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Effective Ways to Improve the Service Ability of Teaching Management in Universities

Yafei Li, Hongchang Wang
Teaching management in universities is of great importance and it is the basic guarantee to maintain the normal order of teaching, achieve the training objectives, and improve teaching quality. This paper studies the current status and problems of college management team. On the basis of teaching management...

The Mode of German Vocational education and the Enlightenment

Yan Sun
Nowadays, vocational education development is a matter of great urgency in China. Because of starting later, vocational education cannot establish a stable system of running school, serving the society, training talents and teachers; it should propose the successful experience of the world to promote...

Researches on the University English Flipped Classroom Reforms from the Perspective of Teaching Academic

Yun Zhou
Teaching academic is a systematic and specialized knowledge related to teaching work, and it is also the abilities and qualities represented by university teachers in teaching practice. Based on academic teaching, the paper systematically discussed university English flipped classroom reform approaches,...

Traffic Simulation of Hongqi Elevated Road in Yantai

Feng Zhu, Chengxuan Cao
With the increasing number of vehicles in Yantai, the downtown traffic volume is increasing. Hongqi Road, the main road in Yantai exists the traffic congestion problems. Yantai Planning Bureau proposed to construct for viaduct this road. This design is mainly based on the planning and design of the elevated...
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Texturization of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers with K3PO4 /K2sio3 Solutions under Different Conditions

R.Z. Luo, S.Q. Man, Z. Jin, J.J. Ma, Y.Q. Wang, Q.Y. Ye
The pyramid construction was formed with different K3PO4 concentrations under different time and temperatures. The pyramid size, density and uniformity on monocrystalline silicon surface have been studied. We found that the K3PO4 concentrations and temperature has a crucial influence on pyramid density;...

The implementation of talent management : a case study in an organisation having an integrated talent program

S.M Dominic, D.L. Runde
The aim of this research is to review the implementation of talent management in an Indonesian company context and to investigate the effectiveness of the current talent management model and practices. This is important because in Indonesia, the quality and human resource capabilities are still under...

Research on the English Cross-Cultural Communication Skills from the Perspectives of Differences in Chinese and Western Thinking

Jing Yang
In this paper, we conduct research on the English cross-cultural communication skills from the perspectives of differences in Chinese and western thinking. According to the pragmatic about the context and the speech act theory, language communication in the discourse meaning varies with the context....
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Natural Vibration Frequencies of an SRF Module at Liquid-Helium Temperature

Ming-Hsun Tsai, Lee-Long Han, Ming-Chyuan Lin, Chaoen Wang, Meng-Shu Yeh, Chih-Lung Lo, Mei-Hsia Chang, Tsing-Tshih Tsung
As a superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavity is a thin-shell structure with several thin bellows to bridge to its cryostat, any external excitation readily induces oscillations. The operation of a SRF module becomes unstable when the RF resonant frequency varies, due to mechanical vibrations, to...

Research on the Innovation of the Ideological Education Method of Military Academies in the New Period

Hao Xu, Zhiguang Guo
This paper according to the new period military targets of military academy students ideological education put forward higher requirements, combined with the graduate management experience, on graduate students ideological situation were to analyze and sum up and innovation problem solving strategies,...

An Analysis on the Farmer Specialized Cooperatives in Mountainous Countryside-Based on a Field Research in S Village

Shunjie Li
Farmer specialized cooperative in mountainous rural area is a bridge between farmers and market. In view of its current status, the paper uses methods of analysis, interview survey and comparative analysis. Based on actual data, the paper puts forward the establishing procedures, features and operation...
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Design and Realization of Network Public Sentiment Management Platform for Chinese Universities

Liang Hu, Aichun Ding, Yuchi Zhu
The college network public opinion is the vane of the of China the effectiveness of the college students' collective action, based on hot events of the network public opinion structure characteristics of perception and discrimination will directly determine the development trend of Chinese college students'...

The establishment and Improvement of Yunnan regional economic multilevel medical security system

Youyang You
The establishment and improvement of Yunnan regional economic multilevel medical security system, should base on the problems existed in the current Yunnan regional economics. The suggestions should be not only for the multiple needs to the people ,but also for an increase aging population. After all,...

The Knowledge Map of the Research on Citizen Participation Awareness Based on the Quantitative Analysis of CiteSpace

Yanying Li, Xi Yang
Citizen participation is an important means to maintain and protect power and interests of citizen, as well as an effective way to prevent the abuse of public power and achieve rational distribution. This paper takes the 1520 papers of core journal on the research on citizen participation awareness in...

