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Touchable Animation: Touching the Sound in Expanded Animation

Bharoto Yekti, Rangga Winantyo
Motion, visuals, and sound constitute the primary attractions in the realms of film and animation. Experimental artists leverage abstract imagery and sound in their animations to convey their emotions. However, the motion depicted on a two-dimensional screen limits the full embodiment of the viewer’s...
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Empirical Competitive Analysis for the Online Assignment Problem with ML Predictions

Clarence Gabriel R. Kasilag, Pollux M. Rey, Jhoirene B. Clemente
The online assignment problem, also known as the onlineweighted bipartite matching, produces the smallest weight perfect matching given a complete bipartite graph. The problem is a variant where one part of the graph is known in advance, while the other part is revealed one vertex at a time. Moreover,...

Social Media, Public Participation, and Digital Diplomacy

Ari Darmastuti, Astiwi Inayah, Khairunnisa Simbolon, Moh. Nizar
Social media may have roles in improving government performance in digital diplomacy, roles which may be performed by government or non-government actors. The success of Indonesia’s digital diplomacy may be achieved through public or community participation. This research put emphasis on public participation...

Addressing the Impact of Inappropriate Language in the Workplace: A Legal Perspective

Siti Marshita Mahyut, Angeline Yong Xiao Qi, Fiona Ling Xin Ni, Keith Tan Wen Yu, Por Huai Xuan
This article examines the impact of using terms like “dear” and “sayang” in the workplace as potential forms of sexual harassment. Analyzing relevant laws and decided cases, it highlights the implications of such language for power imbalances and gender inequality. The use of endearing terms can perpetuate...

On Characterization of Gompertz Distribution by Properties of Generalized Record Values

S. Minimol, P. Yageen Thomas
Pages: 38 - 45
In this chapter, we derive some recurrence relations satisfied by single and product moments of generalized record values arising from Gompertz and inverted Gompertz distributions. Further, we have obtained characterization of Gompertz and inverted Gompertz distributions based on certain properties of...

Economic Fluctuations and Insurance Industry Crisis: the History, Status Quo and the Future

Zhenhua Guo
Pages: 38 - 46
The healthy development of insurance industry influenced the stability of country's financial system. In recent years, the insurance industry has developed rapidly in China, but also hid the huge risks in it. As the economic growth rate slow down, China’s insurance industry may also encounter with crisis...

An Improved Ranking Strategy for Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making

Zhanhong Hu, Zichun Chen, Zheng Pei, Xinzi Ma, Wei Liu
Pages: 38 - 46
In this paper, we develop an improved ranking strategy for fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making. First, we introduce a method for multiple attribute group decision making and show that method can not choose the best alternative, when S() = 0 and . We define then a k-order deviation of the fuzzy...

On Some New Results of Poverty Orderings and Their Applications

Mervat Mahdy
Pages: 38 - 52
The paper proposes to derive some new poverty indices which depend on aging classes. We also give some properties of it and show the connection between economic measure and new poverty measures these based on the concept of reversed residual incomes. In addition, the characterization of Pareto distribution...

Fractal and Chaotic Solutions of the Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in Classical and Quantum Systems

H.S. Dhillon, F.V. Kusmartsev, K.E. Kürten
Pages: 38 - 49
We discuss stationary solutions of the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation (DNSE) with a potential of the 4 type which is generically applicable to several quantum spin, electron and classical lattice systems. We show that there may arise chaotic spatial structures in the form of incommensurate or...

Writing with Word Limits: A Review

Dadang Rhubido, Kisyani Laksono, Mintowati, Suhartono, Hespi Septiana, Raras Tyasnurita
Writing is one form of literacy foundation. This study aims to describe the type of writing based on words limits (the number of words). The word limit is essential for writers. When you need to summarize a text with a limited number of words, your key points will be more straightforward. As a result,...

Study on Home Buyers’ Preference for Urban Residence Greening Environment Under Different Psychological Pressure States

Shize Zhang
At present, the research on the relationship between urban environmental characteristics and psychological pain has many problems, such as single object, unknown mechanism and unknown causal direction. This paper makes a breakthrough to the limitations of existing research by studying the expectation...

Violence as a Response for Illness: Exploring Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Eka Kurniawan’s Seperti Dendam Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas

Anwar B. Arifin, Manneke Budiman
Violence has always been a topic brimming with endless discussions and controversies. The notion of violence itself has always been considered as something irrational to the human mind and animalistic to the human behavior. However, this overgeneralization towards violence ignores the complexity of violence....

