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Self-media Literacy in Language Education and Cross Cultural Competence Development

Yuxiu Hu, Rongrong Dong
As a kind of self-media technology, podcasting can be applied to English education in this era of self-media for promoting personalized and independent learning. Based on two theoretical methods on teaching listening, the author described and reported the design and the teaching experience of an elective...

The Relationship Between Region and International Symbols – Design of Graphic System Around Yizhuang Creative Life Square

Siyu Kang, Ziting Wang
With the development of society, international symbols have been widely used because of the cultural exchange and impact among countries. As a unique cultural symbol of a country, regional symbols show many different styles and development trends, thus showing the national cultural characteristics of...
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Customer Requirements Mining and Product Design Analysis Based on E-commerce Comment Data

Pei-yu Shi, Jun-he Yu
Accurate mining of customer requirements (CR) can better improve the design of e-commerce products, and the Kano model is an approach to quantify CR satisfaction. Yet related parameters are mainly obtained by questionnaires. This study preliminarily extracts CR from online comment data by keyword frequency...

Firm Performance Improvement Through Employees Performance Evaluation

Tai-Seng Wong, Min-Khen Tan, Pui-Yee Chan, Ah-Suat Lee, Mai Farhana Mior Badrul Munir, Yen-Hong Ng
Due to outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the survival and continuity of Malaysian SME businesses are seriously affected. According to SME Corporation Malaysia (2019), SME establishments from service sector contribute to 63.3% of SMEs gross domestic product in 2019. Hence, it is of utmost importance...
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The Relationship Between Spirituality, Coping, and Quality of Family Life in Caring for a Schizophrenic Patient at Menur Psychiatric Hospital

Ari Susanti, Dya Sustrami, Aura Natasya, Setiadi, Astrida Budiarti
Background: All changes in roles, responsibilities and nursing processes can cause stress to family members who live with patients so that it can reduce the family’s ability to carry out care, if families with schizophrenia patients are not able to use effective coping to cope with these stressors, their...
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Design of Low-Cost Three-Axis Actuation System

Ondrej Hadac, Petr Lepsik
Low-cost is an increasingly inflected theme in the mechanical engineering world. A cost reducing leads to the development of new solutions, that could not be used in non-commercional sector before. One of this solution is the free hardware programmable platform called Arduino. This platform is very popular...
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Numerical Model for Underground Hydrogen Storage in Cased Boreholes

Antoine Bachand, Bernard Doyon, Robert Schulz, Ralph Rudd, Jasmin Raymond
The decrease in generation costs of renewable energy, combined with advances in electrolyser technologies, suggest that green hydrogen production may be a viable option in the ongoing energy transition. Yet, a green hydrogen economy requires not only production solutions but also storage options, which...

Analysis of Community Satisfaction Index for Services at PDAM Ende Regency Office in the First Semester of 2022

Rafael Octavianus Byre, Maria Endang Jamu
This study aims to determine the satisfaction index of the people of Ende city in service at the PDAM Ende office. The approach in research uses quantitative and qualitative approaches. The population used in this study was 14,624. The sampling technique in this study used accidental sampling. The sample...

Investigating the Role of Gender as Moderator in Relationship Between Financial Behaviour and Financial Risk Attitude Generation Z Students

Yesiana Ihda Kusnayain, Ely Siswanto, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Yuli Soesetio, Lulu Nurul Istanti
This study aims to test the role of gender as a variable moderator in the relationship of financial behavior and financial risk attitude to financial satisfaction of generation Z students. The study received a total of 238 respondents confirmed according to research criteria. Research found that financial...

The Framework of Operation Index Management of Overseas Assets of Enterprises in the Digital Era

Liyu Xia, Lanjun Xu, Yuanhang Wang, Rongchun Yu, Xin Li, Xuanyi Zhu
In the digital age, enterprises are facing the complex international environment and the requirements of China for higher quality international business development. In light of the current situation of the overseas asset operation index management system, this paper designs the theoretical connotation...
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Automated Detection of Tuberculosis Based on Cantilever Biosensor

Bali Thorat, Mukti Jadhav
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is one of the most hazardous disease. Universally millions of people are suffering from this dangerous disease. Number of detection techniques are available, but due to its complex structure this infectious disease not get diagnose easily and within time. To prevent spreading...

