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Verification of Robustness against Noise and Moving Speed in Self-localization Method for Soccer Robot

Yuehang Ma, Kaori Watanabe, Hitoshi Kono, Hidekazu Suzuki
Pages: 66 - 71
The main focus of the RoboCup competitions is the game of football (soccer), where the research goals concern cooperative multi-robot and multi-agent systems in dynamic environments. In RoboCup, self-localization techniques are crucial for robots to estimate their own position as well as the position...
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Seed Biopriming Using Rhizobacterial Isolated Mixture on Increasing Growth and Yield of Shallots (Allium ascalonicum L.)

G. A. K. Sutariati, T. C. Rakian, Muhidin, A. Madiki, C. K. Aji, La Mudi, Andi Khaeruni, Gusti Ngurah Adhi Wibawa, Musadia Afa
Shallot is very potential to be developed in Southeast Sulawesi, but its productivity is very low, so it needs technological innovation, including the use of microbes as a promoter of plant growth. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of shallots seed biopriming using a mixture of rhizobacterial...

Key Success Factors Implementation of Parking Meter System in Padang to Optimize Parking Levy Revenue

A Qualitative Study from Academicians and Bureaucrat Perspectives

Henri Agustin, Halmawati, Fefri Indra Arza
In the last 3 years (2017-2019) the average percentage of the effectiveness of parking fee receipts in the city of Padang is very low, which is only 33.17% per year.This figure should be an early warning for evaluating policies and management of collecting parking levy.This study aims to gain understanding...

Need Analysis to Development of Teaching Materials Based on Religious and Social Characters in Minangkabau Culture Course in Elementary Schools

Zuwirna, Elfia Sukma, Winanda Amilia, Mukhtadil Arya
Moral and ethical phenomena of students at this time are quite worrying, especially for parents and teachers. So many deviant behaviors are found, where the behavior is not in accordance with the religious values they profess and the environment and culture around them. This resulted in their character...
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Interactive Media as Optimization of Understanding Basic Football Techniques in Pandemic Period

Imran Akhmad, Budi Valianto, Doari Bowo
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, there was a change in the learning process from face-to-face to online learning. Football learning that is implemented with practice in the field becomes an obstacle for teachers in the delivery of material conditions that make teachers have to think innovatively so that...

The Right of Denial in Implementing the Position of Notary (Analysis of the Constitutional Court Decision Number 16/PUU-XVIII/2020)

Retno Indrianita Pratiwi, Benny Djaja
Legal protection is needed by notaries, given the obligation embedded with the notarial profession so that contents of the deed are kept confidential. In the application for the decision of the Constitutional Court Decision Number 16/PUU-XVIII/2020, the Indonesian Prosecutors Association asked for Article...

Study on the Impact of Postmodernism on Contemporary Ceramic Art

Changzong Shao
Postmodernism trend of thought pays attention to the main forms of art and the technical innovation in the process of creation, which brings conflicts to the development of ceramic art. As a kind of academic ideological trend with multiple value orientations, the postmodern artistic trend values the...
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Metabolite Profiling of Davallia in The Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Mildawati Mildawati, Sobir Sobir, Sulistijorini Sulistijorini, Tatik Chikmawati
This study revealed the metabolite compounds of the Davallia species in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, through metabolite profiling. This study aimed to determine the chemical compounds in the leaves of the Davallia species. Leaf samples of three species, D. denticulata (Burm. f.) Kuhn var. denticulata,...
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Effect of Kiapu (Pistia Stratiotel L) in Fermented Diet on Feed Consumption, Final Body Weight, Feed Conversion, Feed Efficiency and Cholesterol Content of Breast and Leg Muscle on Selected Local Chicken

Sri Jeksi, Muhammad Daud, M. Aman Yaman
The purpose of present study was to examine the effect of Kiapu (Pistia stratiotes L) in fermented diet on feed consumption, final body weight, feed conversion, feed efficiency and cholesterol content of breast and leg muscle on selected local chicken (SLC). Fermented diet containing different levels...

