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Analysis on Construction of Teaching Quality Monitoring System of Adult Higher Education

Ji Xian
The teaching process includes “teaching” and “learning” of two aspects, and the teaching process of adult higher education is the autonomous learning process of students under the guidance of teachers. It respectively establishes scientific and reasonable “teaching” quality monitoring system and “learning”...
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Discussion on the Social education of contemporary college students’ socialist core values

Xiaolin Wu
The social education of contemporary college students’ socialist core values is from a broad perspective to explore the issues related to the contemporary college students’ values education: Firstly, what kind of relationship exists between the contemporary college students’ values education and social...

International High School Development in Chongqing: Test Preparation vs. University Preparation

Dongfang Liu, Vincent Brancato, Fang Da
This study concentrates on international high school development and trends in Chongqing, China. It was discovered that the number of students who are studying abroad has been growing significantly and the majority of students struggled because of the language barrier during their first semester. Although...
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Study on Technical Performance of Composite Modified Wide Temperature Field Asphalt Mixture

Jingxiang Yuan
Because the Asphalt concrete pavement heavy-duty rutting, low temperature cracking and anti-fatigue cracking problems are prominent, the author mix the BRA rock asphalt and polyester fiber into the asphalt mixture preparation of wide temperature field asphalt mixture in accordance with various proportions....

Blended Learning with Smartchoice iTools

Elvina Arapah
Lembaga Bahasa dan Pendidikan Profesional (LBPP) LIA has made use of a blended learning type. It is a face-to-face training combined with self-paced e-learning from Smart Choice Series equipped with iTools. These materials are already in use for almost four years and are approaching the ending or evaluation...

Research on the Fusion of Folk Beliefs in Fujian Area

Jin Ping Chen
Since ancient times, Fujian folk beliefs are particularly developed, the temple, hundreds of gods, frequent religious activities, many believers constitute the basic content of Fujian folk beliefs. Since the reform and opening up, due to the special historical conditions of Fujian and Taiwan, Southeast...
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Study on Fracturing Technology of Polymer Flooding in the Second Class Reservoir

Hui Xing
The length, number of layers, plane and longitudinal heterogeneity of injection wells of the second class reservoir are serious. The fractures are used to relieve the contradiction between the plane and the strata, and the channel edge and get the remaining oil potential difference between site type....

The Development of Teaching Material Based on Savi Approach on "Tembang Dolanan" Material for Elementary School Students

Panji Panji Kuncoro Hadi, Endang Endang Sri Maruti, Hartini Hartini
The purpose of this research is to develop teaching material of SAVI approach on play song " tembang dolanan" material for elementary school students in Madiun Residency. This development research refers to the 4-D method. The research started from February 2017 until November 2017. The research data...

Discussions on Architectural Engineering Bidding Skills

Zhiguo Huang
Architectural engineering bidding is a piece of specialized work in which various factors such as subject, object and environment should be considered. Therefore, it is required to use skills of engineering budget making, engineering bidding decision and engineering bidding offer in the process of architectural...
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Research on the Application of Students Self-management in Chinese Universities

Cui Sun
Students self-management takes up an important position in universities management. It influences the main part and progress of the management of universities. The goal of modern education management is to promote the all-round development of students, thus improve their comprehensive quality. The current...
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Information collection system of agricultural traceability based on things

Tingting Li, Bo Li, Dechang Huang
Things agriculture is an important development direction of networking applications, networking technology in the field of agriculture for the development of agriculture has brought immeasurable impetus and prospects immeasurable. In agriculture things, how can the production process the data collected...

Cost management and Control Research Based on The Case of the Tobacco Enterprise Distribution Center

Zhongzheng Wang
Tobacco enterprise distribution center is the logistics institution of tobacco enterprise. Under the function of many factors, cost management of tobacco enterprise distribution often caused an increase in the enterprise management cost. This paper analyzes the main factors affecting the cost management...
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An Approach for Reducing the Numeric Rating Bias

Xiu Li, Huimin Wang, Jian Xu
There is bias in customer reviews and the associated ratings. We propose a method to identify and reduce such bias on the part of reviewers. There are three phases in our approach. Firstly, we conduct Rating-aware sentiment analysis for each review text accompanied with the numeric ratings. Then, we...

