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Coordinate Basis Transformation Based Linearisation Method for Ordinary Differential Equations

Danlei Ye, Xin Jiang, Guanying Huo, Cheng Su, Zehong Lu, Bolun Wang, Zhiming Zheng
In this paper, a linearisation method for nonlinear ordinary differential equations based on coordinate basis transformation is proposed. In order to transform a nonlinear equation into a linear one, we introduce a general framework to extract the coordinate basis of the differential system. Actually,...

Banking Sector Asset Concentration Risk

Irina Larionova, Elena Meshkova
The subject of the research is the concentration of risks related to active transactions of commercial banks as a factor for systemic risks of the banking sector. The purpose of the research is to work out specific measures to mitigate the banking sector's exposure to systemic risks in view of the analysis...

Music Creation Environment of Music Poetry

Yanshuang Hou, Xinglong Guo
Li Bai lived in the flourishing period of Tang Dynasty in China. The flourishing period of Tang Dynasty was the heyday of the development of Chinese literature and art, with poetry and music as its representatives. At that time, "taking in everything with all flowers blooming" was the guiding ideology...

Decision Rules Applying based on Fast-food Restaurant

XiaoWen Huang
The number of Fast-food restaurants increases dramatically in recent years due to the demands of customers. Almost every city holds McDonald’s, Sunway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Except these super popular fast-food restaurants, there are still some local small fast-food restaurants. When...
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The realization of the geological image 3d reconstruction

Cheng Du, Biao Leng
Computer vision theory, the 3d object reconstruction is always a very important research subject. Most humans are attained through the visual perception of information, but in the real world, people think it is 3d information, how to better performance, the 3d information, to be one of the hot topics...

Implicit Ideological and Political Education Pattern of Higher Learning Institution Analysis

HE Yixia
Implicit ideological and political education refers conscious use of the hidden curriculum theory in the process, focusing on the development and utilization of resources implicit ideological and political education, through more subtle forms, making the educator unconsciously get some kind of thoughts...
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Research and Simulation of Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Classification

Chun Liu
The network intrusion accurate detection problem is researched. In the network intrusion detection process, the classification features of network operation data has poor uniformity, and the error of features classification is large, a network intrusion detection method based on fuzzy classification...

Analysis of piano accompaniment to Sax

Yue Wang, Yu Xie
With the development of various industries in our country, musical instruments industry has a great development in recent years, various styles of musical instruments emerge in an endless stream. Piano music is very popular in Chinese, it is mainly pop music arranger, in the field of music is very important....
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Earthquake Microzonation and Strength Building Evaluation at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium Surabaya Using Micro-Tremor Method

Pebrian Tunggal, M. Ihkyaul, M. Aris
Surabaya has alluvial domination that causes high rise of implication. This research is to know the natural frequency of building and ground, the damping ratio and earth quake micro-zoning. We use FSR (Floor Spectral Ratio) and RDM (Random Decrement Method) method for building analysis, and HVSR (Horizontal...
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Logic Matrix Design Method for Pan Boolean Algebra PID Control

Jin Chen, Tao Xu
Based on the analyzing for the Pan-logic graph of Pan -Boolean algebra PID control, it is introduced in this paper that a new method of Pan-logic truth table can be used to depict the relations between input and output variables of Pan-Boolean algebra PID controller. By quantizing and grading the controller...

Application of Multimedia Technology in Japanese Training

Fan Wu, Zhen Chen
With rapid development of computer technique and multimedia technology, the research and practice of computer multimedia teaching increasingly attracts the attention of people. Foreign language teaching is an important part of language teaching. How to make computer multimedia technology play the advantages...
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Research on Dynamic Control Modeling for AFS System

Dirui Wu
A new dynamic control model for Adaptive Front-lighting System(AFS) is presented in this paper based on pan-Boolean theory. This logical control model for AFS system is based on control practice for AFS system and is consisted by a series of control rules. Combining with PID control arithmetic, off-line...
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The Big data Business Model of Smart Power Based on Information Value Theory

Jianhua Yang, Dunnan Liu
The grid now has the capacity of big data basic services, building an application system of big data electricity services is needed for data decision, data management and digital operation. First, started with information value theory, the analysis of many energy demand value information which were aggregated...
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Achieving Robustness and Eco-Efficiency in Sustainability for A Distribution Network

Yenming J. Chen
This study investigates managerial insights to facilitate the robust construction of a responsive and sustainable supply chain network. The two goals typically contradict each other because a fast, responsive supply chain may consume sizable resources. A fully optimized supply chain, which operates at...
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Analog Control (Front-End) Design of RFID Tag in 0.35 μm CMOS Technology

Hamzah Afandi, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo, Darwis, P. Musa, Joko Purnomo
The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be defined as Automatic identification technology which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to identify objects carrying tags when they come close to a machine reader. In this paper authors designed the analog part using frequency 13.56 MHz in the...

