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Exploration and Practice of Introductory Curriculum on Mechanical Engineering

Xiao-Gui Zhang, Jun-Jie Xiao
The introductory of mechanical engineering is a new opened elective course mechanical in the engineering major. It plays a positive role in guiding students to understand the major itself, the development of it and the future employment prospects, improving the students' interest in learning, cultivating...
Proceedings Article

Exploring the effect of ICT solutions on GHG emissions in 2030

Jens Malmodin, Pernilla Bergmark
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are expected to have a great potential to reduce the GHG emissions across society, however limited data on actual reductions have been published so far. Based on available data on real GHG emission reductions realized by different ICT solutions, this paper...

Floor Heating Customer Prediction Model Based on Random Forest

Zhihuan Yao, Xian Xu, Huiqun Yu
Pages: 37 - 42
Nowadays floor heating service is increasingly attracting both residents in cold areas and gas companies for market profits. With the aggravation of market-oriented competition, the gas companies are actively seeking service transformation. It is of great significance to gas companies to be able to forecast...
Research Article

Attracting international private finance for African infrastructure☆

Paul Collier
Pages: 37 - 44
Africa’s trade is impeded by poor infrastructure. Inadequate transport infrastructure raises costs analogous to trade barriers, while inadequate power discourages investment. Yet Africa’s infrastructure needs greatly exceed its capacity to finance them. There is therefore a need, and an opportunity,...
Research Article

Aid for trade and Africa’s trade performance: Evidence from bilateral trade flows with China and OECD countries☆

Adugna Lemi
Pages: 37 - 60
The optimism surrounding aid for trade (AfT) led scholars and practitioners to probe its link with trade performance of aid-recipient countries in Africa. In the absence of formal evaluation guidelines, most previous studies, using aggregate data, have looked into the impacts of AfT on exports and imports...

The prevalence of allergic rhinitis and atopic markers in obstructive sleep apnea

Ghadah Gadi, Siraj Wali, Emad Koshak, Mohammad Albar, Abdulkareem Fida, Muntasir Abdelaziz, Khaled Alnoury, Nabil Alama
Pages: 37 - 44
Allergic rhinitis (AR) related inflammation might worsen the severity of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), however, the relationship between the two disorders remains controversial. Our aim was to determine the prevalence of AR and atopic markers in OSA. This cross-sectional study recruited participants...

Evaluation of tuberculosis public health surveillance, Al-Madinah province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2012

Mohammed J. Alkhalawi, Scott J.N. McNabb, Abdullah M. Assiri, Ziad A. Memish
Pages: 37 - 44
The objective of the study is to evaluate the quality of the data, the sensitivity of the surveillance, and the completeness of identification and investigation of tuberculosis (TB) patient’s contacts. The study covered the TB surveillance program in Al-Madinah province in 2011. First, we reviewed all...

The Role Of Teachers In The Millennium Era On The Development Of Student Creativities In Village Border Areas

Mrs. Zulfitria, Happy Indira Dewi, R. Andi Ahmad Gunadi
Education as a strong social institution empowers all citizens of Indonesia to develop into a good quality of human being so that they are able and to proactively to answer the challenges in the Millennium 4.0 era. In the development of the education system in Indonesia, so far the role of teachers is...

E-Business Readiness in Indonesian Small Medium Size Travel Agencies

Any Noor, Marceilla Suryana, Amalia Sholihati
The development of world tourism, especially in the tour and travel business is influenced by Information Communication Technology (ICT). The effective use of ICT added values to products and services that continue to develop business electronically (e-business). By doing e-business, companies tend to...

The integration of prophetic values in developing the teachers’ personality competency assessment instrument

Atim Rinawati, Kumaidi, Harun
This study aimed to identify the prophetic values of Islam to find indicators that can be used as a reference in the development of the assessment instrument of teacher's personality competence. This study was written using the method of inductive content analysis.From the results of this study it was...

