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A Measurement Model to Determine the Ability of a Region to Provide Clean Water

Jing Tian
Freshwater resources are the basis for the survival of many organisms, especially for human. However, freshwater resources are gradually scarce. To provide people with more freshwater, the first thing we need to do is to determine the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its...
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Study on the Influence of Opening Residential Quarter on Road Capacity

Jing Tian
The concept of opening residential quarter has aroused the concern of all sectors of society. Influence on road capacity is a major focus of attention, including optimizing the road network structure, improving road capacity and improving traffic conditions. In this paper, in order to analyze the influence...
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Analysis and measures of commutation failure in HVDC transmission

Erjia Liu
The commutation failure in HVDC inverter is one of the most common faults. Based on the inverter commutation process, this paper analyzes the work of the inverter commutation process and the reason for commutation failure. Learning from the commutation current time area method, it puts forward the method...
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Short Term Power load Forecasting Considering Meteorological Factors

Jing Luo
To forecast short-term power load, we first establish GM (1, 1) grey forecasting model and test the correlation of the predicted values. Considering the impact of meteorological factors on modern power system, we establish a load forecasting model based on principal component analysis and multiple linear...
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Analysis and Prevention of Tubeburst in Rear Platen Superheater of Boiler

Ke Liu, Hui Liu, Fanjun Hou
Tube burst occurred on Rear Platen Superheater in No.4 boiler of a power plant. Failed to timely discharge condensate water after an emergency shutdown boiler, and then start again, which leading to water blocking in superheater unit caused tube burst. Contrasting the water blocking accidents recent...
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A System of Usability Evaluation of Confocal Microscope Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yan Zhou, Liang Liu
As many usability evaluation studies have been conducted in fields of daily-use products, little attention are put on special devices like microscope, surveymeter or other instruments. This paper attempt to establish a system of usability evaluation of microscope through FAHP methods. The usability evaluation...
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Study On Oxidation of Calcium Sulfite in Wet Sintering Flue Gas Desulphurization Process

Zhaohui Zhang, Jiangkai Wan, Bailong Liu, Hanlong Jiang
Due to oxidation of calcium sulfite in wet sintering flue gas desulfurization process, it has difficulty in comprehensive utilization of desulfurization gypsum (DG). Based on the analysis of principle and characteristics of wet flues gas desulfurization, reasons and resolve solutions for oxidation of...
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Research on Posture Comfort Degree Based on Biomechanics and Its Application

Rui Liang
When working or exercising, the human body is coordinated by its movement feedback system, which always coordinates various parts of the body to a high level as much as possible. Research on posture comfort degree based on biomechanics can make the results of adjustment intuitive and make the description...
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Health Diagnosis Method of Power Distribution Equipment Based on Holographic Time-scalar Measurement Data

Bing Chen, Ren Wang, Yang Zhou, Chenhui Peng
With the continuous expansion of the distribution network, resulting in a large amount of running data. The integration of Realtime Database and distribution network system make it prossible to record distribution holographic scalar measurement data. This paper studied the deep integration of Realtime...
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An Optimization Algorithm of Selecting Initial Clustering Center in K - means

Tianhan Gao, Xue Kong
The traditional stand-alone K-means clustering algorithm has the limitation of time consumption and memory overflow when dealing with large-scale data. Although this problem is solved with the help of MapReduce framework. However, the clustering accuracy effect is not stable due to the selection of initial...
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Research on Text Mining of Biomedical Field Based on Pubmed

Kang Li, Weidi Dai, Wenjun Wang, Ruixin Song
The field of biomedical science is one of the most studied areas of the 21st century, the field has published a huge number of research papers, which have averaged more than 600,000 articles a year. How to effectively obtain knowledge in the vast literature of research is a challenge for researchers...
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Seismic Performance Analysis of RC Frame Teaching Building in Lushan Middle School

Baitao Sun, Zhou Huang, Peilei Yan
This study analyzes the time-history subject to the teaching buildings who had the framework structures in Lushan middle school. The main parts of the framework structures suffered a little damage but their infilled walls were damaged severely in Lushan Earthquake. The study introduces the general background...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Elevator Safety in China

