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Discussions on Improvement Strategies of Performance Management of Teachers in Universities and Colleges

Pinhong Zeng
Performance management of teachers in universities and colleges is the core work of performance management in colleges and universities, while performance management is the basic work of human resource management in colleges and universities. Currently, the most important issue in university management...
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Establishment and Implementation Approach of Full-course Developmental Employment Guidance Mode in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yali Dai
This paper establishes a full-course developmental employment guidance mode focusing on the integrated development of students under the guidance of career guidance theory, which is phased, highlights key points, connection and process and runs through the college life. It aims at excavating subjective...
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Analysis on Educational Function of Tourism Development

Yali Dai
With the development of Chinese economy, the living standard of people has constantly improved. Therefore, tourism becomes an indispensable activity in the life of modern people. In the traveling process, both the mind and body of people enjoy beauty; meanwhile, they also receive certain education due...
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Discussions on Introduction of Abstract Painting in Apparel Design

Ying Dai
The combination of painting art and apparel design has a long history. More artistic thinking methods are added in the current apparel design so as to render personal feelings. Various artistic concepts of abstract painting play an important role in promoting the development of apparel design. In terms...
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Role of Ideological and Political Education in Career Education of College Students

Min Fan
Currently, more and more people pay high attention to career education of college students. Ideological and political education becomes a vital constituent part of career planning education and plays a vital role in the implementation of career education of college students. This paper analyzes the status...

[WITHDRAWN] Credit Decision Behavior Model of Bank Manager Based on Prospect Theory

Wenjie Xing
In the traditional financial theory, the expectation utility theory gives an accurate description of rational behavior under uncertain conditions. But in reality, faced with the loan application customers in the same objective conditions, due to differences in individual behavior preferences, loan managers...
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Sustainable Renovation and Low-Energy Retrofitting of Houses in Rural Areas of Southern China

Xing Hu
This article focuses on the low-energy retrofit in the context of rural areas in southern China, where countless houses are being renovated to enhance their facade appearance. It explores the feasibility of the integration of present facade renovations with energy retrofit strategies to turn this vanity...
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Stiffness optimized research of high damping rubber bearing for beam bridges

Yu-min Zhang, Ling-bo Wang
Damping and isolation effect of high-damping rubber bearing with different combination have been studied for a continuous girder bridge. Dynamic time-history analysis has been taken by earthquake waves with exceeding probability to be 40 percent, 10 percent and 2 percent. The influence for seismic responses...
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Study on Car Seat Ease-of-Use Rating Based on Safety Factors in China

Kai Liu, Yubin Qian, Lingyun Xiao, Honglei Dong, Wenhao Hu, Yan Wang, Jinhuan Zhang
Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in traffic accidents. Correct use of car seat can effectively reduce the children's injury and fatality in traffic accidents. First of all, this paper analyzes the trend of the children's injury and fatality caused by traffic accidents in China, and introduces...
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Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on label of tourist spots and User Preference

Ya Zhou, Cailin Hu, Han Xiong, Ling Li, Xiafei Wei
The traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm relies on the user's scoring relation to the item. However, user's behavior data in the filed of tourism industry is sparsely, and the interaction between the data are few. These problems lead to the traditional algorithms are lacking of...
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Real Terrain Modeling and Application Based on DOM

Yongsheng Wang, Xiao Liu, Qizhi Zhang
When creating artificial 3D natural scene, the terrain is complicated and working quantity is huge, relying on traditional modes for field investigation, mapping and modeling usually needs to consume rather quantity of manpower, material resource, financial resources and vigor. Rapid interception method...
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A Brief Talk on the 3D Scanning Reconstruction Program Based on Kinect and its Application

Yongsheng Wang, Qizhi Zhang, Xiao Liu
By combining the Kinect (a somatosensory device) with a supporter and a rotary wheel and using a 3D scanning software named KScan3D to realize a quick scan of the human body, this paper constructs two scanning systems, one of which is equipped with a handheld single-camera comparing to the other adopting...
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Research on Unified Application Development Framework for Real Time Data Center