The Industry and Iron Trade on Barito Watershed in 17th-19th Century AD

Hartatik Hartatik, Eko Herwanto, Bambang S.W. Atmojo
Iron is important tool in human life since the abandonment of stone tools until now. This article aims to explain the iron industry sites on Barito watershed and iron trade in Kalimantan before the 20th century. The research’s method used is qualitative with inductive reasoning. Primary data were obtained...

Juridical Review of Extradition Treaty Between Indonesia and the Republic of South Korea in Narcotics and Psychotropic Crimes

Dessy Lina Oktaviani Suendra
Extradition is a form of international cooperation to arrest and hand over a suspect, defendant, or convict who is under the jurisdiction of another State to a State entitled to try them. As one of the countries that are often the target of criminal acts of narcotics among countries, Indonesia must make...

English Teachers’ Perception on Using Google Classroom

S Rini Septa Angraini, Jufrizal, Zul Amri
Online learning has become an alternative for schools and any other education programs, since the unexpected situation due to the pandemic. Various online tools are provided for this virtual learning. One of the most popular tools used by the teachers is Google Classroom. This research was aimed to determine...

The Impact of Super Micro Credit on SMEs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sony Hendra Permana, Nidya Waras Sayekti, Ariesy Tri Mauleny, Rafika Sari, Dewi Restu Mangeswuri, Nike Paramita
The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the decline in economic sectors, including the SME sector. Based on research conducted by OJK, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on decreasing sales turnover for more than 80 percent of SMEs. Another study even stated that as many as 58% of SMEs...
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Land Cover Change of Kawatuna Sub-Watershed in Central Sulawesi

Hasriani Muis, Abdul Rahman, Golar, Arman Maiwa, Ramdhani Fitrah, Hendra Pribadi, Stephen Paulus
The management of watersheds around Palu City is very complex, both in activities and land cover changes, reducing watersheds’ performance. The phenomenon of land cover change continues to develop, and spatial modeling of land cover change is needed to minimize interventions in the impact of growth and...

Development of Virtual Lab Media to Improve Student’s Critical Thinking Ability

Nur Fadhilah, Derlina, Rahmatsyah
This study aims to generate media Virtual Lab on the basis of electrical materials that meet the criteria are valid instructional media, practical, and effective. The population in this study was the Airport Electrical Engineering class class XVII semester I, while the research subjects of the validity...
Proceedings Article

Research on Post Evaluation Index System of Applied Science and Technology Projects Based on AHP

Wensheng Yang, Wanxin Gao
With the country's vigorous implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, the role of science and technology projects in promoting my country's technological innovation and progress has gradually become significant. To this end, this article will build a post-evaluation index system for...

On the Genesis of Zhou Huijun’s Calligraphic Style and the Reference to Contemporary Calligraph

Dexiang Kong
From the end of the Qing Dynasty to the present, there have been many famous calligraphers in Shanghai, such as Wu Changshuo, Sha Menghai and Shen Yinmo. However, one of the most important calligraphers of the ‘Shanghai School’ in modern times is Zhou Huijun. She is not only one of the most influential...
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The Effect of Sports on the Phenomenon of Baby Blues Syndrome (Postpartum Blues) in Postpartum Mothers

Ema Novita Deniati, Annisaa, Selvia Agnesfadia
1) Purpose: baby blues syndrome often occurs in postpartum mothers. The prevalence of baby blues syndrome worldwide according to WHO is around 3% to 8%. In Asia, cases of baby blues syndrome are still very high. In Indonesia, it will increase to 70-80% in 2020. The incidence of baby blues syndrome can...