Qi Lan, Dandan Zhang, Yalei Li
There is in general no big fluctuation in elevator safety in China, but there are still underlying problems in elevator safety guarantee, such as enterprises' excessive pursuit of profit, inefficient maintenance and weak social safety consciousness. Considering those problems, this paper suggested getting...
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Pipeline Optimization Design Based on Adjoint Solver

Da-guang Li, Ying Zhang
Adjoint optimize solver is a discrete optimization algorithm based on gradient optimization method. It has higher efficiency and lower requirement on engineering experience in comparison with traditional engineering optimization method, and has been gradually applied in every engineering industry. In...
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Design of stepper motor position control system based on DSP

Guan Fang Liu, Hua Wei Li
In order to solve the problem that the stepper motor is prone to out-of-step or overshoot in the case of open-loop control, this paper designs a digital signal processor (DSP) position closed-loop control of stepper motor. The overall structure of the system, the main hardware module and the incremental...
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Water Situation is Known

Zheng Hu
Water Supply has drawn a great deal of attention from the entire world for recent decades, while the available water is scarce in many countries and regions. The aim is to build a mathematical model to measure the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its population, and use...
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Further research on the coupled Influence of Temperature and Stress Field to PCB' Modal

Qin Luo, Ke Yao, Chuangmian Huang
The coupling analysis of temperature and vibration has been an important branch of domestic and international research. Influence of Temperature and Stress Field to PCB' Modal has been described in previous articles [1]. In this paper, vibration stress analysis method based on ANSYS considering temperature...
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Neural Network Load Forecasting Model Based on BP

Xi Gao
Short-term load forecasting is the basis of power system operation and analysis, which is of great significance for unit commitment, economic load dispatching, safety checking and so on. As a result, improving the accuracy of load prediction is an important way to ensure the scientific decision-making...
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Research on Numerical Integration Algorithm in Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Zijing Gao
Molecular dynamics is a combination of physics, mathematics and chemical synthesis technology. Molecular dynamics method is a computer simulation experimental method, which is a powerful tool for studying condensed matter system. This paper mainly introduces the development of molecular dynamics simulation,...
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Study on Plantar Pressure of People in Different Age During Level Walking

Gang Qiao
To investigate the influence of age on plantar pressure in normal people during level walking, ground reaction force data from 20 normal people of different age were collected by the employment of Three-Dimensional force platform system, and the force data in anterior-posterior, medio-lateral and vertical...
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Research on fusion method of elements in product design

Li Lin Yang
This paper studies the performance method of modeling elements in product design, through the analysis of elements in the form of evolution form, explores the creative method of modeling elements, the visual expression of other elements and the visualization of the elements of the decomposition and product...
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Research and Design of the Holiday lights Control System based on PLC

Yanyan Tian
In the paper the system designs holiday lights for hotel based on PLC control. The first design is to determine the overall program design according to demands of hotel. The hardware design function is selecting module CPU and giving the corresponding external wiring diagram. The most important part...
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The difference between Treg cells and naive T cells analyzed by cluster analysis

Yuchen Wang
This article hopes to find differences in the function of Treg cells and naive T cells by high-throughput analysis. With the increasing demand for low-cost sequencing, the development of high-throughput sequencing has been promoted, which multiplexes the sequencing process and produces thousands or millions...
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Summary on Facial Landmark Detection

Jinghao Wen
Facial landmark detection has important applications in many aspects such as facial recognition, expression recognition, facial attributes analysis, and so on. It compares the detected images with images in dataset to find matched faces, which achieves the identification purpose. Because of its wide...
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The optimization model on the temperature of a bathtub

Binbin Ghen
It is always a challenge for us to maintain the temperature throughout the bath water. To solve this disturbing problem, we set up two models to deal with the problem.The first model, called the water adding model based on the uniform temperature distribution, is set mainly about finding out the best...
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Vehicle Idling Stop&Start Testing System

Haiyan Wang
Vehicle fuel economy is poor, because the urban traffic is congested, the auto is constantly in the idle condition resulting in the increase of fuel consumption. In order to improve the vehicle fuel economy, the experimental scheme was designed through analyzing the work mechanism of automobile Idling...
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Dynamic modeling and control of flexible manipulators: a review

