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Scheduling Optimization Method of Single-line Customized Bus

Yunwei Li, Xuedong Yan, Wen Shao
Customized bus, a new-type traveling mode in China, now has become the first choice for part of city residents due to its quality services. However, customized bus in China is still at the initial stage of exploration. Its route design and vehicle scheduling have not yet formed a unified methodology....
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Optimization of Sight Clearance Area Design at Uncontrolled Intersection

Wen Shao, Xuedong Yan, Yunwei Li
Since the lack of traffic control measures, it is necessary to provide the sufficient intersection sight distance to ensure the safety of driving at uncontrolled intersections. At present, the domestic and foreign design standards and specifications concentrate more on the dimensions of square edges...
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Effect of Collision Parameters on the Pedestrian Thoracic Dynamics Response and Injury

Wenjun Liu, Aowen Duan, Kui Li, Liangfei Fu, Hongchun Jia, Zhiyong Yin
To investigate the effect of collision parameters (impact area of hood, vehicle velocity, walking speed of pedestrian, pedestrian gait and pedestrian orientation) on the dynamics response and injury of pedestrian thorax by combining the merits of Finite Element (FE) method and analytical method of Multi-body...
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Optimization for Train Schedules of Full-length & Short-turn Routing Mode in Urban Rail Transit

Yansong Liu, Baohua Mao, Mengna Li
The train schedule is the basis of operation organization in urban rail transit. According to the properties of the full- length & short- turn routing mode in urban railway transit, a multi- objective nonlinear mixed integer programming optimization model of train shedule for a single transit line is...
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Research on Financial Risk Evaluation of Railway Logistics Based on BP Neural Network Model

Mengna Li, Xiangfei Yang, Congcong Xin, Jie Zhang
This paper analyzes the risk factors of developing logistics finance business in railway enterprises, identifies the risks from two aspects of external risk and internal risk, and constructs the evaluation index system of railway logistics financial risk. Based on the analysis of BP neural network structure,...
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Safety Evaluation of Road Tunnel Based on Fuzzy AHM

Qiming Yao, Shuo Liu
In order to improve the operation safety of road tunnels, a new evaluation method of safety evaluation was proposed. Firstly, the index system was established by comprehensive considering all kinds of traffic safety attribute, including road engineering, traffic safety facility, traffic flow condition...
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Construction Method of Salar Traditional Settlement

Haichen Zheng, Wenyu Zhao, Hongbin Ma
The Salar nationality believes in Islam, and the clansmen mainly live in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County of Qinghai Province and Dahejia, Baoan nationality and Dongxiang Salar Autonomous County, Jishishan, Gansu Province. The construction of many traditional settlements of the Salar nationality is ingenious...
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Design of Indoor Real-time Positioning on Embedded Platform

Xin Shu, Chang Liu, Haoyuan Cai, Tianyang Cao
Indoor positioning is becoming a very popular research direction in recent years. In this paper, we realize real-time trajectory calculation through the fusion of inertial and vision. We have two experiments in different environments and we find that the algorithm's error is below 50% of pure inertial...
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The application of the electrical automation in power system

Laiyun Hou
On the basis of introducing the development of electrical automation, this paper detailedly analyzes the application of computer technology and PLC technology, which are specific technologies of electrical automation used in the power system. The purpose of this paper is to make people have a deeper...
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Research on Train Over-taking Organization of Urban Rail Transit

Junjun Liu, Baohua Mao
Study on train over-taking organization of urban rail transit and propose calculation methods of local train's waiting time as well as the length of the cross section. Combining with actual operation of urban rail transit, the effects of departure interval, tracking interval and the maximum operating...
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Installation and Docking Technology of Control Module for Subsea Production System

Lan Zhang, Yongzhe Li, Yonghong Meng, Liquan Wang, Peng Jia
The docking technology of the subsea production system control module (SCM) is a key part of installation. If the docking accuracy is not reached, or poor stability when docking, the butt joint between the hydraulic joint and the electrical joint cannot be accomplished, may also make the subsea control...
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The Study of Cognitive Radio Prediction Based on Big Data

