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The Future of English after Brexit in European Union

Melvina Melvina
Britain decided to leave the European Union based on the results of a referendum on June 23, 2016, which is better known as Brexit (Britain Exit). The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union raises the issue of the English status in the European Union. The issue is to discontinue the...
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Research on the Logistics Equipment Training Simulation System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Zhonghou Guo
Logistics equipment training is an important means to improve the logistics business level. The traditional training method has high training cost, high equipment loss and is vulnerable to the external environment. Using virtual reality technology to establish a realistic training simulation environment...


Ayu Dwi Putri, Khoirunurrofik
Since 2012, many local governments in Indonesia have independently initiated city development by implementing the concept of ‘the smart city’. This concept uses technology to improve city performance by solving problems more effectively and efficiently. The smart city concept includes not only the use...

Learning Innovation Of Science Mathematic English Class In MI Muhammadiyah Program Khusus Kartasura

Ika Candra Sayekti, Fitri Puji Rahmawati, Asnina Putri
Science Mathematics English (SME) Class is a educational innovation which is founded in MI Muhammadiyah PK Kartasura. SME Class is designed for talented student in Science, Mathematics and English and it is one of the way to face competitive competition in globalization era to prepare talented students...

Political Myth in Communicative Practices of Political Philosophy of the first third of the XX century in Germany

Tatiana Karulina
The difficulty of identifying a political myth and clarifying its content is rooted in the essence of this product itself, which exists only in the consciousness of the individual and the mass, and is singled out through reflection. The myth revival, its involvement in social communications, the inclusion...

The Influence of Shopping Dimensions on Consumers’ Motivation to Shop at Malls: A Study on Supermal Karawaci Shopping Center

Luthfy Andruskha, Agung Nugroho
This purpose of this research is to determine the effect of the seven Shopping Dimensions identified by Bloch et al (1994) on consumers’ motives for visiting and shopping at malls, specifically in Supermal Karawaci, while simultaneously studying the strategies needed for Supermal Karawaci to compete...

Establishment of an Autonomous Development Model for College English Teachers' Professional Development in China

Jin Wu
In the situation of China's College English teaching reform in the new century, the development of College English teachers is affected by many factors. This paper first discusses the problems faced by the development of College English teachers, and then points out that self-development is the fundamental...
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Flash-aware Clustered Index for Mobile Databases

Wojciech Macyna, Michal Kukowski
Flash memory become the very popular storage technology. Recently, it may be treated as a main storage memory in mobile devices, PDA and personal computers. However, the architecture based on flash memory has some limitations. They suffer from poor write performance, as the flash blocks must be erased...

Research on Chinese and Russian Vocabulary Contact in the Border Port Cities of Heilongjiang Province from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Dan Lv, Hao Wu, Lili Song
The research of language contact is a frontier field in the discipline of sociolinguistics while the Chinese and Russian language contact in border ports is an important topic in this field. Based on the perspective of language contact research in sociolinguistic, this paper relies on the lexical theory...

Global Maritime Fulcrum and the New Eurasia: Opportunity and Challenge for Indonesia

Sugiarto Pramono, Liu Changming
Huge of economy growth push China expands energy and market, technically China revival new Silk Path through the One Belt One Road Policy (OBOR) initiative. With OBOR China drives the Rise of New Eurasia and make this region become alternatives for US-Europe trade relations. On other hand Indonesia with...

Ideal body in the assessments of a large city students’ youth

Natalya Antonova, Anatoly Merenkov, Elеna Grunt
The article reveals what students think about an ideal body and discusses some cutting edge body design trends. The human body is a project that can change throughout life in accordance with the image that is formed in the process of socialization and that is formed in the context of a specific social...
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Summary of Research Progress on the Recognition of Ship Target from SAR Image

Hongbin Qiu, Xuemei Wang, Zhe Xu, Jun Zhang, Changpeng Su
The technology of SAR image ship target detection and identification is pivotal for accurately guiding weapon to discover the specific target and locking it. Based on extensive research literature, classical processes of ship target detection and recognition in SAR images are summarized and reviewed,...

Overview of the Study of History of the Medieval University

Ya. V. Chernenko
The world of today is undergoing different transformations. Some scientists believe these processes to be a part of the so-called globalization. While others see it as westernization or regionalization. In accordance to such views, different theories of modernization exist. Hence, they all try to explain...

