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Proceedings Article

Design of LED dot matrix hand writing display screen

Danping Lu
This paper introduces a design scheme of handwriting touch screen. In this scheme, the LED display is used as the display device, in addition special light pen, no additional parts required to achieve click, drag, handwritten Chinese character input and other operations in LED screen. The display uses...

The Effect of Vertical and Horizontal Trust on Voluntary Tax Compliance (An Experimental Study)

Ivonne Helena Putong, Arsono Laksmana, I Made Narsa
Every country, with a voluntary tax collection system, should consider the potential tax evasion. The economics of crime approach which is expected to increase tax compliance is still constrained by considerable amount of administrative costs. Trust-based regulation can reduce the social costs for taxpayers...
Proceedings Article

GIS-based study on the Bohai Strait cross-sea channel route scheme

Yu Li, Xiaodan Ha
The Bohai Strait cross-sea channel, an undersea tunnel, is proposed to connect Dalian, Liaoning province and Penglai, Shandong province. The construction of the Bohai Strait cross-sea channel project can restrict the important project of national development from a certain angle, and it is helpful to...

Musical and Motor Memory and Its Application in Vocal Practice

Elena Klimenko, Pyotr Glubokiy
The authors, being professors at Chair of Vocal Studies, the Russian State Specialized Academy of Art, discuss some principles of work and development of musical and motor memory and its application in vocal practice.
Proceedings Article

Application of PCA in Psychological Health and Assistance Program of Middle School Student

Feihua Qu
The ideas of psychological health and assistance program of middle school student, its services, benefits are introduced. At the same time, the authors tell what the primary components analysis (PCA) is and the advantages it has. On the basis of PCA model and the scores by the experts, the authors compute...

A Study on the Connotation and Path of the Ideological and Political Education into Daily Life of College Students in the Micro Era

Kun Wang, Jian-lei Qian
With the advent of the micro-era, the Ideological and Political Education into Daily Life of college students has brought about profound changes to the college students' life. At the same time, it should also be enriched with the proper connotation according to the change of life. The educators engaged...

Vulnerable or Powerful, Obedient or Resistant Character Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

Yanchun Zhang
As is known to all the play Romeo and Juliet has been studying by numerous scholars with lots of different results. Internationally and domestically, the paper aims to cite some scholars' insightful studies for themes of the play; focus will be on the character analysis of Romeo and Juliet. Based on...

Phenomenon of Injustice in Profit Sharing Ratio of Indonesia Islamic Banks' Mudarabah Contract

Kumara Adji Kusuma
This paper aims to find out the phenomenon of injustice experienced by Islamic banks consumers in dealing with the profit sharing ratio of the mudarabah contract. The method opted for an exploratory study using the phenomenological approach which covers consumers of Indonesia Islamic banks. The data...

Job Satisfaction as Predictor of employee engagement

Elvita Bellani, Sri Rezky Ramadhani, Muhammad Tamar
The current study aims to investigate the extent of job satisfaction contribution to employee engagement. Employee engagement has been found as being important to employee productivity and organization performance. Participants were 110 employees of a private property company in Makassar, Indonesia....

Carbon Accounting Reflection as a Response to Face the Climate Change

Sri Iswati
Climate change has been a global issue in the 21st century. Climate change is the inevitable impact of the rapid development of industrial world and the fast growing of technology in the 21st century. A change in climate around the world is the trigger for global warming. The negative effect of global...
Proceedings Article

Research progress of phthalates' endocrine disrupting properties on humans and their usage in the consumer products

Xian-juan Jiang, Gui-Dong Miao, Li-Hong Wang, Sheng Liu, Guo-yi Zhang
Phthalates, which were widely used as plasticizer and additives in various consumer products, were found to be associated with reproductive disorders in both men and women through their interaction with endocrine glands. These synthetic compounds, which could interfere or disrupt the normal synthesis,...
Proceedings Article

A Privacy Protection Model Based On K-Anonymity

Na Man, Xin Li, Kechao Wang
In this paper, we focuse that the existing k-anonymity does not fully consider the privacy protection degree issues of sensitive attribute, proposing a (p, )-sensitive k-anonymity privacy protection model based on privacy protection degree grouping of sensitive attribute. The solution can not only effectively...