Challenges and Opportunities in Using Local Online Materials for Education 3.0 Localized EFL Practices

Kamaludin Yusra
This paper explores online local cultural materials written in English that local teachers and students can use for Education 3.0 EFL learning. This paper firstly discusses the internet sources that local English teachers can use as resources for English learning materials. These materials can be in...

The Relationship between Organizational Emotional Capability and Employee Innovation Behavior of S&T Enterprise

Shuwen Li
The primary aim in this study was to investigate the effects of emotional capability on employee innovation behavior. In this study, hierarchical Regression was used to research among multiple source questionnaires of 304 S&T enterprises. The results shows: organizational emotional capability has significantly...

English Teaching Material Based on the Environmental Caring Character

Suwandi, Senowarsito, Sophia B Th. Cicik
This research aims at developing an English teaching material based on the environmental caring character. It is assumed that learning English using the teaching material integrated with environmental caring character concepts and activities will enable the students to subconsciously develop their awareness...

Social Investment: Measuring the Effect on the Popula-tion Welfare of the Russian Far East

S.N. Naiden, A.V. Belousova, M.A. Gritsko
The article studies expenses of budgets on education, healthcare, social policies, housing and public utilities, as social investments that contribute to the population welfare. Using model constructs built on the base of dynamic and panel data, the authors received the estimates of effect of social...

The Influence of Team Assisted Individualization (TAI) Approach on Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Sri Wahyu Neka, Hendra Syariffudin, Syahniar Syahniar
This study compared the ability in solving mathematic problem between students taught by using cooperative learning, especially TAI type, and students taught by using conventional approach, which was also seen across students’ learning motivation. This study was quasi experimental research. Furthermore,...

Language Acculturation: A Study of Al-Ta’rib and Al-Mu’arrab in Advertisement Language in Nasr City Cairo

Zamzam Nurhuda
This study aims to show that there is language acculturation process in Nasr City Cairo advertisement. This acculturation occurs in the form of foreign language entering and adapting to Arabic language (borrowing words). In this case, English words are adapted to Arabic language (al-ta’rib) and these...

Probe into the Problems and Standardization Countermeasure of Express Collection Industry at Present

Linfeng Wu
China's economy has shifted to the stage of high-quality development. Improving the efficiency and customer satisfaction of express delivery industry is the inevitable requirement of social development. This paper analyses the problems existing in the current express delivery and collection industry,...

Career Interest as an Accountant Lecturer with Compensation as a Moderating Variable

Erna Lovita
The purpose of this study was to analyze career interest as an accountant lecturer. The independent variable that is in use is the perception and motivation, with compensation as an intervening variable. The sample used in this study are students at some universities in East Jakarta, that have been the...
Proceedings Article

Motion Activity through Games toward Students’ Creative Thinking Skill

Mr. Basuki, Mr. Nurhasan, Mr. Suroto
This study aims to determine the effect of motion activity through games on students' creative thinking skills. Conceptually, the goals of the Sports and Health Physical Education subjects (PJOK) is not only to develop physical abilities, but also to develop intellectual, mental, social and emotional...

Solvency Analysis of Chinese Railway Construction Listed Companies

Zhi-hua Chang
Railway is not only related to transportation and business but also a basis of public’s living quality, getting government focused and policy supported. With the economy growing, railway construction business is focused by investors. Many firms have difficulties such as high asset-liability ratio, the...
Proceedings Article

Study of Mode Preferences of Personal Transport Based on Distance Traveled and Length of Trip

Fatmawaty Rachim, Nur Khaerat Nur, Sri Gusty, Andi Ibrahim Yunus, Andi Muh. Nurpadli, Erdawati
One of the factors causing congestion is the number of vehicles which are not proportional to the increase of the volume of the road. At the present time, people generally prefer to use private vehicles compared to public transportation due to various reasons such as convenience, travel time, faster...

