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Revealing Intercultural Communicative Competence in an EFL High School Textbook

Ali Rosyidi, Oikurema Purwati
Since the goal of teaching English is now shifted from communicative competence to intercultural communicative competence ICC, English teachers should rethink of and be selective on using teaching sources which are mainly referred to textbooks. Many studies were then conducted to analyze the cultural...
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The High Benefits Internet Marketing Framework through Customer Experience

Kuo Nai-Wen, Liu An-Yi
This paper is intended to integrate Internet Marketing, Customer Experience, E-brand and Integrated Marketing Communications to develop a high benefits Internet Marketing Framework. This framework not only can combine marketing resources effectively, let enterprises obtain the greatest benefits; it also...
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Learn from the Information Contained in the False Splice Sites as well as in the True Splice Sites using SVM

Shuo Xu, Fujing Ma, Lan Tao
In splice sites prediction, the information contained in false splice sites is often ignored, which has been recognized to be very valuable [1]-[2]. In this paper, three novel encoding approaches, MCM with DTF, MCM with UTF and WAM with UTF, are described, all of which consider the information both in...
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Marketing Communication Strategy and Marketing ROI under Cross-Media Envi-ronment

Akihiro Inoue
Marketing managers have to build their effective communication strategy under cross-media environment. Also, they have to achieve a same level performance even under the decrease in marketing budget. In this research, we re-consider the inherent task of marketing communication and propose the concept...
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No-tillage Planter’s Stubble Breaking Device Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of the Disc

Hongli Wang
The Stubble breaking device is one of the most important components of the no-tillage planter. It directly influences the stubble breading effect, and even the performance of the complete machine. By the 3D parametric modeling software Pro/Engineer, 3D solid modeling of the stubble breaking device’s...
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Data Acquisition and Processing of Electronic Compass for Mobile Robot Autonomous Navigation

Jingwei Qin, Yimu Guo, Miaolei Zhou
Electronic compass is a kind of absolute sensor that can measure the azimuth by use of the earth's magnetic field. Electronic compass is widely applied in mobile robot autonomous navigation. An electronic compass applied to a certain kind of out-door mobile robot is introduced in this paper. Data format...
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Analysis and Optimize of the Vibration of Mini-Electrical Vehicle Frame

Ruo-xun FAN, Jie Liu, Tan-li Wang, Hong-fei Xue
Geometry model and finite element model of the mini-electrical vehicle frame are constructed by catia and hypermesh. Then, the natural frequency of the lower mode and vibration mode which belong to the electrical vehicle are calculated by radioss. At last, comparing with the excitation frequency of the...
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Performance evaluation study of strate-gic nuclear deterrent

Tiejian YANG, Minle WANG, Song TIAN, Baoshun ZHOU, Lan LI
To build a nuclear deterrent effectiveness evaluation model. Essentially based on nuclear deterrence, nuclear deterrence factors are analyzed and strategic nuclear deterrent performance system model is built. Based on Agent, nuclear deterrence performance assessment analysis model is constructed, the...
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Face Detection via Color and Edge Information

Ravi Verma, Harish Kumar Shakya
In this paper, an algorithm for segmenting skin regions in color images using color and edge information is presented. Skin colored regions are first detected using a Bayesian model of the human skin color. These regions are further segmented into skin region candidates that satisfy the homogeneity property...
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Trade Integration in West Africa: Does the Quality of Institutions Matter?

Vigninou Gammadigbe
Pages: 65 - 81
When asked why the level of intra-regional trade in West Africa is low despite regional integration efforts, the literature highlights the poorly diversified structure of economies, the non-application of community arrangements, the inconsistency or mismanagement of trade policies, supply constraints,...

Model Design of Adaptive Learning Analytics Management System (ALAMS) Using AID Model

Ence Surahman, Dedi Kuswandi, Agus Wedi, Zahid Zufar At Thaariq, Risma Chulashotud Diana
The development of online learning in Indonesian tertiary institutions has made significant progress in the past decade. All colleges are competing to develop online learning services. However, most learning services are presented with the same model, which is to uniform all students. The developer views...

