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A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Double Clustering and User Trust

Tonglong Tang, Xiaoyu Li
A collaborative filtering algorithm based on double clustering and user trust to solve data sparse and cold start problem is present. This algorithm uses user-clustering matrix to measure the user's degree of similarity, which could reduce the dimension of the user-item matrix. On the other hand it uses...

Theory of Emotional Intelligence Development both at Home and Abroad

Xuanfang Hou, Xiaoyun Shao
The role of emotional intelligence was known long time ago.Goleman (1995) pointed out that the people's life achievementsresulted from intelligence factors with less than 20%, while the rest 80% were due to the influence of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is another kind of wisdom of mankind....

Research on the Current Situation and Model of Commodity E-commerce Logistics in Ningbo

Qiying Shui, Fei Ma, Jiaqing Zhu, Jiaqi Qiu, Suiyi Lin, Tianying Jiang
This paper analyzes the status of e-commerce logistics and commodity logistics model in Ningbo, and puts forward the problems of the logistics mode. At last, in order to solve the existing problems, it provides the corresponding countermeasures for the healthy and rapid development of the logistics mode.

Analysis on Influencing Factors of Community Logistics Development Based on ISM

Kai-Ling Pan, Si-Nuo Xiang
By means of literature analysis and experts evaluation grading, this study concludes 17 major factors affecting the development of community logistics and establishes the interpretative structural model(ISM) of influencing factors of community logistics development by interpreting structure. The influencing...

Comparisons between Hong Kong Arrangement and Macau Arrangement-on Recognition and Enforcement of Inter-regional Arbitral Awards

Xiaojun Yuan, Lan Song
The growth in commercial transactions with Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region have lead to an increase in disputes. Recognition and enforcement for inter-regional arbitration in China is becoming more and more important. Macau Arrangement came...
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Preliminary research of water classification from TM images in Yangtze estuary

Runyuan Kuang, Yunxuan Zhou, Fang Shen, Xing Li, Yuanfeng Zhu
Classification of water body helps to understand relationships between different properties inside a certain class and quantify variations between different classes.The paper concentrates on studying classification of water in Yangtze estuary based on in site investigations of spectral reflectance propertiesand...
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A Component-Based Software Reliability Growth Model Considering Differences in Components

Qishun Xie, Jun Bai, Ce Zhang, Fanchao Meng, Gang Cui, Hongwei Liu
In the light of the problems in reliability modeling and analyzing for CBS (Component-Based Software), occurring time-invariant, less attention to debugging process, absence of considering differences in the components, a CBS SRGM (Software Reliability Growth Model) is presented. In terms of characters...
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Thermal Breakdown Modeling and Simulation of GGNMOS under ESD Stress

Yao Liu, Yingjun Gao
Based on the thermal breakdown behavior of grounded-gated n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor (GGNMOS) under Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) conditions, the electrothermal models are built and optimized by modeling thermal breakdown temperature, heat source and temperature-dependent parameters, which are...
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The Discussion of Traditional Teaching and Multimedia Teaching Approach in College English Teaching

Chunyang Liu, Fei Long
With the development of the society and economy, more and more talents capable of mastering English are badly needed in the world. Therefore, traditional English teaching mode is greatly challenged. With the continuous development of modern technology, multimedia is applied to teaching more and more...
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Survey on Mathematics Anxiety of Junior Middle School Students

Guiping Yuan
Objective To investigate difference of mathematics anxiety in gender and grade of junior middle school students. Methods Totally 380 students from 3 junior middle school of Shandong province attended the investigation. The Mathematics Anxiety Scale for Middle School Student used in the investigation...

Application of Intellectual Control Treatment for Cement Grinding Process

Li Cong, Zhang Yaning, Ruifang Zhang, Zhugang Yuan
This paper introduces a control scheme for the load in the grinding process of the cement raw mill against its characters of nonlinearity and large time delay. An expert control decision is proposed for the control of the grinding process of the cement raw mill. According to the relationship curves between...
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A Study on Experience of Parents and Teachers for the Transition from Elementary to Middle School of Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Weon Hee Lee, Shi Min, Seung-chul Kwak
The purpose of this study is to provide an efficient transition program for parents and teachers of students with autism spectrum disorders who are in the transition process from elementary to middle school and to suggest the necessity of parent-teacher partnership. To achieve this, data analysis according...

