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Iron Deficiency is The Main Cause of Anemia in Female Students of Senior High Schools in Sukoharjo Regency with No Polymorphism of Transferrin Receptor 1

Dwi Rahayu, Dono Indarto, Budiyanti Wiboworini, Ratih Dewi Yudhani, Ratna Kusumawati
Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in reproductive females remains a public health problem in Indonesia. Transferrin receptor 1 (TfR1) is one of important proteins, which are involved in regulation of the iron metabolism in the human body. Mutation of A210G TfR1 gene increases soluble TfR levels in some patients...
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Two Schemes to Improve the Implementation of the Aggregation Based Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioner

Jianping Wu, Fukang Yin, Jinhui Yang
Algebraic multigrid is often used as the preconditioner in Krylov subspace iterations to solve general sparse linear systems, and the aggregation based version is one of the most popular, for its cheap complexity to setup. In this paper, when this version used as the preconditioner, two schemes are provided...

Studies on the Relationship between Social Security and Regional Economy Coordinated Development

Xiong Wei
Act as the soft power for coordinated development of regional economies, a sound social security system can effectively adjust the regional economy structures, minimize the disparities and coordinate the development, so as to realize the stability of social progress. According to the status quo of domestic...
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Reconstructing the Acoustic Pressure Field Based on Oblate Spheroidal Coordinates

Ruiliang Yang, Xiaojing Zhang
A new acoustic reconstructing method based on oblate spheroidal coordinates is proposed and deduced in this paper. The acoustic pressures of whole acoustic field are expressed by the product of the coefficients and the conventional interpolate polynomial. Once the coefficients are specified by the pressures...

Framework on Problem-based Learning in the Practical Thinking of Histology and Embryology Teaching

Liu Hui
Problem-based teaching method is one prevailing new mode for medical education in our country. Though received wide recognition and widely used in medical college, there are some problems. During the teaching for histology and embryology by applying the problem-based teaching method, some improvement...

Designing of Learning by Analogy on an Elastic Heat Engine as an Enrichment Material in Senior High School

Nurhidayah Muharayu, Widayani, Risa Suryana, Khairurrijal
Learning by analogy is one method that can be used by a teacher to develop student’s creativity in learning. Analogy is a comparison of similarities between two concepts. Thermodynamics is one of the teaching materials covered in the Indonesian senior high school physics curriculum. The concept of ideal...
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Rotor Stationary Control Analysis Based on Coupling KdV Equation Finite Steady Analysis

Dalong Liu, Lijuan Xu
In the turbine rotor bearing system, the steady control is necessary, accurate mathematical model is established to ensure the stable operation of the nonlinear control system. The traditional control method uses fuzzy PID control algorithm, because of the nonlinear coupling characteristics of control...
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Use of Sewage Sludge as Raw Material in the Manufacture of Roofs

Durante Ingunza, Maria Del Pilar, Lima Andressa Dantas, Nascimento Rubens Maribondo
The present study verifiesthe possibility of incorporating sewage sludgein the production ofceramic massfor ceramicroof tiles. Domestic sewage sludge and clay from ceramic industries of the northeastregion of Brazil were used. The raw materials were chemically and mineralogically characterized. Seven...
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Introduction To Rotor Eddy Current Loss Of Permanent Magnet Motor For Electric Vehicles

Shoujie Tang, Hairong Zou, Wan Liu, Peng Wang
In permanent magnet motor, the rotor eddy current loss can make the rotor temperature rise, affect the efficiency of motor performance and even lead to permanent magnet demagnetization. In order to improve the efficiency of the motor and protect the magnet which is core part of the motor, some ways must...
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Key exchange protocol based on the private key

Tong Yi, Minyong Shi, Wenqian Shang
At present, most existing key exchange protocols for three-party (3pake) are easily attacked by server key disclosure, dictionary attack and so on. This paper analyses the weakness of the previous work , and presents a key exchange for three-party based on the private key .This method can resist common...
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Reflectance of Gray and White Compressed Concrete Paving Units with Different Surfaces

Yan Bin-Feng, Lee Soen-Han, Lin Yu-Hsin
This study aims to measure the reflectance of outdoor compressed concrete paving units. The samples are in common size of compressed concrete paving units which is 20cm * 20cm * 6cm. The first cause of gradually worsening environment is that most of artificial pavements and building shells in the cities...
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Semi-supervised learning combining transductive support vector machine with active learning

Boli Lu, Xibin Wang
In typical data mining applications, labeling the large amounts of data is difficult, expensive, and time consuming, if annotated manually.To avoid manual labeling, semi-supervised learninguses unlabeled data along withthe labeled data in the training process. Transductive support vector machine (TSVM)...
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The Impact Damage and Medium Leakage of CFRP Laminates with Different Thickness