Investigating The Mathematical Literacy of Primary School Students in Curriculum 2013

Komang Komang Sujendra Diputra, Komang Sujendra Diputra, I Made Suarjana, I Gusti Ngurah Japa
This research was based on the results of the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) publication which showed the mathematics literacy of Indonesian students was still below the average set by PISA. The curriculum 2013 was implemented to follow up on the PISA report which based on identification...
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A systematic appraisal of ventricular–aortic load in African American men

Kevin S. Heffernan, Bo Fernhall
Pages: 65 - 72
Background: We examined several measures of ventricular–vascular load as they relate to ECG-derived measures of left ventricular (LV) morphology in a cross-section of 19 young African American and 19 white men. Methods: Measures of steady and pulsatile LV load derived from aortic blood pressure waveforms...
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Aortic pulse wave velocity measured by pulse wave imaging (PWI): A comparison with applanation tonometry

Jonathan Vappou, Jianwen Luo, Kazue Okajima, Marco Di Tullio, Elisa Konofagou
Pages: 65 - 71
Background: Arterial stiffness is a well-established indicator of cardiovascular disease outcome. Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) is a surrogate for arterial stiffness that is measured either globally using carotid-to-femoral applanation tonometry or locally using biomedical imaging methods. Pulse Wave Imaging...
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White blood cell count and endothelin-1 vasoconstrictor tone in middle-aged and older adults

Kyle J. Diehl, Brian R. Weil, Jared J. Greiner, Brian L. Stauffer, Christopher A. DeSouza
Pages: 65 - 70
Background: Higher white blood cell (WBC) count is associated with impaired endothelium-dependent vasodilation. However, the influence of higher WBC count on endothelin (ET)-1 vasoconstrictor activity is currently unknown. We tested the hypothesis that adults with elevated WBC count demonstrate enhanced...

The Task Approach for Developing Humanitarian Thinking in Schoolchildren

O Р Morozova, O N Gorbatova
The article is devoted to the results of the study of the possibilities of the task-based approach in the successful development of the humanitarian thinking of schoolchildren in the context of the implementation of education. In pedagogy and psychology, it is generally accepted that solving problems...

The Design of Blended Learning Based on MOOC --- Taking the “Greek and Roman Mythology” as an example

Xiaobin Ji
Blended learning refers to the combination of online and onsite learning. With English major freshmen as subjects, this study attempts to design the blended course of “Greek and Roman Mythology” based on MOOC. Four aspects are involved in the design: online video making, onsite classroom teaching, online...

Polymorphism of Haplotypes of Bovine Leukemia Virus

Natalia Blazhko, Sultan Vyshegurov, Alevtina Khodakova, Sergei Loginov
The study of molecular structure in LTR regions of the BLV genome (bovine leukemia virus), which is present in the holsteinized Black Pied breed in the Novosibirsk Region, with the subsequent differentiation into haplotypes. Screening for the presence / absence of BLV was performed by PCR analysis. Hematological...

Influence of Women’s Empowerment on Place of Delivery in North Eastern and Western Kenya: A Cross-sectional Analysis of the Kenya Demographic Health Survey

Elizabeth J. Anderson, Joy J. Chebet, Ibitola O. Asaolu, Melanie L. Bell, John Ehiri
Pages: 65 - 73
Background: Labor and delivery under the supervision of a skilled birth attendant have been shown to promote positive maternal and neonatal outcomes; yet, more than a third of births in Kenya occur outside a health facility. We investigated the association between measures of women’s empowerment and...

Discourse on the Improvement of History Learning Quality Through HOTS Assessment Instrument Based on Learning Trajectory

Febbrizal, Aman
Improving the quality of history learning is something that every historical education practitioner wants. The demands of the twentieth century (21st) era which is increasingly developing requires a balanced effort to serve these rapid developments. Hence, the discourse to improve the quality of learning...