Design of Virtual Gallery Museum R.A Kartini Jepara Through the Mobile Learning Approach

Godham Eko Saputro, Toto Haryadi, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
The R.A Kartini Jepara Museum is a museum which is established for documentation and exhibition of the relics of R.A Kartini. Currently, youth generation are less concerned about it and almost never visit to that place, because of a lack of knowledge about the figure of R.A Kartini especially her ideas...
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Local Wisdom of Horticultural Farmers in Adapting and Facing the Obstacles in Climate Change

Yuli Hariyati, Susan Barbara Patricia SM, Ayu Puspita Arum, Bakhroini Habriantono, Sukron Romadhona
The effect of climate change on the productivity of horticultural commodities is very large. So that the formulation of the problem taken in this study is: What are the known and experienced climate change phenomena and the obstacles faced by farmers in the horticulture subsector in Probolinggo. What...

A Design of Translation Competence Evaluation Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jijun Wang, Yuan Tian
This paper explores the issue of translation competence evaluation by adopting Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), for AHP is a systematic and hierarchic evaluation system including a complex multi-objective decision-making method with multiple criteria, and multiple levels of indicators. Combining the...

Study on the Effect of Women’s Education and the Number of Children on Well-Being

Empirical Analysis Based on CGSS (2017) Data

Lei Han, Lan Gao, Xinyi He
The relationship between women’s educational attainment, number of children, and well-being are closely related to the layout of demographic strategies by academic and government departments. The survey investigates the relationship between female educational attainment, number of children, and happiness....

Research on the Quality Enhancement of Community Home-Based Elderly Care Services: Dimensional Differences and Realistic Approaches

Jingkun Ye
Community home-based elderly care services, which are family-based, community-based and supplemented by institutions, have become the optimal path to alleviate the pressure of ageing, and are the focus of China's socialised elderly care system, with the quality of services directly affecting the...
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Design and Application of Online Teaching Platform for Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on PHP

Jianzhen Yin
The fundamental task of higher education is to cultivate people by virtue, among which virtue should be the primary task. College students’ thoughts are still in the development stage, and they need correct thoughts as guidance. Accordingly, this paper constructs an online teaching platform for ideological...

Research on the Development Status and Brand Building Path of Cultural and Creative Industries in Shandong Province

Yun Wang
Brands are an important carrier of cultural dissemination, and high-quality urban brands are beneficial for cities to gain an advantageous position in competition. As one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Shandong Province has set the goal of building a strong cultural province and has made...
Proceedings Article

Wind Tunnel Experiment on Sand Blocking Efficiency of Shelterbelts in Different Configurations

Jingwen Li, Suocheng Dong, Yu Li
Shelterbelts are of great significance to reducing wind and sand disasters and improving and restoring the ecological environment in arid areas. In order to optimize the configuration of shelterbelts in arid areas, this study used Pinus sylvestrwasvar. Mongolica and Haloxylon ammodendron as research...

Impact of the Migration Outflow of the Young Population on the Economic Security of the Region

Irina I. Chueva, Elina V. Polyanskaya, Lilia H. Kolmakova, Yury V. Daneykin
In the 21st century, the study of migration processes is becoming an area of increased attention and intersection of scientific interests of economists and sociologists. Migration issues are acquiring a special role for Russia, since in modern conditions of economic development, there is a tendency for...

Design and Development of College Tourism English Training System Based on Speech Recognition Technology

Wenyu Xu
Based on language recognition technology, the author uses Web Audio API interface technology and Microsoft voice service to complete the construction of college tourism English training system in ASP.NET CORE environment. The practical training function of the system can simulate various sections in...
Proceedings Article

Overview of the Photovoltaic (PV) Potential Output Power Parameters of the Effect of Dust Contamination on the Surface, Tilt Angle and Use of Reflectors

Bambang Panji Asmara
The use of energy has helped the community a lot to meet their needs in various ways, one of which is the need for electrical energy for lighting, the use of electric tools to help work in the community, both in the government sector, the business world and industry. Abundant supply to be able to meet...
Proceedings Article

A CBR-Based Emergency Plan Generation Method Under the Federated Learning Framework

Qiang Gao, Ran Ran, Fei Hu, Zi-Mo Xing, Fu-Liang Zhang
In order to use the emergency case data of multiple industrial enterprises to support the decision-making of target cases on the premise of protecting data privacy, this paper proposes a CBR-based emergency plan generation method under the framework of federated learning. First of all, each enterprise...