Management of Student Elementary School in Java Island Indonesia

Mustiningsih Mustiningsih
Student are the subject of education in school. School success can be measured from the achievement of the learners. Management of student in elementary school (sekolah dasar / SD) is a way of students ranging from acceptance to the release of students in elementary school. The purpose of this research...

Core Capability and Competitive Strategy for Construction Firms in China at the International Market

Shi-Gang Yan
Chinese construction firms (CCFs) played an important role at the international market. As an important participant at the international construction market, Chinese construction firms are confronted with the tasks of keeping themselves competitive. The paper analyzed the current situation of CCFs at...

Using Self-Learning E-Book Modules for Geography Education Student on Geographic Information System

Anang Widhi Nirwansyah, Sakinah Fathrunnadi Shalihati
This article is focused on the implementation of e-book modules on Geographic Information System (GIS) in university student. The effectiveness of this module is measured through several actors and collectively investigated by questionnaire and analyzed by quantitative descriptive analysis. This research...

Exploring on the Cultivating Model of the Combination of Working and Learning in Higher Vocational Education

Liying Liu, Renjie Yang, Shuwen Wang, Yue Zhao
Higher vocational college students should have professional and practical talents. The skilled personnel should have a strong ability of professional development, and can quickly adapt to the needs of enterprises and society. However, the current higher vocational education graduates cannot fully meet...

A Review of Leadership Styles and Employee's Well-being in Different Types of Organizations

Muhammad Jufri, Hillman Wirawan
This paper is a viewpoint paper and it aims at presenting theoretical-based evidence on the role of leadership styles and employee's well-being. First, the authors provided a review in the area of leadership styles (i.e., transformational and transactional styles) and well-being. Second, extensive reviews...

Phenomenon of financial pyramids: nature and design

Allar Aleksandrovich Anzhu, Vladislav Vladimirovich Pshenichnikov
The article is dedicated to the study of nature and design of financial pyramids. The mechanism for the appearance and models of financial pyramids, the brief review of their appearance and collapse in the global history and in modern Russia are considered. Fractal geometry is suggested for use as a...

Role of Community Leaders in Efforts to Preserve Literacy Tradition

Alim Harun Pamungkas
Literacy is one of human life needs that cannot be avoided. Literacy needs to be created by society as a new norm in the society. The aim of a literacy program is to change individuals and their social behaviors which do not care to become members of a society who care not only about their individual...

Construction of Multidimensional College English Instruction Model Based on MOOC

Guifang Zhang
In the context of the rapid spread of online education represented by MOOC, the teaching of college English has to carry on great reform in instruction model, teaching method and curriculum setting so as to promote the integration of modern network technique into teaching practice. MOOC-based multidimensional...

Research and Practice on the Cultivating College Students' Innovation and entrepreneurship ability

Guo Jiyuan, Zhang Yan
How to develop college students' Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability has become the urgent task of universities. We analyzed the current cultivating college students' model from the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship ability training. On the basis of summing up its advantages and disadvantages,...
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Type 1 Cardio-Renal Syndrome: A Case Report

Annisa Maloveny
The Cardio-Renal Syndrome (CRS) has been de-fined by Ronco et al. as a pathophysiologic disorder of the heart and kidneys whereby acute or chronic dysfunction of one organ may induce acute or chronic dysfunction of the other. A 55-year old woman was brought to the emergency room presented with acute...

Study on the Development of Juvenile Football in Baicheng City

Ming Lu
This paper discusses the main problems of the development of youth soccer in China from the aspects of system, training idea, training practice, cultural quality cultivation, sociological factors, training mode and coaches, and puts forward some suggestions, that juvenile football should turn to market,...
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The dynamic model of managing the rating of a Russian Federation entity

Artur Mitsel, Anna German, Karina Grigoryeva
The article presents the dynamic model of rating management. To build a management model, a rating assessment model must be previously built. We have constructed a regression model of rating evaluation which includes eight key indices that affect the rating level. On the basis of this model, a dynamic...

Research and Practice on the Task-Driven Teaching Mode of Computer Basic Course in Vocational Education

Yanming Yang, Yanmin Li
"Task-driven" is a teaching model based on the constructivist teaching theory, which embodies the teaching concept which is guided by teaching and subjected to learning. Teaching content is contained in tasks. Students actively construct concepts, principles and methods through problem solving. This...

