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Research Article

LDL fatty acids composition as a risk biomarker of cardiovascular disease

Hashem Nayeri, Gholam Ali Naderi, Sedigheh Asgari, Masoumeh Sadeghi, Maryam Boshtam, Samaneh Mohamadzadeh, Nasim Babaknejad
Pages: 1 - 7
Objective: Fatty acid composition of Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particle is an effective factor in LDL oxidation and atherosclerotic plaques formation. This study evaluates the relationship between LDL fatty acid composition and coronary artery disease (CAD). Methods: 42 men with coronary artery...
Research Article

Change of bilateral difference in radial artery pulse morphology with one-side arm movement

Xinge Jiang, Shoushui Wei, Dingchang Zheng, Feifei Liu, Shouqin Zhang, Zhimin Zhang, Chengyu Liu
Pages: 1 - 8
Previous studies have demonstrated that the compliance of peripheral artery changes with arm movement. This study aimed to quantify the bilateral difference in radial artery pulse morphology with one-side arm movement. Twenty-four healthy subjects were recruited. Radial artery pulses were synchronously...
Research Article

Retinal vascular calibers in contemporary patients with chronic systemic inflammatory diseases: The Greek REtinal Microcirculation (GREM) study

Evaggelia K. Aissopou, Athanase D. Protogerou, Theodore G. Papaioannou, Maria Tektonidou, Nikolaos Tentolouris, Panagiotis G. Theodossiadis, Coen D.A. Stehouwer, George D. Kitas, Petros P. Sfikakis
Pages: 1 - 6
Background: Chronic systemic inflammatory diseases (CSID) are associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Widening of retinal venular calibers has been independently associated with systemic inflammation and cardiovascular risk in the general population. We aimed to test the hypothesis...
Review Article

Application of non-invasive central aortic pressure assessment in clinical trials: Clinical experience and value

Bryan Williams, Patrick Brunel, Peter S. Lacy, Fabio Baschiera, Dion H. Zappe, Kazuomi Kario, John Cockcroft
Pages: 1 - 15
Pressure measured with a cuff and sphygmomanometer in the brachial artery is accepted as an important predictor of future cardiovascular (CV) events. However, recent clinical evidence suggests that central aortic pressure (CAP) provides additional information for assessing CV risk than brachial blood...
Research Article

Experimental verification of the healthy and atherosclerotic coronary arteries incompressibility via Digital Image Correlation

Alireza Karimi, Toshihiro Sera, Susumu Kudo, Mahdi Navidbakhsh
Pages: 1 - 7
So far there is no study to measure the Poisson’s ratio of the human coronary arteries in order to verify their incompressibility regardless of being healthy or atherosclerosis. It has been reported that atherosclerosis alters the elastin content of the arterial wall which is responsible for the elastic...
Research Article

The effects of pipe water smoking on endothelial function in healthy non smoker volunteers

Rania Gaber, Manal Hamesa
Pages: 1 - 5
Background: Water pipe (WP) tobacco smoking is gaining wide popularity among young and middle aged males and females. Aim of the work: The aim of this study was to evaluate the immediate effect of 1st pipe water smoking on brachial Flow mediated dilatation% (FMD%) and Nitrate mediated dilatation% (NMD%)...
Review Article

The effects of antihypertensive drugs on arterial stiffness

Lorenzo Ghiadoni
Pages: 1 - 5
Ageing and cardiovascular risk factors, particularly uncontrolled hypertension, adversely impact arterial stiffness and wave reflection leading to increased central systolic blood pressure. Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity is the “gold standard” method for the assessment of aortic stiffness. Increased...
Short Communication

A pilot study of scanning acoustic microscopy as a tool for measuring arterial stiffness in aortic biopsies

Riaz Akhtar, J. Kennedy Cruickshank, Xuegen Zhao, Brian Derby, Thomas Weber
Pages: 1 - 5
This study explores the use of scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) as a potential tool for characterisation of arterial stiffness using aortic biopsies. SAM data is presented for human tissue collected during aortic bypass graft surgery for multi-vessel coronary artery disease. Acoustic wave speed as...
Research Article

Complex vasoactivity of liraglutide. Contribution of three gasotransmitters

Eszter Sélley, Gergő A. Molnár, Szilárd Kun, István András Szijártó, Boglárka Laczy, Tibor Kovács, Ferenc Fülöp, István Wittmann
Pages: 1 - 9
Background: Incretine hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) causes dose-dependent relaxation of the thoracic aorta of rats and other arteries via nitric oxide (NO), cAMP and ATP-sensitive potassium channels, however, through a mechanism not thoroughly described. Hereby we aimed to determine the mediators...
Review Article

