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Rural community health service system construction situation in Jilin Province

Yafeng Zhou
Considering the rural community construction condition of Jilin Province, this paper analyses and introduces the resource conditions of rural community health service system in Jilin Province, reveals the problems existing in the rural community health service system and find the reasons, introduces...

A Microscopic Simulation Method to Calculate the Capacity of Railway Station

Juntao Han, Yixiang Yue, Leishan Zhou
This paper introduces a microscopic simulation based method to analyze and calculate carrying capacity of railway stations. Due to the random disturbance of train operations in station area, an analytical stochastic model of train delay and operation time is proposed, which considers the stochastic variations...
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Research Status of Tissue Engineering of Endovascular Stent and Spring Ring

Qiang Sun, Jiang Yuan, Lei Zeng
Tissue engineering in cerebral vessels refers to fusion of bioengineering, cytobiology, molecular biology and traditional endovascular treatment technology. This technology takes spring ring and stent as mechanical carrier and takes biodegradable material or virus as biological carrier, and carries in-vitro...

Analysis on the KPI and SWOT Analytical Method and the Application on Enterprise Organization Research

Yuanyuan Pan
This paper is mainly about analysis on the KPI and the SWOT analytical method and the application on enterprise organization research. Enterprise organization is along with the social development and dynamic change. Enterprise based on the hierarchical organizational structure which is gradually rigid...
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High Grade Highway Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Optimization Evaluation

Hongli Zhao, Guangyu Zhou, Shengbing Du
Starting from the existing evaluation system of asphalt pavement, single evaluation index and the comprehensive evaluation index are evaluated respectively. Based on engineering examples, this paper puts forward that the weighted geometric mean generation is to optimize the existing weighted arithmetic...
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Network Security Situation Analysis of Weighted Neural Network with Association Rules Mining

Jie Du, Hongna Luo
In order to assess reliability of polymorphic wireless sensor networks, specific to characteristics of communication delays, imperfect cover (IPC) and common cause failure (CCF) which are different from general network, a reliability evaluation model of multistate WSN is constructed, which simultaneously...
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Research on Jiangxi City Tourism Competitiveness based on Comprehensive Fuzzy Evaluation Method

Rulian Wu, Shanmei Xiong, Yebiao Liu
Accelerating the Jiangxi Province tourism construction has great significance on social and economic development of Jiangxi. As insufficient in current evaluation system of tourism competitiveness system and lack of tourism province evaluation index system and method of academic research, this study...
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Distribution and accumulation of heavy metals in some tissues of three endemic wild fish species in Dianchi Lake, China

Xiangqi Meng, Qiang Li, Dong Ren, Yang Liu, Bin Huang, Xuejun Pan
The present paper dealt with the concentrations and bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Pb, Zn, Cu, Cd, Cr) in three endemic wild fish in Dianchi Lake, China. The mean concentration in fish organ tissues (head, scale and skin) does not have an obvious ordering. This showed that the metal concentrations...

Innovation Policy of A Regional Paper in Semarang, Indonesia

Sunarto, Adi Nugroho, Heni Indrayana, Agus Toto
The future of regional newspapers in Indonesia are not good enough economically. Competition between regional papers themselves and the encouraging of communication technology are among problems that be faced by the papers. How do the papers solve the problem to support their economical life in the future...

How to Deserve People's Trust - On Nonfictional Story of Special Music School Establishment

Alexander Yakoupov
The artists' trust to a manager is one of the most important conditions for the development of a creative organization (institution). The presence of trust as a factor largely determines the success of the work of an organization in its reform and improvement of individual structures. Trustful relations...

Research on the Evaluation of China's Regional Industrial Green Transformation Development Ability

Xiao-Song Ren, Tian-Mei Sun
Through the construction of the evaluation index system of regional industrial green transformation and development ability, the entropy model is used to analyze the industrial green transformation and development ability in 30 provinces in China in 2014, and it is found that the industrial green transformation...

The Curriculum Construction of "Biogas Production Engineering" Aimed to the Innovative Talent Cultivation

Xinyuan Liu, Nan Wu, Dengchao Jin, Lei Yang
In this paper, the course construction of "Biogas Production Engineering" in the course system of New Energy Science and Engineering specialty featured with biomass energy development and utilization is discussed. In order to promote the innovative talent training, the classroom teaching, the experiment...
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Derivation of Rotational Transformation Matrices via Rotational Invariant

Xiao-Ping Qin, Peng Li, Gang Su, Ling-Mei Cong
We derive the space rotational transformation matrices under two assumptions: the invariance of vector length and the allowance of infinitesimal rotation. The derivation is simple and concise by using trigonometric functions and the result is compared with previous studies. The method can be further...