The Application of Micro-course in the Teaching Process of Up-to-date Mechanics

Ziping Wang, Meixia Li, Riquan Lai, Naifu He
The application of micro-course in education is more and more widespread. In the view of the shortage of previous teaching in the advanced course of mechanics, this paper aims to explore the application of micro-course in the teaching of advanced mechanics and explore the application of micro teaching...
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Route Choice Research Based on Fast and Hierarchical Mobile Multicast

Zuhong Feng, Bin Li
Because of the high scalability and efficiency of multicast, more and more people pay attention to mobile multicast. The fast and hierarchical mobile multicast is one of the excellent multicast algorithms, but the transmission path in the fast and hierarchical mobile multicast is not the best. This paper...
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Research and application of electrochemical abrasive belt polishing technology in compressor crankshaft

Hongwei Qu, Shisuo Li, Qiang Wang, Qingjin Zhang, Zhihui Xu
On the analysis of the electrochemical abrasive belt polishing technology, the main process parameters and equipments for the compressor crankshaft are selected; a set of finishing experiment plan is designed. The results show that the polishing process can reduce the surface roughness obviously, and...
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An Innovative Design of Vibratory Feeding System for Teaching Purpose

Liang Han, Ye Guo
Vibratory feeding plays a key role in assembly automation. However, there is still no effective professional instrument to explain and demonstrate the principle of the parts conveying. Thus an innovative vibratory feeding system for teaching purpose is designed in this paper, which includes the demo...

The Situation, Harm, Causes and Countermeasures of Scenic Spots Non-standard Language -----Taking Tianjin as An Example

Zhang Shaofang
Promote public services language specification established as the key point of National medium and long-term language reform and development of career planning. Scenic spots are an important part of public service. The non-standard language phenomenon is partly disrupting the order of words, it will...
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VNT and EGR Technologies for a Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Junhua Wu, Fushan Zuo, Yonghui Zhang
In this study an experimental investigation was carried out on a turbocharger with variable nozzle turbine (VNT) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system reducing emissions of a direct injection diesel engine. In the EGR system, the exhaust gas was tapped off before the turbine, cooled, and mixed with...
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Application of Uniform Design Genetic Algorithm in Separation Condition Optimization of Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Xueguo Chen
Objective: aiming to establish a new strategy based on uniform design and genetic algorithm and applying in the optimization of the separation condition of Ginkgo biloba extract using reversed-phase liquid chromatography according to traditional optimization methods. Methods: based on uniform design...
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Research of Terrain Aided navigation system

Xiaoxu Chen, Chunguang Wang, Xin Wang, Ming Ming, Deming Wang
Terrain aided navigation system is called the fourth generation of navigation system, this paper analyzes some key technologies of terrain aided navigation system and analyzes the factors that affect the terrain aided navigation system positioning accuracy, proposing solutions to improve the positioning...
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Reliability-based robust design optimization of laminated composite structures

Weitao Zhao, Xizhi Zhang
The probability approach is the most popular way to quantify uncertain parameters and perform reliability analysis. The problems of structural optimization and robust design for laminated composite structures with reliability constraints are addressed in this paper. A new methodology to determine the...
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Study on the Preparation Technology of SiNx Thin Film by PECVD

Huawei Xu, Zhiyuan He, Qingli Huang, Dongxiang Luo, Jianyao Hu, Linyong Fan
To prepare SiNx thin film with good compactness, fast deposition rate and stable performance, plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) is adopted to study the influences of different technological parameters on the properties of SiNx thin film. The experimental results indicate that SiH4 and...
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The Stripping Technique of Glued Cellophane Tape Mechanics Design and The Numerical Study on the Flow Field of analysis

Shulung Wang, Yifeng Chang, Wante Chen, Juiyang Wang
In terms of environmental protection problems relating to the stripping technique of glued cellophane tape, apart from equipment demands being very high, most operators in Taiwan still manually strip the tape. The processing speed is thus slow, and cannot meet operators’ expectations, which means that...