Revitalising Cooperative Values in Indonesian Educators for a Professional Learning Community

Christine Pheeney
Over 700 distinct indigenous communities form today’s Indonesia. Their historical coming together was built upon five strategic principles, known as Pancasila. The Pancasila are collectively represented by the phrase and goal ‘Unity in Diversity’. Indonesia’s Ministry of Education directs teachers to...

Determining the Tuition Fee per Credit Hour by Learning Experience and Implementation of Activity Based Costing (A Study at A Private University in Bandung)

Elizabeth Tiur Manurung, Arthur Purboyo, Yulia Trinita
One criteria to achieve the sustainability of a university is when all fund needed can be fulfilled well. And to reach stable university financial is by determining an accurate tuition fee for the students. So then, this research has an objective to determine the Tuition Fee per Credit Hour per Student...

Study on the Evaluation of the Balance System between Cultivated Land Occupation and Compensation

Yukun Guo, Jiayi Wang
As a basic system in China, balance system between cultivated land occupation and compensation exposed some problems in the implementation which needs to be improved. In view of its implement effects, the paper uses methods of comprehensive analysis, field survey, statistical analysis and case analysis...
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A Study on the Model For Mesoscopic Heterogenous Rocks Under Uniaxial Tensile Loading

Yunhua Zhu
Stress redistribution induced by excavation often results in tensile zones in the surrounding rock mass. It is of great theoretical and practical significances to analyse the localizations of deformation and damage and to study the complete stress-strain relation for mesoscopic heterogenous rocks under...

Research of foreign policing management in China's community network

Yuchi Zhu, Liang Hu, Ke Cheng, AiChun Ding
With the increasing exchanges between China and many countries around the world, the emergence of the multi governance subject has been promoted by the emergence of the community policing, which forms the structure of the network based on the state organs. This paper considering the foreign management...
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Research on Improved Model of Electronic Commerce Data Mining Based on big Data Technology

Xu Hongsheng, Fan Ganglong, Li Ke
Big data collection is the use of multiple databases to receive data from the client, and users can use these databases for simple queries and processing. Big data is pointing to massive, comprehensive, highly correlated complex data forms. At present, most Internet companies use Hadoop's HDFS distributed...

An Appraisal of Linguistic Capital Behavior Among Acehnese EFL Learners

Nyak Mutia ISMAIL, Iskandar Abdul SAMAD, Siti Sarah FITRIANI
Nowadays, the power of English has changed people's perspectives toward their own native languages. Those who could speak English are recognized as knowledgeable persons. Nonetheless, traditional languages, Acehnese, should not be ignored, but it is preserved to avoid it from extinction. Literature has...

Research about Training Model of Bed and Breakfast in Remote Mountainous Area

Hao-Xing Liu, Ge Wen
It's one of key points to mountainous area human resource development that practitioners training of Bed and Breakfast in remote mountainous area. This paper uses both Accurate Judgment theory and Transfer Diffusion theory. Designed a PAT training model which aims at practitioners of B&B. It suggests...


Dodi Siraj Muamar Zain
English is taught as one of local content in most elementary schools in Indonesia. However, there is still lack of concern on preparing students to teach English in elementary school in for will-English teacher students. This paper aims at describing the activities and strategies used by students in...

The Improvement of Learning Media in Batik Technology Using Adobe Flash

Kapti Asiatun
This research was aimed to 1) improve learning media using Adobe Flash in Batik Technology course as an instructional form for The Fashion Design Education program, 2) know the feasibility of the Adobe Flash as a learning media Batik Technology course. Using R&D (Research and Development) approach, this...

The Tragic Love of an Aristocratic Lady-----On Personality Distortion of Miss Emily

Zhi Deng
In A Rose for Emily written by William Faulkner, the heroine Miss Emily, kills her lover and stores the corpse at home for several decades. Miss Emily seems morbid, however, she is a tragic character who calls for sympathy. This essay is in an attempt to construe her murder case as an outcome of personality...
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Economical and Ecological Electric Heaters for Room Heating

A.I. Aliferov, V.A. Vdovin, D.S. Vlasov, A.S. Anshakov, A.E. Urbah
Comparative analysis of various electric heating elements used for room heating is presented. Advantages of flat plasma-sprayed electrical heaters in terms of energetic and thermal parameters are shown. Dependencies of specific surface power and temperature distribution through heater substrate width...