Sheng Zhou, Min Tao, Xianhui Li, Shengpeng Ji
Real Time Data Center is a centralized place for time sequence data storage and management. With the continuous improvement of the practical level of Real Time Data Center , more and more applications are developed based on it. However, the applications upper on the Real Time Data Center are lack of...
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Classification of debit card customers based on AHP and K-means

Chunxin Jiang, Weidi Dai, Wenjun Wang, Yunqiang Jia
Debit card business is a very important business, bank debit card and bank users the most on the one hand, so every year the debit card user transaction data is very huge, in what is now the era of big data, data is wealth, we have huge debit card transaction data, you need to use big data technology...
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Research on The Efficiency of Commercial Bank Branches Based on Weight-restricted DEA Model

Yunqiang Jia, Xuewei Li, Wenjun Wang, Chunxin Jiang
Financial industry is facing unprecedented challenges, especially fierce competition between commercial banks, so it is urgent for us to solve a problem of comprehensive analysis and appropriate suggestions for the development of commercial banks. This survey uses a commercial bank's input and output...
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Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Combined Model of ARIMA and RBF Neural Network

Yuqiong Wang
In this paper, a combined model of ARIMA and RBF neural network is proposed by combined the good linear fit ability of ARIMA and the strong dynamic nonlinear mapping ability of RBF neural network. The velocity of microwave is predicted in real time with the consideration of the temporal characteristics...
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Throughput analysis and real-time evaluation algorithm design of neighbor nodes for multi-hop mobile ad hoc network

Qingchao Zhu
Recently, distributed coordination function (DCF) protocol, standardized by IEEE 802.11 group, has played a dominant role in medium access control (MAC) layer of mobile ad hoc network (MANET). However, due to nodes mobility and topology dynamics, theoretical analysis models of DCF are limited to single-hop...
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Design of mooring system

Zheng Hu
The main research of this paper is that the optimal scheme for the design of a mooring system in a different state is to balance the whole system. In order to accurately describe the relevant position, length, shape and tilt Angle of the object, this article is based on the minimalist principles, in...
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Maximum Admission Capacity Model of Distribution Generation in Active Distribution Network

Wenjun Cao
The optimal planning of distributed generation which intends to maximize the capacity genetration of distributed generations (DG) is mainly studied in this paper. Firstly, the probabilistic models of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation are established under the premise of considering...
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Some Searching Methods For Lost Planes

Yuxuan Yang
In the morning of the 8th march 2014,the Malaysia Air's MH370 scheduled flight which was flying to Beijing lost connection with land. There are 227 passengers and 12 flight crews.A fter losing connection, the authorities started to the fragments of MH370, but they didn't find any fragment. Motivated...
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The optimization of DG capacity using PSO based on immune algorithm

Rui Ma
For the model of optimization of DG accession capacity, improved Newton-Raphson algorithm is used to calculate the power flow. The particle swarm optimization algorithm based on immune is used to optimize the model, and the maximum capacity of DG is obtained. Finally, the IEEE 33-bus distribution system...
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Smart Growth, Smart City

Zhe Li
Smart growth, a strategy to build sustainable cities, has been proposed to prevent urban sprawl, for example, by using compact development. This paper develops Smart Growth Measure Model to measure the success of smart growth of a city, and uses two specific cases to demonstrate the model. Based on the...
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The Hybrid Model Named CSEI to Evaluate The Water Resource

Xindi Xing
The regionalization of the assessment to rationally utilize and develop water resources and planning for the amelioration of the water scarcity status is very important and has practical significance. Motivated to evaluate the water resource situation of a region more accurately, a hybrid model and a...
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A method for determining the spatial attitude of the mooring system

Shan Gao
In this paper, the stress condition and design method of single point mooring system in shallow water observation network are studied.We analyze the force condition of the whole system,through the stress point of the lower end of the chain hypothesis,we can get the relationship between the depth of water...
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New air pollution evaluation index based on AQI