Grammatical Cohesion in Moh. Sanoesi’s Siti Rayati

Ainun Aulia Putri, Yayat Sudaryat
This paper was aimed at examining the grammatical cohesion in the novel of Siti Rayati by Moh Sanoesi. This research was descriptive qualitative, and the data were collected by using the documentation study technique and processed using direct element analysis techniques (Immediate Constituent Analysis)....
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Clustering Balinese Script Image in Palm Leaf Using Hierarchical K-Means Algorithm

Anastasia Rita Widiarti, C. Kuntoro Adi
This paper proposes a combination approach of clustering, a hierarchical clustering to group similar characters of Balinese Lontar script; followed by k-means clustering as a way to identify the group to find-out the right label for members of the group. Based on the optimal value of the silhouette coefficient,...
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Utilization of Remote Sensing Technology for Flood Distribution in Palembang City Web-based

Indrayani Indrayani, Andi Herius, Akhmad Mirza, Arfan Hasan
Construction that continues to be carried out in the city of Palembang, will result in changes to existing land use, more and more swamp areas are stockpiled to build buildings on them, this can certainly have an impact on the reduction of water catchment areas, with the result that when it rains it...

Parsing the Hand Gesture of Traffic Police Officers by Using OpenPose

Maogen Fu
Nowadays, as self-driving cars become more and more popular, more features should be added to the whole function of self-driving cars. One of them should be the ability to parse the hand gestures of traffic police officers. To fully bring self-driving cars to reality, such a feature should be discussed...

Study on Individual Differences and Preferred Behaviors of High School Students’ Clothing

A Case Study of the Comparison between Chinese and Canadian

Shujia Tong, Bohan Yang, Hanya Zhang
Three high school students living in different places absorb a variety of different cultures, which enlightens us about what individual differences lead to differences in high school students and some preferences and behaviors about clothing styles. Previous research has primarily compared consumers...

Research on the Construction of Public Service System of Community Sports in China

Hao Cui
Community sports have developed very rapid in recent years. The public service system of community sports plays an important role in the process of the construction of a sports power. However, due to the constraints of time and experience, the construction of public service system of community sports...
Proceedings Article

Recent Progress in High Shear Wet Granulation Process

Ning Zhou, Liangshan Ming, Kai Li, Xiao Cheng, Zhe Li
High shear wet granulation is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, however it is still difficult to predict the results of granulation and explain the relevant results. The paper reviews the three key processes in high shear granulation: wetting and nucleation, consolidation and growth, and breakage...

The Emotion Analysis during Oil Painting Creation Process

Ying Xu
In this paper, the author analyzes and organizes the psychological expression during the creation process based on the author's own experience. The style, the content, and the success and failure of art works are determined by the psychological state of the painters. Creation is neither the monotonous...
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Hybrid TDOA/AOA Localization Algorithm in Non-line-of-sight Environments

Rongpei Ni, Hui Xiong, Luning Xu, Yanchun Xie
In reality, Non-line-of-sight(NLOS) error is the major factor which influences the positioning accuracy. NLOS identification and correction are the major techniques of reducing the positioning error. In this paper, we investigate the NLOS propagation identification and correction for time difference...

The Mechanism and Development Strategies of CTGU Teaching Supervision-The College of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Case

Jiuyan Zhou
In order to supervise the supervisors to position their role, to carry out the function more effectively, and to help teachers promote teaching level, and scientific research and teaching reform, in this paper, a systematic analysis method, operation of external study from a teaching mechanism and external...

Research Review on the Influence of Financing Constraints on Enterprises' Investment Efficiency

Yu Bai
Investment activity is the most important financial activity of an enterprise, the investment efficiency of an enterprise even affects its survival, enterprise's financing capability brings dynamic source for its investment. However, because of the existence of agency problems and information asymmetry,...

Moral Concepts of Modern Business Processes

Irina Lyskova
The article is devoted to the main ethical problems of modern organizations. It suggests the characteristic features of conceptual basis of forming ethical culture of business processes, and it emphasizes the significance of personal ethical culture in the aspect of business ethics, organizational behavior,...

