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Research on VaR Computing System of Commercial Banks Based on Accurate Scenario Data

Yingliang Wu, Yuan Huang, Jiongen Xiao
Basing on scene analysis and VaR calculation, this paper discussed system architecture of scenario calculation and accurate data's importance of system model from the view of system theory. We also discussed several kinds of data errors and their processing methods to avoid the error of data. Then we...

Measurement of the Economic Benefit of Urban Rail Transit Station Under the Mode of Comprehensive Development

Chenlin Han
As the end of 2015, there are 25 cities having finished urban rail transit construction in China, and the total length is 3293 kilometers. There are 40 cities building the urban rail transit, and the length will be more than 4000 kilometers. It is estimated that the total investment of urban rail transit...

Reputation Mechanism in Multiphase Game to Control the Moral Hazard of Aging Service Supplier

Zhiyong Zhang, Haiping Wu, Yongqiang Shi
Aging service supply chain is a new trend of aging service development. In the supply chain, aging service Integrator and aging service supplier create a principal-agent relationship, which usually leads to moral hazard problem. This paper studies the problem of controlling Aging Service Supplier to...

On Current Situation and Development Prospect of the journalism & mass communication education

Xiaojing Zhang
This document demonstrates that current situation and development prospect of the journalism & mass communication education. There are three essential issues in present journalism & mass communication education to confront: the balance between theory and practice, discipline identity, globalization influence....

An Empirical Analysis of the income Gap between Industries in Hebei Province

Mengnan Wang
First of all, from the perspective of the descriptive statistics, the study is based on relevant statistical data and evaluates the income gap between industries in Hebei province in terms of extremum difference, extremum ratio, Theil index and so on. Then, the relationship between the income gap between...

Research Summary on the Investment Loan Linkage Business Model of Commercial Bank

Qian Chen, Mu Zhang
In order to further study the investment loan linkage business of commercial banks, this paper reviews the theories and empirical literatures of commercial banks carry out the investment loan linkage business in the field of venture capital in recent years. Summarized the main motivations and advantages...

A new Pattern of CDIO Engineering Education and Application in Mechanical Principle Course

Yong Yang, Jingliang Jiang, Dexiang Wang, Xia Jin
As a practice pattern of current international higher engineering education, CDIO has brought significant changes to and impacts on engineering education, which has the remarkable effect on cultivating the abilities of integrative design, innovative practice and team collaboration. But so far, the CDIO...

The Industrial Transfer and Industrial Agglomeration in the Process of the Integration in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Mingyao Wang, Qiong Tong
As the third largest urban agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is in a very important strategic position in China. In order to ease Beijing non capital function,solve Beijing urban diseases,optimize the core function of the capital and make...

A Comparative Study of the Impact of Domestic and Foreign Investment on Technological Progress of China's Manufacturing Industry

Ying Zhao, Jianhong Wu
The paper, on the basis of research at home and abroad , analyzed the impact of the domestic investment and foreign investment on China's technological progress in manufacturing. Empirical analysis method is used in this paper.

On the Ancient Vocational Assessment System for Secretaries and Contemporary Enlightenments

Yue Wang, Xin Lai Li, Ji Hong Wei
Along with the rapid development of modern society, the quantity of secretaries needed by society is rising year by year. The huge demand brings about opportunity and impetus for the vigorous development of secretary vocation but is also accompanied by such phenomena as varying professional quality of...

The Financial Development and Economic Growth: Based on the Data of City

Bin Gu, He Liu
This paper used urban data as analysis object. The author collected data from 2003-2013, 288 cities in our country as the research foundation, using cross-section data regression of econometric model. This paper explored the correlation between financial development and economic, expounded the action...

The Restrictive Factors and the Solution for the Development of Community Commerce--Take Yanta District as an Example

Guanhua Dong, Jie Shang
Community commerce is important for urban commercial space, and it is also an important part of modern service industry. There are several problems on community business development in Yanta district, such as low level of product differentiation, the consumer demand cannot be satisfied, community safety...