The Effects Analysis Of Functional Benefit And Symbolic Benefit With Self Concept Connection On Emotional Attachmen And Brand Loyalty For Executive Brand Fashion In East Kalimantan

Muhammad Nawawi, Gunadi, M. Kiswanto, Hanifah Ekawati, Dewi Ambarsari
This study aims is to analyze the Functional Benefit and Symbolic Benefit with Self Concept Connection influences on Emotional Attachments and Brand Loyalty for the users of The Executive fashion brand products in East Kalimantan. This study uses a quantitative approach using path analysis which is processed...

Computer Based Management Information System towards Employee Performance in Indonesian National Police Educational Headquarters Bandung

Ridwan Nur Arifin, GW Wulandari Sianipar, Aan Komariah
This research is entitled "The Contribution of Computer Based Management Information System to Employee Performance at the Indonesian National Police Educational Headquarters". The problem discussed on how much the influence the computer-based management information system has on employee performance....

Exploration on Development Path for Application-oriented Universities

Jing Wu, Xinlin He, Miao Shang, Wenming Ma
Application-oriented universities are an important part of the higher education system. Application-oriented universities are the core force supporting and core strength for leading the national innovation-driven development strategy. The application-oriented universities are introduced in this paper....
Proceedings Article

Self-Adaptive Cybersecurity System

Aradea Aradea, Iping Supriana, Kridanto Surendro, Husni Mubarok, Irfan Darmawan
Complexity of cyberspace environment nowadays, arouse security vulnerabilities for all owned assets. Appropriate way out or solution for every obstacle in a case like this is a must for ICT role. However, user trust for ICT usage raises concerns. Cyberspace environment is caused by rapid increase in...

Assessing the Contribution of In-service Teacher Professional Training to Teachers’ Readiness to Implement the 2013 Curriculum (An analysis of the developmental progress of English teachers teaching skills in Sumbawa Regency)

Untung Waluyo, Henny Soepriyanti, Sudirman Wilian, Rizki Kurniawan
To complement with the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum, the Government of Indonesia has provided In-service Teacher Professional Training Program (TPETP a.k.a. PLPG) for English teachers in order that they can comply with the demands of the new curriculum. The current research attempts to reveal...

A Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm for Fresh Delivery Route Optimization Considering Quality Loss

Xuan Zhao, Qing-Lie Wu
At present, the penetration rate of cold chain facilities and equipment in China is still relatively low. The purpose of this paper is to develop an optimal fresh food logistics distribution method on the premise that cold chain distribution cannot be meet. Considering the perishability and time dependence...

Democratization at the Regency and City Level in Indonesia in the Era of Regional Autonomy

Bambang Suprijadi
The purpose of this study is to analyze and describe democracy in the level of regency and city in Indonesia in the era of regional autonomy. The research method is explanatory case study using qualitative approach. The results of the study suggest that: 1). Democratization in the form of institutionalization...

The Impact of Think Pair Share (TPS) Learning Models on Stoichiometry Lessons in Paket C Program

Tri Joko Raharjo, Harianingsih
Stoichiometry is one of the lessons given to paket C students. Chemical education, especially stoichiometry, is often considered a difficult and tedious lesson. For this reason, it is necessary to have an innovative learning model that can increase learning motivation and absorption capacity of C paket...

Fuzzy applications in selected aircraft on-board system

Norbert Grzesik, Janusz Ćwiklak, Mariusz Zieja, Grzegorz Kozłowski
Authors in this publication present the new approach to aircraft systems efficiency evaluation. The research station consists of two units: efficiency evaluation unit and flight simulation unit. The efficiency is evaluated with use of fuzzy inference systems designed in Matlab/Simulink Software. Simulations...
Proceedings Article

Generator Digital Regulators Distributed Generation Plants

Yuri Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov, Nguyen Van Huan
The article provides results of power supply systems modes' computer-based research conducted with distributed generation (DG) plants equipped with digital automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and automatic speed governor (ASG). Look-ahead algorithms were used to enhance control quality. Analysis of digital...
Proceedings Article