The Effect of Achievement Motivation on Students' Learning Outcomes in Writing English Descriptive Paragraph through Individual and Group Work Method

Sriati Usman
Achievement motivation is a hard intention followed by a hard effort which owned by the students in order to reach high learning outcomes. This research at aims to find out the difference of students' learning outcomes as an effect of achievement motivation in writing English descriptive paragraph through...
Proceedings Article

Study on Preparation of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers

Wei Li, Haiyan Hu
Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers are widely used in all walks of life because of their excellent properties and have attracted the attention of many experts and scholars at home and abroad. Research and preparation of domestic UHMWPE fiber has been for decades, although great...
Proceedings Article

Quantitative Spatial Reasoning for General Intelligence

Unmesh Kurup, Nicholas L. Cassimatis
One of the basic requirements of an intelligent agent is the ability to represent and reason about space. While there are a number of approaches for achieving this goal, the recent gains in efficiency of the Satisfiability approach have made it a popular choice. Modern propositional SAT solvers are efficient...
Proceedings Article

The Type-1 OWA Operator and the Centroid of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets

Francisco Chiclana, Shang-Ming Zhou
This paper aims to establish the relationship between two apparent disparate problems: (i) the aggregation of uncertain information modelled by type-1 fuzzy sets via OWA mechanism, and (ii) the computation of the centroid of type-2 fuzzy sets. In order to cut down the computational complexity of the...
Proceedings Article

Ethical Implication in the Government Governance Reform

Zhou Guowen, Li Shuangshuang
Since the inception of the Public Administration, each reform of governance theory and practice implies enormous ethical values and cares ,and every ethical value change will pave the way for government governance reform. The governance modes are closely related to ethical values. The ethical values...
Proceedings Article

The Innovative Study of Jilin Province's Urban Integration Development

Tieyu Liang, Chunjing Ma
As a big agricultural province, Jilin Province has a large agricultural population and agricultural land. In the process of urban integration, it is of great significance to solve the problems of migrant workers as well as land for promoting the healthy development of urban integration in Jilin Province...
Proceedings Article

Research on a Scheme for Improving the Chord Routing Algorithm

Xiaobin Wang, Qingjun Wang
The research and application on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is a topical issue in the present computer network field. The current P2P systems can be separated into two types. One is structured and the other non-structured. The Structured P2P system is based on the principle of DHT which aims to solve some of...

Does Eco-Efficiency Reduce The Cost Of Equity Capital?

Sonia Laura, Arif Darmawan
The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of eco-efficiency on the cost of equity capital on manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange period from 2013 to 2017. Eco-efficiency is proxied by a dummy variable with a maximum value of 1 representing the company implementing...
Research Article

Racial differences in relation between carotid and radial augmentation index☆

Jun Sugawara, Hidehiko Komine, Mutsuko Yoshiwaza, Takashi Tarumi, Seiji Maeda, Hirofumi Tanaka
Pages: 15 - 18
Background: Augmented central artery wave reflection is a cardiovascular disease risk factor. Augmentation index (AI) obtained from peripheral artery waveforms provides qualitatively similar information to AI from central artery waveforms. Little information is available, however, regarding the influence...
Research Article

Non-invasive assessment of allometric scaling laws in the human coronary tree

Damian Craiem, Mariano E. Casciaro, Sebastian Graf, Enrique P. Gurfinkel, Ricardo L. Armentano
Pages: 15 - 23
Assessing the geometry of the coronary arteries in a patient can help to better explain coronary artery disease (CAD) development. Allometric scaling functions were successfully applied to describe how essential materials are transported through recursive networks, also observed in the coronary tree....
Proceedings Article

Analysis of e-readiness on fish disease diagnosis applications and e-commerce applications to improve the competitiveness of the aquaculture sector in Indonesia

Stevia Septiani, Dikky Indrawan, Wita Ermawati
As a maritime country, Indonesia's fisheries and marine sector is the focus of the government to be developed. This sector has enormous potential. This can be seen from the GDP growth in the fisheries sector which is always above the national GDP and agriculture sector GDP, with a growth value of 6.79%...

Recognition of Prior Learning for Master Marine with Indonesian Qualifications Framework

Antoni Arif Priadi, Tri Cahyadi, Damoyanto Purba, Novita Vindri Harini, Zainullah Zuhri
A master Mariner is a professional person who has highest level of knowledge and experiences in ship operation from planning, executing, managing, analyzing and evaluating. The Indonesian Qualification Framework gives the opportunities professional like a Master Mariner to be equalized within a certain...

Village Budgeting: Where Does It Come From?

Simin, Denok Kurniasih, Darmanto Sahat Setyawan Manurung, Guntur Gunarto, Zaula Rizqi
Budget problems are experienced by most villages in Banyumas District. There are 301 villages that makes Banyumas District has a great chance to develop the potential of its region based on the development of rural areas. Overall, Banyumas District received allocation of village fund (ADD) amounting...