Technological Skills Between the Fresh-Man and Outgoing Students of the English Department of Hamdard University Bangladesh

Nujhat Nuari Islam, Md. Monowar Hossain
This study investigates the students’ cognitive approach in terms of learning technical equipment. During the novel Coronavirus in 2019, the education sector all over the world almost collapsed. The government had shut down all kinds of educational institutions. Therefore, online classes have become...

The Practicality of Electric Power Distribution System Trainers as Learning Media

Ganefri, Andrian, Ambiyar, Nurhasan Syah, Silvi Yulia Sari
Learning media has a salient role in learning process, especially in the Electric Power Distribution System subject. Utilization of learning media will be very helpful in providing real experience for students to simulate the electric power distribution that exists in life into a learning process. Trainer...

Unlocking the Patriarchian View in the Kelir Slindet Novel and the Telembuk Novel by Kedung Darma Romansa: The Concept of Reading as Women

Agus Budiman
This research aims to understand the idea of framed stories that contain the subject matter of the story and the insertion of the story in the dwilogi novel Kelir Slindet and Telembuk. The point of view is the male point of view that objectifies women, while in the insertion of the story appears women’s...

The Influence of Perceived usefulness on Customer loyalty Gen Z mediated by Customer Satisfaction on Fitur Shopee Food

Dinda Hapsariningsih, Raisa Fitri
Technological advances in Indonesia have led to changes in people’s lifestyles. This phenomenon presents new opportunities for business people to develop their business by making new innovations. This new innovation is the presence of Online Food Delivery features, one of which is Shopeefood which was...

Promoting Common Prosperity through Digital Finance: Analysis based on the Zhejiang's Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone

Qinyi Yu, Jiale Chen
This article explores the role of digital finance in promoting common prosperity, using Zhejiang Province as a case study. Through factor analysis and logistic regression studies on the data, it is found that improving the convenience of daily life significantly influences residents' satisfaction...
Proceedings Article

Predicting Air Pollution Levels in Jakarta Using Vector Autoregressive Analysis

Khaerun Nisa Sh, Irfan Irfani, Utriweni Mukhaiyar
The air quality in Jakarta is a critical issue affecting public health and the environment. High levels of air pollution can lead to various health problems, including respiratory issues, cardiovascular diseases, and other health disorders. This study aims to predict air pollution levels in Jakarta using...

Research on Teaching Quality Evaluation in Colleges and Universities Based on Data Mining

The Case of Chinese Language and Literature Teaching

Min Zhao, Lanqing Ou, Junqing Wang, Qianyu Ma
In order to solve the deficiencies in the current teaching quality assessment process in colleges and universities and improve the accuracy of teaching quality assessment in colleges and universities, this paper takes the model of Chinese language and literature teaching as an example, and designs a...

Writing Attitude of the Third Grade Students at SMA Ar Risalah Padang

Afrahul Fadilah, Havid Ardi
This study was aimed at describing the writing attitude of the students grade III of SMA Ar Risalah Padang. The sample of this study was 60 students chosen by using the purposive random sampling technique. They were from science students divided into two classes: Scince 1 and Science 2 at SMA Ar Risalah...

An Exploration of the Application of Digital Scenes in New Media Marketing Communications

Jiali Duan
In the mobile Internet era, the combination of new marketing technology and terminal equipment has achieved obvious development and innovation results. This article mainly against digital marketing scenarios, analyzes the integration of virtual technology and new media platforms, and summarizes the characteristics...

Environmental Ethics Manifested in Stories by Roald Dahl-A Study on Environmental Writing for Children

Jiwei Gao
At a time when ecological issues such as environmental degradation and species extinction are becoming increasingly prominent, environmental education to children through literature has been a dire topic to discuss. This essay focuses on Roald Dahl, who is considered one of the most beloved storytellers...