A Study of Building Practical Teaching System for Economics & Management of Applied Undergraduate Colleges-Based on the Practice of Shaanxi Institute of International Trade & Commerce

Min Lu
The construction of practical teaching system is a key way to improve students' ability. The theoretical study of the construction of the economics and management discipline and the process of practical teaching are stated views on the construction of practical teaching system, including objectives,...

Research on Knowledge-sharing Continuance Social Intention for Social Q&A Community

Longyi Li, Tao Yu, Qiong Wang
Based on the organizational commitment theory and self-efficacy theory,this paper constructs a social Q&A community user model for knowledge sharing behavior from four dimensions: Affective commitment, continuance commitment, normative commitment and knowledge self-efficacy. Moreover, the model and hypotheses...

A Strategic Analysis of Enhancing the Economic Extroversion Level of Xi 'an from the Belt and Road Perspective

Min Lu, Ya-fei Guo
At present, our country economy enters the new normal, the strategy of the Belt And Road is not only beneficial to promote trade between the countries and regions along the interaction, more conducive to promoting the transformation of the pattern of economic development in our country. As the new starting...

Research on Social Commerce basing on Social Network Analysis

Ying-liang Wu, Xin Hu, Jiong-En Xiao
Social commerce(s-commerce), a new and hot area of E-Business which emerged and envolved rapidly in recent years, also the important stage characteristics of the current development and evolution of E-Business. Firstly, We combed the social commerce researches and development systematically. We analyzed...

The Mechanism of Border Crossings' Economic Impact on the City Under Geopolitical Factors

Yihui Ma
Border crossing which is set up in adjacent border areas as main door of foreign exchanges by a sovereign state according to the policy needs. due to the unique geographical location and rich natural resources, Border crossings have very important strategic position in the economic development of China....

Research on the Course Construction and Teaching Mode of Internet of Things System Integration

Jian Fei Wu, Tian Tian Xu, Hong Yi Wang
Nowadays, Internet of Things (IOT) is used more and more widely, and exhibited a sustained hot situation. IOT is China's strategic emerging industries, involving computer control, wireless communications, optical communications, network, software, information security and other fields. Colleges and universities...

A Study on the Policy of Driving Xi'an 's Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Equity-based crowd-funding

Jing Ren
The rise of the Equity-based crowd-funding to raise equity to solve the mass innovation ,the entrepreneurial start-ups financing, financial resources, financial pattern of the problem. How to regulate the development of public equity chips, effectively boost innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve...

Analysis on the Influence Factors of Real Estate Price in Linyi City

Zhongxiu Liu
As an important industry in the national economy, real estate plays an extremely important role in China's economic development. The health status of a city's real estate development plays a vital role in this city's construction. However, judging whether the development of the real estate industry is...

The Preliminary Discussion of Chinese Character Font Design

Bing Liu, Fan Wang
Based on the frontier design theory, this paper deeply analyzes the formal beauty, decorative beauty and artistic conception beauty of Chinese character font design, and the design principles and techniques are studied. Combined with related theories, the author explains the creative thinking, cultural...

Research on the Application and Promotion Strategy of the Support mode in the Ideological and Political Education of College Students under Constructivism

Lei Yang
Constructivism is the theoretical source of support mode, and the application of scaffolding teaching mode is helpful to improve the traditional teaching relationship, and provide the necessary conceptual framework for knowledge construction. College Students' Ideological and political teaching in scaffold...
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[WITHDRAWN] A New Algorithm of Detecting Community Structure Based on Clustering

Pengli Lu, Chaohui Gou
The node intimacy based on information centrality which Fortunato proposed is established, the node intimacy matrix of the network is also established, and the idea of clustering the intimacy matrix of nodes is chosen in this paper. Thus, a new algorithm of detecting community structure based on clustering...
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Fuzzy PID Iterative learning control for a class of Nonlinear Systems with Arbitrary Initial Value

Xiaohong Hao, Dongjiang Wang
Aiming at a class of nonlinear systems running repeatedly in the study of the convergence of iterative learning control, a PID fuzzy iterative learning control algorithm has been proposed in the arbitrary initial value using fuzzy PID control algorithm, using traditional experience PID parameters by...
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The Uncertainty of the Macroeconomic Impact of the Choice of Macro Economic Policy in China

