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Petanque: Mental Imagery and Shooting Accuracy

M R Rony, M Asmawi, Johansyah Lubis
Research aims to look at the effect of mental imagery on the accuracy of shooting at sport petanque. The research method used is pre-test - post-test one group, with the precision shooting test instrument from FIPJP. The population of this study were all petanque associations in the Greater Bandung area...

Educational Values of Indonesian Character Education in Sharia Maqasid Perspective

Duski Ibrahim
To improve the quality of education in various aspects, the Indonesia has formulated 18 significant character values that must be guided in the implementation of the teaching and learning process. Those values are actually in accordance with Islamic teachings, especially with the approach or in the perspective...
Proceedings Article

Characteristics, Nutritional Status, and Blood Sugar Levels of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Mediteranian Diet

Endry Septiadi, Iis Inayati Rakhmat, Dewi Ratih Handayani, Reza Fadhil Nugraha, M. Arasy Faradina, Nur Muhamad Rohman, Muhammad Akmal Rais
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (Type 2 DM) is a metabolic disease due to disorders of the pancreas in producing insulin. Poor diet can cause abnormal blood sugar levels. The Mediterranean diet is a diet that is recommended for people with type 2 DM because it contains unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA),...

The Role of Education in Sustaining Environmental Sustainability at Rural Region in Yogyakarta

Kartika Nuringsih, Nuryasman M. N.
Supporting sustainable development is required the role of education to encourage people toward sustainability in the future. For this reason, the goal of the study is to investigate the relation of environmental education toward environmental attitude and environmental citizenship behavior (ECBs) who...

Tourism Industry Partnerships: Partnership Opportunities for MSMEs and Large Business in Palembang City

Meitolo Hulu, Reagan Brian, Dilla Pratiyudha, Daniel Sihombing, Elang Kusumo
The era of globalization demands product innovation and competitiveness, followed by HR capabilities and digital marketing. This is an obstacle to the development of MSMEs that are competitive and support the community’s economy. Micro, Small and Medium enterprises and large businesses in the tourism...

Development of Chinese Digital Teaching Material for 10th-Grade Topic Self-Introduction Based on Flipbook

Aiga Ventivani, Lukluk Ul, Octi Rjeky M., Dyna Mellania
This development research aims to develop Chinese digital teaching material for 10th-grade topic 个人 信息 [gèrén xìnxī] (self-introduction) based on flipbook. The research method in this development is the Research and Development (R & D) method using the DDD-E model. Following the development model...

Implicit Self-esteem Project

Hong Rui Yang Cheng
One of the essential stages in life for the development of identity is early adulthood. Do gender and socioeconomic status affect the development of implicit self-esteem in adolescents? It is necessary to perform this study among teenagers because positive self-esteem becomes essential during this stage...

Correlation of Increasing Public Health Status with the Use of Electric Vehicles

Nita Ariani Safitri
Climate change that occurs is caused by global warming. The impacts of climate change can be direct and indirect and can be felt by all countries in the world. Climate change can have an impact on changes in human health due to uncontrolled pollution. Efforts are needed to overcome health problems due...
Conference Abstract


Veronica Onete*, Ronald Henry, Miranda Schram, Jacqueline Dekker, Giel Nijpels, Coen Stehouwer
Pages: 16 - 17
Introduction: Arterial remodeling is an adaptive phenomenon aimed at maintaining circumferential wall stress (CWS) within operating limits. It is characterized by widening of the inter-adventitial diameter (IAD) and increases in intima-media thickness (IMT). This process is maladaptive when CWS increases...

Linguistic Challenges in Solving Mathematics Word Problems: A Case of EFL University Students

Namirah Fatmanissa, Maria N. R. Novianti
One of the biggest challenges English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners face in solving Mathematics word problems at the English college level is understanding the information presented through that language. This study aimed to investigate the importance of language in Mathematics word problems tests...
Conference Abstract


Stefano Omboni*, Igor N. Posokhov, Gianfranco Parati, Anatoli Rogoza, Alberto Avolio, Ernesto Cardona Muñoz, Lorenzo Ghiadoni, Vladimir Gorbunov, Elena Grigoricheva, Alexandra Konradi, Viktoria Korneva, Yulia Kotovskaya, Natalya Kulikova, Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Giuseppe Mulè, Iana Orlova, Carmine Savoia, Giuseppe Schillaci, Parounak Zelveian, Elena Zheleznyak
Pages: 16 - 16
Background: Ambulatory (A) blood pressure (BP), central BP and pulse wave velocity (PWV) are parameters recommended by hypertension guidelines for estimating BP control and vascular impairment. Recent advances in technology made available devices allowing combined non-invasive estimation of these parameters...
Conference Abstract


