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“Personalization”, “Comprehensiveness”, “Systematicity” On Building Learner-Centered and Intercultural English Learning Mode

Ning Li
English has become a crucial language for international communication in today’s globalized world. It serves as a tool for collaboration among governments, businesses, and institutions, as well as a bridge for individuals from different countries to engage in cultural exchange and develop an understanding...
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Effectiveness of Sequmil (School of Quran for Pregnant Women) Education Program as a Coping Strategy for Mental Health Disorders of Pregnant Women

Iiv Hayyu Chahyaya, Elly Naila Fauziah, Anna Malia
Pregnant women are vulnerable to mental health problems due to changes at various stages that affect their mental health. The preliminary study was conducted on 36 respondents and showed that 29 (80.6%) respondents experienced mental health disorders in pregnancy. This study aims to determine the effectiveness...

Antecedent Affecting Chinese Ethnic Community Saving at Islamic Bank of North Sumatra

Hilma Harmen, Adelina Lubis, Aprinawati, Lokot Muda Harahap, Riza Indriani
This study aims to identify and analyze the factors that influence the ethnic Chinese community to save at Islamic banks in North Sumatra. The factors of service quality, promotion, and profit-sharing ratio are the chosen factors to determine the factors of the ethnic Chinese community-saving at Islamic...

The Role of Yogyakarta Tourism Kampongs in Supporting Creative Industries Potency

Kristian Oentoro, Wiyatiningsih
The creative industry has an essential role in supporting Indonesia’s economic movement, especially in the tourism sector. Tourism has become the leading sector of Yogyakarta, which is popular as the second tourist destination after Bali. There are 17 tourism kampongs registered in Yogyakarta that offer...

Impacts of Live Commerce Towards Purchase Intention Among Malaysia Adults

Jia-Jia Sim, Yan-Teng Tan, Chia-Guan Keh, Siu-Hong Loh, Alvin-Yu-Heng Chye, Zhen-Wei Tan
The live commerce industry has had a significant impact to the world economy in recent years. For Malaysia, the existence of the pandemic has prevented people from going out to shop due to restrictions, resulting in a decrease in the income of various industries. Therefore, this study aims to determine...
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Design Innovation of Grease Trap for Wastewater Treatment Arduino-Based

Jane Muhardi, Nurhadi Nurhadi, Maulana Widianto, Abe Pantogomo, Difa Faryzahri, Fitra Rizal
Automotive workshop produce wastewater from the results of washing mechanic hands and machine components that containing Total Dissolve Solid (TDS). The TDS content in floodwaters is closely related to the level of turbidity and can reduce water quality so that it is harmful to the water ecosystem, therefore...

Daily Bank Social Interactions And The Role Of Micro Business (Study on Noodle and Meatball Traders in Malang City)

Didik Supriyanto
In the neoclassical paradigm which argues that an action will be influenced by economic factors. However, the opinion of this school of thought does not apply to the action of daily bank loans for noodle and meatball traders in the city of Malang. Where the social structure in understanding existing...
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The Application of Chat GPT in Online and Offline Blended Course Teaching: Taking the Teaching Design of Impairment Chapter as an Example

Song Li
The emergence of artificial intelligence technology, represented by Chat GPT technology, has brought opportunities and challenges to education and teaching. How to make good use of AI technology to empower education and teaching is an urgent issue that the education industry needs to consider and solve....
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Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) of Chocolate Beverage in Nglanggeran, Patuk District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province

Felix David Aritonang, Mochammad Maksum, Wahyu Supartono
Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is one of agricultural commodities in Indonesia and mostly consumed as instant beverages. Some problems in the chocolate beverage production chain existed, such as the low quality of cocoa beans, the lack of knowledge of production technology and the absence of the basic price...

Tourists’ Perception of Heritage Tourism Attraction De Tjolomadoe

Erlina Kuntari, Adesty Lasally
This study aims to determine tourists’ perception of tourist attractions in the heritage aspect in De Tjolomadoe. Data collection methods used are observation, documentation, and online questionnaires. This research is quantitative. The analytical method used is descriptive, covering the characteristics...

Determinants of Turnover Intention amongst Academic Staff in Private Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

Alexander Foo, Lai Meng Lee, Su Wan Gan
The objective of this study is to explore the potential mediating role of job satisfaction in the connection between workplace stress and turnover intention among academic staff in private higher education institutions in Malaysia. High turnover intention amongst academic staff has caused many negative...

Compensation Relates to Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

(Case Study of Garment Factory PT. XYZ Warehouse Department Section)

Nur Halimah, Riyan Mirdan Faris
With this kind of qualitative research, this study seeks to ascertain the relationship between pay and key performance indicators (KPI). The study’s research subject is the Garment Factory Case Study PT. XYZ Warehouse Department Section, which employs a saturated sampling technique to determine the sample...