Soft power of Russia and China A Comparative Analysis

Yury Putikhin, Natalie Yakovleva, Michael Kreer
This article is focused on understanding the Soft power strategy in Russia and China. This article dwells upon the concept of “soft power” and its tools and common features, gives some examples of its implementation both in Russia and China. The authors of the article also analyze the impact of humanitarian...
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A Study on the Educators' Basic Quality of Traceless Strengthening Educational Activity

Hong Yang
The educators' basic quality of traceless strengthening educational activity is researched in detail. First, the unqualified educators, the good educators, and the excellent educators defined in detail. Second, the basic quality possessed by the educators is given, and sense of responsibility, organizing...
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Research on Quantization Scheme in the Secret Key Extraction from Received Signal Strength

Chengzhi Yang, Ting Jiang
In order to find an effective secret key generation scheme in wireless networks, many based on received signal strength methods have been proposed. However, the secret bit rates of existing schemes are relatively low. To resolve the problem of low generation rate, a vector quantization scheme is proposed...

A Microcosmic Research of Library Layering Service Equity

ZhiYuan Zhao
As infrastructure of Chinese cultural construction, library is of far-reaching importance to the promotion of comprehensive national quality. Implementing layering service in libraries is effective utilization of library resources. Layering services at demands of different groups represents equity of...
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To Reduce the Hemocytometer Measurement Uncertainty of White Blood Cell Count by the Double Staining of Cell Nucleus

Ying-Ying Liu, Jing Wang
Acridine orange (AO) and ethidium bromide (EB) are two fluorescent dyes for cell nuclei staining. The nucleus images by these two staining can make it easy to differentiate white blood cell (WBC) from red blood cell (RBC). We applied this principle to the white blood cell count by hemocytometer and this...
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The Analysis of Influence Factors and Identification of Speaker-Dependent Primi Speech Recognition

Lin Guo, Yang Bai, Jie Su, Wen-lin Pan, Tian-jun Zhang
The research object is an endangered minority language of Primi on the southern dialect. This paper takes isolated-word of Primi as the primitive and uses large vocabulary of speech corpora based on HTK. The effect of different quantity of vocabularies, the sample ratio of training and testing, and the...
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Design of a Power Amplifier using MESFET at 2.7GHz ~ 3.1 GHz

Junsheng Li, Jian Tang, Yunhui Jiang, Fei Yu
In this paper, a linear power amplifier with MESFET tube is simulated and optimized by the application of ADS software and S parameter method. The MESFET tube is a kind of low distortion power FET provided by the company of Excelics and its tag is EFC480C. After optimizing the size of the power amplifier...
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Synthesis of Monoclinic scheelite BiVO4 by Simple Precipitation Method and Photocatalytic Performance under Visible-light Irradiation

Yong-Qing Zhai, Yan-Jie Yin, Wan Zhang, Cong-Cong Liu, Xiao Liu
Visible-light responsive photocatalyst BiVO4 were synthesized by simple precipitation method, following by calcination process. The phase structure, morphology, specific surface area and optical absorption properties of as-synthesized BiVO4 were characterized by XRD, SEM, BET, UV-Vis DRS and FTIR, respectively....
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Automatic Tracking System of Solar Panel Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Danping Jia, Yang Wang
In order to improve the utilization rate of solar energy, A STC89C52 SCM to control the core of solar panel automatic tracking system is designed in this paper. It adopts the method of photoelectric tracking and sun angle tracking. The system judges sunny or cloudy by the weather detection circuit. When...

Poverty and Child Labor: Are Children as the Economic Resource of the Household?

M. Sasongko, Febry Wijayanti
Income (or expenditure) is the most common poverty indicator which it measures at the household level, however poverty is an individual concept. Poor household have always thought that all household members share fortunes and misfortunes equally, which is particularly problematic in the case of children....
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The MAC layer packet transceiver system based on FPGA design and implementation

Mengjiao Wu, Jun Yang, Can Zhao, Xintao Huang
Network communication is very important in network transmission.With the continuous improvement of Ethernet technique,the transmission delay of Ethernet MAC(Medium Access Control)will influence communication quality of network.This paper realizes correct send-receive of the Ethernet MAC protocol layer...