Optimality, cost minimization and the design of arterial networks

Alun D. Hughes
Pages: 1 - 10
The arterial circulation acts as a network to deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells. The design of the cardiovascular system is subject to a variety of constraints and costs. It has been postulated that the design of the arterial network might be understood in terms of the need to minimize competing...
Review Article

Central pressure should be used in clinical practice

James E. Sharman
Pages: 1 - 7
The original purpose for recording brachial blood pressure (BP) more than 100 years ago was to estimate central (aortic) BP. While high brachial BP is an important cardiovascular risk factor, it is clear that major differences in central systolic BP (SBP; e.g. >30 mmHg) can occur among people with similar...
Mini Review

In vitro characterisation of arterial stiffening: From the macro- to the nano-scale

Riaz Akhtar
Pages: 1 - 8
Accurate measurement of the material properties of arterial tissue is important for better characterisation of diseases and the development of reliable computational models. There are a number of in vitro techniques that are applied to study the biomechanical properties of arterial tissue. This review...
Conference Abstract

P4.02 Assessing ventricular–vascular interactions non-invasively in healthy adolescents☆

T.J. Bradley, C. Slorach, C. Manlhiot, W. Hui, M.K. Friedberg, E.T. Jaeggi, P.F. Kantor, L. Mertens
Pages: 1 - 1
Background: Characterization of normal ventricular–vascular interactions by non-invasive assessment in healthy adolescents may provide new mechanistic insights into altered physiological states in congenital and acquired heart disease in this age group. Methods: Ventricular and vascular measures were...
Mini Review

Wave transmission and reflection of waves “The myth is in their use”

Nico Westerhof, Berend E. Westerhof
Pages: 1 - 6
Arterial input impedance, as complete description of the arterial system, is explained by waves and wave reflection. Without wave reflections input impedance would equal aortic characteristic impedance and pressure and flow wave shapes would be similar. Waves reflect at many locations, causing input...
Review Article

The life and times of Donald A. McDonald

Wilmer W. Nichols, Michael F. O’Rourke
Pages: 1 - 8
Donald A. McDonald (1917–1973) was a pioneer in hemodynamics. He was Oxford educated and served on the faculty of Universities in both Great Britain and the USA. The problems that were the main theme of his text Blood Flow in Arteries published in 1960 were those concerned with pulsatile blood flow and...
Research Article

The Effects of Trade Facilitation on Trade Performance in Africa

Daniel Sakyi, Sylvanus Kwaku Afesorgbor
Pages: 1 - 15
Institutional trade barriers constitute substantial constraints for a number of exporters and importers. These barriers are multidimensional and they impede trade flows and trade performance of many developing countries, including African countries. In particular, the International Trade Centre through...
Research Article

Isolated systolic hypertension and the J-curve of cardiovascular disease risk

Stanley S. Franklin
Pages: 1 - 6
Controversy persists regarding the presence and significance of blood pressure “J-curves” of increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk as they relate to older people with isolated systolic hypertension (ISH). Age is an important effect modifier favoring diastolic blood pressure (DBP) in young adults,...
Research Article

Factors influencing hemodynamic and morphological indicators of carotid arteries atherosclerosis in treated hypertensive patients

Anna Skalska, Ewa Klimek, Tomasz Grodzicki
Pages: 1 - 7
Objectives: To evaluate factors influencing resistive index (RI) and intima-media thickness of common carotid artery (IMT-CCA) as indices of arterial atherosclerosis in hypertensive patients. Methods: 56 treated hypertensive outpatients (mean age 68.9 ± 9.7 years; 31 diabetics) were examined. Fasting...

Integrable Hamiltonian N-body problems of goldfish type featuring N arbitrary functions

Francesco Calogero
Pages: 1 - 6
A simple application of a neat formula relating the time evolution of the N zeros of a (monic) time-dependent polynomial of degree N in the complex variable w to the time evolution of its N coefficients allows to identify integrable Hamiltonian N-body problems in the plane featuring N arbitrary functions,...

Automorphisms of the q-deformed algebra suq(1, 1) and d-Orthogonal polynomials of q-Meixner type

Ali Zaghouani
Pages: 1 - 20
Starting from an operator given as a product of q-exponential functions in irreducible representations of the positive discrete series of the q-deformed algebra suq(1, 1), we express the associated matrix elements in terms of d-orthogonal polynomials. An algebraic setting allows to establish some properties...

New solutions with peakon creation in the Camassa–Holm and Novikov equations

Marcus Kardell
Pages: 1 - 16
In this article we study a new kind of unbounded solutions to the Novikov equation, found via a Lie symmetry analysis. These solutions exhibit peakon creation, i.e., these solutions are smooth up until a certain finite time, at which a peak is created. We show that the functions are still weak solutions...

