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Research on Methods of Human Eye Location

Qingwen Ma, Luqi Pan, Fusheng Liu
Because of the poor anti-interference ability of the traditional eye location method, a new method of eye location based on Gabor transform is proposed in this study. The method firstly processes the image by Gabor filtering, and then expands the image so that the area of the face contour is connected....
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Ball under action of periodic point load

Gennady Valentinovich Alexeev, Borukh Evseevich Voronenko, Elena Igorevna Verboloz, Sergey Aleksandrovich Romanchikov, Alexander Alexandrovich Loza
Technological equipment in various industries uses an abrasive effect on the object being processed, and the continuity of the contact of the working organs with it is often disrupted. Sometimes such regime is maintained intentionally, that is, periodic contact of the treated object with the abrasive...

Study on enterprise VAT planning under the policy of "camp changed to increase"

Shuying Du
In order to solve the problem of double taxation of the tax in the process of our country and continue to improve and perfect the tax system of our country, "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) policy came into being, but combined with the actual situation of our country and the current"...

A Study on the Metaphorical Fox Image of Cross Culture between China and Japan

Shuqing He
More and more modern literary works begin to show a fox image, the fox was given a lot of mysterious colors. In these works the public was not only attracted by fox itself, but also attracted by the human nature that the content reflects. However, whether in China or Japan, the fox image still has some...
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The Effect of Mental Workload To The Nurse's Burnout Level In The Private Hospitals

Yesiana Dwi Wahyu Werdani
Nurse is a part of professional health care that provides nursing care to patient and family. Nurses must do their job quickly, precisely, and without mistakes. The high demand of nurse's job can lead mental workload. Mental workload that not managed properly will lead to burnout condition. This study...

Analysis of information industry's influence on manufacturing industry in China

Xiaodong Yu
Information industry has become the pillar industry of a country .Information Industry's rise and fall decide the change of the whole economy. "Made in China 2025" project indicates the directions of manufacturing industry in China, information industry has important influence on the growth of manufacturing...

Research on the Current Situations, Problems and Countermeasures of Smart Library Constructions in China

Hongmei Wang
Smart library is a higher development form of library after the digital library and the compound library, which relies on sensors, cloud computing and other technologies to achieve interoperability among books and readers to provide a full range of smart services. At present, the construction of smart...
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The Realization of the Parametric Excitation on MEMS Gyroscope

Lei Qian, Heming Zhao, Dacheng Xu, Xiaofeng Zhang
In this paper, parametric excitation is applied to the excitation of a micro-ring gyroscope. The primary objective of this work is to improve the dynamic gain. It is show that, by adjusting the parametric excitation parameters, the harmonic forcing can be reduced whilst the gain of frequency response...

Role of College Music Education in Music Cultural Diversity Protection

Fang Yu
College music education, the core component in protecting music diversity, promotes the integral development of the subject characteristic of music and the music essence with its rapid development. Further diversified, music culture fits perfectly with the music education.This essay made analyses on...
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In Silico Study of Andrographolide as Protease Inhibitors for Antimalarial Drug Discovery

Sandra Megantara, Jutti Levita, Slamet I. Surantaatmadja
Malaria parasite encodes several homologues of aspartic proteases such as plasmepsin I, II and IV which are responsible for degradation of host erythrocyte hemoglobin inside the vacuole of parasite food. Hence plasmepsins are novel targets for antimalarial drug discovery. Previous study concluded that...
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Virtual Reality Technology and Application in Distance Education Presentation

Hong-Xuan Hua
The development of distance education has important significance for China's education level ascension. Traditional algorithm is used in remote education demonstration, it cannot avoid the disadvantages such as communication channel bandwidth limiting and outside interference, it has poor two-dimensional...
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Network Intrusion Detection Based On Cluster Analysis And Multiple Core Set

Ruimei Gao, Shuyu Chen
This thesis takes researches on Network Intrusion Detection Based On Cluster Analysis And Multiple Core Set. The distributed immune intrusion detection system and the packet marking theory are used to find out the network data features of the real-time analyses; and the immune intrusion detection system...
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Research on Lean Cloud Process Management

Ziqin Ma, Pengfei Zhao, Yanan Chen, Tong Wang, Chen Peng, Li Sun, Qiang Cheng, Jiang Wei
As a kind of manufacturing technology, Lean manufacturing can not only greatly reduce the switch time, idle time, but also can improve the product quality, reduce inventory, shorten the product development cycle of design. Process management is the basis of enterprising management and the important guarantee...
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The Effects of Paddy Soil Fungi Community Functional Diversity Under Organic Fertilizer Management Measures

Dongye Sun, Manqiang Liu, Feng Hu
Paddy soil microbial community composition and functional diversity changes after a long-term fertilization were studied by BIOLOG. The results showed that the AWCD value eventually reached after a long-term fertilization was increased at some extent compared with the no fertilization. The diversity...

