considered as one of the most complex manufacturing systems, due to its characteristics like multiple-entry and large-scale. As for scheduling a job, its remaining cycle time is an important factor to the decision, but current researches seldom study the influence...

Study on the "Task-Oriented" Teaching Reform of Vocational Pharmaceutical Marketing Courses

Quanli Wu
The pharmaceutical marketing course is one of the most important contents to realize the objective of professional talents cultivation in medicines and drugs, and the course construction has been generally concerned by all colleges. However, due to the late starting of the course construction and the...
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PPT Courseware Combined with Narration and Inserted Textbook File Is an Effective Carrier of On-the-job Training

Ting Li, Shouchen Xu, Xilin Zhang, Pengyu Zhang, Xiaojuan Han
To enhance the effectiveness of on-the-job training, we discuss the advantages of PPT courseware combined with narration and inserted textbook file at the preparation stage, teaching stage, review stage, study based on actual work demands and subsequent improvement stage, as well as its advantages in...

Cognitive Assessment Development on Quadrilateral Topic on 7th Grade Of Student

Eva Juliandita, Wahyudi Putra
The purpose of this research is to develop a cognitive assessment in the topic of quadrilateral on 7th Grade Junior High School student based on the Revised Taxonomy Bloom. This is a development research which aims to produce an instrument to measure the validity and effectiveness of this assessment....
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Effect of the Particle Size Distribution of fly Ash on the Pore Structure of Low-temperature Concrete

Jun LIU, Xianzhong QIU, Yahui ZHANG
In order to explore the effect of the particle size distribution of fly ash on the pore structure of low-temperature concrete, the fly ash was prepared with different particle size distribution. Under low temperature condition, the porosity and pore size distribution of fly ash blended cement mortar...

The Vietnamese Labour on the Border of China and Vietnam—The Situation Investigation of Vietnamese Labour Entry Work through Maguan County; of Yunnan Province

Hongbo Ma, Fei Wang
This paper uses Maguan County, which is located at the border of China and Vietnam in Yunnan province as the case to do the research about the local people work oversea and Vietnam illegal labour entry to China. It will analyze the characters, reasons and effect of this situation, try to give some suggestions...
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A Research on Prediction about Air passenger Traffic in the Capital Airport Area

Xiang Chao, Xifu Wang
With the continuous development of China's economic level, the amount of air traffic has improved a lot. More and more airports are constructed or expanded in China. In order to avoid the waste of resources caused by too large-scale planning, prediction for air traffic has occupied a more and more important...

Research and Comprehensive Evaluation College Coaching Legends

Xue Yang
This paper studies the problem of who are the top five coaches in the world. We choose the Winning rate, the Contribution rate and the cycle of the honors to evaluate each coach, then we select the time from 1913 to 2013 to be a century. After standardizing the metrics by using the Coefficient of Variation...
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Improved Techniques for Blind Source Separation

Yongjian Zhao
In many practical applications such as biomedical signal processing, it is often desirable to extract one or a few source signals instead of all signals. The classical FASTICA algorithm can extract a source signal which has the maximum negentropy of all signals. However, the extracted signal is not necessarily...
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The Vehicle Speed Detection Algorithm of Virtual Bayonet System

Lixia Xue, Yanli Luo, Qingbin Guo
With the deepening of the "safe city" construction, to introduce a large number of high-definition cameras video data as the foundation, construction of the virtual bayonet system. The system uses image processing technology for real-time monitoring of the movement of vehicles, the use of moving vehicle...
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Climate Engineering Migration Issues and Countermeasure Analysis in the Context of Climate Change

Zhijie Cao, Shaojun Chen
Climate change and its adverse effects caused a large number of migrants, had been become the 21st century challenges for human society. Under climate changing, human has implemented macro and micro climate engineering in response to deteriorating natural living conditions, and a number of growth-promoting...
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Research on recognition method of vehicle lane-change behavior based on video image

Rongbao Chen, Xiaoer Ye, Fengyan Zhang, Dan Zhao
The research statistics show that about 60%-70% traffic accidents are caused by vehicle collisions. And lane change as the most common behavior when driving a vehicle is also the main reason for vehicle collisions. This paper based on the theories of video image processing technology, adopts the improved...
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A Wireless Mouse Based on Head Control

Tengfei Song, Qingbang Han, Fulin Li, Xueping Jiang, Jing Jia, Changping Zhu
A wireless mouse based on head control is proposed to control the moving direction of computer cursor by sensing the titling direction of user’s head. This kind of operational approach make the non-arm disabled using computers realized. The direction induction module is used to sense the tilting of four...
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Research on a new method and system of concentricity measurement of marine propulsion shafting based on structured light technology

Cunjun Li, Xianlei Chen, Huadong Hao, Haolei Shi
Based on the structured light technology, a new study method and system of concentricity measurement of marine propulsion shafting is researched in this paper. The system is consisted of the image information acquisition, the structured light calibration and three-dimensional 3D scanning point cloud...

Research on the characteristics and emotional expression of musical literature

Yabing Wang
Musical literature belongs to a new research category which refer to the combination of music and literature. Either the perspective or the literary, the expression of music literature which is to fall in the emotional effect eventually, music literature is expressed through the emotion ultimately. The...