Jing Xie
In this paper a survey of flexible robotic manipulators has been carried out. The significance of flexible mechanical arms is considered compared with traditional robot arms .The applications of flexible mechanical arm are introduced. Papers are classified according to flexible manipulator modeling technology...
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Research on synchronization algorithm for high speed terminal OFDM system in space and earth integrated network

Chenyi An
Focus on low signal-to-noise ratio and reliability of terminals with high speed, this paper puts forward the study on synchronization algorithm for high-speed terminal OFDM system in space and earth integrated network. We build a simulation platform of OFDM system high-speed channel, to test the performance...
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Management Information System

Yuanxin Zhang
In this paper, combining the comprehensive level, business functional areas and industry characteristics, we classify the Management Information System in the field of integrated. Firstly, in the introduction, we will discuss the history of the developing concept, Management Information System. And then,...
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An analysis of transportation networks in Baoding city

Jiahong Xu
With the improvement of living standard,more and more families tend to own their vehicle,which raise the traffic pressure in city of China and make the pollution more serious such as haze.In order to alleviate these pollution,necessary method should be taken to limit the motor vehicle,and at the same...
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Bottlenecks in Passenger Throughout at The Airport

Chunyan Ao
In this paper, The Generalized Stochastic Petri Net simulation model is established to analyze the flow of passengers, bottlenecks, potential modifications, cultural differences' influence, and several recommendations are given to security managers.First, the current security checkpoint process in US...
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Bibliometrics Analysis for Rough Set Field Research in China

Yuanren Wu, Shuyan Li
Based on 6091 papers for rough set field collected by critical journals and CSSCI in China Knowledge Internet (CNKI) from 2000 to 2016, analysis are made by bibliometrics. Citespace Software is applied. Quantity of issuing, key words, issuing authors and issuing authorizations for rough set research...
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A Novel Damage Model of Fatigue Life Prediction for Metallic Structures

Yibing Wang, Yuanming Xu, Xinling Liu, Kai Zhao
Fatigue failure is a mail form of engineering structures, especially for aircraft structures. Crack initiation and propagation threat to flight safety. So far, there has been a variety of methods in fatigue life prediction. Within them, damage mechanics method is a special engineering calculating method....
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Comparison of Two Procedures in Application of Numerical Simulation of Shallow Water Explosion in Multi-material Media

Qi Dong, Ting Tang, Zhuo-bin Wei, Ning Zhang
This paper uses the LS-DYNA and MSC. DYTRAN to generate a three-dimensional numerical simulation model of shallow water explosion respectively, achieves a effective simulation of fluid-structure interaction in multi-material media, and simulates the bubble pulsation and propagation of impact wave caused...
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Spatiotemporal Distribution of Diagenesis in Siliceous Clastic Rocks

Ming Yan
The spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of the diagenesis of the siliceous clastic sequence are controlled by a series of parameters in the early diagenesis, the middle diagenetic stage and the late diagenetic stage. The distribution of sedimentary facies, climate, detrital composition...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Generation and Propagation Processes of Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Transverse Wave in stainless steel plate

Xuming Tang, Nengjun Yan
The working process of electromagnetic ultrasonic transducer(EMAT) which involves the intercoupling between electromagnetic field, force field and acoustic field is complex. This paper analyzes the structure and principle of EMAT. And on the basis of it , using COMSOL Multiphysics finite element software...
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A Scheme for Intelligent Design of Large Scale Ship Segment Workshop Based on Fuzzy Evaluation Method

Peng Xu, Rui Xue, Wei Fu, Weibin Chen, Yan Ma
The shipbuilding industry, which relates to the national defense construction and the national economy construction, is an important mainstay of our country. In recent two years, Chinese shipbuilding output takes the first place of the world, and China success in becoming the largest shipbuilding country....
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The Research of Power System Short-term Load Forecasting