Fangfei Wei*, Nadja E.A. Drummen, Lutgarde Thijs, Lotte Jacobs, Marjo H.J. Knapen, Thibaut Petit, Wenyi Yang, Zhenyu Zhang, Yumei Gu, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Peter Verhamme, Pieter Evenepoel, Cees Vermeer, Jan A. Staessen
Pages: 16 - 16
Background: Carboxylation of matrix Gla protein (MGP), a vitamin K dependent process, activates the protein to a powerful inhibitor of arterial calcification. Circulating dephosphorylated and uncarboxylated MGP (dp-ucMGP) and total uncarboxylated MGP (t-ucMGP) are associated with macrovascular disease....

Banking Balance Sheet Channel of Systemic Risk

Vincent B.Y. Gan
Pages: 16 - 30
The role of the banking balance sheet as the source and transmitter of systemic risk is explored. We find that the key balance sheet channels of systemic risk are; (i) bank capital structure choice, (ii) interconnectedness and interdependencies among firms, (iii) correlations of asset composition and...

Gray Scale Edge Detection using Interval-Valued Fuzzy Relations

Agustina Bouchet, Pelayo Quirós, Pedro Alonso, Virginia Ballarin, Irene Díaz, Susana Montes
Pages: 16 - 27
Gray scale edge detection can be modeled using Fuzzy Sets and, in particular, Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets. This work is focused on studying the performance of several Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets construction methods for detecting edges in a gray scale image. These construction methods are based on considering...

A Heat Transfer with a Source: the Complete Set of Invariant Difference Schemes

Vladimir Dorodnitsyn, Roman Kozlov
Pages: 16 - 50
In this letter we present the set of invariant difference equations and meshes which preserve the Lie group symmetries of the equation ut = (K(u)ux)x +Q(u). All special cases of K(u) and Q(u) that extend the symmetry group admitted by the differential equation are considered. This paper completes the...

Knowledge management in twenty-first century: literature review and future research directions

Jun Xu, Gita Sankaran, Shankar Sankaran, Di Clarke
Pages: 16 - 24
By reviewing 80 knowledge management papers from seven selected journals in the disciplines of information systems, business, management and operations research, we identified the current status, activities and directions of knowledge management research.

Generational Difference in Perceptions of Tax Fairness and Attitudes Towards Compliance During Pandemic COVID-19

Arja Sadjiarto, James Thendean, Florencia Manuella Gunawan, Teresia Devita Tjahjadi
The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacts every sector of life, including the economic sector. Facing this, governments try to alleviate some of the burdens through incentives, expected to encourage tax compliance. In this study, we will delve into the intergenerational difference of perception of...

The Impact of Home Computer and Internet Device on Students’ Academic Performance in the Digital Age

Yue Liu, Jiacheng Gao
In order to study the impact of home computers and the Internet on students’ academic performance in the current era of rapid Internet development, this paper is based on the China Education Panel Survey (CEPS) 2014-2015 academic year data, using quantile regression estimation methods, the research finds...

The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Communication Through the Mobile Alodocter Application on Customer Engagement

Rizki Cipta Satria, Martha Tri Lestari
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of how effective therapeutic communication is with customer engagement through the Alodokter application. This study uses independent variables or therapeutic communication, namely listening, open-ended questions, repeating, providing information, and concluding....

Problems and Suggestions on Talent Supply and Demand of Cultural Industry in Tianjin

Xiying Xia
Tianjin attaches great importance to the construction of cultural industry. There is a large gap of senior talents in Tianjin’s cultural industry, which has become the biggest obstacle to the development of Tianjin’s cultural industry. This paper makes an in-depth questionnaire survey and interview on...

Effective Use of Google Translate in Writing

Andi Wirantaka, Mahdiana Syahri Fijanah
This research aims to investigate teachers’ perception of the effective use of Google Translate (GT) in students’ writing. This research employs a qualitative approach, specifically descriptive qualitative design. The participants of this research were six teachers of an English Education Department...
Proceedings Article

Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membrane for Textile Industry Wastewater Treatment

P.T.P. Aryanti, F.A. Nugroho, F. Fachturahman, I. A. Hidayat
Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane has become an alternative technology in water and wastewater treatment due to its low energy requirement. However, the application of conventional UF membrane is limited by its low rejection to soluble compounds, such as dyes in textile wastewater. In this work, a UF membrane...