The Potential of Digital Nature on Mental Health and Environmental Learning: Opportunities and Challenges

Eleonora Diletta Sarcinella, Alice Chirico, Katusha Gerardini, Andrea Gaggioli
Digital technologies have revolutionized the way we interact with the world, blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms. This manuscript delves into the transformative potential of these technologies in bridging the gap between humans and nature. Specifically, we focus on the evolution...
Conference Abstract


F.A. Kirkham, C. Mills, K. Nambiar, J. Timeyin, K.A. Davies, F. Kern, J.K. Cruickshank, C. Rajkumar
Pages: 66 - 67
Objective: Vascular stiffness has long been linked with the ageing process. However, it is only since the development of accurate methods for measuring arterial compliance that unravelling this relationship has become possible. Arterial stiffening over time appears to differ between ethnic groups and/or...
Conference Abstract


Oscar Mac Ananey, Vincent Maher
Pages: 66 - 67
Purpose: Changes in myocardial and arterial wall properties/function are consistently reported in patients with established cardiovascular disease1. However, few studies have reported these changes in early subclinical disease. The aim of the present study was to examine cardiac and vascular changes...

Overreaction Behavior Analysis on IDX80 Stocks During Bearish Market Conditions

(Study IDX During the Covid-19 Pandemic)

David Kaluge, Ajeng Kinesti
This study aims to identify the overreaction behavior indicated by the winner-loser anomaly. The overreaction behavior can be seen from the cumulative average residual return of the loser portfolio, which can outperform the winner portfolio with a significant value. The winner (loser) portfolio is selected...
Conference Abstract


Wenyi Yang, Ljupcho Efremov, Zhen-Yu Zhang, Nicholas Cauwenberghs, Lutgarde Thijs, Fang-Fei Wei, Qi-Fang Huang, Blerim Mujaj, Aernout Luttun, Peter Verhamme, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Jan Staessen
Pages: 66 - 66
Background: Central blood pressure (BP) is a predictor of target organ damage. No previous study addressed the question to what extent central compared with peripheral is related to left ventricular (LV) structure and function in a general population. Methods: In 577 Flemish recruited from the general...
Conference Abstract


Nejka Potocnik, Ziva Melik, Ksenija Cankar, Martin Strucl
Pages: 66 - 66
Physical activity has beneficial effects on prevention of cardiovascular disease. Aerobic fitness is associated with higher central arterial compliance, but its effect on peripheral arterial compliance (pC) is controversial. We aimed to test the hypotheses that aerobic training augments pC at rest and...
Proceedings Article

Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the Sand Mine Project

Yackob Astor, Retno Utami, Farhan Arradzuma Gustaman, M A Ramdani, Y I Pangestu
The significant volume discrepancy between planned targets and actual implementation in a mining project creates complex issues related to schedules, equipment and labor mobilization, and operating costs. This difference can be caused by survey methods, mapping methods, excavation volume calculations,...
Conference Abstract


C. Giannattasio, S. Maestroni, E. Fantini, M. Amigoni, M. Rigoldi, F. Zerbini, A. Capra, M. Failla, S. Sironi, G. Mancia
Pages: 66 - 66
Conference Abstract


Anna Paini, Massimo Salvetti, Fabio Bertacchini, Deborah Stassaldi, Claudia Agabiti Rosei, Carlo Aggiusti, Giulia Rubagotti, Giulia Maruelli, Chiara Arnoldi, Enrico Agabiti Rosei, Maria Lorenza Muiesan
Pages: 66 - 66
Conference Abstract


Christopher Mayer, Stephan Geilert, Julia Matschkal, Uwe Heemann, Marcus Baumann, Christoph Schmaderer
Pages: 66 - 66
Introduction: Parameters of arterial stiffness are independent cardiovascular risk factors for end-stage renal disease patients. Significant changes of these parameters between intra- and interdialytic periods have been reported previously [1]. The aim of this cross-sectional study is to describe the...

The Assessment of Risk Caused by Fire and Explosion in Chemical Process Industry: A Domino Effect-Based Study

Farid Kadri, Eric Chatelet, Patrick Lallement
Pages: 66 - 76
In the field of risks analysis, the domino effect has been documented in technical literature since 1947. The accidents caused by the domino effect are the most destructive accidents related to industrial plants. Fire and explosion are among the most frequent primary accidents for a domino effect due...