Haoxiang Sun, Changxing Chen, Yunfei Ling, Jiyao Huang, Xiangyang Lin
With the advent of the age of big dat, the application of big data to predict is a powerful way to solve various problems. However, for the increasingly tense spectrum resources, the prediction of cognitive radio based on big data is an inevitable trend. In this paper, the advantages of big data prediction...
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The Influence of Tail Fitting of Truck Effect Samples on Maximum Truck Effect in Reference Period

Junli Liu, Jinhao Zhang, Lei Wang, Wencheng Yu
In order to study the influence of the tail of the fitted sample distribution curve of vehicle load effect on the maximum value distribution in the reference period of vehicle load effect, multi-model normal distribution curve, straight line, parabola, exponential curve and POT model based on Pareto...
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A Compact Bias T Used for Front-end of Millimeter Imaging System

Baohua Yang, Huajie Zou, Jungang Miao
As millimeter wave (MMW) electronic technologies have matured, MMW receiver research is also in the rapid development which includes front-end and frequency synthesizer. They all needed isolation between RF and DC bias. The good design bias T which can realize high isolation between DC bias source port...
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Research of Theoretical Model and Transmission Efficiency of ZC1 Worm Dynamic Lubrication

Dongyue Qu, Chunyu Zhang, Jianan Xu, Rilai Zhang, Shengxi Zhang
The dynamic pressure lubrication theoretical model of worm gear ZC1 is established, the formula of hydrodynamic lubrication discretization for the calculation of the mixed friction efficiency of circular cylindrical worm and worm pair is achieved and the formula and process for solving the hybrid friction...
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The Control System of 100kv High Voltage Power Supply

Shengmin Pan, Peng Fu, Yiyun Huang, Baocan He, Hulin Feng, Denghu Wang
It described a control system of 100kV high voltage power supply. It used PC control and monitor the power modules via fiber optic. By testing, proved the control system is a good isolation and provides stability control system. By this way, we can remote control the power modules.
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Research on Educational Video Retrieval Method Based on Audio Transcription Technology

Muqiang Zhao, Wenxi Zheng, Yan Ye, Min Wu
In the modern education platform, there are many problems, such as insufficient retrieval accuracy and single retrieval process, this paper conducts an in-depth investigation and analysis of the features of educational videos, combined with the cutting-edge audio transcription technology and text processing...
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The Fault Diagnosis of Smart Substation Equipment Based on Fuzzy Petri Nets

Shaowen Wan
This paper introduces fault diagnosis method and its mathematical descriptionthe of fuzzy Petri nets, including the basic concept and rule representation. On the basis of the original fuzzy Petri net reasoning decision, the transition threshold judgment is proposed. This paper presents a fault diagnosis...
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On-line Monitoring of Ethanol Concentration during Biomass Fermentation.

Ranran Zhang
For fermentation process large time delay, nonlinear and distributed parameter and disturbance, to combine neural networks and fuzzy control, neural network has the ability to learn, to modify control rules, the proposed neural network controller, realize online monitoring of biomass in the fermentation...
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Application of Electronic Chart Display and Information System in the Teaching of Nautical English

Xiandong Zhao, Yonggang Zong
The emergence of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a revolution in the field of navigation. With the improvement of ECDIS's standardization and its further promotion, the research of ECDIS in the world is also deepening. On the basis of the understanding of the standard of electronic...
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The Study of SAR Image Change Detection Algorithm Based on the Difference Graph Fusion

Chunhua Fu, Xiaojing Wang, Lijun Zhang, Liying Qiao
SAR image change detection technology is the two picture in the same area, the different time periods for SAR image detection, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the change area, thereby gaining interest area change a technology of information. SAR image change detection technology is of great...
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A Novel Controller Dynamic Linearization-Based Model Free Adaptive Predictive Control for A Class Of Discrete Nonlinear Systems

