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Study on the Lantern Culture of the Hakka Ancestral Land Ninghua

Tao Zhang
As an intangible cultural heritage, the Ning-Hua Hakka lanterns represented by high ceiling lamps have unique research value and significance. In this paper, a thorough investigation including lanterns of Hakka culturewas carried out. It traces the origin of the Hundred Brid High Shed Light in Huai plateau...
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CFD Modeling of a Headbox with Injecting Dilution Water at Different Step Diffusion Tube

Darong Tang, Jinsong Zeng
The headbox is heart of the paper machine in paper industry. In the paper, the flow dynamics of the dilution water that adjusts the consistency of the fluid in a hydrodynamic headbox was studied by performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. A standard k-ε turbulence model was used in...

Regulation to Mining’s Labors

H. Abustan, Teuku Saiful Bahri Johan, Otom Mustomi, Siti Miskiah
The role of law in the context of employment is something that can protect and as a form of government responsibility in protecting citizens (State responsibility to protect), provide security, peace and orderly to achieve prosperity and justice of each person. In the context of this study, it is not...

Teaching Reform and Practice of ERP Course Based on OBE-TC Concept

Xiaoyu Wang, Qian Wang, Di Wu
Based on the concepts of OBE and TOPCARES-CDIO, Dalian Neusoft University of Information proposed the concept of OBE-TC education and teaching reform, aimed at the integration education through knowledge, ability and attitude of the students to cultivate talents with high quality. According to the OBE-TC...

Research on the Training Program Design of Interdisciplinary Engineering Talents Based on Outcome Based Education - Take intelligent manufacturing system engineering major as an example

Wenjuan Zhang, Keqi Xiong, Ying Yu, Yifei Yang
To meet the requirements of interdisciplinary and compound talents from the new industrial revolution, China's higher engineering education is reforming towards new model. Taking the new major named "intelligent manufacturing system engineering" as an example, basing on outcome-based education model,...

Efforts to Improve Indonesian Language Learning Outcomes Using 4-D Model

Chandra Anugerah Putra
This research is aimed to (1) find out the students’ learning activity in languages Indonesia using learning model 4-D on the students of class IV Primary School 5 Panarung Palangka Raya in academic year 2016/2017, and to (2) improvement of learning outcomes of languages Indonesia using learning model...

A Discussion on Xi Jinping’s Talks on Young People’s Ideals and Beliefs

Ding Shao, Yifang Sun
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has delivered a series of important talks on young people's ideals and beliefs on different important occasions, which has formed the Xi Jinping’s young people ideals and beliefs with rich content, profound...

Analysis on the Application Value of Full Seamless Service in Rehabilitation Area of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chunxiao Ren, GuoWu Cao
Objective: To explore the application effect of full seamless service in rehabilitation area of traditional Chinese medicine. Methods: The patients were divided into two groups according to the standard of admission time in the rehabilitation area of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital. They...
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Large Time Stability Control for a Class of Quasilinear Parabolic and Hyperbolic Equations

Hongen Li, SHuxian Deng
In this paper, we concerned with the stability control of solutions for a class of quasi-linear wave equations with weak attenuation. We use a so-called energy perturbation method to establish weak controllability of solutions in terms of energy norm for a class of nonlinear functions. We show the weak...
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Influence of Upsetting Process on Continues Electric Heating by Coupled Electro-thermal-mechnical Simulation

Zheng-xing Men, Ya-xin Ma, Tai-wen Yue, Rui-lin Liu, Yue Tang
In the present study, an axis-symmetric electro-thermo-mechanical model has been developed to analyze a deformation process by continuous resistance heating. The influences of the contact resistance, the current intensity and the die geometry on the temperature distribution were investigated, and the...

Computer Mediated Communication in E- Marketing of Indonesia University Education

Heni Nuraeni Zaenudin
The interaction between the communicator (the seller) and the communicant (the consumer) is represented in the form of textually message. Non- verbal message constitues facial expression, gesture, and voice intonation. The emotion symbols found in the textual message are usually used to complete textually...
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Electrical Performance Simulation of 2.5D Package

Wenchao Tian, Zhanghan Zhao
In this paper, the influence of TSV geometry parameters on transmission performance is analyzed and some TSV design references are given according to the simulation results. In addition, including coplanar waveguide (CPW) and microstrip line (MSL), two main signal line structures of RDL layer are studied...

