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A Study on the Landscape Plant Culture and Utilization Strategy in Heilongjiang Major Minority Areas

Fengli Yu
Based on the analysis of the relationship between garden, plant and culture and the origin of plant culture of major ethnic minorities in Heilongjiang Province, this paper makes a preliminary study on the application of plants to several major ethnic minorities in ideology. And then we elaborated the...
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Research on Pathological Mechanism of Depression and Antidepressant Drug Target

Yu Liu, Bin Wu, Liguo Guo, Yongzhi Li
Depression is a common disease that endangers people's health. The etiology of depression is more complex, and the possible reasons include low immunologic function, neuroendocrine functional disorder and astrocyte cell dysfunction. In this paper, we investigate the role of monoamine oxidase inhibitors,...
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A Review of Mechanical Properties and Durability of Nano-concrete

Wei Li, Linkai Xiao, Xiaochu Wang, Yi Ran
The incorporation of nano-materials in concrete, its various aspects of the performance have been improved, but also need to further understand the nano-materials to improve the performance of concrete deficiencies. Due to its excellent mechanical properties and durability, nano-concrete is becoming...
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Steel Fiber Volume Fraction and Splitting Tensile Strength of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Tingyi Zhang, Wanzeng Song, Guanghe Zheng, Haiting Song, Min Wei, Jing Shao, Yonghai Zhou
In this paper, the effect of the steel fiber volume fraction upon the splitting tensile strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) was studied. The results show that steel fibers can improve splitting tensile strength of concrete. As the steel fiber volume fraction increases, the splitting tensile...
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Modelling and Simulation of Air Entrainment Period Effect on Prediction of Quasi-dimensional Model for Diesel Engine

Kunpeng Qi, Wuqiang Long, Xiaoping Guo
In order to improve the precision of quasi-dimensional model for predicting diesel engine performance, three kinds of air entrainment period in quasi-dimensional model for diesel engine working process is developed in this research. The software MATLAB/Simulink is utilized to build the quasi-dimensional...
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Mobile Security Payment Solution Based on Encrypted SMS Verification Code

Sai Li, Xiaoyu Li
Aiming at the problem that payment verification code is easy to leak during the process of mobile payment, a two-factor authentication mobile payment system based on encrypted SMS is proposed. The system is based on the public key system, uses PKI / CA authentication method to authenticate the server...

Women's Literature of Biedermeier : Annette Droste - Hulshoff and Bozena Nemcova (formulation of the problem )

Tatiana Anikina
In the literature of some countries the transition from romanticism to realism occurred in the period of Biedermeier. The term "Slavonic Biedermeier" causes a lot of discussion. Czech author Bozena Nemcova can be called a Biedermeier writer. Her works are characterized by the same features as the works...
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Antibiotics and ELISA as a Hyphenated Technique for Screening High Production Cell Lines from Transfected HEK293 Cells for the Production of Recombinant Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Jian-wen HU, Meng-meng LIU, Ji-zhong HAN, Bin ZENG
Recombinant follicle stimulating hormone(rFSH), which play an important role in assisted reproductive technologies. However, the availability of a suitable system for the screening high production cell lines from transfected mammal cells for the production of rFSH is limited. The purpose of this study...
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WTO/GPA Procurement Challenges faced by Chinese ICT manufacturers

Lent Bogdan
Chinese ICT products due to the continuously improving ratio of price/performance are predestinated to win the WTO/GPA procurements worldwide. Paper presents the WTO/GPA procedures, taking under consideration the project management standard ISO 21500:2012 and law implementations in China, USA, Switzerland,...

Research on the Role of Urban Culture in Urban Sculpture Creation

Hongwu Li
Urban culture is the soul, symbol and essence of a city. It can fully demonstrate the connotation and history of a city. Urban sculptures are signs of a city, record development culture, integrate the history, culture and stories in a special form and are of certain significance. They not only enrich...
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Human Computer Interaction Design for Intensive Care Unit Monitors

Pu Liu, Yuan Liu
Intensive care unit represents the highest level of comprehensive rescuing and nursing of a hospital, and high-tech achievement of medical equipment with strengthened monitoring function supported by computer technologies. Excellent human computer interaction design of the monitors can greatly improve...
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The Inversion of C/S Based on Protocol Firmata

Yongping HUANG, Fengyue YU, Danhui LI
In distributed control system applications, there are many different functions should be realized on upper computer and lower computer respectively. It increased the amount of software development, software upgrades and maintenance become difficult. By studying the firmata protocol, the inverted C/S...