Limei Cui
As Europe's debt crisis has intensified the trend of world economic development, the uncertain factors in the global economic increase, the development of today, our national economy has been seriously affected, all kinds of inflation crisis deeply, boosting the national economy three carriages is stagnant,...
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Research on Client-side Defense Techniques of Cross-Site Scripting Attack

Xuyang Wang, Mingyang Xu
The Cross-site scripting (XSS) is among the most serious and common threat in Web application today. The main purpose of XSS is to steal the user's sensitive information, as its behavior is to send user's sensitive information to a third party without the user's authorization,we can get the XSS attack...
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Thought on Practice Teaching of Vocation Education Based on Modern Apprenticeship

Zhiguo Meng, Haiyan Wang
Modern apprentice system is a hot spot in the field of vocational education. The research aims to strengthen the cooperation between the school and enterprises, to solve the problems such as model of joint training practice, management, teaching, training and other issues. The modern apprenticeship which...
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Multi-degree-of-freedom Manipulator Driven by Micro Hydraulic System

Nan Li
Now on the market are used motor-driven robot, so the ultimate environment (such as underwater) and cannot successfully complete the operation, and the use of micro-hydraulic system can effectively improve the torque, and can better be used in harsh environments. Using a fuel tank as the power source,...
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A Comparison Study of Sino-American Parenting Education from the Perspective of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Xiaqing Liu, Mingyun Chi, Xiaohui Dun
Parenting education is an indispensable part for the education. Parenting education reflects the value and culture. This paper first explores the relationship between culture and parenting education and divides parenting into four dimensions, namely, harsh parenting, tiger parenting, easy-going parenting,...
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Brief Description of the Difference between Ginseng and Codonopsis

Wenzhao Zhang
Although, Ginseng and Codonopsis belonged to different genus, they were similar in thekjh medicinal properties, pharmacological effects and other aspects, and even someone was forward that the ancient Ginseng was today's Codonopsis. As the price of Ginseng was much higher, Codonopsis was often used to...
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Design of Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Platform in Propulsion Control Systems of Aero-Engine

Bei Yang, Xiaowu Ding
The performance of the electronic controller is of significance to the development of turbofan engine with afterburner. To verify the feasibility of the control algorithm and the design scheme of hardware and software of the controller, the embedded computer based on PC104 architecture was used as the...
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Study on Cause Analysis and Key Technologies of Defect Prevention for Xiamen BRT Facilities under Complex Environment

Yichun Huang, Wangtu Xu, Qifeng Cheng
In this paper, we examine the cause of facility defect of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services of Xiamen City, China. The cause analysis is carried out by using the Factor Analysis Approach (FAA) for determining the reason of the facility defects under complex environment. The complex environment is defined...
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The Application of Computer Technology on Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities

Da Yang, Shijun Li
The modernization of teaching management is the inevitable developing trend of the current teaching management with the development of science and technology and the continuous expansion of teaching in colleges and universities. The teaching management personnel should constantly update management concept....
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Research on Texture Mapping of Geological Models

Jixin Tan, Jianxun Chen
Texture mapping of 3D models is an important problem in realistic graphics. However, there are few methods that are put forward to solve texture mapping of models constructed from nature scenes for the reason that those 3D models are difficult to parameterize to 2D. This paper proposes an algorithm for...
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Reform Program Analysis on Improving the Quality of Personnel Training

Ping Xin, Jian Xue, Dejun Liu
To adapt to local and industrial economic construction oriented, deepen teaching reform, strengthen the construction of teachers and improve teaching management, explore and construct a new teaching system with characteristics. Efforts to cultivate faith persistence, moral excellence, knowledge rich,...
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Analysis on the Teaching Model of Independent College under the Background of MOOC

Qinggong Ma
As a new type educational method, MOOC plays a distinctly important role in promoting the educational development and greatly impacts the traditional classroom teaching. It breaks the limitations of time, language and region and provides the curriculum resources from first-class schools and teachers,...
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A Model of Measuring and Predicting the Water Condition

Yannan Sun
In this article, we mainly discuss the problem of water shortage and exhaustion and how to relieve it. A model is developed to measure and predict the water condition of a region and then an intervention plan is designed for the water scarcity region.
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Research on Teaching Reform of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission Based on OBE