Influence of the literati aesthetic taste of Art

Haiyan Zhang
The Song dynasty is the period in which thelevel of arts and crafts is relatively perfect, since the Song dynasty, Chinese people gradually formed such an aesthetic standard: "The peep of lotus flower" (freshly and beautifully) is much better than "The gorgeously wrought". It is the Song dynasty when...
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Implementation of LZW Data Lossless Compression Algorithm Based on VB

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Qingfei Yuan
The first analysis of this paper i chooses the LZW compression algorithm for data compression, it is the basic principle adopted a series of advanced compression table, and compressed file only digital storage, rather than storing strings to achieve the purpose of data compression. In this paper, VB...
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Design and realization visible light communication transmitter circuit

Shuai Liu, Gang Cheng, Yuming Zhu, Xiao Wang
In this paper, the front-end transmit visible light communication circuit design are discussed. The first part focuses on the design of visible light emission circuit in response to the high speed, low power consumption characteristics of the LED light source to do a consideration, based on the detection...
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A Feature Similarity-Based Multi-Resolution Method for Image Registration

Zhihui Wang, Yuzhu Xie, Yuejiao Fan, Wenbo Xu, Qila Sa, Jinlin Li
We present a method to automatically register images based on feature similarity and image decomposing by multiple wavelet-transform. We use GHM multi-wavelet to decompose the image, then use mean-shift image segmentation algorithm to extract the image feature. We serve the regional features as matching...
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Cultivation of College Students' English Communication Competence

Dongmei Sheng
The aim of this study is to promote students' communication competence. It is thought to be the essential task in foreign language teaching. This paper presents communicative strategic competence training focusing on implicit training and most communication strategies. The writer describes the advantage...
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Structure of Environmental Friendly Traffic System

Chenggang Xu, Qianhui Xu
A green transportation system contains that the layout of the community and urban functions should be driven by the industrial layout. A number of sub-centers are established on the basis of the industrial set with larger production relation in the city, so that reduce the flow of population and traffic....
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Theory of boundaryless career and employability training in higher education

Zhiguo Liu, Guanghui Chen
In the present work, we introduced the theory, faced predicament and defects of traditional career, the theory and development of boundaryless career, as well as its enlightenment on employability training in colleges.
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The Discussion of Scientific Application of Psychological Consult Skills in Universities Ideological and Political Education

Yunxue Si, Pumin Cai
With the development of higher universities ideological and political education, the subjective position of educatee is becoming more and more valued and respected. If we put humanism principle into effect, the educator must make innovation in education ways and skills, establish the idea of people-oriented,...
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Application of Web and Multimodality to Linguistics Teaching

Yu Liu, Yan Ma
Kress pointed out the multimodality theory on the base of Halliday’s Functional System Grammar. Through the aid of web multimodality teaching method may increase the teaching result by stimulating students’ auditory sense, the visual sense by color, sound and many other symbolic sources.
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A Game Theory Analysis on Local Governments’ Competition for New Energy Industries

Xiaoming Qiu, Ying Wang
This paper analyzes the ongoing game scenario of local governments’ efforts in developing new energy industries under a tournament-type performance appraisal system and draws two conclusions on the basis of chicken game and first-price sealed auction. The two conclusions are: (1) local governments’ competition...
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Fuzzy Clustering Approach for Non-cooperative Behavior Detection in Consensus Reaching Processes

Ivan Palomares, Luis Martínez, Francisco Herrera
Consensus reaching processes in group decision making attempt to reach a mutual agreement amongst experts before making a common decision. Classical consensus models are focused on problems where few decision makers participate. However, new societal and technological trends may require a large number...
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Research on Disturbance of LED display of Large Urban Intersection Zone on Driver's Vision Based on Subjective Questionnaire

Rui Dang, Lan Wang, Lixiong Wang, Tingting Yu
With the continuous development of city construction process, a new type of media advertisement carrier outdoor LED display appears more and more in the city. It has many advantages that different from the traditional media, such as large area, bright color, dynamic change, high brightness, strong visual...
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Motivation and Emotions among Top Players in the Western Balkan Basketball Teams

Nenad Suzic, Slobodan Simovic
This study was conducted on the sample of 127 top level basketball players from 11 different teams in three countries from the Western Balkans. Two significant findings were found in this paper. The first one is consisted of six motivational variables (controlled motivation, autonomous motivation, external...
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Simulation Analysis of the Impact of Unbalanced Three-Phase Load on Distribution Transformer's Outlet Voltage

Zeyang Tang, Li Wan, Kan Cao, Yuze Rao, Junhui Xin, Kunpeng Zhou
In order to study the influence of unbalanced three-phase load on distribution transformer's outlet voltage, the ATP-EMTP simulation model has been built. Distribution transformer's outlet voltage under different load parameters has been researched. The simulation results show that active and reactive...