On Pedagogical Strategies to Develop Undergraduates' Chinese-English Pragmatic Translation Competence

Jun Chen, Yuhong Huang
Based on PACTE's translation competence model, this paper presents the five components of C-E pragmatic translation competence. It argues that bilingual communication sub-competence is the kernel of Chinese-English pragmatic translation, while translation knowledge sub-competence, strategic sub-competence,...

The Formation of Professional Music Education in the System of Academic Traditions in Yeniseisk Province

Evgenya Tsareva, Maria Chikhacheva
The case study presented in the article analyzes unpublished archive materials and scientific papers to investigate the role that music education has played in the formation of regional system of academic traditions in Yeniseisk Province. The authors examine professional music education establishing...
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Relevancy Analysis of UHVDC Power Transmission and Provincial Power Source Construction

Guangzeng Sun, Linlin Yu, Yongmin Liu, Gengyin Li, Jinghui Huang, Jing Wang
The rapid development of UHVDC power transmission makes the proportion of external power accepted by provinces increase significantly. This paper aims at analyzing the relevancy of UHVDC power transmission and provincial power source construction from two aspects of reliability and environmental protection,...
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Research Progress of Dopamine Receptors and Motor Control

Xiaoxin Wang, Ke Li, Jiali Cheng, Yanhang Zhang, Lijuan Hou
Dopamine receptors (DAR) involved in the regulation of many important functions in the brain as the targets of neurotransmitter dopamine(DA), especially in the aspects of motor control, learning and memory, cognition and drug addiction. But there are still a lot of controversies in the regulation of...
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Research on Safety Management of Tall Template Support System Based on BIM

Dongsheng Yu, Jintuan Zhang
In order to improve the security and stability of tall template support system during the construction, the paper apply BIM to the safety management of tall template support system. Put forward to design method, arrange construction scheme, constructionÿtechnologyÿdisclosure,dynamicÿprogressÿcontrol,...
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Research on Extensions and Applications of Integral Mean Value Theorem

Yong Huang
The integral mean value theorem is an important theorem in higher mathematics. In this paper, we give extensions of integral mean value theorem. Based on this, the examples of limitations calculations, estimation and integral inequation proof are given in the paper to provide some references for the...

Marxism Modernization and Sinicization

Wuxun Su
This article is the outline of my book "Marxism Modernization and Sinicization" as the document for consultation and cooperative purpose. In the book three aspects of the Marxism modernization are point out: 1, the development of human society has changed from the spontaneous development into the consciousness...

Research on Relationship between Academic Research and Equipment Support in Military

Xuedong Xue, Xude Cheng, Yuan Zheng, Wei Liu, Yingbing Chen
Academic research is not only one of the basic functions of college education, but also an important way to improve the quality of teaching and cultivate high-quality new military talents. It is also an important part of national and military scientific research system. Strengthening academic research...

Authorizing Indonesia Diversity through the Inheritance of Multiculturalism Values Based on Local Wisdom of Maluku People

Agustinus Ufie
The reality of Indonesia diversity as a nation, today, enters momentum which is very worrying. Various social phenomena in society such as violence, conflict, terrorism, up to the chaotic of national politic (sectarian politic), etc. continually occur in the midst of our national life. These empirical...

Psychological Experience Dynamics of Students with Glossophobia through Narrative Counseling as seen from Gender: A Qualitative Study

Ajeng Intan Nur Rahmawati, Imam Ariffudin, Mulawarman Mulawarman
Psychological experience can lead to the fear of speech anxiety (glossophobia). A number of studies explain that 75% people in the world have suffered glossophobia. The studies also revealed that, compared with men, women have higher tendency to experience glossophobia. The aim of the present study was...

The Phenomenon of De-radicalization in Al Hidayah Boarding School, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Husnul Isa Harahap, Ms T. Irmayani
The phenomenon of de-radicalization is a rare attempt in the study of terrorism. This is because institutions that specifically do so are still minimal, especially in educational institutions such as boarding school. In the case of Indonesia, Al Hidayah boarding school is the first in Indonesia to educate...

Muslim Personal Law And Gender Equality Concerns In India

Personal laws are mired with controversies on questions of gender equality. In India, where each community is governed by its own sets of personal laws, Muslim Personal Law, especially, is perceived to further gender inequality. This paper analyses such gender inequality concerns about the Muslim personal...