Liping Xu, Liujin Cai, Xiaoqing Nan
For the strong theoretical, practical and applied characteristics of "Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission", the traditional teaching methods of the course has been facing difficulties which the teachers find it difficult to teach and the students feel it hard to learn for a long time. In order to improve...
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Cultivation Mode for Application-oriented Talents on Numerical Control Technology

Dongfang Hu, Ruonan Lei
With the continuous development of economy in China, numerical control technology has been rapid development. At present, the demands of qualified personnel on numerical control technology are great, the popularization of numerical control technology is increasingly fierce. Furthermore, Ministry of Education...
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On the Cultural Clash and the College English Teaching

Zhen Zhou
The cultural clash is a common phenomenon in the cross-cultural communication since at present we have more chances to get in touch with the outside world more conveniently and frequently. And it is indispensable for us to try to avoid the cultural clash of the west countries and our China. The article...
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On English Enlightenment Education for 3-4-year-old Children in Multimedia Learning Environment

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
English enlightenment education exerts much effects on 3-4-year-old children and may be positively influential to future education of the children. It's concurred that there are many reasons for applying mobile multimedia into English enlightenment education. In this thesis, it's suggested that the implementation...
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Research on Blind Image Restoration Based on Two Dimensional Constant Modulus Algorithm

Yecai Guo, Lu Lu, Chen Li
Aiming at the defects of existing image restoration algorithms, the image restoration algorithm based on two dimensional constant modulus blind equalization algorithm is proposed. In this proposed algorithm, the constant modulus blind equalization algorithm with fast convergence and small mean square...
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Discussion on the Reform of Foreign Language Teaching in College

Lu Sun
To train the students to fit into the need the information society and the environment talents, and to deepen the reform of university foreign language teaching, information technology to enhance foreign language teaching is a general trend. So the traditional approach "teaching - learning" in foreign...
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Analysis on Special Training Methods of Track and Field Sprint

Yanmin Zhao
Sprint is a basic project of track and field sports, and it usually includes 50m-run, 60m-run, 100m-run, 200m-run, 400-run as well as 4×100 and 4×400 delay, etc. Athletes are required to use the complete running of the prescribed distance in the determined runway at the fastest speed, and the first to...
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Research on the SAR Image Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie
In this paper, we conduct research on the SAR image target tracking algorithm based on the sparse representation and dictionary learning. The key technology of target tracking is to target can be extracted from the image detection, and to establish corresponding relationship with tracked target. Search...
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Adding-weight One- rank Local Predication Model of Busy Traffic based on Correlation

Zhimei Duan, Xiaojin Yuan, Yan Xiong
In order to improve accuracy of adding-weight one-rank local prediction, the paper proposed the correlation function to measure the correlation between different phase points, which is used to determine reference neighborhood of prediction center point, and made the values of expressing correlation to...
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Training Translators under the College English Course

Ping Qiu, Na Hu
It's worthwhile to probe into the college English translation course mode, since the training of translators in universities has been unable to meet the needs of market.Nowadays, teachers begin to explore how to cultivate the reserve force of translation talents in college English teaching. This article...
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Synthesis of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives

Lei Zhao, Yuanbiao Tu, Yuping Guo
Quinazoline derivatives have been shown to be biologically active such as afatinib. The cinnamic acid derivative is an important part of the quinazoline derivative which exerts its activity. And Cinnamic acid derivatives were prepared by the benzaldehyde derivatives and malonic acids. In this paper,...
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Network Development Under the Condition of Network Supervision and Network Ethics

Deng Tian
With the rapid development of Internet, it also brings a lot of ethical and social problems. If we do not regulate the development of the network and ethics, it is bound to affect the healthy and orderly development of the network. Through the analysis of the influence of network ethics on the development...
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A Novel Similarity Measure and Its Application in Medical Diagnosis under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Settings

Lishi Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to develop a novel approach for medical diagnosis reasoning, in which a novel similarity measure is defined and used in the application of medical pattern recognition; the information is in the form of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. First, a new biparametric similarity measure...