Learning How Transformational Leaders Create Positive Climate for Learning in Multicultural Schools: An Exploratory Study

Aryati Prasetyarini, Sofyan Anif, Harsono, Sabar Narimo
Transformational school leaders are always correlated to positive climate in order to encourage students learn maximally. This article is aimed at discussing the results of an exploratory study on how transformational leaders manage positive climate in five secondary multicultural schools in Surakarta,...

Balanced Justice in Islamic Inheritance to Realize Unity and Sustainability of Collective Life

Zainuddin Zainuddin, Salle Salle, Andi Risma
This paper aims to explore the values of justice in the Islamic inheritance system in realizing the sustainability of life. The method used in this research is normative juridical with descriptive analysis. The study results show that justice is one of the essences of Islamic teachings. Justice in the...

Information Technology-Based Co-financing Services and Its Implications for the Basic Concepts of Fintech Lending Risk Mitigation

Tina Amelia
The Financial Services Authority (OJK) issued POJK Number 10/POJK.05/2022 concerning Information Technology-Based Co-Financing Services (POJK LPBBTI) as a fintech lending which is an improvement from POJK Number 77/POJK.01/2016 concerning Money-Lending Services Based on Information Technology (POJK 77/2016)...

The Conquest of Britain: Power Dynamics of Rome Julio-Claudian Dynasty

Sijian He
Since transiting from the Roman Republic to Roman Empire, Rome experienced not only changes in the political system but also its expansion in Britain. After Caesar and Augustus, Rome had a short peace period, but then Claudius launched wars against Britain. This paper focuses on the Roman Conquest of...
Proceedings Article

Analysis of Family and Infant Characteristics of Potential Stunting Event

Bernadetha Nadeak, Carmen Siagian, Elferida Sormin, Citra Puspa Juwita
Background. Stunting is still a complex problem for Indonesia, especially in Nusa Tenggara Timur, the highest stunting rate province. Objective. To find out the relationship between family and infant characteristics for the potential of stunting. Methods. This research was quantitative research with...

On the Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Party Organizations in Public Institutions

Xiang Zou, Dong Jin, Ying Liu, Linyuan Guo
This article summarizes the common problems in the process of party organization construction in public institutions, and explores the countermeasures to strengthen the level of grassroots party organization construction. Especially, in-depth exploration and thinking on creating characteristic attraction...

Research on the Effect of Family Capital on Education Expenditure

Xuewei Han
The widespread educational anxiety in China has led each student family to increase education expenditures, but different families have different resources and educational investment capabilities, which in turn exacerbates educational inequality. Based on the analysis of the family capital of 2905 students...
Proceedings Article

Using Phase Coding Method for Audio Steganography with the Stream Cipher Encrypt Technique

Made Sutha Yadnya, Bulkis Kanata, M. Khaerul Anwar
One of the most popular audio file formats suitable for hiding information is Windows Audio-Visual (WAV). The two main areas of modification in a WAV file for data embedding are the storage environment and digital representation of the signal that will be used. In order to conceal secret messages successfully,...

Group Alms Management as a Sustainable Community-Based Fundraising Model

Asep Yudha Wirajaya
This article attempts to answer the challenges related to the transparency of the management of public funds channeled through the Philanthropy Institute, Sedekah Rombongan amid the bustle of alleged misappropriation of donated funds at the ACT Institution. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research...

Mahogany Wood as Natural Dyes for Textile Colouring: Experiment at Home Industry Batik Wonorejo Village Singosari Malang Regency

Denik Rini, Ike Ratnawati, Agnisa Wisesa, Lisa Sidyawati
Batik is one of the Indonesian cultures that has been recognized worldwide. UNESCO has recognized that batik is a non-material culture native to Indonesia. Since this recognition, the love for batik has spread among the people of Indonesia. Many people use batik as their daily clothing textile. Batik...