Practice and Consideration on Hydromechanics teaching

Feng-li Chen, Da Wu, Lin Zhang
Hydromechanics not only owns the strong theory, but also combines closely with the actual world. Characteristics such as multi-conception, strict logicality, abstraction and vapidity make it difficult to understand. Four aspects about Hydromechanics teaching are studied and discussed in this paper. They...
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Securing Cloud-Based File Storage System via Homomorphism

Adnan Tahir, M. Khan
Cloud computing is playing a much important role in comparison to other fields of IT, in providing Data storage, Data security, Quality of Services (QoS) etc. Many data security factors have also increased due to the fast evolution of cloud in the IT industry. Therefore many security models and techniques...
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Research on the Development of Construction and Economic Structure Coordination Degree of Shaanxi Province

Lijuan Zhang, Xiaofang Li
The construction industry as a pillar industry of the national economy has an very important role in the coordinated operation of the national economy. Therefore, from the construction industry perspective, it is of great meaning for exploring the coordinated development of the economy. Based on the...
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The Development of Foreign Trade and Its Effect on Economic Growth

Chen Lu
This paper firstly reviews the development process of foreign trade in Fujian province, and secondly, by using the data from 1996-2014, the empirical results show that the increase of foreign trade by 1% will lead to the increase of growth rate by 0.147%. Furthermore, our research indicates that it is...
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General aviation development prediction research*

Weijun Pan, Rundong Wang, Lei Yang, Chuyang Yang, Xingyu Zhuo, Jie Luo
With the low altitude airspace open in succession in China, the general aviation industry of China began to develop rapidly, so general aviation development prediction has become one of the pressing needs for the future planning of the government and the general aviation enterprise. In view of this,...

Analysis on Teaching Reform of Optical Fiber Communication in Higher Vocational Schools

Chuan He
From the theory and practice teaching two aspects, this paper conduct in-depth discussion of optical fiber communication teaching courses and propose to strengthen the theoretical, practical experience and expand their horizons and encourage innovative teaching basic philosophy to cultivate high-quality...

FISDeT: Fuzzy Inference System Development Tool

Giovanna Castellano, Ciro Castiello, Vincenzo Pasquadibisceglie, Gianluca Zaza
Pages: 13 - 22
This paper introduces FISDeT, a tool to support the design of Fuzzy Inference Systems, composed of a set of Python modules sharing the standard specification language FCL used for FIS definition. FISDeT includes a graphical user interface that enables easy definition and quick update of elements composing...
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Attitude Determination based on Common Reference Clock GPS/BDS Dual Antenna

Lei Zhang, Wen Chen, Chao Yu, Danan Dong
There is a technique innovation in GNSS receivers. That is to say, the common reference clock is adopted in more than two GNSS receivers and the carrier phase single difference can get the same technical effects as the double difference. This paper expresses in detail mathematical model method and some...

Learning Leadership Role in Funding Education in The Era of Regional Autonomy

Dedy Achmad Kurniady
In the era of regional autonomy, financing of education is not only the responsibility of the central government, but it is a shared responsibility between government, local government, and society. Particularly, schools' operational funding is highly dem
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Research and Simulation of Task Scheduling Strategy in Cloud Computing

Tao Lin, Qianqian Xuan, Qingguo Xu, Mengxian Wu
How to make full use of resources in the cloud to efficiently schedule tasks is an important issue in the field of cloud computing. This paper proposes a cloud computing task scheduling algorithm based on optimized Differential Evolution Algorithm(DE), which introduces the initial population model based...

A Study on the Development of Cultural Tourism Resources in Hometown of Wang Anshi

Wen-ping Xiong
Wang Anshi enjoys worldwide reputation and Fuzhou City is his hometown. Fuzhou should rely on the cultural brand of Wang Anshi and integrate tourist resources in Fuzhou to establish itself into a cultural tourism area of Wang Anshi's hometown, thus transferring the advantage of cultural tourism into...
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Characteristics Planning Strategies of Southern Shaanxi Towns Based on Ecological and Humanistic Ideas

Dingqing ZHANG, Lin YANG, Yaping SUN, Wei GUO
Southern Shaanxi region has abundant featured resources. However, due to lack of guidance of characteristics planning theories and methods, small towns gradually lost their own characteristics in the rapid development. Based on the interpretation of the concept and constitution of town's characteristics,...
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Effective Recognition and Statistic of Engagement Resources in Persian Discourses

W. Li, W.Y. Liu, M.Z. Yi
Appraisal theory has been focused on by more and more scholars because of its powerful function of analyzing interpersonal meanings, which not only pays attention to the contents and structure of discourses, but attaches more importance to speakers’ or writers’ attitude, stance and emotional tendency...