Improving the Quality of Adaptive Health Education Services for Disabled Students (Influence of media in the use of volleyball games on courage and the results of down passing learning of deaf students)

Beltasar Tarigan, Hendya Alif Junanda, Amung Ma’mun
The aim the present study is to investigate the use of media in volleyball match on deaf students’ courage and learning output in underarm pass in Sekolah Luar Biasa Citeureup Cimahi. The method used is experimental research. The present study involved 12 students consisting 6 students in the experimental...
Proceedings Article

Recognition of Human Activities by Smartphone Sensors Using LSTM Neural Network

Hong Zhao, Chunning Hou, Donglin Ma
Human activities have been a hot research field. Many sensors are embedded in the smartphone, which makes mobile sensor become available. Sensors of smartphone can early get the human activities information, which can analyze the human behaviors and provide the useful information to the human. In this...

Analysis of Accidents Caused by Management Violations

Xinnan Xie, Xiao Liu, Shuyi Tao, Bo Liu, Lei Zhang, Boyu Shi, Yang Su, Xinyu Li, Qiuxia Jia, Yufei Wang
Based on the analysis of the violation, it is concluded that people's unprofessional operation directly or indirectly caused to personal injury accident, which account to 80 to 90 percent of the annual total number of accident. The characteristics of the violation is potential, intractable, exclusivity,...

On the Coordinated Development of the Commerce Circulation and Regional Economy from the Perspective of Symbiosis

Jing Xian
With the rapid economic development, the commerce circulation has increasingly become an important factor in promoting the rapid economic development in our country. Regional commerce circulation has promoted the flow of capital in a certain region and accelerated the mutual cooperation of favorable...

Facial Expression Analysis and its Visualization While Writing Messages

Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Kenta Mori, Ryoichi Shimada, Yuiko Yano, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 37 - 40
We have developed a real-time system for expressing emotion as a pictograph selected according to the facial expression while writing a message. The image signal is analyzed by our real-time system using image processing software (OpenCV) and a previously proposed feature parameter. We applied the system...

Corporate Governance and Risk Disclosure: Indonesian Evidence

Ajar Taru Seta, Dyah Setyaningrum
This study aims to investigate the effects of ownership structure, composition of board of directors and board of commissioner, and risk policy committees, on risk disclosure. We use 365 samples from Indonesia’s publicly listed companies in 2015 and the multiple regression method to test the hypotheses....

Research on the Reform Orientation of Circuit Course Guided by Improvement of Professional Quality of Electrical Engineer

Qing Xie, Yumin Ge, Mengyuan He, Guishu Liang, Xiao Yan
The development of the society requires the promotion of the professional qualities of electrical engineers. It is manifested in the need for solid professional knowledge, strong engineering quality, practical ability, and innovative consciousness. Circuit course is a professional basic course that plays...
Proceedings Article

Acceptance of Teleconsultation Among Doctors and The Determinant Factors in Teaching Hospital in Malaysia

Laila Abushaar, Aniza Ismail
The recent introduction of information technology has improved the quality of healthcare services. In many developing countries, including Malaysia, patients suffer from a shortage of trained medical specialists and Tele-consultation would ease the access to the specialists. We need to know if doctors...
Proceedings Article

An IGA Method for Magnetostatic Problems Defined on Overlapped Patches

Honghai Zhang, Rong Mo, Neng Wan
If the union operator is applied in the CAD process, the overlapped parts should be trimmed to carry out IGA(IsoGeometric Analysis), and the integration schemes to keep the integration precision on the trimmed patches are time consuming. In this paper, an IIPG (incomplete interior penalty method) is...

A Study on College EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices

Yao Xi
This study attempts to explore the non-English major college EFL teachers’ beliefs and practices at three universities by quantitative and qualitative approaches. Through one and a half months’ data collection, this study found that all of the participants were able to articulate their own teaching beliefs...