Cultural Differences on the Choice of English and Chinese Translation

Guo Jie
In a successful translation, translation and cultural differences are very important and even critical. For translators, the cultural differences between the two languages research is necessary. In this paper, we take the color of cultural differences in Translation for example. We explore the two cultures...

Analysis on the Construction and Regulation of the Financial Legal System under the Perspective of the Economic Law

Xue Ni
The Finance plays an important role in the process of development of modern economy; the financial security seriously affects the stability of the economy. It is closely combined with the environment, the economy, and the human society life; The financial stability is the core of the national economy,...
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Analysis of Drop Impact Behaviour of Eggs with Different Drop Height and Cushion Materials

Zhang Jianguo, Wang Fang, Yang Shugang, Zhang YiNong, Song Haiyan, Li Maoting
In this study, the drop tests of eggs had been performed at different heights and different cushion materials, to assess the dynamic behaviour of eggs and to compare the cushioning performance of materials. Expandable polyethylene, expandable polystyrene and triple wall board were chosen as cushioning...
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Radar Imaging of The Target Inside A Dielectric Box

Zhijie Xie, Hui Yue, Zichang Liang
A new algorithm based on shooting and bouncing rays is introduced in this paper. The proposed method is able to achieve the radar cross section (RCS) and radar image of the target inside the dielectric box. A model of dihedral corner reflectors inside a dielectric box is built in this paper, and the...
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Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue by Fenton-like Reaction using nZVI/GAC Composite as Catalyst

Sihai Hu, Yaoguo Wu, Hairui Yao, Jianguo Wei, Shuai Zhang
A composite of nano-zero valent iron (nZVI) supported on granular activated carbon (GAC) was synthesized through adsorption-reduction method, and its performances used as catalyst of Fenton-like were investigated to degrade methylene blue (MB) in model wastewater. The results show that homogeneous dispersion...
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Pop-in characteristic induced by nanoindentation in ZrB2-SiC composites

X.G. Zhang, W.W. Liu, Y. Chen, F. Qi, D. Zhao, Y.G. Wang
In this research, instrumented nanoindentation tests were performed to determine the mechanical properties associated with pop-in events of the ZrB2-SiC composites reinforced with and without the mixture of boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) and boron nitride nanoplatelets (BNNPs). The results show the...

A Process-Visible Compiler Aimed for Teaching Assistant

Xiwen Chen, Hanfei Lin, Yufei Liang, Xiaoming Ju
The course of Compiling Principles has always been difficult for students to understand, for the related algorithms are quite complex, and not all students possess the ability to comprehend those algorithms easily. In order to facilitate the learning of compiling techniques, we have designed a special...
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Gene Prediction Based On a Generalized Hidden Markov Model and Some Statistical Models of Related States: a Review

Rui Guo, Jian Zhang, Ke Yan, Tian-Qi Wang
In recent years, the methods with a generalized hidden Markov model have gained significant application and development in gene prediction, which is predicting the location and structure of genes in genomic sequences, and produced an army of remarkable programs, such as Genie, GENSCAN, AUGUSTUS, etc....
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Effects of Reaction Conditions on Hydrogen Production of Fe Complexes Catalyst in Photocatalysis System

Yuan Yang, Da-Tian Fu, Xiu-Lan Cai
Fe thiolate complexes Fe(bpy)(pyS)2 (M) were synthesized, the properties of complexes were characterized by 1H-NMR and MS and the effects of reaction conditions on catalytic performance had been studied. The results of catalytic performance implied that when 5% triethylamine was used as electron donor,...

Cause Analysis and Treatment Measures of Urban Traffic Congestion

Zhijuan Wang
The problem of urban traffic congestion was studied from the micro and macro aspects in the paper. Based on analysis the causes of urban traffic congestion, by combining the theory with practice, some measures which may solve the problem of urban traffic congestion have been put forward. The study not...
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Motion Recognition for Stroke Rehabilitation Based on BP, RBF Neural Network and Support Vector Machine

Li-Quan Guo, Ji-Ping Wang, Da-Xi Xiong, Jie-Yong Bian, Lin-Qiang Zhou
In order to monitor the rehabilitation training of stroke patients in unsupervised situation and provide rehabilitation advice for rehabilitation clinicians, a wireless upper limb motion recognition system has been developed using 9-axis sensors, to identify the complex upper limb movements from stroke...

Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Derivative and Differential Operations

Hua Zhao, Zeshui Xu, Zeqing Yao
Pages: 36 - 56
The interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set (IVIFS) generalizes Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy set (A-IFS) with the membership and non-membership degrees being intervals instead of real numbers, so it can contain more information. In this paper, we study the derivatives and differentials under interval-valued...

Study on the Practice Course System of Business Administration

Jinying Li, Tao Pan, Fan Wu
Business Administration is the first level discipline of management category. Students who majored in Business Administration are required to master extensive theoretical knowledge of management and all kinds of professional skills. And the practice course takes up an important occupation in the teaching...

The Regional Economic Development in Hubei Province under the Background of One Belt and One Road

Lan Liu, Yafei Zhang
Promoting "One Belt and One Road" is to build inland open new highlands and form a pattern of all-round opening new focus in Hubei province. Under the process of the "One Belt and One Road" strategy, excellent enterprise with the help of regional traffic advantage and multi-type industry advantage actively...

Discussion on Ecological idea in Environmental Art Design

Jun Xie
the current environmental conditions are not optimistic for greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, acid rain and other problems severely destroy ecological balance, pollute green environment. Thus, there is no time to delay doing a good job of environmental art design. There is a dialectical and unification...
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Synthesis Algorithm for Reversible Logic

J. Hu
In this paper, we propose a synthesis method based on basis. We have tested the proposed algorithm on a set of the reversible benchmark circuits. Compared with existing synthesis method, this heuristic reduces area 9% on average.
Proceedings Article

Analysis of losses in high speed slotless PM synchronous motor integrated the added leakage inductance

B.Q. Kou, H.C. Cao, W.L. Li
This paper researched the loss of high speed slotless permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with appended leakage inductance structure. This PMSM adopted novel stator structure to add the leakage inductance for solving the problem that high speed slotless PMSM inductance value is small. Compared...
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Progress in Synthesis and Application of Water-soluble Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles

Yuying Li
Water-soluble fluorescent gold nanoparticles have been attracting great attention due to their excellent optical, electronic, catalytic and biological application in recent years. In this paper, recent research progress in the preparation methods such as using small single molecule and macromolecule...
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Development of Current Detection Terminal of Wireless 10kV Distribution Line

Peidong Du, Weizhou Wang, Fuchao Liu, Jingjing Zheng
This paper developed 10 kV distribution line current terminals with both measurement and communication functions, these terminal hang in the 10 kV power distribution overhead line, and through the open magnetic circuit current transformer current measuring circuit and by using the method of curve correction...
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Technique For Determining The Fuel Consumption Of A Vehicle On A Given Route

Vladislav Kravets, Roman Musarsky, Anton Tumasov
The article presents the results of calculation and experimental determination of the fuel consumption of light commercial vehicle on a given country route traffic as well as structure of methodology of fuel consumption estimation.

Income Smoothing Determinants in Indonesia Banking Industry

Irine Herdjiono, Agusth Billy Bonnex Roempoembo, Paulus Peka Hayon, Ilham Ilyas
The research aims to determine the effect of profitability, corporate value, company size and financial risk to income smoothing. Researchers would like to review the factors affecting income smoothing, at the banking companies listed on the IDX during the period of 2014-2016. The sampling method use...
Proceedings Article

Research on Location Selection of Railway Logistics Center

Runxiang Shen, Xiaodong Zhang, Maoxiang Lang, Xinjun Wang
The railway logistics centers, where handling and carrying out railway logistics business, are important parts of the railway logistics network. In order to improve the capacity of railway logistics service, increase the railway transportation market share, accelerate the transformation of traditional...

Sociology of the Literature of Short Story “Tembiluk” by Damhuri Muhammad

Aris Yulantomo, Else Liliani
This study aims to describe the sociology of authors, works, and readers in the Tembiluk short stories by Damhuri Muhammad. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The source of the data in this study was represented by the authors and figures found in the Tembiluk short story. The data in this...

Research Priorities of Clinical Nurses and Midwives in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: a Mixed Methods Study

Carolyn J. Sun, Caroline J. Fu, Roa Altaweli, Salem Al Touby, Cheherezade Ghazi, Maaly Guimei
Pages: 36 - 43
Effective use of resources in healthcare research is essential in meeting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 to achieve universal health coverage, increase retention of healthcare workers, and strengthen the capacity of all countries to reduce risk and manage global health risks;...