Reconstruction and Application of the Biochemistry Curriculum System in Local Universities

Lusha Ji, Shangjing Guo
Combining the construction and application of biochemistry curriculum system in local universities, we summarize the significance, construction goals and implementation plan to construct the biochemistry online open curriculum in local colleges and universities. Our research will provide reference for...
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Online Collaborative Decision Making System for Pavement Maintenance

Ting Peng, Zhihang Liu, Lei Guo, Xiaoling Wang
Nowadays, there are some shortcomings of road maintenance decision-making system for pavement maintenance, which only depends on the expert's experience and the improper maintenance time. Therefore, this paper introduces the on-line collaborative decision-making system of pavement maintenance. The system...

The Interactions of State and Business Structures on Formation of Competitive Educational Environment in Russia

Elena Lylova, Marina Ignatskaya
The proposed article updates modern critical perspectives on relationships, interactions, feedback loops and the formation of interactions within the triad of "state - society - business structures" in terms of governing the subject-object optimization effects. While the focus is put on the whole system...
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Research on the Production Process and Artistic Features of Stone Crock Complex in Baian

Yang Luo, Yan Wang
The Three Gorges is located in the Daba mountain chain, with rich and hard stones. With the gift of nature, industrious craftsmen of past dynasties had chipped stone crocks rich in the flavor of the times as well as the crock used to store water and grain by their hands with knowledge, inspiration, experience...
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Time-varying Stiffness Characteristics of Shaft with Slant Crack

Hengheng Xia, Zhinong Li, Yaoxian Xiao
The stiffness matrix of a shaft with slant transverse crack under the common action of axial force, moment and torque was derived based on material mechanics, local flexibility and fracture mechanics theory and apply strain energy release rate method. The opening and closing regularity of the crack and...
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Research on Time-Temperature-Integrators of Meal-Ready-to-Eat Military Food Made by Thermo-sensitive Dyeing

B. Wang, J.-P. Yu, Z.-N. Ye, L.-L. Luo, F.-Y. Zheng, J.-W. Jiang
The quality of meal-ready-to-eat (MRE) military food was indicated. [Method] Based dyestuff 2-phenyl-3-methyl-6, 6-2 D-amino fluorane and 2, 2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) propane color developer thermo-sensitive system, time-temperature integrators (TTI) produced black by thermo-printer and faded gradually...
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The Application of Approximation Characteristics Non-Linear Resistor Implement the Required Current-Voltage Characteristics

Vitaly Viktorovich Pivnev, Sergey Nikolaevich Basan, Yuri Petrovich Voloshchenko
In this paper, we consider the problem of development of equivalent circuit of non-linear element with the current-voltage characteristic controlled either voltage or current, which can be modeled without any changes of scheme in accordance with design requirements. For solving the problem we use an...
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Gaussian Mixture Unscented Particle Filter with Adaptive Residual Resample for Nonlinear Model

Na Zhang, Xinxin Yang
Abstract—To solve nonlinear non-Gaussian filter problems in target tracking, Gaussian mixture unscented particle filter with adaptive residual resample algorithm is proposed. Gaussian mixture unscented particle filter is utilized as importance density to improve the estimation accuracy evidently. By...
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Design of the Car Intelligent Horn

Zhu-An Zheng, Xiaobo Chen, Suqing Gu, Hongming Lv
This paper designs a intelligent car horn based on RFID(radio frequency identification and satellite navigation technology) Horn gets automobile accurate geographic position information by satellite navigation chip and realize the communication between the cars by the RF module.When the other car’s whistle...

The Political Misunderstanding and Its Countermeasures on Urban planning and Construction - A Case Study of Ordos City Kang Bashi District

Chaowen Ji
In Ordos City, Kang Bashi District of Western Area, the objectives of urban planning are too big that public buildings is asked to be seeking large and novelty, Public resources are seriously wasted and other misunderstandings of "making political achievements" are also obviously. An urgent improvement...
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The Competitive Advantage of Developing Offshore Wind Energy in China

Ru Liu, Yanjun Liu, Rong Li
Compared to onshore wind power, offshore wind power has a relatively short history. The offshore wind potential in China is about 3 times larger than onshore, yet China had not dedicated into offshore wind research and development until recent years. China has the incentive to construct offshore wind...
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Research on the Design of Medical Image Database System Basedon Web

Zhengliang Liu, Min Lai
In recent years, with the extensive application of database technique, medical image information becomes easier to be storage and archiving. Based on selection of development, script languagesand database technology, this paper designs the system structure, system process, webpage function, and system...
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Trade Competitiveness of Tea from Fujian, China: Analysis based on Porter Masonry Model

Liming Hong, Wenling Song
Tea sales to more than sixty countries or regions and bring about foreign exchange as the pillar industry of Fujian province in China .Therefore qualitative and quantitative systematic research on the trade competitiveness of Fujian tea is important. We employed Porter masonry model to analyze the six...