Existing Condition of Supply and Distribution Chain Model in Livestock Waste Management in Belung Village

Santi Merlinda, Hanjar Ikrima Nanda, Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad, Diana Tien Irafahmi, Abdul Ghafar Ismail
Most people in Belung village, Poncokusumo district, have cows and goats, which produce livestock waste. Closed-house condition encourages negative externalities of livestock waste in the form of water and air pollution. This study reveals the existing model of the chain supply and the distribution of...
Proceedings Article

The Distribution of Flood Hydrograph Recession Constant of Seropan Underground River for Karst Aquifer Characterization

Gifari Shadad Ramadhan, Tjahyo Nugroho Adji, Eko Haryono, Ahmad Cahyadi
This research was conducted in the Seropan underground river in the Gunung Sewu karst, Gunung Kidul Regency. This study aimed to identify some of the flood hydrograph properties of the Seropan underground river to characterize the karst aquifer. A water level data logger is installed to detect underground...

Firm Value, Financial Performance, and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Indonesian Banking Industry

Siti Rochmah Ika, Nurhidayati, Joko Purwanto Nugroho, Ari Kuncara Widagdo
This research aims to examine whether a company's financial performance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting affect the value of the banking firms listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This study uses 33 banks as a sample for three-year periods from 2016 to 2018, resulting...

The Effect of Leverage, Profitability, Activity, and Corporate Governance on Sustainability Reporting Disclosure

Vivi Fatmawati, Rina Trisnawati
Environmental damage that occurs can be caused by company activities that are considered less attention to environmental and social aspects. This underlies the need for disclosure of sustainability from an economic, social and environmental perspective which is disclosed through a sustainability report....

Unpacking Environmental Justice: Excerpts From India

Binita Behera
The Impact of industrialization is unequally superimposed on the already existing disparities in the society. Environmental degradation has unequal negative consequences for the different communities and income-group in the cities. is referred to as environmental injustice. In this article, the concept...

The role of self-compassion to form interpersonal communication between parents and adolescents

Elok Halimatus Sa’diyah, Fina Hidayati, Muallifah Muallifah
Interpersonal communication is the ability to establish relationships with openness, full of empathy and equality. In the context of parents with teenagers, this communication ability is characterized by accepting all conditions of adolescents and being open in communicating so that there is a two-way...

Representation of Femininity in a Fashion Article in Femina Magazine, April-August 2022 Edition

Andina Meutia Hawa, Dyani Prades Pratiwi, Fakhria Nesa
Femina is an Indonesian women’s magazine that publishes digitally every four months. The magazine, which carries the theme of Today’s Lifestyle, contains various sections such as fashion and beauty trends. The object studied in this study is one of the fashion articles called Blazing Blazer. This article...

Research of drowning autonomous rescue product based on swallowing monitoring

Xi Zeng, Ruiwen Yang, Huabing Zhou
To find a better self-rescue way for sudden drowning swimmers through the redesign of drowning self-rescue products. Based on the self-rescue needs of drowning patients and the design and evaluation criteria of product ergonomics, the situation analysis method was used to record, evaluate and summarize...
Proceedings Article

Profile of Students’ Physical Activity Ability in Ngupasan Public Elementary School, Yogyakarta City

R. Sunardianta, Aris Fajar Pambudi, Nur Sita Utami, Fitri Ayuningrum, Siti Nur Syamsiyah, dan Thierrivan Murdani
The purpose of this study was to determine the ability of physical activity of students of SD Negeri Ngupasan Yogyakarta. The population in this study were upper-grade students of Ngupasan State Elementary School, Yogyakarta. Cluster random sampling was used to obtain 80 students consisting of 36 boys...

Service Quality Breakdowns in Indonesia’s Telecom Industry: Insights from Customer Reviews

Ares Albirru Amsal, Rayna Kartika
This study addresses and categorizes service quality failures within one of Indonesia’s leading internet service providers. Drawing upon a service quality framework tailored to the telecommunications industry, the research scrutinizes 4886 one and two-star reviews from popular Indonesian mobile application...