Shan Gao
Our goal is a model that can evaluate the grade of air quality index and a model can calculate the air quality index in a synthetic way.The air quality index considers the effect of six pollutants(PM2.5,PM10,SO2,NO2,CO,O3).We can find O3 has so little influence on AQI that we can ignore the effect of...
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A Measurement Model to Determine the Ability of a Region to Provide Clean Water

Jing Tian
Freshwater resources are the basis for the survival of many organisms, especially for human. However, freshwater resources are gradually scarce. To provide people with more freshwater, the first thing we need to do is to determine the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its...
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Study on the Influence of Opening Residential Quarter on Road Capacity

Jing Tian
The concept of opening residential quarter has aroused the concern of all sectors of society. Influence on road capacity is a major focus of attention, including optimizing the road network structure, improving road capacity and improving traffic conditions. In this paper, in order to analyze the influence...
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Analysis and measures of commutation failure in HVDC transmission

Erjia Liu
The commutation failure in HVDC inverter is one of the most common faults. Based on the inverter commutation process, this paper analyzes the work of the inverter commutation process and the reason for commutation failure. Learning from the commutation current time area method, it puts forward the method...
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Short Term Power load Forecasting Considering Meteorological Factors

Jing Luo
To forecast short-term power load, we first establish GM (1, 1) grey forecasting model and test the correlation of the predicted values. Considering the impact of meteorological factors on modern power system, we establish a load forecasting model based on principal component analysis and multiple linear...
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Analysis and Prevention of Tubeburst in Rear Platen Superheater of Boiler

Ke Liu, Hui Liu, Fanjun Hou
Tube burst occurred on Rear Platen Superheater in No.4 boiler of a power plant. Failed to timely discharge condensate water after an emergency shutdown boiler, and then start again, which leading to water blocking in superheater unit caused tube burst. Contrasting the water blocking accidents recent...
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A System of Usability Evaluation of Confocal Microscope Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yan Zhou, Liang Liu
As many usability evaluation studies have been conducted in fields of daily-use products, little attention are put on special devices like microscope, surveymeter or other instruments. This paper attempt to establish a system of usability evaluation of microscope through FAHP methods. The usability evaluation...
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Study On Oxidation of Calcium Sulfite in Wet Sintering Flue Gas Desulphurization Process

Zhaohui Zhang, Jiangkai Wan, Bailong Liu, Hanlong Jiang
Due to oxidation of calcium sulfite in wet sintering flue gas desulfurization process, it has difficulty in comprehensive utilization of desulfurization gypsum (DG). Based on the analysis of principle and characteristics of wet flues gas desulfurization, reasons and resolve solutions for oxidation of...
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Research on Posture Comfort Degree Based on Biomechanics and Its Application

Rui Liang
When working or exercising, the human body is coordinated by its movement feedback system, which always coordinates various parts of the body to a high level as much as possible. Research on posture comfort degree based on biomechanics can make the results of adjustment intuitive and make the description...
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Health Diagnosis Method of Power Distribution Equipment Based on Holographic Time-scalar Measurement Data

Bing Chen, Ren Wang, Yang Zhou, Chenhui Peng
With the continuous expansion of the distribution network, resulting in a large amount of running data. The integration of Realtime Database and distribution network system make it prossible to record distribution holographic scalar measurement data. This paper studied the deep integration of Realtime...
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An Optimization Algorithm of Selecting Initial Clustering Center in K - means

Tianhan Gao, Xue Kong
The traditional stand-alone K-means clustering algorithm has the limitation of time consumption and memory overflow when dealing with large-scale data. Although this problem is solved with the help of MapReduce framework. However, the clustering accuracy effect is not stable due to the selection of initial...
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Research on Text Mining of Biomedical Field Based on Pubmed

Kang Li, Weidi Dai, Wenjun Wang, Ruixin Song
The field of biomedical science is one of the most studied areas of the 21st century, the field has published a huge number of research papers, which have averaged more than 600,000 articles a year. How to effectively obtain knowledge in the vast literature of research is a challenge for researchers...
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Seismic Performance Analysis of RC Frame Teaching Building in Lushan Middle School