The Study of Intervals Sorting Method Based on close degree

Er-dun Bai, Yu-e Bao
Against the selection of best option, the sorting of programs and other issues, we discuss the sorting issue of interval numbers based on close degree. Then we prose a sorting method of interval numbers based on close degree. Though an example, we verify the rationality and effectiveness of the sorting...
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The Performance Evaluation Research of Governmental Financial Investment in Science and Technology in Shandong Province Base on DEA

Liang Feng, Pan Yan
The academic circle and the government have paid close attention to the performance evaluation of governmental financial investment in science and technology. Having reviewed relevant literature home and abroad over the past years, the author has established an effective index system for such evaluation...

Research on the Equity Compensation System of Venture Entrepreneurs

Pingping Liu
There are asymmetric information and moral hazard problems between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In order to effectively reduce these problems caused by uncertainty, the paper analysis on the entrepreneur’s equity compensation system. It concretes from the following three aspects: entrepreneur’s...

Research on Consumption Psychology and Consumption Behaviors in the Mobile Internet Era

Yu Cao
The integration of the mobile communication technology and the Internet technology leads the human into a new era of mobile internet. With the rapid develop of electronic commerce in the mobile internet era, the consumption psychology and consumption behaviors also transform quickly. This paper firstly...
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Study of Instructional Model for Information Technology Fundamental Courses under MOOC Environment

Mingjing Chen
MOOC has several characteristics such as open, diversified, massive and supporting to personalize interactive learning. It pushes high education reform to a new stage. How to improve existing teaching with MOOC has become a hot topic in current research. Both the information technology fundamental courses...

Research on the Application Mode of Mobile Learning in English Education Based on 4G Technology

Chunyan Yu
Based on the mobile 4G technology, this paper proposes a new kind of micro English education learning mobile platform with the help of the mobile phone terminal and the Android system. Micro learning platform is flexible and open structure, and this platform can quickly apply to the mobile terminal....
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Preparation and Properties of Waterborne PUA/SiO2/TiO2 Composite Materials

X.Y. Zhang, F.X. Qiu
A series of waterborne poly(urethaneacrylate)/ silica/titania (WPUA/SiO2/TiO2) composite materials were prepared by the sol-gel technique. The physical, mechanical and thermal properties of WPUA/SiO2/TiO2 dispersions and films were measured. The prepared composite materials were characterized by the...
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The research of the platform for bridge visual inspection based on quadrotor aircraft

Zhensong Ni, Shuri Cai, Jing Liu
Table view examination is one of an important means and basic steps the bridge structure, however,It found up less than 0.2 mm small cracks in up to hundreds of meters or tens of kilometers long buildings ,It must be close to the observed.However, the modern bridge structure is diverse, the surrounding...
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Duplicate text detection based on LCS algorithm

Jiankun Yu, Mengrong Li, Dengyin Zhang
Broder's Shingling and MinHash are two of the state-of-the-art approaches in detecting near-duplicate documents. But both of these two methods did not take the relative position of elements into consideration. This paper proposes a method which combines Shingling and LCS algorithm called SWLR (Shingling...

Implications of the Flipped Classroom on College English Teaching under the Background of Reform

Wei Liu
College English as a public foundation course in college, involving a wide range of students, has a high impact on college students. The continuous improvement of College English teaching is the need to comprehensively enhance the quality of higher education. Over the years, facing the reform of College...

Research on the Developmental Trend and Orientation of Marketing under the Internet and Multimedia Era

Yuanning Shi
This paper conducts research on the developmental trend and the orientation of marketing under the Internet and multimedia era. Network enables the commodity information to transfer to the consumers in the form of more efficient and convenient platform of social media has become a brand promotion. But...
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MDP on Improving Refractory Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptoms of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and CRP

Dan Guo, Ping Shuai
To explore the role of MDP to improve analysis of refractory ankylosing spondylitis symptoms of erythrocyte sedimentation rate and CRP. Methods: randomly selected in December 2013~December 2014 in our hospital 60 cases of patients with ankylosing spondylitis,and divided into control and experimental...

