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Tacit Knowledge Acquisition and Codification in Construction Industry: Evidence from Indonesia

Kartika Negara, Eko Suryo, Indradi Wijatmiko
Tacit knowledge that dominantly exists in the construction project and embed in humans’ minds could disperse after the project team is disbanded at the end of the project. As the result, repeated mistakes could occur, and lesson learned from the previous project is not optimally utilized for the benefit...

Juridical Analysis of Marine Ecotourism Development by Fisherman Community

Lucky Dafira Nugroho, Helmy Boemiya, Ida Wahyuliana
Fishermen are still a profession for the majority of people who live in coastal areas and small islands. Fishermen who are classified as small fishermen, they are still hostage to a situation of poverty that is already multidimensional. One of the factors that encourages small fishermen cannot separate...

Social Entrepreneurship as an Effort for Economic Recovery During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ade Suherman, Tetep Tetep, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Galih Abdul Fatah, Yuyun Susanti
This study aims to determine Social Entrepreneurship as an Effort for Economic Recovery During the Covid-19 Pandemic. This survey study collected data using questionnaires involving Indonesian society in Ciamis, West Java. The results showed that Social entrepreneurship can minimize economic difficulties...

Student as Child Labor in Agriculture Sector During Pandemic Covid-19

Faidah Azuz, Aylee Christine A. Sheyoputri, Fidaan Husein Azuz, Mulono Apriyanto, Mieke Yustia Ayu Ratna Sari, Dina Lusiana Setyowati
This study aims to describe the condition of the students who work in agriculture sector during covid-19 pandemic; what the reason to work and what the parents’ perception about students who work in farming. This research was done in Enrekang Regency of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Respondents...

Detection of Student Learning Styles Using the Index of Learning Style

Arief Hidayat, Kusworo Adi, Bayu Surarso
Detection of student learning styles is needed to determine the level of motivation and learning performance of a student. In addition, for teachers, it is useful to prepare various kinds of learning materials in various media to accommodate these different student learning styles. To detect student...

The Strategy of Developing Historical Tourism in the City of Singaraja Based on CHSE During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I Putu Gede Parma, A.A. Ngurah Yudha Martin Mahardika, I Ketut Armawan, Putu Yurika Selly Novia
Cultural diversity is could be developed through tourism, Singaraja city has historical tourism that allows it to be developed into one of the tourist attractions in Buleleng Regency. To support this research, a development strategy is needed for cultural tourism objects in Singaraja city in correlation...
Proceedings Article

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring and Medication Adherence: Study on Hypertension Patients in East Madura

Muhammad Perdana Airlangga, Erlinda Prastiwi Septyana, Sholihul Absor
Hypertension systolic and diastolic blood tension where the value becomes higher than 140/90 mmHg. The incidence of hypertension in 2018 is the largest prevalence and makes hypertension cases in Indonesia the 3rd largest contributor to death cases. Home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) is used to determine...

Is the Therapeutic Adherence of Hypertensive Patients Closely Related to the Pharmacist-Patient Communication?

Setiyo Budi Santoso, Nurkholis Ashari, Ika Mulyono Putri Wibowo
Two-thirds of hypertensive patients are spread in developing countries. In Indonesia, hypertension, nowadays, ranks second nationally and becomes a priority in non-communicable disease control. Pharmacist-patient communication is presumably related to therapy adherence of hypertensive patients. However,...
Proceedings Article

Equity Pledge and Total Factor Productivity under the Background of Digital Economy

Yangyang Tian
In the process of economic globalization, the digital economy is the only way for China to transform from big to strong. The high-quality development of the digital economy has become an important means of changing the economic and social development model. Under the background of digital economy, this...
Proceedings Article

Research on Improving the Community Group Buying Model with Big Data Technology

Xinjia Zhuang
In recent years, community group buying has developed rapidly and competition in the market is fierce. The government's restrictions on corporate price wars have caused the development of community group buying platforms to stagnate, and there is an urgent need for reasonable optimization of the...