Practical Research on Blended Learning Based on WeChat Public Platform

Liangtao Yang
With the development of the "Internet + education", mobile learning with its unique way is leading a huge change in digital learning. Social software, such as smart phones and tablet computers, has gradually affected all aspects of people's lives and studies, especially the emergence of WeChat public...

Alternative Models in Mangrove Management based Ecopreneurship in Preserving the Mangrove Forests

Risma Haris, Andi Muh. Taufik Ali, Andi Farida Arsal
Research is done in the area of the nature reserve Bay of Apar, Tanjung Harapan, district Paser, East Kalimantan. The purpose of this research is to design an alternative model of the management of mangrove based - Ecopreneurship that suitable for the fishpond farmers in the area of the nature reserve...

Pedagogical Conditions Necessary for Training Teachers to Manage the Development of Intellectually Gifted Students

G. R. Eremeeva, R. R. Bikbulatov, A. R. Baranova
The problem relevance under study is caused by need of developing the teachers who work with intellectually gifted students in the conditions of continuing professional education. The purpose of the article is to reveal pedagogical conditions, connected with inclusion of teachers in an enriched creative...

Spiritual Moral Leadership of Head Ece in Improving Character Learning Through Outing Program

Imron Arifin
Early childhood education is a fundamental educational process. This study aims to find out how the spiritual leadership of the spiritual head ECE in improving character learning through outing program. This research uses a qualitative approach, with case study design. Techniques of collecting data using...
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Neurologic Deficit Factors To Stroke Ischemic Patient's In Ulin General Hospital Banjarmasin

Bagus Rahmat Santoso, Hikmah Hasanah Nur Aulia, Yeni Mulyani
Objective: To analyze factors related with neurologic deficits to patients with ischemic stroke in Seruni Central of Ulin Hospital Banjarmasin.Methods: Analytical observational study with cross sectional approach, population and sample were outpatient ischemic stroke in Ulin Hospital. Taken sampling...

Theoretical Review on Leaping Development of Regional Economies

Meiling Liu, Runde Lu
As a mode of economic development, leaping development has attracted close attention from the government, academia and the business community. Based on the origin, concept, condition, mechanism and influencing factors of the leaping development of regional economy, the article collected, collated and...
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A DFT sight of oxygen and carbon monoxide coadsorption on Pt-alloy surfaces

Wahyu Tri Cahyanto, Wahyu Widanarto, Hideaki Kasai
Coadsorption of oxygen (O) and carbon monoxide (CO) on Platinum-alloy (Pt-alloy) surfaces is investigated by using density functional theory (DFT). Simultaneous coadsorption and alloying are considered in order to get more realistic picture of the electrode condition, i.e., in relation with surface CO...

Study on Depth Fusion Practice Mechanism between Enterprises and Colleges in Interior Interior design Specialty

Yi Wu, Jie Tan
Practice teaching plays a crucial role in cultivating applied talents in higher schools, in view of the problems about the practice teaching pattern is single, the effect was not significant, and the shortage of practice education resources in current higher schools, this paper analyzes the necessity...
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Adaptive Data Mining Algorithm under the Massive Data

Weijian Mo
In order to solve the problem that Network Reduced accuracy and poor convergence in the existing neural network, which because sample large volumes of data and target data-independent. In response to this phenomenon, this paper put forward a data mining based on compensatory fuzzy neural network. It...
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The Spatial Analysis of Monastery on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Zhuoma CaiJi, Guo Luo, Dayuan Xue, Yuhuan Du
The spatial analysis of Tibetan Buddhist monastery is an underrepresented area of research on ecological environment in China. In this article, we use the 1987, 1997, 2007 remote sensing data, DEM and field survey material, and research on the characteristics of spatial distribution of 66 monasteries...
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UX Scenario Development based on Chatting UI for IoT Home Appliances

Jung Eui-Chul, Min Kyungbo
Recently, many smart and network features are incorporated into electronic home appliances. As home appliances have becoming IoT products, usability issues are increasing because every home appliance has different platform and functionality. This research aims 1) to examine why the chatting-based UI...
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Case Study of Environmental Impact Analysis for Railroad Construction Project by Using Life Cycle Assessment Method