Aying Zhang, Dongxing Zhang, Mingzhe Qu, Kai Yu
The effects of thickness and impact energy on the impact damage and the medium leakage of CFRP laminates were studied in this paper. Impact tests for the CFRP laminates with the size of 600 mm×700 mm with five different thicknesses were subjected to the impact energy levels from 5 J to 65 J. The matrix...
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Launching Trajectory Planning for the Variable Cross-Section Steel Box Girder

Hong Zhang, Xiaoping Zhang, Qiang Guo, Zhiwu Xue
The incremental launching method has been widely used to construct various kinds of bridges in regions where traffic, geology and topography conditions are limited. Thanks to its excellece on on-site prefabrication, fast assembly and intelligent control, the incremental launching systems are applied...
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Investigations of the thermal stability of the submicrocrystalline titanium

S.S. Manokhin, M.B. Ivanov
Methods of transmission including high-resolution electron microscopy were used to examine the kinetics of collective recrystallization in submicrocrystalline titanium Grade-4 and VT1-0. The temperature dependence and values of the activation energy for collective recrystallization have been determined....
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The Evaluation And Analysis For Performance Of Agricultural Listed Companies

Yan-li Shen
By the end of 2012, There are 49 Agricultural A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In this paper, From a listed company's profitability, solvency, development capacity and operational abilities, select the affected performance indicators of listed companies, in order to build...

Research on MTCSOL Cultivation Mode at Normal Universities in Underdeveloped Inland Regions A Case of Jiangxi Normal University

Minli Zhou
Jiangxi Normal University has come up against some problems such as unreasonable curriculum provision, insufficient internship location and duration, unsatisfactory thesis quality and lagged teaching staff construction in the process of cultivating MTCSOL. As a result, specific measures need to be adopted...
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The Design of Smart Pipe Data Concentrator

Yulong Zhen, Changwen Liu
In this paper, a design method of data centralized equipment for smart pipe is presented. Data Concentrator is responsible for collecting data of different interface sensors, and uploading those data to the central server via the Internet. Data concentrator sets up a LAN with terminal devices and sensing...

Resource Superiority of University-enterprise Cooperation of Investment-oriented Enterprises

XiaoLi Dang
Based on analyzing some problems existing in university-enterprise cooperation process, this paper discusses university-enterprise cooperation from three aspects (university-enterprise cooperation idea, cooperation platform and cooperation system) and proposes can effectively utilize the superiority...
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A New Approach to the Management of Mental Health Education for College Students

Xin Su, Mao Yang
With the development of the times, the traditional mode of education and management of college students is no longer meet the needs of contemporary college students. How to strengthen the ideological and political education of college students is a new task faced by the University educators. In this...
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Initial Analysis on the Improvement of Highway Slop Landscape Based on the Ecological Protection

Aidao Luo, Zongling Yan, Wenguang Zhai
On the basis of discussing the connotation of slope ecological protection, this paper put forward the influence of highway construction on ecological environment and the thought in landscape improvement. 19 kinds of technological principles, technical features, scope of application and landscape effects...
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Study on Process of Rotationally Molded Truck Fender and Effect of Technics on Product Properties

Ya-mei Liu, Jing Liu, Yongpan Li, Xianming Cheng
In this paper,we studied a process for the rotationally molded truck fender . The part’s impact strength, the melt flow index and bubbles inside the part are all affected by the heating temperature and time, all of which are analyzed. Finally, the optimized process conditions were given. The result...

The Impact of Delegated Authority and Organizational Commitment toward Budget Participation

Ernawaty Usman, Nurhayati Haris, Sugianto Sugianto
This study aimed to determine (1) the impact of participative budgeting towards local government performance, (2) the impact of delegation of authority towards local government performance, (3) the impact of organization commitment towards local government performance, (4) delegation of authority as...
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Discussion on Industry Cloud Service System of SMEs

Xue Huang, Liutao Zhao
The Industry Cloud Service is a cloud application and service platform which is built to promote the informationization of SMEs. It provides services of purchase or lease information products and integrates mechatronic products design of CAD, CAE, CAM, CAPP, PDM, and PLM with production process management....
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Application of BIM-based 5D construction technique to Chenglang Bridge

Huan Wang, Rongyue Zheng, Feng Xiong
In connection with Ningbo Chenglang Bridge project's characteristics of complicated structure and mode, large horizontal scale, narrow construction yard, short construction period, etc., BIM technology is applied to direct construction of the project. Revit series software is applied to establish parametric...