On the Subject of Planning----Study on Planning Revision of Junshan Street,Wuhan City

Yali Zhu, Juan Hu
By analyzing the current situation of the cities at home and abroad and extracting demands of different subjects, this article explores the city development patterns under the auspices of different planning subjects, and demonstrates that the city planning under the joint action of capital, rights, and...
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SOC estimation for Power Lithium-ion Battery Based on AUKF

Enguang Hou, Xin Qiao, Guangmin Liu
In order to improve vehicle performance and safety, need to accurately estimate the power lithium battery state of charge (SOC), in allusion to nonlinear characteristic of power lithium-ion battery, presented a method estimation of power lithium-ion battery SOC based on AUKF. Introduced the principle...

Study on College Students' Mental Sub-Health and its Intervention System

Yin Tan
With the aim to solve college students' mental sub-health problems, this paper discriminated the related concepts such as health, mental health, mental sub-health, analyzed the causes of college students' mental sub-health from themselves, their families, the community, schools, I also constructed an...
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Lipase Catalyzed Naproxen Methyl Ester Enantioselective Hydrolysis in Ionic Liquids

Shengbo Gao, Quanhui Li, Tingting Yao, Zhengyang Wang, Luoyun Zheng, Jiaying Xin
A series of dialkylimidazolium ionic liquids with various anions including hexafluorophosphate alkane sulfonate and tetrafluoroborates were studied in the lipase-catalyzed enantioselective hydrolysis. Lipase activity,stability and enantioselectivity were determined by both of alkane and anions. In the...
Proceedings Article

Parallel Fringe Search Algorithm for VLBI Software Correlator Based on Computer Cluster

Yun Yu, Wei-Min Zheng, Ping Rui, Juan Zhang, Feng-Xian Tong, Yong-Biao Shi
The Chinese VLBI Network correlator has been successfully adopted in the China's lunar exploration project for probe tracking. However, due to the probe orbit maneuver, sometimes the error of the predicted VLBI time delay can be quite large. The correlator fringe search module needs new methods to tackle...
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The Modified digital channelization method

Chun Hua Yang
The digital channel receiver must have the ability of processing large number of data,A improved digital channel arithmetic is proposed, This algorithm put digital down conversion before decimation and filtering operation .Moreover the algorithm is realized by using FPGA parallel process. The key design...

Parent and PreService Teacher Partnering in a Technology-Based Home Intervention: Preliminary Findings

Wendi Beamish, Denis Meadow, Matthew Prime, Belinda Fisher
This small-scale Australian study employed a mixed method design to explore the perspectives of parents and preservice teachers who worked together on a technology-based home intervention to better engage children aged 4-5 years with communication difficulties in the family morning routine. A mini-iPad...
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Research on clustering algorithm

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Clustering is one of the important techniques of data mining. It can be divided data into several classes or clusters according to certain rules, which makes the data objects of the same class have high similarity, and the different data objects are very different. In this paper, the clustering algorithm...

Describing Teachers' Pedagogic Content Knowledge about Reasoning Development and Students' Reasoning Test

Rendi R Sukardi, Ari Widodo, Wahyu Sopandi
Pedagogic Content Knowledge (PCK) is very important for teachers because it shows teacher understanding of science knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. PCK covers the knowledge of content and pedagogy such as teaching knowledge (the subject knowledge and their belief in that, and how to teach it), curriculum...

Life-Skill Literacy Education Towards Rural Industrial Development

Achmad Hufad, Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Puromo Puromo
Rural area is identified by the agricultural and farming commodity and close-tied kinship of the community. Nevertheless, the education level is low. More women in the rural areas, however, suffer from illiteracy compared those living the cities. This is the case due to the insufficient education facility...

Using Grounded Theory Approach for Exploring Factors Affecting the Ineffectiveness of Positive Word-of-Mouth

Feng Ji, Fan Wu, Hanbing Shen
Nowadays, ineffectiveness of positive word-of-mouth is common, challenging companies’ word of mouth marketing. Based on grounded theory, the paper conducted repeated studies by 55 respondents’ information. This research proposed driving mechanism model of the ineffectiveness factors of positive word-of-mouth,...
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Research on Time-Frequency Domain Acquisition Algorithm of Parallel Combinatory Spread Spectrum System Based on FFT

L.L. Guo, Z.G. Sun, S. Chen, B.C. Wang, X.Y. Ning
In this paper, an acquisition algorithm is discussed in parallel combinatory spread spectrum (PCSS) system. The algorithm model is first built. Then, an improved algorithm utilizing multiple correlation peak accumulation under low SNR is proposed. The simulation results show that Doppler offset and PN...
Proceedings Article