The Implementation of Halal Tourism in Indonesia National Park

Bhayu Rhama, Mochamad Doddy Syairul Alam
Halal tourism is a new phenomenon based on demographic factors and needs to be taken into consideration by tourism destinations. Nature tourism, especially tourism in national parks, in this case, also has the potential to become a halal tourism destination. However, the parks' halal value still requires...

Embedding Information Security Literacy in College Education

Wang Jin, Zhou Hui
Information security becomes essential since China has entered the information society. Information security literacy will be the core quality of information literacy. College students in all disciplines must have some information security literacy. However, the current university information security...

A Critical Discourse Analysis: Leadership Model as Reflected in Local Wisdom of Karonese

Elkana Putra Tarigan
This article contains local wisdoms of Karonese, it covers some proverbs that refers to leadership model. It is based on discourse analysis that scrutinizes some selected local wisdoms of Karonese. It aims to find the description of leadership model in local wisdom of Karonese and how they are implemented...
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Research and Design of Classroom Integrated Management System Based on Internet of Things

Zhongwei Zhao, He Gong, Yizhe Sun, Bin Liu
Considering the problems of flexible control of classroom bell time,the idle state information of the classroom is not easy to obtain and difficult to detect the classroom environment information, a classroom integrated management system based on internet of things is researched and designed. By using...

Consolidating the Status of the Communist Party of China under the mass line

Yingfeng Xu, Jingxian Xu
The historical materialism about the principle of the people's creators of history, is the foundation of theory about our party's mass viewpoint and mass line. Mao Zedong, as the main representative of the Communist Party of China, basing the mass viewpoint of Marxism, put forward the party's mass line...
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Improvement and Research of Multipath Time Delay Estimation Algorithm for Ship-borne Aviation Navigation Positioning Signals

Hongsen Xie, Peng Zhou, Weijun Chen, Baokuan Luan
The ship-borne aviation navigation positioning system usually receives superposed signals of the direct signal and multipath signal. Since the direction of arrival of multipath signal and the multipath time delay parameters vary with the ship attitude and sea environment time-variation, the angle and...

Basel III, risk aversion and bank performance: evidence from Chinese commercial banks panel data

Qin Song, Wei Zeng
The bank supervision in China promotes four instruments coming from Basel III standards announced from Basel committee. What effects will it have on Chinese commercial banks This paper develops models with a sample of 29 commercial banks in China by measuring risk averse with Z-score, and finds that:...
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Research of Detection Method of Server Network Storm Attack

Liao Lang
In the detection process of server network storm attack, the traditional method takes the signal detection algorithm, because the attack number is large, the detection error is big. According to the problem, an improved server network storm attack detection method is proposed based on improved density...
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The Partition of Semantic Web Data

Yonglin Leng, Fuyu Lu
With the rapid growth of the Semantic Web data, RDF data storage has become a hot research topic in the field of data storage. Distributed storage is an effective way to solve the scalability of RDF data, and data partition is the key to realize the distributed storage. In this paper we use graph clustering...
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Study on Measurement Method of Material Elastic Index

Yanxia Wang, Hai Yun, Tiantian Sun, Qinghui Shang, Yongli Bao
Elastic index is the required important parameters in the theoretical analysis and design calculation of components. Mechanical testing method and electrical measuring method are commonly used in engineering mechanics experimental. This article discusses the ultrasonic method which is used to measure...

Cultural taboos and performance characteristics in Japanese daily life

Zhang Yaping, Zhang Xiao
Japan has unique natural and ethnic characteristics, and it is a rich and coordination strong collectivism, and it is a rigorous nation with requirements in a variety of manners, which not only produces a very wide range of cultural taboos in exchanges between China and Japan, and impact on the world...

On the Construction of Three dimensional material in foreign language teaching

Juan Chen
With further development and popularization of the multimedia technology and network technology, more and more people, especially for foreign language teachers and learners will be aware of the importance of network in the foreign language teaching and learning. The Construction of three-dimensional...

