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A Human Body Posture Identification Algorithm Based on Kinect

Tong Wang, Xiaoliang Liu, Meng Wang, Tongyao Wang
This study was performed to improve the computer identify of the human body posture more accurately during human-computer interaction. In order to get a better algorithm, the author applies Kinect for Xbox device, Hausdorff Distance theory and Joint Angle measurement method to identify the human body...
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The Research of Lane Marker Detection Algorithm Based on Inverse Perspective Mapping

Jinghong Xu, Changsheng Cheng, Yan Wan
This paper presents a robust and fast algorithm for lane marker detection. It is based on generating an inverse perspective mapping image of the road, computing line abstracted regions and the class points from IPM image, which is followed by a post processing step using rectangular approximation to...
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Non-signalized T-shaped Intersections Mixed Traffic Flow Study

Wenfang Feng, Yize Li, Changsheng Zhu
Combining actual city T-shaped intersection traffic conditions in this paper, we propose a cellular automaton model of mixed traffic flow at T-shaped intersection. In order to avoid a collision between vehicles and gridlock phenomenon occurs, running vehicle in the model adopted the principle of major...

The Modeling of Complex Agent Network based on BDI Agent

Arxiden Ablimit
In this paper, on the basis of deeply analyzing the basic search algorithm, the features of complex network structure, and the complexity of the search process, multi-agent system (MAS) and complex network as two method of complex system modeling are systematically studied to draw on their features,...

Research and Exploration of Integrated Teaching-training Mode for Police PE Teaching in Police Schools

Xuetao An, Meixian Bai
Public security specialty of police schools urgently needs to establish integrated police PE teaching and training, optimize the contents, establish long-term teaching and training mechanism and organically combine teaching contents with the training of the second classroom. This paper deeply discusses...
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Aligning Interferograms from Single-baseline InSAR by Local Frequency Estimation

Jiao Guo, Shenglan Wang, Baofeng Su
It is feasible to obtain multibaseline InSAR data with repeat passes of existing single-baseline InSAR systems. Due to high coherence, the single-pass pair of SAR images can be accurately aligned using existing methods. However, there exist great difficulties in alignment of multiple-pass SAR images....
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The PID Parameter Setting for the Hydraulic Servo System Based on Genetic Algorithms

Yao Yao, Pengfei Wang, Wenyu Zhang, Hualiang Wu
This paper is based on the magnesium alloy in our school laboratory rolling machine as the research object and the servo system model of valve controlling hydraulic cylinder is established, by using genetic algorithms to optimize PID controller design and to control its model. The simulation and experiment...
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Computer Simulation of Adaptive Control Algorithms for AC Wind Turbine with DFIG

Andrey A. Mazalov
Nowadays actual scientific problem of renewable energy is the problem of developing control systems, that ensure the generation of stable voltage in a changing environment. This paper presents a structure and methods of synthesis of control system development, which allow to decide the indicated problem....
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Effect of Side Error on the Static Displacement of Micro-resonator

Fen Gao, ShuYing Hao, Chengkun Qi, JingJing Feng, Huijie Li
In view of the practical situation, sometimes there is side error of the comb capacitor through superposition of the deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process, and these manufacturing tolerances can lead to the movable comb fingers offset. Using the software of ANSYS to explore the electrostatic-structural...
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MRI Image Segmentation Based on a GPU Shortest Path Algorithm

Jie Wang, Weihao Chen
Abstract—Dijkstra algorithm can be adopted to distinguish different parts of boundaries in medical image segmentation problem, which can be a reference for further segmentation operation. However, classical Dijkstra algorithm can hardly adapt to real time image segmentation problem owing to its exponentially...
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Integration Methodology for Smart City Design ——Application of CHORA’s Urban Gallery in the Case of the SSD-Project ,EU.

Zesong Wei, Georg Hubmann, Shicun Sun
Factor 4 improvements represent a critical leap forward in district planning and management in the future. SSD is an innovation project comes from EU,and helds workshop in Technology University of Berlin,Germany. It is an innovation plan helps us achieve Factor 4 improvements in a range of climate change...
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Research on Quick Sizing System

Jinming Lu
Quick sizing system composed by creel mechanism sizing mechanism drying mechanism winding mechanism and temperature-controlling mechanism. the four notes are put forward. Using this quick sizing system for JC20S, the yarns are tested before and after sizing. The results show that: after sizing, breaking...