Western Consumption Concepts: Cultural Implications, Main Forms and Influences

Weilong Huang, Han Xiao
This paper not only analyzes the cultural implications and main forms of western consumption concepts, but also probes into how western consumption values infiltrate and erode traditional Chinese consumption, and further points out the key to rationally coping with these negative influences, hoping to...
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Solidification Behavior and Microstructure Analysis of a Cold Working Die Steel Prepared by Vacuum Arc Melting

Kai Fang, Feng Huang, Jianxin Zhou, Xinwang Liu, Qingyan Xu, Xunpeng Qin
A new cold working die steel was prepared by vacuum arc melting. Its structure characteristics and micro-hardness were measured and investigated. The results indicate that the ingot is mainly composed of dendrites. The grain size increases gradually from the edge to the center along the horizontal direction....
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Research on Dust Aerosol Particles Size Distribution

Mingxia Xiao, Changhua Lu, Haicheng Wei, Weiwei Jiang
According to the characteristics of Sand-dust aerosol in northwest of China, the Sand-dust aerosol particle size distributions have been measured. A great deal of data have been collected in different weather conditions, which include background, floating dust, blowing sand, and sand storm. The rules...
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The Height Measurement of Exposed Ball in Ball Pen Based on Machine Vision

Qingqing Xu, Fen Chen, Hengchang Guo
The height measurement of exposed ball is one of the most important quality test items in the production of ball pens. The automatic detection method based on machine vision has huge superiority, compared with the traditional manual inspection method. In order to realize automatic measurement of exposed...
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One Power Control Strategy of Wind Farm Based on the Battery Energy Storage

Haiping He, Jiang Cao, Yu Sun, Qinglin Bo, Lei Li, Xuemei Yang
Power output control of wind farm is an important way of improving the wind farm performance and enhancing the ability of power grid to connect wind farm. In allusion to the power fluctuation caused by large-scale integration of wind power, this paper proposes a power smooth control strategy of battery...
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Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Construction Waste Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Tian Xiao, Jishu Sun, Xiaohua Wang
In order to investigate the application technology using construction waste to product recycled aggregate concrete, the effect law of recycled aggregate content and brick content in the recycled aggregate on mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete, include compressive strength and flexural...

Research on the Innovation of Business Model in Sharing Economy

Ke Liu, Meng-Han Chen
Sharing economy, created in the context of "Internet +", is a new business model in which individuals, enterprises or organizations share the right to use idle resources through sharing platform and achieve the efficient use of resources. This paper first analyzes the business model of the OFO bicycle-sharing...

On Status and Game of Three Political Powers Involved in "Su Bao Case"

Le Ma, Yingqi Wu
"Su Bao case" was an extremely important case in the history of China's modern journalism. From its occurrence to its trial and sentence, "Su Bao case" was not just a case about news speech, but implied the contest among various political powers. In "Su Bao case", the differences of strength of the three...
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Research on the Prediction Algorithm of the Arrival Time of Campus Bus

Lei Meng, Peiying Li, Junbao Wang, Zhiyong Zhou
The main content of this paper is the prediction algorithm of the time that the campus bus needs to arrive at the position of the passenger. The prediction algorithm uses a method of piecewise prediction. According to the historical average velocity data of each section of route, the residence time of...
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Effects of Hot Isostatic Pressing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hastelloy X Samples Produced by Selective Laser Melting

Yali Li, Hai Qi, Huipeng Hou, Liming Lei
Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) with two different temperatures of 1100 C/160MPa/2h and 1175 C/160 MPa/2 h was performed on Hastelloy X samples produced by selective laser melting (SLM) was performed. The effect of hot isostatic pressing on defects, microstructures and mechanical properties of SLM fabricated...
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Combining Hiearachical Clustering and Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor For Image Classification

Chen Fu, Shijie Jia
This paper addresses the problem of image classification, which has successful applications in many fields, such as image retrieve, object detection and recognition. As a simple nonparametric methods, Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor(NBNN) employs NN distances in the space of the local image descriptors...
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Study on the Maintenance and Management Technology of Computer Software

Jixin Xing
Computer software is an important part of computer, whose running security has a direct impact on the computer. In addition, the maintenance and management technology of computer software plays a key role in software running. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth running of computer software, in this...
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Study on vibration characteristics of high speed train gear box

Yuqing Yuan, Qiang Li, Guang Yang
A large number of cracks were found in the gear box of high speed train in practical applications. According to the line test, the weak position was got and the reason of cracks was researched. The influence of the different vibration source on the weak part was studied by means of vibration spectrum...
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Tidal Field Numerical Simulation of Hulushan Bay