Does Adapting the Business Environment Have a More Dominant Effect on Business Performance Than Optimizing Company’s Resources?: Strategies to Improve Business Performance

Saiful Hidayat, Margono Setiawan, Fatchur Rohman, Ananda Sabil Hussein
Purpose: This study aims to examine during the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the ISP Industry in Indonesia, what is the effect of adapting to changes in the business environment on business performance and the effect of optimizing company resources to business performance, and which ones have a more...
Proceedings Article

The Method of Constant Current - Constant Voltage (CC – CV) for SECA Electric Car Battery Charging with Fuzzy Logic Controller

Selamat Muslimin, Renny Maulidda, M. Nawawi, A. Rahman, P. Menyna Kurnia
Electric cars are a solution to overcome the depletion of fossil fuels and environmental impacts. An electric car is a type of electric vehicle that uses a battery as the primary energy source. In charging, the battery is prone to overcharging, so a charging system is needed to maintain battery performance...

The Effect of CSR and ESG Disclosure on Tax Avoidance with Financial Performance as a Moderation

Ghaniya Nazeera Shafanur, Martdian Ratnasari
This research was conducted with the aim of testing and analyzing the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Disclosure on Tax Avoidance with Financial Performance as a moderating variable. The data sources for this study are 66 annual reports and sustainability reports from banking companies...

Language Analysis on Seller Banners in Kediri and Blitar: A Sociolinguistics Review

Nur Fajar Arief, Akhmad Tabrani, Oktavia Winda Lestari, Norhazlina Husin
The study aims to describe the form of banner language in Kediri and Blitar, the meaning of banner language in Kediri and Blitar, and the language seller banner function. The current study employs a descriptive approach under the umbrella of a qualitative approach. The data is in the form of banner writing...

Going Global in the Time of Corona: HCT-SAIT Virtual Student Mobility Pilot

Bharti Pandya, Marko Savic
The concept of international exchange of students, in person or virtually, is in existence for several decades and the benefits and challenges of such exchange programs are extensively discussed in the literature. However, the literature is limited to the students’ exchange programs for language courses...

Practical Exploration and Research on Industry-Education Integration in USST

Lie Zhou, Jingwei Xu, Weier Situ
This article summarizes the current research status of industry education integration at home and abroad, and explores the methods and achievements of cross industry education integration at Shanghai University of Technology. It analyzes the bottlenecks of university industry education integration and...

Analysis of Household Debt on Poverty Level in Rejang Lebong District: A Logit Model Approach

Upi Niarti, Kamaludin Kamaludin, Purmini Purmini, Bambang Agoes Hermanto
High poverty rates have become a severe problem in many developing countries, with high poverty rates hampering equitable economic development. Many factors contribute to the high poverty rate, one of which is household consumption debt problem. In many cases it is found that every family experience...
Proceedings Article

A Comparative Analysis of D-Dimer and Interleukin-6 Levels in COVID-19 Survivors: Implications for Long-term Outcomes

Anik Handayati, Jusak Nugraha, Rahajoe Imam Santosa
Several studies have investigated the association between D-Dimer and Interleukin-6 levels in COVID-19 patients. Nikkhoo et al. conducted a longitudinal prospective cohort study to investigate the association between IL-6 levels and disease severity among COVID-19 patients. They found that elevated IL-6...

Psychometric Properties of a Scale on Behaviours Related to Corruption

Ambrosio Tomás-Rojas, Ricardo Morais-Xavier, Úrsula Freundt-Thurne, Eliana Gallardo-Echenique
The aim of this study is to assess the psychometric properties of the ‘Corruption Normalisation Scale’ in students from a private university in Metropolitan Lima across 10 schools. The study has an instrumental design and involves the participation of 1,572 university students between the ages of 18...

Critical Thinking Skill: Primary School Teachers’ Knowledge and Its Learning Strategy

Medita Ayu Wulandari, Anwar Senen, Susilawati, Aenullael Mukarromah, T. Heru Nurdiansah, D. Fadly Pratama
Critical thinking is a vital piece of learning in the 21st century. Critical thinking skills cannot be grasped instantly; to be able to think critically, someone requires a protracted process. Therefore, teaching critical thinking skills in primary schools is essential. Thus, the teacher as the one who...