Investigation and Analysis on Current Situation of Community Sports Activities in “Urban Village”of Guangzhou City

Jing Gao
The surveys on current community sports for urban village residents in Guangzhou, and the content of concerning of government as well as the degree of public awareness of physical fitness and other aspects are performed by the methods of questionnaire and in-situ investigation .It has been analyzed the...
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Learning Hierarchical Representations for Face Recognition using Deep Belief Network Embedded with Softmax Regress and Multiple Neural Networks

Haijun Zhang, Nanfeng Xiao
In face recognition and classi cation, feature extraction and classi cation based on insuf cient labeled data is a well-known challenging problem. In this paper, a novel semi-supervised learning algorithm named deep belief network embedded with Softmax regress (DBNESR) is proposed to address this problem....

Expansion of Hat Product Design with Storage Idea

Yingxing Bian
Popular design status of clothing products makes current clothing sales market lack excitement. Through analyzing the influence and feasibility of storage idea on clothing accessory design, this paper aims to propose remodeling design of hat products with storage idea, seek skillful design technique,...
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On the Application of Computer Technology in College English Teaching

Wenxing Zhang
Corpus linguistics gains much development in China, and brings vigor and vitality to college English teaching reform. Compared with traditional English teaching modes, corpus has its unique advantages, and provides a greater room of learning and development for English learners. This paper studies the...
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Enrichment and Cultivation of Denitrifying Phosphorus Removing Bacteria

Jinlan Lian, Xing Jin
The denitrifying phosphorus removal bacteria (DPB) were enrichment using SBR reactor and two stages of training method under the low carbon source with nitrate as electron acceptor. The system was operated under the condition of anaerobic-aerobic-precipitation-discharge for 10 cycles in the first stage,...
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Dynamic AGC Units’ Dispatching Based On Loss Sensitivity Identification with the Consideration of Wind Energy

Shuang Zhang, Jingyi Zhang, Xuehong Yang, Hongqiang Li, Feng Gao, Chao Lu
the emergence of high penetration of sustainable energy in the power system has increased the demand for faster-ramping units participating in the frequency regulation service. To fulfill the automatic generation control (AGC) and compensate the influence of sustainable energy fluctuations simultaneously,...
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Research on Algorithm for Virtual Network Embedding Based on Integer Programming

Min Lai, Zhengliang Liu
The virtual network embedding problem is a majorchallenge in this field. Its target is to efficiently map the virtual nodes and virtual linksonto the substrate network resources. Due to multiple objectives and multipleconstraints, finding the optimal solution turns out to be a very difficult problem....
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Study on the valuation of music copyright in China

Yongchen Li, Yang Liu
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the development of cultural industry gets more and more attention and the demand of cultural industry of intangible assets valuation is increasing. This article will research on music copyright, mainly focus on the influence factors of music copyright value on the...

Marxism Has the Theoretical Character of Keeping Pace with The Times

H.J. Xing
It’s the continuous development of Marxism. Marxism itself is constantly in advance with The Times. As a Marxist truth, is the dialectical unification of absolute truth and relative truth. Keep pace with The Times is the essential attribute of Marxism, is the inevitable need of development of Marxism,...
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Temperature Control System of Cold Storage

Ting Lu, Zeliang Liu
This design is a temperature detection and automatic control system based on STC89S52 micro controller for the cold storage. Mainly consists of a power supply, a temperature detection circuit, a system control circuit , actuator, the temperature display circuit, alarm circuit and other parts, using DS18B20...

Innovative Thinking of Elementary Course Teaching in University

Xuelian Lu
As one of the important part of higher education, the elementary course teaching has its unique features and rules from other professional course teachings. Its main teaching content is to teach knowledge and its purpose is to foster students’ abilities. Being an elementary, important, scattered and...
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The Negative Effects Caused by the Development of the Painting and Calligraphy Market during the Early Period of the Republic of China (1912-1937)

Xiaojun Tao, Hangwei Wang
Under the influence of the whole economic situation, the painting and calligraphy market developed greatly during the early period of the Republic of China, which improved the survival situation and social status of the painters and calligraphers, but which objectively brought negative effects on the...

An Automatic Course Assessment Tool for Weakness Identification

Chunlei Liu, Limei Chen
We develop an automatic course assessment tool that gives numerical indicators on fulfilling course learning outcomes and identifies course weaknesses for future improvement. Four years of application indicate that this tool is very effective in revealing course weaknesses and in reducing the time spent...