Baitao Sun, Zhou Huang, Peilei Yan
This study analyzes the time-history subject to the teaching buildings who had the framework structures in Lushan middle school. The main parts of the framework structures suffered a little damage but their infilled walls were damaged severely in Lushan Earthquake. The study introduces the general background...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Elevator Safety in China

Qi Lan, Dandan Zhang, Yalei Li
There is in general no big fluctuation in elevator safety in China, but there are still underlying problems in elevator safety guarantee, such as enterprises' excessive pursuit of profit, inefficient maintenance and weak social safety consciousness. Considering those problems, this paper suggested getting...
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Pipeline Optimization Design Based on Adjoint Solver

Da-guang Li, Ying Zhang
Adjoint optimize solver is a discrete optimization algorithm based on gradient optimization method. It has higher efficiency and lower requirement on engineering experience in comparison with traditional engineering optimization method, and has been gradually applied in every engineering industry. In...
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Design of stepper motor position control system based on DSP

Guan Fang Liu, Hua Wei Li
In order to solve the problem that the stepper motor is prone to out-of-step or overshoot in the case of open-loop control, this paper designs a digital signal processor (DSP) position closed-loop control of stepper motor. The overall structure of the system, the main hardware module and the incremental...
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Water Situation is Known

Zheng Hu
Water Supply has drawn a great deal of attention from the entire world for recent decades, while the available water is scarce in many countries and regions. The aim is to build a mathematical model to measure the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its population, and use...
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Further research on the coupled Influence of Temperature and Stress Field to PCB' Modal

Qin Luo, Ke Yao, Chuangmian Huang
The coupling analysis of temperature and vibration has been an important branch of domestic and international research. Influence of Temperature and Stress Field to PCB' Modal has been described in previous articles [1]. In this paper, vibration stress analysis method based on ANSYS considering temperature...
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Neural Network Load Forecasting Model Based on BP

Xi Gao
Short-term load forecasting is the basis of power system operation and analysis, which is of great significance for unit commitment, economic load dispatching, safety checking and so on. As a result, improving the accuracy of load prediction is an important way to ensure the scientific decision-making...
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Research on Numerical Integration Algorithm in Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Zijing Gao
Molecular dynamics is a combination of physics, mathematics and chemical synthesis technology. Molecular dynamics method is a computer simulation experimental method, which is a powerful tool for studying condensed matter system. This paper mainly introduces the development of molecular dynamics simulation,...
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Study on Plantar Pressure of People in Different Age During Level Walking

Gang Qiao
To investigate the influence of age on plantar pressure in normal people during level walking, ground reaction force data from 20 normal people of different age were collected by the employment of Three-Dimensional force platform system, and the force data in anterior-posterior, medio-lateral and vertical...
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Research on fusion method of elements in product design

Li Lin Yang
This paper studies the performance method of modeling elements in product design, through the analysis of elements in the form of evolution form, explores the creative method of modeling elements, the visual expression of other elements and the visualization of the elements of the decomposition and product...
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Research and Design of the Holiday lights Control System based on PLC

Yanyan Tian
In the paper the system designs holiday lights for hotel based on PLC control. The first design is to determine the overall program design according to demands of hotel. The hardware design function is selecting module CPU and giving the corresponding external wiring diagram. The most important part...
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The difference between Treg cells and naive T cells analyzed by cluster analysis

Yuchen Wang
This article hopes to find differences in the function of Treg cells and naive T cells by high-throughput analysis. With the increasing demand for low-cost sequencing, the development of high-throughput sequencing has been promoted, which multiplexes the sequencing process and produces thousands or millions...
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Summary on Facial Landmark Detection

Jinghao Wen
Facial landmark detection has important applications in many aspects such as facial recognition, expression recognition, facial attributes analysis, and so on. It compares the detected images with images in dataset to find matched faces, which achieves the identification purpose. Because of its wide...
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The optimization model on the temperature of a bathtub

Binbin Ghen
It is always a challenge for us to maintain the temperature throughout the bath water. To solve this disturbing problem, we set up two models to deal with the problem.The first model, called the water adding model based on the uniform temperature distribution, is set mainly about finding out the best...