Exploration of Practice Path of General Education of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lu Sun
Higher vocational colleges should vigorously develop the general education of intangible cultural heritage on the basis of respecting the law of protection of intangible cultural heritage to cultivate new cultural talents with the awareness of intangible cultural heritage protection, accurately locate...

Methodological Approaches to Assessment of the Innovation Efficiency Level at Engineering Enterprises

Alla Cherep, Olexandr Cherep, Vasyl Brych, Olha Hryhoriv, Oksana Vasylyk
The analysis of innovation in all fields of activities as well as in financial and economic areas at engineering enterprises was conducted. The innovation efficiency levels of engineering enterprises were estimated. The analysis of’ availability ofinnovations was made, and the rate of their use at engineering...

The Blended Teaching Modes Based on ‘Internet Plus’ for University Physics Teaching

Weici Liu
In this paper, based on ‘Internet plus’, the blended teaching modes for university physics teaching are studied. According to the teaching practice, the quality of university physics teaching may be improved by blended teaching modes which is based on‘Internet plus’. The modes are rationally combined...
Proceedings Article

Fraction From Rice Bran Oil Using Ultrasonic Methods and Analysis Of Antioxidant Effectiveness

Alif Gita Arumsari, Alif Arumsari, Ratri ariatmi Nugrahani, Tri yuni Hendrawati
Rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the main cereals in the world, especially in Asian countries. Rice bran, one of the byproducts of rice dehulling, has gained a lot of popularity as a functional foodstuff in recent years. The purpose of this study was to extract Ferulic Acid from the phenolic fraction of...

Methods of Eco-Thinking Forming in the Education System

Valery Mes’kov, Natalia Sabanina, Oksana Nevdobenko
From ecology as the "protection" of the environment to the ecology of "everything". The meaning of ecology as protection, in this case, expands to finding optimal solutions to problems in a certain area, their research and activities. Naturally, with this approach, a specific area arose - the ecology...

The Legal Framework of Green Governance in Archipelagic State Based on Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia

T. Primananda Alfath, Lilik Pudjiastuti, Dina Sunyowati
Indonesia was an archipelagic state that characterized by nusantara affirmed in Article 25A, constitution of the republic of Indonesia, Undang-Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indoensia (UUD NRI 1945) in chapter IXA which explains the territory of the country. This had two consequences, first, that sovereignty...

Character Education Based-on Local Wisdom in Excellent Service Course

Eva Mirza Syafitri, Febrina Indrasari, Netty Lisdiantini, Hifzhan Frima Thousani, Ridho Muarief, Agustinus Doedyk Setiawan
The purposes of excellent service courses are to be able to create superior human resources in the field of service and to achieve them requires a learning process that is able to instill excellent service attitude into oneself or student character is not only limited to knowledge transfer but also the...
Proceedings Article

Arterial Hypertension under Combined Effect of Metals in Experiments on Rats

V.B. Brin, O.T. Kabisov, D.Kh. Oganesyan, K.G. Mittsiev, A.K. Mittsiev
In experiments on 120 Wistar rats, changes in systemic hemodynamics were studied under intragastric daily injections of cadmium sulfate (0.5 mg/kg per metal), cobalt chloride (4 mg/kg per metal), zinc chloride separately and together with cadmium or cobalt at a dose of 20 mg/kg or 1 mg/kg (per metal)....
Proceedings Article

Experimental Study on the Inner Wall Ring Groove of 1J116 Soft Magnetic Alloy Based on Electrochemical Machining

Bian Jianxiao, Ma Baoji, Ai Haihong, Qi Lijun
In this study, electrochemical processing was introduced into the inner wall ring groove of 1J116 soft magnetic alloy to obtain higher processing precision. A single factor experimental study was carried out for the processing and forming laws and mechanisms. The effects of pulse voltage, duty cycle,...