Conditions and evidence for non-integrability in the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Hamiltonian

Sergi Simon
Pages: 1 - 16
This is an example of application of Ziglin-Morales-Ramis algebraic studies in Hamiltonian integrability, more specifically the result by Morales, Ramis and Simó on higher-order variational equations, to the well-known Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmological model. A previous paper by the author formalises...

Liouvillian Integrability of a Modified Michaelis-Menten Equation

Claudia Valls
Pages: 1 - 8
In this work we consider the modified Michaelis-Menten equation in biochemistry x˙=-a(E-y)x+by,  y˙=a(E-y)x-(b+r)y,  z˙=ry. It models the enzyme kinetics. We contribute to the understanding of its global dynamics, or more precisely, to the topological structure of its orbits by studying the integrability...

On Non-Commutative Integrable Burgers Equations

Metin Gürses, Atalay Karasu, Refik Turhan
Pages: 1 - 6
We construct the recursion operators for the non-commutative Burgers equations using their Lax operators. We investigate the existence of any integrable mixed version of left- and right-handed Burgers equations on higher symmetry grounds.

The Periodic μ-b-Equation and Euler Equations on the Circle

Martin Kohlmann
Pages: 1 - 8
In this paper, we study the μ-variant of the periodic b-equation and show that this equation can be realized as a metric Euler equation on the Lie group Diff∞(������) if and only if b = 2 (for which it becomes the μ-Camassa–Holm equation). In this case, the inertia operator generating the metric on Diff∞(������)...

Some Examples of Algebraic Geodesics on Quadrics

A. M. Perelomov
Pages: 1 - 5
In this note we give the conditions for the existence of algebraic geodesics on some two-dimensional quadrics, namely, on hyperbolic paraboloids and elliptic paraboloids. It appears that in some cases, such geodesics are the rational space curves.
Research Article

Mind the Measure: On the Effects of Antidumping Investigations in Egypt

Nada Hazem
Pages: 1 - 14
This paper examines the impact of the antidumping measures initiated by the Government of Egypt on imports during the period 2001–2015. Our contribution is twofold. First, the paper distinguishes between the effect of antidumping measures on the value, the volume and the price of imports. Second, it...

The Firm Life Cycle Forecasting Model Using Machine Learning Based on News Articles

Si Young Lee, Sae Yong Oh, Sangwook Lee, Gwang Yong Gim
Pages: 1 - 9
The determination of the firm life cycle has been carried out in relation to the establishment of corporate strategy in the field of accounting or management. The life cycle prediction based on financial information is long because it is determined based on the financial performance of the entity over...

Emoji Use in Computer-Mediated Communication

Emmanouela E. Manganari
Pages: 1 - 11
The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical review of extant knowledge on emoji use in Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC). A compilation of 46 empirical studies published between 1998 and 2020 are presented as a critical review and in a Summary Table that reports the methodology, sample, key...

A hierarchy of long wave-short wave type equations: quasi-periodic behavior of solutions and their representation

Xianguo Geng, Yunyun Zhai, Bo Xue, Jiao Wei
Pages: 1 - 23
Based on the Lenard recursion relation and the zero-curvature equation, we derive a hierarchy of long wave-short wave type equations associated with the 3 × 3 matrix spectral problem with three potentials. Resorting to the characteristic polynomial of the Lax matrix, a trigonal curve is defined, on which...

The AKNS Hierarchy Revisited: A Vertex Operator Approach and its Lie-Algebraic Structure

Denis Blackmore, Anatoliy K. Prykarpatsky
Pages: 1 - 15
A novel approach — based upon vertex operator representation — is devised to study the AKNS hierarchy. It is shown that this method reveals the remarkable properties of the AKNS hierarchy in relatively simple, rather natural and particularly effective ways. In addition, the connection of this vertex...
Review Article

Does Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Improve Arterial Stiffness? Evidence from Randomized Clinical Trials on Carotid-femoral Pulse Wave Velocity

D. Marcon, L. Faconti, B. Farukh, R. McNally, C. Fava, M. Pengo, P. Chowienczyk, J.K. Cruickshank
Pages: 1 - 6
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a breathing disorder characterized by narrowing of the upper airway that impairs normal ventilation during sleep. OSA is a highly prevalent condition which is associated with several Cardiovascular (CV) risk factors and CV diseases. Despite this clear association, Randomized...

Nurowski’s Conformal Class of a Maximally Symmetric (2,3,5)-Distribution and its Ricci-flat Representatives

Matthew Randall
Pages: 1 - 13
We show that the solutions to the second-order differential equation associated to the generalised Chazy equation with parameters k = 2 and k = 3 naturally show up in the conformal rescaling that takes a representative metric in Nurowski’s conformal class associated to a maximally symmetric (2,3,5)-distribution...
Journal: eFood
Review Article

Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Based Analytical Techniques for Food Safety Evaluation

Yan Xue, Yao Peng, Zhao Geng, Yitao Wang, Carolina Oi Lam Ung, Hao Hu
Pages: 1 - 12
As the supply chain of food around the world has become more and more globalized and complicated, food safety issue has attracted considerable concern owing to the widespread pollution of the whole ecosystem and the extent of their impact on the well-being of human beings. Correspondingly, a variety...