Industrial and regional features of professional standards implementation

Oksana Rusakova, Vladimir Bylkov
The relevance of the topic is due to the importance of assessing the qualifications of workers based on the developed professional standards. The article identifies the objective prerequisites for the introduction of professional standards. The stages and stages of the implementation of professional...

The Role of Problem Solving, Problem-Based Learning, and Critical Thinking in the Era of Globalization

Aidil Akbar, Disman, Kusnendi
In the era of globalization one can obtain information in various ways, places and times. So that information obtained by someone can be effective and does not cause a negative impact, a “filter” is needed to filter every information received. One such filter is the critical thinking ability that a person...

Development of Educational Games to Improve the Six Aspects of the Development of Children Aged 5–6 Years

Aristia Dewi, Rakimahwati
The research aims to develop educational games that can improve the six aspects of the development of children aged 5–6 years. The method used is Research and Development (R & D) with a 4-D model. The results obtained are educational games that can be used in learning in kindergarten. Based on the results...

Analyzing the Challenges to Using Technology in Physical Education

Gita Febria Friskawati, Vicki Ahmad Karisman, Mesa Rahmi Stephani
This survey research aims to explore the challenges of using technology in Physical Education. The data was taken through a survey using an open-ended questionnaire that has been distributed through Google forms which were distributed over two months and five days. The population is 49 Physical Education...

The Influence of Leadership Behavior of Employee Service Quality in the Employee Office and Human Resources Development in South Pesisir District

Muhamad Kadri, Syamsir
This study aims to study and explain leadership behavior on employee service quality in the Employee Office and Human Resources Development South Pesisir District. The study population was 49 people. The technique of collecting data in this study uses a proportional random sampling technique. The data...

Audit on Information System Function in Import Transactions Process PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero)

Muhammad Hasbi Saleh, Almanita Sari
This research aims to study the effectivity and efficiency of import transactions process that have been running as one of bank services in applying information systems. This research uses descriptive qualitative research, where in data analysis of audit information system using audit approach around...

Local Wisdom and Role of Society in Spatial Planning in the Region

Ahyar, Eko Noer Kristiyanto
Before the rapid development of modern knowledge on spatial planning, the indigenous people of Indonesia had known spatial planning conception. Many discussions and research have been proven to be effective and in line with modern knowledge. We can perceive this traditional conception of spatial planning...

Dynamics of Oncological Morbidity in Kryvyi Rih Environment

Daria Shiyan, Olena Lakomova, Sergiy Sonko
The article examines environmentally-spatial specifics of morbidity spread in Kryvyi Rih region (Kryvbas). Different approaches to the identification of medical geographic areas are analysed. The paper proposes a typology of diseases, according to which environmental and geopathogenic areas are defined....

The Effectiveness of Workshop-Based Computer Learning of Photoshop Graphic Design by Using the Cooperative Learning Approaches of Jigsaw and Group Investigation

Theodora Indriati Wardani, Wijonarko
For research on the effectiveness of photoshop graphic design computer learning is used a workshop learning model. The learning model chosen was the Jigsaw cooperative learning model and the Group Investigation type. The difference between the two models is that in the type of Jigsaw grouping there are...

Tuping Dance Learning at SMA Negeri 2 Kalianda South Lampung

Armayyeni Nurillia Marsim, Mulyanto, Sudiyanto
This research analyzed the Tuping dance learning process in SMA Negeri 2 Kalianda South Lampung. Tuping dance is the one coming from South Lampung representing the troops. This dance is usually performed during a customary celebration in South Lampung, particularly Kuripan Village, Penengahan Sub District,...

Cacap-cacapan Functions: Marriage tradition of Lubuklinggau South Sumatra

Hartati Ratna Juita, Sumiyadi, Iskandarwassid, Tedi Permadi
The marriage tradition of cacap-cacapan is a Malay oral tradition of tribal people that is still carried out in the city of Lubuklinggau as one of the cities in the province of South Sumatra, Indonesia, that still adheres to the cultural traditions of the ancestors. The study aims to reveal the functions...

Research on Statistics Teaching Reform Based on Teachers’ Attitude

Kangli Zhao, Jianhua Lu, Guoxi Xue
As the promoters and implementers of curriculum reform, teachers have played a crucial role in the success of curriculum reform. The economics and management major is a profession closely related to real life. The statistical study of the major should be practical and professional. From the perspective...

ESP Students’ Recount Text from SFL Perspective: Pedagogical Implication Based on Students’ Writing Analysis

Canda Putri Anggini, Eri Kurniawan
Many students are committing mistake in writing by showing some errors in written product. The existing approach to teach ESP writing applied by the teachers is still using traditional grammar. Systemic Functional Linguistics offer a new perspective in analysing students’ text which focuses on meaning...