Perspectives of Development of Personnel Potential in the Economy of Innovative Type (Regional Aspect)

Tatyana Petrenko, Irina Oleynikova, Irina Egorova
The paper considers the prospects for the development of personnel potential in an innovation-type economy using the example of the city of Taganrog in accordance with the data obtained on the basis of the monitoring of the labor market in the city in order to adjust the Program for interaction of labor...

Corruption in Russia: Reasons for the Growth

V.V. Moiseev, I.V. Goncharova, G.S. Chuvardin
The scale of increased corruption in Russia is such that it began to threaten the national security of our country. This conclusion belongs not only to the authors of this article, who have been conducting research in this field for a long time, but also to the head of state, who recently signed a special directive...

Educational Communication in Pondok Pesantren Jagasatru Cirebon as a Hadhramis Diaspora Community in Indonesia

Nani Kurniasari
Pondok Pesantren (ponpes) Jagasatru Cirebon-West Java is a Hadhramis community in Indonesia which is applied a practical educational communication on their teaching method. Ponpes Jagasatru is one of the traditional ponpes in the middle of Cirebon city. As salafiah ponpes, Jagasatru does not apply strict...

Education for Sustainable Development in Internationalization Era: Improving qualities of lecturers through exchange programme

Nurgita Hapsari Dwi Jayaningtyas, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rina Herlina Haryanti
The concept of ESD was born from the need for education to address the growing environmental challenges facing the world. In order to do this, education must change to provide the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower learners to contribute to sustainable development. At the same time,...
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Output Forms for Calculation Results in the Computing & Geo-Information System

Ivan Trofimov, Leonid Trofimov, Lyudmila Chudinova, Sergei Podkovalnikov
The paper discusses about special Computing and Geo-Information System with Object-Oriented Energy Database. The System is used to carries out the research of feasibility and prospects of Interstate Power Interconnection expansion. For this purpose, the mathematical model for Optimization of Power Systems...

Research on Enterprise Human Resource Management in the Era of "Internet Accelerated Speed Era"

Yuan Ma
Under the background of the Internet era, every industry has made great achievements in the informatization construction. The Internet is constantly integrating into all aspects of our life and becoming an indispensable part. In such a background, as an enterprise, in order to enhance their competitiveness,...

Education for Sustainable Development as a Factor in the Formation of Environmental Competencies of Future Specialists

Iryna Kinash, Uliana Andrusiv, Liudmyla Arkhypova, Iryna Popadynets
The article aims at studying the role of education in the implementation of the goals of sustainable development of the state. It has been determined that education plays a decisive role. It has been found out that the current pace of implementation of the course of education for the sustainable development...

The Effect of Experiential Quality, Experiential Satisfaction, and Trust on the Interest to Revisit the Tourism Objects in Padang

Tri Andiani, Yasri
This study aims to analyze the influence of experiential quality, experiential satisfaction and trust on interest to revisit to the tourism object in the city of Padang. The population of this study were all consumers who had visited a tourist attraction in the city of Padang with a total sample of 220...

Situation Analysis and Reform Discussion of Analog Electronic Technology Teaching

Youhui Zou, Renbo Xu, Ping Yang
Analog electronic technology is a basic professional course for engineering students, which is closely related to practice. Due to the abstraction of the physical concept of the course, as well as the boring curriculum, students generally complain about the difficulty in the introduction in learning....
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Capturing Four Typical Eye Movement Signals Hidden in Electroencephalograph

Liangzhi Gan, Ronggang Zhao, Haikuan Liu
We proposed a process to find and recognize four typical eye movement signals hidden in EEGs. Eye movement signals contained in EEG are usually looked as artefacts by doctors. But they can be useful if the movements are intentionally launched for special purpose. Identifying typical eye movements from...
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Business Expansion Strategy of Trigona Honey Bee Business in Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang, Banten

Achmad Tjachja Nugraha
Honey, which classified as non-timber-forest product, has many health benefits and economic values. Honey utilization is done by honey beekeepers in Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang, Banten. There were more than 30 beekeepers in 2014, but it was significantly decreased for only 20 beekeepers recorded...
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Simulation and Lightweight Design for the Structure Frame of a Flying Car

Yifang Sun, Chenghu Li, Hao Wu, Kun Tan, Fei Zhang
The simulation of the structure frame of a flying car is carried out to verify the feasibility of the design scheme. Based on Patran/Nastran, the structure frame of the flying car is simulated by the finite element method. The mechanical performance of the structure frame under the working condition,...