Jie Yi
The precision of Power system short-term load forecasting directly is essential in running an efficient and economic power network.For the purpose of seeking reasonable predicting methods to predict electric load in a given period based on existing electricity capacity data,we select similar days of...
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Development and main research status of tracked vehicle suspension system

Guoying Xu, Dabing Xue, Xinming Yao, Tao Wang
This paper briefly introduces the development history of the suspension, based on the existing literature, from the two aspects of the development of the elastic element, the shock absorber to introduce the history and development of suspension system. Combined with the research status at home and abroad...
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Research on global buckling mechanism for submarine pipeline under high temperature and pressure

Wenbin Liu
In order to maintain the flowability of oil, the pipeline is applied high temperature and pressure in working condition. This high temperature and pressure differences makes high stress accumulating in the pipeline, leading to pipeline global buckling. Excessive buckling deformation will cause the pipeline...
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Design of electric power package for different user groups

Changrong Liu
Design the electricity packages for electricity sales company in the context of electricity reform[1] .We Research two provinces (Guangdong and Heilongjiang) with large geographical differences, and access to the monthly electricity consumption of urban residents .Taking into account the regional differences...
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Design on Mooring System of Proximal Shallow-sea Observation Network

Rui Ding
Transport nodes of proximal shallow-sea observation network consists of buoy system, mooring system and underwater acoustic communication system, in order to make the underwater acoustic communication equipment achieve required effects, it is very important to design the structural parameters of mooring...
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The Solution To The Damage Of Kariba Dam

Changfeng Li
The Kariba dam spans the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and has two power stations in the north and south, providing more than 50 percent of electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe and benefiting about 4.5 million people. But now the Kariba Dam was damaged seriously. Once it collapses, it will directly...
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The influence of location of the school on school evaluation and investment

Wenxing Hou
we classify them into 3 big classes according to the economic development area labeled 1 to 3 by using the fuzzy clustering method. Then we give the regional factor a weight so that the colleges in less developed area can receive more money.
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Multi-objective Optimal Load Distribution Based on Decomposition-Coordination Method of Large Scale Sy

Kang Liu, Yu Lu, Hai Lu Wang, Feng Jiang
This paper divides a model of complicated system which includes numbers of fossil-fueled power plants into a two-tier structure model with coupled subsystems, using decomposition-coordination method of large scale systems. The method consists of Lagrangian relaxation, sub-gradient algorithm and particle...
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Periodic solutions to ZK-MEW equation in the form Lame equation

Chun-Huan Xiang, Hong-Lei Wang
The periodic solutions to ZK-MEW equation is investigated based on an auxiliary Lame equation and the perturbation method. The periodic solutions to ZK-MEW equation is given in the form of Jacobi functions and expressed by the hyperbolic functions, the trigonometric functions with different modulus m....
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Water/methanol Repellency and Preparation of Biomimetic Silver Film on Butterfly Wing

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Wanxing Wang, Jingshi Yin
The hydrophobicity and oleophobicity (methanol repellency) of butterfly wing surfaces were measured by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter. The multi-dimensional microstructure of the wing surfaces was characterized by a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and an atomic force microscope (AFM). The...
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Complex Wettability and Coupling Mechanism of Locust Wing

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Wanxing Wang, Jingshi Yin
The complex wettability, chemical composition and microstructure of locust wing surface were investigated by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter, a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The wetting mechanism was discussed from the perspective of...
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The Role of Multiple-dimensional Microstructure in the Low Adhesion and Superhydrophobicity on the Wing of Tiger Moth (Arctiidae)

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Wanxing Wang, Jingshi Yin
The micro-morphology of the moth wing surface was characterized by a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The contact angle (CA) and sliding angle (SA) of water droplet on the wing were measured by an optical CA meter. The wetting mechanism was discussed from the perspective of biological coupling. The...
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Research and application of GPU pass-through based on KVM in desktop cloud

Lin Zhou, Jianxin Song, Jinkun Yuan, Haifeng Han
At present,the desktop cloud has come into people's life.You'll see them in some companies, offices, and school labs.The problem I am trying to solve in this paper is that because the computing power of virtual desktop is provided by the virtual machine,and then transmit data to the virtual desktop to...