Socio-group Agents Promoting Vaccination against Covid-19: A Comparative Analysis of the Positions of Medical Workers and Blood Plasma Donors

Oksana Nekhaienko, Dmytro Boyko, Tatyana Chumachenko
The paper concerns the issue of perception of various aspects of vaccination against COVID-19 by representatives of two social groups - employees of medical institutions and blood plasma donors. Since both of these groups are institutionally and / or practically connected with the healthcare industry,...

Green Buildings, Sustainability and Value Premium

An Empirical Study of Pune

Ramakrishna Nallathiga, Abhijeet Raipure, Prateek Ate, Ankit Singh
The concept of green buildings is getting well entrenched into the construction of buildings in Indian cities. In fact, the notion of green buildings is built upon the concepts of sustainability, which include: the conservation of resources (reduce), the reuse of materials (reuse) and the recycling of...
Conference Abstract


Andreas Jekell*, Majid Kalani, Thomas Kahan
Pages: 14 - 14
Objectives: To study whether inhibition of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system has effects on vascular function beyond blood pressure (BP) reduction alone. Methods: Mild-to-moderate hypertensive patients (age 54±12 years, 34% women) were randomized double-blind to ramipril (10 mg od, n=33) or doxazosin...
Conference Abstract


Athanasios Angelis*, Charalampos Vlachopoulos, Nikolaos Ioakimidis, Konstantinos Aznaouridis, Mahmoud Abdelrasoul, Christos Georgakopoulos, Ioannis Felekos, Konstantina Aggeli, Dimitrios Tousoulis
Pages: 14 - 14
Purpose: Vascular resistance remains a key determinant of arterial hypertension and target organ damage alters morbidity of the disease. Our aim is to investigate physiology and clinical relevance of the left ventricular and systemic vascular interaction in essential hypertension patients. Methods:...
Proceedings Article

Urban Forest Cover: Change and Response to Climate

Bayartulga Altankhuyag, Delgerjargal Dugarjav
Since 1990, due to Mongolia’s transition to a free market economy, the migration of the population to cities, especially to the capital, has rapidly increased. As a result, urban lands are expanding, forest use around the cities is becoming more chaotic, and the impact of urbanization on forests is increasing....

The Toxicity Evaluation of Novel Carbon-Based Nanoparticle Medicine and How to Choose the Suitable Animal Toxicity Test Models for It

Chenchang Zhu
Carbon nanoparticles have massive potential in different biology and medical applications areas. In order to use the novel carbon nanomaterials medicine for human treatment, safety issues are necessary to be considered, and it is essential to determine the best animal test models to evaluate the toxicity...

Examining the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing Strategies on Medical Tourism

Hung-Chih Lai, Ping-Liang Chen, Chad Lin
Pages: 14 - 24
Medical tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world as many patients are looking to access healthcare services that are not available to them in their home countries. Many hospitals and healthcare centers are now offering numerous products and services in order to fully reap the benefits...

Design of a Data-Oriented Kansei Feedback Control System

Takuya Kinoshita, Toru Yamamoto
Pages: 14 - 17
In the development of the aging society, it is important for patients with hemiplegia to introduce adaptive welfare equipment. However, it is difficult to determine the suitable reference signal for each person. In this study, the design of a data-oriented cascade control system based on Kansei is proposed....

A generalization of the Perona-Malik anisotropic diffusion method using restricted dissimilarity functions

C. Lopez-Molina, B. De Baets, J. Cerron, M. Galar, H. Bustince
Pages: 14 - 28
There exists a large number of techniques for content-aware smoothing. Despite its simplicity, the Perona-Malik Anisotropic Diffusion method is among the most employed ones. In this work we study this method in detail and propose a generalization of its diffusion scheme using restricted dissimilarity...