Problems Analysis About Needs on Development of Biology Learning Media for Junior High School Student in Digital Era

Wiwiek Okty Herlinda, Muh. Amir Masruhim, Sonja V.T. Lumowa
In digital era, teachers need pedagogical ability to create interesting and meaningful learning; development of learning media. The purpose of this study was to analysis problems in developing of learning media as a media to increase student learning outcomes. The research method was qualitative descriptive....

Determinant Factors of Jakarta Composite Index with Garch Model

Sri Heryanti, Ignatius Roni Setyawan
This research was aimed to finding out whether it’s related to the Exchange Rate of Rp/USD, Net Foreign Fund (NFF), Consumer Price Index (CPI) to the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI). The population are all data on the exchange rate of Rp/USD, data on all share purchases by foreign investors, all data on...
Proceedings Article

Correlation Between the Leukocyte Count with Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio in Hyperuricemia

Meri, Rianti Nurpalah
Hyperuricemia is a condition characterized by an increase in uric acid levels in the blood. It can cause inflammation. The sign of inflammation is to check the count of leukocyte and the parameter neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (NLR). The condition of the number of leukocytes with NLR in hyperuricemia needs...

From Physical to Digital: Consumer Adoption Process to E-Wallet

M.M Alfina
The primary objective of this research is to understand about the consumer adoption behavior of mobile wallet. Practically, this research will be useful for the mobile wallet provider who would like to understand the process which experienced by the user of mobile payment. It is also helpful for individuals...

Management Model of Education Funding Quality Assurance Based on National Standard Education Procedure

Tri Mulyani, Heri Yanto, Masrukhi, Wahyono
Management Model for Quality Assurance of Education Financing Based on National Education Standards Procedures. The problem of school financing in Central Java remains an obstacle. The main problem that needs immediate attention is the ability of schools to manage funds properly. We report the study...

Development of Ethnobotany-Based Booklets as Learning Tools for Communities

Sri Rahayu Lestari, Fatchur Rohman, Dwiyono Hari Utomo, Purwanto, Siti Nur Arifah, Yuslinda Annisa, Jamaludin Mohamad
Ethnopharmaceutical research-based booklets are teaching material that contains important information that is presented in a concise and interesting manner for the general public to study. This research aims to develop a booklet for ethnopharmaceutical research-based communities in the Bromo Tengger...
Proceedings Article

High Dividend Shares Investment Decision in Indonesia Stock Exchange: Bottom-Up Approach

Eddy Sutjipto, Wawan Setiawan, Dyah N.A. Janie
Investing in the capital market is high risk and return. Hence, investors need to use the right strategy by using the bottom line, primarily to determine the intrinsic value of shares. The problem is currently around 85–90% of capital market players in Indonesia experiencing failure because of using...

Research on the Construction of Party Construction Platform for Sino-foreign Cooperatively-run College Students

Zhu Weixia
The party construction work platform is an important “stage” to promote the smooth development of students’ party construction work. At present, there are many defects in the platform construction of Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school students’ party construction, which has affected the actual effect...

Sentiment Analysis on Indonesian Political Hoaxes

Aghnia Salsabila, Totok Suhardijanto
Distinguishing between hoaxes and real news from a linguistic perspective requires further identification than can be provided by structural analysis. The study of emotions and sentiments contained in the text is also important, since these can indicate the author’s mental state, rhetorical position,...

Implementation of School Health Unit in a Elementary School

Ali Umar, Ivan Adhi Purbaya
This research aims to examine the implementation of the school health program in North Padang Elementary School. This type of research is descriptive, involving 18 schools. The research instrument used a questionnaire. The analysis technique used frequency distribution techniques or techniques percentage,...

Pride and Prejudice during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Misfortune of Inappropriate Clinical Trial Design

Shahrukh K. Hashmi, Edward De Vol, Fazal Hussain
Pages: 15 - 19
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a rapidly evolving global pandemic for which more than a thousand clinical trials have been registered to secure therapeutic effectiveness, expeditiously. Most of these are single-center non-randomized studies rather than multi-center, randomized controlled trials....

Inclusive-Dialogic Religious Education: A Model for Cultivating Multi-Religious Character in Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Aan Arizandy
This paper offers the concept of inclusive-dialogic religious education model that can be used as an alternative to contrive mutual understanding and respect among pupils in early childhood education. This model is developed on the basis of experience-based learning which puts emphasis on the reflection...