Research of City Rainstorm Waterlogging Scene Simulation -- in Daoli District of Harbin City as an Example

Peng Chen, Jiquan Zhang, Lingfeng Zhang, Yingyue Sun
Pages: 66 - 72
As global warming urbanization process accelerated, urban waterlogging problem is increasingly serious, has become the research hotspot nowadays. City rainstorm waterlogging scene simulation is one of the important link in the research of the process in which residents shelter when city rainstorm waterlogging...

A virtual metrology approach for maintenance compensation to improve yield in semiconductor manufacturing

Kuo-Yi Lin, Chia-Yu Hsu, Hui-Chun Yu
Pages: 66 - 73
Process condition was changed by preventative maintenance that may lead to the inconsistency of process output. In practice, process engineers have difficulties to discover the inconsistency that the defect wafer may have been produced before the next measurement. This study proposes a virtual metrology...

Rewriting in Operads and PROPs

Lars Hellström
Pages: 66 - 75
This paper is an informal collection of observations on how established rewriting techniques can be applied to or need to be adapted for use in non-associative algebras, operads, and PROPs.

von Neumann Quantization of Aharonov-Bohm Operator with Interaction: Scattering Theory, Spectral and Resonance Properties

Gilbert Honnouvo, Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Gabriel Yves Hugues
Pages: 66 - 71
Using the theory of self-adjoint extensions, we study the interaction model formally given by the Hamiltonian H + V (r), where H is the Aharonov-Bohm Hamiltonian and V (r) is the -type interaction potential on the cylinder of radius R . We give the mathematical definition of the model, the self-adjointness...

Symmetries of a Class of Nonlinear Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations

Peter A. Clarkson, Thomas J. Priestley
Pages: 66 - 98
In this paper we study symmetry reductions of a class of nonlinear fourth order partial differential equations utt = u + u2 xx + uuxxxx + µuxxtt + uxuxxx + u2 xx, (1) where , , , and µ are arbitrary constants. This equation may be thought of as a fourth order analogue of a generalization of the Camassa-Holm...

Leading order integrability conditions for differential-difference equations

Mark S. Hickman
Pages: 66 - 86
A necessary condition for the existence of conserved densities and fluxes of a differential-difference equation which depend on q shifts, for q sufficiently large, is presented. This condition depends on the eigenvalues of the leading terms in the differential-difference equation. It also gives, explicitly,...

Three-way Investment Decisions with Decision-theoretic Rough Sets

D. Liu, Y.Y. Yao, T.R. Li
Pages: 66 - 74
The decision-theoretic rough set model is adopted to derive a profit-based three-way approach to investment decision-making. A three-way decision is made based on a pair of thresholds on conditional probabilities. A positive rule makes a decision of investment, a negative rule makes a decision of noninvestment,...

Geospatial Web Services for Environmental Planning

Iftikhar U. Sikder
Pages: 66 - 79
Environmental planning requires integration of disparate geographic database and services in a distributed environment involving multiple stakeholders. As more and more mapping resources are becoming available, the Web is becoming a confluence of collaborative interactions, negotiations and planning...
Proceedings Article

Physical and Chemical Properties of Corn-Almond Cookies Affected by Mung Bean Supplementation and Source of Fat

Nur Aini, Budi Sustriawan, Ervina Mela, Lisna Fuji Lestari
Cookies generally contain gluten because they are made from wheat flour obtained from wheat, while there are groups that are intolerant of gluten. Patients with gluten intolerance also tend not to be able to consume casein and lactose intolerance. So, one of the innovations that can be done to make cookies...

Electricity Consumption and Gross Regional Domestic Product Nexus in Kalimantan Selatan Province: Cointegration and Causality Analysis

Karina Shella Putri, Hafidz Noor Fikri
This paper examines the direction of the long-run and short-run causality between electricity consumption and real GRDP in South Kalimantan Province. The time series used in testing is annual data from 2000 to 2018. The analysis of cointegration shows that electricity consumption and GRDP do not have...

Virtual Tour- An Alternative to Responsible Heritage Tourism?

Case Study: Lasem Old Town

Feysa Poetry
Virtual tours have become a new form of tourism that recently came to fame due to pandemic’s travel restrictions. It takes advantage of numerous digital platforms that are rapidly growing their users owing to the circumstances; meanwhile, far-reaching technology advancement enables it to be acceptable...
Proceedings Article

Improving Image Quality Using Color Intensity Modification to Determine the Ripeness of Avocado

Budi Hartono, Yunus Anis, Veronica Lusiana
Image with better quality will make the next processing easier. This study aims to analyze the result of image quality improvement using color intensity modification to determine the ripeness of avocado. Color intensity modification used two methods, i.e. Histogram Equalization (HE) and Contrast Stretching...