Case Study of Cashless Transportation Analysis in Indonesia

Joshi Maharani Wibowo
This study was conducted to analyze cashless transportation implementation and its impact in Indonesia. This research applied a descriptive qualitative approach and then analyzed it based on sentiment analysis. The data used in this study were e-news data from,, and related...
Proceedings Article

Arthropoda Diversity in Paddy Field with Refugia Plants

Hasriyanty, Mohammad Yunus, Rosmini, Adelia, Suriani
Refugia is a place or area that is overgrown by several types of flowering plants planted around agricultural land areas that can provide shelter, food sources or other resources for natural enemies such as predators and parasitoids so that refugia is expected to reduce rice pest populations and increase...

Investigating the Effectiveness of Transpersonal Counseling for Students with Self-control Issues

Rindhi Rezqi Hertindha, Budi Astuti, Adnan Fadkhurosi
Teenagers of high school age have a high risk to commit various juvenile delinquencies. The ability to control themselves is crucially important to develop by assisting and guiding them both individually and in a group to prevent them from various risky behaviors. The study aimed to determine the effect...

Comparative Study on the Irrigation Water Quality Standards in China and Australia

Yiwei Bai, Lu Zhang, Yanzheng Liu, Xiaochang Wang
Water quality standards for irrigation are crucial to ensure the safety of cultivated land, groundwater and agricultural products. The comparative study in Sino-Australia was conducted based on the specific requirements of Standards for Irrigation Water Quality (GB 5084-2021) and Guidelines for Irrigation...

Needs Analysis and Design for the Development of Teaching Materials of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) Based on CLIL in the Higher Education at Bengkulu City

Wulan Febrina, Sudarwan Danim, Didi Yulistio, Ria Ariesta, Abdul Muktadir, Meiselina Irmayati
Research and development for the creation of learning materials for Indonesian courses employs both qualitative and quantitative methods (R & D). The purpose of this study is to develop CLIL-based instructional materials for Indonesian language classes that cater to the needs of college students...

The Impact of Devidend Policy on Stock Return (Property Sector, and Real Estate 2019–2021)

Nurul Maula Rahmah, Maulana Yusup, Iwan Sidharta, Nenny Rinawati, Haritsatun Najwa
In the capital market sector, dividend policy is an action that is difficult to predict because many essential vital aspects need to consider. One aspect of the dividend policy is stock returns. Based on these essential aspects, the researcher aims to investigate the effect of the rate of return on investment...

Lecturer Challenges in Teaching English Pronunciation

Mella Fauzia, Zul Amri
A correct pronunciation is very important for mastering English speaking because different pronunciations can have different meanings and can lead to misunderstandings in conversation. For English department students, to help their students to be able to speak English correctly, the lecturers must have...

Study on BIM Maturity Model of Power Industry Based on LWD and LOWA Operator

Hong He, Zhewei Shen, Jianglin Wang, Wenxuan Qiao, Lei Wang, Zhengyi Li, Li Bian
The construction of domestic smart grid is accelerating, power companies pay more and more attention to the application ability of BIM technology, the three-dimensional forward design is increasingly promoted. And the owner needs a perfect evaluation model to evaluate the BIM maturity of participants,...

“Friendship or Romantic Love?”: Critically Adopting Queer Theory to Explore Laotong Relationship in Snow Flower Secret Fan

Tong Guan
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is a popular novel by American author Lisa See. The description of the Laotong relationship - an ancient Chinese relationship that bounded two unrelated girls together to form a for eternity as kindred sisters - has been widely discussed by the public. There exist two prevalent...

Analysis Types of Thematic Progression On Undergraduated Students’ Writing Thesis Proposal

Nurul Mahfuza, Muhd. Al Hafizh
In a work of advanced writing with a wide range of purposes, thematic progression—which helps to the cohesive and coherence of a text—is crucial. A writing’s degree of coherence and cohesion may be evaluated by considering thematic progressions. Due to the important aspects to determine a good writing,...