Prediction for Damage Depth of Coal Seam Floor Based on the BP Neural Network

Shun-Feng Li
On the basis summary of forecasting methods and theoretical depth of stope floor, combining a large number of actual data analysis, it is induced that the following six aspects are the main factors influencing the floor damage depth the: mining depth, dip angle of coal seam, mining thickness and length...
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Fuzzy Sets, Cut Systems and Closure Operators in Sets with Similarities

Jirí Mockor
Closure operators defined on various sets (set of all classical fuzzy sets, set of all semi-cuts, set of all cuts in a Q-set, etc.) are investigated and it is shown how a closure operator defined on one set can be extended to a closure operator defined on another set.

Current Situation and Suggestions of Pipelines of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation in China

Mengqi Tan
The pipelines of oil and gas storage and transportation play an important role in oil and gas production, transportation and marketing. This paper first analyzes the significance of strengthening the construction of oil and gas storage and transportation pipeline to Chinese petroleum industry, and then...
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Disk Failure Prediction Model for Information Systems based on SMART Technology

Yin Yang, Wei Liang, Wenyi Li
This paper proposes disk failure prediction model using disk SMART technology for information systems, which is based on the actual data, threshold and attribute value of the SMART parameters to establish parameter reliability model, through theoretical discussion and practical test and analysis to choose...
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Stability constraints of the transmission capacity about VSC-HVDC system supply to the passive network

S. Chen, X. Tang, W.Q. Zhang
The external volt-ampere characteristic of the rectifier and inverter station of the VSC-HVDC (Voltage Sourced Converter-High Voltage Direct Current) system is simplified and the dc network equivalent circuit of VSC-HVDC system is built. The small signal model of the VSC-HVDC system is then derived....
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Design of Teaching Management System of University Experiment Based on Cloud Computing

Cui Lianmin
In order to promote the informationization development of experiment course teaching in university, it is necessary to integrate the software resources and the experimental teaching resources scattered in various experimental center and to realize the sharing of resources and effective use. This paper...
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Age Is A High Risk Of Low Birth Weight In The Working Area Of Seluma District

Linda, Lela Hartini, Meylani Novita Salam
High mortality rate one of the babies is caused by LBW. Based on data in the Seluma District Health Office in 2016 there was an increase in LBW rate of 94.2%, in 2015 1.5% to 3.2% in 2016. So the nutritional status, maternal age, pregnancy distance, parity, and normal Hb levels became very important...

Controlling in the Context of Socio-Economic Factors of Service Quality Management

Jarmila Klementová
Internationalization, globalization, and the entry of foreign producers into the national market shift the requirements for quality of services continually to a higher level due to competition. The quality of service is built on the quality of human resources, on the mutual interaction of the customer...
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Digital design and monitoring of farming systems

Nikolai Stepnykh, Olesya Zhukova, Arthur Zargaryan
In the course of digitalization, not enough attention is paid to the design and monitoring of farming systems that in most cases are created in text format on paper and electronic media. This form does not meet the requirements of information technology development of the industry and the needs of agricultural...
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Analysis of Real-time Beidou Precise Point Positioing Accuracy of Mobile Phone Terminal

Zhiqiang Wang, Hongzhen Yang, Chen He, Jianxin Chu, Liang Chen, Jing Wang, Yongfeng Zhang
With the continuous development of China's Beidou navigation and positioning system (BDS), Beidou wide-area real-time precise positioning system is an important part of Beidou system, meeting the needs of the high-precision location service in various industries of the national economy. Based on the...

The Creation of Ceng-Ceng Krinceng Dance as Therapy of Wiraga, Wirasa, Wirama on Autistic Children with Kinesiology Approach

Kuswarsantyo Cindy, Cindy Trisnawati, Kuswarsantyo Kuswarsantyo
The objectives of the research were to increase the wealth of innovative and creative dance for autistic children and increase the target of skills therapy in dance learning to exercise wiraga, wirasa, wirama with Kinesiology Approach. This study used Research and Development (R & D). The object was...

The Approaches Used by Community Learning Center (PKBM) to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Solok Selatan West Sumatra Province Indonesia

Alim Harun Pamungkas
This paper presents a theoretical discussion of development as a manifestation of planned social change. In particular, the key points deal with existent practices of attaining the target of equitable quality education stipulated in Sustainable Development Goals. The study is aimed atproviding a different...