A Trial of Implementing Engineering Education for Undergraduate Students in Optoelectronic Major

Yifan Huang, Qun Hao, Yao Hu
The paper describes how the engineering education was implemented at School of Optoelectronics of Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China. In order to improve the engineering ability of the undergraduate students, we designed an engineering training plan and developed a curriculum including 6...
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Classified Judgment on Same-different Based on Bayesian Inference

Zhi-Cheng Chen, Xin-Sheng Liu
The ability to detect objects precisely with the same orientations from random orientations is one of the most remarkable functions of perception and cognition. Many psychophysical evidences imply human's behavior follows near-optimal Bayesian inference in tasks of decision making. We explore the model...

Microlearning in Educating Healthcare Professionals

Asle Fagerstrøm, Marit Gulliksen, Tor-Morten Grønli
The aim of this study was to test the impact of the use of microlearning in educating healthcare professionals. A mobile learning application was developed consisting of 20 flip cards with questions and answers. The learning program was related to a vital paragraph regulating healthcare professionals...

Research of University Ecological Civilization Education

Yan Liu
This article is based on the concept of ecological civilization education and the theoretical basis and Cultural Origins analysis, It discusses the necessity of ecological civilization education in colleges and universities, and to study ways of ecological civilization education in colleges and universities.
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Study on Plug and Play Access Control for Distributed Generation in Microgrid

B. Zeng, X.Y. Kong, Y.S. Zhang, Q. Yang, S.Y. Zhang, S.Y. Ge
The “plug and play” and effective deployment of distributed generation accessible is important in further smart grid, which related to the security and stability of power system operation. A multi-agent system (MAS) based micro-grid control framework was proposed in the paper. The “plug and play” model...

Localization Business Model of International Hotel Group in China

Qinsi Tian
For localization development process of international hotel group, to carry out study on how to develop appropriate marketing strategy, how to train and use hotel personnel, how to improve product quality management system, so that achieve hotel management innovation, would has a very practical significance....
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On a Multiple Hilbert’s Type Integral Inequality with Non-homogeneous Kernel

Baoju Sun
By introducing the norm ||x|| and two parameters a, b , a multiple Hilbert’s type integral inequality with a non-homogeneous kernel and a best possible constant factor is given.
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Application of Reverse Engineering in Design of 8½ Torsional Impact Bit

Xiaojun Li, Deguo Wang, Junfeng Zhang, Jibin Zhao, Feiyue Wang
To solve the problem of drilling difficulty of hard strata in China’s Yumen Oilfield and so on, torsional impact drilling tools are widely used in the field. This paper mainly describes the reverse design process of 8½ torsional impact bit, to coordinate the torsional impact drilling. Through establishing...

Review of Research on the Equalization of Basic Health Services

Yuan-Fang Liu, Xi Guo, Juan Wu, Jian-Xin Xi
The equalization of basic health services (EBHS) is an important part in building a service-oriented government, and is essential to safeguarding citizens' health in maximum and ensuring the equality of citizens to enjoy their right on health fair. Review of researches on the EBHS is the first step of...
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Analysis of Methane Explosion Limit under Cryogenic Conditions

Gan Cui, Zi-li Li, Meng Wang, Chao Yang
During the past several years, the explosion risk analysis of each stage in oxygen CBM liquefaction process has been carried out by a large number of domestic scholars. In this work, firstly, safety evaluation of the coalbed methane liquefied process was summarized. Then, the experiment of the explosion...
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Internet of Things Application to Monitoring Plant Disease and Insect Pests

Yun Shi, Zhen Wang, Xianfeng Wang, Shanwen Zhang
Usinginformationand communicatingtechnologyestablish plantdisease andinsect pests long-distance monitoring system is an effective way for improve low technical culture quality of the farmers, since the expert unable to go to the farm to manage the agriculture disease and insect pests. This paper introduces...
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Business Process-aware ERP Development and Evolution

Daisen Wei, Jiazhong Zhang, Xueqing Li, Longye Tang
With the rapid development of the Internet and its wide application, the management of enterprises is gradually shifting from a closed environment to a dynamic and open one. So, how to improve the flexibility of ERP software under the Internet computing environment has become a key issue for ERP vendors...
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Thinking of Applied Engineering Disciplines Teaching Model under the Background of the “Internet +”

Luo Qiubin, Lin Zehong, Zhou Xueyan
Along with the big data and intelligent sensing capabilities were added to the traditional industries, “Internet +” is not only the transformation of traditional industries, but also is the transformation of inherent Internet. Education is a pioneer in the development of science and technology, the great...
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The effect of hold-relax therapy in inflammation phase of patient with extremities fracture and length of stay in RSUD Dr.M.Yunus Bengkulu 2018

Annisyah, Pauzan Efendi, Husni
The rate of incidence in a well restorate fracture is only 10% from all incidence In 2013th Indonesia. The healing process of fracture takes a longer time and more special attention especially on mobilization actions which will lead to an increase in the lenght of stay patien in hospital. Hold relax...