Sublimation Theoretic Approach to Xu Yuanchong’s Translation of Images in Li Bai’s Lyric Poetry

Yue Wu
This paper aims to study Xu Yuanchong’s translation of the imagery in Li Bai’s lyric poetry in light of Qian Zhongshu’s Sublimation Theory. It is found out through this research that the basic ideas of Qian’s Sublimation Theory, namely, “enticement”, “avoidance of errors/misinterpretation” and “pursuit...

Japanese Honorific Language in Various Domains

Ely Triasih Rahayu
Language belongs to human. In a communication, human as language owner may position themselves as messenger (speaker), message recipient (interlocutor) or as a person who is the object of speech (object of conversation). In Japanese speech community, human must implement their position in communication...
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Algorithms of digital transport corridors of 3PL logistics

Sergey V. Krasnov, Sergey M. Sergeev, Elizaveta A. Zotova, Sergey N. Kuranov
Cooperating between countries in the field of digital economy on labeling and traceability of goods, and creating digital transport corridors were the issues addressed at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Council held in 2019. This requires conducting research in the cyberspace development on machine-to-machine...

Challenges and countermeasures faced by financial personnel under financial robots

Liujing, Liqin Zhang
The implementation of Deloitte's financial robot has made the prospect of financial robots optimistic. The financial robot as an accounting tool is the product of the development of intelligent era. The financial intelligence will bring a new round of accounting. Change, which led to the repositioning...
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Circular Economy Model of Indonesian Construction Industry Waste Based on System Dynamics

Trie Sony Kusumowibowo, Tri Joko Wahyu Adi
In recent years, circular economy has been widely discussed throughout the world as a solution to the problem of resources efficiency and environmental problems, especially regarding waste. The construction industry is one of the largest waste-producing industries, even 30% of waste on landfills is construction...

Using the Fractal Nature of Knowledge to Optimize Its Transfer

Mikhail Oseledchik, Marina L. Ivleva
The fractal nature of knowledge, both explicit and implicit, is analyzed. The system of human knowledge is balanced and dynamic at each historical stage of its development. Getting a new knowledge instantly turns this system into a non-equilibrium. Thanks to the processes of self-organization, the knowledge...

Research on Pricing and Risk of Structured Wealth Management Products of “HuiYi ZhiXuan”

Yanliang Zhang, Qingchao Bai, Leya Zhang
The design terms of structured wealth management products are complex, and the variety of targets is linked, making it difficult for investors to grasp the true benefits and risk characteristics of the products. This paper selects "HuiYi ZhiXuan" series of structured wealth management products issued...

Managing leading social processes in turbulent conditions

Valeriy Zarubin, Natalia Nemirova, Vladimir Semenov
This paper focuses on the main trends and leading approaches in the modern development of society in a situation of dynamic changes and turbulent conditions. Particular attention is paid to identifying the differences between management and manageability. Management is a formalized side of collective...

After the Apocalypse: the Poetics of Irish Language Preservation

Caitriona Kirby
This article examines a number of Irish-language tropes operating in three literary texts: Brian Friel’s play Translations, first performed in 1980; Nuala NíDhomnaill’s poetry collection, Northern Lights (2018); and the poet Doireann NíGríofa’s bilingual Lies (2018). The title of this article derives...
Review Article

Recent developments in near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for the assessment of local skeletal muscle microvascular function and capacity to utilise oxygen

Siana Jones, Scott T. Chiesa, Nishi Chaturvedi, Alun D. Hughes
Pages: 25 - 33
Purpose of review: Continuous wave near infrared spectroscopy (CW NIRS) provides non-invasive technology to measure relative changes in oxy- and deoxy-haemoglobin in a dynamic environment. This allows determination of local skeletal muscle O2 saturation, muscle oxygen consumption ( V˙O2 ) and blood...

Multi-Dimensional Indexing System Considering Distributions of Sub-indexes and Data

Kazuto Nakanishi, Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya, Hiroaki Hirata
Pages: 25 - 33
This paper experimentally evaluates the parallel multi-dimensional indexing system indexing data by using several multi-dimensional indexes and retrieving required data from them in parallel. A constant number of data are indexed into a sub-index. The sub-index is inserted into an index in a computational...

Currency and its Impact on Pricing and Prospects for the Oil and Gas Industry in Asia

Damir A. Abdullaev, Araz O. Mursaliev, Alexander V. Bondarenko, Anastasia N. Ivanova
Nowadays Asia is undergoing large-scale transformations in the oil and gas industry. These transformations affect, in particular, the aspect of contract currency and currency risks in international energy trade. Despite the political background, there is a significant economic component in this process....