Danna Wang
In this work, a novel controller dynamic linearization based model free adaptive predictive control algorithm (CFDLc-MFAPC) for a class of discrete nonlinear system is proposed. This method introduces dynamic linearization parameters of ideal controller based on dynamic linearization technology, and...
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Research on Promotion of Emergency Rescue Strategy of General Aviation for Earthquake Disaster in Mountain Area

Liang Zhang
This paper analyzes the influencing factors of earthquake emergency rescue of general aviation in mountain area, the relevant knowledge of operational research is applied, the influencing factors of emergency rescue are analyzed and evaluated by analytic hierarchy process; according to the analysis results,...
Proceedings Article

[WITHDRAWN] A Relevance Vector Machine Based on Gaussian Mixture Kernel

Mi Tong, Fang Liu, Quan Qi, Wangchen Qin
Relevance vector machine (RVM), a sparse Bayesian kernel method in machine learning, has been well-known for its sparsity and probabilistic predictions. Like other kernel methods, it use the kernel functions to map the input instances into higher dimensional space for problem simplicity. At present,...

Book Review by B A Kupershmidt

B.A. Kupershmidt
Pages: 0 - 0
Five books are reviewed, namely Bruce C Berndt: Ramanujan's Notebooks. Part I. (With a foreword by S Chadrasekhar). Springer-Verlag, New York Berlin, 1985. 357 pages. --: Ramanujan's Notebooks. Part II. Springer-Verlag, New York Berlin, 1989. 359 pages. --: Ramanujan's Notebooks. Part III. Springer-Verlag,...

Book Review by P G L Leach

P.G.L. Leach
Pages: 0 - 0
N H Ibragimov: Elementary Lie Group Analysis and Ordinary Differential Equations, John Wiley, New York, 1999, 347 pages.

Book Reviews by F Calogero

F. Calogero
Pages: 0 - 0
Four books published by Birkhäuser are reviewed.

Book Reviews by F Calogero

F. Calogero
Pages: 0 - 0
Seven books published by Birkhäuser are reviewed.

Book Reviews by F Calogero

F. Calogero
Pages: 0 - 0
Three books are reviewed, namely Masao Nagasawa: Schroedinger Equations and Diffusion Theory. Birkhaeuser, Basel Boston Berlin, 1993. 332 pages. David Wick (with a mathematical appendix by William Farris): The Infamous Bounary - Seven Decades of Controversy in Quantum Physics. Birkhaeuser. Boston Basel...

Book Review by P A Clarkson

P.A. Clarkson
Pages: 0 - 0
Peter E Hydon: Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations: A Beginner's Guide Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics, Cambridge University Press, 2000.


Eugen Paal, Sergei Silvestrov
Pages: 0 - 0

Using Architectural Runtime Verification for Offline Data Analysis

Lars Stockmann, Sven Laux, Eric Bodden
Analyzing runtime behavior as part of debugging complex component-based systems used in the vehicle industry is an important aspect of the integration process. It is a laborious task that involves many manual steps. One reason for this is that, as of today, the analysis is usually not performed on the...

How to Make the Right Diagnosis in Neutropenia

Elena E. Solomou, Christina Salamaliki, Maria Lagadinou
Isolated neutropenia without anemia or thrombocytopenia is a common clinical problem. The etiology of neutropenia may vary from transient bone marrow suppression, caused by self-limited viral illnesses, to previously undiagnosed congenital syndromes or serious systemic diseases. Consequently, determining...

Affine Ricci Solitons of Three-Dimensional Lorentzian Lie Groups

Yong Wang
In this paper, we classify affine Ricci solitons associated to canonical connections and Kobayashi-Nomizu connections and perturbed canonical connections and perturbed Kobayashi-Nomizu connections on three-dimensional Lorentzian Lie groups with some product structure.
Research Article

Birth Weight in Relation to Post-Natal Growth Patterns as Predictor of Arterial Stiffness and Central Hemodynamics in Young Adults from a Population-based Study

Johannes Sperling, Shantanu Sharma, Peter M. Nilsson
Objective: Our aim was to examine the impact of mismatch patterns reflecting pre- and post-natal growth conditions on markers of arterial stiffness and central hemodynamics in young adults. Methods: In all, 1056 participants from Malmö Offspring Study, 484 men and 572 women (age-range 18–44 years),...