Extended hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets and their aggregation in group decision making

Hai Wang
Pages: 14 - 33
Group decision making problems which organize a group of experts to evaluate a set of alternatives with respect to several criteria are commonly discussed recently. Hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets, characterized by a set of consecutive linguistic terms, act as a new model for qualitative settings...

The Design of a Drought Weather Index Insurance System for Summer Maize in Anhui Province, China

Ying Xu, Chao Gao, Xuewen Li, Taiming Yang, Xibo Sun, Congcong Wang, De Li
Pages: 14 - 23
We analyzed precipitation anomalies of summer maize in order to establish a drought weather index model that is based on tassel appearance and maturity stage as well as drought yield reduction rate. We utilized daily precipitation data encompassing the period between 1971 and 2010 from 15 agricultural...

A Truncation for Obtaining all the First Degree Birational Transformations of the Painlevé Transcendents

Robert Conte, Micheline Musette
Pages: 14 - 28
A birational transformation is one which leaves invariant an ordinary differential eqution, only changing its parameters. We first recall the consistent truncation which has allowed us to obtain the first degree birational transformation of Okamoto for the mater Painlevé equation P6. Then we improve...

Links Between Different Analytic Descriptions of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces

E.V. Ferapontov, A.M. Grundland
Pages: 14 - 21
Transformations between different analytic descriptions of constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces are established. In particular, it is demonstrated that the system

Enculturation of Kethoprak Babad Tulungagung Through Educational Strategy in Facing Cultural Globalization

Arief Sudrajat, Zulfana D. Ariska, Ayu Febriani, Fakhrial E. Widodo
Kethoprak Babad Tulungagung is a regional art owned by Tulungagung Regency. However, the onslaught of cultural globalization has made the arts degraded. The decline in the existence of the Kethoprak Babad Tulungagung in the younger generation impacts their ignorance of the moral values contained. A qualitative...

Research on the Influence Mechanism of Psychological Safety on Leaders’ Ambidexterity Based on Experimental Analysis

ChaoLong Wu, HongJiang Lv, Lufeng He, Tianxiao Cheng
The rapid development of information technology and the Internet makes it easier for leaders and employees to have more connections. Therefore, it is very important for organizations and leaders to study the impact of the leadership situation on the leaders’ behaviors. The purpose of this paper is to...

The Development Mode of the World-class Scientific and Technical Journals—A Case Study of Nature and Science

Feiyang Liu, Jingxue Lai, Hong Shui, Li Zhang, Li Zhang
Based on the analysis of the basic situation and development of the world-class scientific and technical journals, Nature and Science, this paper used bibliometrics to explore the development model and construction path of Nature and Science from 3 aspects, including the journal data, journal column...

Imposition of Sanction to Support Plastic Waste Restriction Policy

Fenty Puluhulawa, Mohammad Rusdiyanto Puluhulawa
The advancements in technology have brought major changes to daily activities of all people. Disposable plastic is becoming more popular for daily use due to its practicality and hygiene. Such a situation, in turn, raises an alarming concern on the environmental side effect, as now plastic waste begins...
Proceedings Article

In Vivo Cytotoxic Activity and Acute Toxicity Test of Ethanol Extract from Voacanga foetida (Blume) Rolfe Leaves

Adriani Susanty, Emrizal, Emma Susanti, Alfionita BR Saragih, Husni Muchtar, Dachriyanus
In vivo cytotoxic activity and acute toxicity test of ethanolic extract Voacanga foetida leave against male white mice was done. The in vivo cytotoxic activity used Micronucleus Assay Method while the acute toxicity used LD50 Test and Delay Toxicity Method. The micronucleus assay of V. foetida ethanol...

Revealing the Horror of Capitalism Through Monstrous Narratives in Jordan Peele’s Us (2019)

Amira Jati Sari, Shuri Mariasih Gietty Tambunan
Contemporary horror films often incorporate monstrous and chaotic narratives that reflect wider cultural and political conditions. This article examines how elements of monstrosity in the film Us (2019) resonates with working-class anxieties persisting under a capitalistic society. The theory of Marxism...