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Design and Implementation of Non - base Station Multi - level Communication Network Based on Link16

Junhao Ouyang, Shaojing Su
This paper introduces the establishment of multi-level communication network through wireless module based on link16 data link protocol in the absence of fixed center communication nodes such as base stations, thus realizing bidirectional transmission of communication front-end to control center data....
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The Study of Air Flow for Uniform Profile Numerical Simulation and Influence Factors

XinLei Li
This article use Fluent to make numerical simulation of air flow for uniform and around airfoil profile. By changing different angle of attacks and different profile shapes, I analyze the distribution of pressure velocity and temperature field around profile to further evident the application value of...
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Analysis on the Suitability of Residential Buildings from the Perspective of Systematic Integration

Lei Chen
This paper proposes the idea of suitability of residential buildings from the perspective of the systematic integration. Architect's responsibility is in each kind of the material foundation decided which new function system can advocate, and that causes the people maximum limit benefit in the construction...
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Smart cities choose smart growth

Baixue Liang
As the world continues to urbanize, sustainable development challenges will be increasingly concentrated in cities. Integrated policies to improve the lives of both urban and rural dwellers are needed.We define a metric to measure the success of smart.We set up an index system that can measure the success...
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Parameter Evaluation of 3-parameter Weibull Distribution based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

Chang-Jun Wen, Xin Liu, Xin Cheng
In the determination of a reliability life model in 3-parameter Weibull distribution, there was large error and inefficient problem in parameter evaluation. Firstly, the maximum likelihood equation was made. Then the deficiency, lied in steps of using traditional genetic algorithm to solve the maximum...
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Study on the Strategy Model of Maintaining Temperature in Container

Xi Ze
Life and work often need to maintain the working fluid temperature constant within a container, such as bath in the bathtub. This paper develops a model of water temperature variation to determine the optimal strategy to achieve the goal about temperature maintaining. This paper devises three schemes...
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GPU-accelerated Exponential Time Difference Method for Parabolic Equations with Stiffness

Xueyun Xie, Liyong Zhu
In this work, we present a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated Runge-Kutta exponential time difference (RKETD) method for parabolic equations with stiffness based on CUDA (Computed Unified Device Architecture). In the proposed method, the cuFFT library developed by NVIDIA is employed to compute...
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Research and Implementation of Cooperative Control between Robot and Stand

Wenming Zhang, Zhihai Dong
As robot application technology widely and advanced skills, robot assembly, welding, spraying and other work is farther, more and more sophisticated machine makes its internal parts becomes more and more complex, application independent positioner is also more and more broad, independent robot and positioner...
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Analysis and Prediction for the Voltage Spike of Power Cable based on the Regression Model

Wei Xia, Yongbin Bai, Fenghai Ding, Bin Qiu, Shenxiang Gao
In view of the problem that the test of spike signal in the power line is difficult to capture, and based on the theory of time - domain analysis of dynamic circuit, the influence factors of voltage spike test by using the maximum value of traditional multi - random test are studied. By means of the...
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The Research on Calibration for Trigger Delay of Pulse Pattern Generator

Weihong Gu, Yang Yang, Jiajia Liu, Yongbin Bai
In this paper, the detection method of pulse delay generator 81134A triggering delay parameter is studied. Based on the different types of triggering delay output and the technical index, different measurement methods based on sampling oscilloscope, digital broadband oscilloscope and counter are designed....
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A Neural Prediction Model to Predict Power Load Involving Weather Element

XinLei Li
This paper using the BP neural network model to predict the load of power system. This paper takes weather element into account, quantifying the weather element and making them as the input variable. According to the contrast to the predicted model without considering weather element, the results show...
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Chinese Culture Elements of Public Seat Design

Shanghong Yu
This article is based on aesthetics, sociology, environmental psychology and design psychology theory, study subjects in public space public seats, the survey found that the current public seat design is too common, and some of the artistic taste of the occasion with the public seat does not meet this...
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Discussion on Strengthening and Repairing Methods of Masonry Structure