Woo-Sung Jung, Jae-Young Lee, Youngmin Cho, Tae-Soon Kwon
LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method was applied to a line of Korean High-speed Railroad construction site in this study. The portion of environment was larger with this investigated site than other sites. Detailed design specification and event breakdown system construction cost analysis program was used...
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A Genetic Search Algorithm for Linear-Phase Filter Banks

Chen Li
A genetic algorithm is presented for searching optimization parameters in the factorization matrices in linear-phase filter banks. The genetic algorithm is combined with the simplex algorithm to accelerate the design process. The newly algorithm alleviates the problem of being trapped in local minimums,...
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Data Discretization Process Of Health Management System

Xiaokang Tang, Xuezhi Zhang, Qiong Zou, Cun Xie
The algorithm of attribute reduction based on discernibility matrix is advanced. The advanced algorithm uses the dependence of decision attribute to condition attribute as heuristic information. The advanced algorithm can debase the complexity of discernibility matrix constructing effectively. The value...

Exploration and Practice on Application of "Double-tutor System" Team Construction in Graduate Education

Wanchun Zhao, Jihong Zhang, Shibin Li, Tingting Wang
For a long time, "theory" training model of graduate education in closed condition lacks of practice and innovation ability, resulting in the graduates cannot get into character of enterprise, and seriously separate with the demand of society and enterprise. Combined with training mechanism of graduate...

Health Workers’ Work-to-Family Conflict: The Separate and Joint Effects of Workload and Emotion-rule Dissonance

Xinhui Jiang, Siyu Tian, Yiheng Xi
Health workers are highly risky population of work-to-family conflict (abbreviated as WFC here after). This study tested how workload and emotion-rule dissonance associate with health workers’WFC using survey data of a large sample which consists of 2763 doctors and nurses from140 hospitals in China....
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The permeation action of gases coolant and lubricant in cutting zone

Y. Zhang, L. Han, Q. Li, L.P. Dong, Y.Q. Ma
The gases of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide were employed as coolant and lubricant in metal cutting. Therefore, the smaller kinetic diameter of gas, leads to the lower cutting forces and deformation coefficient. A conical capillary model is proposed, based on the experimental results and...
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Study on the Methods of Ultrasonic Testing for the Cracks in Concrete

Dong Xiang, Lixia Zhou, Ye qing Ma
The cracks existing in the concrete components have a strong impact on the safety of their structures. Ultrasonic testing is an effective non-destructive testing method for fast excluding surface and internal defects of concrete in construction engineering. The concrete specimens were tested by the calculation...
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Chinese Text Classification Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Xin Luo
It's significance for us to study Chinese Text Classification, when we face so much dynamic information. The development of Text Classification has a close connection with Pattern Recognition. However, some peculiarity of Chinese Text Classification, such as it has many classes, much noise, and excessive...
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Efficiency and Stability of Capacitance of the PV System

Guozhong Zhou, Yan Cui
The output of the PV array capacitance change influence the output efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system. The study of the circuit is a stand-alone photovoltaic power generation system, theoretical analysis and simulation results can be well combined with the PV array output suggests adding...
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Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses in Thermal Barrier Coating Due to Thermal Mismatch

Yumei Bai
A plane strain geometrical model of thermal barrier coating (TBC) is established in order to investigate the distributed characters of maximal stresses in ceramic and interfacial ones. The effects of temperature and ceramic thickness on stresses are also studied. The results show that the stress in ceramic...

Research and Discussion on the Management System of Teaching Quality in Local Universities

Feng Gao, Qinghong Qu
The teaching quality management is an important guarantee to improve the teaching quality of local colleges and universities. It is the focus of the current study how to improve the level of the teaching quality management as well as the key to the teaching reform of local colleges and universities....
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A Scheme of Multi-path Adaptive Load Balancing in MANETs

Yang Tao, Guochi Lin
The majority of multi-path routing schemes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) does not consider the traffic distribution and load balancing routing performance, increasing network overhead, excessive energy consumption and other issues. We propose a scheme to achieve load balancing when the topology changes...

A Simple Analysis of the "Departmental benefits" Problem with Administrative System Reform in China

Chenyuan Weng
In the process of accelerating management system reform, the existence of the "departmental benefits" problem severely impedes the process of reform and provides soil for the survival of corruption behaviors, which not only hinders the construction of public administration system, but also brings resistance...