Research on the Influence of Customer Experience upon Brand Loyalty of B2C Website

Yi Yang, Yao Cai
In order to enhance customer's brand loyalty of B2C website and improve customer's repeat purchase rate in the website, this research based on the perspective of customer's online shopping experience. To conclude the influencing factors of consumer's brand loyalty to B2C website: website experience,...
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An Integrated ANN-GA Approach to Data Classification

Stanislav Alkhasov, Alexander Tselykh, Alexey Tselykh
In this paper, we present an advanced approach to data classification based on the integration of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and genetic algorithms (GAs). We modify neural network architecture in a two-stage process. During the first stage, GA finds a suboptimal neural network architecture: number...

Research on the Influencing Factors of Reverse Innovation of Non - core Enterprises

Guifeng Song, Dongping Yu, Xiangxue Lu
Innovation is the key to maintain core competitiveness for enterprises. In addition, innovation can make non-core enterprise become core enterprise, so it is vital for non-core enterprises and core enterprises. With the development of economic globalization and the deepening of reverse innovation, it...

Awareness and Practices on Solid Waste Management among College Students in Mindanao State University Maigo School of Arts and Trades

Margarita C. Paghasian
Every educational institution is mandated by law to educate the public on the theories and practices on solid waste management. To achieve effective and sustainable implementation of the proper waste management practices, awareness with participation is the key to be involved in the Solid Waste Management...

Perindo: The emergence of The Business Party in Indonesia

Ahmad Zaki Fadlur Rohman, Laode Machdani Afala
This paper tries to explain the phenomenon of the latest political party model development in Indonesia. During this time, the study of the party model is often based on social cleavage and electoral orientation. But, ahead of the 2019 election, there emerges a new Perindo party whose the root of formation...

The Reform Research on Practical Teaching System of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Based on CDIO

Qiaohuan Wang, Chunfeng He, Dongliang Wang, Chaoming Li
Practical teaching plays a very important role in training the applied talents of hydrology and water resources engineering (or called hydrological major) in East China University of Technology. Facing the current problems of the traditional practical teaching system, the main problems are analyzed in...
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Adaptive Fuzzy Kalman Filter Based on INS/RADAR Integrated Navigation System

Pengzhan Cheng, Shuwen Dang, Fajiang He, Kangle Wang
This paper presents a novel INS/RADAR integrated navigation algorithm based on Fuzzy Adaptive Kalman Filtering. The method is mainly used in INS/RADAR integrated navigation system to deal with time varied statistic of measurement noise in different working conditions. By monitoring the relation between...

"Flipped Classroom" Teaching Design of the Course of "New Technology of Apparel Digitalization"

Haibo Zhang, Xiaomeng Zhang
As a new network teaching mode, "Flipped Classroom" is increasing attracted attention. This paper took the postgraduate courses section of " New Technology of Apparel Digitalization " as an example, and made a preliminary study on how to carry out "Flipped Classroom" by referring to the "double main...
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Exploration of Interactive Teaching Mode in "Database Theory" Course

Ping Li
The interactive teaching mode is researched in the basic course, according to the computer specialty core curriculum "database theory" characteristics. Firstly, the function of the interactive teaching mode are introduced. Then, the main problems in the teaching of the course are analyzed. Finally, the...

Peculiarities of Teaching Aesthetics to Students with Hearing Disabilities and to Hearing-impaired Students

Natalia Didenko
The work reviews the specifics of teaching aesthetics to students with hearing disabilities and to the hearing impaired students of the Arts and Theatrical Department of the Russian State Specialized Academy of Fine Arts (RGSAI). The goal of the course is to develop students' imaginative and logical...

Development of the Referral Vocational High Schools based on the Students Quantity and Networking Road Maps in Malang Raya

Ewit Irniyah, Amat Mukhadis, Tri Atmadji.S
This study aims to reveal and describe the development of referral SMK based on the road map of the student's quantity and networking in Malang Raya. The population in this study was 11 schools then using Proportional random sampling technique with Slovin formula obtained 5 schools, each school representing...

The Theory and Practice of EDA Curriculum: a Preliminary Exploration of the Blending Teaching Model

Li Ce, Zhang Xiu, Li Yu, Ma Shiwei
In the information age, the rapid development of new economy urgently needs the support of new engineering talents. The traditional classroom is boring. However, the theory and practice are often separate in two different places. And it makes college students lack of motivation and sense of achievement....
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Hemoglobin E Allele Screening in Adolescent Girls at Kepanjen and Gondanglegi Districts, Malang Regency, East Java-Indonesia

Nadira R Batubara, Chris Adhiyanto, Umi Fahmida, Hans-Joachim Freisleben
Woman in reproductive age have higher risk of iron deficiency anemia. However, there are other factors than iron deficiency that can cause anemia, such as genetic blood disorders or hemoglobinopathies. Hemoglobin E (HbE) is one of common blood disorders in Indonesia. HbE carriers have higher risk to...