A Study on Applicability of Sound Art as Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients

Kamal Sabran, Norfadilah Kamaruddin, Ismail Lasa, Norfarizah Mohd Bakhir
As Alzheimer's disease increases around the world with still no absolute medication to solve the problem, art has become the alternative treatment. Nevertheless, with sound art exploring public spaces to exhibit, and seen as not too distant from conventional art approach such as music therapy, the use...
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Development of Medical Devices Based on Protein Marker for Animal and Human Diseases

Aulanni'am Aulanni'am
The concept of medical devices based on immunochromatography, is a combination of chromatography technique (for separation of sample components based on differences of their movement through the sorbent) and the immunochemical reaction that has been implemented in various ways. In this review, we discuss...
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Motion Control Realization for an Intelligent Car with Integrity Constraints

Yuchuan Li
In order to realize the obstacle avoidance and tracking movement function of the 3-wheeled intelligent car with integrity constraints, the kinematics model of the car is derived first, and the control of the speed of the car-driven DC motor, i.e. the wheel speed, is realized by using the PWM control...
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Research on Countermeasure of Safe Navigation of Ship in Tidal Reach

Zeyuan Shao, Wanzheng Ai
Due to interaction of upstream runoff and open seas tidal current, the direction and velocity of water flow in tidal reach is variable. Plus non-periodic surge resulting from such factors as large rise and fall of the river bed and meteorological factors, water flow moves more complexly, so it is a section...

The Implementation of Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization (SECI) Through EDMODO Application to Improve Student Group's Learning Outcomes

Agustian Prasetya, Kamang Taroreh
The purpose of this study is to implement SECI through ED-MODO in classroom learning as well as to improve student group's learning outcomes in terms of their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. This study utilized an application program named EDMODO as an assisting media in the process of...
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A Spectrum Analysis Algorithm Based on GPU

Kunyuan Xu, Yanhua Jin, Fangyuan Zhao, Haoran Ma
Considering the requirement of spectrum analysis, the parallel spectrum analysis algorithm is designed for a software radio platform built on the spectrum analyzer, where CPU is the controller and GPU is the baseband processor. The software platform is combined with the GPU processor, making it possible...
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The Optimal Design and Study of the Power Ultrasonic Transducer Vibrating System

Xinxin Xie
With the continuous development of the economy, the development of our country's science and technology has entered a new phase. Subsequently, the power ultrasound technology has been optimized, among which the vibrating system has played an important role, mainly including the ultrasonic transducer,...

Psychological and Pedagogical Support of the Educational Process in the Conditions of Informatization of Education

Gennady Kiselev, Albina Chervova
The paper is devoted to topical issues of professional activity of psychological and pedagogical education specialists in the informational educational space. This includes the peculiarities of psycho-pedagogical support of the educational process in the conditions of informatization of education. The...
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Pricing-Enabled QoS for UMTS/WLAN Network

Hung-Chin Jang, Bohan Lu
In this paper we propose a pricing-enabled QoS for the hybrid UMTS/WLAN network. The proposed methodology is an integration of usage-based, non usage-based, static, and dynamic pricing schemes and DiffServ (Differentiated Services). We propose the utility function and cost function for our needs, and...
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The Reliability of Mechanical Equipment Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment

Guoqiang Cao, Feng Shi, Shuai Yang
The reliability indexes is the very important link for guaranteeing the precision, function, using life span for mechanical equipment. The paper introduces the fuzzy factor of fuzzy assessment for the reliability check and index in the light of the typical model of machinery equipment fuzzy appraise...
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Analysis of 3D Magnetic Field of Magnetic Suspension Spherical Reluctance Motor

Hu Daotian, Zeng Li
It is a very complicated problem that analyzing and calculating the magnetic field of the magnetic suspension spherical reluctance motor, because the structure of the stator and rotor, the distribution of magnetic field present three-dimension. By calculating 3-D magnetic field and analyzing the magnetic...
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A Study on Turbo Code Performance Based on AWGN Channel

Peng Zhu, Jun Zhu, Xiang Liu
Turbo codes have a wide range of applications in 3G mobile communications, deep-sea communications, satellite communications and other power constrained fields. In the paper, the Turbo Code Decoding Principle and several major decoding methods are introduced. Simulations of Turbo code performance under...
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Risk assessment method for marine net-work security base on fuzzy-gray system theory

Guoliang Zou, Jie Wu, Yueying Jing
This paper constructs a marine network risk assessment model based on fuzzy-gray system theory, combining fuzzy mathematics with gray system theory. According to some special characters of the Marine Network, we screened the score results and normalized on the index weight with expert scoring. Whereafter,...
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Make Web Page Instant: By Integrating Web-Cache and Web-Prefetching