Research on Optimization of Selection Mechanism of Medical Advanced Talents

Yi Zhang, Shidi Wen
The talent resource, especially the advanced medical talent resources, is the key of competitive advantage for medical institutions. This paper firstly gives the concept of the Medical Advanced Talents, and then expounds the quality structure and its test methods of medical advanced talents, finally...
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Application of Wavelet Analysis and Neural Network in Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing

Li Xinli, Yao Wanye, Yang Xiao, Zhou Qingjie
In this paper, a fault-diagnosis method is proposed for generator rolling bearings based on wavelet packet analysis and neural network. Acquisition of wind farm rolling bearings real-time signal under different conditions.Firstly, decomposes vibration acceleration signals use wavelet packets analysis,...
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Thermal Management of The Die Bonding Architecture in 3D-Ics

Kangjia Wang, Zhongliang Pan
This paper presents the thermal impact of different bonding architectures in the 3D stacked chip.ANSYS® Workbench™14.0 was used to model the architecture and meshed analysis was conducted. Bonding architectures that evaluated were face-to-face, face-to-back and back-to-back while all the parameters and...

Statistical Analysis on the Quality of China’s Key Services in 2014

Huali Cai, Yawei Jiang, Heliang Song
With the rapid growth of China’s service industries, the supporting role of quality has become increasingly prominent. With a view to mastering the quality situation of service industries in a dynamic way and promoting high-quality efficient and sustainable development, the author makes a statistical...
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The Teaching Design of Multimedia Web Page Design Based on the Flipped Classroom Mode

Jie Mao
To respond to the issues existing in the teaching of multimedia web page design, this paper has proposed a teaching mode based on the flipped classroom, where teachers provide teaching videos, courseware and other study resources before class, apply task-driven and interactive teaching methods during...

Research on the Minority Preparatory College Chinese Teaching Design based on Task Driven Teaching Method

Min Yu
College Chinese is a compulsory public class in preparatory college, but in recent years, a number of ethnic minority college faced with the different degree of teaching difficulties, which mainly reflected in the teachers teach and students difficult to learn. From present situation of the minority...
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Research on Surface Fatigue Crack Image Recognition Detection Method Based on Computer Vision Technology

Xuepeng Huang, Xiaohui Chen
This paper goes through computer vision technology in the application of image acquisition and processing to solve the surface fatigue crack image recognition detection problem. At the same times, this paper studies machine vision technology (AVI) in the surface fatigue crack detection method, its method...
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Effect of Cr on the Microstructure and Properties of High Nb-TiAl Alloys Prepared by Hot-pressing Sintering

N.L. Zhang, Z.P. Sun
In this paper, the effects of Cr on the microstructure and basic mechanical properties of high Nb-TiAl alloy are studied respectively. The results show that the alloying high Nb - TiAl alloy have film layer microstructure, when adding 2%Cr (at.%), compared with not adding Cr alloy, its microstructure...

Augmented Reality for Introduction of Unit Systems in Personal Computer

V.R. Palilingan, Gladly C. Rorimpandey
There are lot of technologies that used to developing a learning media. Creative and attractive are some of reasons the teachers want to develop a learning media. Technology Augmented Reality and creative, but it is also can reducing the cost for purchasing a practical tool. Introduction of Unit System...
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Efficiency Optimal of Inductive Power Transfer System using the Genetic Algorithms

Jikun Zhou, Rong Zhang, Yi Zhang
The Inductive power transfer (IPT) systems' efficiency is determined by kinds of parameters. Aim at maximum the power transfer efficiency for Inductive power transfer (IPT) system, the efficiency of four basic topology IPT systems is analyzed. Based on the analysis, genetic algorithms (GA) are used to...
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The Bloggers' Personality Traits Categorizing Algorithm Based on Text Features Analysis

Guohua Ou, Jingkai Li, Junjia Guo, Zhaoquan Cai, Mengping Lu
Nowadays, researches of blogs mining mainly concentrate on opinion mining, community mining, blogs recommendation system and so on, with little concentration on personalities mining. How to mine bloggers' personality accurately and effectively from the tremendous non-structural blog texts becomes a difficulty...

Inter-Religion Harmony

Aceng Kosasih
A lot of media, these days, broadcast some unrests and even conflicts between religious groups. The latest conflict between Muslims and Christians occurred in Tolikara, Papua on the day of Eid in 2015. The conflict caused a lot of injured, some even died. Several kiosks and worship places were burned....

Hedonic Shopping Motive As A Routinization Habit On The Consumer Purchase Decisions At Starbucks Coffee

Lia Yuldinawati, Adelia Ayuningsari
The growth of the middle class who have various lifestyles, one of them is consuming coffee in modern coffee shops. Coffee consumption in Indonesia since 2010 - 2014 had increased.The steady increase of the Indonesian people' s purchasing power has made Starbucks wants to keep increasing the numbers...