Baitao Sun, Guangzhi Liang, Peilei Yan
Masonry structure is the structure type that used most widely. However because of the structure characteristics and many other reasons, the seismic capacity of the masonry structure is relatively poor. It is greatly helpful to improve the seismic resistance of masonry structure by reinforcing structures...
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Study on Entrance Lighting and Traffic Safety of Expressway Tunnel

Ran Li
When the driver of the expressway enters the tunnel, if the entrance lighting brightness settings unreasonable, the driver experienced drastic changes from the high-brightness environment outside the tunnel to the low-brightness environment in the tunnel, easily lead to driver visual obstacles, so that...
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Research on the Protection Strategy of Pretensioner Seat-belt with the Active Braking Technology

Qingfeng Feng, Hao Li, Jinhuan Zhang, Weiguo Liu, Haiyang Zhang, Ruyang Pan, Honglei Dong, Lingyun Xiao
Active safety and passive safety technology have been developed for many years in foreign countries. According to the studies by some foreign authorities, pre-crash seat-belt can protect the occupant in collision more effectively, and reduce the injury during the accident greatly. In this paper, sled...
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Optimized Design for Supervisory Control Platform of Unified Time System of Survey Vessels

Hongyuan Liu
This thesis briefly introduces the role of the supervisory control platform of unified time system of survey vessels, and studies thoroughly the design and composition of the supervisory control platform, and then finds out the existing defects for which the cause is that to avoid the interplay between...
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Research on Fire Fighting Integrated Treatment System based on Internet of Things

Yingna Qiao
In recent years, the technology of Internet of things has been paid more and more attention, and its application has become the focus of attention. It is necessary to provide strong technical support to meet the needs of social and economic development. This paper briefly introduces the concept of networking...
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Compiler Testing Approach based on Generalized Equivalent Substitution

Xinwei Wu, Peng Zhang, Qiang Huang, Qirong Ma, Guanglei Shao, Pengcheng Li
The importance of the compiler is unquestionable. In order to better guarantee the correctness of the compiler, this paper presents a compiler testing approach based on generalized equivalent substitution. This approach tests the compiler by building a large number of equivalent assemblies. It can produce...
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Dynamic Test Case Prioritization for Functional Testing

Yue Wu, Chunhai Zhang
In order to improve the efficiency of the functional test, the dynamic test tase prioritizing algorithm is designed, which is used to optimize the execution sequence of the test cases. In this algorithm, 4 factors which are related to the software function are used to calculate the priority of the use...
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Information Security Protection System based on Intrusion Detection from Real Time Angle

Yue Qian, Siyuan Zhang
Intrusion detection technology is a kind of active security technology of computer network, which can detect all kinds of malicious attacks in time and respond to the network system. It is a reasonable complement of traditional security technology, such as firewall, is a new network security technology,...
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Computer Assisted Education System based on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Internet of things (IoT)

Chunli Song
Computer assisted instruction (CAI) is a kind of modern teaching technology, which has been paid more and more attention by people. Computer assisted instruction is the use of computer as the main teaching media to carry out teaching activities, not only the use of computers to assist teachers in teaching,...
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Text Visualization and LDA Model Based on R Language

Hongjie Li, Peng Cheng, Huiyang Xie
On the Internet, text is the mainly form of information generated by users, analyzing the text can get a lot of important information. Therefore, the text analysis has become an important means of dealing with text data. In this study, R is an open-source software, could be used to analyze users of sina...
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Design and Realization of Integrated Control Platform for Production Process of Mechanical Products

Jianhua Zhang, Guoxi Li, Meng Zhang, Kai Zhang
Aiming at the informatization requirement of production process management in traditional machinery manufacturing enterprises, an integrated control platform for production process is developed. The platform includes production process modeling, real-time monitoring of production process and production...
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Seismic Damage Simulation of Masonry Structure Based on CityEngine

Baitao Sun, Jikai Yu, Xiangzhao Chen
This paper use rule modeling to simulate the damage of masonry structure in the earthquake on the cityengine platform. Meanwhile this paper discussed the method that how to simulate the damage of masonry structure more actual on the city level. Compared with the existing simulation of earthquake damage,...
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Assembly Sequence Planning for Robotic Automatic Operation