An analysis of the narrative differences between Chinese and American PSAs

——The theme of combating domestic violence as an example

Ruixi Zhao
Public service announcements (PSAs) are a form of advertising that communicate social values and social issues through communication channels, and have an important role in guiding and influencing public behaviour in society. The fight against domestic violence is a global social issue, and both China...
Proceedings Article

Molecular Identification Beta Hemolysis Isolates Species from Contact Lens Cleaner Residual Solution

Sri Anggarini Rasyid, Sanatang Sanatang, Widya Ningsih, Muzuni Muzuni, Satriani Syarif, Sugireng Sugireng
A contact lens cleaner solution should not be left in place for storage and reuse for subsequent storage. The cleaner that has been used does not have enough disinfectant power, even becomes a place of microorganism growth so the risk of infection increases. The study aims to identify the bacterial isolates...
Proceedings Article

Investment in Malaysia: Forecasting Fixed Deposit Using Time Series and Regression Analysis

Nuzlinda Abdul Rahman, Kevin Pang, Chen Yi Kit, Fauhatuz Zahroh Shaik Abdullah, Nur Sofiah Izani, Wan Muhamad Amir W. Ahmad
This paper studies Malaysian banking fixed deposit (FD) rates from 1997 to 2018 using time series and regression analysis. The FD rates is based on rates set by Bank Negara Malaysia. Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) is used to study the linear relationship between FD Rates and certain economic and financial...

Developing a Framework to Preserve the Intangible Culture and Heritage in the Endemic Era Using Motion Capture as Capturing Tools

Zaini Kamarol Zaman
In this paper, the researcher addresses on developing the framework of preserving the intangible cultural movement that designed as digital preservation. It draws importance of the process of pre production, ethic reviews, and preparation before the cultural movement recording process. The researcher...

Dehumanization of Education in Indonesia

Danu Eko Agustinova, Hieronymus Purwanta, Sariyatun, Leo Agung Sutimin
Education dehumanization occurs when the implementation of education has obscured human values. National education at this time also does not reflect the face of humanist education following the mandate of the 1945 Constitution. The practice of providing education in Indonesia starts from a policy pattern...

Development of Scientific Inquiry Activities for Junior High School Students Using Creation of Quadrupedal Passive Walking Paper Toys

Konomi Furuta, Yasuhiro Matsunaga
In this study, as the development of scientific inquiry activities using the passive walking toy, we focus on the verification through practice of scientific inquiry activities for junior high school students. In recent years, global issues are piling up and becoming more serious year by year, and the...

The Student Health Literacy Using Teaching Materials in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Endang Widi Winarni, Irwan Koto
The study aims to describe learning activities and health literacy for students using science teaching materials with STEAM. Classroom Action Research was carried out in three cycles for Master Program in Elementary School Teacher Education students, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, University...

Research on University Participatory Landscape Environmental Behavior Patterns

Jin Xia, Yu-Meng Xie
By analyzing the environmental behavior of green spaces between the academic buildings of Xiamen University of Technology, this study finds problems in the university landscape environment including unclear spatial function, incomplete recreational facilities, low spatial utilization, lack of interaction...
Proceedings Article

Alkaline Pretreatment Optimization of Tobacco Stalks for Bioethanol Production

Bekti Palupi, Diana Fitriati, Devadha Halida Vinkarisma, Boy Arief Fachri, Istiqomah Rahmawati, Meta Fitri Rizkiana, Helda Wika Amini
The sustainable biomass production of fuels, chemicals, and other commercial products from lignocellulosic materials has received widespread attention. One of the potential biomass resources to be developed into biofuels is tobacco stalks. Production of tobacco plants in East Java Province was 84,100...

EFL Students’ Perceptions and Challenges of Computer-Mediated Collaborative Writing in Academic Writing Courses at Van Lang University

Pham Manh Tri, Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, Cao Thi Xuan Tu
The aim of the research is to discover the challenges regarding computer-mediated collaborative writing (CMCW) EFL learners encounter in academic writing courses and investigate their perceptions about CMCW activities via online applications. The researchers used qualitative and quantitative methods...