The Teacher’s Perspectives About Challenges of Teaching English for Young Learners: A Case Study at English Course for Young Learners

Rany Sylvia Pertiwi, Icuk Salabiyati, Doni Damara, Bambang Widi Pratolo
This study is done in an English course for kids in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The objectives of the study are to know the teacher’s perspective on the challenges while teaching English for young learners and the challenges for the teacher in teaching English for young learners. This research uses the qualitative...

The Effect of Information Technology on the Quality of Teaching Learning Process in Junior High School in Bandung

D. Hidayati, A. Komariah, A. M. Mirfani
A focus of this research is to analyze the effect of information technology on the quality of learning process in junior high school in Bandung. This research is to analyze the impact of information technology in improving the quality of learning process consisting of a plan, organization, technical...

Ciletuh Geopark: Toward the Tourism Industry

M.B. Santoso, N.C. Apsari, S.T. Raharjo
A Geopark consist of geological, biological and cultural varieties thus it is unavoidable becoming tourist attraction which opens the possibility for the local community to offer various kinds of ser-vices and goods needed to support the tourist in-dustry. This will improve the welfare of the local community....

Management of Companies’ Competitive Ability on the Basis of Intellectual and Technological Leadership

Michail Ya. Veselovsky, Tatiana V. Pogodina, Lenar A. Yunusov, Daria A. Andrianova
Factors of national economies competitive abilities are researched in the article on the basis of system implementation of Industry 4.0. It is noticed that the majority of economically developed countries in their competitive abilities to a greater extent are focused not on natural but acquired factors...

Developing Science Electronic Module Based on Problem-Based Learning and Guided Discovery Learning to Increase Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Avisia Suryaningtyas, Febyarni Kimianti, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
The Development research conducted to develop science electronic modules based on Problem Based Learning and Guided Discovery Learning to improve critical thinking skills and problem solving. The ability of critical thinking and problem solving needs to be possessed by students because in the 21st century...

Development of Learning Models for Functional Literacy Education Based on Folk Stories in PKBM Kota Padang

Functional literacy education is one of non-formal education, which teaches citizens to learn literacy. The phenomenon that occurs is the low interest of learning citizens, and methods and learning strategies are still conventional. The approach and learning outcomes have not shown significant results...

Re-Create Systematized Interpersonal Skills Learning Models in Millennial Vocational Education and Training

Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Any Sutiadiningsih, Nugrahani Astuti, Suhartiningsih
Systematized learning of interpersonal skills in the line of work students aims to re-create learning models that are consistently able to improve the flexibility to speak, socialize and build educated selections supported restricted data. This learning model was developed supported the study of the...

The Influence of Net Premium Growth, Claim Ratio and Risk-Based Capital on the Financial Performance of Life Insurance Companies

Ono Tarsono, Preztika Ayu Ardheta, Rininda Amriyani
The objective of this research was to examine and analyse the influence of Net Premium Growth, Claim Ratio and Risk Based Capital affect the Financial Performance of Line Insurance Companies. The study population was insurance companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2014–2018. The sample...

Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices on Teaching Grammar

The aim of study was to explore the teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices in terms of grammar teaching in Indonesian context. English language cannot be acquired by learner without teaching grammar to them directly. Additionally, rote, mechanical drills, and repetition are necessary support the students’...
Review Article

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Aortic Function Evaluation in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms

Andrea Guala, Gisela Teixido-Turá, Arturo Evangelista, Jose Rodriguez-Palomares
Pages: 65 - 70
Thoracic aortic aneurysm is a common cardiovascular disease consisting of marked dilation of the aorta. Aortic aneurysms carry a high risk of life-threatening complications such as aortic dissection or rupture. Classically, maximum aortic diameter has been used as the sole descriptor of aneurysm severity...