Study on the Use of Edmodo in Learning Science

Uus Toharudin, Devi Rahmiati, Nurul Fazriyah, Lira Fessia Damaianti
The use of internet as a media and source of learning at this time is very massive. Millennial generation is required to have digital literacy, so that they need for habituation in learning. Edmodo application that can be access by android, computer and tablet, can be used as a media in m-learning-based...
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Development and Application of Online Simulation System for Western Products Oil Pipeline

Zhijun Zhang, Yulei Xu, Wang Di, Yunlei Zhang, Peijun Zhai, Yanquan Wang, Xiaowei Wang
Based on software SIM of ATMOS from UK, the online simulation system of western products oil pipeline has been developed which embodies seven modules and provides a platform for the operation of long distance pipeline transportation. It could modulate the running state of any point along the pipeline...

Mean temperature and humidity variations, along with patient age, predict the number of visits for renal colic in a large urban Emergency Department: Results of a 9-year survey

G. Cervellin, I. Comelli, D. Comelli, T. Meschi, G. Lippi, L. Borghi
Pages: 31 - 38
Background: A marked geographic variability has been reported in stone disease, partially attributed to the Mean Annual Temperature (MAT), as well as to the seasonal fluctuations of climatic conditions. Accordingly, peaks in Emergency Department (ED) visits for renal colic are commonplace during the...

Correlates of health attitudes among homosexual and bisexual men☆

Deborah A. Gust, Sanjyot Shinde, Sherri L. Pals, Felicia Hardnett, Robert T. Chen, Travis Sanchez
Pages: 31 - 39
There is increased emphasis on physician attention to the overall health and wellness of homosexual and bisexual men, though little is known about the health-related attitudes of these groups. This study determined factors associated with the health attitudes of homosexual and bisexual men and identified...

Research on Development Strategies of Sports Tourism in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Based on Consumer Characteristics

Yuanyuan Jin, Pingjiang Liu
In order to put forward development strategies for the sports tourism product development and marketing management of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, this paper uses the research methods of questionnaire survey and interviews to explore the characteristics of sports tourism consumers in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei...

Requirements of “National Standards” and the Labor Market for the Training of Russian-Speaking Specialists in Chinese Universities

Xiao Jingyu, O.A. Mashkina
The diversification of global labor market demands has a serious impact on the goals, methods, forms, and content of teaching foreign languages to Chinese students in universities. Published in 2018, the first “National Quality Standards for Vocational Training of Bachelor Students in Multi-Disciplinary...

Characteristics of Stream of Consciousness from the Anaphoric Perspective

Huifang Zuo
This paper, founded on the Accessibility Theory and the Mental Space Theory, aims to explore how anaphora contributes to reinforcing the features of the stream of consciousness narration by studying the short story Dill Pickle by Katherine Mansfield, mainly from the perspectives of dynamic fluidity of...
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Digitalization of technical service: formation and development prospects, impact on the efficiency of agricultural production

Grigory Iovlev, Irina Goldina, Movses Saakyan, Vladimir Zorkov
Digital technologies occupy an ever-increasing place in the development of both the economy as a whole and its individual industries, including agriculture. According to the director of the Department of Development and Management, the state information resources of the agro-industrial complex of the...

Soviet Architecture of the 1960s: Between Internationalization and Regionalization

Stephane Gaessler
This article deals with the evolution of Soviet architecture during the 1960s, marked by the triumph of a modernist architecture, which will also generate forms of regionalization within the USSR, and which will be marked at the same time by an important phenomenon of internationalization, which is particularly...
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Design of CMOS Dual-band Reconfigurable Low Noise Amplifier for Radar T/R Module

Zhangfa Liu, Jiaqian Wu
A dual-band reconfigurable low noise amplifier(LNA) for T/R module is designed based on SMIC 65nm CMOS process In this paper, the low noise amplifier can operate in L/S band optionally. The simulation results shown it has a larger than 20dB gain and smaller than 2.5dB noise figure for both L and S bands,...

Gambang Semarang Music as A Cultural Identity Of Semarangs Community

Eko Raharjo, Utami Arsih
As a performing art Gambang Semarang music is part of gambang Semarang art that was created in form of complex performing arts consisting of Drama, Dance, and Music. Several efforts have been done by Semarang’s society to make it a cultural identity of Semarang. The purpose of this research was to know,...