Hui Li, Xu-tang Zhang, Xi Wang
This paper has improved the traditional interference matrix, with joining the information of robotic assembly resource, which is used to search for the optimal assembly sequence. We have given a processing method of interference matrix containing the resource of the robotic assembly, which includes the...
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Rigid 3D Point Cloud Registration Based on Point Feature Histograms

Xi Wang, Xutang Zhang
Depending on the displacement and orientation between point clouds, the registration of scattered point clouds is offten divided into two steps: crude and fine alignment. An approach of point cloud classification based on point feature histogram was proposed in this paper. We propose a method of establishing...
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The Research of Passenger Flow Through Checkpoint Based on Queuing Theory

Jie Yi
Long lines emerging recently at American airports incurred sharp criticism for the TSA, how to solve the problem becomes a concern both for the TSA and passengers. To explore the flow of passengers through a security checkpoint, propose some measures to modify the current process and some advice for...

[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Effect of Organizational Justice on Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
This paper systematically introduces the meaning of organizational fairness research and the meaning, structure and function of organizational justice, and analyzes in detail the reaction of organizational justice to organizational fair and objective situation and the three factors of organizational...

[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Application of Flexible Management in Enterprise Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
In the process of modern enterprise human resource management, enterprises pay more attention to the "people-oriented" management philosophy and the long-term development of staff, which requires modern enterprises must be in-depth application and research flexible management ideas, give full play to...

On the Development Standard of Communist Party Members in Colleges and Universities

Yihui Pan, Keqin Tu, Guangqing Wang
Communist Party members are the major colleges and universities for the community selection of talents standards, the standards of Communist Party members should strictly abide by Xi Jinping mentioned 20 standard, but nowadays, many colleges and universities on the requirements of the standard Communist...

On the Construction of Multi - modal Interactive Teaching Mode of "Internet + Business English"

Jing Zheng
With the development of social science and technology, the continuous progress of information technology, China's Internet era gradually started, and in recent years has developed into the "Internet +" era, the so-called "Internet +" is actually using the Internet platform, the Internet With the industry...

Analysis of Financial Management Reform in Value Chain Management

Ding Fen Tang, Wei Zhang
With the rapid development of the market economy, enterprises are faced with a variety of risks and challenges at any time, the value chain management model and the relationship between enterprise financial management is very close, complement each other, business managers can be based on value chain...

Path Choice of Creating Cultural Industry Highland in Changbai Mountain Tourism International Leisure Mountain

Hui Yang
Changbai Mountain area has a wealth of tourism resources, is conducive to the development of tourism. After years of development, Changbai Mountain entered the transition period of tourism development, as soon as possible to build a unique international tourist attractions in Changbai Mountain is one...

Study on the Interaction between Upper and Lower Parts of Super high-rise Tube

Songan Liu, Yafei Liu
Study on analysis of interaction between the upper and lower is a hot research topic at present. It is produced with the rapid development of high rise buildings and computer technology. At present, super structure and foundation are paid more attention as engineering problem. In the design of building...

Research on Cultivation of Translation Ability and College English Teaching

Changjie Wang
The cultivation of translation ability is an important part of non-English major college English teaching system. In recent years, the main reason for the relatively weak translation ability of college graduates is that the cultivation of translation ability in college English teaching couldn't attract...

An Analysis of Requirements on Government Economic Behaviors from Social Structural Transformation under The New Normal

Yike Yang
Under the background of new normal, great changes have taken place in China's market economic system, which push further forward social structural transformation and development from traditional society to modern society, and brought all-round impacts on development of modern society. Especially, new...

Analysis of the Practice of Network Technology in Electronic Information Technology

Qi Zang, Haisheng Song
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic information technology has been highly valued in various fields and widely used in modern society. It not only brings a lot of convenience to modern life, work and study, but also, to a certain extent, affects the modern way of thinking....