Applying Principles of Equity and Certainty in Taxing E-Commerce: A Case Study of Indonesia

Erwin Harinurdin
E-commerce transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently anytime and anyplace using the Internet. That characteristic creates problems in applying a transparent and fair tax regulation. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development addresses four types of e-commerce transactions:...
Research Article

Perception of Students about E-learning: A Single-center Experience from Saudi Arabia

Hussein Algahtani, Bader Shirah, Ahmad Subahi, Ahmed Aldarmahi, Sabina Nisar Ahmed, Muhammad Anwar Khan
Pages: 65 - 71
Introduction: E-learning is the use of the internet and associated devices for educational purposes without geographical constraints. This study aims to assess the perception of students at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, about E-learning as a teaching...

Transformation of Agriculture Through Digitalization, Innovative Solutions, and Information Technologies

O. V. Vaganova, N. E. Solovjeva, Y. L. Aulov, L. I. Prokopova
The article considers the technological mechanisms used in the agricultural sector of developed countries and substantiates the need to implement them in the economy of the Russian Federation. New technologies will allow to reduce the time spent on production (sowing), to retain workforce and to lower...

Cost and Value: Based on the “Theory of Practice” Design Criticism Behavior

Wang xiaodong
The existence of anything has its two sides, and design not only pays a price but also creates value. In order to achieve the maximum effect of value, it is necessary to carry out deep reflection and criticism in the practical experience. The article takes design practice as the ontology. Through a single...

Contribution of School Management Based on Local Values of Tri Hita Karana and Leadership Service

Anak Agung Gede Agung, Ni Made Sugihartini
Symptoms of the low organizational commitment of teachers at Singaraja-Bali City Middle School encouraged this research. Therefore, this study aims to determine the contribution of school management implementation based on local wisdom values tri hita karana and servant leadership on teacher organizational...

Kanban System and Calculation of Kanban Production in Stamping Division of PT. XYZ

Lina Gozali, Lamto Widodo, Natalia Sudiarta, I Wayan Sukania
This far, the development of Japan industry has grown rapidly in the world. The automotive industry is one of the industry which play the important role in Indonesia, especially in transportation sector. Almost in automotive companies familiar with Toyota Production System method. The problem come up...

Impact of Jabal Kelor Development as a Tourism Attraction

Steviani Batti, Dhimas Setyo Nugroho, Andi Lopa Ginting, Herry Novrianda
Jabal Kelor tourism development has triggered a positive impact on the residents of the Dadap Kulon hamlet. The purpose of this study is to present an analysis of the impact of community-based tourism development in Jabal Kelor. In this study, semi-structured interviews were conducted with key informants...

Legal Protection of Independent Plantation Farmers in Determining the Price of Selling FFB

Maryati Bachtiar, Dasrol Dasrol, Riska Fitriani
Independent oil palm growers generally have various limitations both in terms of land availability, knowledge about cultivation and care, capital, including how to market their harvest or processing. The purpose of this research is to find out the legal protection of independent farmers in determining...

Discursive Practices of Teaching-Learning Phase in the School Literacy Movement: Appraisal Analysis

Rama Dwika Herdiawan, Mursid Saleh, Warsono, Djoko Sutopo
Discursive practices lead to the interactants negotiating the attitudes in certain area particularly in the teaching and learning phase in which the students and teacher get interactive to each other. This is theoretically related to appraisal analysis which attempts to investigate how the students and...

Pragmatics of the Labor Market VS High Meanings of Cultural Education

Inna Anatolyevna Akhyamova, Maria Alekseevna Belyaeva, Ekaterina Alekseevna Efremova
The impact of the labor market on the content of education is one of the urgent challenges for the modern system of higher education, including cultural studies. The authors, relying on many years of personal experience in the education system and modern scientific research, reflect on the results of...
Proceedings Article

Location Quotient Analysis (LQ) in Determining the Excellent Commodity

Yogi Sugiarto Maulana, Andri Helmi Munawar, Dian Hadiani, Ratningsih, Taufik Wibisono
This research is done with the aim to analyze the determination of the excellent commodity in the sub-district Purwaharja Banjar City which subsectors are base and non-base. In this research, researchers compare the type of business in the small and medium industries (IKM) Purwaharja Sub-district with...