What Can Be Learned from Pound’s Theory: Analyzing Several Governments’ Policy Response During the Outbreaks of COVID-19

Sapto Hermawan, Febrian Indar Surya Kusuma
The impact of COVID-19 on all corners of the world has taken country leaders by surprise. Several countries then adopted policies that were undoubtedly different from one another. This article compares several selected state policies, especially the use of government policies that are oriented towards...
Proceedings Article

Online Pollution Level Measurement for Water Quality Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

Wibowo Harry Sugiharto, Heru Susanto, Suryono
Several studies related to water quality assessment using the water quality index uses several water quality indices, including the water quality index (WQI), water pollution index (WPI), and river habitat Survey (RHS). Water pollution control is needed to achieve an ideal level of environmental health....

The Application of Micro Lecture in English Reading Teaching

Sufen Lu
With the development of educational informationization, modern education technology based on multimedia and network has penetrated into all aspects of education and teaching. English reading teaching which plays an important role in English teaching serves as the main way to improve the effectiveness...
Proceedings Article

Choice and Application of Green Materials in Product

Wei Chen
Based on the basic properties of the green material itself, environmental adaptability and feeling of comfort, analyzes that green materials should follow the basic principles, that are the use of good workability, good processing manufacturability, best economy, good aesthetics, non-toxic harmless and...
Proceedings Article

Research on Internet Model and Distributed Routing Algorithm

Jie Feng, Feng Liu, Qi Su
The Internet model is built up and a distributed routing Algorithm is designed,whose time complexity is analyzed. The static network model (SNM) and dynamic network model (DNM) are established and path DB and its replace rules are put forward. The improved distributed routing Algorithm is designed and...
Proceedings Article

A Method for Diagnosing the State of Electric Actuator Based on Neural Network

Hongli Wang, Bing Xu, Fuli Liu, Yuan Zheng
The article, taking neural network (NN) as the tool and electric actuator as study object, proposes a diagnosis method for electric actuator based on self-organization competitive neural network, by which state diagnosis is realized with discrimination capacity of nonlinear dynamic system of neural network...

Analysis of the Spatial Effect of Provincial Fiscal Transparency on FDI in China

Ying Li, Ming Na
In promoting fiscal transparency, China's various provinces care too much about "next door neighbor" view and behavior; neither of them wants to "go too further". Taking the spatial effect into consideration and comparing the three models, OLS, SLM and SEM, this paper explores the spatial correlation...
Proceedings Article

Synthesis and investigation of the self-assembly behavior of guest block copolymers for supramolecular responsive materials

Shufei Jiao, Yanzhen Yin, Yun Wang, Zhongfeng Shi, Shuming Zhong, Zuqiang Huang
A supramolecular guest copolymer (PNAP-co-PAM) based on naphthol-containing monomer (NAP) and acrylamide was synthesized via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization. The structure of supramolecular guest copolymer was characterized by NMR and GPC. And the self-assembly behavior of supramolecular guest copolymer...
Proceedings Article

A Scale Adaptive Hierarchical Clustered Routing Protocol for WSNs

Lipeng Lu, Jiugen Shi, Huiliang Xu
Due to technique advances, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used in both military and civil scenarios. A vast amount of data is transmitted to the base station through resource-restrained nodes, which are powered by batteries with limited energy. An energy saving routing protocol is fundamental...

The Discussion on Early Education Service in Community

Hui Zhang
The early education of 0-3 years old infants is the beginning of lifelong education system,early education service of community for 0-3 years old infants exists some problems in China,for instance, the administrative service of community guarantees is insufficient, private early education institutions...
Proceedings Article

Effect of CFO on Determination of Ventilation

Wei Zhou, Ting Fang, Qing Zhang, Xue Ding, Zhicai Jiang
To study the effect of total CFO airflow on ventilation determination and confirm the effect of airflow rate at filter end on measurement of actual degree of ventilation, this Paper first established 3D simulation model of standards flow field for degree of ventilation, by setting the initial condition...
Proceedings Article

The Analysis and Research of Freak Attack Based on OpenSSL

Hong Xia, Qianqian Pei, Yajuan Xi
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is widely used to provide a safe and secure environment for network communications. But the Secure sockets layer cryptographic library OpenSSL-which includes cryptographic algorithm, cipher code, certificate encapsulation, SSL protocol implementation-is not absolutely...
Proceedings Article

Addressing English Writing Problems for College Students through Integrated Approaches

Xiu Zeng
Writing is an extremely important means of communication in the modern world, either in the traditional form or through e-mail. However, English writing has long been viewed as a challenge to most Chinese college students because of their weak language foundation, limited expanse of ideas and less targeted...
Proceedings Article

Problems of Molecular Biology teaching for Food Safety and Quality Specialty and reforming idea

Xin Lü, Xiaoni Zhang
Because the people's living standard is keep improving and food safety accidents occurred frequently in recent years, food quality and safety problem, which is one of the most important research field in food science, is increasingly focused on. The specialty of food quality and safety was established...
Proceedings Article