Perceptions of Use of Food Delivery Applications and Its Impact on Sales of Culinary Traders in Palembang City

Muhammad Husni Mubarok, Desi Indriasari, Eka Jumarni, Indra Satriawan
This study aims to obtain information about the perceptions of culinary traders who are partners in food delivery service applications in the city of Palembang. Perceptions that want to be measured are the level of ease, the level of usefulness, the intention to use a food delivery service application...
Proceedings Article

The Effect of Quenching Media on the Hardness of AISI 1045 Steel

Mulyadi Mulyadi, Dodi Tafrant, Hendradinata Hendradinata, Zainuddin Zainuddin
Steels, as one of the main components of construction requires great strength. Steel can be modified its strength by adjusting the percentage of the amount of its constituent substance composition. Some substances that can be used as a composition in steel include: Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Phosphorus (P),...

The Crisis of the Aceh Local Party’s Hegemony Post Election 2019

Alfian, Zikri Muhammad, Jumadil Saputra
This study examines the existence of the Aceh Party as a local party that dominated the election results for three decades starting from the 2009 election, 2014 to the 2019 election. The purpose of this study is to analyze the causes of the decline in the hegemony of the Aceh Party in the 2019 election,...

The Status Quo and Challenges of Ideological and Political Teaching in Military Academy Courses

Fang Hua, Liu Wenjuan, Hu Jie, Liu Hui
Sorting out clearly the current situation and challenges of ideological and political teaching in military academies is a realistic basis for better development of ideological and political courses in military academies. The paper proposes that the current military academy curriculum ideological and...

The Enforcement of Small Claim Court of Sharia Economics in Religious Courts According to Sharia Economic Principles

(Case Study of Religious Courts in West Java)

Neni Sri Imaniyati, Ratna Januarita, Faiz Mufidi, Panji Adam Putra, Yoghi Arif
The Supreme Court has issued PERMA Number 4 Year 2019 as a follow-up to PERMA Number 14 Year 2016 concerning Procedures for Settlement of Sharia Economic Disputes. Article 3 Paragraph (2) of PERMA stipulates that the settlement of sharia economic disputes can use a small claim court. The regulation was...

Criteria Formulation for a Web-based Assessment Tool for the Net-Zero Healthy Building

Dyah Kusuma Wardhani, Susan Susan
Indonesia has the potential to achieve net-zero energy building because it has the ability to meet building energy needs from sources that are cheap, locally available, and renewable, e.g. solar energy. The current pandemic conditions force the building design to adapt so that it can be a place that...

Research on the Path of Local Colleges and Universities Participating in the Construction of Community Mental Health Service System Under the Background of Healthy China

Yingnan Liang, QuanJie Shen, Yue Hu
With the great development of productive forces and the enrichment of material life, people’s standards of spiritual life and mental health are also improving day by day. At present, many cities provide mental health services in the community. Although they are in the stage of active exploration, they...

The Influence of Environmental Management Accounting Application and Operational Strategies on Waste Management Costs in RSIA Siti Hawa

Nita Sofia, Yuli Ardiany, Dina Adawiyah, Citri Yulia
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of implementing environmental management accounting and operational strategies on waste management costs at RSIA Siti Hawa either partially or simultaneously. The data collection method used in this research uses field research and library research....

Analyze the Protection of Personal Data in the Big Data Environment from the Perspective of the Enterprise

Yuhao Li, Xinzhu Yan
In the era of big data, with the advancement of information technology and the popularization of mobile intelligent terminals, the amount of data generated and captured by human society has exploded. This article studies the current situation of personal privacy and other data leakage in China and its...
Proceedings Article

Dynamic Compressive Properties of 2D-C/SiC Composites under Low Temperature

Z.B. Tang, Q. Deng, L.H. Ye, P. Xue
The dynamic compressive experiments of 2D-C/SiC composites under low temperature were performed on the SHPB system. The low temperatures at 173K and 103K were obtained by controlling the ratio of the absolute alcohol to the liquid nitrogen. The wave shapers were designed to meet the requirements of stress...
Proceedings Article

Research on Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Xiaoyao Lu
Since data mining methods and technology, the most basic and most important method is statistical methods and statistical theory also spawned a number of new data mining methods, the study of data mining and statistical methods can be applied not only to practitioners use data mining to provide advice...

The Application of Multimedia and Network Technologies in College Piano Teaching

Zhihua Zhang
Based on the continuous development of science and technology, the disadvantages of traditional piano teaching mode can be overcome by other types of teaching modes. Furthermore, the application of multimedia and network technologies also contributes to the development of college piano teaching mode....