An E-learning Space for the Economics Experimental Teaching Based on Pedagogy-Space-Technology Framework

Xing Pan, Li Zhu
In order to promote the construction and application of personalized E-learning spaces, this article is based on the Pedagogy-Space-Technology (PST) learning space theory as the research framework, starting from the three core elements of teaching method, space and technology. Study the construction...

Modern State of Land Resources and Analysis of the Level of Ruralization within the Steppe Regions in the Asian Part of Russia

A.A. Chibilyov, D.S. Meleshkin, D.V. Grigorevsky
Landscapes of the steppe zone in Asian part of Russia have undergone a large-scale agricultural development, experienced a negative effect due to agrarian-economical activity for last 2 centuries. The Virgin Land Campaign, aftermaths of which formed a complex of problems having the national character,...
Proceedings Article

Local Wisdom of Farmers in Ngadas Village, Malang Regency in the Management of Agricultural Landscapes

Sri Utami, Antariksa, Dian Kartika Santoso
In Indonesia, Ngadas Village is one of the Agricultural Villages. Ngadas people do more activities in the fields than in their homes or dwellings. So, research about local wisdom of the Ngadas community in managing an agricultural landscape was fascinating. This research aimed to provide an overview...

Needs Analysis of Synectics Learning Through Developing of Augmented Reality Media for Learning of Narative Story Writing at Institut Pendidikan Indonesia

Deasy Aditya Damayanti, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Munir Munir, Isah Cahyani
Learning to write narrative stories in the classroom tends to be just an assignment without material reinforcement and feedback. Students do not know where the difficulty is in making narrative stories, so they tend to spend a long time for writing. The problem can be solved by an integrated verbal creativity...

The Meaning of Beauty in the Novel Laila and Maya by Ayu Utami

Wahyu Puspita Sari, Yasnur Asri
Meanings beauty usually makes everyone think, a woman with white skin, tall body, sharp nose and white teeth. Ayu Utami sees beauty in a different way from other people. Ayu Utami sees the beauty of deconstruction and difference (anomaly). This study aims to describe the meaning of beauty according to...

Development of Blended Learning Based MOODLE in Fiction Appreciation at Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program

Idawati, Salamah, Andri Wicaksono, Khaerunnisa
This research aimed to produce a MOODLE learning system integrated with Blended Learning. This research is collaboration between Indonesian Language Education Programs at University of Muhammadiyah Lampung and STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung. The object of this research were students from both universities....

Research on the Medical Insurance Payment System in the Social Security Education Industry Under Major Public Health Incidents-Taking COVID-19 as an Example

Guo Shuaifeng
This article takes the medical insurance payment system under major public health incidents in China as the research object, adopts research methods such as inductive summary and comparative analysis to analyze the implementation status of China’s medical insurance payment system under the epidemic,...

Fiscal Security of the State Considering Threats of Macroeconomic Nature

Oleksandr Korystin, Nataliia Svyrydiuk, Volodymyr Tkachenko
The paper focuses on the study of macroeconomic threats to fiscal security. Empirical data based on the results of strategic analysis in the field of fiscal security of Ukraine are presented. The results of threat analysis are compared separately according to the level of probability and consequences...

The Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Manganese Cobalt Ferrite (Mn1-xCoxFe2O4) Based on Natural Iron Sand and Used for Pb Ion Adsorption

N S Asri, E A Setiadi, Nurmadinah, M Addin, A P Tetuko, A Basyir, Rahmaniah, P Sebayang
The manganese cobalt ferrite (Mn1-xCoxFe2O4) of x = 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 have been synthesized to determine the structure and magnetic properties to be used as an adsorbent to remove Pb ions from aqueous solution. The material was prepared using the co-precipitation method and the removal process was...