Study on Meteorological Service Policy for Agricultural Insurance in Hebei Province under the Background of Climate Change

Kaicheng Xing, Shujun Guo
Pages: 36 - 42
Hebei Province is a region sensitive to global climate change. Under the background of climate change and frequent extreme climate events, existing agricultural production structure is facing enormous risk of climate disasters. In order to reduce the risk level of agricultural meteorological disasters,...
Review Article

Challenges in Conducting Studies in Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease

Iskra Pusic, Steven Z. Pavletic
Pages: 36 - 44
The lack of standardized criteria for measuring therapeutic response has been a major obstacle to the development of therapeutic trials in chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGvHD). Nevertheless, recent advances have been made in understanding of the biology and pathophysiology of cGvHD, as well as establishing...

Human Resource Management Department as Strategic Partner in Organisation

Katarína Stachová, Zdenko Stacho, Jana Blštáková
The current business environment poses unique challenges for organisations, making them discover the methods of increasing the efficiency of their activities, as well as making them react quickly to changing needs and requirements. The strategic human resource management includes the activities relating...

The Management of Financial Stability in the Conditions of Overcoming the Crisis at Agricultural Enterprises

L. Salova
The article is devoted to the development of the approach and adaptation of the existing general methods of financial stability management to the activity of an agricultural enterprise in the conditions of its financial crisis. The peculiarity of the research is to try to consider approaches to making...

Construction of Maker Platform with Integration of Course, Competition and Training

Xinbing Chen, Xiaoli Long, Wei Hu
The rapid construction solution for maker platform for universities is proposed according to the talent needs from manufacturing power. Based on the analysis of the effect of craftsmanship spirit and maker culture on talent training, the resource integration taking the intelligent hardware development...

Research on Public Satisfaction with Educational Infrastructure of Advanced Development Territories

K. Skobeltsina, A. Kuznetsov
The program of monitoring sociological research of the level of satisfaction of various categories of the population with the existing educational infrastructure in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which are assigned to priority territories and territories of priority development,...

Improving Vocational Teachers’ Readiness in Teaching New Subject “Accounting Practice of the Institution and Local Government Agencies”

Vita Fitria Sari, Mayar Afriyenti, Fefri Indra Arza, Mia Angelina Setiawan
In the beginning of 2017 has been published SK Dirjen Dikdasmen No.130/D/KEP/KR/2017 about the new curriculum structure for vocational schools. In accounting major, one of the changes is new subject “accounting practice of the institution and local government agencies”, which have never taught before,...

The modern paradigm of the methodology for assessing the financial stability of the Russian banking system in the digital economy

M.S. Maramygin, L.I. Yuzvovich, E.V. Strelnikov
Subject of this research are the economic relations arising in the course of assessment of financial stability of banking system of Russia. The banking system has a key impact on the functioning of the entire economic system as a whole under current unstable conditions of economic development. Banks...
Research Article

Prevalence of Nonadherence to Antihypertensive Medications among Adults Attending Primary Healthcare Clinics in Al-Hasa Region: A Cross-Sectional Study

Abdulrahim M. Alkhamis, Abdulkhaliq J. Alsalman, Mohammed Al Khamis, Abdullah Alkhamis, Nawaf M. Alotaibi
Pages: 36 - 43
To assess the prevalence of nonadherence to antihypertensive medications among adults attending Primary Healthcare Clinics (PHCs) in Al-Hasa Region. This cross-sectional study included participants from a variety of clinics in the region and each of them had been interviewed to complete the questionnaire....
Proceedings Article

Digitalization of technical service

Grigory Iovlev, Irina Goldina, Anatoly Nesgovorov, Vladimir Zorkov
The article describes the direction of digitalization development in technical services: management and document flow; digital diagnostics of transport and technological machines; digital service book; staff training. The key points of each of the directions of the development are taking into account....

The Importance of Changes in Civil Learning Patterns that are Texting to Contextual Patterns

Edi Suhartono
The development of science and technology is very influential on the development of educational technology which in turn affects the learning technology and finally the patterns of learning from traditional patterns (textual and teacher the only source of learning) to the transitional (semi-textual and...

Architectural Transformations of Fortification Architecture of the North Caucasus and Caucasus of the 10-12th Centuries: Top Trends

Victoria Pishchulina
The fundamental scientific aim is the development of a problem of architectural transformations in the context of traditional culture as a reflection of processes of globalization and regionalization. In the fortification architecture processes of interaction of the introduced universals and traditional...