Technical Analysis of Chinese Men’s Basketball 3X3 Defeat in Tokyo Olympic Games Based on Statistical Analysis of Internet Data

Honghe Lou, Hui Li, Xianfeng Huang, Hu Zhou
Using the methods of video analysis and mathematical analysis, the data of the men’s 3X3 basketball match in Tokyo Olympic Games between China and Serbia, Russia, Latvia, the Netherlands and Japan were statistically analyzed, and the factors of China’s failure were discussed. The results show that the...

Anthropology Of Lifestyle Choices And The Making Of Ecocide

Madhuri Meelee
It is established that a surge in urbanization and population has created an adverse impact on the environment. Technological advancements have resulted in a paradigm shift in our lifestyle, typically, towards fast-paced. Certain technologies have become indispensable especially personal and communication...

The role of psychological capital (psycap) in strengthening family resilience post-pandemic

Muh. Anwar Fu’ady, Sali Rahadi Asih, Sri Redatin Retno Pudjiati
WHO has lifted the pandemic emergency status, where the pandemic has affected family conditions around the world. Currently, research on post-pandemic family resilience is limited and not widely known. Due to changes in habits and new life arrangements, family resilience is needed to face various threats...

Practicality of Using Kinemaster-Based Learning Videos in Islamic Education Lessons

Asmendri Asmendri, Annisaul Khairat, Fauzia Wulandari, Yanti Elvita, Adripen Adripen, Jamilus Jamilus, Yasril Yasril, Alwis Alwis, Milya Sari, Afnibar
This study aims to determine the validity and practicality of kinemaster-based learning videos. This research method is research and development (R&D) using the 4D model with four stages, namely: (1) Define, (2) Design, (3) Develop, (4) Disseminate. At the define stage, interviews were conducted...

The Influence of Auditory Marketing on Consumers’ Purchase Intention Under e-Commerce Model

Xiangyun Chen
With the rapid development of the Internet economy in China, e-commerce in China is also growing and changing, and more and more consumers are shifting their shopping locations from offline to online. The increasingly better living environment has made impulse buying common, attracting the attention...

The Implementation of Team Assisted Individualization Model Integrated with Mathematics Project Learning

Fidelia Vidijanti
This study aims to answer the problems teachers often face in teaching comparative trigonometry subjects by applying the Team Assisted Individualization Method based on Mathematics Project Learning in the first-grade students of science class at Frater Senior High School Makassar. This research used...
Conference Abstract


Francesca Battista*, Giacomo Pucci, Elena Bartoloni Bocci, Francesca Cannarile, Alessia Alunno, Fabio Anastasio, Roberto Gerli, Giuseppe Schillaci
Pages: 34 - 34
Background: Although a few studies have suggested an alteration in aortic stiffness in patients with systemic sclerosis (SS), a disease characterized by immunological and microvascular changes and by tissue fibrosis, the functional properties of the large arteries have been understudied in SS. Methods:...

Factors Affecting Human Resource Accounting Disclosures of Banking Companies in Indonesia

Ratna Purnama Sari, Berliana Dewi Sri Widodo
Human resource accounting is a kind of measurement and statement from recruitment, hired, trained and development cost happened in a company. The disclosure of human resource accounting needs 16 mandatory factors must be fulfill by company. The higher number of factors can be fulfilled, the better the...

Mapping the Potential for Digitalization of Coffee Marketing Based on Forest Village Community Institutions (LMDH) and Green Economy in Bandung Regency

Amanna Dzikrillah Lazuardini Luqman Hakim, Fitrina Lestari, Pathmi Noerhatini, Gilang Aditya Pratama
Digital transformation is a change in how a job is handled by using information technology to gain efficiency and effectiveness, and it also includes the adoption and integration of various new information and communication technologies for the completion of sustainable solutions. This process also involves...

Developing Academic Based Tourism in the World in the 2020s: Historical Dimension and Perspectives

Larisa Mikhaylova
Importance of academic tourism for national economies receives a growing recognition in European countries. But in long-perspective its influence will become greater still, especially as students, who participated in higher education mobility eventually will be acquiring positions of more responsibility...