Experimental Design of Formal Language and Automata Course

Qing he Pan
Formal languages and automata is a major theoretical course. This course studies the theoretical problems of automata and formal languages with a high degree of abstraction. In order to enable students to better understand and grasp the contents of the course, it needs to design the experimental courses....

A Case Study in EFL Teaching and Learning Process for Students with Visual Impairement: Understanding Needs and Necessities

Silfia Asning Tias
Visual impairment comes in many different classifications. Nevertheless, less evidence found in research conducted in teaching and learning of foreign languages with these group of students. In addition, the challenges on how to customize the needs of the individual to meet the requirements of the course...
Proceedings Article

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in WDM-PON Based Mobile Fronthaul

Chunlei Zhang, Gangming Zhao, Chenxi Zhang, Xunfa Yang
Wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) is an important alternative technique for 5G mobile fronthaul due to the large bandwidth and low latency. Wavelength and bandwidth allocation algorithm is very important in WDM-PON. In this paper, a dynamic wavelength and bandwidth allocation...

Research on the Cultivation Strategies of College Students' Physical Exercise Habits in Tianjin

Huibo Zhao
The cultivation of physical exercise habits for college students, the main force in the future social construction, is of great significance to the development of their comprehensive quality. Affected by both the diversification of physical education content and the sports activities, the cultivation...

The Validity of the Student Worksheets about The Moral Dilemma of Environmental Change through Solving Wetland Problems

Aminuddin Prahatama Putra, Olfia Ekasari
This study aims to describe the validity of worksheet on the concept of Environmental Change using the solution to the developed wetland problem. Problem-solving models are learning models that can be used related to answers to wetland environmental problems on the concept of environmental change. The...

Digitalization of Industry as a Key Factor in the Competitiveness of the Socio-economic System

Tolkachev Sergey, Sharkova Antonina, Morkovkin Dmitry
The paper analyzes the impact of digital business on the formation of competitive advantages in the socio-economic system in the Russian economy. The article substantiates the position that the government of the Russian Federation could significantly support the digitalization of the Russian economy...
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Determination of parameters and stability zones of pendulum auto-balancer of rotor, installed in housing on elastic supports

A.I. Artyunin, S.V. Eliseev, O.Y. Sumenkov
Using the methods of the small parameter of nonlinear mechanics, the formulas for determining the parameters of the pendulum auto-balancer were obtained in the article. Conditions for the stability of the auto-balancing process of the unbalanced rotor, fastened in the housing on the elastic supports,...

The Character Education of Early Childhood: Brain-Based Teaching Approach

Siti Wardah Hanafie Das
The character education of early childhood through brain-based teaching approach is extremely important to stimulate neocortex and neuron. The study is aimed to formulate the early childhood character based on brain-based teaching approach started from the kindergarten with local wisdom study, analysis...
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Tunable Bandpass Filter with Two Transmission Zeros

Zhongyin Xiao, Xiyang Xu
In this paper, a novel varactor-tuned microstrip bandpass filter consisting of two dual-mode open loop resonators was proposed. The two open loop resonators are placed diagonally to prevent the occurrence of resonance between them. No coupling exists between the operating odd-mode and even-mode. Based...
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Experimental Research on the Effect of Initial Temperature Coupled with Ignition Energy on the Gas-air Mixture Explosive Limits

Yansong Zhang, Xiangbao Meng, Bo Liu, Wenzhou Du, Jie Zhang
In order to study the effect of different initial conditions on gas explosive limits, the gas explosive limits have been measured under different initial temperatures(50~200℃)coupled with different ignition energies(50~800J). Besides, it has been obtained that the change rules of the upper and lower...

Exploration on the Training Mode of Engineering Professionals in Agricultural Universities

Yu Shi, Weiyu Zhang, Hua Liu, Hongying Sun
Agriculture is the foundation of the country. Cultivating agricultural engineering talents will become an important way to promote the development of agricultural science and technology. The key to improving the core competitiveness of agricultural modernization is to rely on talents. The key to the...

Problematic aspects and methods of developing leadership capabilities in young Chinese people

Maria Mizintseva, Wenzhi Zhang
This paper investigates the problems of developing leadership capabilities in young Chinese people. It analyses youth as a socio-demographic category, characterizes the key specific features of the Chinese young generation including their typical parameters. The article also interprets the problems in...

Oral English Teaching Aided by ICT from the Perspective of Educational Ecology

Xian Tang
This paper explores the factors that influence an oral English class aided by ICT from the perspective of educational ecology, and then it discusses the foundations and strategies to establish a balanced class ecological system of an oral English class with ICT. Based on the findings of a questionnaire...