Yuchi Niu, Jianguo Lin, Lei Liu
With the development of marine economy in China in recent years, The industrial zone of Dalian Changxing island has been upgraded to a national economic and technological development zone in 2010, not only take on a new mission and task, but also the tidal field characteristics study of Changxing island...
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Research on Design Features of Intelligent Product based on Big Data

Kai Dong, Xuedi Mao
At present, the products design and development of enterprises are facing more complex internal and external environment, the specific performances are the technological and economic changes, the endless innovation of competitor, the constant changing of consumer's demands. To the enterprise management,...
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The Evolution of Agricultural Engineering Education in China

Lijuan Shi, Minli Yang
The evolution of agricultural engineering (AE) education in China is described in this paper. In the help of the American Committee on Agricultural Engineering, the AE major based on liberal education model was established in 1947. Five years later, the majors such as agricultural mechanization, field...
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Grey Correlation Analysis and Grey Prediction Based on the GDP and Each Industrial added Value of Sichuan Province

Changwei Xiong, Yi Zhang
In this paper, the grey correlation analysis is used to analyze the influence of each industry added value on GDP of Sichuan province. The GDP, the first, second and third industry added value of Sichuan data in 2005-2012 is analyzed. The grey GM (1.1) model is used to establish a forecasting model for...
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Personalized Education Approaches for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Majors

Feng-qing Zhao, Ma Zhao
On the basis of years of teaching practice, we proposed personalized education approaches for chemical and pharmaceutical engineering majors, by making fully of all the resources in and out of campus, thickening foundation, widening caliber and emphasizing practice, with the purpose of improving the...

Case Teaching of Engineering Material Course in the Academic Degree Education of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Huie Hu, Xiaodong Kong, Yulong Hu, Guoming Li
Related to a wide scope of knowledge, many concepts and terminologies, the course of engineering material causes difficulties to students of engineering programming in non-materials science. Case teaching is a case-based teaching method, a heuristic teaching method, aimed to cultivate students’ ability...

Optimization Model and Method of Urban Railway Transit Vehicle Use Plan with Long and Short Routing

Dianyuan Huang, Yixiang Yue, Leishan Zhou
As one of the most basic transport plan, urban railway transit vehicle use plan has important influence on operating costs and transportation service quality. It is urgent demand to find practical and effective mathematical models and solving method. Based on the development reality of urban railway...

The Influence of Vocabulary and Productive Vocabulary Knowledge on Spoken English

Donghua Zhang
In order to study the effects of vocabulary and productive vocabulary on oral English learning, this paper proposes a new analysis method based on linear regression and structural equation model, and the students are studied as subjects based on oral English learning. The results obtained by the linear...
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An Adaptive Pipe Diameter Flexible Expansion Centering Device

Shanshan Song, Jianfeng Li, Jie Sun
In order to meet the need of modern warfare, improve the accuracy and reliability of gun shooting, scholars have started research on the barrel bore parameter detection equipment. The centering device of detection equipment will directly affect the accuracy of it. A kind of adaptive diameter flexible...

Application of GM (1, 1) model in PM2.5 content prediction

Hongfu Ai, Ying Shi
In recent years, the frequent occurrence of fog and haze weather phenomenon, and the governance of the haze are more difficult. In order to reduce the harm caused by the PM2.5 content of the main components of its prediction research has gradually become a hot spot. In this paper, taking Changchun city...
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High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer System for Medium Power

Zhiyuan Shi, Shaorong Fang, Nenggui Chen, Zuosheng Xie
As the technology matures and increased demand for wireless charging, the development of wireless power transfer technology is getting more and more concern. This paper analyzed the wireless power transfer system through mutual inductance equivalent model and obtained the mathematical relationship between...