Research on Influence Factors of Carbon Emission Based on STIRPAT Model in Jilin Province

Xinwen Zhang, Wenjia Cao
A method was used to assess carbon emission to calculate the total carbon emission in Jilin Province in addition to describing. IPAT model and STIRPAT model were combined to confirm the main influence factors that affected carbon emission from three aspects, which were wealth per capita, population and...
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Preparation and Properties of Novel AEPs Containing Perfluorocyclobutyl and Triazole Unites

Lianjun Wang, Weiwei Ran, Ronglong Li, Shuanglan Yang
A series of a novel class of linear aromatic ether polymers (AEP) containing perfluorocyclobutyl and triazole unites were synthesized by click chemistry and their structures and properties that were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, GPC, TGA, DSC and WAXD. The results showed that these polymers exhibited...
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Review of the Modeling of Wind Power Generation

Junru Shan
Modeling of wind power plant is the basis for studying the influences that wind power has on electric power system. Based on the characteristics of wind power generation, this paper summarizes some common modeling methods, and puts forward the research prospects of wind power modeling.
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Overlapping Coefficient Correction for Multi-Wavelength Polarization Lidar

Hui Yang, Jiesong Ye, Yanfei Sun, Tiedong Wang, Feng Qing, Xuesong Zhao
Geometric overlapping coefficient is one of the key factors for the near distance signal processing in lidar detection field. Based on the geometric analysis of Mie-polarization lidar, three kinds of shape of the overlapping area of between the telescope field of view and the laser of an off-axis Mie-polarization...

Research on the Innovation Trend of Enterprise Management Mode

Chunlei Zhao
Modern management from the emphasis on the management of the matter to the importance of human management, from focusing on micro-management to the importance of environmental research strategic management, experienced from rational management to irrational management, and return to rational management...

Flipped Classroom Based on Micro Learning Resource in Experiment Teaching of Embedded System Design

Nan Ding, Yuxin Wang, Xiao Dong, Fan Wang
The teaching methods of Micro Learning Resource (MLR) and flipped classroom are used in this paper, combining the information professional "embedded system design" course and characteristics of its experimental teaching links, reform on experimental links supporting the course is carried out pertinently....
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The Evaluation of Parameter M in the Big M Method of Linear Programming

Zhenzhen Song
In the simplex method of linear programming, there is a big M method (the penalty factor method) for finding an initial feasible basis. The current textbooks of operations research only explain that the big M method is efficient when M is large enough, and never give precise evaluation to the parameter...
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Unified Control of Single-stage Z-source Grid-connected Photovoltaic System with Harmonics and Reactive Power Compensation

Jingwei Zhang, Honghua Wang, Chengliang Wang, Zhebei Wang, Wei Han, Rong Sun
Based on conventional single-stage grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) Z-source inverter, the unified control combining with harmonic and reactive power compensation is proposed. The grid harmonics and reactive current are measured while PV system outputting power. Then corresponding reactive power compensation...
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Hydrogen Storage in a Potential Well for Room-Temperature Applications

Jaehyun Bae, Yea-lee Lee, Jeongwoon Hwang, Dongwook Kim, Jong Hyun Jung, Seungwook Son, Jisoon Ihm
Hydrogen has a gravimetric energy density nearly 3 times that of gasoline, and yet does not emit carbon dioxide at all in burning. However, since hydrogen exists in a bulky gas form at ambient conditions, the problem in the safe and efficient storage of hydrogen is a serious obstacle to the commercial...
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NFC Tag Reading and Writing Application Based on Unity3D

Chuan-Hong Zhou, Wu-Xia Bai, Zhen-Yang Jiang, Kun Yao
NFC is a short-range communication of non-contact, combining NFC and smart phone in the field of mobile payments has broad application prospects. Unity3D is the most convenient and reliable software to realize cross-platform application transplant in the current field of game development. Unity3D-based...
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Chemical Fingerprint of Ginseng Medicinal Fungal Substance by High-performance Liquid Chromatography

Ye Qiu, Zhi-xin Yu, Lin Wang, Xiao-hui Sun, Kai Zhu
To control the quality of Ginseng medicinal fungal substance which is a new bidirectional compound fermentation of Ganoderma strains and Ginseng herbs, a simple and reliable method of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was developed for fingerprint analysis. The fingerprint of Ginseng medicinal...
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Thinking on the Application of Big-Data in Port Security Integration

Xuekun Sang, Jinying Huang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, big data technology as a hot technology to solve complex computing and software development in distributed application environment is gradually being adopted by all walks of life. Port as a water transport hub, also need to use big data technology in...