Mahesh Manchanda, Neena Gupta
As the Internet continues its exponential growth, two of the major problems that today’s Web users are suffering from are the network congestion and Web Server overloading. Web caching and pre-fetching are well known strategies for improving the performance of Internet systems. Web caching techniques...
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A MATLAB based Cellular Mobile Communication Laboratory

Rony Kumer Saha, A B M Siddique Hossain
Cellular mobile communication (CMC) is one of the fastest growing sectors in telecommunication industry worldwide. The users of CMC increased rapidly in the last two decades globally. To address the high demand of CMC services, hands-on experienced workforce is a prerequisite that are primarily supposed...
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An Intertextual Perspective of Chinese and American Poetry around 1920s

Yingjie Guo, Wen Wang
To have an intertextual perspective of Chinese and American poetry around 1920s, this paper firstly deals with the origins of intertextuality in the west as well as in China, and holds that American poetic texts can not confine themselves within American culture and literature only, nor can Chinese poetic...
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Statistical Properties of Chinese Near-synonyms Network

Jinze Li, Shuangwen Chen, Xiaoyue Luo, Feng Xiao, Jianyu Li, Hao Shen
We investigate Chinese near-synonyms (include synonyms and near-synonyms) based on complex network theory. In the study of near-synonyms network, scale-free effect and hierarchical structure features are found in this complex system. In particular, we find that n-node cliques exist widely in near-synonyms...
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On-Line Modeling of AUV’s Maneuvering Motion Based on Sliding Window SVM

Yongjie Pang, Guocheng Zhang, Zhonghui Hu, Yushan Sun
In order to solve the problem of on-line modeling of AUV's Maneuvering Motion, considering that the sample space expends in the parametric identification, a learning algorithm for least squares support vector machines (LS-SVM) based on sliding window is deduced. The method improves the identification...

Thoughts and Research on Tax Planning of Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Xianpeng Yuan, Shaohua Wang
With the deepening of University reform, the business of University-run industry, scientific research, training, logistics and so on has gradually stepped out of the school door to the society, and the proportion of tax revenue in University income is increasing. Taxation in Colleges and universities...

Study on the Strategies of International Propagation of Chinese Filial Piety Culture Against the Strategic Background of “Belt & Road” Initiative

Xiying Fan
Chinese filial piety is the core content of Chinese culture. It reflects the Chinese people’s way of thinking and values, and conveys the beautiful feelings of the Chinese people. Therefore, the international propagation of Chinese filial piety is an important part of the international communication...

Determinants of Internet Financial Report

Fatkhatul Khusniah, Mega Mayasari
The development of technology is more effective in helping users including for companies in doing financial reporting. IFR is a voluntary disclosure of financial statement which measured using IFR Index. Practice of IFR make transparency of financial statement disclosures. The purpose of this study to...

Team leading challenges in software development projects

Filip Jovanović
Scrum and agile approach in software development eases the way teams are handled and managed. With the right application of this approach into software development projects, Scrum can influence team cohesion, improved efficiency and better control of the final product. Thus, team management in the phase...

A Re-Turn to Place-based Practice of the Arts for Lifelong Learning and Creativity

Diane Butler
Every day we face familiar and new situations that require us to make a choice about the direction one wants to take. But, if one does not know where one is coming from or needs to go, too many turns can lead to disorientation. These days, we also face the predicament of choosing whether to make a decision...

The Leadership of Pancasila in Education: Foundation for Strengthening Student Characters in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Hasan Argadinata, Imam Gunawan
The industrial revolution is currently entering an increasingly advanced era with the support of internet use and digitalization. The 4.0 industrial revolution that is currently developing changes the records of all fields, including the world of education. The incessant flow of information that occurs...

Teacher Function in Class: A Literature Review

Abida Abida Ferindistika Putri, Abida Ferindistika Putri, Hana Andriningrum, Siti Khusnul Rofiah, Imam Gunawan
In order to increase the role of the teacher in the teaching-learning process and student learning outcomes, the teacher is expected to be able to create an effective learning environment and be able to manage the classroom. Because class is a learning environment and is an aspect of the school environment...

Powerpoint as Educative Media to Optimize Internalization of Hindu Education

I Putu Suarnaya
This study aimed at: (1) making instructional design with power point as IT-based educative media to optimize internalization of Hindu education; (2) trying out the instructional design with power point as IT-based educative media to optimize internalization of Hindu education; (3) using SWOT analysis...