The Multi-dimensional Perspective on Track and Field Course Content Construction

Yanxia Cao
By using the method of literature, questionnaire, mathematical statistics and other research methods of current to our country track and field courses to carry out the current situation investigation and study The results show that: The school sports while recognizing the importance of track and field...
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The Research And Application of Online Rate Promotion on General Packet Radio Service in The Online Charging System

Ying Wen, Changxiao He, Tao Wang, Jiajia Zhou, Jiayi Huang, Jiang Yang
Based on Online Charging System in one communication operator, the paper analyses some reasons for low online rate of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) in this system. It is out of balance load and has low resource utilization. Some optimization schemes are proposed in this paper. It optimizes the...
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Study on Three-dimensional Geological Modeling in Xingshugang Oil Field

Tingting He, Xin Tan, Dongxu He, Lei Zhao
After 40 years of water flooding development, Putaohua oil formation of Xingshugang oil field had already entered the stage of high water cut, and the comprehensive water cut has been more than 92%. Not only the distribution relationship of oil and gas becomes more complex, but also the fluid property...
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The Modeling of Dual Drive Software Based on Requirement and Runtime Variability

Zhigang Liu, Lei Shi, Zhen Ge, Xiaozhi Wang
In order to solve the operating environment of the dynamic evolution, this paper builds the internal reflection of the SaaS evolution model describing according to the needs and variability of the software dynamic evolution, the model is the formal definition by using communication process algebra (ACP)...
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Research and realization of the data analysis of fixture library file

Zhijian Yin, Linhan Dai
With the continuous development of lighting industry and the lighting console built-in lamp library file update, so we need have an analysis of the software of different lighting manufacturers, different lamps and lanterns of the library file data. In this paper, there is a detailed analysis of the different...
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Disscusion on the Unloading - Seepage Coupled Model of Damaged Rock

Erping Zhao, Bo Lu, Xiaobing Jia
It is common to encounter the excavation unloading of rock mass in the actual practice of construction work for tunnels, underground powerhouse, dams and mining, etc. The damage and fracture of the internal structure as well as the change of seepage for rock due to the excavation and unloading of rock...
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Prediction of Icing Thickness on Transmission Lines using ANFIS model

An Yuan, Yao Jiang, Xi Fang, Wangyu Yao, Wei Qian
Icing of transmission line is one of the most serious threats to the safe operation of power system. Its occurrence had brought great losses to the national economy. Therefore, in order to improve the reactive power and anti-risk capability of the icing power grid, it is of great significance to study...
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Research on Synergetic Evolution of container transportion

Liqun Ding
According to the theory of collaborative research, pointed out that the overall function of the container transport system is not a single function, but by rearranging the elements of the system, achieve the reasonable allocation of resources. Through the co evolution equation, in-depth analysis of container...
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Research on "Load- Grid - Source" Collaborative Optimization Operation Considering Incremental Flexible Load Caused by Electric Power Substitution

Yahui Wu, Bingqing Guo, Limin Jiang, Guixiong He, Kaicheng Liu
Randomness and volatility of the output of the renewable energy, renewable energy consumptive become the world difficult problem. The incremental load capacity of the grid due to the implementation of the "double alternative" strategy becomes another available load side resource in the grid dispatching,...

Research on "The Belt and Road" Cross-border Logistics Talent Cultivation from the Perspective of Higher Vocational Education Supply-side Reform

Xudong Li, Yanying Zeng
This paper focuses on the "quality" of the talent supply-side in the higher vocational education rather than the "quantity" of the talent demand-side. With "the optimization of the talent supply structure and the improvement of the talent supply quality" as the core, based on the higher requirement from...

Regional Council Role in the Welfare Society Program

Mr. Hernawan, Rudi Salam, Mr. Haerul, Mr. Suprianto
This study aims to identify and analyze the role of councils in the implementation of the community welfare program in terms of procurement of facilities and infrastructure development. This study used a qualitative approach. This study applied the qualitative method using critical review. This paper...

The Belt and Road Economic Zone cross-border e-commerce development model research

Wei Zhang
The Belt and Road economic development strategy is the Secretary Xi Jinping led the party and state leaders, now the face of the world and China economic development situation, the national development plan new strategy, in order to improve the China economy and the world economy and the new development...

Theoretical And Methodological Foundation For Students' Professional Mobility In Higher School Social And Cultural Environment

Marina B. Balikaeva
The modern social and economic situation actualizes the personality professional educational problem, the initiatives and competent, corporate, professional and mobile preparation in higher school. Today, the professional mobility determines the higher school social and cultural environment concept and...

Practice of Curriculum Teaching Reform on Green Transport Packaging

Yabo Fu, Haowei He, Lijuan Liang, Lizheng Zhang, Guorong Cao
As a compulsory lesson for undergraduate students majored in packaging engineering, Green Transport Packaging is a multi-disciplinary and practical course. To improve the teaching effect of this curriculum both theoretically and practically, some work was done to enhance students' competitive ability...