Reorientation and Renewal of Indonesia Economy Education Curriculum Paradigm based on Creative Economy, Character Education and Local Cultural Values

Moch Noviadi Nugroho
The shift of development paradigm, which initially rests on the power of natural resources based, then changed to rely on the strength of human resources based or commonly also called knowledge-based economy. Creative economy is an economic era that intensifies information and creativity by relying on...
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A Probability PPV Model for Social Network Influence Maximization Problem

Yunjia Ge, Dong Wang
For Influence Maximization(IM) problem based on social network, effective and personalized probability learning method was still not theoretical guaranteed. In this paper, we proposed a PPV probability model based on IM problem, which effectively learnt influence probabilities and personal-ized influence...
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Research on the Development Law of Carbonate Reservoir Cracks in Niuxintuo west Oilfield

Shu-xia Wang
For the geological characteristics of carbonate reservoirs in West Niuxintuo Oilfield, using core description, well logging fracture identification,3DMOVE fracture prediction and other new technology, the inside story of carbonate reservoir is found out under the guidance of geology, well logging, petrology...

The Effects of Marketing Mix to Buying Interest and Their Implication toward the Decision of Choosing Private Higher Education

Oyon Saryono, Nana Darna, Mujaddid Faruk
the upcoming implementation of ASEAN Economic Community is predicted to generate new trend of competition among educational institutions in Indonesia. The growth of private higher education has significantly increased since the issuance of UU No. 22 of 19

Dried Spice Technology Improves Effeciency in the Hospitality Industry

Yuviani Kusumawardhani, Sjukriana Juke, Aryanti Ratri
National food industry has big contribute to the economic growth in Indonesia. In the first quarter of 2015, the growth of the national food industry reached 8.16%. Indonesian traditional food which is famous in the international are rendang, gado-gado, skewers, meatballs, Soto Betawi, and many more....

Propertology as An Educational Discipline: Is It in Demand by Modern Universities

Andrey Orekhov, Aleksey Neugodnikov
Actual research in the social sciences requires the establishment of the new interdisciplinary areas which may also include propertology—interdisciplinary research dedicated to property. The sections of propertology are a philosophy of property, an economy of property, sociology of property, a right...
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The Research on Present Status of Straw Ash as High Performance Concrete Admixture

Zhengjun WANG, Qinghui LAI, Kang HAO
With wide application of the high performance concrete in Engineering, the research and application of high performance concrete admixture are attaching more and more attention by researchers. Although researches are more mature on the aspects of fly ash, slag, silica fume and other non-biological materials,...
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A Novel Hand Gesture Tracking Algorithm Fusing Camshift and Particle Filter

M.H. Yao, Q.L. Gu, X.B. Wang, W.X. He, Q. Shen
This paper proposes an algorithm fusing the Particle Filter and Camshift for improving tracking performance. The algorithm creates a dynamic model which integrates the information of color and motion, uses Camshift to optimize the state of particles and embeds Camshift into Particle Filter. The experimental...
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The Vacancy-hardening Properties in Water-quenched Fe-Al Alloys

Z.C. Zhou, J. Du, Y.K. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, S.Y. Gu
Fe-Al alloys with different Al contents were prepared with commercially pure Fe and Al in a vacuum induction furnace. The hardness of the Fe-Al alloys with different Al content and heat treatments was measured using a Vickers-hardness tester of HVS-5, applying a load of 9.8 N and keeping for 8 s. In...

The Research on Soldier’s Personalized Learning Based on improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Dong Li, Huqiang Wang
Confronting the situation of uneven educational background, knowledge comprehension and master speed of soldiers, stereotype education system of soldier’s occupational skill no longer adapts the demand of network era development and informational military construction. The paper puts forward to the tactic...
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Technical Research of Crane Reliability Control Based on Neural Network

Yu Janli, Zhou Ruifang, Wu Zhifei
This paper study control problems of tower crane operational reliablity. Observational variables of crane running status are employed as input vectors, status codes of reliablity are employed as output vectors, on-line neural network model is set to monitor tower reliablity of crane running status. Cross...

Exploration and Practice of Introductory Curriculum on Mechanical Engineering

Xiao-Gui Zhang, Jun-Jie Xiao
The introductory of mechanical engineering is a new opened elective course mechanical in the engineering major. It plays a positive role in guiding students to understand the major itself, the development of it and the future employment prospects, improving the students' interest in learning, cultivating...
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Exploring the effect of ICT solutions on GHG emissions in 2030

Jens Malmodin, Pernilla Bergmark
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are expected to have a great potential to reduce the GHG emissions across society, however limited data on actual reductions have been published so far. Based on available data on real GHG emission reductions realized by different ICT solutions, this paper...