Study on the Factors Affecting the Environmental Behaviors of the Community Residents in Leisure Agriculture Tourism Destinations

Xiuzhi Lin, Xiujuan Huang
The environmental behaviors of the community residents, as the demonstrators, supervisors and beneficiaries of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations play an effect on the ecological environment of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations to a certain extent. In this study, the environmental...
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Transmission Performance of 433 Mhz Wireless Sensor Nodes in Through-the-Earth Communication

Xiaoqing Yu, Wenting Han, Zenglin Zhang
Wireless sensor nodes have the advantage of being low-cost easily deployed and of good mobility. However, the significantly high attenuation caused by soil is the main challenge for the communication of between the aboveground node and the underground node. In this paper, experimental measurements have...
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Study of gradation characteristicsbased on subgrade filling with weathered phyllite by cement

Wenjie Cen, Qingmeng Meng
This article is based on the practical engineering need of expressway .Study about the mechanical properties of phyllite filler, and then improve the property by using the cement. Testing the original rock phyllite minerals analysis experiment, uniaxial compressive strength test and physical parameters...
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Nonlinear analysis of BPSK optical phase locked loops using MATLAB and Simulink

Ziyang Chen, Yunpeng Hu, Lu Liu
Optical phase locked loops (OPLLs) plays a vital role in coherent detection of optical communication systems. To simplify the analysis of OPLLs with complex structure, two different. Simulink models are presented to have a vivid observation of nonlinear BPSK OPLLs. Simulation results show that both balanced...
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Process Analysis of Condition Based Maintenance for Equipment

Chunjian Wang, Hongjun Fan, Tiao Wang
For a long time, the instruction of navy equip.’s detections and maintenance is the traditional theories, and the plan servicing is the main instruction thought and organized form. But with the development of electrification and digitization, the traditional method may cause disrepair and excessive repair....

Educational Reform and Discussion about Course of Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

Le Gao
The teaching effect of Ideological and moral cultivation and the basic course of law has not been ideal. To enhance the teaching effect of the course and improve the teaching quality, teaching reform must be carried out. The reform can be carried out from the following aspects: Reform teaching mode,...
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Finger ECG De-noising Based on GA-wavelet Shrinkage

Shenshen Zou, Xiaohong Zhang
In view of the low signal to noise ration and the difficulty on de-noising for ECG signal collected under unconstrained environment, a GA(Generation Algorithm) based wavelet method of finger ECG de-noising is proposed after a systematic study of wavelet threshold de-noising and generation algorithm....

Tourism Infrastructure Construction Mode Optimization and Correlation Analysis of Related Industry Development

Ting Zhao
This research theoretically analyzes tourism infrastructure construction mode optimization and correlation analysis of general related industry development. With development of the tourism resources to the development of breadth and depth, the study of landscape protection and landscape planning gradually...
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Research on Software Composition Algorithm for Antenna Arraying Based on Data of Chang'e

Juan Gao, Fei Cai, Xiaojun Cao
Lunar exploration data of Chang'e-3 is collected using two measurement & control stations 60 kilometers apart. The data is synthesized by Sumple algorithm and simulation experiments are carried out using Matlab. The synthetic efficiency is higher than 90%, which verifies the applicability of the composition...
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Study on Consolidation Calculation of the Concrete-cored Sand-gravel Piles Composite Foundation

Yunfei Guan, Yanwei Yang, Xiaomei Li, Wenxuan Li
The new style composite foundation is composed of the concrete-cored sand-gravel pile, the soil between piles and the cushion. According the work condition under the embankment, and considering the annular drainage section of sand-gravel columns composite foundation, the control equation and analytical...
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A Fixed-loaded Interface Component Mode Synthesis Method for Dynamic Analysis of a Folding Wing

Yingge Ni, Xiaopeng Wan, Meiying Zhao
A fixed-loaded interface component mode synthesis method is presented for carrying out a dynamic analysis for a folding wing. The present method has the advantages of the fixed interface method and loaded interface method, in which the effects of the elastic and inertia force at interfaces are included...
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PEG-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of VO2(A) nanowires with remarkable optical switching properties

Xiangli Liu, Weiming Xiong, Yue Zheng
High quality single crystalline VO2(A) nanowires were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method using oxalic acid as reducing agent and polyethylene glycol 6000 as surfactant. It was found that polyethylene glycol 6000 can effectively accelerate the transformation from V2O5 precursor to VO2(B), and...