Machine Learning for Violence Risk Assessment Using Dutch Clinical Notes

Pablo Mosteiro, Emil Rijcken, Kalliopi Zervanou, Uzay Kaymak, Floortje Scheepers, Marco Spruit
Violence risk assessment in psychiatric institutions enables interventions to avoid violence incidents. Clinical notes written by practitioners and available in electronic health records are valuable resources capturing unique information, but are seldom used to their full potential. We explore conventional...

Modeling Frailty Using Birnbaum Saunders Distribution for Bivariate Survival Data

Lal Pawimawha
Frailty models are survival models, which are designed to explore the properties of the unobserved heterogeneity in individuals pertaining to disease and death. In this paper, we propose the new frailty model called Birnbaum–Saunders frailty model with Weibull, Pareto, and exponential power as baseline...
Research Article

The Incidence and Prognosis of ICU Delirium: A Retrospective Study from a Single Center

Qing Feng, Yuhang Ai, Meilin Ai, Li Huang, Qianyi Peng, Lina Zhang
Purpose: Delirium is a frequent occurrence amongst Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients, but studies on its causes are sparse and its risk factors vary from disease to disease. Here, in this study, an attempt was made to investigate the factors associated with the prognosis of delirium in the ICU. Methods:...

Alpha Power Transformed Weibull-G Family of Distributions: Theory and Applications

I. Elbatal, M. Elgarhy, B. M. Golam Kibria
This paper considers three special cases: Exponential, Rayleigh and Lindley of a family of generalized distributions, called alpha power Weibull G (APW-G) family. Some essential and valuable statistical properties of the family of distributions are obtained. The proposed distributions are very flexible...
Research Article

Reliability of Finger Photoplethysmogram Assessment: Effect of Mental Stress and Day-to-Day Variability

Marina Fukuie, Takashi Tarumi, Takayuki Yamabe, Jun Sugawara
Frequent assessment of vascular health (e.g., arterial stiffness) may predict the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The Second Derivative of the finger Photoplethysmogram Aging Index (SDPTGAI) may be used as an index of vascular aging and a screening tool for arteriosclerotic disease. To test its...
Research Article

Conductive Inks with 3D Conductive Networks of Polyaniline Crystals Nanofibers

Dawei Li, Yulun Tao, Shun Yao, Wenxiang Tian, Guihui Wang, Baoyu Li, Wuji Wang, Shuo Li, Jinian Yang, Qingbo Yu, Shuxing Wu, Il Kim
A series of Polyaniline (PANI) nanoparticles doped with citric acid were synthesized by situ polymerization. It is interesting that uniform nanofibers with the diameter of 50 nm formed under a proper mass ratio (aniline:citric acid) of 5:4, which forms 3D conductive networks. XRD patterns show the nanofibers...
Research Article

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cu–Al Alloy Deposited by Additive Manufacturing

Yanhu Wang, Sergey Konovalov, Xizhang Chen, Yurii Ivanov, R. Arvind Singh, S. Jayalakshmi, Xiaoming Pan
In this work, Cu–4.9% Al alloy with little Si (the weight percentage is 1.3%) and little Mn (the weight percentage is 0.8%) was deposited by wire arc additive manufacturing. Microstructure and properties of the deposited alloy was investigated. Microstructural characterization was done using optical...

Progressively Censored N-H Exponential Distribution

M. R. Mahmoud, R. M. Mandouh
An extended version of exponential distribution is considered in this paper. This lifetime distribution has increasing, decreasing and constant hazard rates. So it can be considered as another useful two-parameter extension/generalization of the exponential distribution. It can be used as an alternative...

COVID-19 Outbreak: The North versus South Epidemiologic Italian Paradigm

Alessandro Ottaiano, Mariachiara Santorsola, Mario Tamburini, Federica Corrado, Marianna Scrima, Marco Bocchetti, Gerardo Botti, Guglielmo Nasti, Michele Caraglia