A Probe into an Applicable Practical Teaching Method with Diverse Collaborations

Xingmin Shi, Junmei Sun, Zhenyu Shan
Due to that conventional teaching method mainly focus on the impartment and the memorization of knowledge points, the initiative of student cannot be activated and there is still substantial room for improving the professional abilities, including independent learning ability and problem solving capability,...
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Preparation and Performance of Polyimide with Noncoplanar Structure

Jing Zhang, Xiaoqi Chen, Haijun Zhou, Xiaolei Zhang, Yantao Li
A series of polyimide was prepared based on 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetra carboxylic dianhydride (BPDA) with noncoplanar, 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylicanhydride (PMDA) and 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether (ODA). The effect of the polymer structure and imidization temperature on the thermal stability and mechanical...
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Video Surveillance System for Extra-high Voltage Power Transmission Lines with an Optimal Image Compression Method

Liyan Yuan, Huanbing Gao
This paper presents a real-time online monitoring system scheme for power transmission line to achieve the objective of giving early warning to disaster and making decision for extra-high voltage power transmission line. Monitoring terminals with a S3C6410 ARM11 processor as core is equipped on the line...
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Impacts of Housing Features on Home Prices in Chengdu: Logarithmic Linear Regressions

Gao-lu Zou, Lu-guang Xu, Deng Pei
This paper aims to analyse the effects of several housing features on home prices in Chengdu, China. These features include larger floor space and green coverage rate. There are 1006 samples. Sampling is focused on existing ordinary homes. Data were collected from metropolitan Chengdu. Utilizing log-linear...
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Three-dimensional Reconstruction Based on Quadrotors with Binocular Vision

Yong Shen, Youling Yu, Danyu Bi, Melchiorri Claudio
Three-dimensional reconstruction is used to get more detailed information on the current scenes such as the overlook of a city or a car. The process of reconstruction is based on binocular vision system. In this paper we apply binocular vision to quadrotors. As a result, more information is obtained...
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Discussion on the choosing of Lyapunov function for adaptive parameter identification problem

Yuqiang Jin, Junwei Lei, Huali Wu
.The selection of Lyapunov function is depth studied with adaptive parameter identification, where a kind of simple first order system with two unknown parameters is taken as an example. The study shows that the selection of Lyapunov function is completely free, and the proportion of the parameter identification...
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Design of Prefabricated External Thermal Insulation System with Point Supported Horizontal Keel

Shibing Sun, Lu Zhang, Wanjin Wang, Donghua Liu
Based on the basic thought of industrialized building, one prefabricated external thermal insulation system ETIS with point supported horizontal keel was designed in this paper. Bad support was fastened on the structural wall and horizontal keel was fastened on bed support. Then panel was fixed on horizontal...
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Research on Hospital Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Huachun Zhou
Health services are in times with rapid development and ever-changing. With the treatment of an aging population structure, disease prevention and control is gradually transformed into the new medical model, which requires a new generation of digital sound engineering technology to digital, intelligent...
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The Xiaojiashan Tungsten deposit in the Barkol district, Xinjiang, China: geological features and ore-forming fluid composition

Yunfei Zhou, Jiuhua Xu, Lihua Shan
The Xiaojiashan Tungsten deposit is located in Barkol district, Xinjiang. The ore bodies occur in the Hercynian granite intrusions and contact between the intrusion and wallrock which consists of the second lithologic section of the first Sub-Formation in Middle Devonian Dananhu Formation (D2d12). Quadrupole...
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Development of a Unified Model of Data Representation for Cross-System Interaction

Tatiana Penkova, Anna Korobko, Artem Belorusov
The paper presents an unconventional approach to formation of unified models for representation of cross-system interaction. The authors highlight the necessity of system integration method development that would bring in a standardised way to data exchange between heterogeneous resources with an opportunity...

Methodological Principles of the Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Psychological Conceptions of Giftedness

Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev, Mikhail Oseledchik, Nonna Bagramiants
We pose and solve the problem of formulating the basic methodological principles of research of accumulated scientific knowledge about the psychology of giftedness, which is characterized by internal contradictions. The elimination of these contradictions is impossible without comparing and bringing...

Students' Conceptual Change in Electricity

Rimba Hamid, Ari Widodo, Wahyu Sopandi
The phenomenon that represent electricity concept can be used to explore students' electricity concepts. Students' conceptual change toward electricity concept is taught through facilitation process, both in static electricity and dynamic electricity. The subjects of this research were 25 students of...
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Community Public Facilities Planning and Study of Shenzhen Pingshan New District

Xuefeng ZHAO, Yangyang LIU
The paper based on the urban floating population represents a significant share of Shenzhen Pingshan new district as an example, analyze the economy, identity, cultural level, of present population. According to the development of Pingshan new district; divide present community into four types, include...