Assessment of the Comfort Level of Cilegon City Communities Based on Surface Temperature, Vegetation Density, and Built-Up Land

Yuni Fitriani, Hamim Zaky Hadibasyir, Vidya Nadhiyatul Fikriyah, Mohd Hairy Ibrahim
Cilegon’s appeal as an industrial city is heavily influenced by urbanization. The most important impact of urbanization is the increasing need for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, resulting in the rapid conversion of green land into built-up land. Reduced vegetated areas that function...

Measurement and Evaluation of Provincial Digital Economy Development Efficiency

Jianhua Zhang, Mitian Ma
In this paper, an evaluation index system of digital economy is constructed from the perspective of input-output, and the entropy weight TOPSIS method is used to comprehensively calculate the development level of digital economy in China’s provinces from 2015 to 2019. On this basis, BCC-DEA model and...

Exploring Education Students Developing Teaching Materials and Teaching Skills to Prepare for Practice

Seli Septiana Pratiwi, Joan Hesti Gita Purwasih, Alan Sigit Fibrianto, Desy Santi Rozakiyah
The study examines the correlation between the ability of students majoring in education to develop teaching materials and the ability to practice teaching. There is a close relationship between teaching tools and teaching practices that need to be mastered by students majoring in education. Students...

Donyane Pelanyah in Modern Javanese Poetry (Guritan) an Analysis with Semiotic Approach

Ucik Fuadhiyah, Andrik Purwasito, Wakit Abdullah, Teguh Supriyanto
This study aims to reveal the urgency and reality of the life of donyane pelanyah (the world of prostitution) who are expressed and appear in modern Javanese poetry texts (guritan) as a form of literary work and a product of society’s culture. The poems that will be discussed are poems entitled “Balada...

The Determinants of Consumer Trust in Digital Banking Transaction Services: A Case Study of Livin’ by Mandiri Users in Gen Z

Astrie Krisnawati, Annisa Aulia Rahmani
There is a high potential for digital use, which the Z generation group dominates. Changes in people’s behavior encourage the digitization of mobile banking digital transaction services. However, there is also the risk of fraud due to these changes, so service providers and regulators must pay attention...

Analysis of the Effect of Debt to Equity Ratio, Current Ratio, Total Asset Turnover, Net Profit Margin & Gross Profit Margin on Profit Growth

Heliani, Elita Melani, Siti Hasna Fadhilah, Taofik M. Gumelar
This study aims to examine the financial ratios that affect profit growth in textile and garment sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for the 2016–2020 period. In this study, the authors use 6 (six) variables, where the dependent variable is profit growth (Y), then the independent...

Risk Analysis for Passenger of Online Motorcycle Public Transportation in The City of Jakarta

Achmad Sudiyar Dalimunthe, Muhammad Ihsan, Rukaesih Achmad Maolani, Dwi Haryanto
Traffic congestion encourages the need for fast, safe and inexpensive means of transportation for the community. The COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted many people in need of work to support themselves and their families. Being a driver of online motorcycle public transportation (ojol) is an alternative...
Conference Abstract


Raimundo Jenner, Luiz Bortolotto*, Valéria Costa-Hong, Silvia Souza, Sandra Teixeira, Heno Lopes, Geraldo Lorenzi, Eduardo Krieger, Luciano Drager
Pages: 34 - 34
Introduction: In men with hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is associated with increased arterial stiffness. However, it is not clear if the impact of OSA on patients with hypertension is similar in women. Methods: We recruited consecutive patients with established diagnosis of hypertension...

Javanese Nick Name System

I Dewa Putu Wijana
This paper aims at describing nick names used in the Javanese community. The research is focused on types of relationships between the nick names and the real names or the physical, mental, and behavioural characteristics of the person they refer to, various referents and their possible relations with...
Conference Abstract


Giacomo Pucci*, Francesca Battista, Elena Bartoloni Bocci, Fabio Anastasio, Mariano Crapa, Leandro Sanesi, Roberto Gerli, Giuseppe Schillaci
Pages: 34 - 34
Hypothesis: increased arterial stiffness has been reported in subjects with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) compared with healthy controls. In SLE, indexes of organ damage are related to a poor clinical status and worse prognosis independently from the activity of the disease. Data are controversial...