How to prevent sports injury in amateur sports training

Hua Shi Chuan
With the improvement of living standards, people's health awareness campaign has gradually increased, more and more people choose to carry out physical training in spare time, in order to improve body function, improve immunity, but the movement is a process of scientific system, many people are lack...

An empirical study on the contribution of agricultural policy finance to agricultural economic growth in China

Tianzhen Qi, Rui Sun
In recent years, China's rapid economic development, as a large agricultural country, the development of China's agricultural economy plays a vital role in economic development. Agricultural policy finance refers to the state governments to support their agricultural development, based on the basic strictly...

A Study on Cross-cultural Teaching of Higher Vocational English Teaching

Ruoheng Zhao
This paper gives a brief introduction of cross-cultural teaching and an analysis of the problems existing in cross-cultural teaching with the example of higher vocational English teaching, and presents corresponding solutions. Finally, this paper fully elaborates methods in higher vocational English...

Exploring the Aesthetic Connotations of Sight-singing and Ear-training

Zhen Zeng
With the rapid development of the cause of education in China in recent years, sight-singing and ear-training, as introductory and elementary discipline, has received more and more attention. Such kind of attention is not merely reflected in the training of skills. The aesthetic attributes of sight-singing...

Response of Rice and Maize Yield to Inherent Soil Productivity of Paddies and Fertilization in Chongqing China

Tao Liang, Xiaojun Shi, Yan Chen, Yidan Xu
Through research on basic soil fertility, nutrient supply capacity and the effect of fertilization on Chongqing paddy fields and dry farms, we evaluated the impact of basic soil fertility and fertilization on the output of rice, clarifying the relationship between basic soil fertility and the utilization...

Earnings Growth Potential Implicit in Price-Earnings Ratio

Jingying Zhou
P/E ratio has enjoyed high popularity as a simple tool to determine whether a stock is undervalued, but its determinants remain unclear and controversial. Earnings growth rate is regarded as a main factor. Looking backward, some theories perceives growth rates as randomly distributed across years thus...

The influence of Belt and Road Initiative "concept of private higher education ideas

Haixia Wu
With the development of society on the importance of education gradually improve, private university teaching level has received extensive attention in the society. As an important auxiliary force of China's higher education, play a role cannot be ignored in higher education. The idea of private higher...

The influence of environmental factors on male fertility and its research progress

Zhenmiao Li, Wen Li
Male fertility in recent years decreased rapidly, people gradually pay more attention to environmental factors, which is one of the important reasons, in order to explore and analyze the different effects of environmental factors on male fertility, of all kinds of factors, suggesting that people try...

A Study on Translation Strategies of Liyuan Opera from the Perspective of Functional Translation Theory

Yanhong Xie
As one of the first National Intangible Cultural Heritages, Liyuan Opera enjoys the fame as "the Living Fossil of Ancient Southern Operas" and has the inheritance for thousands of years. Today with the idea of "Chinese culture going out", Liyuan Opera English translation still has a long way to go. In...

Discussion on financial management strategy of group enterprise based on Internet

Ruoming Tang, Cong Li
At present, with the development of science and technology, Internet technology has become more and more widely used in people's life, and its contribution to the progress of human society is obvious to all. In the background of a market economy, great achievements have been made in the economic development...

On the Latest Development Trend of Foreign Electric Power Market and Its Implications

Jiawei Wang
With rapid economic and social development, the electric power market in China has made great progress in recent years. But since there is a large gap between electric power market in China and developed countries, the development trend of electric power market in developed countries tends to bring unusual...

Research on the Cooperative Mechanism of Logistics Service in the Innovation of Entity Retail Enterprises

Jianjun Feng
In the context of the new generation of information technology represented by Internet, cloud computing and large data, the consumer demand environment and competitive environment faced by the entity retail industry have undergone tremendous changes. At the same time, physical retail enterprises face...

The Ideological And Political Education Strengthening In Colleges And Universities With The Carrier Historical And Cultural Resources

Yiming Feng
Between Chinese traditional culture and ideological and political education are closely linked, is the ideological and political education on college students' cultural background. In Chinese traditional culture cultivate the spirit of patriotism, molding ideal personality, cultivate the positive attitude...