Similarity Measure Based on the Belief Function Theory: Application in a Decision-Making Process

M. Khalaj, F. Khalaj
Pages: 1 - 10
This study considers a new aspect of the belief function theory to define a belief set, which is characterized by truth, uncertainty and falsity belief degrees as a 3D vector representation. Then, based on the implication of a belief set, one of the similarity measures (i.e., Cosine, Jaccard and Dice)...
Research Article

Inkjet Printed Melatonin on Poly(vinyl alcohol) Oral Films: Uptake in an Ex Vivo Oral Mucosal Pellicle Model

Yin Ming Khor, Simon Gaisford, Guy Howard Carpenter, Bahijja Tolulope Raimi-Abraham
Pages: 1 - 6
There is a growing interest in the use of melatonin in preventing radiation-induced mucositis with potential beneficial effects including prevention of mucosal damage, the emergence of ulcers and the loss of proliferative progenitor stem cells caused by radiation. Local drug delivery to the oral cavity...

A Multidimensional Superposition Principle: Classical Solitons IV

Alexander A. Alexeyev
Pages: 1 - 33
This article continues the series of the works of 1998–2007 years devoted to the Multidimensional Superposition Principle, the concept easily explaining both classical soliton and more complex wave interactions in nonlinear PDEs and allowing one, in particular, to construct the general Superposition...

Euler’s triangle and the decomposition of tensor powers of the adjoint 𝔰𝔩(2)-module

Askold M. Perelomov
Pages: 1 - 6
By considering a relation between Euler’s trinomial problem and the problem of decomposing tensor powers of the adjoint 𝔰𝔩(2)-module I derive some new results for both problems, as announced in arXiv:1902.08065.
Research Article

The Möbius Phenomenon in Generalized Möbius-Listing Bodies with Cross Sections of Odd and Even Polygons

J. Gielis, I. Tavkhelidze
Pages: 1 - 10
In the study of cutting Generalized Möbius-Listing bodies with polygons as cross section, it is well known that the Möbius phenomenon, whereby the cutting process yields only one body, occurs only in even polygons with an even number of vertices and sides, and only in the specific when the knife cuts...

Reconstruction: Key to Social Responsibility Risk Assessment for Tourism Investment Projects†

Chen Lv, Xiaoyan Li
Pages: 1 - 9
The strategy of investing large-scale tourism projects abroad has become one of the most important strategies for China to help developing countries to improve their people’s livelihood, provide assistance and practice China’s international responsibility. The proposal and implementation of the Belt...

Measuring Redundancy Score for Test Suite Evaluation by Using Test Cases Matching Approach

Mochamad Chandra Saputra, Tetsuro Katayama, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
Pages: 1 - 5
Evaluating a test suite that contains redundant test cases is necessary to reduce the cost of testing. The redundant test cases exist when both of the two test cases are executed the same lines of code. This research evaluates the test suite by identifying redundant test cases. Exact match approach is...

Deep Learning Methodologies for Genomic Data Prediction: Review

Yusuf Aleshinloye Abass, Steve A. Adeshina
Pages: 1 - 11
The last few years have seen an advancement in genomic research in bioinformatics. With the introduction of high-throughput sequencing techniques, researchers now can analyze and produce a large amount of genomic datasets and this has aided the classification of genomic studies as a “big data” discipline....

Using Architectural Runtime Verification for Offline Data Analysis

Lars Stockmann, Sven Laux, Eric Bodden
Pages: 1 - 14
Analyzing runtime behavior as part of debugging complex component-based systems used in the vehicle industry is an important aspect of the integration process. It is a laborious task that involves many manual steps. One reason for this is that, as of today, the analysis is usually not performed on the...
Proceedings Article

The Enlightenment of German FH Education to the Cultivation of Applied Talents for Our Country's Local Colleges and Universities

Xiang-feng Guan, Jin-ling Liu
German universities of applied science and technology (FH is the abbreviated form to Fachhochschule) are the new kind of institutions of higher learning to cultivate advanced applied talents in Germany. This essay first introduces the teaching concept, the training goal, the curriculum system, talents...
Proceedings Article

Research on FMCW Radar Signals Processing

Bin Li, Xiaodan Yu
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar or FMCW radar has obvious advantages on its low emitting power, strong resistance to inference signals, compact in size and high precision, therefore it is becoming widely used for distance and velocity measurement. The resolution of the FMCW radar is largely...