The Countermeasures of Cultivating Study Responsibilities in College English Teaching

Yong Quan Wang
The combination of social responsibilities and study responsibilities in college English teaching is an important subject in foreign language education in college. It is the essential requirement to connect social responsibilities with study responsibilities, which follows the trend of college English...
Proceedings Article

Research on Cost of Fine Coal Enterprises Management

Ming-e Cheng, Yang Tang
The elaborating management, is through the rules of systematization and refinement, standardization, standardization, digital and information technology, make the organization and management units accurate, efficient, collaborative, and continue to run. Cost of fine coal enterprises management will change...
Proceedings Article

The Comet-Based Implementation of Real-Time Drawing Board

Rui Yang, Chongwen Wang
Comet technique can transfer web data from a client to another in real-time, with the comet server as the message freight station. Using this technology to transfer messages has real-time and efficient advantages. In this paper, a web version real-time share drawing system is designed and implemented,...
Proceedings Article

The Development Path Choice of the Modern Service Industry in the Resource-Dependent Cities

Shuling Tang
In some resource-dependent cities, modern service industry is a very low proportion. The development of second industry is inharmonious with service industry. The levels of information, marketization and industrialization are lower. In this paper, we used empirical and normative analysis to make some...
Proceedings Article

Empirical Research on MIS Teaching of Non-professional Information Management

Fang Lu, Ming Yang
Recently, many universities open MIS (Management Information System) courses in non-professional information management. How to improve teaching quality on MIS course of non-professional information management has drawn more and more colleges’ attention. The teaching quality and influence factors on...
Proceedings Article

Innovation in the Curriculum for English Major Students in Chinese Higher Education

Hang Zou
In the context of accelerating globalization, English has become the dominant foreign language in the curricula of educational institutions in China, basically because it serves as the communicative means for global political, cultural and economic exchanges. In such an environment, the curriculum for...
Proceedings Article

A Review of Fractal Tree Antennas

Hongming Zang, Xiaoying Zhao, Xiong Xu, Gonglei Zhang, Jingjing Lu
Fractal tree structures can be utilized to design antennas in order to enhance the performance of the antenna, such as widening the working frequency band while reducing the size of the antenna. This paper summarizes the development process, current research, and the application of fractal tree antenna...
Proceedings Article

Entrepreneurship and the Strategic Transformation of Medium and Small Enterprises

Yuanqing Shen, Zhijiang Liu
In this article, the study on the relationship between entrepreneurship and the strategic transformation of medium and small enterprises leads to the conclusion that the former has an impact on the latter. To be more specific, since entrepreneurship helps to distinguish opportunities and threats, such...
Proceedings Article

Sequential Voting Models with Externalities

Xiaoqin Huang, Yiming He, Liang Li, Guoliang Liu, Wu Chen
Voting is one of the important ways to solve the problem of collective decision-making. Previous work assumes that voters are only concerned about their own preference. However, in sequential voting, voters can see the results of voters who voted before them, such externalities naturally arise in sequential...

Placement testing and what results can tell us

Natalia Chekurova
Assessing students is a key part of teaching a language. Placement tests are used to help teachers set up learner groups that can work together, and to inform decisions ranging from choosing the most suitable course book to devising the teaching content to suit a particular group of students. The article...

A Brief History of Undergraduate Mathematics between 1960 to Present in the United States

Liying Huang
Mathematics, as an undergraduate major, has been through lots of reforms and evolution to become the major as people see today. This paper will discuss about the development of mathematics as an undergraduate major from 1960 to present by analyzing the reasons for the change of the enrollment rate and...

The Impact of Problem Based Learning on Productive Skills and Attitude toward English Language Learning

Ni Wayan Vera Aryanti, Luh Putu Artini
This study aimed at analyzing the impact of Problem-based learning (PBL) on Students' productive skills and attitude toward English language learning (ELL). The study employed embedded mixed-method design which involved the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data. The data collection involved...
Proceedings Article

Study of Research Information Management System based on Sports

Jie Hu
Aims at the lacking of our research information management in the sports, we design the system of research information management in order to solve this problem. This article first analyzes the system, describes the evaluation of system process and requirement. Then, we can find the detailed analysis...
Proceedings Article

Fatigue Life Prediction of an Impeller Based on Fracture Mechanics

Lei Wang, Tianzhong Sui
Welding structure is widely used in impellers fitted on the large centrifugal compressor and the crack propagation life prediction is studied based on the fracture mechanics. First the finite element structure strength analysis is carried on the three-dimensional entity model of the impeller, and the...